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Pres. Biden to Announce Full Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Overdue or Ill Advised?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 14, 2021 1:00 pm

Pres. Biden to Announce Full Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Overdue or Ill Advised?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 14, 2021 1:00 pm

Pres. Biden to Announce Full Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Overdue or Ill Advised?


Breaking news present applying to all troops analyze it today live from Washington DC line questions right now.

1-800-684-3110 ML chief counsel for the Center for Law and Justice Jay Sekulow everybody on the broadcasters lot happening on the international front. I will get right to illegally to become an old God, the President said that he is planning on withdrawing all troops out of Afghanistan by September 11 20 year since the attack on 9/11 and a lot of administrations of called for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which supported withdrawal from Afghanistan when you talk about what all that means, how it plays out at the same time, China is threatening to invade Taiwan, Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine as a mass troops on the border so we have a lot of moving parts on top of that we had the situation as we discussed yesterday with Iran ran it is at 60% of their uranium enrichment on the way to the 90% which is only used for one reason only, which is a nuclear weapon night. I could tell you that I cannot imagine a circumstance where the region is allow for a nuclear revised Iran within you got the Afghanistan component to that and how does all of this play in China's working with Iran. Russia works with Iran. Russia wants to invade, possibly Ukraine. They're messing a lot of troops there. China has already said and continues to say that Taiwan is their property. It's their sovereign in the United States needs to stop talking about all of this is happening simultaneously in the presence talking about withdrawal of troops out of Afghanistan, some Col. West Smith your first just an overview right now into particulars your view of the Afghanistan situation. A lot of administrations, including the previous ministration doldrums ministration called for the withdrawal. It is long overdue of the mission was accomplished there. Whenever we killed Osama bin Laden 10 years ago we went in for two reasons and that is to defeat Al Qaeda and to kill Osama bin Laden. You'll never really totally get rid of candor, like ISIS or any other terror groups or sales around the world, but we basically accomplish both of those missions. J. Meanwhile we've had over 4500 troops killed over 20,000 wounded, but the objective has been achieved. It is time to come home so then you got the candy that you got the hole we talked about yesterday, China, Iran, link China also threatening Taiwan at the same time that they're doing business with Iran. The basically the rate reoccurrence of the silk Road that tried to write.

You've got Chinese aircraft on the mainland China proceeding against maneuvers over Taiwan.

The threat that they're opposing to Taiwan.

The obligation that we have toward Taiwan under the 1979, rent Taiwan act puts us all in a position of great peril as to what Los Angeles audios will check on Natalie but I will tell you this. Also, offenders bring reaction on the Afghanistan withdrawal is been mixed in Congress right now it has been mixed damning here to put it plainly, a majority of senators majority of congressmen agree with pulling troops out. That's been true for some time I will tell you this though the willingness of those who are willing to say J depends on the President is announcing he heard a lot of senators who were silent when Pres. Trump began this process who are now applauding this decision that that that's probably political but there are several who have been consistently in favor of this. I think of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul met Romney and others a J a couple concert I know will get into these were things like date certain mission focused and also this of the Middle East region.

Don't let any this confusing the Middle East region is not secure, it still remains a threat will keep our eye on Lassiter. Tim came to the Middle East is no longer the top priority, but hell of a day you want to record number one ranked number two.

I mean we kick. So this is a lot to discuss with taking your call soon this 1-800-684-3110 China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, a lot of moving parts right now globally really talk about all that. 1-800-684-3110 if you want to join the conversation to be served and the reason we sure love to hear from be a great way to getting dates. Also, don't forget support work in the ACLJ ACLJ.over down campaign ACLJ.over in court today filing today against the State Department and the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

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You forgive today online ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the worship ministry and what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership in the ACLJ is powering the right question free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/readme said it, so everybody understands exactly what were dealing with. Here's what we got is as we got a situation with presence calling for as previous ministration tab. Withdrawal of troops by withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The concern among some is as I can lead to an increase of Isis or Al Qaeda operating again inside of Afghanistan. Then you have the same time as well.

Having the same time.

Russia has amassed troops on the Ukrainian border. China is doing maneuvers over Taiwan, China and Russia also engage directly with Iran economically, militarily they're engaged so realize what you have here and Saudi Arabia is saying that they are very concerned about the 60% uranium enrichment and that cannot be considered part of a peaceful nuclear program. So you have all of this hitting at the same time so let's break it down broke down a little bit up SMB just one more touch on that now. Sen. Lindsey Graham, our friend Lindsey Graham.

I will commence my respect for his concern about total withdrawal. Wes is letting Al Qaeda and Isis come back in those regions right but our capabilities have changed and our ability to collect on the ground intelligence has changed since 2001, so that when you look at our intelligence assets on the ground you look at our ability with overflight and satellite imagery to see what's going on look at the capabilities of special operations forces which can be sent in and sent out very quickly and airstrikes this is a different situation. We have the capability to monitor Afghanistan and to go in and make strategic attacks due to defeat possible terrorist cells and camps in a way that we did not 20 years ago so I believe we can still reengage without messing troops.

Not only that we can only reengage we can actually defeat terrorist cells in pockets there without even having troops on the ground other than special operations forces that are deployed from time to time, and it's hard for me to believe that the situation moving trip to China and Taiwan and then Russia and Ukraine that this is an somehow coordinated between the Russians and the Chinese look at it all goes back to Iran to just looking at those two incidents on a global scale got these two mass movements of of of military hardware maneuvers over Taiwan airspace China.

We met Russia amassing hundreds of thousands of troops on the border that's not only as coincidence of the boat.

The same time while Afghanistan and Iran are also in the mix here is not a coincidence that all day. Your perception of that is absolutely correct.

These are coordinated with long-standing answer would have to figure that out will figure out what the difficulty is there.

Let me go to back to Wes on this.

Ukraine says that Russia has moved 80,000 troops to the border and that there is no discuss. There is no communication going on between Ukraine Zelinski and Putin right the last time Russia amassed this many troops along the border with Ukraine. They actually invaded Ukraine and I think you're exactly on target with what you just said Jake.

I don't remember the last time our adversaries, perhaps you should call them enemies.

I don't remember the last time they have aligned with each other against the United States in just the same way as you mention you got China which is not our friend on so many levels, but they are threatening Taiwan you got Russia which it appears they are getting ready to invade Ukraine and meanwhile let's go to China Taiwan for a moment I look at China. I look at Russia I see Iran.

That's how I view it I see Russia, China, Iran is the kind of the commonality is what I also Russian and China looking at adjacent property so to speak right so on. What is China doing with regard to Taiwan other than the statements they are invading their airspace. They've done that this week over 20 combat aircraft from from mainland China have invaded Taiwan that she circled the island and they have made it very very clear. They they see Taiwan is a part of Chinese territory they have made it very clear that is, it is their intention to reunite Taiwan with mainland China, even if that is by force, and they've actually stated that in the meantime, see United States were in an awkward and a weak strategic position and that is after 1949 when the communist Chinese took over mainland China and then Sean Kai-shek and others moved to what is now Taiwan. Since then, our relationship is been very very weird with Taiwan, for example, we do not recognize them as a separate nation and yet we are arming them to the tune of billions of dollars in coastal batteries in an aircraft. So we say they put any kind of military force against China or try to just overwhelm them if they wanted to they could initially they can handle a frontal at the first attack the first attack, but China's military is so large they would have been Scandinavia solo yes they would overwhelm the Taiwanese military. I would say very quickly weeks, weeks yet if that because Taiwan would would make a valiant effort to defend the sales and we have sold them fighter planes like the coastal defense artillery and what have you that they would they would be defeated fairly quickly but in the meantime, here's the situation we say that we are there to defend Taiwan pretty much at all cost.

And what does that mean and what does that mean for the Biden ministration. Are we willing to go to war with China over defending our allies in Taiwan are we willing to take yet so I don't think I know right and are we willing to do something other than protest and do sanctions against Russia if they invade Ukraine even though Ukraine is our ally probably night.

There is a perception with China, Russia and Iran that the United States is a declining power that we are weak, a Chinese official. Just this week. Jay said that the weakness of America is our two-party system that if they had a one party system like we do. You could get more thanks… Well, hopefully at least technical difficulties are resolved, but any us go back to the previous question, which is as you got Russia amassing at least 80,000 troops on the border with Ukraine in Crimea. You have China doing maneuvers military maneuvers over Taiwan's airspace the same time present binds announcing withdrawal from Afghanistan, and then you got the commonality factor between China and Russia and that's Iran all of that so I don't think this is just coincidence that both China and Russia are activating a global maneuver at the same time. Now is not circumstantial or just happening out of nowhere.

It's a coordinated effort on the part of these powers to take advantage of the new sheriff in town. And that is President Biden as opposed to Pres. Trump you had a very strong President with unique capabilities of exercising force at the right place at the right time. Now what our enemies are doing is saying, well, let's just see how we can test them in all the levers of power. So we have the Russians and the Chinese getting together in the Russians advising in the Chinese happily accepting and exercising maneuvers with respect to Taiwan, and I think ultimately going to invaded and one thing that I think that's very important is the Russian maneuvering at the border is the phrase not invented in Washington DC the China Russia situation obviously got to be on the top of mind, body, the United States Senate and House yet is generally just pick up on the thread that Annie was talking about because to me the thread that ties all of this together is the fact that there is a new strategy of impeachment from Washington DC I think that's plain and every one of these situations, I mean not to go into great depth J but on each of them you think about of the situation in Afghanistan. You mention the concerns from Lindsey Graham has been very consistent on this is correct on this jamming. I'm concerned that there will be a move in Washington DC to assume the job is done in the Middle East, which clearly is not the case. Even if removing troops is the right call. You've gotta keep your eye on the ball their inner Ron Jay last night. The United States Senate confirmed the lead negotiator of the JC POA. I ran into a position in the State Department. He put the same people in play and then in China. J.

Everybody wants to talk about how it's you know they're there threat to be the world super Power is based in the theft of intellectual property, which certainly is there but there also slaughtering the Uighurs of all of that put together J you need a foreign policy of vigilance. You need a foreign-policy of strength and I think each of these regions. Jay is exercising wide latitude because they think they can take it in this moment there is a there is a sense III have the sense that what's happening is a coordinated effort, and I think it is less a test of the United States.

It is these are big players design and Russia right. These are big players in these are our key strategic events that affect national security and are our international interest. I think it is coordinated and here's the thing you know people think well if your military power. If you rattle your saber that invites aggression know what invites aggression is perceived weakness and I think Russia assumes that they invade Ukraine that ultimately we will not take any significant action. I think China is making that same village that calculation you went with with with Helen and here's the thing.

Iran is already proving to the world that they can also enrich uranium and what will we do we will sign a new agreement with them yet, were the same people twice. I got a lousy deal now doing at the same week with the same people in place the same result. Except now you got China and Russia both about the flex global muscle. Pres. Zielinski asked to speak with Pres. Putin.

No response. This is a big deal when talk more about become backbreaking hundred 684-3110 calls coming in will take your call at 1-800-684-3110 thoughts on this. Also support the work of the ACLJ rib to give you this kind of analysis because of the work of the ACLJ with your support ACLJ.only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defend the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the abortion industry and what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for copy mission life today online/American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this or that.

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This is a critical time for the ACLJ. The work we simply would not occur without your generous heart wrenching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you today online LJ because there's so much to recut a reset elaborate breaks free global situations present binding. That's a lot of Afghanistan completely by September 11 will be 20 years since the attack on the United States. The three previous administration now about to previous and and and talk about getting out of Afghanistan so this is not some new thing on the other hand, at the same time, China and Russia are both making moves against areas adjacent to their property to their region. Ukraine is not risk because Russia is a method to build this before 80,000 troops on the border and are threatening Ukraine which that Russians believe is there property is their country. Taiwan same thing China believes that Taiwan is its sovereignty under its sovereignty and what you are putting out something very interesting and that is forced Russia and China both deal with Iran directly, which is what's propping up Iran when we had all the sanctions going on now.

They didn't do that kind of propping up in the previous ministration because a big new the reaction from the problem is phrase will be difficult, but you got the United States try to get back into the Iran nuclear agreement while the Iranians acknowledge their now at 60% enrichment in Saudi Arabia, saying hey wait a minute, 60% means remit 90% there's no peaceful use of that.

So you got a regional conflict in the Middle East. Despite what Sen. Tim Gaines is not our number one priority. What is it number two in the glow but it's a big deal at the same time you got China and Russia making moves that this is going to be a test of foreign policy of defense for the ministration. I mean this is a big big test. We got Tony calling from Georgia online. One hi Tony, if you want tacos or nearby the way specially be served Afghanistan war in the Middle East region.

We'd love to hear from you at 1-800-684-3110 Tony, go ahead right now they're not.

When the Obama Biden will several years ago, took our ability to protect yourself even more than they do not pay which they provide money correct which they are able to provide even fight against our troops are actually funding the military against US dollars used 3×3 doors. What military service reviewing personal thank you for your service to The safe because of dancing was a hotbed and that's what was coming from and you Are country safe. But Tony brings up some really good points and that is the economic dollars that were spending over there and where they end up what you never really know know and I was looking at a report this morning from the Pentagon.

Is there a cost of war report, which came out in September. We have spent over 1800, $815 billion in Afghanistan. A lot of that we cannot even account for.

We don't know what some of their government leaders did with some of that 815 billion but that's what the wars cost is however the same report said if you add in the disabled veterans and others that continue to get paid continue to have medical treatment. The war over there has cost us to trillion dollars. It is cost is over 4500 American troops lives and in the meantime, Tony's right and thank you Tony for your service. The government there has been vacillating concerning US supported even our presence there. They're not sure they want us there, but they certainly will not dollars and in the meantime over the last few years our land itself has been supplying weapons and technology to the tele-band which is used to kill American soldiers and at the same time as I grew everything.

Col. Smith said the same time. Can you got you got China and Russia book of business with Iran flexing their muscle know we've written extensively on all of us and we got a book on on on the complete book on Iran, Russia, in Syria: holy alliance with a book called with a book called burning bridges that came out of her work at Oxford that had a whole section on the on the silk Road. The trade route between China and Iran, which goes back into ancient history. But now you got this flexing her muscles globally and and and Russia with Ukraine, China would Taiwan, while Iran is at 60% on their enrichment of uranium.

All of this is happening simultaneously yet literally at the same time and I don't think it's any action or any surprise day that's what happens when the world superpower gives an opening. I mean, when you have a strategy of appeasement. Other world powers who actually would like to dominate the globe, or to flex their muscles and that's overseeing I just say maybe two follow-ups to the caller J. First of all, it has always been true. We set it on this broadcast many times that our troops on the ground in every region of the world need two things.

One, they need a clear mission and to they need the authority to accomplish a J both of those things really had vanished in Afghanistan, which is why that makes this okay, but I would say this to follow-up it to Wes's point on the dollars budget. We have got to make sure we do a better job of making sure that the dollars allocated are flowing to the mission.

That is the safety of America for far too long as Wes is illustrated. We have it sent those dollars to advance missions that are expired or, quite frankly, that serve the interest of other superpowers around the large we've got a focus that in and make sure that there spent on the safety of America Jack Natalia.

While I think maybe the move to leave Afghanistan is the right one. I am not confident that that second mission properly allocating our foreign policy dollars. I don't think that's been accomplished right now. JII don't either and I I I just wonder I just wonder if the. The impact of the sitting simultaneously is a huge test for the Biden administration because you know you said something very interesting. Wes, which is we have this kind of weird acknowledgment of Taiwan explained that again really got to me slept in this segment but it was an unusual arrangement.

I will say it truly is years. We considered Taiwan to be actually China in most of our boyhood, and you view that was considered China and that the communist work were the outliers. They were the ones who taken over know you legally and wrongfully. But that changed beginning with Pres. Nixon going in and making overtures to to the communist Chinese and so that now we no longer recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

We recognize the real China as being communist China, but at the same time we have pledged to defend Taiwan. We see them as as independent even though technically according to us there. Not a country which is really strange and we give them billions of dollars in arms and yet we don't recognize them as matter fact I read this week. I'm not sure if it's true it probably is, but that even with the consulate of Taiwan, and in our own United States. There are not allowed to fly their flag on the building because the communist Chinese object to America letting them fly their flag so surreal convoluted relationship. But here's the thing about Russia, China, and a ram they perceived weakness and weakness. J always invites aggression every time every time Disraeli said, these countries understand one thing, power, and right now were showing some weakness.

Again, I'm not opposed to withdrawing from Afghanistan and orderly process.

I think that's probably wise at this point, but I think that the reality is and and again. Maybe you needed some balance and ability to get troops out of short notice, but I think that right now you got Russia and China flexing muscles and you got Iran. That is the beneficiary of so this is a real test site we got another half hour to broadcast the head support the work of the ACLJ were MetroGel template ACLJ.or any matching building a matching gift encourage and support the workaday sealed keeps his broadcast on their every day on radio and TV on multiple platforms and social media also keeps our analysts and lawyers in the field. The American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online ACLJ live from Washington DC justice Jay Sekulow global chess that were talking about global nine dimensional checks were done, but yesterday I ran was posted on the JCP away keep their uranium enrichment at 5%. That's for civilian use as possible medical energy power bait went to 20 and the world set alarm Beloff may now announce Guerin's chief negotiator nuclear negotiator announces the now at 60%. Saudi Arabia says the 60% is no peaceful use for it will know that means. On the way to 90%. The ayatollahs that were to do whatever we want to do to protect the Iranian nation which is code word for building a nuclear weapon and at the same time, the binder mistresses begging with the same people that got us into this lousy deal are begging to get back into it now all that's happening while China is making military maneuvers against Taiwan and Russia is amassing troops on the border of Ukraine Zielinski, the President of Ukraine reached out to the President of Russia. No response, which may mean the responses can be militarily and that's the concern right now is that all impact Iran well Iran becomes beneficiary of all the gas right west of they've Artie asked that all the sanctions be lifted against them. Even though there is 60%.

Yet, enrichment of uranium and are negotiating team in the United States in Vienna course are doing it, not directly or through intermediaries. They have actually sent a message to a ran through their delegations as well.

We will consider it. Why would you consider lifting sanctions on the country that is violating the agreement that are moving rapidly towards a nuclear weapon, but by that. That's where we are in again – that perceived weakness on the good news front, OJ and I try to find the bright side where I can man's behavior is pushing the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia. Closer and closer to Israel there going to be true allies before this is over because of their survival, not just a visual the survival of those other Arab states depends on how they counter a ran. I will tell you this I will predict Iran does not get a nuclear weapon bearing is and I can get a nuclear weapon. There is no way that the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Jordan are going allow a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Eitel now how you get that done could be messy. It could be done through sabotaging your system stayed.

The Israelis have done that before. It could be military engagement at a higher level. I don't know the details of that, but I would tell you something. You got that going on at the same time. United States talk about withdrawing out of Afghanistan which brought Walt well overdue Lindsay Graham raise a good point that when that is you want to let it be a festering bed for more Al Qaeda and ISIS kind of re-engagement you sing some of that are ready, but I think the consensus is people want out of Afghanistan we been there 20 years and then China and Russia. At the same talk at the exact same time are making moves against China. It's against Taiwan with Russia. It's against Ukraine. We recognize Ukraine as a separate country and the other thing about this. Russia's aggression there on the border is that for for several years now. Ukraine has petitioned they want to become part of NATO there not right now we we try to arm them and train them, but they're not Tetley coordinator could get their part of NATO. If one country gets attacked as if this all of them are getting attached. I think Russia realizes that at some point made a NATO may make out. Be open to those overtures they need to go ahead and invade and take it over before it becomes a part of NATO, and I think that's part of their calculus is 113 on Facebook said I feel like all these countries are testing the binder ministration. Yes, I agree, and It on YouTube says I wanted withdrawal from with Afghanistan, but I don't want a repeat of what Obama did in Iraq and I think that was both were talking about we come back from the break. Let me take some folks this is global chess except the consequences are not checkmate okay much more serious and that in Iraq we talked a little bit about Iraq getting you note in their governments. Far from stable.

So you got you moving pieces here, but the beneficiaries of aggression from China and aggressive Russia is Iran. Make no mistake, that's other economically surviving Chinese and the Russians do a lot of business with the Iranians so the Germans by the way for point of reference, so there's a lot going on here are take your calls and comments.

We come back when it hundred 684-3110 800-684-3110 three accounts for the ACLJ is to be joining us as well. Also serve United States Army's perspective, the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption and the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this.

For that we are grateful.

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We created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn mission will show you how you are personally publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, planned parenthood's role in the industry and what Obama care means to serve the many ways your membership is empowering the right west your free copy mission life today online/we live in.

There's no doubt about that. It's not made less complicated by the fact that Russia and China are trying to do to move the progression at the same time in the beneficiary.

The chaos becomes. Iran was also trying to enrich uranium to pass to senior counselor. The ACLJ and expert in these areas and skip ligature reaction first two China and Taiwan. I think the Chinese are deftly taking advantage of what they view as a weak administration in the United States administration were concerned about making sure we use the proper pronouns in the Department of Defense than they are that we have reports ready to respond to external threats.

So I think they look at the United States and say we are indeed right now, in their view, a paper tiger and that this is the time to act because they don't think the President can act decisively talking about this and so stated that there sensing a lease of vulnerability or lack of focus is from United States exactly therefore that in their view equates to an opportunity that the United States is incapable of responding because of the restoration than capable of crafting a meaningful policy and executing it. They can have this done but relatively quickly that it would be a fait accompli. What you think would happen militarily or not at all what would happen if China did both lesson and skip thought about this if China does make a direct move on Taiwan. What happens when we do what, what's the reaction around the world to that is written making rattling favors a lot recently in the direction I think the Taiwanese would fight and I would pick them so there would be a cost of the Chinese, but the same time. What do we have to go over there what are we ready for a long-term war and possibly no sucked into that area of the world in a conflict for quite an extended period of time.

I'm not sure were ready for that.

I'm not sure the people are ready for letters but no preparation. The public for something like this would be less direct conflict with the Chinese government absolutely. I can imagine. I don't think the binder ministration is willing to go there and nothing skips right the American people. Certainly at this point are not willing to go there.

The other thing to the Taiwanese and we train them. They had the ability to do a certain amount of self-defense, but long-term. They would be overwhelmed by the Chinese military and we could say will will go in and behind the scenes supply and support them. We don't even have the military assets in the region to offer meaningful support if China were to invade them right now so I meets escape from a practical standpoint, you don't see it that I mean that states taking adverse military action may be trade action, diverse military action against the Chinese government what they would have relatively quickly, and to do that you may have to approach lethal threat of the use of weapons of mass destruction, which all want to avoid at all costs. So I think it at some point time you get to the point. What we need to also understand this or that to happen.

Our allies in Korea and our allies in Japan are really going to be freaked out about that because the Chinese can take Taiwan and Korea. South Korea is at stake and in the Japanese are very vulnerable to you as you South Korea and Japan as their territory. They do not review dessert territory but but on the other hand, the Chinese are very territorial they they they would think nothing of trying to to go in there if they thought they could do it with impunity.

I don't think that is likely, but at the same time.

I think Taiwan is living today under a real real threat and look even on a smaller scale. What is happening with Hong Kong which is supposed to be a free and democratic city China is basically obliterated of freedom and democracy there. They contend they intend to do the same thing with Taiwan. What is the sense fan in Washington right now. I cannot imagine an armed conflict against the Chinese. Now let me play this before you pass out Christopher Ray, the head of the FBI's main interesting statement about the kind of investigations that are going on regarding China take a listen. Outside is a quote okay only rated. We now have over 2000 investigations that tied back to the Chinese government to thousand investigations going on right now.

Time back to the Chinese government, which is interesting, but those investigations on solving this problem, not solving the problem. Jan, I would say a couple of things. Number one, and I think the sense in Washington DC is that the tool that the US has primarily against the Chinese right now is an economic one you just discussed with Skip and Wes how there's not much of a military action. But our option here, but Jake that's why the posture that the Trump administration took economically against China was so important now that's been pulled back significantly, which means we don't have as many tools on the table but I would say that she talked about the open FBI investigations into the Chinese. Here's what concerns me. J we know that they've infiltrated the United States Congress. So we have got to figure out how deep that infiltration is where who's involved. We don't file a lawsuit on it already.

Where are you one of the main reasons we did that J because we've got to know how deep that vulnerability is because of working respond economically. We gotta make sure that the people that are going to the floor to the floor. Think about that J the people that would have to go to the floor of the United States house in the United States Senate to vote on sanctions we have to know if they are compromised by the Chinese government the same quote from Christopher. Ray says this this is interesting were opening a new investigation against into China every 10 hours and he says I can assure the committee that's not because the folks don't have anything to do with their time. So this is a serious lien serious ongoing Mets intellectual property theft its trade issues and is a whole host of things estimated cyber espionage but an armed conflict with China is a different story. Knowledge moved to Ukraine and Russia skip interview Russians amassed 80,000 troops on Ukraine board is not the first time they've done it.

Are we looking at a potential invasion here. Remember the Chinese have gotten together cooperating and I think they see a situation where the United States if we could create enough crises. United States will not be able to handle so you have a situation where if there is trouble all around the world. United States can't handle all of that. So they're going to be able to succeed. At least someplace and the Russians remember the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union for many years and the Crimea had been traditionally part of Russia. So when the Soviet Union transferred Ukraine during the time the Soviet Union was still part of the overall country but when Ukraine got its independence.

This traditionally Russian area went with Ukraine now with Russia.

So there is an historic issue here, but there's also the fact that the Russians hear and feel resistance from Ukraine and they don't want to have that type of resistance on their border circular border that is closer to Europe where their main enemy is on the ground in duration, question to both you and to Wes and that is the West first Ukraine's military. What's the status of their military right now better than it was some years ago when when Russia first invaded Ukraine. We have we offered them training. We bought some weapons present trumped a lot at present Obama refused to give them any. I came up during the impeachment procedure member was saying out loud that we were to Ukraine to get the present trumpet given more weapons and ammunition as well, knowing that Obama would not give them any offensive weapons. Only defensive will present trumped came in the change that. So there better trained and better armed, but again select with Taiwan and China, they would be no match for a Russian all-out invasion of the country and I think Russia and China both are banking on the fact they can do this with any real consequences that are going to hurt him. I don't to be doomsayers, but I think that geopolitical stars are aligning in such a way, I predict that China is going to aggressively move on Taiwan, and Russia is going to aggressively move on Ukraine and I think they will do it in coordination with one another. Why I have that sense to a man of the intelligence that tells me that our study in any knowledge other than you know escape as you said the Chinese and the Russians are certainly close and are in contact and then I ask you the same? Can Ukraine put up a fight against Russian invasion but I don't think I can prevail remember there's a broad plain. There are no natural obstacles, no natural defensive obstacle for Russians to charge into the Ukraine is just one thought BlackPlanet tank country and I think it's one of those situations where Ukraine will be quickly overrun secure calls. We got a call to hold the line there. 164 3110 you want to talk to us in their 800-684-3110 China, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Gulf states all happening simultaneously. Don't forget, in the middle of all this, the Iranians are enriching uranium now at 60%, 90% is what is happening simultaneously and escape this and was of Russians and the Chinese are not acting independently and this is going to be a big test on the United States. So it is inapposite. This is this is a serious serious moment in our history I take your calls at 1-800-684-3110 and Facebook and YouTube as well.

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I know I do II do not write the issue would be whether NATO alliance would come into being and would, in the agreement, but right now the NATO alliance. Many of the Army's NATO alliance are broken so they are incapable of doing that so I don't think any agreement we have would be fulfilled in a way that would be satisfied. Ukraine under Pres. Bill Clinton. Basically, almost like an executive order.

There was no formal defense treaty with her with Ukraine.

President Clinton said hey we will we will have your back. If this happens, that's is good is whoever's in the White House and sent to the reality.

I don't see a circumstance we have in armed conflict with China and Russia. No simultaneously. I cannot imagine such a not economically backing up there. The other countries militarily with assistance is one thing but this is to put this is chaos coming. If this happens when the United States is not physically capable of an intervening militarily in all of these situations, you have to have a strategy for each one of JI I would tell you that I think this is why things like Abraham accords were so important in the Middle East because it actually diminish the likelihood that US would have to contribute military forces or our military activity in that region and I would tell you.

Maybe that's one very small Silverlining. That's probably a two generous description of it of the fact that the United States is reengaged with funding the Palestinians history. I think the other goal states in the region will now see an increase need to to better their relationship with Israel. So we know we saw that dramatically improved during the Trump years. Maybe they will see the United States cannot be the Savior and the situation were to have to improve our relationship.

One can only hope to go to John calling from Arizona line 312 doctors 800-684-3110 John glad my car will think about Domino from China, Taiwan, and Philippines in the South Pacific isolate and and do somewhat similar strategy with Japan did work.

My sense of it. I think look if you're Japan or South Korea. This all of these incursions make you nervous make you concerned. Now whether that will result in that kind of that would be changing the global order was significantly, it would. I don't see that is likely what will happen though they'll take Taiwan and then they will do what they're doing in the South China Sea right now and that is they will interfere with South Korea's Navy and Japan's Navy they will harass them and just basically be a nuisance and they will continue to do with them what they do with us and that is all of the trade misbehaviors and the theft of intellectual property and Internet fraud as well as the Internet attacks those kinds of things with the Chinese are known for. But on the other hand, I think they are looking at actually taking Taiwan back. I think the difficulty here and I really think this is the difficulty is that it's putting these countries in a very tough spot. Listen to Joseph who he is Taiwan's Foreign Minister. We are waiting in ourselves and is without any question and we will fight the war if we need to fight for your talk about Taiwan. Talk about fighting a war with China. This is very very significant very significant and I think that you were kidding ourselves if we think that this does not have global ramifications and as I said the beneficiary of the chaos as Iran was everybody's eyes go off Iran and everybody focusing on China and Russia were doing business with Iran and escape asset earlier look is not a coincidence, but let's write these two incidents are happening at the same time they are aligned and that they perceive a weakness in America generally but also weakness with the change of administrations and there they are taking advantage of this and I think their behavior is only going to get more dire and more aggressive over the next few days and few weeks they need to strike as while down is hot so to speak, and I think they are willing to do that in the near future and they think they can get away with it and here's the sad part J probably will secretary state.

Lincoln has now taught, publicly about the situation with Taiwan with the space we do take a listen.

We have a commitment to Taiwan under the Taiwan relations act to make sure that Taiwan has the ability to defend itself, not when they say ability to defend itself doesn't mean we take our to know those are very important words you have to parse that out. We will help them have the ability to defend themselves. We we do not have a treaty with them. This is we will send in troops and that we will defend you.

We will give you the means to defend yourself. That is well and good and I'm glad were doing that, but they will be asked. Skip said, fairly quickly overwhelmed by huge Chinese military fan I know Lindsay Graham is concerned about this other other members that are also concerned about the assignment Michigan when we get Sen. Graham on this week discusses what what is your sense of where this is with this is obviously that these are major escalation menu which will China China, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, China, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan withdrawal.

I miss a lot going on. I think the paint with a broad brush. The concern wit with several these numbers I put Sen. Graham in this camp. I put leader McConnell in this camp is that maybe were taking on the RIF the ball on several of the situation. You look at the Sen. came quote sure. Maybe there are greater threats around the around the globe, but certainly the Middle East is still a threat, and Sen. Graham is absolutely correct that in a vacuum. You could have reemergence of some threats we have to keep our eye on that. The other thing that I would maybe mention that I'm hearing for members of Congress J relates to China. I think we need to hear from Sec. Lincoln and Pres. Biden very clearly an acknowledgment of what China is, after here China J as you know, but as maybe this administration has not acknowledged the extent that they should China wants to be the world superpower. That is what is behind all of these lives and so even if we don't come militarily to the aid of Taiwan.

We have to play a leading role around the world addressing that threat because that's what they want. J they want to supplant the United States as the world superpower.

It's interesting they have no problem the same China first. Is there any question, no question at all, and yet they took great offense when Pres. Trump talked about America first. Yeah, I mean the irony is is unreal. The seriousness of the situation. I was also driving tomorrow's broadcast will be joined by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and think later in the writing. Maybe Friday we have mastered Vernell back onto so biblically more announces this a big moving thing moving target. Now the good news is the American Center for Law and Justice. Your support is LJ not only allows us to broadcast this information but also provide you the analysis that's that's very good update a lot of information posted there a lot of blogs and you've got too much on what is and are they currently propose that there they are working on another major piece on China right now at our office in Washington that's going on right now. Supplant your offices engage in the China issue with well absolutely all around the globe. J this is part of the this is one of the main missions of the field international affiliates that were to be on top of you kid support the work of the AC LJ work almost midmonth in our April matching child more capably match John's months AC that's AC You don't enforce tax-deductible getting matching from encouraging AC that's AC support the work of AC LJ will talk tomorrow. The American Center for Law and Aleutians at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the AC LJ challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online AC LJ

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