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Transforming Your Workplace!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 9, 2021 1:00 am

Transforming Your Workplace!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 9, 2021 1:00 am

It's back into the Truth Talk vault! Stu talks with Jim Anthony about transforming your workplace into a place of ministry.

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hi, I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I sound like Jan Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus chosen should just enjoy most of listening to the podcast network. This is good Truth Network hey when the last time someone did a prayer walk around your entire ministry or business. Jim Anthony did for us and this is going back in the vault from truth talk I'm Stu Epperson your really blessed by today's program. Stay tuned. Be encourage this is going back over a decade back. We were on the air live with truth. Talk live in. Please share this with others. The podcast is there to subscribe to our truth talk podcast channel and also all degree programs there and think you are wonderful affiliates that carry this program across the country were so grateful for you.

We could do without you we could new elders prayer warriors out there include my mom who pray for this program and we got Lesha stay tuned.

Be encouraged with this week's truth talk the believer deliberately more than one election away from all kinds of things happening.

And let's not vault our guest from truth host Stu Epperson taxicab conversations change the way things change your whole life will talk live. Everyone talk live.

I'm sitting across the table from me and God is in incredible ways in my life and he's been on to talk live on is on right now he's going to talk about something that could radically change how you look at everything your work, your family relationships. The power of prayer. Get ready for sensational testimonies.

He is Jim Anthony and Jim.

Anthony is great to be looking at the surrogate heavy underdog why my friend like beer this out the stuff that God is doing in your life and it's not going far too far back and you had an encounter like I had the encounter with you. I did not encounter at the seminar that you had, but we want to get into all that this is a special prerecorded addition to Dr. Ives because some guys are such power players and their such type a all over the world and globetrotting that you can't but I had a chance Jim to sit down you like were doing right now and so I grabbed his or prerecorded this but people don't need to worry about calling in, but they are going to be blessed in there to hear about this diabolic dichotomy. What is up with the diabolical dichotomy. What is that all about about this understanding what the world is what your life's we have been applied to stew.

We been told that there's so a sacred place and there is a secular place, there's a sacred job or ministry. And then there's the regular all moneymaking job. We been told and lied to. There's places where you can do Christian things. And then there's so the rest of the world where you don't do that stuff. Okay, so you're about to quit your career as a fill in the blank to go to full time ministry.

Right now just just hold it. Don't don't touch that dial and don't turn in that resignation that you so nicely typed up and printed Jim Atlee why not well now. When I first came to Christ. My initial reaction was exactly that I must be called to the ministry. Well, that in fact was true, except that I misunderstood what the ministry was ministry is not going to seminary and getting brainwashed into doing ministry inside a little brick boxes called churches, or for that matter, going into a foreign mission endeavor. The ministry is serving Christ wherever we are. And that's taking you to, of all places in the world. Niagara Falls, which the things you can tell our listeners about that place are going to do anything.

I just was in a room of close to 200 men and you sure that's dealt with, and they were floor Newark.

There were there were tears and it was just powerful what's going on there. You are headquartered out of Raleigh North Carolina and you're one of the key guys that really helped that the truth radio network station there a.m., 1030 you work with that whole team which is great affiliate of truth talk live to your understanding of the landlord. You're the real estate guy that you took the team around the first time in a car to show all places in Raleigh and that's what tells little bit about who Jim Anthony is and I operate commercial real estate company with some great partners and associates who is as I've said to you before we are a missionary organization cleverly disguised as a commercial real estate company. I happen to believe that every Christian is in fact a missionary who happens to be disguised as a workplace person, whatever that might be a nursing mother. A student a garbage collector business executive does not matter.

We all have the same purpose in this world you introduced me to Kent Humphreys for the first time I met him. I've spent some time in Raleigh without affiliates there and I'm seeing God move in Raleigh.

This city is just there's a fire for the Lord their the churches are working together but but Jim Anthony I just got a Parking something you said you see yourself as a your business as a ministry. So many people business leaders listing of people that work at companies listening, they will see it that way. I clock and I clock out is it's kind of why I pass the time so I can earn money. So as you look at our business as a way to earn money so we can put money in the offering plate on Sunday why we got out we got a paradigm on this. Well, I happen to think it is a diabolical strategy clearly intended by the Prince of darkness himself to delude us into thinking that what we have to do for the Lord what we have to give for the Lord is limited to these small little spaces and places small portions of our pocketbook are assets within 10%.

It's 100% belongs to it, didn't you know an hour to a week in church. It is hundred percent 24 x 70 and the devil doesn't want you to know that so I think that this is a demonically contrived and extremely effective strategy for neutralizing the body of Christ what you told me that Revelation leads to revolution payment and what you mean by that statement. Yes, the first of the first things you ever told me when I first met you I believe that this revelation when it sinks into your heart begins to transform your worldview.

Everything changes how you write your checks who they go to what you do at work, how you treat your household your real estate your assets your responsibilities. It's all seen from God's perspective and it is revolutionary. He's a warrior for Christ in the marketplace, a real estate businessman who sees his business as his ministry incident to share some pretty powerful things with us all our lawn truth talk live under hoe Stu Epperson don't: is a special prerecorded show you got a phone call. Like many of us do from a friend of a friend you on a Sunday night and I she was very kind and she said Mr. Anthony, I just got called into the ministry to tell that conversation relay that to our listeners.

The just to show the strawman of full-time ministry of sacred bursitis dichotomy or talk about Jim. In fact, I have the opportunity to share this same response in multiple situations now where I've been called and requested to have a meeting to review this persons ministry plan which involves support from people like you and me making donations to some organization, who in turn gives the cash to them to to survive on a college campus or in foreign lands or whatever it might be well when ice began to have this paradigm shift. I realize that the response was not yes I'll send you a check. It was to ask some questions about where is it that you want to serve in one of the opportunities that might exist there for you to get paid by the place that you're serving. So for example the college campus setting, instead of being supported and spending 50% of your time running around trying to collect money to pay your bills. What if you spent 50% of your time working for the University.

Even if it's sweeping the floors, but getting paid at the University to be around university students and staff and faculty and and build your ministry and let them pay you to do it.

Okay so so you're saying someone, someone says you I got now is spend time during the day.

Building relationships with nonbelievers and encouraging saints, and at night on have Bible studies and facilitator spend the better balance my time try to raise funds and get support nursing spend your time during the day. Go back to this university that you to be a campus minister at and be a campus minister begun working at the training department to work in a library or go W a teacher right and intellect. The pagans will be around unbelievers all day, let them pay you. That's right. And in the early maybe pay a 401(k) or general on top of it and then at night he offered five or four or whatever you have your Bible study still and let them pick up the tab and Jesse comes the Bible studies the people you been meeting all day long you been plan with. I miss you been sharing the gospel with all that okay now but yet what you mean, look, I support a lot of these esters you do to me you're not saying don't stop doing that you try to get us to think absolutely right about how we can see this very thing were doing. That seems like a grimy Jim.

It seemed like a daily grind like I get beat up and spit out in a chewed up and spit out in this job how can I see it as a ministry you know Paul asked the same question he went to Asia minor traveling, the states, countries there as a Jewish guy trying to convert people to the knowledge of Christ courses remain. He remained a Jew to his dying breath and until he got a job working with Priscilla and Aquila in their tent making business. He was an effective okay follow up on that point. Very interesting. What about a bi-vocational pastor what happened that rocked this man's world that caused Jim Anthony to change everything you hear about that encounter and Niagara Falls some cool things about prayer. When we come up and transfer your community more, to talk live. After the ever had one of those divine encounters you walk into a room you think is just another meeting. Another lecture speech and you walk out trance person J some folks I tell you I got. I know it had one of those but the person that is responsible got a blame is it across country dog life Jim Anthony is here on truth talk live. I'm Stu Epperson, your host. He is this a pre-recorded joke is to get this guy to pin him down on this particular topic I want is gravel. I had will have Monaghan for the things on a libation call door to call you hold your powder but you can find all about him, his ministry stuff that's going on in his and Joma tell you we play show I can go up there, respond, listen to callers questions about the diabolical dichotomy and what is going on there. And J.

Some before the show today something supernatural happened that is never happened ever at the studios and in the office complex were truth talk live is housed just as it's ground shaking and Jim on telephone about that. Not not not to brag, because it was humbling but to maybe it'll encourage other folks to do these prayer walks you're talking about that you seen you seen the prisoner set free, literally scene abortion people to bondage. Abortion set free and healed. And so we want to get into that, but versed in the door, but the diabolical dichotomy telling one what is a general quick on back and tell everyone what happened you in 2003 that just rocked your world. I'm just your regular old garden-variety Western Christian go to a conference of the coven mountains of North Carolina called his presence in the workplace and I get to hear from a bunch of the leading edge guys in this workplace ministry movement get my get whacked upside the head, big time, and I came back just completely obsessed with the notion that I needed to start living the gospel 24 x 7 not an hour or two a week and what is that mean so I started asking God show me, Lord, what do you mean by living this thing out in my workplace, and he answered those prayers with very specific ways that have transformed our business transform people's lives.

We seem hundreds of people come to Christ. You told me that having a ministry mentality with your business, your severe injuries. I heard you speak of us recently as it's far more than just having a prayer time once a week or abide company optional Bible study was weak right that's right know those are good things, but they're just scratching the surface.

What we're seeing is from the receptionist desk to the accounting department to the salespeople having them begin to understand that they are missionaries to all the people you interact with inside the company and outside the company that they begin to think strategically what is God saying to me right now about this person that I am with what can I pray for in their life that God wants to see changed and so for us. We began prayer walking, office buildings, just: on tenants with the sole purpose of blessing that we are supposed to be gone by there to get rent checks Jim and what what you got your your priorities wrong here.

We have been radically reprioritize by the spirit of God and now we see that whether a person is able to pay the rent or not they are a child of God that our stewardship extends into their life spiritually, not just as a tenant impersonal and landlord-tenant relationship or manager tenant relationship.

It's an awesome thing to see these folks respond to request for prayer with the five most powerful words in ministry. May I pray with you when they say yes which is 99.9% do, even if they don't pray on their side of the prayer equation. We pray God praise God answers you haven't turned down before have been turned down once one of all that on one of the times you gone into businesses correct and but but this doesn't mean you're soft on the business I doesn't make you a soft wimpy businessman for the kingdom, and I know that first a better listener. The oldest guys you know you just kinda given given that, given the faraway in using the spiritualities excuse but your counted as what well it's it's a tough balance between justice and mercy from him. The Lord struggles struggled with us or we think he struggles with.

But he's got it figured out. We are the ones you wrestle with this issue as a steward of assets for other people.

I am held responsible for how those assets are stewarded and it is my responsibility to collect rent and it is the responsibility of the tenant to pay the rent. However, their life circumstances where I am privy to because I'm fair and tender moment when they have to say. I can't pay the rent on my my wife is sick and she has cancer and I have no money to pay the bills will in my just to throw them out in the street and say well I'm sorry you have to leave or do I have an opportunity at that moment to speak into their life and say, may I pray with you about this and we are taking that responsibility seriously were seeing miracles he can give us an example made up of a prayer walk with me going and pray for. Tell her herself something opens up as you're going and why these tenants take us with a screw on a short quick what that looks like your interesting you should mention a bank because it does bring to memory one particularly poignant experience when into one of our buildings where there is a bank headquarters went to see the branch manager and said that we had come to visit just to say that we care for them and that we'd like to know is there anything we can pray for for you and your family or your coworkers in this workplace and in the answer came back. Yes, there is a woman here who is in the final stages of breast of her battle with breast cancer and she would love to have prayer and so this person after we prayed with them about some other issues and just general prayers of blessing for their business because that's really what the people of God are intended to be is a blessing to others. They would then lead us to this person's workstation in the office. Bald had wearing a scarf just gray skin power and struggling but she welcomed us into her office. She did not want to be at home she needed to get away from just thinking about her pain and may this this particular workplace is led by a Christian who welcomed her back into the office and so she allowed us to pray with her.

And as we prayed with her, she said, would you pray for my feet. My feet are terribly swollen from the chemotherapy and I'm in a lot of pain and we prayed for her and her feet. The pain in her feet was instantaneously taken away from her. It was just a really powerful moment for our little team of four people who'd come into play with her and she was in tears, and so grateful for the visit, as was the staff of the bank around her watching this happen and that was an eternal impact these people's lives are changed because they seem people who they didn't know before come in across the business boundary integrate faith and work and say were bringing the kingdom of God to this place. There are some spiritual strongholds in your place of work in your home and your family that you don't even know about. When I cover those next enterococci take a trip to Niagara Falls.

It will you'll never be the same after working on working up right if this do you see your work.

Your business the DDD grinding your interaction your family as your mission as your ministry anointed upon you from Almighty God, our guest today says yes and Becky says if you're a Christian and you'll see that work. You see this drudgery. Not as ministry then you're missing the whole boat in your will, not walking in God's will.

He's talking about bringing God's kingdom to bear in your workplace in your marketplace and everything you do. Whether you are in a quote unquote full called full-time ministry or whether what however you whatever you do, that may seem mundane, it is big Jim Anthony were so glad you're with us your sharing the stories these real stories God is transform your life in this area and you on a personal level really impacted me only.

Thank you for that really blessed me and you bless. He spoke to the new Canaan group recently and you you in North Carolina you speak all over the country about this now, but you took a little trip to Niagara Falls that you thought would be a financial black hole. You thought this was it. You thought yeah I have. I've made up bad business decision, but God has done something and it's open your eyes to to these spiritual strongholds that we have all over the place. It Salazar even were clueless about right right right, having, in which I give a set that up until take us to Niagara Falls sure your 2000. Some of your 2000 make a loan to someone strictly a business deal. When I look at the property made the loan and came back home bought a piece of the property, but the primary investment was in the loan guy defaulted on the loan. We wound up taking back the real estate and having to either walk away from a very large sum of money and write it off or develop our way out of the problem well. We then had to make a decision that was huge for us because the expenditure was going to be large.

The community was devastated the Western New York area and suffering terribly economically from for lots and lots of reasons.

Those reasons were really unknown to me at the time. I knew the superficial reasons, high taxes, high labor costs or unions in all these problems that everybody talked about businesses closing but there was deeper issues and God wanted to reveal what those were. To me, and to other people so amazingly we began to see that the fact that the previous owner of this property which was so dilapidated and literally falling down around us. The roof had some 630 buckets hanging from the rafters to collect the water. It looked more like a rain forest than it did a shopping mall. The ceilings of course ruined air conditioning equipment was shot is just a disaster and it was a microcosm of the community. It really was a reflection of what was going on. We asked what is going on here will there's an abortion clinic on the corner of the property and we needed to repent of the previous owners decision to sell a piece of land to an abortion clinic. Now this was a radical idea for me to think that I needed to deal with some previous owners evil in my life. I had to deal with this to make progress economically with a piece of real estate. It seems so illogical.

But now I've come to understand that this is a factor in every piece of real estate on the plane that there is historical spiritual history where their sin weathers good.

These things need to be understood and dealt with in the now, you mentioned that where there is a battle that rages we we have these historic battlefield all over the country and I didn't know that Niagara Falls was the place of a lot of bloodshed share that in sure about what that physical battle is reflecting in the spiritual shore just as Jerusalem is the most award over an bloodiest patch of earth on on the planet, Niagara Falls, New York and Canada is the most reward over patch and specially on the US side. Interestingly, it's not so much true on the on the Canadian side of the river that this is been a battleground for hundreds of years before the white man showed up. There were Indian wars over this area. The young Niagara Falls was considered sacred ground by the Indians that the Native American peoples. It was the holiest place that they knew in the area and of course they knew nothing about Christianity or anything except their native religion but they knew it was a spiritual place and they battle over control of the falls in the area around there's one story of two tribes are ganging up on 1/3 tribe and wiping out every man woman and child total genocide of an entire Indian tribe that occurred at Devil's Hole which is a place that's got signs on it. But designs don't tell you what really happened there. Even there, yes, and in many of your listeners have probably been to Niagara Falls and they heard the story of the geology and the geography and the Hydro hydrology, or whomever, but they're not hearing the theology do not hearing the God stuff and so God said I want to start a tour company that tells the spiritual history of Niagara Falls and so we're doing that now we talk about the meaning of the river that drains the Great Lakes.

This which are essentially 50%, 70% of North America's freshwater all draining over Niagara Falls and out to the sea through the through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The fact that this river and this falls are a symbol of the grace of God falling from heaven. It's if you want to get a visual picture of what Ezekiel I think it's Ezekiel 39 or 45 that the river flowing out of the temple and flooding that is not figure falls and when you get on that little bitty boat your right up to the face of the falls and you and you talk as a group and you pray about what the temple must look like in heaven when were worshiping the voice that sounds us as thundering waters, as described in Revelation. There you are. You are literally transported into the heavenly places surrounded by the spirit of God, the living water. That's just coding you with with his life is. It's an awesome experience to come into the expense of Niagara Falls from the spiritual perspective but a big dark side air ducts that you had to confront a net investment.

Instead of walking away and just cutting your losses. You stayed there and now into to tell about how bad it was and what what percentage of a vacancy is there among businesses prop business properties there in the falls area. Well first of all, the mall got down to about 25% occupied and that the problem always you got a key panel of light bills all the heating bills year-round regardless how many people in there unless you shut it down and we came very close to shutting it down.

Walking away, but God said through a number of people and confirmed it. I want you to renovate this property and so we didn't and so we went from 25% were at 65, 68% now and rising.

We got some very exciting things going on with the property that are just going to come found the doubters can't talk very specifically about it except to say that I believe that God is working a miracle of the property of person-to-person said this is bad. This is, this will never work. Just as it is bad business proposition believed the gods told you to stay there ended in and in this idea of bringing transformation into an entire city entire area community are big on that what what what is that about God moving in the Raleigh area in Niagara Falls.

Other places in the country talk about it so interesting that the Lord seems to want to use real estate as detonator for transformation. So if you think about Jerusalem, for example, the temple building the temple was a transformational event, building the walls rebuilding the walls, those were transformational activities and they make a statement on the ground of what's happening spiritually in the heavens and then your manifesting it on earth. So when we go to communities, we look for broken come properties. We look for trouble. We look for problems because that's where God's at work instead of just asking the questions about the deed about the money.

The land the deal you get into the spiritual evocations I write exactly were so used to just focusing on not man stuff like used on this property what's get me a title report and now more more recently, get me an environmental report or physical inspection.

We've learned that God wants Christian stewards of real estate to do spiritual reports spiritual investigations who owned this place. What were they doing here, what with the sport of the spiritual consequences of the activity of the slant and so here you have the Bloodiest Pl. in America. Niagara Falls tons of wars and you go in there and you try to find this spiritual sense of the past.

Yes, and then you did what we we actually have been down to the falls multiple times calling together pastors from the community business people from the community kings and priests coming together to pray, deliverance and freedom of emancipation down okay and enter prayer, something that Jim and his insurers have a break for you and I may have never done our homes or offices that happened for the first time ever at the world headquarters of truth talk like here about next right here at your thought. I hang up and talk about how rare we tell stories about happening about it sometimes is real. Right here right now.

My guess it at your thought life. Folks believes in the power prayer.

You seem to transform his life in the lives of others is with us right now.

Special prerecorded vision to duck life we heard about Niagara Falls what God is doing there a place of complete darkness.

God is brought you appear to be a part of redeeming this whole area for Christ Jimmy at the exciting stuff, but this idea of prayer, walking had you is that and how is that challenge just like you challenge the group that you spoke to earlier about this read to home. Well, we first realize that we needed to deliver our mall from the enemy. The enemy had much greater control over the property than anybody else in the reason you can know community is in control the enemy as you see the degradation of the community you see buildings falling apart see tenants fleeing you see the rise of gangs and violence. Those are all signs that insist in the spiritual realm there is devastation going on the destroyers at work the way you counteract this is you come against them with the power of the spirit. The power of God. He is the only way we can demolish the strongholds.

This is something that needs to be taken seriously in all of our homes and all of our workplaces. You don't have to go to Niagara Falls to find devastation. You will find this in your own neighborhoods you may have a brand spanking new house, but I still want everybody here in this prayer, Walker property lines you do that what we mean powerlines go inside the evening of every bedroom and every living room and kitchen yes or that and I'm back on making apologies for what God says in the Scriptures for the chosen people. He defined the land. He defined the boundaries of the buildings he wanted built its biblical and it's not popular to talk about it today because it's just seems weird but I don't mind being freakish on this if it means deliverance for my family will just force this recording to show unto talk live on Stu Epperson.

This is a special, prerecorded, or by calling and just sit back and be touched and challenged. Maybe disagree want to post a comment, go to truth, talk Jim stuff is up there to Jim OU took a whole team of people that if they were in this building were to talk live. It originates and you took it out and get a prayer walk to the whole building praying for people and praying for the perimeter just powerful. I have never really been a part of some like that in there were 10 or 12. This kind of following you and your praying and new.

Initially you're like whoa this is weird but everyone just there's a fire. Now what is that man will either we believe the Bible or we don't. Either we believe that there is a spiritual realm or we don't mean I just cannot be a Christian and not believe there is a spiritual realm something other than the natural realm. So if that is true then there are consequences that flow from that truth that are really significant and so we began to walk that out here on this property today and it was really thrilling and I know people felt awkward and there, where what that Hank is still getting us into today, but by the end of it, they just were hungry for more.

They didn't want to stop so hope you are doing their jobs and we pulled them out and they agree to go on this walk and we saw tennis in your praying for we know that were next-door in the cervical building how to do this practically folks.

How can prayer revolutionize your workplace, your home-based wrap that up with Jim if you thought life. Hang on, five minutes before the hour and the fastest power in when I could talk to this guy. Many, many more than this you will out today, but Jimmy blesses and you have prayed for everyone on our staff before going on here.

You did a whole prayer walk around the whole truth talk live where we originate or whole facilities. The affiliate stations that are in this building tenants that benefited from your prayer in your anointing.

There you you really believe in prayer in the power of prayer to change things Jim and me even work. Work is supposed to be like I do that Monday through Friday. I don't really like it but I can equally by, maybe pass a truck out once in a while, but Sunday is when I do worship tell us about how this is infiltrated.

Now we can get this to infiltrate everything how we think. I'd like to give a brief overview of what the per walking process looks like.

I would encourage people to start at one corner of the property outdoors. They know where it is.

It's not necessary to be exact, but started a corner and begin by praising God and thanking him for the land and thanking him for the stewardship, opportunity, and then welcome him to the property welcome him in a way that he's never been welcome before as the authority that he really is and then in the name of that authority. Cast down the principalities and powers tear them down, that have been pretending to have the authority of the land. We have a pretender whose ruling the earth today is imposter and and yet we act as though it's his and we can't do anything about it. That is wrong.

It's a lie from hell, and the truth from heaven is that you have the authority to declare your land to be freed and purified and do this for every part of this is from Jesus Christ and by the power of his blood in a how his name is turning its image, bringing to bear. He argues, Lord, but it's it's this prayer by kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven commencing people, businesses, listening people that work there.

Are you encouraging us to even walk and pray for our neighbors in tell everyone about even how radical you become with us at work. Yes at the ballgame. Yes, that's mostly not sharing in in in find any. We got to get time off. It is God stuff once allowed Jim, you bring us out. It's a joy to get burned out for the Lord and I and I would encourage people who go to large stadium style events to see these as opportunities to intercede for thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even 100,000 people. The time we have a annual parade in Raleigh that that we participate in, and are specific declared purpose is to pray for all the people that we see what ride to the parade.

So when your team is on at big float going to Raleigh North Carolina.

The big Christmas parade there waving what are they really doing those hands in prayer waving like Moses does over the war were set people free declaring the power of God to come and seek out and save all these people 10/32 left your passion in your challenged everyone listing right now, your voice, get on your knees and ask God to show you what he wants to do where you working today.

I don't care for your homemaker's school, God, you strategies, tactics are good works that he wants to hear. Thanks for discipling me in this area going out a lot more conversation is all the information about Jim Wiesenthal's comment about the issue is our website truth talk

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