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Faith and Freedom with Mark Walker

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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March 30, 2021 5:39 pm

Faith and Freedom with Mark Walker

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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March 30, 2021 5:39 pm

Ryan has a discussion with Mark Walker on the border crisis, his faith, Lara Trump's potential Senate run, Mark's run for United States Senate and much more!

His story, and what led him to run for office is worth the listen. You do not want to miss this.

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double training dangle with your host Ryan Fournier thoughts out loud what is up, guys. I am here today with a very special guest someone who know I would label really is a patriot and a hero in his own right. His story in my view, personifies any common man or woman with grits charisma and will fight and run for office on a solid platform and best almost anyone in the room and that person I'm talking about is Mark Walker, who is currently right now in the race for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. He is a very interesting story and I'm in a tie this into Donald Trump a little bit. Mark was a Baptist minister. He's a man of God, a warrior for Christ in this passion and faith led him to running for Congress in 2014. He was just one of the nine Republicans competing in a Republican district was previously held by the great Howard Coble was in office since 1985 and he was retiring. Walker finished second in his primary, Phil Berger, Junior, who is the son of arguably we talked about this are usually the most polluted prominent political family in the state of North Carolina.

He finished first but no candidate received over 40% to five.

The primary vote leading to a runoff race were Walker unexpectedly one 60% of the vote, defeating Phil Berger Junior and went on to defeat the Democrat challenger know where this comes into play with Pres. Trump as this sounds very similar to the election of Pres. Donna J. Trump, a man who lived a billionaire lifestyle on Fifth Avenue New York has numerous five-star properties all across the country an amazing family and he gave all that up for consistent bashing in the media every single day where his supporters.

His family felt like every single day we were waking up and being curb stomped in the face by the leftist media every single day in this country. I have a question to in this is if he was so terrible why did they always make up lies every single day. Why did they lie about the things he did were the things he said when he gave up all about when he went down the golden escalator in 2015 when I first watched this speech, my reaction was met with skepticism.

I think for for you being a Baptist pastor at the time people probably thought you had no chance right. People probably thought that when you looked at the fact that it was nine other people just think is they'll let me know. But it is well and and and sometimes a pretty loud about it too. But you know when you look at present Trump he was for one in entertainment entertainer is a real estate mogul is the host of the apprentice. That's where my skepticism came in because many thought he wasn't serious, but this eventually was met with realism and optimism.

We lost Fowlkes the last two presidential elections because you had establishment candidates who did not know how to connect with middle America. They did know how to connect or awaken the silent majority in this country. All of this reminded me that you do not need to be a politician to run for office founding fathers never said you will need to be a politician they wanted statesmen they wanted people to rise up from the working class and run for office and in some cases likely.

So with Pres. Trump. He did a much better job than people who were in politics for 20+ years and we look at Joe Biden, but this is what got me thinking about Mark your candidacy in your race despite the odds being against you. You prevailed. You prevailed against these nine other candidates in the son of like I said before, one the most powerful political figures in the state North Carolina and without. I want to introduce you Mark Walker, who hopefully will be the next senator for the great state of North Carolina. Thank you Ryan. It's an honor to be with you. Thank you for all the good work that you are doing, not just from North Carolina but around the country. I have watched you are you have a gift is being a clear communicator and how you've supported are Pres. Trump. I think I deserve a shout out as well but yes you you been able to articulate whatever background and it it was quite a journey. We actually stepped away from the church December 31, 2013. That way there would be no conflict of interest and we put everything that we had a member you made me think of something. In January 2014 were the local papers listed are cash on hand and $8000 compared to our opponent who was well into the several hundred thousand as it was impossible for him to win it it it even in this context.

People like to look at some of those parameters, but I think it was Rudy, Tom, John, at which the coach of the Houston Rockets and said never underestimate the heart of a champion when you feel letter when you feel called to do something you don't you don't wait other factors it it's gone like a when you meet that special young lady or whatever foot you don't care who she's dating her who she has stated you say this is true, I feel like God's call me 222 may be eventually even partner Mary and that's the kind of the same passion that we see that's what I pursued in this race.

I think that really speaks a lot because I know you know just reading up on you in your hearing from friends who work with you or been close your campaign, you know, your faith leads you and in everything you do and I think that that's what's important and that's why I think I have much more trust in you that I would have with other people who served on the Hill is that your man of God or man. Faith and I I can just feel that the Holy Spirit is is a part of you every single day. God's touch you in ways that many other people can even imagine or think of. And that's led you to be not only good at what you do.

Not only can like you have a really good connection with people I have seen that I've noticed I've seen that the events we held a rally in Winston-Salem last year, Dan Forrest, Kim Guilfoyle, Don Junior, Charlie, Kirk, myself and I just remember for the majority of the time I saw you walking around and just talking anybody you can you know anybody you could talk to anybody you can meet and greet and I and you and you just don't see that often, usually at a rally or something like that. The politicians again escorted into the front. They sit down. They don't move. They don't talk. You were just mingling throughout the crowd and edges. I think it speaks your character it speaks you know to what I was saying earlier the grit and the charisma, the dedication to public service what you've done for the state of North Carolina. Over these years in public service Apsley tremendous. Well listen it's genuine. I love connecting with people I love traveling throughout North Carolina.

I have realizes 9 1/2 hours. Why quit which is great but just because Alisa gets it's one of the yes it's one of the reasons that I never move my family to Washington DC. My job was to come back home to serve in that capacity to attend the everything from the Eagle Scout feelings to the Lincoln regulators is to be visible because what happens a lot of these politicians run.

As you know they go to Washington DC in the loser focus and they lose the direction and I think staying in touch with the people that you represent the other thing I realized is if you're not based in faith, your hope is in politics and I watch the guys in the seat. Those are the people who get blown around little bit goes a champion because you're not grounding and something more powerful, which is faith in my faith not unashamedly a follower of Jesus Christ when you're anchored in that you can go to in any environment and be willing to hold the line. The other point I want to make on that is just because you're someone of a person of faith does not mean that you don't speak the truth even if you look at Jesus's model. He had no problem calling out the religious political leaders of the day.

Now, laterally, and I think there's a lesson here. Learn one of the things that I have such a burden for impoverishing minority communities to some of the lies that have been perpetrated by some of the politicians by the left and has literally oppressed many of these communities in that's part of the passion that I have in moving forward in this position that that is one thing to that. I also want to talk about is you been very successful making inroads in connecting with the black community. I remember a couple of years ago he was 20 to 2019. You help that panel with HBCUs University presidents sort of is a meeting greet the kind get this ball rolling with Pres. Trump who I would say was the most pro-African-American president in recent modern-day history. No question. Because of these for the platinum plan right tongue up billions of dollars, and access to capital.

The African American communities churches in the black community to compete at a national level for grants job opportunities unlike anything we've ever seen before.

Even under Barack Obama, you can see these things. All of this change know what happened to the change right why it's me was a change in your pocket right was nothing and this got me present from comes are nowhere and just changes the entire plant changes for the party because instead of campaigning for these boats once a year before an election. It was a 24 seven 365 strategy and it worked because we got near 30% of the minority vote from nonwhite voters prompted better with minorities than any other GOP candidate and 60 years and I've to attribute some of that to you because I mean you you did this panel. I think this led to a lot of the discussions with Pres. Trump doing that permanently because I leave.

It was they had to reapply every single year for grants and funding from the federal government right but that's that's the left whole strategy is to keep that control over the minority communities and once Impreza truck deserves a lot of credit in an look at things like unemployment. Other areas he had a way of speaking straight to the heart. But what we have seen is this the suppression from the left is to break these wonderful people continue to return had in hand.

So yes, I decided to do something that Barack Obama never did. And that would be to invite all 101 HBCUs Chancellor's historical black college University Chancellor's Washington DC I was told by some in our own leadership will never show up 87 of them did well and we begin to forge a relationship with talk about issues that matter and to dispel the stereotype by the Democrats and by the left that we didn't care about what was going on in these education not mean that that you see that's that's the difference I think between what the party is become now the GOP you know it really has become a big tent party is become a party about supporting the country before I think the best analogy is putting on your your mask on an airplane before you putting on someone else right in and I think that that's one of the biggest things that comes out of this administration was that he helped people that the party wants may have never reached out to before the Democrats you know they political analyst all the consultants out there in DC said you know we don't need to reach out to this group of people because you were writing them off were never going to get that vote through, but he he change that. He said you know what, no, we won't get the vote.

If we don't try right you'll get something if you don't if you don't persevere. If you don't keep going after an afternoon after into you get right and he did that and in that was I think my most impressive things to me.

But you know, one of the reasons why I still wish you were in Congress. You are doing something, I think you're very noble right now running for Senate. But I wish we had you there to talk about this. $1.9 trillion stimulus bill until you know the permanent pandemic welfare state that we are creating in this country with the stimulus bills is laughable that they think $1400 is going to help someone who lives in New York City.

When the rent there for a one bedroom like 400 square-foot apartment is about three grant so you know it and I don't even think that even to help you know this demand-side redistribution of money. You know what people do they go pay off their student loan debts to go pay off loans to the bank. You know they don't put it back into the economy the way that you know a lot of people think it's gonna work in. That's reducing the problem you are having right now and you would pray group me were seeing the greatest expansion of welfare the welfare state since LBJ and people are saying right now is like old inflation is not here yet inflation is not here yet. There is most definitely inflation and and I forget the best way to describe this to the viewers who were listening who may not understand when inflation is is the amount of dollars in our economy is outpacing the production of goods and services right in the best way to destroy the middle class.

The best way to destroy it and keep people in poverty key people sort of down to the roots and and keep the party in power.

That's in power right now right. The Democrats, this is Karl Marx's theory, this is Karl Marx there in your seeing it happen right now, you're exactly right. And you think about this package 9% of it. Actually, with the covert relief VP got a few million dollars for her alma mater. You go down the list.

The pet projects.

It is absolutely ridiculed or ridiculous for pork. But here's here's Washington math $1400 stimulus this gonna cost about $4600 to pay back in Texas right so to you that when out, but there's also second part of this last two years I was ranking member of intelligence and counterterrorism on homeland security and I did a deep dive on China and some of things going on there. So every dollar that we borrow from China becomes more more of a national security threat is will we talk about the financial aspects and the reduction in the contrition of the American dream for children and grandchildren. That is a huge part of it. We could spend two hours talking about it, but let's also not forget about the national security condition that it continues to help fast-track become the world superpower the build up and have seen the video evidence. The buildup in the middle of the military buildup by China in the South China Sea. It should be frightening. All are doing right now they are doing right now and were paying for about one week when we passed the six eggs of Norma's exorbitant crazy debt ridden stemless packages.

So-called submits packages that money primarily is borrowed from China at a rate that we cannot keep up with and is a dangerous place for us. Maybe this is something because you know Sen. Marsha Blackburn and I've talked often about China's threat you've heard of the new silk Road this the Confucius Institute. This is a massive geopolitical threat the fact that they are going to other countries within the region, even outside of the region, creating deals with them to wear hey will develop these roads will build you new buildings will build you a port to receive goods. But if you can't pay this amount of money. This exorbitant amount of money that most of these countries will never be able to afford then we get to be within your country for a period of 100 years or something. That's what they're doing and so they're slowly taking over ports there slowly billing building military bases in many of these impoverished nations and in their getting away with their getting away with it but but this is for trumps the present trumps instincts were so spot on yet. This is something that he came to Washington, discovered he had been talking about this for three decades comes the bad trade deals and what China was doing to us.

When it comes it right here North Carolina tobacco textiles and furniture. Specifically, these traders continue to put a deficit on us while taking the jobs at the same time he was raising the flag on this go back to Oprah Winfrey show. Here's ago.

This was something that was important to him it came from his heart and we were beginning to see some movement this last four years is forced that America first mentality that obviously this by the ministration cares nothing about what you and I wanted to touch on that too.

Before we get back in the stimulus but I you know it's it's insane to me that you know are key ingredients to pharmaceuticals made in China even threatened when COBIT happen to withhold them so we couldn't develop a vaccine or drug to you know to withstand covert, 19, yet Confucius institutes On College Campuses All across the Country with Data Setters Larger Than Probably an IBM Data Center on College Campuses. Believe It or Not, Where Joe by None of You Heard about This He Secretly Resend It. The Executive Order the President from Sign That Compelled Universities Post Secondary Education High Schools to Tell You Don't to Report If They Are Receiving Money from the Communist Party of China Rescinded That and Why Would He Rescind That Order. That Only Did Good. That Only Did Good for Us to Know What Universities Are Getting Money from China.

Well, It's Because Joe Biden Is Bought and Paid by China, along with for the Biden's Family Exactly at This Payback I Wonder How Much Money Hunters Making Right Now. I Really Am Curious to See What What He Makes in the Next Four Years but That's Another Topic, but I Wanted to Get Back into This Month. We Are Truly Nostrum's Book Is This. This Is a Behemoth Here. There Is A Lot Of Pork in This. I Don't Think It Really Does Anything Beneficial for Americans Who Been Suffering the Last Year and Half Were Talking about Direct Cash Payments Bailouts for Democrat States.

Meanwhile Know If You Knew This California Is in Surplus Right Now but of Course They're Gonna Get Some of This Bailout Money While They Are Running a Surplus. It Really Makes You Think Here of the Freedoms Being Given up in Exchange for the Money That's Being Given.

It Seems like Being Free and Being Independent Is Less Popular Nowadays. While Reliance on the Government Is on a Very Dangerous Rise Were Seeing That Were Sitting There Right Now People Are Just, You Know There You Probably Seen the Stuff on Twitter, You Have Biden Voters Were Tweeting Saying Where's My $2000 Which I Voted for Trump Trump When I Had My Trump Box to Me.

You Know One Month a Month Ago Right People. I've Become so Relying on the Fact of Getting This. This Made It Really Is Even That Much Money When You Think about It and and and and They're Giving up Freedom in the Process of and like You Said Earlier, There Can Be Paying Double on That in Texas I Think of That Ronald Reagan Words Were, to Say the 99 Curious Words Are Dangerous Words Hi from the Government. I'm Here to Help You That Debt Dependency. There Was No Generational Think Were Even through Our Education System That Students Are Being Taught. The Federal Government Is Your End-All for Everything That You Could Encounter in Life or Psychologically, Emotionally, Scholastically Are Sometimes Even Spiritually That's There's an Instinct to Look to the Federal Government. First, As Opposed to the History That Made This Country Great Was a Look at That Individual Opportunity, Prosperity, Responsibility, and That's the Cataclysmic Search Ship That We Have Seen in the Last Maybe 1520 Years, and That's Why We Gotta Get out There. Make Sure That Were Communicating What America Was Built on, but Also What Is the Personal Hope of Prosperity for Each Individual. It Is Not Look to the Government.

There Is No Historical Precedent That the Government's Gonna Do It Better. The Private Sector and That Is What We Gotta Change What We Even Saw That with Pres. from Where He Was Relying on the Private Sector to Mobilize Our Covert Response Is Excellent and That Was Phenomenal.

We Saw with the Private Sector Could Do If Government Went out There and Actually Said They Needed the Help Because They Truly Did.

If This Was Just a Government Response Would Be Entirely Worse Than What Were Doing Right Now. I Thought His Response Was Timely. I Thought He Did the Right Things with What He Had. When You Look at, You Know, the Surplus of Mass the Ventilators He Sent New York All of What They Needed to Enter Cuomo Sent a Massive Ship There. They Only Use like Five of the Beds on the Ship so That Tells Me They Really Weren't Having That Big of an Issue up There and Then Ill and Recall My When You Get into That, the Guy Who Got an Emmy for His Covert Response in and They Wanted Him to Jump in the Race. Now You See What's Happening with What Use the Ship When It Gets into the Nursing Homes.

Yet While They Did That They Did That in That Scene They Need to Be Held Accountable for That, You Know, Gretchen Witmer, As Well As Angela, I Mean, They Lied about the Numbers of the Amount of Deaths in the Nursing Homes in This Is Criminal. If This Were Done by Any You Know I Don't Dare ICs Are Private Citizen, but Any Normal Person Who Is a Part of This Democrat Elitist Class to Be Thrown in Jail for 20 Years and with the Assistant Murder of All These People. It's Actually Disgusting but You Know I Think That You Know One Thing I Say When I Talked to Sen. Marsha Blackburn Last Week. We Need a Whole China Count. We Know This Virus Came from China. They Got Away with It so Far but They Should Pay for. They Should Pay for It like What They're Doing Right Now to Joe Biden's Family. It's It's Absolutely Absurd That We Had to Shut Ourselves down. We to Shut down Our Economies. You Look at a State like Florida Who Just Said You Know What Screw That Were Opening Back up Another Booming Look at the State of Florida, North Carolina, Could've Been There to Had to Enforce Been Our Governor, We Would've Been There but You Know This. This Is Just a Piece of Business Deal. Like I Said Permanent Pandemic Welfare State That Were into, and I Just Hope That You When You Get to Senate, We Must Hold China Accountable and There's No Doubt about It. We Must Do When It Comes to the Overall Talk about the Spendings I'm Very Proud of the Last Time There Was a Balance Budget Amendment Vote on If You're a Lead That Effort.

I Had Negotiated with Speaker Right at the Time, but We Were Able to Get That's the Sad Part of This. We Had 240 Republicans in the House Only Hundred 42 Voted for a Balanced Budget, the Same Ruled All States. Others Have To Combine That's What We Need the Right Republicans Are Serving in the US Congress and in That's What You Know I Will Tell the Listeners and Everyone Who's Watching This or Seen the Video Format of This We Are Going to Be Working Aggressively These Next Year and 1/2 to Make Sure That We Get Rid of the Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Pres. Trump Republicans Who Didn't Vote along the Lines to Support America First Policies and to Help This Country. It Was Detrimental. Some of These Votes and Now Working to Be Dealing with It for Four Years. Two Years of Dealing with Them Having a Unified Government Where They Could Pass Segments of the Green New Deal They Can Strip Away AR 15's They Can Make Washington DC Puerto Rico Is a State There, Thereby Solidifying a Permanent Democratic Majority in the Senate As We Both Know How That's Gonna Work, Spending the Supreme Court As Well Is a Dangerous Factor Expanding the Supreme Court the Open Borders Policies That Were Seeing Right Now, Which We All Know Why Is It That Right As They Open up the Threshold They Open up the Barriers at the Border. There Also Passing the Stimulus Bill to Give up All These Money All These Benefits They're Reaffirming Free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants.

They're Not Sending Them Back during the Adjudication Process of Their Getting Running Rampant and Free. This Is What Were Dealing with, and I Hope People Wake up. I Really Do Hope That in the Next Four Years People Realize the Damage That Is Been Done Just in the First 2 to 3 Months for the First Hundred Days If We Should Even Say That in the Realize That They Made a Mistake and That They Should Be Voting for Donald Trump Probably Saw the Article Right about These Evangelicals Now Regret or Vote for Joe Biden Yeah You Know What Was Aggressive. He Was a Progressive's Who Said He Is Not to Ease up Aggressive Enough As a Youth I Should've Known That If You Had You Not See This Coming Year Was a George Drake Song Arizona Oceanfront Property. This Is Absolutely Ridiculous but I'm Hoping to Talk about for Years. I'm Hoping That within Two Years, Republicans Can Take Back the House Can Can Mute If You Will. Nancy Pelosi for Passing This Stuff onto the Senate Because Word Urgent Place.

I'm Not a Gloom and Doom Guy.

I'm a Hopeful Guy, but the Damage Done to the Very Fabric of This Country for Years Ought to Scare Everybody Enough to Make There for You and Hopefully Get Enough of the House of Self. I Wanted to Take a Moment to Talk about My Good Friend Mike since I Join This Fight Is Always out Guard Was Consequences to His Family Business Now As We Speak.

Cancel Cultural Left Is Canceling My Pillow Almost 20 Sources of My Pillow off Their Shelves. I'm Asking You for a Favor.

I Need You to Support My Pillow Show Mike We Stand with My Use Code Hope We 566% off Guides the Code Is 45 Reply from 66% off. We Cannot Let When 45, 66% of Mike Is Fighting Russ Millet's Fight for Him. Welcome Back to the RF Angle with Your Host Brian Ford Yeah I Am Here Today with a Very Special Guest Mark Walker. Hopefully Will Be the Next Senator for the Great State of North Carolina, but I Wanted to Talk but on the Border Know What Your Thoughts and You See a Bigger Picture Here Is a Mean, I Kinda Chimed in on This Little Bit More Earlier That You Know Their Allowing Illegals and Their Pushing Is $1.9 Billion Stimulus Bill, Knowing That These Immigrants Are More Likely to Vote Democrat You Know Moving to All of the States like Texas, Which There's a Fear Now That with All These Migrants Going to Texas That They're Going to Have an Ability to Possibly Inflict the State in Some Key Republican Districts We Have There.

You'll How Can Republicans Work to Fix This Crisis in This Climate Right Now Will Moving Forward.

There's Actually a Chance to Do It Twin When We Had Both Houses, like the First Two Years, and Pres. Trump Was Pleading for Legislation to Get Done. We Had A Few That Get in the Way of That Are Obviously but Moving Forward. I I Think We Think VP Pentz That in the Majority You Legislate the Minority Communicate.

I Think What We Have To Do Not Now Is Make Sure That People Get a Clear Picture. You Won't Find It in the Mainstream Media. You Won't Find It to the Big Tech Won't Find It Really Anywhere Else I've Been to the Rio Grande Valley Have Been to the Border of Met with These Border Agents. These Are Some of the Hardest Working Finest People You Will Ever Meet in Your Life You and I Will Pass about 41 I've Seen the Manifest Know the Amount of Human Trafficking Goes There Was First New Member Hundred 40 Class to Pass Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation. So What's Happening Is There's a Humanitarian Crisis on Both Sides of the Border You What These Coyotes in These Drug Dealers Are Doing to These Precious Families It and What They're Doing to the Young Boys of the Young Girls without Getting into Detail Ought to Raise the Hero. Every American Enough to Engage in Said This Is Got to Stop Feeling Dr. Pres. Trump Who Was Able to Work Go to Keep Subs Migrants on the Other Side of Mexico to Be Able to Process Some of This Because This Catch and Release. Not Only Do We Not Know What's Coming in the Border from the Drug and Human Trafficking. We Don't Know Specifically for Criminal Backgrounds.

The Ones We Do Can't Keep a Catcher or Have a Higher Percentage of a Criminal Background, Sometimes Even Returning to This Date I Would Jason Shape. It's Was Chair the Oversight We Were Able to Document 39,001 Year That Were Caught Me of Getting past Me and It's Not Even That Don't Mean It's It's in the Major Problem That I've Heard from People in Homeland Security Is A Lot Of Mafic Papers I Don't Have Proper Records on Them so You Don't Know Really What They've Done. They Could've Came from Venezuela and Murdered Small Family Unit for Bid and You Just Don't Know Right and so There There Allowing Them into This Country. They Just Released Report Actually Individuals That Homeland Security Have on a Watch List for Terrorism Are Now Starting to Exploit the Southern Border. They've Artie Caught I Think Nine of Them When and How Many More When You Rank When You Mock Prison Trucks Policies.

It Is Not Just in the Signal When You Blatantly Say Borders Are Basically Open Now What You Think's Going to Happen. You Get in Now Were Being Overrun. There's No Way These Border Agents. And Here's the Thing Ryan When Our Own Men and Women Serving Our Banking Are Pleading with This Administration to Engage in.

They Look the Other Way. How Offensive Is That These Minimum to Put Their Lives on the Line Trying to Stop and Protect the Rest of Our Country and Their Bag in This Administration for Help and They Simply Won't Even Refer to It. What a Kiss Which Is a Mentoring Crisis and I Wanted to Touch on That to You Know, Not a Single Dollar Is Going to Fix This Crisis at the Border in the Stimulus Bill. Even Jen Saki, If You Saw the Press Come Saturday Admitted That the Administration Could Be Doing More to Prevent the Influx of Migrants. They Just Won't Call the Crisis, Which Is What This Is. FEMA Is There.

They Are a Crisis Response Team Player at the Border Right Now Trying to Help These Families Is Also Important to Note That under Trump Migrants Were Sent Back to Their Countries to Wait out Adjudication Migrants Were Detained at the Border for Crossing Illegally. And of Course Yes Separated from Their Children As Normal Procedure Done When You Commit a Criminal Act.

It Is Still in the United States Criminal Act to Enter the United States Illegally. If You're Arrested for a Crime and Your Child Is with You with Nowhere to Go. The Child Is Separated from You. They Do Not Put the Child in the Jail Cell. I Just Have To Make This so Clear for People to Understand This on the Left. They Do Not.

If You Go out and Get Arrested Right Now in Your Child Is Nowhere to Go There Knocking to Sit with You in the Penitentiary Next to You Playing an Xbox Which Is Just Working and There's a Report Warning That Ryan When I Was at the Border Were Things I Asked the Debate the Agents. How Many of These Fences Were Built during the Trip Administration Order Told Me Zero Is the Second Part of This Is That They Have a Responsibility to Make Sure That Child Is Who Those People That Their Break with It. A Lot Of Times It's Not.

Sometimes Those Children Are Recycled to Be Able to Get Other People for the Coquetry Release Aspect of It and I Think That a Separate but but Let's Make One Point Clear When People Say We Guys Are Compassionate America Right Now Has 25% More Foreign-Born Citizens Than Any Country in the World. America Takes an Average of 1 Million Illegal Immigrants Not Illegally Mortgage but Legal Immigrants to Become Citizens. That's More Than Any Other Country in the World. So Don't Give Me This Junk about the Fact That We Don't Care What the Most Philanthropic Country in the World. We Sit, Mormon Missionaries from over so so Don't Give Me This Joke. America Is Leading the Way. But We Also Have an Obligation That When Members Raise That Right Hand to Swear an Oath to Protect the Constitution to Protect the Citizens That Something That We Need to Take. Services Will You Make a Profound Point. Because Yes, People Will Always Say That. Oh, You Know, You Either Have One Where the Other Right with with Someone Who Doesn't Agree with You Is like Will All You Must Not Care about the Children of Your Longing to Be Put in Cages and Are Not Cages. There Are Getting Better Treatment Than Some Students with an Inner Cities across the Country, but There Are Laws We Are Nation of Laws, and There Has To Be a Process and It's Unfortunate That People Are Making That Decision to Traverse Numerous Countries without Even Trying to Stop for Asylum in in a Country before They Get to the USA but Making That Dangerous Track with Their Child or with Someone Else's Child or What Someone They've Kidnapped or to Bring Drugs into the US There Making That Decision on Their Own to Do That and It's Just It's It's Terrible and It's It's Horrifying to Even Think about the People Are Willing to Do That and so I Just Tell People Time I Say Listen Where Nation of Laws We Have Processes Yes They Can Be Perfected.

There's Two Sides with Adjudication of Border Security, and It Should Be a Priority of Both Republican and Democrat to Make the Process Fair to Make It Equal to Make Sure B People Are Being Treated Right.

It Should Be One of the Things That Stand out to Me When I Was at the Border Is Going into the Directors Office Is to Keep a Track As Far As How Many Countries A Lot Of People Have the Misnomer. This Is A Few People Coming from from Central America Countries. There Were 41 Different Countries.

They Had Been Apprehended There at the Border. So That's Part of the Responsibility Making Sure That Were Protecting Our Citizens. Let Me Go into This Question As Well Because I'm Sure You've Been Asked This A Lot and I Know Pres. Trump May Have Hinted at This A Few Days Ago When He Got on the Stage Tomorrow Lago Laura Trump Has a Big Name Right. Big Big Name. How Do You Win against the Trump Name Word about Alera Part of the Name That the Trump Are the Names We We Would Listen.

I Have Nothing but but Wonderful Things to Say about the Family They They Have Withstood a Great Deal of Persecution for Trying to Do What's Right, but I Will Say That One of the Things I Feel like That That That Were Passion about His Is the Area of Service. Not Everything That You See Happens When It Comes to Representing Happens in Washington DC a Good Part of the Job Is What We Call the Constituent Services Where We Were Able to Close over 1800 Veterans Cases in the Last 66 Years and I Think That Part of It. If You Count My Time As a Pastor, Member of Congress. Think about It up over 7000 Days of Where Were in This Community in North Carolina Serving Now It Some Point It. It's Certainly Not Anything That Forbids Mistrust to Move from New York to Move Here and Decide to Run for That.

I Personally Think That She Has a Stronger Influence with the Rest the Trump Family, Helping Choose and Select the Right Kind of People That Should Be Running for Office As Opposed to Going Head-To-Head with People We Just Saw 538 Just Released Data Last Week. If I Was Currently Serving in the Senate in the Last Two Years, or the Lifetime I Would Have the Highest Number One U.S. Senate Score for the Truck Most Trump Pro Conservative in All of the U.S. Senate.

I Would Hate to See That That Those Two Are Going Together, Spending Resources When I Feel like There's There's Some Things That She Can Do That I Can't Do I Can't Go out and Impact This on a National Level like She and Don Junior and the Pres. Trump Cannot Believe They Will.

And I Think Peeling That Often Going to Head-To-Head Race Which I Think You're Being a Pastor Here. Unconnected with 5 to 700 Pastors That Represent Probably between Four and 500,000 People That Doesn't Give You Deliberate Advantage. It Does, but Does Require Those Relationships Are so Much Very Are so Very Important. I Think It's Gonna Be a Would Be an Interesting Place to Say the Least. But Listen, I'm Not Telling Her What She Should or Shouldn't Do That. I Do Think That That Man We I Believe the Job That We Done Last Six Years We Been Tested We Been Tried in a Place That Gets Very Dark. We Stood the Test and I Think We Can Can't Take That Same Passionate Same Record to Work with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Others in the U.S. Senate Guy I Most Certainly Agree with That Mean Laura's Big Friend for a Long Time to Work She's Done Really to Help the Trump Campaign out Trump TV That She She Spearheaded out There. They Really Got A Lot Of People Involved. I Think It Motivated, Especially Suburban Women. I Think She Helped A Lot with That Her Mercedes Schlafly Did a Phenomenal Job Getting out There and Getting That Vote but I Want to Ask You Something Else to You Know This Is a Question I Think Is Asked to so Many People, but I Think It's so Incredibly Difficult to Actually Do. I Should Say Term Limits Know What Is Your Opinion on Term Limits and Would You Do a Pledge with Your Voters. In That Regard, and I I I Saw This Put This Tweet out Today. I Did the Math. The US Is 244 Years Old and 13 Members of the Spent the Senate Has Spent a Total of 434 Years in Congress, I'm a Huge Believer Term Limits. In Fact, We've Artie Put It in Writing, and I Know Some of My Libertarian Friends out There Say Well You Know You Your Term Limits Are People That Are Voting or Not Voting for You but Here's Where I Differ with a Little Bit. The Founding Fathers Never Envision the Amount of Money from Special Interest That Would Sink Their Claws into Government Elected Officials Actually. That's Why You Have To Have Some Kind of Pushback on the Narrative That That Once You Elected. My Best Argument If 12 Years Was Your Maximum Time. You Can Spin Either the House or Senate. Nancy Pelosi Would've Had to Go Home. In 1999. Usually When Argument Right but but but but It Is Important Because It Would Be Such a Bad Thing. If You Are Willing to Go Take on the System like Pres. Trump Showed Us How to Do. There's a Wear and Tear and Eventually It Will Wear You to the Place That You Just Begin Lapsing This in Congress for Six Years.

Members of Been There 2025 3035 Even 40 Years Just Reverberate Back to the Back Really Push Whatever but Leadership to Push Complicity Not Representation You Know It's Not 100% of It Would Seem That You Know I Hate to Say to People like Dianne Feinstein You Know Me, but There Have Been Times Where She's Kinda Just Stuck It to Them and Said, You Know, One on Me to Do. I Want to Do and I've Been Here Longer Than You.

I Guess Right but Yeah I Mean, That's One of the Things That Really Always Bugged Me about Congress's People Just Kind of Waste Space and Take up Their and They Don't Think for Themselves There. There They Get All This Lobbying Money and You Know We Saw This and You Know Why Didn't but I Read about It in the 70s.

Talk among the Lobbyists and Special Interest Coming in. You Know, Because I Mean Really Realistically When You're Talking about, and This May Be the Conversation to Extend the Term of the House of Rep. A Member of the House Of Representatives Because the Mom Thing in Office Sector Fundraising Seen on Day One and I and I Think That That's a Distraction. I Think That It Causes Good People to Sort of Wary over to His Side That They Were Not When They Were Running Just to Raise Some Dollars to Be the Primary You Know Opponent, That They May Have, or the Democrat Challenger and so No I Really Thank You for Talking about That Because I Think That That's Something That We Need. We We Don't We Live in a in a System Where People Want to Be a Politician. Their Entire Life Right and It's Different.

Your Commentator Whatever You Want to Go in Congress and Served in Congress 30 Years and Make It Shot Him Out Of It.

Some People Do You Know I Think That There Is That's Where You Have Some Issues It Is and I Think You Really Need a Real Solution to Cruise and I Worked on This a Couple Times.

We Could Even Get the Committee so the so What I Tell People Is I Would Not Vote for Another Federal Elected Official Officer of Any Position, Unless They Were Willing to Put It in Writing at II Think I Know the Only Deterrent Because Once They Get to Washington. The Going Look the Other Way to Cruise and I Found That out so We Try to Do It's Funny You Mentioned That You Lose, You Said Earlier It's Sort of Become like Kind of a Token That You Just Put in Your Bag and Say Yes I Support Term Limits and I've Seen That so Many Times Were People Get the DC and You Never Hear Another Word of It Again until It's Time to Run for Office. And Then You Know Six Terms Later I Still Support Them but Nobody's Brought Them yet so That's What Were Dealing with, but I'm Glad to See That You and I Do Remember That You Guys Were Working on Something That's Actually in My Opinion Sustainable Holds People Accountable. You Know Me to Go after Them and That's Another Question Right but Republican. They Will Sell One More Question, I Wanted to Go in Here since You Are Running for Senate in the State and I Think Most North Carolinians You Know Whether They like the Governor Now Whether They Would Support the Mass Mandates There's A Lot Of Work That Has To Be Done in the State, Not Just for the United States Having A Lot Of Damages Been Done Here, to Our Economy. This Last Year and 1/2 Because of These Locked on the Shutdowns.

What Is the Number One Thing That You Want to Accomplish in the Senate That Will Help North Carolinians Will Go down a List of Issues Is for Standing for Life, Making Sure Defenses Work Needs to Be Making Sure That Religious Liberty Is Protected and I Applaud Pres. Trump Being the Only President Ever to Address That Issue. The United Nations, but on the Three Little Bit Different Answer Because I Think This Is so Crucial.

I Think Part of My Role Part of My Calling Is to Make Sure That Were Taking What We Believe in Making Sure Being Successful in the Way We Message It Is Not Just about Holding to a Certain Set of Ideals, That's Important. This Could Be a Fundamental but If the but If It Never Reaches the Ear of the Audience of What Good Is It Because We We Now Know That Were Fighting against Big Tech Education, Arts and Entertainment. Revisionist Historians Associate You Name It We Tweet. We Now Know That's an Issue. So Do We Look the Other Way Do We Just the One Disc of Llama Republic, Push the Right Button Here or Do We Find a Way to Get out There and Break through Some of the Societal Walls to Make Sure That Everybody Hears and Understands What Individual Liberty, Hope and Opportunity. Prosperity Means When I Go into Places Where Republicans Are Normally Invited to Give a Talk about Psalms 139. You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. God Knew You When Your Mother's Womb, Which Means He Has a Specific Purpose and Plan for Your Life. Do Not Let This Leftist Federal Government Site.

This Is Your Ceiling yet. So What Is My Passion about As You Can Probably Tell, Is Not Only Fighting for These Ideals, but Finding a Way to Be Successful the Planking into Places and Communities Who Simply Have Not Been Afforded the Opportunity to Hear the Great Ideals of What Made This Country Exceptional from the Very Beginning.

That's What I'm Passionate about and That's What I'm Running for United States and I Love That You Know I You I Hate to Say It's a Good like a Good Answer Right. It's Weird to Say but Mean That Was.

I Wasn't Even Expecting That Because to Me You Just Don't Hear That like People Would Respond like All You I Want to Work on Taxes or Healthcare, You Kind of.

It Embodies You to Come from Afar Comes from the Heart.

It Embodies You.

It's a Party Your Character in It. I Think It's Really a Part of Your Growing up and in Your Family, and in Being a Baptist Minister and You Know People Don't Really Know This Much I Was Gonna Start the Show and Have It As an Independent Shell by Matt Stu Epperson. There's Really No Way to Describe Stu Epperson. He an Amazing Guy and He Told Me Runs This Christian Broadcasting Station.

You and I and I Said Myself into the Research on This and I Knew from the past That You Know There's like 15 Million Christians in This Country Who Do Not Vote, but They May Be Listening to This Radio Station and I Said to Myself I Said You Know What I Want My Podcast to Be Hosted by the Truth Network and I Want to Reach out Directly through These Interviews. Through These Discussions Talking about What's Happening Our Country and Our Government. I Want These Get These Folks to Hear Because I Don't Think They're Hearing from Anywhere Else Because If They Did Hear about What's Happening at the Border If They Did Know Everything That Was inside of This 1.9 Welfare Permanent Stimulus Check That They've Created the Stimulus Bill If They Knew These Things, They Would Be Terrified. Terrified Enough to Go Register to Vote.

Be You Don't Participate in Their Civic Duty to Get out There and Vote for the Right People Who Were Going to Continue to Make America Prosper to Make This Country Should I Say You Make a Great Again Save America Right and That's Why I Started to Show the Slicers Program and That's Why When You Said That I Was Thinking Myself It Was like We You Have beyond Just You Know You Have Jobs and Careers. You Kind of Took That Career Level Where It's like This Is Me This Is Who I Am That I Deftly Respect That without Me and Got It It It Really Is Is That You When You Enter Office When You Go to Do These, You Know, Higher Being a Higher Calling Going into Congress and and and Representing Such a Vast State of Different Demographics, Different People from All Backgrounds.

You Will Learn in Those Journeys.

I've Learned That to Last Four Years. Is That Not Everybody Knows What's Going on in This Country. They Don't Know the Detriments That Some of These Bills Are Are Putting on Our Society.

The Long-Term Effects of Some of This You Know You the Rap Lyrics Nowadays You Know and I and I Have To Say I Think the Left Should Be More Worried about Rap Lyrics and They Are about Dr. Seuss. I Just Had to Throw That in There Because You Know This Is the Reality in This Country and I Think You Know I Think You to Make a Fine Center. I Really Do I I'm so Glad We Were Able to Bring You on the Program. Today's Anything You like to Say Right Office. I Just Want to Say Thank You for What You're Doing. It's Amazing That God Has Gifted You at Such an Age to Be out There and Just Speak Truth, I Think There's a Misnomer out There That You Can't Love Your Neighbor and Still Tell the Truth the Same Time and I Think That's the Calling That All of Us Half to Get out There. We Care about All of Her Communities and I'm Committed to Making Sure That Every Single One of Them Understand What It Is That We Believe and I Appreciate the Opportunity to Be with You Today. Thank You Guys for Tuning into This Podcast If You Want to Support and Volunteer for Mark Walker's Campaign Go to Walker, Number Four

It Is Walker for Please Guy's Submit Your Questions to Us with an Answer from a Neck Show Is Patriot RF Patriot RF Emails Requesting Guys Thank You so Much like It Was a Pleasure Having You on

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