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Seasonings for the Tongue

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 6, 2021 12:00 am

Seasonings for the Tongue

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 6, 2021 12:00 am

There are no cosmetics for the tongue. In fact, you have never gone on a diet to get your tongue back into shape! Yet it is your tongue that defines you more than anything else. It is your tongue that makes the greatest impact on your life and the lives of others. So set aside the gym for a moment and join Stephen as he brings you speech therapy for the tongue.

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James the rights of anyone considers himself truly religious and yet does not control his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless, worthless legs, John. The point is here we are children of the King. If you say you're a Christian talk like if you say you belong to God uses name learning about them in a way that would be profane.

Stay away from the dirty innuendos stay away from the off color jokes walk away writing them in the lab leave laugh at inappropriate things that others what can we do about our time there is no cosmetics for the tongue.

There's no diet to get your tongue back into shape. Yet, it's your tongue that defines you more than anything else, it's your tongue that makes the greatest impact on your life and the lives of others. Welcome to wisdom for the heart.

Today Steve and David continues in Romans chapter 3 with this message called seasonings for the time I want to begin our study today by asking you a question how beautiful is your tongue. I imagine you probably never considered it in terms of attractiveness more than likely didn't stand in front of the mirror this morning and make sure curl just right, you probably didn't even look at it. I doubt anybody has an appointment with a tongue beautician this week or anytime soon. Avon Revlon do not sell cosmetics. The tongue was walking through JCPenney's at the mall as best we try to find the men section of wandering around the woman's cosmetic section. That thing is huge. It just goes around and around until finally you veer off in the escape. II can't recall is I thought back to that wonderful moment seeing anything for the tongue. Nothing there.

No fashion shows that feature. The tongue thank you and never once gone on a diet to get your tongue back in shape that the truth remains. It is your tongue more than your figure your wardrobe, your income, your title position in the community more than anything else that makes you attractive is your tongue which makes the greatest impact. Perhaps on, only your life but the lives of those around you. It's interesting that the Bible refers to a number of different kinds of people and relates them to their tongue, flattering tongue. In Psalm five, not a proud tongue. In Psalm 12 three allying tongue Proverbs 617 a deceitful tongue. Psalm hundred and 20 verse two, Proverbs 1031. A perverted tongue, a wicked tongue. Psalm 10 seven soothing tongue Proverbs 15 verse four a destructive tongue Proverbs 17 verse four and 15 for a gossiping tongue Proverbs 25 verse 23 is the tongue more than anything else that defines who we are. Tongue can make or break apart a marriage tongue will make a home a pleasant environment or desert. It will be the tongue that makes friends are Liz's friends will be the tongue that strengthens the church or divides. It is the tongue which attracts people to the truth of Christ or repels them. It is the tongue which honors God work curses them. No wonder Solomon wrote in Proverbs chapter 18 verse 21 death and life are in the power of the tongue. That is, the tongue has the power over those issues related to life and death thus far in our study in the evil communication of mankind. We have watched the divine physicians opened the mouth, as it were of humanity and inspect the mouth verses 13 and 14 God diagnoses the throat of man the lips of man. The tongue of man the mouth of man, and none of these diagnoses are very flattering with Artie discovered that but it's true. Is he opens, as it were the mouth of humanity and gives his impression that first inspired diagnoses that we have discovered is a relates beyond the evil condition of mankind. Verses 11 to 12, but now the evil communication of mankind is that mankind is throat exposes hidden depravity. He says in verse 13 there throat is an open grave. Literally their throat is like a newly open grave containing within it.

The horror of death, justice, taking the lead off of a coffin reveals the stench of decay of death.

So in the analogy of Paul so opening the throat allows one to see the stench and the depravity of the decay of death in the human heart. The second diagnosis was equally unflattering stated that the tongue produces great deception borrowed with their tongues they keep deceiving if the throat hides hidden decay or depravity. The tongue produces great deception in the tense of the verb means that mankind is continually deceiving mankind naturally deceives find it natural. We would call it easy to lie is consistent and he is proficient at lying, deceiving. Thirdly, the divine physician reveals that the lips inflict untold damage.

In the latter part of verse 13 the apostle says the poison of asps is under their lips. In other words, we have within our mouths. The sack of venom and we can strike at one another with venomous words and untold heartache and none told sorrow. Unbelievable pain can be inflicted by our our words have ever heard the saying of course you have sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never what words will never hurt me is not true is it really made it up. It is not true.

I can remember the big dirt hill near my childhood friends house would get out there with a bunch of other boys in the Avenue have dirt Claude fight what magnificent fund that was leaning each other with Dirk Watson. The splatter on impact is ill. What a foolish thing to do any good. Well in a grown men doing today with paintball. It looks more sophisticated and grown-up, but the motive is the same splatter being on getting two Christmases ago my brothers. I have two younger brothers, one turns 40 this month. Great moment. Then there's a 38-year-old will converge with my older brother and our kids on our parents home. My two younger brothers have paintball rifles and paintball pistols and one of my brothers. He makes more than everybody else. Combine has all his paraphernalia get the special air tanks that he connects to his air pistol in his rifle and he has camouflage pants and boots and all the cousins were there, and I'll admit my sons were there with their little rifles to they were going over the hill next to my parents front yard and have this massive war lot on equipment and they insisted I plan I of course had no idea what the plaintiff to watch them on the front yard and will give you pistol I need to shoot at the hill where we are and I knew I could reach the hill and I said okay so I went out the front yard and on a pastor in that area.

So it's safe to do things like this. I sent her front yard and I just pow pow and I notice you know the paintballs would make it, but if I aim higher. I just remember when my younger brother, saying how Stephen you hit me in the way of the best Christmas is a member head nicely love my brother but I personally cannot remember the pain of any is there clods that I have been with them. I don't think my brother remember the pain from that one paintball lease. I hope so, but the truth is sticks and stones may break your bones but words take a lot longer to get over once they splatter against the soul. Bring great pain to do great harm. Paul delivers what God says. He says there's venom in her mouth. When I say so strongly.

But God does.

He says there is the ability to attack with venom.

We are poisonous Vipers, as it were something by means of the spirit that happens, the fourth and final observation. We glean from this divine examination of our mouths is found in verse 14 is look there. He says their mouths are full of cursing and tenderness. Another way of saying fourthly the mouth of mankind reveals internal despair. The word for cursing is our it's a word that refers to a person publicly criticizing, publicly defaming another person. It has the worst intention in mind.

It has at its intention to inflict pain to discredit the other person to ruin the reputation as a word and hurt the person of whom they are speaking and mankind.

In effect, does this not only with others because this is the characteristic of mankind at large.

Mankind does this in relation to God. Mankind curses God, mankind seeks to destroy discredit the character and reputation of God and so mankind curses God attaching his name to all sorts of expletives are simply using his name out of context. They use the name Jesus or God in any number of derogatory ways. What's interesting to me is that man naturally attaches God's name to that stuff. I've never heard of Buddha damning anybody why God why didn't somebody out there say the name of some other profit. Why is it always Jesus Christ because naturally there is the bitterness of man and his heart toward this one lease in our Western world. So this view this version. This name known to him, which would be that of God is used. They do not know him this one true and living God. And so they curse him and profanity becomes the way that they curse him. It is the natural language of someone far from God and reveals who they are. Remember several years ago, having lunch with a very wealthy man. His wife had a number of businesses with his last name attached to them and they begun coming to colonial nest me out in I could tell sort of halfway through that. There was little hope here this meal and get the feeling every once in a while and but during the course of the conversation. He lets a profanity slip. I could tell his wife was mortified. He just kept talking, try to get past the guidance anything for the moment I skipped eating and later on he said in a listen I wanted to make a significant contribution in your church is nothing to be good time to speak up. But did you know you been attending church all your life so you said your profanity earlier in our meal indicates to me to get them growing in Christ need to come to colonial to give us anything, let us give you something you grown the Lord allowed God's word to change the way you talk as whites over there nodding her head up and down I knew I'd struck a nerve week.

From what I remembered in hanger for dessert was sort of the end there, and we left and he didn't come back please John.

The point is here we are children of the King.

And if you say your Christian talk like it if you say you belong to God.

Don't use his name or nothing about them in a way that would be profane. Stay away from the dirty innuendos stay away from the off color jokes walk away you might be tempted to laugh, leave by no means be involved in say things like that. Don't be shady. Interesting that our Western ancestors understood civil language affect the old Latin name for a cathedral. I discovered one of the nicknames of a cathedral was the word feign FAN need and if you said a couple hundred years ago that that cathedral was a beautiful feign. Everybody would know that you are complementing the structure. The architectural structure of the church so they did us later on. They out of the prefix Pro in front of the word feign to create the word profane, which literally meant out in front of the church out in front of the Cathedral. So a little tongue-in-cheek humor.

They thus created a word to refer to language that is outside the church, profane language is that what you do out there. You'll do it in here when you get out there so with a little wry humor.

They came up with a word.

The preferred language or things that you would never say in the feign you when you got out in front you would waited to get out of the porch.

The question is the you have one vocabulary for inside the church and another vocabulary for outside the church. You speak one way in here today and do you speak another way differently in a profane way and work on that campus classroom or on the ballfield. The authenticity ladies and gentlemen of Christianity is directly related to your tongue. Listen to James as he writes of anyone considers himself truly religious and yet does not control his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless, worthless use of profane language that which is outside the church really shouldn't on any differently other than we do in here right, I recently read that in the Welsh revival of the early 1900s many the coal miners course use the pony drawn carts to pull the coal out for a form that a revival, the whales and the early 1900s in many of these coal miners came to faith in Christ, radical changes occurred but created trouble in the minds I read where the ponies were no longer able to understand their command and then work were used to hearing language without all that other stuff. The notable coal out there to be re-taught. According to Paul in this description of fallen humanity in this one paragraph one of the most distinctive differences between those outside of the faith and those in the faith, of course applied is the tongue. He writes the unbelievers mouth is full of cursing. It is for all of bitterness. The word for bitterness to Creon is an interesting word refers to the hostility and the anger within the human heart. The sort of bubbles up and bubbles out the truth is, you can cover your heart.

Paul is Artie said in verse 13 that the throat is an open grave.

It's as if it were a coffin lid that is continually removed every time you speak and you reveal the depravity and death inside. In other words, if there is bitterness than in your heart to become out of your mouth. If there's anger in your heart is going to come out of your mouth. If there is greed in your heart is going to come out of your mouth Jesus Christ at the mouth speaks out of that which has filled the heart.

Matthew 1234 so whatever is treasured in your hearts that your mouth if you love art you can talk about art you love cars you can talk about cars you love sports. Given talk about sports personal lives himself to talk about what though himself.

Paul's point in Romans 314 is that mankind as a whole is resentful is bidders angry is discontented and spiteful and malicious and revengeful in the mouth reveals the hidden decay. Every time it opens, as it were just sort of comes out it spouts out becoming a Christian by the way not automatically solve the problem right. One of things we struggle with is what our tongue takes the dominating control of the Holy Spirit keep us from saying things we shouldn't help us to say things we should invite one of the great problems of the Corinthian church was there tongue. Paul is planning on meeting them is planning on visiting them any rights to them in second Corinthians 12 he said this, I am afraid that when I come to you is any strife is in the great apostle saying why why they had coming to your church. I'm afraid when I get there. There's gotta be strife.

He says I'm afraid when I come there will be strife angry tempers disputes slanders disturbances that list am afraid to come to your church deserve to be strife and angry tempers disputes slanders disturbances whose writing to hockey fans. You would think I was writing this to us. The church I'm afraid my come to church. There's going to be disturbances in strife and all these things. By the way are performed by the tongue, angry tempers and disputes and slanders disturbances.

This would be profane speech.

The problem is, is not out front is not on the porch is not even on the community has found its way inside. It's found its way into the hallways and found its way to private conversations before the service begins when it ends, it finds its way to the business meetings and finds its way to the Sunday school classrooms and the lunches and it will find its way. Perhaps under the gymnasium floor when everything is cleared away guys are going to stuff that I belong in the mouth of the believer.

Paul wrote in Ephesians 4. Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification. According to the need of the moment may give grace to those who hear the medial speak the truth to speak of love hard word sometimes but he said it edifies. That is, it builds the other one up. Reminds me of another verse I mentioned in our last discussion in Colossians 4, six were Paul encourage the church but your speech be always with grace. Literally let your speech be always gracious.

He said seasoned as it were, with what with salt. What is he mean season.

Your word with salt. We need another salt was extremely valuable in Paul's day was akin to the money you can be used by the marketplace. Covenants were made with salt binding contracts. It was highly significant and very valuable. In fact, Roman soldiers in the days of Paul were paid in salt many times the expression a man's gotta be worth his salt and that a Paul's day they were paid in salt so you can throw salt around you were careful with it. You and treated lightly. He would carefully season your food with it.

You wouldn't want to waste any of it. Perhaps that's what Paul is meeting that he is saying. Don't waste your word. Don't throw them around carelessly. Don't just give them out indiscriminately. Think about it. The careful with your words don't waste course the more obvious meaning is the justice salt makes food palatable enjoyable. So, good words make conversation palatable. In fact, it enhances the reputation of the person speaking.

Well, what are some words that season.

A person's vocabulary.

Give a gray sweater, salty words, only give you few as we wrap it up here let me give you some valuable words. In fact, the practice of them together and just be as practical as we possibly can.

The first word came about as a thought about this is the word please say that with police when you say please you are revealing humility in your treating the person, not as an object, but is a is a person with dignity not assemblies been placed on planet earth just to serve your need at the moment but it is giving to them the honor that they would have so I'm sure with children you teach them early. As we've taught ours to say please or we turn a deaf ears. If we didn't hear. Add to that word.

The words thank you say that with me.

Thank you rare words and maybe a long time since some of you husbands said thank you to your wife or the myriad of things she does for your home, and men. When's the last time you thanked her for dinner honey.

Thank you that was delicious.

If it wasn't. Thank you honey that was unforgettable so really unusual. I've said this before and I checked on my story a couple of months ago I asked the waitress was the worst day the week to work and she said it was still through Sunday. Sunday Sunday afternoon. The comments of the harshest and the tips are the smallest unit were done with church now you know Philip restaurants in imagine being a waiter or waitress thing in all matters of the church growth tragic it is to be the day when the tips are the best.

Amen. Stingy people go out there to big because I say thank you. Please treat them with dignity. Another set of words that will season life with grace. The words I appreciate you a great treasure words. I appreciate you probably remember if somebody's toting that just the splatter against your soul that you sort of comfort brings flavor to life.

Another sentence that could change your life, you'd say these words.

I'm sorry I was wrong. Those are even rarer words.

I'm sorry I was wrong. Look at the person next to just practice saying that I'm sorry I was wrong. If you're married look at yourself and said is worth saving. What if I'm what you find anything wrong. Well you will some of your explaining. You said more than I'm sorry I was wrong. This conversation now is going on an audit is in lots but but these things know I'm sorry I was wrong. There are no loopholes and those were. There isn't any excuse is no way out of this just full admission of the responding words to those words would be the words I forgive you yelling at a person on staff forgive you.

Perhaps no more powerful words in the human language than those there may be a relationship here. Perhaps a marriage that would instantly begin to heal of those words were spoken. I'm sorry I was wrong. I forgive you. Maybe to believers in conflict there would be healing. If those words would be said seasoned is your tongue professionals were supposed to know stuff like this say that the average person has around 700 opportunities to speak every day and the average person will speak some 12,000 sentences formed out of approximately 50,000 words slot salt 50,000 words every day.

That's the size of a small paperback in your library.

I wonder at the end of the day. How much of it would be worth writing down how much of it would be worth even repeating the margin of an unbeliever. Paul says is his throat.

His lips, his tongue, his mouth so he also implies on the flipside of this, of course, then the distinguishing authenticating characteristic of the believer is that distinctive, pure, wholesome and edifying kind use of the tongue that distinguishes who we are as opposed to those who do not believe Christ so I and with the same question. I began with. It's a question that others answer for you, but they wouldn't dare a beautiful theirs prayer. Someone wrote in the book have long forgotten the name of, but it goes like this.

The Lord filled my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudging what I've said enough everyone of us stand convicted sermon like this and every one of us ought to pray Lord filled my mouth with worthwhile stuff and then you spirit of God said enough to make that are prayer to God today fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudge me when I've said enough. This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi.

I'm Scott Wiley. Listen to this. Note that came in from one of our regular listeners. It was Dale my husband who was actually looking for a business podcast to try to hopefully start a small business but instead, God put wisdom from the heart into his ear buds after one sermon, he ran to me and said baby, you have to hear this. And ever since that night. We have listened studied and prayed for two years now, seven days a week for about 10 hours a night as we work. We are listening, and studying the lessons we've gone through from Stephen have changed our life we can't get enough of the Lord, all the teachings we've had in our lives don't even compare to the lessons we are learning now through Pastor David we've been taught so wrong for so long and were extremely excited and thankful to have you in our life less from Dale and Teresa, who live in raggedly Louisiana I want to thank you so much for taking the time to share that Stevens committed to teaching you. God's word is faithfully and accurately as possible were always glad to learn how God is using these lessons in the lives of people like you.

What's your wisdom story.

How is God using wisdom for the heart to encourage your walk with him. Please tell us you can send us an email if you address it to that's We also have a comment form on our website that you can use to send us a message. Our website is wisdom if you prefer sending a card or letter in the mail. Our address is wisdom for the hearts. PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627 it's wisdom for the hearts. PO Box 37297 Raleigh, NC 27627.

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So were always thankful for your financials. Join us tomorrow for our next lesson here on wisdom

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