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The Right Connection, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 18, 2021 8:00 am

The Right Connection, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 18, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based freezing of Dr. Don Wilton and a message on the right connection. Today we continue in John chapter 15 gaining insight to the Lord. Understanding how we can bear fruit when were connected to the right vine. That's coming up in just a moment.

You need to know where here for you 24 hours a day to talk the prayer listener connect with resources at this phone number 86689. The brave jotted it down the story in your cell 866-899-9673 will connect you with those of us happy to talk listener pray especially connect with resources find those resources on our website as well. TW daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don. You can sign up today. TW now Dr. Don Wilton as a minister of the gospel together with my fellow ministers on our stop. We spend a lot of time counseling, helping and supporting and encouraging people in varying different predicaments and circumstance.

What Jesus was saying to his disciples was simply this pasta when you counsel you need to major will focus on the fact that Jesus Christ is the right connection when you have anything to say in the pulpit. You need to focus on the fact that Jesus Christ is the right connection. What Jesus was saying to the apostle Paul is Paul when you preach. You need to major focus on Jesus Christ and him crucified what he was saying to Charles Haddon Spurgeon back there in the 17 1800s. He was thinking Charles Spurgeon every time you open the book you need to make a beeline for the cross because I am the true me connection. I the true vine number two. Note that the unsaved will be revealed and exposed. That is the second major thesis of John chapter 15 Jesus was making this type of book with me at verse then again at verse six, Jesus said he cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit in verse six he said if anyone does not remain me, he is like a bronze that is thrown away and withers.

Such branches are picked up and thrown into the fire and burned commentators that I have read on this particular issue have one thing in common. They all point to Judas Iscariot. This is the march down the road to Gethsemane. Yet Jesus was surrounded by men who call themselves disciples. And what Jesus was about to tell them is this that there is a counterfeit among you, and I'm going to demonstrate to you publicly and unapologetically that counterfeits the say will eventually be exposed and be revealed in Galatians, writing to the church at Galatia. The apostle Paul put it like this. He said the sins of the flesh are made manifest. They all made plain for everyone to see. He said listen, it is impossible to even look like a Christian and behave like a Christian and yet not to be connected to the Lord Jesus Christ and it is guaranteed that you will be really why because I'm the true vine. If you're not connected into the true vine, you have no substance.

Why, because God is the husbandman. He is the gardener. He is the man into his heart and soul of the roots of the Christian disciple and if we do not draw this sustenance directly from the heart and the soul of Almighty God, we do not have a relationship.

We will be comfortable and we will never bear fruit. Number one. Note that Jesus is the true vine note in the second place that the unsaved will be reviewed for fighting the third place that the say will be clean this say will be cleaning down the second part of verse two and verse three and then verse five. Listen to what the Bible says Jesus said, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be more fruitful then in verse three he says you already clean because of the word I have spoken to you in verse five I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit, for apart from me. He can do nothing. The unsaved, at least decided will be claims now that word for plans right there in verse two is the word for fire row in the Greek New Testament, it literally means to be made clear. It literally means to be made free from all obstacles. That's what it means. It literally means to present and hindered passageway and what Jesus was say he's saying that if you are not saved, you will be reviewed.

You will be exposed.

If you say you are going to be playing I'm going to work in your life. I am going to clear out the passages I'm going to clear out the clogged arteries I'm going to allow the blood to flow.

I believe Jesus was speaking about spiritual discipline. I believe that Jesus was say that any born-again believer must object him or herself to claim losing power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ will how does he do that that through what one is radical surgery. The other one is not so radical surgery. One is when he takes those little clippers and he cuts also just at the point we need to cut off in order to make us grow properly. Now my favorite flower is the road I'm not an expert on growing roses but I wish I were you need to go see Dr. Bob Parsons Rose. They all absolutely magnificent but I know something about growing roses at a certain time at a certain moment. You need to go and you need to prune that rosebush you need to cut back.

You need to do just a little tad bit of surgery on the all thing and what will happen is that by virtue of proving it in the right place. The result is a flower that will boggle the mind and that will knock your socks. It is something that is so special and Jesus is saying that for save people that what I do as God the father through the power of the Holy Spirit is I am continually in the business of trimming you back. Nothing order to cut you down or to assassinate you to trip you up, but I'm trimming you back in order to clear away all kinds of obstacles so that the blood can flow freely. Number four number four. We need to note that fruitfulness bears results fruitfulness bears results for major themes during chapter 15, number one.

Jesus is the true vine number two. The unsaved will be revealed and exposed.

Number three the saved will be cleansed. Number four. Fruitfulness always bears results now beloved friends this morning.

There are eight results here in God's word and dying team to give them to you. I hope you had your pains with you.

You might say to me, will foster what does this mean I have people from time to time come to me and say to me, foster, how can I really know if I'm saved, how can I know that I know that I know that I know that I know that I'm say Garrett is Jesus was giving his disciples. Eight. Results of spiritual fruitfulness. Jesus was saying there are eight ways in which you know that you are connected in the right place. They all number one you will glorify God you will glorify God, look at the site. This is to my father's glory, that you bear much fruit. Why, thereby showing your sales to be my disciples is not beautiful picture Jesus makes a direct connection between here. He is the fruit that we bear in relation to the validation of who we say that we all. And Jesus said that as a consequence of our fruit bearing. We bring glory to God please forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's message the right connection with Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment. I pray that you'll understand we are here not just during this broadcast of this podcast, but also 24 hours a day on our website.

T DW is a place you can find only today's program. If both audio and video programming that will help you grow in your faith that will help you into the Bible itself, God's Encouraging Word that's while you're there. Would love to have you follow Dr. Wilson on some of the social media or maybe sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email. It's a wonderful supercharged moment of application of God's word launches every morning about 6 o'clock in the morning email of sonically and you can sign it right now on our that's TW that back to the conclusion of today's message the right connection with Dr. Don Wilton's. I guess the question that I have to ask myself today. If I say that I'm a born-again believer. If I say that I have Jesus Christ living in my heart if I say that I've been washed and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

If I say that I've trusted him as my Lord and my Savior. If I say that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and is written my name in the Lamb's book of life go to office myself this question, do I glorify God with that which I am doing is my life.

A public and practical demonstration of the glory of God is the resultant impact of my life. The fact that God is being glorify always man being glorify number two you will grow in his love, you will grow in his love. Look at verses nine through 12.

Jesus said, as the father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love continued in my love. He was say and note the conditional sentence.

If you obey my Kaman you will continue remaining in my love for just as I have obeyed my father's Kaman and remain in his love. So it is I've told you this, that my joy may be in you and your joy will be complete. Why because my Kaman business love each other as I have loved you. There is no greater love than the demonstration with which I have loved you in laying down my life for you and in verse 17.

Therefore, this is my Kaman that you love one another. That's what happens. Jesus was saying these disciples, you have come to me because of my demonstration of love. I came to you because I had demonstrated low. That's what John 316 is all about God so loved the world God's love the Lord Jesus Christ love man's love. As a consequence of our connectedness.

Jesus is saying you can know that you are one of my disciples, if you love people. Now one of the joys that I experience here in our great churches. Just good old-fashioned say this is not something that we can't talk in our imagination. This is not something that we just talk about. This is not something that we manufacture.

This is not something that we deliberate upon the Bible says by this shall all men know that you are my disciples, you love one another. That's not open to discussion what Jesus was saying is you don't need a deacons meeting on this.

You don't need a preacher to get up and say it is the very fabric of our connectedness. It is part and parcel of the blood flow that we have close of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the results of our fruitfulness number one, we will glorify God. Number two, we will gurneys love number three. We will experience complete joy.

Now look at verse 11. I rated a moment ago.

I've told you this so that my joy may be in you, and so that your joy as result may be complete. Magnificent, isn't it amazing that Jesus Christ hands over to us. The completeness of his own joy and of these on grace. Beloved this morning. You and I know so well that there's a lot of unhappiness in the world. We don't understand what it is that would possess a person to become so angry that they would resort to such violent means to express the lack of joy in their lives.

There are people hurting all over the world today and what Jesus is saying is that one of the ways that you can know that you know that you know that your fruit bearing disciple is you experience the completeness of my joy. It's not a false joy. It's not a Colgate toothpaste kind of joy.

I see people like that from time to time, walk around and they smiled as matter what happens.

I got nothing against that. I know people I can drop a brick on the toe they got a smile. People just seem to worry me because I just smile I want to walk up and give them a little slack off for a while just to kind of bring them back down to earth, but that's okay I love people who smile all the time.

Please keep on smiling. You know there's some people in our congregation this morning who cannot smile because you have you lost a loved one being diagnosed with some illness. You lost your home you are in financial need. God is talking about the inexpressible joy that God gives to us.

You will glorify God you will grow in his love, you will experience complete joy before and I love this one.

You will recall God's friend. You will be called God's friend. Look at verse 14 and 15 you are my friends if you do what I Kaman I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my father I have made known to you. Can you believe that Jesus Christ has permitted us to be called his friend now on SKU this morning. What is a frame.

Do you think about your frames in the congregation. Think about your frames at home. You confide in them. They lift you up. I got talk with you.

You have fun with them. They even admonish you like, keep you on the straight and narrow, otherwise they wouldn't be friends. They do everything for you. You are the one that they want to be with most of all, Jesus says here you know what because you are a fruit bearing disciple. I want to be with you because you want to be with me. I want to stick with you. I want to talk with you and talk with you. I want to advise you and admonish you. I want to accompany you. I want to become amalgamated and infused in the fabric of your life because you all my frame number one you will glorify God. Number two, you will grow in his love number three you will experience complete joy. Number four. You will be called God's friend. Number five, you will bear fruit. That reminds what a wonderful picture in verse 16 Jesus said you did not choose me, but I chose you.

Jerry was talking about is absolute sovereignty. I believe that Jesus was reminding his disciples that no man can choose his own salvation. He was reminding his disciples that only God is the author and finisher of our salvation. He begins salvation. He continues salvation and he brings to fruition our salvation.

Salvation is born in the heartbeat of God is and because of his grace God has extended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ Jesus died for us. But as result of that in verse 16.

I want you to know that you are appointed to go and to bear fruit that remains. I look around our congregation this morning and I see so many people who had fruit that reminds there are so many products in our congregation of fruit that remains of lost thing fruit I think of the incredible impact of bolded discipleship training groups. I think of monster line I think of experiencing God.

I think of men and women and boys and girls in our church to our meeting in homes on Saturdays and Fridays, and Thursday nights studying the word of God. I think of those who are giving of themselves that time opening up their homes, giving of everything that they have and the Bible says my friend a major evidence of a fruit bearing disciple is the fruit next to my it is fruit from my, what a tremendous privilege.

What a privilege number six. We will know that our prayers will be on a six result about fruit bearing is that our prayers will be on said look again at verse 16. Then the father will give you what ever you are lost in mind, I now frames. There are many different groups today who jump all over the verses like that. There are prosperity religions out there that directly contradict the word of God, prosperity, religion basically means that if you give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You have got to become healthy, wealthy and wise because you cannot ask anything.

God's gonna give it to you like I Lord, how about $2000 today my dear very much I mean it's just a direct contradiction even to the gambling sickness that is gripping the world of the it's an easy way to just become rich. But the Bible says that's not what God's plan is all about.

You see, having our prayers sponsored according to what Jesus was saying is in direct proportion to our abiding in him. And because we are connected to him and we abiding him on that basis we become connected into the divine will of God is not a beautiful picture is a wonderful thing to know that as believers today.

We can say Lord Jesus, I know that you are in control of my life that you are chartering and mapping the course of my life according to your divine will. Number seven, it means that we will understand the behavior of the world. I don't have time to get the same right now but verses 18 through 27.

Jesus begins to talk about the fact that the world is going to turn against the disciples and Jesus said you will never understand the behavior of those outside of Christ. If you're not connected right then number eight. This is a powerful point listen to them again. What is the result of our fruitfulness about fruit. Number one, you will glorify God. Number two, you will grow in his love number three you will experience complete joy. Number four. You will be called God's frame number five you will bear fruit that remains number six, you will know that your prayers are always on some number seven you will understand the behavior of the world, but number eight you will be ready to respond to him afterward. Verse 27 is all about. You also must testify as I have testified because you belong to me. Are you ready to respond to him today.

That is the question. Are you ready to respond. Don't we all. When we hear God's word.

She will need to change something to make a response. Some of you need to change the very core of who you are in saying yes to Jesus no longer striving to be the boss of your own life, but saying yes to the Lord being Lord of your life. You've heard Dr. Wilton proclaimed God's truth from the pulpit. Now, as he comes in the studio. Open your heart, what is about to talk about next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know that you love me very, very much and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven today. I repent of my sin. I can face my sin to you, and I invite you to come into my heart to my life in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family of God.

This is wonderful. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very important: we can hope to connect to life ice you can begin this wonderful journey. And in just a moment I'm in a come back with the final if you just pray that prayer with Dr. Wilton. Moments ago to give your life to Jesus Christ. We dedicate your life to Jesus. Please know how excited we are more importantly, literally how excited the angels in heaven are rejoicing that you have made the decision to say yes to cheese. We exist to try to encourage you in that decision and so if you give us a call at 866899 word and tell us about it. Would love to put some resources in your hands it will help you. Our phone number again is 866-899-9673. Dr. Wilton has prepared specific packages for you if you gave your life to Christ.

We dedicate your life to Christ, absolutely free. The key once you have help you grow your faith were also Stanley to connect to the local Bible believing church. We feel like that is so important. We literally have thousands of churches around the world that we can help you connect to love on you and give you opportunities to grow in your faith there as well can give us a call at 8668866899673 or email us at He will you find right. Things like this, Jesus said you are the light of the world gives us so many opportunities to share the gospel. I believe today is our friend verse are so are the light of the world. Jesus brings there is more fierce spiritual fair going on like leaving experience we had better wake up America we encourage one another in times like speaking of encouragement life changing ministry to send you from a good friend of mine that supports Encouraging Word the loneliness finding meaning mixing the loneliness of resource to encourage people on how to discover continuing to get a copy for yourself as you go about your day to get very know how much the right time can change some call us at 866-8992 request for a gift of $50 for your prayers and continue to share the gospel lost souls from the darkness around our time is just before we get away closing thoughts of our pastor and chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton here I am again played, you know, one of the things I want to say you know we've got so many means that you can write to us email I should go to all the details directly in front of us. We all were a family together. We stay connected in so many ways and your life is very important to me and gone shows and I want to be on the train with you connect with the goal relationship, you'll grow your needs in mind. I'm walking in your shoes and I want to pray for. Please don't stop cornice rock keep trying keep giving keep connecting keep rejoicing, keep celebrating, keep striving.

God is on his throne. This is the Encouraging Word and now you know why this more to come to my Dr. Wilton talks about direct understanding of the church and so much more. That's tomorrow on the next edition of The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton. I hope you'll join us tomorrow

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