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Pastor in the US Senate?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 15, 2021 1:05 pm

Pastor in the US Senate?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 15, 2021 1:05 pm

Pastor in the US Senate?

Congressman Mark Walker for Senate (NC) served 6 years in the House of Representatives and now he is running for the U.S. Senate!


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home work even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble back to your back is that okay on the good news of the bad news is, here's the bad news, I'm stepping down nominally pastorate and here's the good news to be your Congressman or perhaps you're in your center during the great state of North Carolina. How would that role in your church. Would you be happy about that which not.

We were Carson Mark Walker turn the studio with me. We are at an event earlier today with our friends at the American renewal project.

This and calling out really challenging more pastors to do what you did Mark which was to kinda come out of the pastorate and get involved with the political round get out there in the public spirited slightly different way and like some people are seen earlier today. If your pastor you're involved in politics, you may not know it but you are because the pulpit and the calling in your life.

But it's great to have you here have a lot to talk about and going from being a member of the house to try to be a member of the U.S. Senate. That's a big leap. Some would say but that that's calling on your life and it's just great to have your thanks for being at heart, Steve.

I am doing great.

It's a joy to be with you. Thank you for all the work you do when it comes to communicating some of these values obviously to the biblical lands in the biblical filter. Yes, I still remember making that decision coming to terms with it was at peace about it when I left the business world to do something I swore it would never do. And that's follow my father's footsteps as a as a pastor, justice, justice, peace about stepping away from ministry to move into the political arena and the guy was gracious to open up some doors. What what kind of mood you what what what was the Lord doing in your life that you look up from the pulpit one day and in consider Washington DC what it first. I thought just how can I get involved locally. How can I get out there and make sure that were doing all we can. I think as citizens we are called to be able to be engaged and to be informed even more so than maybe what we been in the past so I thought I remember specifically when we lost an election 2012. I literally walked out of the television area were I was watching walked down the hallway and I told my wife I'm running for the United States Congress.

She's a ER trauma level one nurse I want to you verbatim what she thought back. She's been great. But that is that's been part of the journey and we just try to be obedient to move forward and in God's been just incredible is for some opportunities not just when we ran but even arriving in the U.S. Congress you think a political life is going to be like before you got there and then take us in the world of being there. We have a mutual friend Mike Johnson who serves in Congress from Louisiana I have other friends that have made it into Congress, Sue Myrick, Dan Forrest of the previous Lieut. Gov. I had her on the show right after she retired in 18 years. And yes, Congress, and I had on the short answer.

What is it like now versus what it was like when you first got there and she said when I first got to Congress I started a women's Bible study and we invited all the women in the house and we had women from both sides of the aisle coming and we would just set aside our differences and get into the word which is awesome. Another time she left. You don't even bother the vitriol of Soviet division was and is and is only get worse because of the event of how important social issue should be to believers, but specifically to the heart of your question. One of the things are earned inadvertently discovered is that what's on my way to Congress.

I used to think that the corruption started after you get there and it does. But what I realized so much of it happens on your way there people large in special-interest group. They don't come up and offer six figures unless they want something in return or so, since nobody asked me to where nobody knew of me.

I I want to get through three different elections about a six month period time I show up in Washington DC he would have it I get here. Been there, we can. My Chief of Staff brings you the article. Even the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post that had led me listed as the least wealthy member of the hundred 14 class what you think these guys did a good research that was both a patch for 16 years. What you expect. But here's what here's whatever discovered the first 60 to 90 days you define who you are and what kind of member you going to be because they come at you with everything if you can last and hold your values and hold your principles us for 60 to 90 days.

You can survive actually do something be effective but if it's only based in political beliefs, you move with the way up if it's if it's based in your faith. That's what gives you the foundation to be able to weather that can applicable store yet and when you get in there. I would imagine we fully expected that you're going get some flack and pressure in all kinds of stuff from the left, but I would imagine there some challenges within your own party. You can all have in our next your name. The weather were talking to people in the faith are out of the faith is to be some variance there.

I think the bigger challenges are the ones that come from inside the camp.

Just as as a believer when you're in Ephesians 6 talks about taking on the fiery darts of the devil. Your counter frontward faced your your center of gravity. It's those blind shots that sometimes can take you off your feet, and that's what you don't expect some time is when the establishment shows up to listen, you need to be a team player, you need to do this you need to do that when you know it goes against the principles are the best interest of the wishes of the people that sent you there to begin with the sometimes a mirror one night on the house floor had a special order had Jim Jordan McBain is from the guys come down speak on it. It was colonized with hashtag moving Mitch. Mitch McConnell did think it was that funny, but we were trying to set a point when we had the majority in both houses, that this was the time to get something done yeah and so how did your faith then inform your role as a member will first of all I had to.

I remember this and in this court ever were called to serve. We don't have an exemption from being a light for Jesus Christ. Even in the political arena where the euro you feel like sometimes your gladiator and you gotta kill this progressive line in a way that Christ can still be hundreds it's it's apparent it's a paradox in some ways, but I think if you stay close to the Lord and we genuinely walk with the Lord best you can and I'm not send them perfect by any means God gives the guidance to be able to navigate even in this arena where people can still see you as someone who is a Christ follower. Even when you gotta stand up and be strong on some of these decisions guys write what we were talking about this before we went on the air as is how you act not not just the content of what you say but how you say how you treat people you're talking about relationships, which is so important in as you look up at Congress again your primary role when your believer is your ambassador your ambassador before your Congressman and your master 24 seven severe ambassador to France.

That's just not meant Monday to Friday you go out and party like a rockstar on Saturday you got a problem because of representing what your job is but were you surprised or disappointed in the faith environment up in DC because I think most of us looking from the outside and would assume there's very few people like you, Mark. The reality is maybe a little bit will you yes and no. And I think this is such a good point that year that you're waiting into here. Let's be frank about. There's a lot of nominal Christianity within the Republican Party. Yeah, sometimes so much the application just checked the box yet. It's kinda like the pro-life thing and course for the pro-life party okay we shall hear from my faith by what you say is judging by what you do what I can come from Mark Walkerton to be a US Sen. This is the noblest you know Michelle will be right back. You know my name is Mark Walker Walker for the Walker Fortin on the house hopefully went with God blessing and grace to the U.S. Senate. It's great to have you in the studio today.

Let's make sure this is the only thing we do this, only some urologist.

Make sure you let me know how to stay thanks the opportunity very welcome. It's great to have you here. Great to have you in Congress and in six years. We went up there. What did you think was going to happen. What I know for sure not having any kind of background in politics running as an outsider you you're not for sure but we hit the ground running.

I think the background of being a pastor there's a certain experience that you get dealing with people from all walks of life that really makes a strong transition into the political arena and that's why I think the other pastors other faith leaders people involved in ministry should be encouraged to run because you're not just sit at a T sometimes with reality and I along with John Rector consider Tim Scott used to go to lunch but once our dog dinner but once a week in DC and sometimes I would start with a what you are not an attorney and he was a quick Dragon you need to people. I think from different backgrounds, specifically in the ministry are you actually go up well before in the right of asking about the spiritual climate and I think most of us on the outside looking in. As soon as dry. That's all the bones there are dry, none of them are going to rattle in and so that's just deal. But what was your experience.

Six. Here's here's what I found out as we were talking going into the there's certainly in the Republican Party. It's almost the application process to run for office born again Christian yet but that but I will tell you I was privileged to be the cochairmen was Sen. James Langford of the prayer Caucus and every Monday evening we would fly and you get in about Monday afternoon first votes in DC are usually about 6:30 PM in then you would have about a 3035 but break. There were 15 to 20 members.

Men and women Republicans.

There was one Democrat that would sneak in from time to time they primary him out in the Penske he's gone. He was a pro-life guy so they want to get rid of him and that very sad situation but we would gather together and pray for God's got its prey, and these guys were faith and our faith warriors and it was just so refreshing that you would be even in the halls of Washington DC right in the capital that you would be able to surround them and build relationships with 1520 members who really lived out their faith. Yet, which is so encouraging to know that there there, but the reality is that the sad reality that teen or 16 or 2465 in is there is there concern for members of Congress either in the house of the Senate that if they if they get it they get outed too much as a born-again Christian. That's good to be a problem. Yes it is. Some of them feel that way. Obviously the one member that came in actually, which not even the back to see the movie unplanned overt heritage. One point because they would immediately. In fact, that the three Democrats that voted that a baby should actually be allowed to live. All three were primary to were taken out only German from San Antonio survived it. So that's there's a price dependent credit side, but there's also some of the guys in the Republican side. Like I don't get branded and will be one-dimensional and be wanly, but historically our founding fathers did not have a problem declaring the bonus in in the faith all through our founding documents alter the Scripture. That's a great threat.

Washington DC. Jesus made it pretty obvious if you deny me before men of the night. My father never acknowledged me the technology so God always rewards faithfulness.

I think he does and I think that's the challenge. Whatever whatever place or laying that God calls us is certainly to keep that witness to keep that light be successful. Be strong. Be firm. Be bold but but it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice either your witness or your light. Either you write well, let's talk about your voting record.

I thought I saw this piece earlier today, which is really helpful as we look at other people that were out there that we know to be very conservative people, whether talking the tankers Marco Rubio Tom cotton Josh – Holly Rick Scott bends that people like that likely and then then there's this guy Mark Walker who is your eight to me you come across as a gentle soul, yet your voting record compared to tromping in your voting record compared all these pretty well-known conservatives you're actually voting more conservative.

Now, what with it yet that we were surprised on this information came out from project 538. Tell him we saw that data would list me the number one Pro trunk conservative if you will, in the Senate. Pebbly been serving there. I make no bones about it.

If you look at the American conservative Union heritage all the different scorecards were always taught one or 2% but but got begin to work my heart when I first arrived in Congress that it's not just about preaching to the choir is not it's not just always being the most obnoxious obnoxious person in the room had you take that message of individual liberty and hope and prosperity, and opportunity.

If we really believe that, should we want to take that to new places to new communities and and that's where there's a Evangelical parallel there to have it. How do you get out there in make sure people who've been oppressed by this liberal orthodoxy. This ideology how you break through that and let these people share in this great experiment called America yet is a great point and we talk about aggressive ideology. I will have a promising pessimism in that type of liberalism is actually at its core evil because so much about. It is in no question and yes do we need to do anything, acknowledge that more nonobvious and I can expect garden-variety conservative to do that but conservative.

That's also believer, I think we get afraid to bring spiritual language into it because it's good to be offensive to some people but it is a reality Steve, this is Ephesians 618. What were not wrestling against Republicans and Democrats were representing this darkness in high places and in this is spiritual warfare in it. If there's a reason that every listener that you have should be engaged should be informed should be involved is because of exactly the battle that's facing not just for our time, but the liberties that are eroding for children and four grandchildren.

It's gonna take all of us that's exactly right. Well, your mentioning children and grandchildren is a word we don't use very much anymore, but that was central to what our founding fathers was doing what were doing, which is posterity and prosperity. By the way, all of the tools I said posterity, which is the people guy said that Mark Walker which of the people coming behind as you mentioned, children and grandchildren. When I start showing my students. My high school students the state in the nation that what's happening there. What's happening around the world and asked that question Mr. Noble what what can we do to fix it. I don't have a great answer and I don't listen I want to be with the Lord. By the time all this really comes crashing down here but you guys probably will and that's it that's it that's it. Huge moral topic.

I don't think we talk about our financial condition as a nation moral terms.

We need to act. I was privileged to be the last member of the house that was able to get a balanced budget amendment to the floor. Like all other 50 states of the 50 states have to do so Congress doesn't have to write it in the only place where I don't have 100% voting record with the this past administration is. I voted against the youngest I would get the spin bills because if you do the math. This build this horrendous piece of legislation that passed the gay 1400 are checked. Everybody's actually can cost you 4500% that only make sense in Washington math that's right Washington map and people that own and operate casino in the house always wins some reason to pay that loss.

And it's good to be our kids how you can break in about a minute, but the highs and lows of your six years in Congress.

You have an exemplary voting record with some of the highs is a member of Congress but also some of the lows and I also want to ask you as as an evangelical and a conservative how you dealt with somebody like Donald Trump because there were a lot of Christians that ran for the hills because they couldn't deal with the realities of his administration, his accomplishments, the things that he actually did versus sometimes who he was highly between how we treat people, how did you kinda deal with that because I like is that a lot of Christians can rent what you talk about highs and lows of how we dealt with that probably get into some of the stories I got a really good story of insight. Maybe one night to the White House the government speaks to that you want to do that and then when I talk about your definition of conservatism. Talk about something central to your campaign with Dr. Congressman Mark Walker running for North Carolina U.S. Senate. The big fish Walker for that's number 414 will be right there Walker with the North Carolina tomorrow what you tomorrow you'll find out shortly before the show starts Wednesday I'll be in the office with the n-gram lots will be over at her ministry so excited to sign with her. Chad Harvey who you know this that Harvey will be back in the floor theology Thursday this week, which will be great. We have a lot of fun.

He is a bold guy he is and you need some guys like that you get a guy like that. We need more more guys like that and that's where grateful for all all of your service, not just in the pastorate market in Congress and Senate is yet a couple stories you want to share. These are great because most of us just to watch all the stuff from the outside in, but with my pants and then as well is with the present trumpet. Let's start with pants again.

Sure, I had been became the first member to ever run for chairman of the largest caucus in Congress. The conservative Republican study committee. I just felt like it was something that to our background experience, we get elected. This is a same term that the president to trumpet vice president pants get elected as well. So, two months into their administration. I reach I called vice president and said Mr. VP, I got an idea.

What is an asset. I get everybody in the room, all the Republicans that can make decisions on Obama care. The ACA we been promising.

We would repeal it.

For years I've been here two years you been here two months want you work with me, let's get this done. He said Mark you get a deal so we got about 40 people in their everybody for the freedom caucus to RSC to the committee chairs and it took us about 2 to 3 weeks, but we built a blueprint, so our 1 late one Thursday evening I got a call from the White House and they said this is done let's do this. They say can you be in the Oval Office tomorrow bring in a ring or 12 guys your for some reason than the last two years of the Obama administration. I had never received an invite.

Now I have a lot so we got over there about 9 o'clock the next morning a come walking into the Oval Office first time ever and am trying not to look at everything and vice president their agreements.

Thank you for all the work you did is we want you seated neck right next president. 30 seconds later, the presence coming in on what focus, focus. You talk about what you're here for. So there's a great picture of the present are shaking hands explores literally repealing Obama care in defunding Planned Parenthood in one piece of legislation that was part of the reconciliation process that get into the weeds.

It was it was just a moment of saying you know what, we made a promise to the American people, and today we get delivery on it yet article is very cool and and taking tens of millions of dollars at a Planned Parenthood pocket still was a big move. I wish we could've defunded them all half a billion.

But we had seen anybody touch their money ever know, and all how do we not unconscionable that year after year and in term after term were still funding them when we have control what even expanding on this well with the rid the reduction of the the Mexico policy for Mike and Joe Biden that a second office is now not just here in this country but your taxpayers dollars now going internationally to fund specifically meets Third World countries and the Hyde amendment. Essentially, they're just ignoring it. Yes, you keep spending American tax dollars correct on on abortion is just horrendous. What about what… From themselves will talk about. Then I had a chance share the gospel is awesome. I talked a lot of different people that have a lot of different opinions about the state of our 45th president, soul, and I can't make that call no man can, but how did Jesus deal with the fact that Donald Trump Donald Trump is a lot of Christians really struggled with let's let's start from the beginning. This is the real estate tycoon in New York, Playboy, real estate, to me that's this really is the end aunt and a lot of people and I agree you needed something different in Washington DC to shake things up. That wasn't part of us want the didn't kiss the brass ring but to take the leak that this guy is you know of out there evangelical equal.

We are is not the case.

I think if you take an honest approach. It best helps you understand specifically a member getting a call one night inviting your for dinner about six or seven members were there that have some kind of ministry background.

It was the day before national prayer.

So I'm sitting about therefore 5 feet for the president and director his left and he's talking about this conversation that he had with the Pope and the concern about the rise of fundamental Islamist behavior throughout Europe and I finally understood Mr. Pres., because the mark with a New York accent and I said we see that's the difference between Christianity and all other world religions is what is that exit will with all other world religions. It requires you to do something, but in Christianity. It's what we call the atonement and for about 20 minutes.

A car broke down as far as the blood of Christ and how it cleanses us and and that's our hope in and that I would never forget the way he looked at me. It was it was like he was trying to intellectually understand how this was a transaction you so was just in the Roman on a couple hours later I remember walking at the White House thinking that night meant I'm just a small-town preacher's kid that just got to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the president and that's probably one the moments that stand out to me.

My time and I think he's probably been one of the most evangelized people in America last five years.

There's no question in the fact that he came with a blank slate and entrusted these evangelicals to come in and lead on things like pro-life legal religious liberty. But he's the only guy to tryst down the United Nations on their infringements on religious liberty and he deserves to be applauded for Jackie right yet so that was the you know what he is, by the way, before you pick up a stone throw it at the present time. I want to spend some time in front of the mirror because there is none righteous, no not one that includes us that are in the family of faith.

And so I think I can separate the man some of his tendencies and for the things that he said and done, from what is done is presented. States administration because you're always dealing with that everybody can expect to be talking to president from Congressman Mark Walker Steve Noble everybody is an expense is correct and we have to apply weights and measures equally and don't let politics get in the way that I had a friend texted me because I think it was Shockley said okay get a $1400 check what is actually gonna cost you 4500 bucks this can explain that income is simple terms, because I know we can get down to the weeds and I have a tendency to do that but I think that's probably shocking to people. The regular this is a normal way of this is common core math in DC were what it is and and and I think Republicans need to be talking about. This is not the sexiest topic if I can go there.

But here's the thing without getting in the weeds will give you one point the top 50% wage earners pay 97% of all federal taxes that's that's that's why you have $1400 going to people that weren't even impacted by covert as well. Only 9% of this bill went to Kobe relief the rest of it went to what the vice president's alma mater are different construction projects and in Chuck Schumer's world so this was you talk about pork. This was just absolutely pathetic. I hope enough American people get upset enough about this continue to put up with yet so you look at 1400, but the way they spent all the money yeah it's ridiculous because there was an end and liberals tend always overplayed her hand her over to DC there overplayed their hand in the culture there overplayed culture. The question is will we get involved enough to actually bring it back in the other direction. We put a little video on your Facebook page Walker for Senate that had Reagan's words about morning. What do the nine dangerous words that have come from the government here to help you help and then you had all these clips the same hey we are here to help a will help us, from all these different democratic political leaders how you look back at what happened on January a very sadly I mean anytime that you see an institution like like ours that's being attacked in the way that was what it was skewing on people or anybody else if it makes me very sad. That's one of the things that a separated America.

We've we've we've debated intellectually weak.

We've we've we are founding father set up a place we didn't have to worry about the stopover people showing up at your front door. You were few had you had a First Amendment you had a second member of the under assault yes but that's not how ultimately how the way that we settle things in this country. What were you shocked that it happened.

You were there I would. I was not on the Property but I will. I was shocked and I think it you had a few agitators and I think a lot of people who never intended to be in that position actually downloaded it was, it was not good and we shouldn't. That's not weak we lead by a better example. That's a great point. What we need or concern. It was they were conservatives honey defined will give us gracious everybody puts that on their logo or brand. These days I I I think that your willingness to stand up and speak boldly on life, the sanctity of life all stages. I think being able to engage on religious Libby but doing more Steve than just talking about any anybody can talk about it. But what of the action steps what you doing to be able to stand up and fight for some these values while at the same time taking those values and taken to places and communities that simply may have not heard but because of political oppression fell after what I think that is something that we we ran for our us each year. We called effective conservatism. You can be as conservative you want to one nobody's follow me.

You nobody's listening to you how effective are you in the day.

That's great point and and and to bring people over to a conservative understanding it helps to remember and they teach us messages all the time that that most people actually live conservative lives as an individual and the family as a business owner because if you don't live a conservative life, you're going under. It will bail you out will help ensure a well Nancy Pelosi might want to write up but not you.

You make a good point and that is the challenge that we have to be able to take a message of of this individualism to places that have been oppressed by either the education they pad by my left by radical politicians that say trust me and let me have control. I think that's the challenge for 21st-century conservatism.

We no longer have the luxury of simply preaching to the choir. Is it harder to do.

Yes, but we must build the conduit of trust and relationships to take that message because we believe and hope for them as well. That's right. If every person you know is a conservative you're not doing it right yet to be able to invest in other people that might be difficult to be around. But we have to be championing the cause other people to younger people, especially not about the primary election. Some of the other main points.

Walker is campaigning on Walker for is the website for the normal will be with you all day and remember what Helen Doherty over paper elections as well be praying for those in authority over us with this and I and I had to learn this the hard way because when Barack Obama was the president states.

II was not submitting myself to the clear authority of Scripture on that one.

So in my family and my kids present in its days of the punchline. And so when I finally got convicted thanks to a good friend of mine Jim Young historic capital commission they do gospel teaching on state capitals then hey Steve, it's actually in the Scriptures that were to pray for those in authority over us and and whether you voted for, not what you like and not what you whatever you think about Joe Biden. You're called to pray for those in authority over us and so I had to retrain my kids that the president or anybody else was somebody that we needed. Pray for and you could pray for somebody like Michael Mark Walker. I would imagine Congressman Walker that while you were serving for six years now running for the U.S. Senate. I don't think prayer can probably be underestimated. Anyway, I can look you in the eye and I can tell you there are times where I could literally feel people praying for us. Tough decisions at times and the other aspect of that is, there were times when you get back on that plane on Friday and you were depleted emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually and just coming back home and sensing the people's prayers is something I've always church and hope to do so. The futures will how can we humbly pray for you since were on and how can we pray for you and the primary concern the general election, but hopefully pray for. I just think the path ahead to make sure that we are walking with the Lord.

We have a discerning spirit and and there's part of it that's also protection on top. My family were looking at potentially $200 million spin against us to attack us and we're just bring that no weapon formed against us can prosper primary versus general here.

The primary that that probably not a fun process. You're fighting people in your own party. What that's what second look like when you're spending what he thinks will or four months into this and and no major announcements yet so were just going to keep in your nose to grindstone another stuff you out there that are maybe waiting for this person or that person but if I can just be transparent here. Here's how I would address that either you believe in your heart you're supposed to do this or you don't regret what when I got in the first time I had to run against the Republicans are the most powerful family and working on politics but but not from Eric at standpoint I just believe when you're called or led to do something you don't weigh the consequences are. You say Lord. This is for you going I'm going so primary work to do what we have to do to win. And then the general election. I know there's three candidates and have announced one raise $500,000 of state Sen. Jackson there very hard progressive guidance of serving now the state Senate for the vote against the bar a lot of minutes. So he makes no qualms about about who he is or what he is really taking on and if you look at his six years in state Senate versus messages in the house.

I think have a strong record to it to take your business specifically in a purple state that someone that is a staunch conservative, but also has had the opportunity to build bridges and to make sure that as we talked about taking that message to new places in the community check is one thing has been sort fun. It's been fun for me to watch you mention this earlier when you're talking up there. Watch your relationship build with the African-American community, which bug free product 90 to 93% Democrat. Yes, Lord, but when you can build a relationship you might exit begin to see that ended with present trip. Of course, results matter just to do this and a lot of people start a lot of African Americans the whole black that movement people starting to come to come out of that we didn't really know that really thought about it, you raised a certain way.

We are most of my students. I see how many of you have the same political views right now is your parents and is usually 90+ percent right is just happening in American but speak to that in one week. We've been blessed less pole that we did were 25 to 30% approval rating in the minority community. If we don't do it just because it's politically the right thing to do. Steve would do it because it's the right thing to do for for these wonderful people is to be able to share this message of individual hope and opportunity and that's something that were committed to.

In fact, last year we were the only Republican in the U.S. House to win the United Negro College foundation Presidents award.

We get invited to give a commencement speech at one of our fine each historic but college universities.

That doesn't mean I have to dumb down yet what I believe but but I have some opportunity that can't be scorched earth all the time we have to cultivate the soil. We don't have the majority in North Carolina will have the majority may be in in this country, so let's be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. As far as how we take that message of hope to different places that you have to invest in that relationship has any real change overnight and has to be real has to be authentic in and they know, like winning that awarded being asked to come to the commencement address at historically black college and university that they know your prayer resident. The guys 97.1% on the US senators trump score more than Craig Scott and Holly's ass all these guys is all okay that I would guess the regular metric the regular political metric and say there's no way this guy when it makes no sense on paper. But when you go into the communities. These universities and you begin to talk about Psalms 139 that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God knew you when you and your mother's womb, which means he has a specific plan and purpose for your life.

Don't let this leftist ideology federal government put a ceiling because what's more discriminating than that and say well without me. This is your ceiling arthritis to how God created us.

No, not at all. So what would you say are some of the most important points in your can run on both the primary why I think obviously if you look at my records for being staunch when it comes to life and people just assume that but I think it's important talk about the life at all stages.

The religious liberty as I'm a strong defense guy I know what John is doing last two years I was the ranking member intelligence at Henry here. I know my goodness, frightening it was just watching the videos of some the clips were there's either religious persecution or some of the things that China is intentionally doing what is attacking her grid 15 to 20,000 times a day, so that those are things that, but maybe not at the top of everybody's mindset, but what China's intention of taking over the superpowered look we been able to evangelize the world because we were superpower with the most philanthropic country in the world because of our founding crystals and that's that's something that we want to continue on.

But it's not just what we believe is the skill set I hope or the experience of how we take what we believe and how we get it all the different committees will represent one of the things that it is a big issue here North Carolina. I'm appreciative of people that are engaging in this and talking about the public school system indoctrination particularly critical race theory we are we segregating the country. We are yeah I did the civil rights movement. What was and had some great leaders there that when it came to talk about the fact that people of minority communities could use the same water fountain the same restroom we come a long way. That's the great thing about America. We never stopped. We do we keep getting it right. But what we've seen is the shift of this victimhood actually does more damage to people deliberate people and I think it's very scary thoughts very scary and is being taught right on the kindergarten level until the 19 the president's speech the other night, the 24 minutes of that one is telling me what I'm allowed to do on Fourth of July my own home, which by the way, I said we are going to have a party for the July and actually just confirm that were having a family reunion. This can be more than three people present, but he said it over and over when everybody gets back when everybody gets vaccinated how we approach that how do you approach that because I think a mandatory vaccination is un-American. Three yes II think ultimately that is your call. Now what the left will do individual there, yes that they're going to try to make this a sticking point when it comes to your liberty, your individual liberty and I can see it now, legislation being crafted that if you don't have a vaccine in your preventative and going here or grocery store, you name it is just another way, because it in the day for the left. It's about control, which means more dependence from you on me as a federal government exactly right yet so the next thing would be a similar to yellow Star patch on your shoulder meltdowns greatly.

Listen, there's a lot of things my dad used to preach about that I thought were crazy and that's exactly right. You want to mention something about calling me about in terms of what is our calling as Christians, primarily Christian conservative Christian who by God's grace happens to the United States of America what they're calling Mark as citizens of two kingdoms. I think the best way to answer that is look at Jesus's model right is is that he had. He did not mince words when he called out the religious which were the political leaders of the day brood of vipers. I made righteous indignation and I think we can follow that example by those doing harm to this country by reducing religious liberty. We have the authority to go out and pointer finger and say you're wrong.

This is why you're wrong. At the same time were also called the second greatest commandment of to all the commitments wrapped up into that was to love your neighbor as yourself. Now you can't do love your neighbor if you go out there and you get there face until and they stink all the time right but but by doing so by building that relationship. We as believers and as Americans we can be multidimensional, we can call out those who are doing harm. But we can also love our neighbor elicit our speech when it comes to our fellow man should be with grace. Season with salt.

That's hard to do some time in a partisan world but as I said earlier how we started the show God's not delete this anywhere that were exempt from being like Jesus Christ is right and that's first and foremost, there's when a seven monitor in here in the other studio, one of that I have for posted notes on their one of them had the word when someone went down love that word. He tried to teach his word. It took me to get it but that's really realizing Jesus, full of grace and truth. John 114 and it's both. You don't compromise at all. But if you're all truth and no graces was an attempt elixir, you tend to be a bully, but the opposite can be true. You can be all grace and no truth in your coward. You can compromise the place that you can't get nothing done. So we look at this way something that I've asked my staff for six years. Is it about making an argument only or is it about also making a difference and I think those merge every now and then when you stand up and you have to be a warrior and that's what we say be a conservative warrior but also be a bridge builders will that's right, especially if you name the name of Jesus. Ultimately, my witness for the gospel is more important than my political efficiency or effectiveness, and in politics will pass away. This country will pass away. Souls want this correct but we still have the obligation to stand up for those of gone before us who pay the ultimate price for founding fathers of this generation.

Great point Mark think so much for being Eric's open invitation regular comeback loved thing and will will be praying for you and supporting you any way that we can converse with Mark Walker Walker 14 is the website primary maybe coming up in the general election. Men and women happy here today. God bless you will be back tomorrow. Like I said I sometime between now and tomorrow will figure that out yet. Ingram lots on Wednesday that Thursday is noble and noble so gobbling up talking and always is performed. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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