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Dr. Brown Talks with Gen Z

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 15, 2021 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Talks with Gen Z

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 15, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/15/21.

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About to have a conversation with Jen Z stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, this is Michael Brown and we have an absolutely unique broadcast. Today is it's not just because of the two young men with the means ends it will gins the millennial, borderline not just because of the two young men in the studio with me, but because these are the two young men who run our studio who produce all of our videos and art daily radio broadcast so the kind of multitasking today, but we got things set up that they are in two places at once, almost literally so we we talk constantly behind the scenes issues come up. We have our discussions, they get their opinions and really bounce things off each other get perspective from different generations. So I think you do find this really interesting. I will be taking phone calls responding to posts on social media so we can just give all the time. To my two guests, so Kai Bittner and Chris Murray that welcome to modifier on the ground in a dark room. There is you get to hear your voice. I love the moment you been waiting for your ties. Okay, so Kai how old are you I am 2222 so you're technically chancy yes RNs and so what like the borderlines for emergency.

I think what is it 1996. Is it rain as I think it's a 1996, 1998 I was born in 9890 okay and and your newly married correctness RNs a lot of generation 00 millennial's, it would wait for a while will see the tenses with generations ears are a Chris that your borderline Jensen went to hell you Chris. I'm 24, 24 I sets skin old Manis Eskimos pushing it. Let's push them at act actually tomorrow turn 66 so you guys it double your agent has another one of you gets about me that we both raised in Christian homes. This audit all right and from from your perspective because your thinking young men you are not just on the one hand, look at the world's perspective, then you not just like stuck in a monastery looking at church perspective. Kai will start with you. How do you think your generation sees things differently in terms of worldview called the Bible Christianity all that was once fundamental ways that that your generation sees things differently than older generations.

While it is really interesting. I do see a divide. Even within my own generation to where there are those of us were real. It raises more of the conservative Christian background acrylic there a lot of us more than even the kids that are going up passes and more than even millennial's work as our parents, at least my parents were one is Gen X and one is just on the border of Gen X and baby boomer so there's those of us who see the world from a very conservative religious Christian standpoint, where we value the Bible we were raised in church and then I feel I got a lot of us that were raised by more of the older end of millennial's, even some of the younger and Jen asked, they are more of the type of generation is in raised in public schools with a lot of the perspective of being evolutionist, trusting, trusting in science and those kind of things. It is interesting because as far as our generation goes, we mean crispy on the border of Jen Z and millennial's we were raised in a time where we got the the Internet on a widely accessible scale around probably at the ages of maybe 10 to 12 were we were finally able to use iPods I can get on the Internet and even might. My PlayStation portable, which is a game system to get on the Internet.

It wasn't just for playing games. It was an Internet accessible device so we see the world. A lot of the times through the lens we grew up with, you know, one of those two dualities of either Christian conservative or more. The science standpoint, whatever you want to call it, but that Is been bridged with the Internet where anyone can contact anyone else and we could be exposed to any set of ideas at any time, but I feel like everyone no matter what our beliefs and back on how to sees everything through infinite accessibility.

Infinite knowledge with the Internet audit it's it's a different world. I have my first personal computer in 1985. So that was that those ahead of the curve. Terms of one of the really wants to get it and didn't even have a hard drive in it.

You can imagine, but of knowing that I'm in. When Internet for you have said here about the Internet six with dangerous, bad stuff in the Internet and the first on the emails would come and you get the early days you would subscribe like six hours of Internet time a month's is some crazy thing like that because your emails within that time, it could take hours to send and receive it. I was a totally different world now but when I got saved when I was in a secular college. The atmosphere was was completely hostile to my faith. I knew other believers in campus but it was a secular environment for sure, but things have gotten much more intense in that direction not know Chris about oil. All three of us or our drummers and we will sometimes sit and go take a break between shows or something a look at some music video and analyze. Of course, these guys are analyzing about a thousand times better than I mostly just really good and they know exactly what's happening but but anyway Chris you recently graduated from from college as as a music major that what was the atmosphere like in college how our people like me older generation Bible believing followers of Jesus, how people like us viewed in your circles in college will start with if you had a stereotype about that were in college and if you watch TV or movies that would display the college lifestyle.

I would say it's pretty much fitting ally or a lot of kids will say college is not like that or anything, but when you walk around campus and truly get to experience and see everything stereotype that deftly fits.

And like I was saying we are raised in Christian conservative background and I would say everybody I went to school with up until high school had that kind of premise and belief, but it was around that point I was getting into the 15, 16, and then on that I student started seeing a more secular view to everything God was starting to leave the picture of a lot of lot of individuals and so on campus at yeah it was hard to find Christian individuals and you'd find many that would say there believers stuff but the Lodge… I didn't been out of just because there's just their young immaturity, so to speak, but it was beginning college I was in college for five and half years. Even through college. I saw a get completely more progressive in different ways, and God was definitely the picture I took even within your time on campus, so it will not timeout my time in college 73 to 77 grad school, 77 to 85, but it in her recent period of time in 05, six years before this that you actually saw a shift on the campus. I would definitely say so and actually with all the walkways just when the more the more these political things are going on in just all these activist rights kind of movement started picking, peeking that I've seen big shifts there but yeah just I remember just be having friends that would say there believers, then an interest no longer my friends anymore just acquaintances because they were just shifting lifestyles and I am seeing in my eyes and one last thing Chris so your your of Hispanic background.

I am and with with things happening with with racial tension in America, there was critical race theory in an intersection alley another things like that. What were you actually seeing a shift in terms of mentality on campus or if you had been white to be looked at differently. What was anything perceptible during the classes. The curricula these things coming up will we, individually, I was never treated any differently and that's why have a hard time trying grab these people using visual mentalities, but I did see on campus. Over the years how minorities just thought it would actually speak like was nothing that they were treated differently Weatherby by teachers other students just interactions. Wherever was I would say that minority started saying that there were treated less than others conic audit so there is awareness summary for good. Of course there was mistreatment or discrimination or unequal treatment in others it becomes exaggerated where just guilty for being white so sky you you grew up in a church home believing family strong believing family you been a believer but see your whole life. Your thinking person.

What would you say has been the greatest challenge to your face be because you you look at things widely we have endless conversations about vaccines and things like that because I see a resident go to person about pricing related questions and conspiracies but what you say is been the single greatest thing that you had to work through sink through to say hey I I believe that's gonna close my mind off on the I'm not sure my mantra objections.

But here's a serious thing to wrestle through what what may be the biggest thing you work through this for well it's a really interesting question for me it it's kind of a funny thing to say but I don't necessarily feel like my faith has ever been shaken or that I've ever had to go through a big moment of testing where you know I'm looking at the world's use in looking at my Christian is and how is raisin and I'm displaying the two options and seeing you know where the flaws and what I believe my whole life I never have one of those big moments I decided sit down and waive those kind of things I always have my Christian visit heart those morals and values and beliefs have always just been ingrained into me in a way that could be shaken by it. Not that I had a huge challenge, but I did challenge myself, II, instead of saying you know where is my Christianity wrong or where might Christianity be wrong a lot of people our age do I just said how can I prove my Christianity right by looking at other religions and looking to where other people see the flaws in Christianity you know if someone said I will Christianity can't be right because this contradicts this and other suffering in the world all these are things I basically looked into that and said you know what is this religion say about this.

Okay. How does my faith matchup against that it was more like an analytical type experience that it was a moment of making or breaking faith that make sense to social mass. This you have the confidence in God and your relationship with God and the truth of what you believe, that enabled you the analyze things without feeling threatened. So just got a minute and 1/2 feet before the break, but would you attribute that to the way you were raised or just something in your own nature. I say deftly both obviously my parents were very strong and in their values and morals and encourage me so many way they buy the Bible every day to me. Pray with us. We went to church a lot. I was always able to ask questions and get answers from the mean of the hard questions I might had and it's partially my personality. You know once I feel and know my beliefs are true.

Nothing can shake them and I did develop relationship with God at a very young age there that that just ingrained in me to where I knew him personally and it was never question after that.

Got it, so what would you tell parents raise their kids.

They have had your own creation, but 40 seconds what you tell me the number one key thing they can do for their kids start them young. You know have the Bible always be reading things always you know if something comes up even if I'm even if your kid is three or four or whatever if they fall and scrape your leg rhythm a Bible verse about healing or or trusting that things are to be better. Things are knocking to be this way, you know, in pain and everything is only temporary. Just always have have a biblical's perspective to any problem that comes up because in every areas are different problems very young. It's like teenager kids run to school bullying. Everything else I guess the word is believed by friends because I can ask Chris some question about college experience file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder flyer now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the light a fire, this is Michael Brown with a special conversation with two young men generation Z order line generations the millennial but they are the two men responsible for producing our daily radio broadcast in the videos that we put out Kai and Chris before the break.

Return McKay by the suffering in the Lord and enables them is is he a man is really 20s to to be absolutely firm and solid in his face and examine competing ideas of the things without bumping shaken by this we talked about the foundation of Christian are also raised in a Gabi conservative biblically-based home College of course you're bombarded with things and you're still home when you go to school but what would you say Chris were the greatest challenges that you got hit with was it was an intellectual stuff from professors was that the the. There the peer pressure about your justice. Religious bigot what what was the greatest thing you had to work through your college years. I would deftly say some of my biggest challenges with that would be just the friends and acquaintances and just dealing with them and try to have a lifestyle campus with with those people without note sacrificing my beliefs and everything. I never had any issues with my professors anything since I was mostly music classes. There wasn't much room to talk about any other worldly things that have to deal with any of progressive professors are people who are believers necessarily, but with friends everything.

It's it's deftly tough because every time I've ever made a choice.

My life I always have the severe conscience beating me up if it weathers a good decision or not and every time I would tell mostly white always get this feeling about that I can't make this choice necessary and she's I will ask the Holy Spirit in you challenging you making sure you're making the right decisions and so I deftly that has never left me to stay with me to this day, so whenever I was in situations in college, whether just going to gatherings whether the party anything to make. As I was making the right decision. I was there to be there for my friends necessarily, but I it was.

I never allowed myself to creep into those ways or anything and that conscious if I knew if he started like a little Spidey sense or something if I felt it.

I got myself out of that situation and Chris what would you say then key things that your parents put into you that that help you have that relationship with God. We have that sense of conscience will just similar to Kai.

I was raised and Ray similar matters and my mom was always pressing into me about just just God in the Bible and everything and her teachings deftly stuck with me and it like I said it's kind of hard to go into a different way or be broken because that's so engraved into you and your so steadfast and strong in his beliefs. I never I would deftly attest everything to my parents and what they taught me because it wasn't tough to make bad decisions because of how they raised me and I would say my mom's a short 5 foot Latina woman and nothing was able to get past her and nothing to the state. Nothing does so because my mom's strong stubbornness even when I didn't like it. It pays off and I give everything to them because it's it's engraved the man. It's hard for me to make that decision now. Yeah, just to add onto that to I'm sure you had this Chris. One of the biggest things was my parents were biblically sound the they did the research for themselves.

They had their faith tested growing up to their generations, and really, you know, my parents, they were going through a tough time with their marriage. At some point in the thing that brought them back together was God and the Holy Spirit. You know they really dug into their Bible that I think for me was they were sound and their foundations. I was able to come to them with questions and that for me.

I know for a lot of other people the biggest things is having relevant questions answered specially at a young age because if I would come to my parents of the difficult issue you know when I was a teenager and they didn't have a biblical answer for it. Why think okay what the Bible doesn't have an answer. Who does my friends, you know, some older person you know like me somebody he's not a Christian and a musical looking for answers in all the places that aren't the true place to find answers so it's interesting is this kind your life.

The foundation of Scripture and then without a living relationship with God was critical Holy Spirit as well but but the foundation Scripture Chris, it seems that with the foundation Scripture in your life and relationship with God. There was the role of the Holy Spirit.

So this is a both and think you know that that knowing sensitivity to the spirit being grounded it in Scriptures but but let's work this out one of the things that is considered to be the greatest sin of always judging some judge being judgmental and of course you can judge us right you know my friend Fred turquoise is more you judge me for judging you, but it's a difficult saying to be among friends and peers in different lifestyle, and to force decisions they make you not participate without being perceived as being judgmental, so Chris is your talk about friends on campus and that that challenge with peers and things like that so how did you work that out that you could hold your convictions and overcome this accusation that you're just a judgmental religious bigot will think personalized. I was thankful that you have individuals who had enough respect to try to listen and taken people's differences even if you have a religious reason for a lot of the reasons that participate in a lot of activities but I always go back to her mother. She was said you, your faith is spread kind of through your testimony how you live it every day, you'll have I she's I know how to actually try to force someone to find God everything but she liked by the way you interact live your life and how you say things in your Atman by your actions. People will see that testimony through you. So even though I didn't participate everything I was still fortunate that people to enjoy having me around and adapted it with so many people who call me a bigger such because they respected me and also how I carried out myself.

I never was aggressive or say that's not that's not me. I never judge people so when people way were to come to me and have conversation with me knowing I wouldn't judge them for not having like differences in beliefs God's will just being a decent human being. Caring for people, loving people, being genuine goes a long way and and then with that many will respected, you got strong views convictions you think things through.

What you do when people just tell your judgmental you're just bigot man your small minded bigot had any response today while it's tough, especially. I feel like my nature is to be judgmental some way and that's my flesh, but that that is also something I am very judgmental of myself so that something a habit I've had to come to God about, pray through you know how to have beliefs feel strongly about them and not force them onto somebody else or hold some into a standard that's unattainable so for me with with judgment. I never felt like I was judged by a whole lot of people necessarily. It made it really depends on the situation because for me.

I've I've I graduated high school and go to college when I graduated high school, I worked at a restaurant I worked the AAA I worked at guitar Center which is music place and now working here so I find I haven't had each long life experience and it had a lot of different environments that have been thrust into with a lot of different microcosms of culture and different people. So in each of those environment there been different challenges with people being judgmental of me may be judgmental of other people.

I don't know if there's one thing I can point to his heart even get an answer on this one, but might just really praying through every situation, saying you know God. How do I present something to somebody else without sounding like I am judging them and how do people see me in a way that is good without making me look like I'm some perfect Christian person I'd subsequently follow up on that obviously human beings, human beings and their similarities with all human beings and then of course, differences, culture, age, all that if if so, I am older generation mid-sixties if if I'm interacting with a 20-year-old today. What is what is most important for that person just to hear them out that that I'm genuine that it what what do they want me to be aware of what how we can best connect with them when think I that's a really good question for us that I think especially people my age, we're just transitioning into being feeling like adults for me. I felt mature for a lot longer than the time I turned 18. So I've kind of Artie been in the boat and with my parents guidance in order.

I really felt like I was an adult and more mature than other people. Early on, but for somebody like you to come to somebody like us, especially other people around us. We just want to be treated like adults or CPR over the age of 20 something for me. I don't like someone looking at me and judging me because I am 20 something and treating me like I'm a kid is a somebody in your age you know even 30 or 40 become a man look at me like a kid and talk to me like a cat or whatever. For us it's it's literally just the respect of being able to treat someone our age and listen to us and have a conversation with us as if we were adults, whether your age or older and set onto that our generation is deftly in the new season of over sensitivities and it I don't as it is a cool way. But it's like a filling individual naturally lacked a little backbone to be told something and take it with a grain of salt.

So if you were talking to anyone young 20s or just our generation. I would simply say don't push into the sensitivities. I feel a gust of tipping point to even get them to listen example of one sensitivity.

I'm not on a specific example but just the moment Sumter and Richard just told something that just instantly get her about what was said instead of just interpreting what why they said it so I want a good example for you but I just know that once you tilted it all here.

They don't want to hear it shuts off and they won't listen anymore. So here it hears that the interesting thing putting these two perspectives. We just get getting opinions, perspectives from from human again to be different perspectives because they are very very solid, committed believers from solid bleeding family, so this but they have 20 friends people he know that the company background. So on the one hand, I need to treat this person in a respectful way as if an adult and baby are adults, but good even beyond her years treat them. You know, welcome them. Respect them, but on the flipside, recognize they may be hypersensitive like little children because of the environment they been brought up in. So it's it's almost like, be respectful, but realize they're just some minefields that the generation they been raised in the environment they been raised in their small minefields to navigate sort we could do is then judge them negatively. It was immature because the Maestro Frese they been raised with certain environment.

Certain trigger points. Be sensitive to that. Once you can build a relationship is to respect what you want right back on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown friends to light a fire, this is Michael Brown with a special show. Yeah, I'm always smiling with a little bit bigger spot to because the two gentlemen that you sort daily broadcast videos as well.

Kai and Chris are actually in studio with Lisa, running back and forth, setting things up and coming back in. As we are doing this brought Kissel not taking calls today that interact with you on social media. Kai is 22 newly married. Chris is 24 sold Chris's borderline Jens the millennial Kai at the end of Jens.

He will talk with them is as Jens the young people.

Young adults about issues how their raised how they see the world how we interact with folks in the generation we got into something very interesting.

Right before the break, I will pick up there with first as this is an unrehearsed unscripted interview throw something at them. They're not expecting so.

Kai all what has been the most enjoyable thing for you. Working with with our ministry here doing what you do man. The list goes on and on and on. I mean everything really the biggest thing obviously working here is just knowing that I work is doing really really good things for the people were getting a great message of the people were helping people with real problems in eyes were doing the radio show people call and ask hard questions that they might not get answered otherwise, deftly being able to interact with you Dr. Brown on a daily basis you know if I have questions I get I get a special little answer there whenever I wanted you know everything we do here is fantastic, really thought gods in the work and that's the biggest thing for me also. Yeah and I don't look at Gus's employees with the team members and in ministry and Chris what about you, I would take us very personally. God put me here the right time is it missed and miscible the season, wherein with everything going on in the world. I feel like I need this most personally and my short time here is, deftly develop my relational got even more and learning more every day growing closer every day in this is what I needed because I was deftly starting to get us in a slump coming out of college. Where was just so much going on the left, mature, fast. You have to pay bills you have to do things real life is coming at you and inchoate hit everything so I'm just very thankful to be here and like I said that we get to spread the gospel reach as many people and bring people to Christ but me personally it been the most growth. I had and that I needed wonderful. I am so gratified to hear again unscripted.

So that's awesome. Another unscripted question. So glad to have you guys in the excellence with which you do things in the way the Lucy to honor the Lord in all of it, Kai.

What might be the biggest surprise for you in terms of what you've been exposed to what you've seen during this work here all man well when I started working here. I hadn't worked in any other type of ministry and I didn't have a church home was kind of out of the loop on a lot of the goings-on of what's happening in the Christian/religious world. A couple of the big things that hit me really hard when I started working here with a lot of the anti-Semitism we see in the world today. I had no clue even existed denying some of the teacher. Anti-Semitism is all World War II Hitler stuff and you never think about anymore. But I mean to see that the comments in and things that people hold as ideas that that is widely acceptable in some groups is crazy. Mind blowing, I'd say that's probably that's probably the biggest thing is there's more but thank God and Chris, what about on your rental. I would deftly say is I was very shocked to see how much of the Christian world attacks. Others in the Christian world that was in the biggest eye-opener to me.

I didn't realize so many but the reason the world is the way it is today is because the Christian body itself is so quick to attack each other to just I was just as hard to put into words.

I was not ready to see how much of the Christian church body. How how much issues and it's in it. It's in there. Yes, a lot of hostility and anger. It's there again all the more reason that's what we do what we do and how we do it we do. Alright so let's let's work this through.

I want to interact with with Genesee Youngman millennial people on the one hand, I'm not looking down when will I reminded 60s marriages, 19 or 24 snow, not a law that I thought just occurred to me. In fact, I spent a good part of my life teaching young people being with young people and and and loving and enjoying it by the decade's on the one hand I wanted to disperse. Respectfully and and treat them as as as a younger adult.

On the other hand, I realize that there are all these minefields that I just in their eyes. I like this white privileged old conservative political part of the strong hold of power you, whatever you perceive certain way so so Kyla, how do we navigate this minefield of things that might trigger someone might like to use baby or just a snowflake that Sawyer is a snowflake so that doesn't help. On the other hand, I can't just assume that were seeing things the same way.

So what we do yet simply a tough question but one that needs to be addressed. I'd say it's it's the same for anyone of any age, but I would say it's a little easier for me than it is for you because of my age being closer to some of these people, and again we are closer on belief than a lot of the people we are talking about trying to reach.

So we do have that in in in common. So the way I try to reach people and the way I think anyone can from any group word if you're Christian.

This is how I get 30 people, or have gone through Google you listen to them first thing is the biggest thing is they need to be listened to. It doesn't matter what they're talking about what kind of crazy stuff is coming out of their mouth. I had to learn to just be quiet before you even ask questions and write things down or or try to get my point of view is just listening to everything they have to say and I once whatever he talking about what they've gotten everything out. That's when you start to ask questions basically say it and not even trying to make a point with it will no doesn't Christianity answer. There is no another kind of question, but a kind of question that, like okay if you feel like being LGBT is something that is great and to be celebrated. Why do you feel that way they could say in all it's a special kind of love that isn't like being straight Unisys gender. Whatever we say okay what's different about it, how to how did you come to believe this hurry exposed the uterus to know them as a person to develop a relationship and enter a lot of the things you start to see the cracks in their logic or or or the flaws the things that are missing in their life that led them to these conclusions that that brought them to these answers that they found for themselves and you start to ask things that challenge them, and not even giving answers yet, just just asking more more questions and they will start the ask you questions at some point and when they start asking questions. That's kind of when is the perfect time for you to get that bridge to your point of view and perspective right so so similar to what you do with anyone we want to build a relationship and and gain the right to give your viewer speak into their life, but perhaps just recognizing the can be more barriers, more more trigger points more things to overcome with this younger generation.

Chris, do you find that with these points that that you brought up yourself.

The sensitivities that these things have been carefully sought through by this younger generation or that they more have talking points and calyx soundbites and it's it's not something processes. All three little words if if I start asking those deeper questions that there will really be answers or you think that these are people of really thought the issues through and come to these conclusions on their own.

I wouldn't say they gave this much thought you might find some individuals that are set on what they they're saying but it's mostly all emotional response to it is never a logical thought out reasoning for why the doing what they're doing or believing what they believe in it deftly, but he's a little soundbites. It's yeah it I would instead start out so do we challenge a soundbite with a soundbite.

We challenge a soundbite with explain that to me or like like I was send come of it and innocent, honest question so just unpack that from what is actually me but what's the best way to do it without driving the person what I I like what Kaiser was having them talk to you start adding little wedges in there that they start showing the cracks in their logic. I learned how to talk more with people just by watching how you debate it's I realize that both people listen to each other and you gives rebuttals, but in that process. It's not you even said to me once is not how much you know your point is how much you know the other person exactly when you can interact with someone you already have an idea of how they can be acting and talking to you. It's good to know their side that we can start breaking down those reasons and actually lead him to like the answers that they will give them clarity even if it answers their question or our question. So those wedges you can put in people's cracks, logic I would say that Stephanie how you go about it. Get to know their perspective more and is not. Oh, I know my way. This is why I'm doing this.

Blah blah blah this is what that's restart come across start menu shut someone off, but we know their point can really start breaking that down. I think that's really good yeah and I think Sue is disconnect the question asked Dr. Brown about whether people had really thought these things through.

Again I agree with Chris. I don't think a lot of the people our age have thought these things are, there are a handful of individuals who are more intellectual in that way, but even if they haven't actually thought it through. I can promise you every one of them thinks they have thought it through, and the logic in their mind makes perfect sense even if it is just an emotional response as we often say as I dig up the big point of benefit is coming processes emotional response. You have to treat them as if there emotional response is logical to the point where you can question her heart that he can also use this for example many kind libraries and households that were steadfast in what we believe in. So we have a strong faith in God and it kind of hard to shake that I would.

You can put that same situation onto those individuals that they grew up in the life of technology and stuff and as they grew up in that way. Never saw any warehouse or their households were Christian or godly lead then you get that also get that same environment where all they know their brainwashed that matter and its that's why they think they know where the like where the logical truck but it's also just been great the whole time God got it right so there's the good brainwashing indoctrinating kids with with beautiful wonderful principles and introduce them things that'll make better human beings and indoctrinating them with human opinions and destructive select. Let's pull this little soundbite out that you have to deal with people's emotional responses as if they were intellectually thought through this if I respond with mild emotional response then everybody just gets angrier. Turned off so the sky if before talking about same-sex quote marriage and and we all just some religious bigots believe it and they saw love wins, love wins so the first thing is I want. I assume, explain, unpack the free what is it mean right and then I want to ask them so like if there any boundaries on just asking to understand and then hopefully get them turned a certain point to put some boundary up theoretically and then maybe can understand why put mine up here so 45 seconds love wins, love wins men. That's why everyone should be of the matter one lately want to marry which are first come back: it's hard it's better than how will I know the person but I mean I basically come with you know what love does win if we look at Jesus the love he gave the eyes. That's the love I'm talking about and if we can get rid of all the other love in the world right now. Just forget about marriage. Forget about same-sex same-sex and heterosexual different you know whenever let's look at Jesus's love and how that is shown to us is as Jesus and the church and then go from not say okay this is what is what love is. Jesus is what love is and this is what the Bible says that's like evangelist there point back to the cross a right to file for it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so after many broadcast here the line of fire. All all go to the room adjoining mine here immediately to to my left.

We got our window.

There we can see each of the communicating each other my screen I chat with our team cayenne Chris that produce over her shows or videos online and will will to limit your call when issue just childhood. More interestingly, during the breaks here on today's broadcast were talking for the district again to two young men, 22 Chris 24 Kai newly married and they are production team do our daily shows put all the clips out to you know put in the graphics put things together for for our YouTube channel and we still one stays. We just need to sit down and continue our conversation on online for everyone else to to witness here distant to join in because some of you listen are undergoing demographic group actually is probably folks 25 to 34 so we meet a lot of younger people there is about to turn 66 a, but then we got plenty from 18 to 25 and then all the way up. You know folks much older than me, but most talk about younger generations reaching them, and in Chris you said that being here working the ministry has challenge you and encourage you to dig deeper into the word yourself from other Christian young people that you know your peers. How strong are they in the word I would put it very low. Honestly, I truly believe those individuals believe in God and I have started to develop a relationship but to say digging into the word. That's tough because I I can admit it's tough for me to dig into the word as much as I want to and yet note it is deftly an ongoing growth to dig into the word more because as you start developing relation with God you want to know more and since it to know what he's offering with the saying and the words applies a lot of that and it's very hard to equip would equip yourself with all the material you want to know with everything that goes on the world right so attended distractions and the fact that there's not a lot of solid doctrinal indeed preaching teaching one of her churches about a superficial, spectator Christianity were people really not discipled.

So it's the way young people raised in the in the distraction.

So there's a tremendous amount of biblical illiteracy is one of the biggest issues in the church, or about what about your peers in terms of of what you perceive of their knowledge of Scripture and and being grounded in biblical truths.

As Chris said, very low. Often times I feel like for me.

I was digging deep into a lot of apologetic material watching different people's videos and things online. I asked got more from a lot of that I did for many, church I went to growing up, as far as the questions and answers and I'm a very logical person, so I kinda went to that of getting those kinds of bigger question answers very intellectual type process feeling a lot of people just didn't do that either because they weren't exposed to it or they just kinda thought church was enough and what's really sad about that is a lot of those people did fall away or or ICR kind of living and shallow kind of empty shell of what a Christian life should look like and I feel it's because a lot of that foundation is lacking and that's hard to say where that all stems from, but just as a general answer. I think the biblical foundation for a lot of these kids migrate pretty shallow. Yeah so again you're confirming what polls would say what we've widely experienced and I know I don't lay that primarily on the younger generation. I race I lay probably on the older generation that raise them and and because you can see the impact of being race and all the homes that it's had on on these two young men store them in the time we have left. Let's let's switch over to the larger subjective them in the world of media and social media so I was growing up. We did have telephones in the rotary phone to dial beach each number and they were little plugged into certain place on the wall of we had radio we had TV which had no number of stations undergoing one from black-and-white to color but you had only six or seven stations you could pick from and that that was it.

So we do have cell phones and smart phones have Internet know this was conceivable all now. You could literally be locked in a closet just with your cell phone if you had battery power. You could watch any movie you could download pornography. You could talk to people around the world. You can be entertained putting 24 seven walk-in closet just for the cell phone and then what's available book wide range of good stuff. A lot of destructive polluting stuff. Kai, what would you say are the most important keys for navigating today's world, social media, media from the distractions to the negative stuff that's available. Navigating that without compromising your face or did you just have to shut it all off and have no connection with the outside world just to develop your faith. While it's very very difficult question and one I wish I had all the answers to. I think it's different for everyone, but my biggest thing is definitely limiting certain things so I don't actually use social media a whole lot personally, I think, as a rule, social media is more of a bad thing. If you use it often enough. I use it to loosely keep in touch with certain people stay updated on products from certain companies, etc. but so many people just become absorbed into the endlessly scrolling looking at all kinds of random things that are gonna benefit Dems wasting time in its know these things.

These apps and everything are designed to waste your time to take your time because that time goes directly into ads for every ad you see on Facebook every ID sentence again. That's where the real money is going. Your attention is worth something to them. So the goal of social media. It it is to make money off of you. Basically Facebook Google date.

Their goal as companies is to make money. It's hard because it is a double-edged sword because obviously now that we do have this kind of accessibility to the Internet and vast you know quantities of knowledge can be a very good thing. It can be a very very bad thing for me the way I try to use it again, limiting social media, but as far as the Internet goes in general. I try to use the good parts to their fullest extent. And I try to stay entertained and consumed with the better sides of it and only use it for very specific purposes so perfect example. I wanted to learn Japanese I started learning Japanese 20 something days ago. I've been practicing it everything the bank something I probably can do to this extent. 20 years ago. I can get on the condo whatever I want now. I wanted to learn photography or videography got on the Internet lying to myself but I mean that time that I was spending doing that could have been spent doing any number of deplorable things on the Internet.

So again, double-edged sword, got it taught and by the way, if you had the answers that we put out the book and sell 20 million copies and change the world… These are complex things and and will all deal with it. You know those people are in their 80s there there process.

In this dealing within. But the younger generation. Chris, you mentioned just raised in a certain environment.

This is been the reality.

This is switch around. This is the norm and and to live without these things is as unthinkable. So what one of the best principles that you've seen for your own life to to navigate this will since kind I do come from backgrounds that are hard to shake and break for me when I broke social media. I have just it easy for me to pick and choose what I want to see and when to other end of individuals who are new to social media or it all depends on household as well because I was very monitored and controlled, and what I could be exposed to. As I grew up.

Now that's very crucial and positive yes of course I will hundred percent.

Inasmuch as it brought me when I was younger, but I see individuals now especially the younger generation. It is very crucial especially for any Christian friends out there right now. Go ahead and be that stubborn parent or whatever Harrier can call your see you because that makes such a difference for the future because that is also roused from a brainwashed exposure. It just is getting engraved and become the subconscious thing before you know it so if your little one is on its some entertainment device limited control it you get there sentence for that is not the blocking that pulley so it's very crucial to limit that exposure, but the Bears were you need to and especially with younger kids come into any kind of devices like that it blocked the stuff got it all right. So some some important principles there to get encouragement for for parents to be involved in that that WordStar became up a couple times. You gotta be a godly way hate know this is where we draw the line where the parents do with love. Confirm this, but to assert that all right two minutes left. Kai is Genesee ripe for the gospel. I'd say yes absolutely. I mean that's that's a very interesting thing to think about. I think there are so many people my age and younger slightly older that are looking for answers, and they think they found some answers.

But once they find the truth they're going to turn into spiritual warriors letting very strong spiritual warriors and you know with the the level of steel.

Some of these hat people have in their on their wrong convictions.

If that was turn for the gospel. It would be insane and I think you know there are summary people left with questions that they have their questions answered.

They will yes turn in the spiritual warriors got Chris new perspective is the same. I just described just as much as you see bite people is the evil running rampant in the world, especially America right now. Kids are just do whatever they want. Just as easily as they are led astray you can bring back to the gospel and like I said you we have discussed a potential and is not too late to turn all these younger generations to be just turning to God seeking the gospel dig into the word and just spreading God's faith yeah and it looked when I got saved in 1971 the age of 16. You know my story her and she noticed using hippie rock drummer. There was something in the 60s, and that your generation into the 70s looking for knowing how to be more disoriented with just the goals of the American dream.

Young people dying in Vietnam for war. That meant nothing. When we doing there was a spiritual search. There must be more looking for a better world. And of course swimming.

Someone came to the face when they heard the gospel the same today with the social justice more solid others look at the bear ticket one day after looking for.

Even though the Marxist idea of utopia that the fair and equal world with the given credit impose on everyone to flesh this is something ultimates is only found in God.

I believe time of great harvest

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