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Flight ISA01 - Part C

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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March 15, 2021 2:00 am

Flight ISA01 - Part C

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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March 15, 2021 2:00 am

Isaiah is well known for his prophecies about the Messiah. Join Skip as he dives into some of those prophecies, how Jesus fulfilled them, and what they mean for you today.

This teaching is from the series The Bible From 30,000 Feet - 2018.




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Events predicted in the past have been fulfilled that degree of accuracy whenever you read future predictions yet unfulfilled. You should sober up and take them to heart. It's the word of God.that speak of these things in advance than the rest of the Jesus to fulfill even 20 prophecies from the Old Testament would be impressive but he fulfilled at least 300 amazing today on connect with skip-Skip shares about the fulfilled prophecies in the book of Isaiah and what they mean for your faith today for we begin, here's a resource that will give you fresh insight on what Jesus resurrection means the aftermath of 2020 has left many of us wrestling with questions about the future and wondering what's next here Skip I think that's a question by the way that people ask anytime there is a catastrophe any kind of catastrophic event causes people to ask the question, what's next. There's a car accident that happens what's next on right to be able to walk after this disease strikes someone. What's next my going to be sure somebody we love dies, we ask what's next. My going to be able to go on.

We want to help you live with confidence no matter what the future holds by sending you a powerful collection of Easter weekend messages from on the hope of the resurrection.

Anything's possible. If the one who said he's going to die and rise again, died and rose again. That means all of the promises Jesus ever made our possible and can come true. That's why it's called a living hope the morning that changed everything with skip. I think it's a DVD collection of six life-changing Easter messages and it's our thanks for your gift of $35 or more today to help connect more people to the living hope of Jesus Christ to give online securely visit port call 800-922-1888 let's get into today's teaching in the book of Isaiah. As we begin our study with skip-there shall come forth a lot from the stem of Jesse, a branch shall grow out of his roots. Jesse, the father of David David, whose dynasty, God promised blessing and eternal kingdom to David the trio.

David almost cut down right because the kingdom was divided split to down south 10 up north now there's a threat of captivity.

The 10 northern tribes are already gone to captivity. Now Judy is threatened with captivity and will indeed going to captivity. So if you look at the lineage of David and the promises God made to King David as a tree that Metro got shot down but go down to that stop and look really closely at that stop you see this little stem just poking up through that that what it would seem, but not that a little stem of the rod coming up.

What's that you're still life and it and that life will blossom one day. This can be a branch and that branch is the Messiah, the son of David, the offspring of King David and you say well how do you know it speaks of a person.

Or maybe it speaks of the nation because of verse to the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, singular the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. So there is Isaiah rejecting a future restoration under this branch under the Messiah. Chapters 13 through 23 are a bunch of burdens are called in the Scripture burdens the burden against this nation. The burden against that nation burden is a pronouncement.

It is an Oracle Isaiah got a message from God.

It weighed on him. It was a burden to him and he on or on on leases burden on the people he was faithful to to give it to them so there's nine nations understand a re-drum disbursed from nine burdens with nine nations. Here's the deal about these nations.

All the nations mentioned our nations that had some contact with the nation of the Jews. Israel and Judah is called Israel or they touched Israel, usually negatively. They hassled the Jews so that said, I hassle you you hassle is relevant, hassle you so chapter 13 verse one the burden against Babylon, which Isaiah the son Obama saw followed by Assyria and Celestia. Chapter 14 followed by chapter 16 Moab eastern side of the Jordan River, followed by Damascus up in Syria. Superpower chapter 17, followed by Ethiopia in chapter 18 the burden against Egypt.

In chapter 19 the burden against Babylon again and eat them in chapter 21 in chapter 23 the city of Tyre go through this list, you know comes to my mind what we read in the book of Ecclesiastes.

There's nothing new under the sun. These are the nations still hassling the Jews to this day many of them would love to see Israel annihilated completely calling Israel, the great Satan in the United States. The little thing. Not all of them, but many of them there occupied by people who deny the legitimacy of Israel to exist know why these burdens given answer probably to reassure the Jewish people in the midst of conflict later on in the midst of captivity. God still is on the throne. The God still has a plan. He's he's really reassuring them that great promise in Genesis chapter 12 whoever blesses Israel. I will bless whoever curses Israel. I will curse.

So he saying don't despair. I'm going to punish Israel and Judah. The Jews, punish them, but to punish the people I used to punish them because they are still responsible.

They are the one saying let's get rid of those Jews let's mount siege engines against them, and let's annihilate them and destroy them so that is in their heart to do that. I'm in a hold them responsible for their choice but in their choice because I'm God and I'm sorry I'm actually used them as a chastening rod for my people to understand so if you don't let me reinforce that with the prophet Habakkuk complained to God that his own people, the children of Israel were sinful and bad and doing wrong things in God you want to punish them. So God's as well. Habakkuk suture bringing it up. I want to know that I want to do something with you because your ears to tingle and everybody else who hears about it. I'm actually bringing the Babylonians as my chastening rod to take your people captive. I am that is something about then Habakkuk gets all mad again… I know that with their worst. What would you somebody worse to get it somebody bad because it's gonna work. It's gonna work. It's going to cause repentance and I'm gonna bring you back into the land and for their sin of wanting to destroy you. Don't worry, I'll get them an amazing display of God's sovereignty. So, sorta like this. Let's say I break into your house.

I never would, but for the sake of analogy you see pastor Skip is breaking into our house and so you call the police right rightly so, you call them to protect yourself that when the police come to arrest me to protect you.

They discover in your house on meth lab. Now it's different and you notice about your fireplace. The original Mona Lisa that you've stolen from the Louvre in Paris and so now you're really in trouble they come to arrest me and they're going to get me for what I did. You're also guilty of crimes against what you'd probably be in longer than I am so God is using all of that. This way, chapter 23 verse one the burden there is again the burden against tire you know Tyrus right up on the Mediterranean coast north of Israel. Modern-day Lebanon ancient Phoenicia. The burden against tire will now listen carefully to this policy will you ships of Tarshish, for it is laid waste so that there is no house, no harbor from the land of Cyprus is revealed to them the still you inhabitants of the coastland you merchants of Sidon that sitting next to tire home goes to cross the sea have filled stop there after this prediction was made tire city attire was besieged five times the last time it was besieged it was destroyed by a guy named Alexander. Yes, that Alexander Alexander the great, no, it says here in verse two, whom those who cross the sea have filled right so you got that before you now listen to this. This is another prophecy, to the same city out of Ezekiel chapter 26, God says I will scrape her dust from her and make her like the top of the rock to hold those thoughts Philip of Macedon ruler Macedonia had a boy named Alexander he didn't think you'd not amount to much. He thought Alex was a good kid but he's not really beast. Much of anything.

He's a bookworm is kind of an indoor care. That's how Alexander was at first so I Philip decides to hire a tutor for him by the name of Aristotle to be the personal tutor to Alexander while in the midst of his education Philip of Macedon is murdered. The murderers blamed on Persians, but that means in the first sorry sorcerers that happened at my age so the Medo Persian Empire is blamed for Philip of Macedon stepped something something comes over Alexander.

He decides to take up his father's cause and march against the Medo Persian. He comes to tire. It's a very swift and massive. The troops to meet for the battle. This battle is been made in movies, but he comes to tire and asked for supplies. They reject the request so Alexander wants to lay siege to the city.

Whether here's the problem. The city at one time that was on the coast had been almost annihilated one time by the Babylonians.

So the people who were left moved the whole city to an island 1/2 mile off the coast so was the city attire is now an island off the coast by the time Alexander the great gets there and he sees the kind of cities up against an island. He says I can't defeat them.

The Phoenicians are masters of warfare by C. I'm not so what is you do. He builds a causeway.

He builds a jetty using the materials from that city that a minister he essentially scrapes the dust and all the materials off of the city piles and in the sea makes a jetty and attacks and destroys the city attire. So again, you merchants of Sidon, whom those who cross the sea have filled in that Ezekiel 26 I will scrape her dust from her maker.

Like the top of the rock I'm going into this detail.

For this reason, it should make you think logically that if events predicted in the past Been fulfilled to that degree of accuracy whenever you read future predictions yet unfulfilled. You should sober up and take them to heart. It's the word of God and of God can do that and speak of these things in advance than the rest of it. You can take the bank and this is God's calling card. Isaiah 46 set God's as I'm God there is no other. I am God. There is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times, things that are not yet done us.

That's the awesome nature of prophecy.

Well, in the midst of the prophecies of condemnation comes this little section I told you about this intermission.

The next four chapters, chapters 24 to 27. It's a parenthetical set of chapters. Think of it as a parts think of it as an intermission in the movies you get up, get popular. Think about it's an intermission scholars call Isaiah's little apocalypse. The language now becomes more vague, more worldwide more all-encompassing than the previous chapters and they interface with the parallel with what occurs in Revelation chapter 6 through 20 of the great tribulation. On into the millennial kingdom that from the tribulation into the kingdom age so it speaks here about the day of the Lord in the day of the Lord is the eschatological day of the Lord, that future ultimate day of the Lord in the tribulation.

Jesus said in Matthew 24.

Then there will be great tribulation, such as not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no door ever shall be, in this little calligraphy. This little set of verses this parenthetical statement is that little apocalypse chapter 24 verse one behold, the Lord makes the earth empty makes it waste distorted surface scatters abroad its inhabitants verse for the order mourns and fades away.

The world languishes and fades away, the haughty people of the earth languish earth, is mentioned in that passage that I just read three times, it's alluded to five times in the whole set of chapters.

It's mentioned frequently, God is judging the earth there is today on the call it an environmental atheism mother Earth respect your mother the bumper sticker six and is a picture of your fun ever since 1970. I think April 22 is Earth Day a you know what I am all for being a good steward of what God put in our hands. I am all for taking care of the earth because it's a stewardship is given by God.

I believe in creation care, but not to the point where it becomes idolatrous and we worship mother Earth or mother nature. She is call were simply stores and I'm bringing this up because you need to be forewarned if you're an earthbound earth worshiping whatever that yes we have messed up the earth but let me just say if you think we've messed it up when you see what God is, he will absolutely trash this planet in the tribulation. And it's his prerogative. You know why the earth is the Lord's Bible says and the fullness thereof so it is to be a point and is fleshed out in detail more detail in Matthew 24 by Jesus, but certainly the great detail of book of Revelation chapter 6 through 20 that that day of the Lord. Verse 19 the earth is utterly broken down, the earth is split open of the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard shall be removed like a cottage.

The transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it, and it shall fall not rise again. I want to belabor this. Some scholars see in this a possible polar ship which many scientists say is a possibility that's an interesting possibility.

I do not want to go that far, but I do know that in the grip tribulation.

There's the kind of cataclysms that are described are well monumental right were huge population bases of the earth are decimated because of the natural phenomenon taking place on the earth. If you look at the moon through a telescope, you suddenly realize that our universe is not docile. You look at the surface of the moon and you see the pock marks from all the activity of you know, think slamming into making all those traders rightly see another pretty sizable that the earth has been called the inhabitable zone that in the universe versus a strange thing about where the earth's position in the alignment of the planets it's it's like it's been protected from the kind of cosmic battering that others, even our moon have experienced.

But if we just go a few miles west over the border, there's the Barringer crater, which is a mile wide, 507 feet deep, that is put there by a single asteroid at some point in history past that hitting of the earth because such a devastation as can be seen.

I encourage you to go see at some point amazing.

The surface impact that created that great Barringer crater is or was 40 million tons of TNT's work surface impact. In other words, when that asteroid hit the earth. It created the kind of blast equal to 8000 1000 times greater destructive power than the bombs went off at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In Revelation, the book of Revelation.

One of the judgments on the earth's great hail from heaven fell upon men and each hailstone will weigh a talent talent as 125 pounds. Some of you remember those old ice houses. I used to work in one as a kid you get 25 pound blocks of ice for a couple blocks anybody remember those no okay so I do and it was a if Hugo's delicatessen where I worked and I got there and ship off the ice box and so little question 20 and those in there like sizable chunks of ice. Imagine a block of ice not 25 pounds hundred and 25 pounds in a slightly earth causing real damage. Using a why would that happen.

What did you know that in the Old Testament, the punishment according to the law of Moses for blasphemy was stoning as of God is saying because of the unrepentant blasphemy that will fill the earth goddess stoning the earth for chapters 25 to 27 a happy chap after all of that messy ice stuff. We get the kingdom age begets good is this little hint of of coming attractions.

The king takes his rightful place is filled with songs of praise songs of salvation. I want to bring you had chapter 26 verse 20, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you hide yourself as it were for a little moment until the indignation is passed, a possible I'm not saying necessary for possible hint of the rapture. Behold, the Lord comes out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth that is the tribulation for their iniquity. The earth will also disclose her blood, and will no more cover her slain grandma chapter 27 of verse six. Of those who come. He shall cause to take root in Jacob, Israel shall blossom and God and fill the face of the world with fruit.

This is a prophecy of the kingdom age. The millennial kingdom of the thousand year kingdom age that the Bible speaks about mentions in Revelation, but really is detailed in the book of Isaiah. I worked in Israel for about six months on a farm and I saw the kind of fruit production that that country was capable of that was 40 years ago when I lived there and work long time so when Israel became a nation since 1948. The cultivation has increased the cultural conservation of went from 408,000 acres to presently over 1.07 million acres so that Israel today, not even the millennial kingdom yet is still today is the fourth largest exporter of fruit in the world so I like reading this, fill the world with fruit. This is just now this is just the beginning. Can't wait to see what happens in the millennium, under the reign of the Messiah and the fruit of peace with that.

Skip the message from the series the Bible from 30,000 to Skip to share how you can keep these messages going strong to connect more people to the gospel of Jesus. The Bible tells us that every day draws us closer to the return of Jesus. One day the Lord will return and that means our time to reach others with the gospel is urgent. People need to hear the good news that changed your life and mine.

So today I'm asking for your help to reach more people around the world with these teachings from God's word. Here's how you can partner with this ministry to make that happen should to give a gift that's or call 800-9222 88 892 to 18.

Thank you for your generosity and come back tomorrow.

Skip hi six years about the critical warnings. God gave Israel through the prophet Isaiah discovered a vital lesson on why it's important to wait on the Lord Judah was able to look at a historical example of what not to do and so they said okay we won't do it only for a while will do it later on down there so Skip presentation of connection communications changing to

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