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How to Feel Good About God

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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March 10, 2021 7:00 am

How to Feel Good About God

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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March 10, 2021 7:00 am

In Psalm 23:5, David uses three Jewish customs to exemplify how God truly feels about His children. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains their meanings to show us how to feel good about God.

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What were fighting studios in Memphis Tennessee a Byron Tyler. Paul, the CEO of the refining whistleblowing through to have our friends join us today. Absolutely this is a great message and a great time of year will bring a series about the secret of satisfaction you know. It is so important that we look for it in the right place and let's hear Adrian Rogers, next I think it's so important that we get an understanding of what satisfaction truly is. I heard of a woman who lost her keys and she looked everywhere for them and then she finally found them. She found them by way in her purse. The reason that she found them in her purse as that's where they were. You can look for satisfaction every place in the world that you not find it. Do you look forward in the right place and that David is thinking about the joy and the satisfaction that he has in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And that's really what the Psalm is all about when it says the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

That means I don't have any on supplied needs, and a person can have everything without Jesus and never have satisfaction or person can know the Lord Jesus Christ and not have much of this world's goods, and yet be genuinely genuinely fulfilled and happy. Sometimes we may imagine God is a taskmaster, a dictator is supposed to. Our pleasure we just have such a wrong view of our heavenly father. He's a good good father. You know that I know that and I think many times that there's an Adrian-ism that I go to. It says the Bible doesn't describe our salvation as a funeral, but as a feast I think about that.

So we got this heavenly father.

He's prepared a feast and what he saying is son, daughter, screwed up to the table and partake, but many times we can't because of sin or self or whatever is in the way so we have to remove that so that we can screwed up to the table and be a part of God's blessings in the same Psalm.

David says my cup runs over. You know feeling once cup to the brim is the utmost sign of hospitality and friendship and to claim that our cup is overflowing means God wants us to stay in his presence a little longer. Dr. Roger said that God doesn't measure his blessings.

Drop by drop, no markup runs over yes and so you know we can't we don't know what God has in store. But we know this, that there is no in. There is no limit. There is no boundary to God's goodness anti-would also like about this message and about the song Byron is that it talks about the shepherd anointing the head with all you. In those days they did that for protection or for healing, and I just love the picture of the shepherd anointing the head for protection for healing for preservation exactly what God does for us so we know he's not a dictator.

He's a good good father. We value those who take time to write us and let us know how you appreciate the teaching ministry of Adrian Rogers through lover fighting broadcast this list assist.

I got to be a great source of spiritual support and strength. That's the fruit that we like to hear from Laborde funding in such a blessing will we hear those testimonies. That's what we desire to be.

We want to be that vehicle that people can know him more and the power of his resurrection you.

We want to move believers in their maturity in Christ. And so what a blessing. And what message may we apply to our lives. With today's message how to feel good about God hears Adrian Rogers take God's word. Five Psalm 23 and I think in Psalm 23. You'll find there the heartbeat of God's word. We have been studying this all now for the past several Sundays and began to continue today. Our major emphasis is going to be on verse five. But before I read it to let me tell you what the devil wants to do to you but devil wants you to think negatively about God. That's what it does he want you when you think of God, not to have a good feeling he want you to have negative feeling because the devil knows if he can get you to thinking negatively about God. He can do almost anything with you that he wants. I want to talk to you today about how to feel good about God not take God's word and look in Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures he lead me beside the still waters. He restores my soul he lead us, me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. J though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me by rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Thou anoint test my head with oil my cup runneth over and I submit that verse as much to make us feel good about God. Let me give you the background of this passage of Scripture.

First of all, we have what we call a prepared table. Thou prepares a table before me. That means God sets the table sets the table in your house when you say it all depends depends on what what depends on who's coming not know what's coming. Sometimes Joyce let me set the and I never can get it right my dear friends when companies coming generally.

Joyce will set the date. No longer do we have the placemats we have a linen tablecloth. No longer do we have a glass we get the crystal. The best time comes out and there be lighted candles on the table, fresh flowers and generally you know that wonderful recipe and everything is just right and the music will be playing softly in the background when I just come in. We say you just have to take us like we are here where really love to set the table and you know why you set the table. That way you know why you prepare the table on the person who's coming to honor the person who's come to see what David is saying God is put on an apron, has prepared a tape for me for the Lord of glory has prepared octave for me he loves me he welcomes me finds special to him have been the next phrase says thou anoint test my oil in the Middle Eastern home there in a very wealthy home would be a cruise of oil right by the door very expensive ointment perfume and when I very important guest would come into the home may be a family member been gone for a long time, or someone that you dearly love someone that you wanted to see the guest would come and greet his friend in their big kiss on the cheek and then he would reach into that bowl of ointment and he would put that ointment on the face in the head and the hair of his game. It would perfume that person and refresh them.

They called it the anointing of the head and the rest of the feast, that person would smell that sweet perfume and that ointment that was on the said it was something special.

Remember, their story where Mary took that alabaster box of ointment and anointed the hears of Jesus and even his feet was a man there named Simon and Simon and others were complaining and Jesus said, Simon, you didn't anoint my head when I came in your house you didn't do this, that is Simon, you did not show me that reference in that respect. But this woman has not only anointed my head but my feet with this ointment and this perfume. You see, it says that you're very very special and this anointing was to fresh and just to make you feel good. Your special and then the last thing not only was there the prepared table in the anointing of the head, but there was something else that was so very wonderful. There was the overflowing cup Mike cup runneth over. Let me give you background for this in Bible times. They didn't have the details in the motels and the restaurants in the things that we have today. Now there were a few weekends, but most of them were dirty and filthy, and the few that were there were crowded, for example with Jesus.

There was no room in the in they were expensive and that many times Gary Amaro but there was a law in the land. The law hospitality that if you were traveling and you came to a man's house in the middle of the day and you asked for food. It would be absolutely on think that he would let you go on without first feeding.

It was just simply focus the law of the land that a stranger would be invited in, and be given a meal. Now suppose that a stranger came about. Even time it's in the evening he sits down and you give him this me now suppose you have done your duty. You been respectful you been nice. You fatting and it's time for him to go on, but suppose you really have come to like this person even if you strike up a friendship and you very interested. He's an interesting conversationalist. Are you just feel for whatever reason it that you wanting to stay. Here's the way they would do it. The host would take us At the end of the meal and it had been already imbibed and emptied and a host would take the picture and it was time for this man to go. He would fill that cup half full half full, and what that man is Mr. when you finish your dessert hit the road think that's it for A sapling would have to say a word. But if the host would come with that picture and began to pour into that cup and report up to the brim and then just let it overflow and run over. It was saying your special.

I love you and you are invited to stay in my home overnight. As a special yes that's what David is saying David is saying look, he Jehovah has prepared a table for me.

I'm special.

Jehovah has anointed my head. He loves me. My cup runneth over. He is showing hospitality to me. He is my friend and course who is our Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, the good Shepherd and Jesus said in John 15 verse 15. I don't call you servants.

I call you friends and that you don't you don't think negatively about a friend somebody says a friend of somebody who knows all about you and loves you just the same are somebody said that a friend is someone who goes on liking you.

No matter how successful either one of you become our here's a good definition of friend is somebody who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself are friend is a source of celebration when you come to believe that there's nothing to celebrate.

A friend is somebody who comes to your side when you call, and often answers even before you call.

And of course we know that all of those things picture the Lord Jesus Christ the friend of sinners. What a friend we have in the Lord Jesus. He prepares a table here anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over. Don't you ever let it get you to thinking negatively about God. Three things I want you to think about the Lord in this verse of Scripture. First of all, as you think about the prepared table.

I want you to think of the fullness that we have in Christ. That is, that Jesus Christ meets the deepest hungers of our heart, and he does. Jesus Christ satisfies the deepest longings the deepest hungers of your heart. Jesus satisfies. Did you know that the Bible is just kind of a continual feast from Genesis right on the Revelation.

I was thinking about all of the feast in the meals that our Lord prepared for his disciples, the good Shepherd. I was thinking. For example, about how the Lord Jesus Christ fed the 5000, and he performed a miracle to feed 5000, a few fish and loaves and he fed 5000 people. He prepared a table of replenishment when there was the enemy of an adequacy and you know he's done that for me so many times I feel so inadequate and I run out of resources, and the Lord just prepares a table before me when frankly folks I needed but I don't deserve it and bless God I can't even explain it.

How he meets my needs day by day, and I'm not just talking about physical needs. Those, but more than that, not only table of replenishment.

But what about a table of restoration to remember when Simon Peter cursed and swore and denied the Lord Jesus.

Jesus was crucified and he was raised from the Danton, the disciples were discouraged and they weren't sure half believing half doubting Peter said I go fishing. The others went withing the dome back to Galilee. Jesus it said Terry in Jerusalem until you be endued with power from on high that they were disobedient disconsolate out there fishing and it fished all night had caught anything. Bob and some of those and then Jesus said, hey caught anything.

Stand on the seashore. Don't you hate people. When I do that and it caught anything and I said no.

He said want to castanet on the other side and they did. And remember, they call all of those fish and Peter. He knew it was Jesus.

It is, it's hard. And Peter took office. Tishman scope and jump in the water and made his way over there to meet the Lord Jesus. And when he got there wanted the Lord prepared table. There were fish on those hot coals and fresh bread and I can understand the fear she was thereby Galilee.

I can understand we got a fish but where did you get that bread I really don't know. But you know what I like to think I like to think you turn stones into bread. How do when I want to say, not when you will me to but what ever Howard, can you imagine fishing all night. You know how hungry you get when you been working that's all night long. This breakfast time and their shorts and smell that hot baked bread. Jesus says come and dine, and find out prepares the table before me.

Not only table of replenishment but a table of restoration you failed him probably and Kirsten's warning tonight and like Peter did, but I want to tell you, my dear. Failing friend. He says come and dine and just before I was crucified.

He had the Passover feast in and he sat down with them and broke the bread, he was the host at that table a pass the cup and he said this do in remembrance of me. Not only table of replenishment in the table of restoration but a table of remembrance and redemption. We can sit down and feast at the table he has prepared for us.

But listen the best table is yet to come.

Jesus said I'm not going to drink this cup again until I drink it with your new in the King where his identity at the marriage supper of the land.

There is yet a feast that were coming to our Lord is preparing a place is also preparing feast. One of these days were going to sit down at that table up yonder. One of these days he will come and went on to be caught up swept up to meet the Lord in the air and we go to sit down at that table. Listen, friend, don't you think negatively about God when the Bible describes our salvation. The Bible doesn't describe our salvation as a funeral, but as a feast.

Thou prepares the table before me and so first of all I want you to think of the fullness that we have in Christ. But now the second thing I want to think about that will make you feel good about God. I want to think about the freshness we have in Christ.

The freshness we have in Christ thou anointed my head with oil. What does that tell me he's telling me that there ought to be a refreshing belt to be a sweet aroma belt to be a just a oil of gladness about serving the Lord.

Hey don't feel sorry for me because I'm a Christian. I'm having a wonderful time and I want to tell you something.

His mercies are new every morning.

Every morning he anoints me with fresh oil when I was preparing this message I I got to thinking about this. I was sitting at my desk and I thought, is this true is there fresh oil every morning and I had to put down my pen and lift my hands and praise the Lord, the Lord, it is true is true. I love him better today. I really believe than ever before, and I can say with my heart and my soul.

I it's still exciting to me and is more exciting to me and I think for the snacks in crimes other things get old friend. He just gets better. He gets sweet he gets more real.

He satisfies every need. Yes, there is the fullness of Christ to prepares a table, there's the freshness in Christ that fragrance of Christ that beauty of Christ that reality of the Lord Jesus cry. Don't you ever let the devil get you to thinking negatively about God. Tate is 1/3 thing that this verse tells me makes me feel good about God not only the fullness in Christ and the freshness in Christ, but the freeness the freeness that we have in Christ.

My cup runneth over. When he gives he give so freely so lavishly so wondrously God is a God of the open hand, having open heart. God is not stingy. God doesn't hold back.

You see in that passage of the good Shepherd in John 10 verse 10 what did Jesus say Jesus said I've come that you might have life, but not just life. I've come that you might have life and have it how deadly. Not only does it add years to our life, he adds life to our years in and it's an abundant life. Think about our cup runs over.

Listen, he speaks of peace, but not just peace, peace that passes understanding. He speaks of joy, but not just joy but joy unspeakable and full of glory. When the prodigal son came back he said kill the fatted calf, not just kill a chicken, not just the Best and he said, bring forth grass grow and put it on. He's not talking here about necessities. He's talking about luxuries.

He's talking about out of his infinite goodness and fullness. He just keeps on getting and giving and giving. Have you ever thought about God that way, as the giving God as the lavish God old freely you have received the freeness that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.

God doesn't measure his blessings draw by draw our cup runs over. I heard about a lady who went to the bank to cash a check. She got her money. She stayed and she counted it all but she counted it again and she counted it three times.

The teller said what's the matter lady is that all there. She said it just is over and I wanted to but God just throws in a few extra dollars. He just kept his I mean he doesn't measure his blessing and how will it be like that. You see, the Bible says freely you have received, freely give you what some folks I know what to do when God gives that way when the cup runs over. They will let it run over you what they want bigger cup bigger. You have to have a bigger cup Trinity cup is running over. Remember the man in the Bible whose property brought forth so much as he said I have no room to bestow my goods is that I know what I'll do my Barnes and Bill bigger bar. I wanted to run over.

I don't want a blessing, but if I want it all for me, all for me offering this freely and receive freely give. Let the cup run over and let it be blessing to somebody else.

What we have in the Lord Jesus all my dear friend we have fullness in Christ. He prepares a table what we have in the Lord Jesus we have freshness in Christ. He anoints her here.

What we have in the Lord Jesus. We have freeness and art come runs over don't you let the devil get you to thinking negatively about God.

I want you to hear Jesus saying God prepared a table for you, and I come in. If you have questions regarding your faith in Jesus Christ. We would love to offer you an insightful resource Center website.

It's our discovery, Jesus page you will find answers, you may need about your faith how to receive the forgiveness that God wants to give you right now. There's also a response section, share how this message or others have affected your life just go to and click on the tab discovery. Jesus can't wait to hear from in Christ, we are full refreshed and free. Let the devil convince you to think negatively about God.

Instead, remember Jesus words come thanks for studying in God's word with us today.

Be sure to tune in next time for more timeless truths from Adrian Rogers online would find

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