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Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 6

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 9, 2021 9:23 am

Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 6

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 9, 2021 9:23 am

The Last of the Seven Names is the Classic Triple Threat. Lord God of Hosts - Yaweh - Elohim- Tsbowt

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Today on Bible wonders how fun we get to warmed about the last seven names of God that the Jews would lash you if you happen to misspell them. The last ones kind of interesting wells more than kind interesting.

It's just call it the classic triple threat when most people, when you hear this name of God in Scripture. It usually comes in three names usually hear it as the Lord God of hosts is with normally translated especially the King James version so you just take your Bible app. Whatever that may be an in the King James version. Do a search for Lord God of hosts, then that's the this is the name that were to be talking about today and so I thought I liked all the classic triple threat which I really think it's the classic triple threat on all sorts of levels as we'll talk about here throughout this episode so the word Lord is we've talked about is normally translated Lord would be Jehovah.

So if you say it is like I said in the classic triple threat you would say Jehovah and then Elohim being the second when they say God in is usually translated from Elohim, so it would be Jehovah Elohim and then the name that were actually talking about today is of hosts which you might've heard the God of Angel armies same concept but that word in Hebrew is the book and in the way that that spelled in Hebrew really gives you a gigantic sense of who this is, in that first letter. Although it may sound like an ass. It is actually is the sound because it has to do with this daddy which is a letter that really begins. The word tree which is kind of significant, but it also completely means righteousness and it is a force that I believe is one of the strongest forces in the universe like it is the force of the martyr is the force of the kamikaze you know Japanese pilots.

It's it's the force of so many of the zealots when you hear that Z zealots. If this concept of this is what is right and so I am willing to die on this hill.

This is where when I can go any further and so is truly the home-field advantage in so many different ways, but in your own life. What hill are you willing to die while that is is that he and and and not coincidental. Jesus died on that hill on a tree is anything about a tree. It always goes to the light. In other words, it always points towards the sun.

No matter what's going on with it and it is always righteous and this is very much this concept that this daddy and so one of the names of God for all of this is is that each and and then again it starts with this letters that he which completely means righteousness. It's an absolutely beautiful force, but when you think about it the God of Angel armies, which is this God or talk about today. He is completely willing to lay down his life that things would be right and this is the idea that first letter is just absolutely beautiful. Then the second letter again it goes back to the home-field advantage is that a bat and that that means kingdom, and also many different ways. It definitely means house and so this again is a concept of the home-field advantage when here standing in your home and you're willing to die for what's right. You know this is sort of the motive, the motivation of what this god of Angel armies is all about.

So put the sayyid together with the bat and you obviously get this concept of making it right in the house and then the third letter is in aleph which we talked about in all these different names of God's much but it definitely means that this is the top or the head of this particular house and again the leader of these armies is what were talking about here, and then you've got a vote which is can I connect all this to heaven in the last letter is a top which is the last letter in the acute Hebrew language is generally considered that this particular letter will be the letter that means truth because you only know the truth, to some extent at the end of the story and the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Is this time of, and it also if you go to the ancient way that the letter was written is actually across the state is kind of like gods in print on something when you see out of. At the end of the word. I mean it's it's currently God's signature on this particular word, and clearly. When you think about it that were working to see this god of Angel armies were going to see this host more than anyplace is at the end of the story because it. This force Jesus in his hose will make things right at the end of the story so you get this on all sorts of different levels that this is the God of the classic triple threat is you got this Jehovah Elohim is about. So one of the fun things I really do recommend you do is just go to your Bible app. Whatever that may be just Lord God of hosts on the King James version Bible and see all the places that you will find this particular name of God, you'll find it. David love to use this name of God, like what your parents called you when they were really mad. They would say no. My case Robert Bruce Delmore Junior come to NOL this is using the full thing when you say you know Jehovah Elohim know you're given at the full insult.

Obviously David a very passionate man in several at times you'll see this. He says this to the opposing armies that you know he's calling on the Lord God of hosts, and then the emphasis of that in the beautiful Miss Otis, you'll find it.

Also, again in the Psalms.

Several places you'll find it a lot and the prophets, both in Isaiah and Jeremiah. It's in Malachi, you know, again, just go on a fun trip, put it in your Bible Bible app and put Lord again using the classic triple threat Lord God of hosts, and you can wonder for yourself about this particular name of God

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