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Black History/Black Families/Black Abortions

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 23, 2021 3:20 pm

Black History/Black Families/Black Abortions

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 23, 2021 3:20 pm

Black History/Black Families/Black Abortions

Today Steve has a powerful and sobering conversation with Reverend Arnold M. Culbreath of the Douglass Leadership Institute about Black History, Black Families, Black Abortions, and Black Pastors.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble and now here's your host Steve Noble back. Hope you're having a great day at our movie.

February the end of black a free month and for a lot of people… I mean it would be triggered by everything Dragon triggered by everything get triggered by Coca-Cola but get triggered by white guilt.

I get triggered by whatever is going on. Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the election in this that the other thing and if I micro aggress you over the course of this hour, please forgive me, which happens all the time. I mean we we like to bark at the younger generation and calm snowflakes, but I think a lot of us are snowflakes. We get our Apple cards way too easily upset, especially if your man or woman of God. If your foundation is Jesus Christ, then you've got a firm foundation and you should not be rock 'n' roll and being tossed to and fro like a cork on the seas.

As we read the Scriptures because that would indicate that you're somehow a double minded person. If you're in Christ you should be anything but in on that firm foundation. So as we look at. We had several conversations this month.

Even yesterday talking about Coca-Cola and the Muppets and all these things that are whiteness and Robin D'Angelo and that whole mass and a rate for white fragility and all these things, it's helpful to actually talk about black history month with somebody who has well I guess I could just say, been there done that and is still living that out. Great men of God. 36 years in the ministry now.

Rev. Arnold Culbreth, great to hear from you brother. Thanks for calling him and congratulations, thank you.

You're very welcome.

36 years. That's a long time. How are you feeling about that.

Your outstanding brother feel like I'm just getting started and just really getting struck.

That's that's awesome congratulations and we certainly appreciate your willingness to be on especially her faithfulness over over all these years, but also when you hear that the phrase Black history month that from your own perspective. Growing up as an African-American take us down, your reaction to that and how you look at black history in America and I'd love you to share a little bit of your own story as well. Reverent convert into cover a lot of ground today, but I want to make sure we everybody gets a chance to know that about you personally. Great thing. I do wish you know with significant contribution that black in America have made it almost think like a ninja to only get one month in the shortest month out of the year. That made me really what we what we get. While I celebrate Black history month as a black American author grandfather United States Army veteran and all of the thing. I also worked very diligently and intentionally. As far as bringing as barriers that people group together. You know think you're navigating through now as we're moving toward the manifestation of you know John, chapter 17, where Jesus prayed that we might all be wanted father wanted. We look at Revelation 7 and nine were John talked about his vision on the island of Patmos where he thought every people and nation in kindred, and tongue worshiping around the Lamb getting a glimpse into what it will be like in heaven throughout eternity. We we toward things that help us get along better here on earth. While it celebrating contribution that each of us is made as people group. I been talking to some friends that are older than me, 20, 30 years older than I am in and they been lamenting about the state of race relations in America right now, circa 20, 21, and sing for them from their perspective Arnold that it's actually actually gets worse today than it was even in the late 60s where you think were at as a nation when it comes to relations between Blacks and whites in just the state of African-Americans and in everything that were dealing with right now. Great question. Back in the day you will group that you're talking about older Dan, how old you are. Nine people older than you know looked at rates relation very differently and you know you knew who quote unquote the enemy was it you will.

I'm not talking Ephesians chapter were not against flesh and blood power dark wicked I'm talking about and taken it and non-ally with skin okay then you knew your enemy was because of lynching because of Jim Crow laws and slavery and all of that going on nowadays it harder to learn and differentiate those enemies are so while I am very optimistic very excited and I keep my focus on the Lord and his plans and purposes rather than what I be on earth, looking to ship them to change the culture theory. By the week. We've got a long long way to go all that glass job speed with with the murder of George Lloyd just last year that all the resulting activity is that came out of that with the black lives matter movement in the parts that we can get behind. As followers of Christ and people that believe in justice and the parts that we have to obviously repudiate and so that there's never been a need or coming up a break here in a little bit reverent because never been a greater need in my life anyway.

At this point of for discernment because there's this truth mixed in with lies.

There's movements that are both obviously spiritually based. But that manifesting quite powerfully in the natural and we seen that probably more in the last year than we ever have, at least in modern history with things like I critical race theory, and you're talking about the role the biblical worldview, where we understand the diversity of everything but the unity that's only brought about through the gospel of Jesus Christ and we see something I critical race theory which anyone asking about which is just continuing to divide deeper and wider as I know the devil is loving but that's not art that's that's obviously not our message as Christians right directly right yeah we we got a lot of work to things that break is that the more more agitation, more traction you will just this conversation with the church in seasons one way try talking to reverie Culbreth row with Frederick Douglass leadership Institute will be right back here in America.

Arnold Culbreth is the director of ministry engagement with the Douglass leadership Institute, which is also, sister, or organization of just the Frederick Douglass Institute, and I just an incredible organization for the Frederick Douglass.

Obviously, an American hero great thinker deep thinker conservative thinker many ways in somebody that we should all know more about. And so, but to learn more about black history in a talk to our black brothers and sisters in Christ about these things. Let's not let the culture dictate to us as the Rev. was saying listen this is that this is the mantle of leadership that should be here in the church based on the clear calling of Scripture for us as we look at unity and a and we really have missed that boat reverent. Again, thanks for being with us today and and I think is the church we should be leading, but right now I don't think were doing a very good job. No to the church is lagging rather than delete it where we come out of 20/20 and God Rachel Andrea flashed up with the brutal murder of George Lloyd. One day long litany of main, you know, being killed in the situation that needs to be, but I am, and I stated, grateful that you know it caused all the eyes not only patient but world look at the job we got, you know, under employment unemployment. As a result of the pandemic. We just came out of you know, I'm the national election. You know, and we got boiling pot stuff going on and that sure not the church but world and even the government is looking for with their looking for insight they're looking for direction and it really to come from the church. So if there was ever a time to hear the voice of God speak the voice of God directly from the word of God is now as I was I was bringing a bunch of Scripture into the conversation yesterday on the show and I was talking about that some of the training that you can get to through some of the Coca-Cola stop and then you know Robin D'Angelo stuff out there and in whiteness and white guilt and white fragility and all this kind of stuff when you hear about all that stuff because it's obviously part of the wall culture it's part of the liberal culture as well that all of a sudden you know you're guilty by the mere this is that the ironic flip of the whole thing that based on your skin color. I can make all kinds of assumptions about who you are what you think and what you believe what you think is how dangerous is that this whole kind of notion of white fragility, white guilt and I critical race theory reverent from your perspective is, is there anything good there, which we have to discern our way through it. It's obscene, fomenting a lot of division what your take on that will think that we learned that we possibly can. Reading. Books like you're talking about right fragility, color, color of law, you know. Is very important but the most important book we need to read a lot, is the word of God, you know, when we talk about the different colored that you are not where you know it it what the purpose I believe about celebrating rather than tolerating one another and I'm so tired speed book here and people well you know God is colorblind, no, no, he got knocked out of them.

Additional God, you know, and for him to intentionally put out different colored it for celebrate and to enjoy benefits to learn from to be strengthened by their even be challenged by one another and are very perspective yet which also requires a conversation and some assistance much needed assistance from the power the Holy Spirit for us to cut each other some slack in the big, graceful and to be patient and be able to stay in a conversation, even when it's a little awkward or difficult upfront and that's that's of the problem with our culture right now is is not a lot of conversation going on. I wanted to ask you Arnold about that video I saw recently of you doing some teaching and some training with some young black boys because I think that's a huge part of the problem here is is we can sit around and talk about black history and we can talk about these issues amongst ourselves as adults. What you think about the younger people in America specifically African-Americans in their understanding of this context, and in Europe and Africa American history whereas the nation now we know we've got many issues, not like rebar board for the day.

But when we look at the black family you know you go back 70 you know we had more impact than the black family. We have now. I've heard recently what 82% success for a lot of reasons, one of which is the high number of incarceration and fed state. Many low level drug you know that pullback Colorado. I'm not excusing. We got a crime you need to do the time. So I get all of that all of that arose that the family back to your question though, and the benefit of being fathered and being monitored and have kind of I get off the school, but the ability like you saw me in that video. We need to pack that we can't be busy making a living that we fail to live you know and as we got in the two men, home, wife, work, and the husband working you know the helmet is often left you left vulnerable and like all African proper you know it takes a village. When I grew up you know if just talking down the street with your behind cheesecake with his got home. In my mind I you now you know. But it didn't help that backbone and unconscious around so what was going on what they look like you are maybe in a school setting. What was going on with those young guys.

What were you doing yeah I'm cool setting.

These were the seventh and eighth grader and I was asked to come in and just run old school with many, many years after you, for I love young people and one young man to be in the video that had his hand over his mouth. He had used up all the right and had another outburst he was going out in the hall, literally hand over the mouth. But that that night sleep. The Lord gave me that little rat responsibility that you thought he gave me that imagery and I shared that with the boy and they loved it and talk through choices and responsibilities. I incorporated the word of God, but did in a way that that would make it a relatable to them and they loved it there still: for me to come back and those are just basic life principles and obviously we could spend all day just in the book of Proverbs and back, and all the all that up a choices and responsibilities and in I'm just fearful that those conversations aren't happening, especially in on most of our schools because there's another agenda play there trying to take him down the road of Marxism socialism, what have you, but not really talk about these principles which all harken back to the word of God obscene for us and I think that that's we see that manifested all across the culture, others black, white or otherwise write your app will be right and that on lot and again I'm going to extrapolate now just black hole every body classical first ladder understand you not wanting anything better for your children and Band-Aids work for you but for my time climbing the corporate ladder is left undone.

You really help you write back talking reverent Culbreth is noble talking reverent Arnold over the day Douglas leadership 236 years celebrating that as well as his anniversary and Arnold. I did not. I think I seen this on your Facebook page and social media stuff before but I do know that you are also a saxophone player I I went every year on ED. Artist at the local eating out on every digital music program, so cool, play their gods gifted you in a lot of different ways, and I want a blessing that you can still do that and use that as part of your ministry so cool and God just lavishes those kinds of blessings on us if were willing to take him up on the offer sets that so cool and again congratulations on 36 years of ministry.

Let let's talk about the life issue Arnold because I know this is near and dear to your heart. This is obviously a huge issue has been a Holocaust deck level problem in our country and specifically amongst the African-American population where it's like three to wind the abortions taking place on I'm standing outside of an abortion clinic. Most Saturdays of the year with my friends. I love life out of Charlotte North Carolina on just this past Saturday. There were about 14 women inside.

10 of them were African-Americans and the rest were aware of the three others were white and one was Hispanic, but every Saturday. It's the vast majority of women inside their getting abortions or African-American. So let's talk about that in the context of a black history month because this is obviously a massive massive scar and evil on our nation's history in general. It really talk in general there about one out of every five pre-born Merrick afforded 2500 day time line of our nation quote about hundred 85 the image of God baby all night.


Fortunately out of the 2 million about 20 million of them have been black. Now let me give you get the list of a Porsche and population compare in 1960 18,871,831 black living in America.

According to the United States Bureau 18,871,831 black living in America since 1973 we boarded about 20 million black babies so we boarded the entire black population.

I would say that the problem yeah I mean it's it's it's unbelievable. And a lot of people are not comfortable talking about. Obviously the racist roots behind Planned Parenthood and behind the movement in general and and going all the way back to eugenics and coming out of coming out of the Civil War and in and it's just it's heartbreaking to me but it seems like do you think that there is there some growing traction. Another Church of God in Christ has a couple years ago at their convocation. St. Louis Bishop wins a good friend of mine. I know are our mutual friend Dean Nelson's good friends with him and they were the only black denomination I know of. Praise God that that set up a specific unit to start dealing with the abortion issue inside their own churches, but it is is do you think that's growing in prominence in terms of the African-American community to really start owning the just the horrific heartbreaking realities of abortion as it relates to the black community. Yet.

Growing traction in that regard. Unfortunately, it is not enough that we work long and hard to try to increase that traction going back to Margaret Bangor calendar which we call control league of America and you know but are looking for may not wrote a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble 1939 of the Procter & Gamble and was the American eugenics by relative to our strategy, and moreover the devil strategy infiltrate the black community, she said we should hire three or four: preferably with Postal Service background with engaging personality, the most educational approach to the Negro religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out.

We want to exterminate the Negro population as a minister man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs. Therefore, rebellion. Thank you so yet we feel like the Douglas leadership that minister male and female preachers that we believe God desires to win them and educate them and to release them to track the troop regarding the issue to the first part that was in active Margaret Bangor and what we call the Negro project that is that that it digital strategy infiltrate our community so we launched what we call Jeremiah 1 and five project and we now have over 500 black that don't and what are they signing on to do because that's that that's really encouraging to hear that a great question what your mom wanted five new living translation reads like God speaking to Jeremiah and he said I knew you before you and your mother will before you were born that you will park you as my prophet nation. Three things with the first leap off the pages of the Bible. The first thing the is the purview of God.see and know even second thing we see God acknowledges the role right and acknowledged Jeremiah fail him as a person we see the purview of God the personhood of God. And thirdly God because were all called to do something special.

Jeremiah will call the prophet nation so what what pastors are signing on to do is three thing pray.

Born into abortion to preach that life comes from God and precious and should be protected and to promote this project by fighting and recruiting if you will appear to follow. I don't know how many men and women I've talked to the past couple decades the bed X.

If they just including my precious wife who had an abortion.

Two years before we met father is a pastor.

She father. She just wouldn't hurt to completely change the game regarding the shocking reality and a great reminder that you know and I and I can maybe maybe there's far too many pastors that does have an inferiority complex, and think that they really can make a difference and a lot of them.

I know struggle with bringing up something that they know there's a decent chance. A good chunk of their own congregations can be upset when they come out and preach a pro-life message because the politics what what when you're doing this and I just put up a link for the Jeremiah 15 project. Arnold, thanks for telling us about that what one of the biggest challenges in in trying to bring a black minister around to be able to pick this up to to praying to preach and to promote what is some of the big challenges big hurdles got to get him over what we do. Leadership we build relationship with the actor of 30+ years so I know the challenges of pastoring. I know that pastoral ministry is one of the loneliest minute. I say that because people walk to you for what they can get me that an interrogatory can't just lay there looking for were good looking for cuts there looking for some resource you know so most of the time when the benediction is given and everybody everybody believe you're standing there with your own humanity you know and sometimes that can be very lonely. We are just building relationship and loving when I meet with pastors. I want to know how he wife family doing them.

Once we establish that now got a plan for life.

Okay now we gotta talk about the political side of abortion because a lot of people say well it's a political issue. So I said and I challenge my pro-life dock day that abortion is not a political issue. Okay because if it was passed by 722 vision of a praying court and now law via weight and don't.

It is a political now we look at polygraph Manor class the different sized life different. It what you mean is the bigger slice abortion is a moral imperative is that God is biblical mandate that the bigger slice than the political flight bay that but don't say it's not a political issue, so I helped him with that. I don't care if your Democrat Republican independent charter right Green party what are you going to do preacher relative to the word of God and the issue of life that might challenge that I am not trying to get into all the channels just become another level more whole. Talking to Rev. Arnold Culver is the director of ministry engagement at the Douglas leadership Institute. I got the link for the Douglas Facebook five page as well as Jeremiah 15 project will be right back bending wealth in our lives are brother Rev. Arnold in a breath use with the Douglas leadership Institute a pastor himself celebrating 36 years in the ministry and we thank God for all those years and I look forward to many more to come and reverent. So if I ever hear Dean Nelson or something ever tells me hey Rev. Rev. Arnold retired Dominic remind you that retirement simply is not really an option for us Christians slow down okay.

I'm fine with that but now I want to go out with a blaze of glory and not just in a whimper my way into the heaven at the end but I really appreciate you Arnold and I'm glad we got to know each other a little bit and and really appreciate what you're doing for the cause of Christ and in for the country and I want to go back to what you're talking about is were talking about the life issue and I think it's so important information for you as a pastor, know this and I think a lot of us out here in the pulpit out here in the pews. Forget how neglected a pastor can be an intake wheat we come to them for it with our problems and we need help and we need this we take and we taken we take and then you show up with the Douglas leadership. Instead, you want to talk to about the Jeremiah 15 project hey this is another thing hey pastor, we want to do this, we want you to preach on this and there's not even a relationship there that really struck me Arnold that all of a sudden were doing the exact same thing. What is asking were not giving or not serving a course at second work right. We love we come along. Look.lift up their hand and wanted things I train pack.

Long time, it will be in my book relief is helping him to identify what I've all life to identify one man one woman. These leaders with interest in the church that we can come alongside porting to put resources and after determining how frequently what the reporting back to him look like for you freeze them up for not directly be to do the menu theater pipeline would light up.

That's right I tell I with pastors, whether it was when we are doing evangelistic things here with Greg Laurier when I was doing on activism, life issues, whatever we were doing and we are shown at the pastors and then after a while.

After couple years of beating my head on the door. I'm like okay I think it had a different way to assess okay pastor, all I need is your blessing then you help me find the people in your church that connection you do the leg work you hold accountable. They need answer to you, but I'm not asking you to add anything else your plate.

I just need your blessing and access and help you find the right people in your case you're talking about lieutenants for life and they can do they can do the heavy lifting.

Of course, you also need a pastor that's willing to stand in the pulpit and speak the truth and and I like what your screen earlier Arnold about when we say is it's not political because were trying to Christianize it is primarily the foundation only it's a biblical moral issue, but it manifests in the political world.

Whether you like it or not. And so it lets Duchess realities got a deal that to ignore that.

I don't think you're going to get many pastors to come around. If you say is not a political issue. While tub 85 or 90% of their congregation. It certainly has exactly exactly that people need to realize when we talk to the actors we have to help them male and female pastors we have to help them. If there is abortion in their personal lives. Yet there are characters that are currently speaking. The bank gripped their heart and I got a dear friend in Dayton Ohio apostle Arthur Wyer who came and confessed before his church even though the portion that he and his wife first lady, as we call them in the black community here abortion before he even preaching the gospel that very to come before his congregation that and it started a positive tidal wave that people started to raise their hands were posterboard up as well. As a matter fact, my precious wife will be at church on this coming Monday and we will do a conversational bowel message rather than a traditional sermon where both of these two precious women are going to share, share their stories so that one Pete the other people pastor can hear the message part can be broken to address the issue.

But he goes back to his wife may be posterboard of an eagle, where the Bible calls the husband how an EE I've been married long enough to know that the neck might want to address the issue and she can shut him down one other example Steve and that is when the right to life a person pregnancy or director or mapper goes to that church make a presentation or gift literature. What they interface first and foremost with the geeky ministry at that front. She may be posterboard of an eagle need to get information to the senior leadership team right all of those dynamics (play yeah yeah yeah it makes perfect sense and it such a powerful message for all of us and by the way, if you're out there of your follower of Jesus Christ. And you're on this side of an abortion, but your born-again the blood of Jesus Christ is far more powerful than even the blood of all 62 million babies you think that's the unforgivable sin.

It is not. And even though you're saved and forgiven. You may still be carrying that will and and that's what you're talking about. So we are trying to get people engaged. It's like all these people have cancer and you just ignore it and you expect them to take up his mantle when they're still sick themselves and haven't been freed about it so important especially think about that. This is really hitting me Arnold in the black church in the black community where abortion is happening at three times the rate and you got all kinds of victims and broken people all over the place.

No wonder they don't want to talk about it because they've never actually dealt with it and that I'm so glad you said that because it's really convicting to me and how I look at it. I agree with you sharing that really male or female people so much on you and I don't want to minimize with every pregnancy with the action of Mary the mother of all that's right abortion to different Planned Parenthood 1331 in America had at least one abortion by 40 okay and many of them sitting silently read that we can get that your mom wanted box project that here's another challenge be will will get the information of the fire.NA and preach the message sometime ignorantly and I mean that in the most positive but lacking lacking knowledge ignorantly preached the message with fire and brimstone, whether I really feel like they don't need the love of God will export that we ship our words should be great.

We trained how to lastly ready to do what I know that because the leaders of America, clutched her chest.

The reality help him to have a practical baby practical baby step, to just simply add to their altar appeal after they preach.

If you had an abortion God can forgive how love and grace manner makes me think about what you know what's leads to repentance was God beating over the head with your said not what the Bible is the kindness of God that leads to repentance. I said that's what killed me when I finally cross that line.

Arnold was, I knew I understood I was swimming in my guild and in my sin for months and crying virtually early day and I'm sending I understand this and I'm I'm so fallen. I'm so dirty and so wicked. Yet back. I climbed on it got allowed himself to be beaten, abused and crucified for me and he just offers me forgiveness. I just put my hand in his hand that set and I got I the kindness of God overwhelms me and drove me to my knees and drove me to the gospel. It was the kindness of God. You know you almost bring you made it clear not just with your effective and what you should but man I I just way on a daily basis that that God's people every body but I am saying to Mindy have been staying so long that they get what you just you know people don't need to be. Pete over to hear people don't need to be now gathered a place for letting people know that was going to know the kindness of God that leads to repentance and you don't understand is kindness until you understand your wickedness. That's the full counsel of God. You preinstall counsel got that's all thing is amazing and that such a powerful thing. Let's deal with the brokenness that's of clear result of abortion inside the church and then as those people get healed and free, they will become you know this because you've been around these people. I am to the posterboard of men and women that all of a sudden get to the front of the line and are speaking out have the most powerful testimony of anybody and yet I think he'll ever get Revelation 11 blood of the lamb and the word like my white light so that's what got Bernardo Culbreth. God bless you brother thank you so much for your time analyzing your friendship and will not will talk again real soon. Okay talk to later. Thanks so much on the website EL leadership DL.were usually sharing on social media put on the thing someone my page today as well ceiling and proclamation in that order.

This is the noble Michelle gobbling up again real soon. Like my dad always

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