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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Stephen Black (Equality Act)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 25, 2021 3:31 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Stephen Black (Equality Act)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 25, 2021 3:31 pm

If the Democrats' Equality Act passes, it will be the greatest governmental assault on Christianity any of us have ever seen. Is there a way to derail this legislation before it quashes freedom of religion for good? I'll talk it over with Stephen Black, executive director of First Stone Ministries. That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone.

I saw you know are you transplant to move forward today on the deceptively named equality act, which not only would end the legal recognition of biological sex and destroy women's sports but also marked the triumph of so-called gay rights over freedom of religion is protected under the First Amendment. It really is that dire. We have been warning.

As you know about this legislation for a very long time. It passed the house before now. It's going to for the house again with the Democrats in control of all of Congress and the White House. This dream legislation of big gain its progressive allies could become law, but could this all fall apart as sexual radicals find waning Republican support for the bill in the Senate, even among senators like Matt run a very interesting and what's more former cosponsors Sen. Susan Collins of Maine now says she won't cosponsor the bill. It seems that's because she's mad at the human rights campaign. It's getting a little bit dramatic out there were to get some thoughts now from Stephen black Executive Director first on ministries. Always a joy to have you here Stephen how are you I'm good thank you all are to be with you.

I didn't expect to be able to bring any kind of hope to this particular discussion until I was reading about some of these monkey wrenches that may be in the mix here. Whether or not the Senate would actually pass the equality act. It's looking a little dire right now and I'm not sure how happy we should get but this really is a big big deal is, and that you been found. Following this in tracking this for a long time you do and what would be put on all American and even the church and your people are really pretty I think are na´ve about what the Democrats really are proposing, but the situation of the good news so I'm not holding my breath. I have hope for Republican courage in the past so we'll see what happens when we will.

So let's go over some of the basics here.

For starters, the equality act would amend five of the federal civil rights law by adding sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes and there are all sorts of implications.

Sports is one angle, but for the church and particularly Stephen for what you do as a minister you help people really deal with their sexual brokenness to the transforming part power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I talk a little bit if you would about what this will do to Christians and particularly to ministries like yours. Well that is a great question because a lot of people when we bring the think they will, but that only a federal issue that will only you know of fact like federal organizations and that's just not an accurate because we were ready know what the human rights campaign people like the Southern poverty Law Center and what their game plan is and that is the absolute radical normalization of LGBT Q and that + at every level of society and they have stated themselves like the human rights campaign have stated that they they issues must be eroded though they don't use the word loaded, but must be infiltrated to bring about what even some evangelicals have called sexual minority status with even the church and and how they start this Janet is really very methodical. So go start with the equality act and that you know they started with the resolution. Now we have resident by signing on Inauguration Day is discrimination policy, which is basically an executive order of the same thing and and how this happens and then at city Council level ordinances are path and then County levels, and then they go into the University and then they go into unions and and other employment agencies. The five know the 500 different major players of employment in the United States that that no control billions and billions of dollars of employment income and they force what they call inclusivity and sensitivity into the employment area. This will affect all medical industry insurance and of course the NEA national education Association goes in all the way to kindergarten level normalizing. What is this LGBT Q behavior which is not immutable and so they want to make it equal to actual heterosexual immutability, which is inmate biological.

It is not just a mere behavior heterosexuality heterosexuality is the created intent of God and his divine intention for human sexuality. So what they're going to do is there now going to teach our children that LGBT Q behaviors are normative to mommy and daddy and must be accepted as the same thing as mommy and daddy, which scientifically and, of course, biblically we, the truth is on our side on these issues. So this is this is huge. What's happening in our country. What is, in fact, it was interesting to note that the Catholic league called the equality act, the most comprehensive assault on Christianity ever written into law, Ryan Anderson from the heritage foundation has said that religious schools adoption agencies, other charities would face federal sanction for operating according to basic biology and mainstream biblical teaching on sex and marriage and this is something that I think can't be overstated.

Stephen what they're really talking about in this equality act is getting rid essentially of the religious Freedom restoration act which was put into place in order to protect religious liberty. They're just gonna say there are no religious exemptions for any of this. This is terrifying and unconstitutional.

I would argue, but they don't really seem to care that they don't care. I mean, look what happened with this whole begins with the impeachment they they absolutely do not care. They have an ideology and and really it is. Secular humanism is a religion and LGBT Q is an and I know some people it's shocking to hear but it really is a cult mentality. It is a faith based issue for them in secular humanism based upon the day of their behaviors and their desires being normative to what we as Christians know is the divine intention the creation of God and assaulting it. And so you know it. That is, in itself, something that really does need to be in unpacked because you have this faith based issue with the human rights campaign also eroding in the church and you have players in very high places that it brought a normalization they call it even. Sexual minorities continue to really align with human rights campaign, and that's really what people need to understand this is been the work of activists for a very long time. We had the employment nondiscrimination act that was introduced for about 20 years in Congress and could never make any headway because people understood what the applications were if you start, you know, bringing in sexual orientation and gender identity as if there immutable characteristics which and decidedly they are not. So what they started doing and it's kinda goes back to what you just said Stephen. They went around starting a Houston remember Annise Parker. They get a lesbian mayor with the bathroom bell and and that whole you. Nothing blew up and then they started going all these other cities and smaller jurisdictions and trying to get these laws passed.

This is a relentless activist cause and I just like you said at the outset, I think the church is extremely na´ve. Maybe they're beginning to wake up a little bit, but people need to get on the horn and really let their voices be heard before these boats take place. You have a really good because this will be an all-out assault of the normalization of LGBT Q and people really do need to understand what that is.

That's the normalization of sodomy and other very debased practice sexual practices that I can even mention on air, they would they would need to go and get the book, homosexuality in the medical consequences and read it for themselves and the CDC statistics on what goes on.

And then, but the thing is is that fee and that Q and that + and so now were normalizing mental illness mental trauma with people that want to change their gender, which is you know you can change that now you can take a very short pause will be back with Stephen black from first on ministries discussing quality acts hi this is Janet Mefford.

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Stephen black is with me from first on ministries is interesting Stephen to note that the house is apparently not even to have hearings or a committee vote.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to have some hearings and that should be more interesting. They're just gonna go right for the vote.

It looks like it's gonna pass in the house but let's go over some more of the provisions here.

Some of the consequences of the equality act. For example, the equality act as the family research Council points out would jeopardize women's privacy and safety so they be expanding public accommodations to mean that females would no longer have privacy in public bathrooms, locker room, showers, or even battered women's shelters and can you imagine if a wife or girlfriend who was being beaten up by her husband or partner ends up in a women's shelter and a man comes in, dressed as a woman and gets to be right next to her immediate talk about trauma. This is just evil. What they're proposing to do well and it is in you have to correct with their their crazy talk and that they now even try to redefine the term woman and so you actually have to now communicate biologically born female. Biologically born male because they now want to hijack and even bring payoff and distortion to that which is fundamental to that which should be common and you even have the speaker of the house is wanting to do this in the way that our representatives communicate about gender and sex mean you could fit this is like a a nightmare horror story fantasy that something Hollywood came up with that. As you know, demons coming up out of the pit. This is the though the level of craziness that is now been trying to be mainstreamed and normalized to our children and it is a direct assault on women. It is a minimization of the beauty of femininity where the sum of the fact of it is an attack on children. They want to give hormone blockers to prepubescent developing meant males and females to stop their there there just their natural growing budding sexuality and becoming male and female in you know their development and they held their even proposing that there be slush fund for these children to get the hormones and the surgery. Janet this is this is again to what is right beside spiritually as demonic as abortion and now it's a full-fledged assault on females and their especially targeting the females that have healthy breast removal as a poor part of a normal developmental part of of our teenage body will write what they want to switch the culture to write and it would also force doctors who provide legitimate hormone treatments and surgeries for patients with certain physical conditions to offer those treatments to individuals with gender dysphoria were back to this forced situation where you have to do something against her conscience. We got the female athletes now having to face biological males competing in women's sports which is ridiculous. Something else that would that needs to be mention I think is the equality act as people have pointed out, could erode parental rights to me, we were always ready seen in Ohio for example those parents who declined to give their child hormone treatments because they didn't agree with this. I'm up, the opposite sex, and they lost their parental rights.

Stephen, I mean the visiting parent and writer. The dad in Texas who had the little boy with the crazy mom wanting to do the same thing with the little boy in transition here right and you note this is absolutely an assault on not just parental rights but the actual definition of what family is that of course they been doing that for years with the homosexual agenda but now were going to bring payoff gender and sexuality project.

It is tragic and going back to the religious freedom issue again. The family research Council has outlined this the equality ask expansion of public accommodations could require churches and houses of worship to violate their beliefs regarding how they use their facilities. It's changes to employment law would prohibit some houses of worship from ensuring their clergy and employees abide by their doctrines or beliefs about marriage sexual behavior in the distinction between the sexes.

We seen this during the pandemic. This very thin line between church and state. When the state wants to get in the church's business and shut us down. This is very very scary and something else that a lot of people don't know is the equality could be the most pro-abortion legislation to pass the house in a decade.

This is huge. This is huge.

It would add sex discrimination as a protected class and then define prohibitions on sex discrimination to include preventing, treating, pregnancy or related medical condition which could include abortion less favorably than other physical conditions. So it would essentially create an abortion mandate as well. That's how bad this is so bad, or Planned Parenthood actually licking their lips on the idea of being able in the already moving forward with providing hormone blockers and sex education for the transgender, and a whole another line of business, then just take it and they know what the moneymakers are. It's just exploitation. It's unbelievable. You know going back to where this is headed. I'd mentioned before that Sen. Susan Collins, whose pro-LGBT apparently got mad at the human rights campaign because they had endorsed her in previous elections, but not in 2020.

Now she told the Washington Blade which is a game media outlet. She will not cosponsor it there, actually kinda worried about the Republicans because they have to find 10 Republicans in order to reach the 60 votes needed to end a filibuster on this legislation.

And that's because the chamber has this 50-50 split.

So who knows how Collins is going to go. Ronnie said he won't vote for this. Now you have to go for. For example, Rob Portman. That's one of the people there working on because Rob Portman has a gay son and people like Lisa Murkowski but Republicans is a lot of Republicans to have to get especially when a lot of people are mad on the transgender issue having boys playing girl sports that seems to be the one that is really upsetting people across the board.

Well, we need to bring to light that + because the American psychological creation dumb down the idea of pedophilia being something that is bad right if they've normalized the idea by calling it minor attracted per person. Prepubescent and youth attracted a person owes pubescent and that those are legitimate orientations.

This is, you know that Epstein island type mentality actually going on behind the scenes and very few people understand you know we we sell these alarms. Janet, you and I been talking about this. You know the week even when we did the God voice conference. We been found in the alarms on this for years and people think all WorkStream here it is. Here is on the doorsteps.

And you know what I want to get your take on this as well. Stephen because according to some of these reports if they can't get the number of Republicans in the Senate that they need. There is talk from a Republican lobbyist about making a compromise along the lines of the fairness for all act now this is a boondoggle if I ever heard one. It's this idea that will please just give us our religious rights alongside your gay rights think this goes because I've said from the very beginning, all that will happen is ~okay fine you can have your religious right okay will strip them with the next piece of legislation.

I'm scared about this.

I really am. Because these Republicans better not buy into this trick, it's along the lines of how they got Obama care past.

We won't do anything to make you pay for abortion and it was a total lie. These people cannot is rusted.

That's right, because in the box of the Democrat value system is deception and evil and it needs to be plainly called what it is and in the box of the na´ve Republican. It is being almost every single time the trade and and that's because of their 90 day activity They need to wake up and realize you can't box and evil once you let out evil always wants to destroy. And that's what we have to stand up with the standard of God's ways in God's word and end, and to be the light horse compassionately. This is because you or I or any of anybody that is God fearing God loving against gay people are LGBT Q were tired of this being shut down our our value systems and now coming up for the church in Janet. This should be said to what they will also do the human rights campaign in the Southern poverty Law Center.

These people are very susceptible and they have a plan. So they go in and they mandate this insurance company sent banking and then they go after the church that way. So if you can have employees that need insurance or our banks or and and as we've seen social media Internet uses we saltpeter the barbers you know website taken down because of a gay activist mass resistance. Several other ministries have had these LGBT Q attacks what you think happens when they when they soak all get the equality act, which is actually special right to dominate the culture. Yes, you think happens that yeah exactly and right Anderson is another example. I quoted him earlier from the heritage foundation. I interviewed him on his book a while back when Harry became selling it's about the transgender movement now Amazon is kicked his book to the curb, but that was on the heels of a lot of our other friends getting their books kicked to the curb on Amazon. Anybody who tells the truth about homosexuality, it seems, and gives people hope for turning away from it or even on this transgender issue now people are not allowed to reach you.

I mean, this is pure Orwellian estimates just absolutely blatant and they say they do not now. I mean it used to be several they don't care about their plans for censoring the voice of righteous and the gospel of Jesus Christ day. Of course our neighbors to the north. They've already called it a speech, but anyone that communicates freedom from homosexuality, but people think that were craving or that were being somewhat melodramatic here. All they have to look at is what about their the issue of what the ruse term conversion therapy yet they morning. Been attacking the idea of helping people and now they call it conversion therapy ministries our ministry and many many ministries and then the we have to turn Stephen, thank you so much for being with us. Stephen black and first on ministries. We really appreciate you always bless you to listening to Jennifer today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet you're listening to Janet Mefford today and so will the Democrats eventually succeed in their quest for a public health care option. While Democrat Senators Michael Bennett and Tim Kane are pushing forward with renewed legislation.

Pres. Biden also has supported the idea, the road to expanding government insurance options without Republicans on board.

Maybe a steep climb. Let's hope so anyway.

What is the future of American healthcare look like as we head into the next four years were to get some thoughts on it now from Machpelah's chief communications officer for liberty health national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry. Thanks for joining us again.

Well this is interesting.

The public option is now being pushed once again.

What you make of it will separately force field goal with whoever by the employees by the court was vice president with the original oral care act, wouldn't the place and there have been back-and-forth about how much government interaction. The help you and Barry lying to Congress as it pertains to a public option.

You can show that they are about the work they public option, but want to increase subsidies want to increase a way for people to get better insurance but this is all a way all of the Bible is all changing your chairs on the deck of the Titanic here in terms of public input into healthcare has shown to be rather disastrous increased healthcare costs decreased access to the healthcare virtually little communities where we have seen many hospitals close up 7% close within the nation. So what were seeing with a greater import of the government that the healthcare were single, lower access to the higher expense so we need to have a methodology by which we first) you get that more with market-based principle more people a part of the healthcare marketplace having actual patient their healthcare rather than disassociated third-party bureaucrats, but we need to help more indirection by the public with their will, rather than a public option or government intrusion.

Yeah, and you look at what some of the other Democrats have been pushing for, they want universal coverage through Medicare for all and so there's kind of a division in the house there, but which would you say some of the problems were seen or stemming from a problematic system in the first place because I know you and I have discussed that before you know it you have a completely different model at liberty health then a lot of people are used to with insurance that they may purchase to their employer, but what the system we have in America for healthcare.

What are your overall thoughts about the way it's structured well. I will for our medical care or not, absolutely the best bill. You can get in the world just as it pertains to how you pay for though it's a very broken system because it weighs heavily on this third-party payment system and it is that third-party payment that was championed by government policy for the past it has been utilized by disassociated bureaucrats who have been calling the shots in healthcare that have done nothing but again will I raise prices decreased access though that's part of the reason why will you help share the organizations like ours with other healthcare should ministries exist. We want to run first trip to put the responsibility of the liberty the freedom back into the hands of the individual patient to make those pain patients who work guiding correctly bandaging our own healthcare and then backed up by a community of individuals who will be there for you to help pay medical bills that are unexpected and unaffordable changes the entire paradigm shift when you say okay I'm going to prepay for my healthcare. Hopefully someday, whenever I meet somebody actually there.

Whatever it didn't, or ought to be a part of the community under the support of the members who were to be and whenever I admit the they will support me as well. It's a completely different shift in thinking, but it's one who started his cults well is very very true. And it's interesting. I was looking at some of these stats from the Kaiser family foundation, and they had estimated 2 to 3 million people in December lost employer-based health coverage.

I mean that's that's a staggering amount of people and I was thinking of his health will wait a minute I thought Obama care was supposed to solve everything, but I mean have you seen people come on, with liberty house or who are in that situation where whether it was because the pandemic or related issues.

They've lost their employer coverage. And now they're saying will now what if I if I go to some other kind of program it's gonna be prohibitively expensive, but healthcare sharing is a totally different story will after this year we saw millions upon millions of lost their jobs and lost their healthcare due to it and we saw millions of people who do not qualify for any type of shots of New York or dependent or any kind of funding for the government to actually purchase healthcare. There have been a lot of people seeking alternative option when it comes to purchasing healthcare. We have three people code wasn't fixed it all up in my robe. I do have the one sold out and when people start to understand what help your children really use a start to make those connections that this is what you would normally do. If ever you had a situation in your life that was unexpected and unaffordable. It would be your friend, your family, your neighbors and community church in Turkey in those times of need for that support what we thought we just taken that concept systematized put some technology behind it made it much more effective and efficient to do everything we can to bring down the cost of healthcare to make sure that our members are paying for as little as possible for the highest greatest care that entire program that starts to open people's lives to save.

There are other ways to take care of healthcare bills and high cost healthcare outside of third-party payment insurance that make much more sense and do a lot more to you increase stability and decrease the cost lot right now.

When you mention private pay. People are familiar with that concept where you pay out of pocket rather than give them an insurance card like like other people do bad people may have some questions mad about how the system works so you go into your doctor or you have to go to the hospital and for a lot of people. The question is will how do my bills get paid on used to the insurance way of doing things with liberty house or how do I make sure that my healthcare expenses are being paid. What kind of role does liberty healthcare taken that regard radically functional yet. We are completely different. But how would people work with both. It's not it's not outside the realm of what people are used to with liberty, culture, membership card whenever you go to the doctor or hospital. Show them your card that directs the doctor and hospital how to process the payment toward culture that we received bills and we negotiate the bill for the bring about as much as possible what you focus on your helped her to make sure that you're the wisest consumer good.

We can be made, but frankly, being a part of liberty. Healthcare does not prescribe only one way of paying for your healthcare. You can get for your healthcare.

You have some people say I'll pay a small flat right here that the bill healthcare later actually have a friend of Bud who lives in like like Dr. I watched Michael bye-bye what old paradigm. But that's the thing about members of liberty holster is that we have the freedom option B availability the ability to go change the whole marketplace and make it a lot better for the consumer. Rather than making it better for the third-party system for government programs.

Yeah. And one of the things that I really appreciate about liberty. Healthcare is the fact that you care about the conscience protection such as people who are participating. People who are worried about having to pay for abortions or things like that. This is something that you don't have to worry about with liberty house aircraft correctly.

As a part one C3 nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry. We are guided by our culture, their route and guided by government eviction mandates and what other insurances so that we need to do what a lot of people don't realize is that money very may well be going towards paying for those things that would violate their conscience. So a lot of people are starting to realize that I want to be a better steward of my life will be a better part of something that actually fix all that money and puts it towards people, medical bills, help them is their life rather like very good, but check them out. Liberty is the website met Bella Smith us man always good to chat with you. Thanks a lot for being with us again you back. Take care, will be back in 10 today Janet Mefford today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives. I this is Dan Steiner, Pres. freeborn, and I want to send a big thank you for standing for life to you because of listeners like you in 2020 pre-born sponsored over 45,000 free ultrasound sessions to women in need saved over 31,000 babies and prayed with over 6500 women to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord.

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I don't know where my life it was that or you can get involved and you can help save a life for a gift of $140.05 free ultrasounds will be offered to women in crisis pregnancies.

Let's do more than talk about abortion.

Let's save some lives. Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Janet med for today though. Well today the Senate health, education, labor and pensions committee also known as the health committee is holding its nomination hearing for Dr. Levine, Dr. Rachel Levine, but it's actually a man who used to be Richard Levine and changed his name to Rachel and has long blonde hair, but the most masculine face I've ever seen in somebody trying to pass himself up off as a woman.

It you don't need even seen this gender confused person is is just a wallop because you're expected to look at this person and address this person by a female name and and he's a guy I know it and I never want to get to a place where I actually feel like it's normal to look at a man trying to pass himself off as a woman when there's nothing feminine about him whatsoever. I'm tired of the lie. I'm really tired of the lie. And I'll tell you what's going on with this whole nomination. It better get derailed. They better not put this guy into the department of Health and Human Services, this is Pres. Biden's pick for the assistant secretary of health at HHS and you better believe it's a political appointment in the sense that he wanted somebody transgender in his cabinet in his government so you know it's identity politics thing. And granted, this is a person who is secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and got got in trouble there. I mean, we've talked about this before. This was a person who infamously forced coronavirus patients out of hospitals, hospitals, and into nursing homes and long-term care facilities, but then pulled his mom out of a care facility so we the same kind of leftist inconsistencies and hypocrisy that we've seen people like Cuomo little bit different situation, but it didn't. There's no way that this person should be serving in this position. It's insane that we even get to the point where were all supposed to be looking at him and taking them seriously and here's one of the reasons that we really need to double down on the fact that as somebody who is gender confused and believes he's a woman and is living his life as a woman even though he's a guy the activism comes with the package folks. It always does. It always does.

It's like the clip I played for you on yesterday show in Montana whether talking about the religious Freedom restoration act and why we need to protect religious freedom and some legislator in Montana who is a homosexual. Are they just cities in the LGBT community, so who knows what he really is and he's getting up there sobbing all this is so scary for making me a break.

Now I just overreact and you're not allowed to have any intelligent, rational responses to these people because they'll cry or there'll you know talk about how their victims and they just experience so much discrimination and it's just awful and what nobody wants any bad treatment for anybody or any sort of undue discrimination were all Americans. We all live under the same laws we all live under the same Constitution, everybody's for that when I'm against is the special rights, and the deception. I'm sick of it. Here's one way in which we have been deceived and it's this Dr. Levine has said some shocking things in the past about sex changes for kids.

Did you know this.

The national pulse just came out with this story and talked about this issue. Now I want to play for you some clips of Dr. Levine.

This is back in 2017 and this was a speech he gave at the Franklin and Marshall College and discussed some of the protocols for pre-per butyl. I think that's how he calls and of these children check the unit kids pre-per that's what it is its pre-pubertal people on any who can even say this prepubescent I think is what we used to say, but it was on my children here kids so I go to this particular segments they can hear a little bit of Dr. Levine talking about this subject of sex changes in putting kids through sex changes.

Listen to One. What if you are going through the wrong what if you're a transgender young woman, any male to female and and now you're getting your voices dropping you're getting bigger you're getting hair everywhere in your growing those tent now and what if you're a transgender young man and now you have breast development.

Tara finds a lot of mental health issues during that time, the, the, so here's two examples.

So 17-year-old young woman young man that I saw in clinic referred by his pediatrician always identified as male female identified at birth parents in school were supportive had not seen a therapist than to a therapist and we treated him.

He was given to muscular testosterone. He is now in his 20s and he's doing great 16-year-old young transgender woman male-female always felt female thing here.

One of the star hormones live with her mother who was supportive saw therapist was supportive. She was given spironolactone and estrogen and transitions and now is in graduate school in the early 20s and did absolutely fantastic.

This is just sheer activism yeah was this boy who I want to be a girl and was going to the wrong puberty and everything is just fabulous. Everything is great. Everything turned out perfectly normally really where all the cases where it went terribly wrong and and especially all the cases where went terribly wrong that working to see coming to fruition via gigantic lawsuits in about 10 or 20 years. That's because that's coming that's coming with this kind of activism the wrong puberty.

You don't go to the wrong puberty. The puberty you go through is the puberty that God built into your body when he created you and were supposed to accept this is some kind of rational discussion. This is madness and then he goes on listen to this. Cut to the previous treatment before these new guidelines came about. Were your 18 and have a nice basically, there were no medical was no medical treatment for individuals that were under 18, so there are new guidelines so these are the new guidelines that are very well accepted by by your professionals. Their international guidelines and most children's hospitals will be doing this.

I did this it I would treat patients at Penn State Hershey Medical Center when I was there.

I think they're trying to find someone to do that are probably the biggest program near here is the Toulouse Hospital in Philadelphia and system made an excellent clinic for transgender youth. So for prepubertal children.

There is no medical while economic sense to mean there prepubertal so they don't really have the levels of sex on him. So what ethical treatment sews the idea would be to see a counselor or therapist who is supportive is knowledge about these issues to the outcome you get some seeming medically and the depending on their age. Come see me in the year two. Nothing medical work with the parents know for for the parents of transgender youth. You can be very very challenging know that that the transgender individual there being very affirmed by by getting treatment and and being accepted as the gender to which they identify parents whether that the young person is seen 060 are 15 or two feels it's a loss feels like you are losing their son or daughter that you thought.

Now you're gaining son or daughter, but it still still actually almost read the child that you thought you had and I know for the transgender individuals. It doesn't make sense for them still here, but that's the way it feels to parents, and so we had to do a lot of counseling with you about letting your parents go through this process was is no way to make that faster and sometimes youth is ready to go and and you have to help the parents come along know you don't to the parents need to put a stop to this madness and keep them away from activists like Dr. Levine you thought you thought you had the child you thought you had parents who don't want their kids to go through this or affirming the child. They do have and trying to protect them and then it gets worse. Listen to cut three. There are follow-up protocols.

Most surgical treatment would be done at around 18. There are some procedures that might be done earlier than 18 and there are some exceptions. Now this is a great protocol if you're seeing patients in the cornfields of Hershey Baltimore at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where the parents bring them and they all had nice insurance and that if you are, however, at the Mazzoni's and the LGBT center in inner-city Philly and you're seeing Street who'd been through essentially thrown out by their parents because of their gender identity and expression, you don't always have the luxury of all of these of these protocol so you you don't usually use blockers you did you get a few don't give them hormones they going to get Street hormones puts them at risk for infectious diseases so you might accelerate this if you're seeing Street so the academic protocol. I just shared with you, but in practice if you're seeing Street youth, whether it's Philly or New York or LA or Boston or Washington then you might have to accelerate the somewhat so that so the young people feel validated and are getting care consistent with their Pat their pace and their paths. They don't go to. This is just so sick I can't even properly react to it without screaming. So the kids who don't have the good insurance the street kids might get Street hormones, whatever that is. See better accelerate putting them on hormone treatments if they are poor.

This guy is said there is no way this guy should be confirmed at all and I hope he doesn't get confirmed and I hope people will speak up against his confirmation.

It's just mind blowing incident.

Pray for this country. There will see next time here on Janet

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