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The West African Operation

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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February 20, 2021 12:00 pm

The West African Operation

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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February 20, 2021 12:00 pm

The Lantern Team discusses prayer needs, what training in West Africa looks like compared to other regions, and how covid-19 has added a new element of adventure to their missions.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth.

Podcast network. This is the Truth Network welcome to lantern risk a ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest.

We tell the stories we talk about arrestees and we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when they need a welcome to lantern rescue is so good to be back with you today. We've got some new stuff for you and one of the things just kick in office. We got a special prayer request right for a team member violent MRI mark yes and no name but because talk about the country as well. This morning we get ownership request and asked folks to pray for her. She is a law enforcement member or working to get trapped in a country that would work in and you know it kind of brings up. Maybe Ray can talk about how close you get to those that we train and we work with that we really become yet it is become part of the family and we talk to them.

The whole team interacts with several of them, all the weeks you know you were in the states and so she was in a really really bad alike.

Carrack and doing well and that she knows she's been out of the office or probably to have three weeks now and we really look her up in prayer and mass that she is healed because you medical care. There is very limited possible situations limited know their level care is not what it is we have mistakes that will really last I was right or violent mark Simpson on the current situation in Haiti you have to take the headline easy.

Find out our president was asked to step down in a year and he made a refusal to do that which in turn created environment and culture where your gang leaders, straits, and of course the regular protesters everybody about different things baby but the catalyst is that the president would not step down so you get our Instagram and you can see some of the situation dominated by violent and again thanks in Haiti already so much in control of regions that Alice gives them an excuse, just part of their their efforts by the government and to create chaos while in so that situation is at hand, and how to set affected the people I suppose that you got on the ground. There are all pretty hard working man in my working out so that there diverted to dealing with running, shooting a street appeal how people so you see from your perspective, how can we best pray for that boat. We were just the officers whether the transmission of the power there on know that may or may not happen. I know that even within some of that mold may come out of that later on could be a benefit both to lanterns trying to do their and even antitrafficking efforts in and of themselves, so sometimes we look at things on the surface. Clearly we as humans don't know all of what got going on in his sovereignty, no good things can come out of what is likely chaos. So I just pray we honor God in his sovereignty and when he does open doors were able to step in their intricate image of what's been created as an opportunity to absolutely and Alan you know I love that prayer in the Psalms works to strengthen what you're working on like TC said, we know is working but Howdy, how you see things Alan will will is going on in this case is important absolutely so loud we can also set things going around the world. Mark and then you know clearly you got the African situation that we we talked about last week. Yet transitional baby. I do have were trying to do an operation in that region next few months and especially sooner than later and because are not able to work his friend mentioned because what you see around us that we really really need prayer that we can get things solidified operation solidified the right command on that country that out by hand and yellows do this despite was occurring around. This is essential and this is important. We need to address this out. We really need some prayer.

The sum of the states all in place sooner than later because I get we have to plan our token, we have a really plan and make arrangements. You know what were getting adjusted to leave and tested to return all it has to be figured out and so would ask for prayer for the Caribbean area that this operation detail all in place after were able to talk a little bit last and I know that really TCM and Alan have led to tremendous amount of training in such a quick time there for us and I will not list has got to hear from them as far as you know how they felt like training when West Africa compared to other parts the world that we trained in and what our expectations are there.

Okay well updater list is a bit last week show was actually a previously recorded some time and it was the week before that we did the live show if you missed that episode where we're talking about Africa, by all means go get the podcast show of week before last, its ants spectacular. What's going on in Africa but transitioning to that TC no can you conjure that with us, you absolutely talked a little bit really know the director of the lion share of the split was great to go there and see this in the past. The spirit to different organizations that we trained their energy and spirit in their desire going forward to do the right thing for the right reasons again to me, always encouraging for us as an organization to go to another. No not the only ones when I'm dragging them into the street screaming we just had I really want to pass the torch we were going from one facility to another with one of the organizations in the dying Zulu training formed up and actually start doing cadence in around March of 1% to the next and current cadence irrationally. I'm doing some some Christian songs and really excellent is really fun to hear the energy great note for two days in a really hot summer really got after so Alan has a lot and that was something out to me, nurturing cycle so patient mentioned that the train and some of the training we want to give them over there with an expectation of what they need to understand the longMathcad mentioned show.

The individuals came in contact with the train, not the typical operators that usually work some little larger than most and some are extremely tall and skinny job was in the servicing training people for their job observation surveillance and interaction with others available to meet the needs of those titles to facilitate that once you understand the mission was a felon in authority is is really exciting. This is not easy to gain that. So there's there's a culture there that great respect which is one of the primers that we like to work under know you don't want to work at the low country near their way through your family. Spending time and they don't show up on time or they are yeah disrespectful of what's occurring there have to do work which is understanding of the work in the day to we really liked their attention in this way because it was from a very yellows of Inspector General's office so you note they were truly respectful and excited about what they were learning and excited about the end result that you know it's to rescue children into helpline are so from our perspective it was a huge success. I know that there's a more training at yard balance training and the layout of the training land is about six weeks out without my knowledge that you we have six weeks straight we have a very effective group is what we try to do over your right out the truth of the speed usually is about six weeks actually scenario-based people so normally do a six week training with them three days here there sporadic couple months, but the sexual group walk with group facilities and capability of doing a more extended training to achieve those goals, trying so it's normally about six weeks roughly straight through the got a whole lot more about Africa, not this amazing door, the goddess of faith-based organizations and international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism, and track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge to their host nation trafficking is thrown into the second largest activity in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitate holistic gearing up for operations right now and you can go to see how you can support welcome back to lantern as exciting as all things all around the world and what God's doing trafficking in Alan you were discussing this training and there's another aspect of God is doing that training I would love are listed.

One thing that throughout the training. You can start forming bonds with training and relationships with them that that's the important factor trades complete operational somebody who actually formed a bond with ownership and they have ownership and you that that is really the end goal sometimes will you get there to incidents that occurred during training that will make him realize that the people to know is that in Africa where we actually were showing him some type of weapon skill panels and utilizing what we thought dummy rounds. There were actually blanks and blanket is around the noise does not projectile. We didn't know that that was actually assumed it was coming around and was Like ready drill during the training we discharged a blank safely, but it kinda caught everybody off garden supplies.

They realize they will you make mistakes sometimes the bond starts warming then and throughout the training he actually have personal relationships to make fun of people they make you call, which is to make everybody better relationships are comfortable with those people going into diverse environments. Talk about a yeah and the neat thing about is I must know that there are bound to be binding bonding with each other as well right and making a team as you guys are literally trying to work yourself out of a job. Absolutely. I may not translate, do it the way we operate. Find out ability strengths and weaknesses that and actually learn how to implement those lines will need to be how to keep his weaknesses at a minimum work as a team and as a unit with or without makes the organization as a whole much better and more proficient and efficient operations and again at the relationship thing and make fun of people often joke at the operation know something quite go the way it should have was a reason why you can't get on them, that politics and just like any spiritual battle. We call the training and work that goes in ahead of time is just critical right TC and you kind of deal with the results of all that rhyme current when we say relationship and I don't want that relationship was only to store trust possibly know when we come to replace some new guys know that I have a choice between your commands that you can train.

They look at us and say yes or no noted during the not yams, then these guys this is close were extremely thrilled because we know all all four of us do the work with them. We were sweating and running in the dirt station dirt and we do know talking about so at the end of owner training know there is a celebration of the trust because the work was real. The results were real and so just to segue the results a little bit of where we were redid some of the workings of the work took, and I know in future episodes are taught specifically but just in general for the time that we were there we had 12 interceptions will: introductions are 12 kids who inhabited under the age of 15 who were rescued and addicted you doing in the process of being trafficked or being pulled out of trafficking. I just while we were there to nap days in the locations that we work and I think it's probably 6 to 8 traffickers wouldn't be prosecuted when immigration all went to the police. Advocates printed on so those are real results in a very short period of time.

I think I think that's fantastic and I know resident speak to some of the I don't know some of the blood sweat and tears that she doesn't result. Please let Traveling with coed and all that difficulty that I can't give the training and hard but there's a lot that goes into just getting back or lower their just getting around.

Like for example that time we get, we land an airplane we get shuffled into the and I think they perfect reckoning because it had been fine. But then what was really on filing an international travel, you will understand that family life, and how to warrant for creating high I got to talking back.

You know if you can organize even enter them in the light shoeboxes basically and that's the kind expected that were probably not again, we did eventually get them back, but then when we try to leave the country team got stuck there for a couple actually days because there currently Expired and I was just one small fact that you know lower in the country.

Now that we Experience think that extended travel or other document on filing in a foreign country, not to travel within the country to kite breakdown constantly in our hotel. I define faith out of the hard-to-find. I define faith logic identities training event you can have to have a special he didn't have our country blind faith in that the people around you to help and and you can trust the local got to start talking I might have to die about this relationship. They may think they were in a foreign country is very far away from home without any documentation we can get home we can get into the airport without the Pathway. The really interesting experience that were developing. They are not pretty story. I have been no Alan if you could relive this. You know what happened when all of a sudden eat you know you got pulled aside, you couldn't come back home and in man at that moment, you got to have money and in the didn't work out just the way you either thought right concerning one of her teammate a few days early because of patient back in spades. And then another teammate that very same day me and my PC one Oakland airport very late at night midnight we get that I actually got through the security checkpoint. This one check my cougar obviously not well enough and then PC come in behind me and checkers blueprints at all about good, no, wait a minute I got back to one same as mine and also the you can't believe this really spoke we had a moment of tension there for a few moments of tension between us and the airport officials, the FBI agent at the airport version about the argument got involved. Long story short basically say you we appreciate you guys being here helping us pretty gently because you don't meet the requirements of the code testing which we can make work to when you landed so saying that we are trying to figure out while we have about maybe 100 bucks between the two most and that my got a public health food for hundreds trying to cause the various ATMs throughout the country, which the ATMs in this country are pretty sketchy to see his guards when working totally mine. Thank goodness because were able to draw enough money to pay for covert test flight alteration yet to have you believe that I was supposed to but the concerning part was yet because of the covert test will comes back positive q. week wanting to let out additional two weeks of the country so once the test came back and we found out they were negative. The fire relief knowing that you have a good chance to get the country knows quite a quote if you see right. This test was nominal sum of money in order to do with the exchange apparently no money is worth quite as much.

Can you share with our listeners limit what was happening at the ATM machine when we can run through. First of all, unofficially, that I first suspected that the teams that you're trying to leave me behind your McKesson should go now so anything was Alan actually said my bacon because my card would not work at all on no matter what I did like you, that dumb dullness and this is what's happened so, but actually got the money out gunner get her teachers back on the plane but I bet that at least a dozen times on the car ride.

We're trying to do the math from their currency to ours. It was it was phenomenal.

We were exhausted and laughing. We finally got it figured out, got enough money to get back on appointment. We actually were. I was concerned and weird and have a 41 hour layover stops in return, and Alan was like I don't care what it is we have to get out of here so we have that conversation so sometimes punctually good times and I were able to do some math on some things we thought would help between the future and we also did some spiritual checkup on a reaction to interesting times. Good and profitable. That's the mark.

What would you want to share with our listeners here in the last couple minutes. You know that the perseverance of traveling. Actually, people are aware that we shared a little bit you wish you GC say 41 hour layover of those along whatever you right now because the covert and my flight was a 28 hour strike flight back and were used to the state of the five covert adeptly made it more difficult.

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