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Family Fitness | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 19, 2021 7:00 am

Family Fitness | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 19, 2021 7:00 am

We have been commanded to treat our bodies as temples to maintain and dedicate to God for His glory. Our bodies are carefully crafted, finely tuned machines, and our maintenance manual is the Word of God. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals four principles for family fitness.

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What is the Bible say about health and fitness listen to Adrian Rogers about. It's very family thinks about your family being bitten because when you naturally willingly violate the laws that God is laid down by my book about natural laws. If you're not careful you will become a burden to yourself.

The burden of your family and your family will become a burden of welcome to find featuring the dynamic teaching the proclaimed pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers. We've been commanded to treat our bodies as temples to maintain and dedicate to God for his glory.

Our bodies are carefully crafted finely tuned machines in our maintenance manual is the word of God. There are some reasons why we have physical ailments that are not in our control. But whatever we can control. We are responsible for maintaining if you have your Bible turn to first Corinthians chapter 6 is Adrian Rogers shares four principles to remember as we work on our family fitness by the Bible's first read this chapter 6). This chapter 6, and the moment we got to begin reading in verse 19, an unknown person pay $3,005,000 for one baseball frame $5000 for one baseball. The thing that made it different is it was Mark McGuire 70th homerun ball and somebody valued that baseball so much baseball they could be bought for about nine dollars that they paid $3,005,000 for that one baseball. Well let me ask you a question. Would you like to have let me tell you something that you can have that is far more valuable.

I think that God wants you to have that is fitness.

Health health is far more valuable than Mark McGuire's baseball. Would you agree with that.

I hope so. The Bible says concerning our bodies that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit of God. Look in verse 19. What know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your 04 year block with a price.

Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's. God paid a greater price for you than that man paper that baseball and you are not your own. Therefore, God has enjoined you, yes, has commanded you to glorify God in your body as well as in your spirit. Now the psalmist said concerning his body that he was fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139. In verse 14.

The psalmist that I will praise the bride and fearfully and wonderfully made your body is a carefully crafted finely tuned machine and I thank God. It comes with a maintenance manual.

We have the word of God. Now remember, we are his purchase, possession, and so we are the temple of God, that if we are the temple of God, don't you think that we need to look into some temple maintenance. The Bible teaches that our bodies do not belong to us.

Therefore, they are to be dedicated to God. Now some people think that the spiritual thing is to take care of your spirit and your soul, but who cares about the body. They think that perhaps that the body is of no consequence, or perhaps even evil Romans 12 verses one into the apostle Paul says, I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God. G. Present your bodies, your puppy is a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God made your body presented to God. Is it holy. Is it acceptable to God. Now God is interested in the total person God is interested yes in your spirit and God is interested in your so, but God is also interested in your body. First Thessalonians chapter 5 in verse 23 says, and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus price, body, soul and spirit are in the order that the Paul David spirit soul and body with my spirit. I have spiritual life and I know the world above me with my soul. I have psychological life and I know the world around me with my body. I have physical life and I'm related to the world beneath me when my spirit is right. I am holy. When my soul is right, I'm happy when my body is right, I'm helping and vertically tuned person would be wholly happy and healthy. Most folks I know are unholy unhappy and unhealthy. I mean, tuned out of whack. Not like God really intended for us to be missing that verse again. First Thessalonians 5 verse 23 and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now God wants us to be blameless.

That is, will not do anything to our body, spirit, or souls that is blame worthy doesn't mean that we're going to be in perfect health. We won't have perfect health. Until we get to heaven, that there are number of reasons why we have physical ailments. First of all, we have to understand that there is a curse upon all creation.

We live in a world that has the curse of sin upon it, and Romans chapter 5 verse 12 says wherefores by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin. So death passed upon all men, for all the sin and that sins will have a terminal illness. Don't the latest physical death is one out of one people died. We all have a terminal illness because of Adam's sin, so we might as well admit that never, ever so often we say that so-and-so died a natural death. There is no such thing as a natural that all death is unnatural. It is a result of sin are.

So that's one reason that we say can sometimes we're sick because we have violated God's moral law. Sin fascinates and then it assassinates and many people die just because of sin in their lives.

For example, the church at Corinth.

They were living with blasphemous ways at the Lord's supper. They were not discerning the Lord's body and Paul warned them in first Clinton's 11 beginning verse 29 for this cause many are sick and weekly among you, and some sleep and he meant by sleep summer day at not discerning the Lord's body and he says what we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. Sometimes sickness is the judgment of Almighty God sometimes was sick because we are afflicted by Satan joke was sick.

That way the Lord said to Satan in the book of Job, chapter 2, verse six concerning that Job, behold, Satan he's in Linehan but save his life. The apostle Paul talked of a thorn in the flesh. That was the result of Satan. So sometimes we are under satanic attack and that that may be the reason that we are sick, sometimes we're sick.

As the discipline of God and we know that to be true.

David said in Psalm 119 verse 71 it is good for me that I've been afflicted that I might learn my statutes. Sometimes though we have to be flat on her back before we can look up and we see more clearly through eyes that a been washed by tears and sometimes our sickness is due to a violation of God's natural law.

I mean it, which we just go out and flaunt God's natural laws and expect to be well a lot of people are poisoning the bodies with nicotine mouth. Somebody says will deny smoke and go to heaven. The truth of matters. You may get there whole lot quicker.

Smoking will send you to hell just make you smell like you been there. You violate God's natural law.

God made that nicotine to kill bugs, not people, but you take that into your body. One pastor was asked to pray for another pastor was set and I passed us on the pray for him.

Why should I pray for him. He does the work of 10 men and eats everything in sight. Then, you know, we just want God somehow to give us a pass to go ahead and violate his natural law and then think we're going to be well and ask God to heal us while we continue to do the things that make us sick.

Now it's very very important. Your family thinks about your family being fit because when you naturally willingly violate the laws that God is laid down in this by my blog about natural laws.

If you're not careful you will become a burden to yourself in a burden to your family and your family will become a burden other people you see God tells us that your mind, your soul is through your body. Just as your spirit ruse your soul, your body really is a servant but if you abuse that servant. If you use your servant, that is, your body, your body may rise up and smite you for your body is very forgiving about most folks value money more than they value health and that for they value money more than the value health.

We value things more than we value health until we lose our help so many people spend the first half of their lives accumulating their wealth by wasting the health then they spend the last half of their life, spending their wealth trying to get the health back and then happy both hands of the line now.

It's funny thing about health.

We value money more than hell.

Money is the most in, but it is the least enjoy health is the least envy but it is the most enjoy. That is until you lose when the wealthy man loses his health that he would give all of his wealth to get his health back. But he doesn't think about that help not talking about the simple principles of family fitness.

Now I am not a doctor and I thank God for doctors.

I believe in doctors I have a personal physician that I love very much and I Jesus said they that only not a physician but they that are sick.

Luke was called the beloved physician, and I thank God for what doctors can do with you what many of us are trying to do with trying to break God's natural laws and then go to the doctor and try to get input to scramble eggs back in the shell with trying to get him to undo what we have done and that's not the purpose of medicine.

Now let me give you four principles for family fitness.

Are you ready for Lee's number one family fitness is a matter of discipline. Write it down family to this is a matter of discipline that we call ourselves disciples. Well, the word disciple and the word discipline are linked together. We cannot call ourselves a disciple if we're not disciplined. We had a staff meeting and one of our staff talked about passion and he said we need to live our lives with a passion and then he gave a description of passion and this is what he said passion is the degree of what one is willing to in door to achieve God's purpose for his life. I love that. Listen to it again. Passion is the degree of what one is willing to endure to achieve God's purpose for his life. Many of us are living lives without passion because we do not want to be disciplined. We don't want to endure certain things. For example, we need to be disciplined in matters of diet the things that we hired a woman.

Somebody said she's a light theater.

As soon as it gets daylight. She starts eating many of us fail to understand that we are breaking God's laws concerning what we now you may think that the Bible doesn't say much about what we but the Bible has much to say about what we eat and also the Bible gives us an injunction in first grade.

This chapter 10 verse 31 which says whether therefore ye eat, or drink whatever you do to alter the glory of God that are to be put in our kitchen, maybe on your refrigerator. Whatever we whatever we bring you all to the glory of God that is a fad. Today people telling us that all foods are equal, it doesn't make any difference that that all foods equal that green beans and jellybeans are the same thing they really believe that that's that's for. If you believe that you're going to make your body a walking garbage can.

The Bible mentions healthy foods whole-grain herbs fish foul clean animals. No eating a fat no eating blood blood in the Bible is a symbol of life but also God prohibited his people from the ingestion of blood. Why is it what we know that the blood is it. It carries infections and toxins that circulate in an animal's body and when you eat these things you when you eat and just animals blood view of needlessly exposing yourself to these infections in these poisons the Bible warns very clearly about the consumption of fat.

Scientists are now just catching up with this that that we are to have diets that are low in fat, so many people have arteriosclerosis because they have ingested this fact and they have a higher death rate than other people that part diseases is an old disease. They've actually done autopsies on Egyptian mummies and found fat deposits in their in the arteries Bible has a lot to say about what we Bible makes a difference between clean and unclean animals and we civilize Mosaic law was given to go back and read your Bible that everybody, everybody talks about how the animals went on the art was going. Art 2 x 2 2 x 2 Dubai to go read your Bible and you find that the sum animals went on the ark by seven people, all I was at just go read your mind what animals went on the ark by sevens the clean animals. They were there for food.

That was before the Mosaic law. That was before any of these ceremonial laws to clean animals what is the difference between clean and unclean animals. God puts all animals into two categories, those who are scavengers and those were not scavengers. God says don't eat the scavengers. Those scavengers who will eat rotten dead decaying flesh. Those those scavengers who eat the all scouring of other animals you eat that and then you're putting all of that in your body has a lot to say about what we the Bible even warns against junk food and somebody thinks the three basic food groups past pride and junk.

Listen to this. Proverbs 23 verses one through three, when thou citizen with a ruler considered diligently want to set before the that is the ruler is the guy who's he sees the hi Mike and Marquise, the guy with her. They can have all of his little dainties and put a knife to my throat, if thou be a man given to appetite and then the Bible says be not desirous of his dainties listen to this. They are deceitful meat, a lot of us are eating deceitful meat dainties and and people dying as well. It makes no difference being a sad thing. I was reading an article the other day that shows that Christians tend to be more overweight than pagans. Listen to this.

States with a high rate religious affiliation, Mississippi, Michigan and Indiana have heftier citizens than such strongholds of secularity as Massachusetts Hawaii and Colorado. Now listen to this. Among all denominations, Southern Baptist of the real heavyweights so the madness may really call ourselves Southern fried Baptist coming Southern madness at the idea that when we go to heaven. As will be a great big banquet table out there with fried chicken, butter biscuits and pecan pie. I think sometimes our churches are guilty of encouraging gluttony, promoting gluttony. The Bible says if your man given to gluttony put up a knife to your throat if your man given to appetite is a reliable half of what we eat.

The doctor lives off the overhead now what we will find those foods that God created for food and eat those and avoid the others and eat things as much as possible the way that God created them before they have been poisoned and preserved and mutilated and stabbed in bait pride and whatever else and then Fran only eat them in the right proportion.

Not only do we need to be disciplined. What we eat, we need to be disciplined in our exercise, but at first Timothy chapter 4 verse eight. The Bible says, for bodily exercise profit if little that some people take that as an excuse not to exercise, that's not what he say he saying there is profit and exercise. He saying that godliness is more profitable but is not saying that exercise is not profitable.

I took the time to look this up in a number of different translations, the RSV says bodily training is of some value. William translations is physical training indeed is some service it does profit and whether your couch potato, two potato, we need to understand that God wants us to exercise these bodies of ours. One thing about being in rotten physical shape.

You don't have to exercise to keep it up, no matter how much money you have. If you're rich man in matters of diet and exercise, you would have to learn to live like a poor man. You get to kill yourself.

Walking is the perfect exercise and if you want to do more.

Fine. But there needs to be a discipline in the matter of diet a discipline in the matter of exercise you need to get your kids out. You need to get out yourself that it needs to be a discipline in the amount of rest. Psalm 127 and verse two says it's vain for you to rise up early to stay up late eat the bread of sorrows, for he giveth his beloved sleep and Larry says he's given to you while you sleep. That is, you are taking care of business.

Wow, you are asleep, just like other simple things, diet, exercise and rest. All that is so phenomenal print is ABC. That's just the ABCs. We need to be disciplined in all of these things now, here's the second thing. Family fitness is a matter discipline number two. Family fitness is a matter of disposition. That's the second thing is a matter of disposition hardening of the attitudes are just as bad as hardening of the arteries listen. Proverbs 15 verse 17 better is a dinner of errors that is a vegetable plate where loving hands them a stall's and hatred bear with a vegetable plate is better than the filet mignon.

If you have that vegetable plate with love rather than that hefty state where this hatefulness that, and then he says this.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatsoever things are good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things. You can choose your thoughts like you choose different and coming up on Monday. You'll hear part two of this important message but I will remind you right now that one of our greatest honors that love worth finding is to come alongside you, and pray with you and for you are proud to be a prayer ministry and we strive to keep our community praying continually for each other's needs. If you can go to our website homepage and scroll down to our prayer wall. There you will find the option to submit a prayer request or pray for others.

We hope you'll use this inspiring resource on our website and let us hear from you today again go to and scroll down to our prayer wall if you like to order a copy of today's message. Call us at 1877 love God and mention the title of the message. Family fitness messages also part of the powerful and convicting series intakes of family if you like the complete collection all seven powerful messages: number 1877 love God or you can order or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for joining us in our study of God's word.

Consider your health today physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually take inventory choose to rejoice where you are and make steps to.

We hope you will join us for part two of family fitness Monday right on love a listener wrote recently. With this encouragement. These messages always speak to me there so timeless. Pastor Roger spoke with power and conviction. He wanted to reach everyone to penetrate their hearts with God's word. I'm thankful for his messages is that sum up how you feel about this ministry we are so honored to be able to share these timeless lessons in an unsure time at love worth finding. We believe it's our joy to equip listeners with profound yet practical resources for the whole family so that we can honor God in our homes to say thank you.

Right now for your support this month. You want to send you are. It takes a family booklet collection is bundle features popular booklet such as God's plan for the man in. It takes a family as well as two brand-new booklets, maximum mom and honoring father and mother request this bundle when you call the gift right now at 1877 love God and again thanks for your generous

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