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The Knowledge of God, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 11, 2021 7:00 am

The Knowledge of God, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 11, 2021 7:00 am

People think they can manage anything from their diet to their desires with enough self-control. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why that's not enough to get the job done, as he talks about growing our knowledge of God.

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Dr. Tony Evans is God's and concerned about soul management is looking for soul transformation change also comes to expansion of the spirit celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative. People think of self-control they can manage everything from their diet to their desires today. Dr. Evans explains why that's not enough to get the job done and what we need to be striving for. Instead, let's join him talking about growing in the knowledge of God and not just the person to talk to you about it because the apostle Peter is really committed to this thing about growing, for example, Peter says in first Peter 22 like newborn babies desire the sincere milk of the word in order that you might grow. Peter says in second Peter chapter 3 verse 18 grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Peter is passionate about our growth and nothing expresses that passion nor that process anymore then second Peter chapter 1 and this this passage. If you can grab it, grasp it, put your arms around it. I think you will have what you need to either begin or to speed up your process of experiencing God in the real world of life. Peter is writing to Christians he says in the middle of verse one to those who have received the faith, the same kind of hours, so leave a born again Christian people he's writing to. He's not concerned with winning the lost right now he's concerned about getting the saved into an experiential knowledge of God. 27 of the universe to what you have the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ our Lord knows what he said in the middle of verse three through the true knowledge of him who called us notice what he said at the end of verse eight in the true knowledge about Lord Jesus Christ is concerned that we enter into what he calls the applicantthat's the Greek word for the full knowledge or true knowledge, all the authentic knowledge of God is not first concerned with how many Bible verses. You can quote the Bible studies you've been in my concerned about how many times you use Jesus's name throughout the week concerned about how many references to God you make in the course of your life. He's concerned that you have an applicant gnosis and authentic experience of the knowledge of God. He starts out with an exciting phrase.

I am excited about this phrase because we read it and we skip it, usually because we think it's like introduction before the real message but he says in verse in verse one by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. So please notice because Jesus Christ both God and Savior Jesus Christ is not just Savior.

Jesus is also God. Jesus is God with skin on God wanted to become a man so that he could relate to men. So God puts skin on the person of the second member of the Trinity, the second member of the Godhead Jesus the Christ. And then he says grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God in Jesus Christ our Lord. Before I get this message am excited because I want talk about multiplied multiplication says grace and peace be multiplied to you. In other words, if you will grace anymore. More peace you gotta have a multiplication in the knowledge of God. In other words, no knowledge of God less graceless. Please grace is all that God is free to do for us because of what Jesus Christ is not his unmerited favor.

If you want more faith you have to have a greater knowledge of God's peace is the ability to be called, no matter how chaotic things are going on around you.

If you want will come along in the midst of the storm of life to be multiplied to you. You must expand your experiential knowledge of God. You see 5+5 will grant you 10 55 will grant you 25+10 will grant you 201010 will grant you hundred so if you're satisfied with a little admission of God. That's one thing you want. You would a little multiplication of God as a whole different level. Next time he says I will grace to be multiplied not just I want peace to be multiplied not just any more grace and peace to be subtracted. Once grace and peace to be multiplied. That is the supply in fact second Corinthians chapter 9 verse eight says that God is able to make grace abound to you, so that in every way exceedingly. You will see an abundance for more than you need to what God is saying is he wants to give you a multiplied experience with him, but that is connected with your of God and of the son, Jesus Christ. So you feel good right now that God is interested in multiplying your experience and not merely giving you an admission he wants to give you a multiplication of your experience with him.

How is this going to have to watch this now. He says in verse 3C that his divine power has granted everything somebody say everything. Look at your neighbor and say everything somebody else to say everything because the text says that his divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the applicant gnosis but knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and excellence. Guess what everything you need to become all you were meant to be. You already have.

Let me say that again everything you need to become all you were redeemed to be you already possess some of us are looking.

We already own the great publisher Randolph Hearst was one day looking for an exclusive payment that he was not able to find he really wanted his paintings of the staff all around the world look for this painting that came back and said we could not find the painting anywhere. We went around the world looking for this training. But what are your cleaners was down in the basement cleaned up the basement where you have all your artifacts and all paintings discover what we were searching the world for you and already in your basement. Some of us are looking for life you already have some of us are looking to be more Christian and you already have it. Some of us are looking to be more like God and you already have because this is your Bible says the same thing. Everything pertaining to life and godliness has been granted to us by his divine power.

Everything you need to meet all of life's demand in a way that would please God. Godliness, you need to meet all the demands of life.

You already have. But the problem is if you don't know you have it you don't know where to go and if you don't know you have it, you'll go looking in places they can't offer it to get what's already been granted. When this mail to the other female life is born, there is life the moment that the sperm and the egg.

There is conception of life, not a problem with that life is undeveloped life, but that baby is ever going to be already in the DNA of the conception you looking for Mr. so today you'll have to go looking for, please do so on to the yet you'll have to go look at the plucky and you want to go looking for is the case is already built into the conception the confessional of life supplies to life in embryonic form.

Everything the lights going to be to be alive when it comes out of everything that that conception needs to become a full grown man full grown woman of conception of adulthood is already that you have to find out if already there. You have to find somebody who can pay skin, already that everything that that child is ever going to be is already the only thing that stops you from knowing whether it's a male or female. The only thing that stopped you from knowing all the secrecy of his new birth is development.

The lack of development makes you think everything's not already know, but development brings everything that was the conception he says by his divine power, God has granted us everything that we are meeting little commercial about Prego spaghetti sauce Prego spaghetti sauce and TV commercials. Somebody would say what where the tomato commands would be is already in. Where is the well is already in the road they were glad the oregano is already in other words, when they were typing the spaghetti sauce everything you were looking for was already there. I don't know what you're looking for, but I can tell you is already there looking for joy is already there. This is already back the power is already there looking for productivity is already that I'm looking for meaning is already there already that I'm looking for the future is already there and I'm looking for a purpose, and is already a divorce because you're not looking in the place where it was put it all. We looking for that pertain to life.

Being able to look at all and address all of life's issues and the things were looking for to address them in a way that pleases God godliness have been granted by his divine power so aware of these extras been hiding in our lives. Dr. Evans will have the answer when he continues her message just a moment. In the meantime, I want to tell you about prayers for knowing God. It's Tony's newest book and is designed to help you experience greater grace and peace each day as you grow closer to God through your communication with him. And if you visit us right away and help out with the contribution will send you the prayers for knowing God book as well as all 12 full-length lessons from Tony's current teaching series God's heart revealed these messages and prayers will help you better understand God's motives, actions and desires that will move you from a casual acquaintance with God to an intimate friendship is on her way of showing appreciation for your faithful support of this ministry get all the details and make your request online. Had Tony or give us a call at one 800 832, 22 before the special offer runs out. I repeat that information for you later in the program.

Dr. Evans will return with more of today's message right after this when you're facing a decision or the laminates not to ask what would Jesus do, but first you have to know what Jesus did. And when God has to say about the situation you face well building your biblical foundation is your goal to help you need is as close as your computer or mobile device. Thanks to Tony Evans training center is packed with online courses covering core concepts of faith and in that scripture studies you can work through any time you want at any place you want along the way you'll explore key teachings and learn how to apply them in real world situations. There's lots of exclusive content interested and motivated in an online form. We can ask questions and answers and collaborate with other students.

It's almost like having a seminary on your smart phone. Tony today and connect with Tony Evans training center we can explore the kingdom anytime, anywhere at Christmas time will go and buy toys for your children.

Perhaps you will buy things for your own home and I will tell you on the front of the package.

Batteries not included.

In other words, we have all the stuff but you gotta find you well, guess what God says.

Not only have given you everything. Batteries are included because it includes my divine power.

He says to pull all the equipment is designed to do good news for you today that everything that you are needing to become all God wants you to be you already have. Says the location everything he has granted all he intends you to be is located in what he calls inverse for the divine nature is located in the divine nature. Nature gives you a special disposition. Your nature is your call being your lakeshore is your total ethics is like this were made up of body that gives us the ability to relate to the outside world and the five senses were made up of soul that your personhood or personality. Everybody has a different body and everybody and you also have a different soul good job of your soul is to give instruction to your body. So your body does what your body does cause your soul tells it what to do, but all of our souls have been distorted by circumstances. So that's why we think some of the things we think that's why we feel some of the things we feel and candy Littles feelings because our souls and become distorted due to all of the things that engulf us in this world, what he calls inverse for the correction of the world. The corruption of the world in which we live, including our own corruption has distorted your soul. So I hate to tell you this, and I hate to tell me this, but it is true you can trust you. Now the thing that you have that proposal sort all this stuff is your spirit, your spirit is the sexual absence of who you are but a proud mom is we were born with spiritually dead spirits.

We will we will move on with a show that was spiritually day that is able to make contact with God.

So guess what God did what God did was keep your showman spirit by motion by the Holy Spirit is called being born again already saving the nature of God. 517 if any man is in Christ, he is a new creation old things passed away and all things become new. So what was he gave you a new spirit follow me here because this is where the teaching comes he gave you a new spirit, he didn't give you a new soul that would be technically correct on the day of God your spirit guide St. not know we used to do another mouth. Jesus has saved my soul was not quite Jesus on the moment. You will save your spirit by writing to you a new nature.

You are so is being saved your spirit was saved. What God did with Mary the mother of Jesus, got pregnant, it's because the Holy Spirit penetrated her egg when the Holy Spirit penetrated her and you have the most unique individual in the history of mankind because you got a human being. You got the Holy Spirit a divine being, and the divine being penetrates the creating life unique life you got a person being both on with both God and man. You got a baby. Gotta stop and get milk made the mother death produce and because you've got God infiltrating got Amanda gets thirsty, but God who can walk on water. You got a man who can get hungry turn fish the Moby Dick sandwiches 55,000 unique person because you have the inflation MBA the divine nature you say what I was good for Jake is also good for you because what God was traded in spirit with the divine spirit so that now integrated into your humanity is that DNA up to Getty that DNA has now been penetrated to you and you have God living in now. I know that pose a question that led me located my victory.

Why is all I'm living in defeat. Why not make a life if I got what you told me me, why is it not working very simple.

First Peter chapter 1 reverse 23 for you have been born again, not of C which is perishable, but imperishable guidance to the living and enduring word of God.

It is here it is. You have been with an imperishable. Here it is seed when God spirit entered your spirit. You got a new nature, but in one fully grown.

It was full and all way you come to this, a brand-new life that has been conceived is when there is an element doesn't develop if not because of my growing unity. So the written were not experiencing more of the DNA of God is with you to remain in full.

You also spirit is supposed to grow in your soul so that you'll spirit now dictates to your soul. So being corrected by the spirit that's now growing inside of it is going to give you information to your body. Your body begins to deal different because you're so functioning different, but the song is only a difference because the spirit has taken it over. But if the spirit is still being remaining in St. Paul. The song that never changed the body doesn't function differently if you want to function differently in the body. Gotta be a change in the cell is only a change in the so when there is development in the spirit so that you can spend money, time to come up with a better so and the bashing come out with install management newness will not people spending time and money on managing vessels that do not go to a therapist and an analyst you go talking friends and I can help you manage your soul better.another student told management soul transformation you want to change of soul, but that comes to ask mention of the spirit is trying to change you be trying to change me he comes back to the expansion of the divine nature, not going out. Create new stuff programs. New this new program is that which expands the scene of the spirit. Dr. Tony Evans talking today about the difference between improving our behavior and transforming our soul and the first step toward a godly soul transformation is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can find out more when you visit Tony and follow the link that says Jesus you find everything you need including a special invitation from Dr. Evans and some resources to get a new life with Christ started off right. Again, that's it.

Tony and while you're there, don't forget to take advantage of that special, limited time offer.

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More from Dr. Evans on why the knowledge of God is in a set of facts that we learn something that grows within us through experience. I hope will be with us, the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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