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MS Top 6 #20

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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February 10, 2021 5:00 am

MS Top 6 #20

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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February 10, 2021 5:00 am

Matt gets calls on Biblical Theology. Matt has answers on Biblical Theology. The questions come from people all over the world.  We've compiled the six most memorable of the week. Number 6 to #1! 


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This is the Truth Network. Monday through Friday, Matt takes calls from all around the world on his radio show.

We've compiled this week's best, Matt Slick's Top 6. Do we suppose to fear God, and if we do, in what mental, what way? Fear Him because He's big, He can discipline us, He's awesome, His presence is incredible, and so He should have a healthy fear of who He is, the way a son would rightfully fear his father, but not in the sense of he's just afraid to be around him because the father's so mean, that's not what it is.

But a son might have a respect for his father and fear him because his father is a righteous man, and in that sense, that's what it means to fear the Lord. Number 5. Revelation chapter 21 verse 1, where the Apostle John says, And I saw a new heaven and new earth. The word heaven there, is he describing the sky, the expanse, or is he talking about heaven where God resides? New heaven and a new earth, it's probably talking about the stars and the earth, the first and second level of heavens, because in Jewish cosmology, there's three heavens. One is the earth, you know, the sky, you know, the birds are and the wind and the clouds are. The second one was the moon and the stars, the sun, and the third is the dueling place of God. So it most probably is the first two.

Number 4. I have a family member who has lived with his girlfriend. They've been living together for like five or six years, and he says that they are married. They're shacking up.

They've never been before church or before the state. He just said that because he has laid with her, that that makes her his wife. No, he's not married. He's not married. You just tell him if relations means you're married, then any guy who goes with a woman of the night that is automatically married, all the people who fornicate all around all over the place are automatically married to each other. That is wrong. You just need to tell him, no, that's not correct. You are in sin and need to repent. And my child will not call her grandmother because she's not.

Number 3. A trusted elder and a faith told me, say, you know, you shouldn't let people know your political stance because you could very well lose your witness to them. He said they may not want to hear about Jesus Christ because of your political stance. So I'm thinking like, what does my political stance have to do with you wanting the gift of salvation?

Can I really lose my witness? So this is Colossians 4 verses 5 and 6. Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.

Let your speech always be with grace as those seasoned with salt so that you may know how you should respond to each person. If someone that's hypothetically says absolutely hates Trump, well, I'm not going to bring it up. My concern is about Jesus. It doesn't mean, oh, I can just say what I want and I have to worry about it.

It's not like that. We have to be careful. God ordains the means as well as the ends. And we need to be wise when we witness to people.

Number 2. We're not supposed to fear anything but God. And you see, I see Christian so fearful of this virus, you can't even go to church. What is your opinion on what I'm discussing, the movie industry? Do you see it?

I mean, I don't watch television much, but you're talking Fox News and corporate news, left and right. Ask me a question, please. Go ahead and ask a question.

Okay. Are you denominational? I'm not denominational. Not denominational. Okay, that's good. I've been in a mosque. I've got Muslim friends. But I'm in the entertainment industry.

I was homeless for about three years. Dion, Dion, do you have a question? Fear. Let's just go with fear. Why is Christian so fearful of this, I call it a plague? We had the Black Plague. What?

Do you believe there's a frozen revelation that angels are pouring out to kill people? We're just going to move along. Number 1. In the book of Joshua, why would God order the killing of innocent women and children? Well, he doesn't. Nobody's innocent.

Okay. We have a doctrine called federal headship where the male represents a descendant, so in Adam all die. 1 Corinthians 15, 22. We died in Adam.

He represented us. And so we have a fallen nature. If you look at Jericho, they were pagan. When God ordered the destruction of a nation like that, it's not because, hey, I just decided one day I'm going to wake up is because they're involved in paganism, idolatry, and they're trying to get in and destroy the messianic line inside of Israel, like corrupting Israel, and God won't let that happen. Women can have more children, and women who are still left alive in that context who are idolaters, they deserve a judgment like we all do. It's just God's mercy to let people live.

And so if he delivers the babies into the hand of judgment, then they enter into the presence of God and saved, whereas if they had grown and become pagans, then they wouldn't have. We hope you've enjoyed this episode of Matt Slick's Top 6. For more on Matt and his live syndicated call-in radio show, go to Got a question?

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