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The Broken Steps - #22

The Broken Steps / Anita Dean
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February 9, 2021 5:00 am

The Broken Steps - #22

The Broken Steps / Anita Dean

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February 9, 2021 5:00 am

It's time to get ready for hope and healing. You will be encouraged and comforted. Faith comes from within and heals. Listen. Share with a friend. Everyone has a story, what's yours?



This is the Truth Network. This time her God really feeling and hold on. Help is on the way there is hell and there is hope. I'm here today just encourage you and let you know just hold on, help is on the way boss lady how the world can you say, help is on the way. With so many things happening around us today people losing their jobs and losing their lives, depressed, confused, just losing all hope and not really wanting to face tomorrow. Well I'm so glad you asked. And so glad that I can tell you today on your darkest days, we should never lose hope and put all about trusting God that he is still in control.

He is in charge of all things. He sees all and he knows all he is on time all the time never late and never early always on time jazz when you need him most. He will always stepping maybe you are trying to fake it to make it.

Maybe you really don't want anyone to know that you are almost at your lowest point right now almost ready to throw in the towel just ready to give up on life itself. Maybe you want people to think you have it all together but if you're honest with yourself and others you must admit that you are in a fight for your life right now. Trouble in your home on your job children to start acting ripe financial problems more bills than money sickness around you, even death. And maybe your lonely so much is going on around you and your family. Bad news on the TV, the Internet, Facebook everywhere, but I have a word for you today. Being at this moment, be strong hold on him.

On the way home we on the basis everyone wants you.

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