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Jesus Prays for Your Focus – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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February 7, 2021 3:00 pm

Jesus Prays for Your Focus – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Here's a engram lots right before his arrest is trials is torture his crucifixion, his death was right at that time, he prayed and he prayed for you and he prayed for me that we would stay focused on our personal relationship with you. Engram lots with a portion of today's living in the light message titled, Jesus prays for your focus is Christians, we have a personal relationship with God.

Permanent relationship as we will find out today is also privileged and purposeful. Find out more about this as we join engram lots. How did Jesus glorify his father at the cross was God uniquely revealed the cross in such a way that we love him and want to draw near to him and send this. The cross reveals the love of God that God so loved you. Nobody is needed to save your he would've sent Jesus for you that God so loved you and he sent Jesus to the crossing.

So the cross reveals that in the height and the branch and the lengths to which God the take away your sin and bring you under personal relationship with himself so that the deed of God for you and at the cross, God is glorified so Jesus says, stay focused on your relationship with God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit is a personal relationship when you receive Jesus by faith as your Savior and Lord. He comes in you and he will never leave you. He will never forsake a permanent relation. It won't even be interrupted by death. Did you just tell you I'm not afraid of death phase three times the last five years my husband's death.

My father's death and then the diagnosis of cancer that I received and death not be afraid of the pain and suffering, going to the hospital. All that kind of stuff, you know. Nobody enjoys that. But the moment of death. I'm not afraid of because the Bible says the believer will not see death. Did you know that you and I want to experience death the way a nonbeliever experiences we don't see death when we close your eyes, it is likely the face of Jesus death is just that moment when we pass from stay, decides, so don't be a frayed when you know Jesus is going to meet you in heaven's door. It takes a few you're just going to see Jesus, whom you love you live for. You have known him by faith and now you going to open your eyes to his face and it's going to be wonderful is no reason to be afraid of death.

And besides, when you walk through that valley fish out of the Lord's going to be with you before, at the moment and take you home moment after I was trying to explain this to my mother several months before she did that and she had pneumonia and we thought she was going to die, so setting up the Saturn that that had not told her that I'd recently been to London England and I had been to Westminster Abbey and this is not true now but then it was true. There's just a small door that went into Westminster Abbey to go through the door and then there was a sort of a small narthex or foyer by way Westminster Abbey is where I know you know that right were the kings and queens are married and crown than you've seen Prince Andrew and Prince William glorious Cathedral in downtown London and so you going is narthex and in the nonfiction so small and dark and Crampton, but that's where you buy your ticket that will take you through the next door that will actually going to the sanctuary, but you get a guidebook also in the God that tells you something of what you want to see on the other side of that next door. So then you go to the next door you turn in your ticket. The door swung open. You going to the sanctuary. This glorious sanctuary and the got to tell you something of what you're going to see my mother.

I never saw anybody getting their ticket in their guidebook running down the street and got a ticket to Westminster Abbey and have a God broken the whole purpose of the narthex was to provide that transition from outside to inside the sanctuary is the place we got your ticket in your guidebook and got you through the next door and I told my mother's life is like the narthex and you this life we got ticket to heaven.

When we put our faith in Jesus and our sins are forgiven and were given eternal life. We have a guidebook which is our Bible and it tells us something going to see on the other side when that moment of death, we step into eternity. Returning our ticket so to speak, and the doors flung open and Jesus is right there to welcome us into the glorious sanctuary of his father's house. So there's nothing to be afraid of everything to look forward to your relationship with God that you establish that the cross that you grown and that you've developed that relationship is not interrupted by your desk. Do you understand that that relationship just goes from faith decides on June 14, 2007, my mother left the sex. One of the hardest days of my life. One of the best days of hers. The only thing that mattered at that moment didn't matter. All the things that she accomplished her reputation.

She had as a little girl in China should put her faith in Jesus and I know he was right there to welcome her into the place he prepared for her.

See relationship with God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit is so Jesus is praying that you will stay focused midst of all this covert and limits of all these threats and chaos. We want to stay focused on the relationship with him. That's personal and it's permanent. Thirdly, it's privileged and means he says in verse three. Now this is eternal life, that they may know you, and that word that uses for know is word for very intimate relationship between a husband and wife. So when Adam knew Eve and she conceived that knew that were no less the same word okay so is talking about having an intimate personal relationship with God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit member talking with a great Bible teacher once in the person could quote Scripture knew it backwards and forwards just like sort of a biblical encyclopedia but with tears streaming down their face.

They said and how is it that I missed the main thing and while they have each they didn't have that intimate relationship with God. That's the privilege I remember when I was young I love Jesus was in love with him, got married, had my children just the business of being a broadly young mother.

I just neglected and I couldn't keep up my Bible reading Bible study, prayer time and all that an answer drifted from them.

I got so homesick for, and wanted to be back in his word and how to go about it.

Somebody told me about Bible study Fellowship and I'll leave it all the details, but nobody would start it. I wanted to begin.

So I started it so I could begin it and taught it for 12 years but the first droptop we taught Genesis when it came to chapter 12 and Abraham.

Abraham walked off the pages of my Bible and them online and not known about him all my life but I didn't really know and what occurred to me is that he was a very ordinary person that became extraordinary because when God called him to follow him in a life of obedient faith Abraham followed him one step at a time. One day at a time a week at a time here at the time didn't mean he didn't fail he made mistakes he sin, but he never quit.

He just picked himself back up and he kept on going to the end of Abraham's life God calls Abraham in Scripture three times my friend so God told you the queen of William was my friend, you could sort of smirk, and you'd be right now. The clearing walked in here and she said and lots is my friend that makes a difference. That's impressive and Abraham didn't say God is my friend, God said, Abraham is my friend and so way back then. 30 some years ago I set that is my life's goal. I want to know God in a relationship that one day he will describe as a friendship.

I want to know I'm better today than I did yesterday better tomorrow than I do today and this is my thought process. If Abraham could know God is his friend if Noah could know God is his refuge from the storm. If Moses could know them is the bondage breaker. If David could know him as a shepherd.

If Isaiah could know him and his glory. If allowed to could Norman's power. If Paul could know him and his grace and Peter Norman's forgiveness and married Norman his humanity, and John Norman. His glory has a king of kings and Lord of lords and clock like that.

The Bible says that God hasn't changed is the same yesterday today and forever know God like the Old Testament and the New Testament. People know is nothing wrong with God is something wrong with me as I began my journey, the know God praise knowing him the fullness of that relationship and cannot tell you something that's privilege and I think there are many people within the church within the body of Christ who have a personal relationship with God and a permanent relationship with God, but for whatever reason they stop short of the privilege to challenge you don't stop short ass God will reveal himself to you.

Speak to you.

Quicken is word illuminated for you tuck it in your heart whisper in your ear and you come to know God as one who left and wants you to know him in an intimate way. He knows you will never embarrass him you'll never disappoint him. You'll never shock him now. He knows you inside and out. He understands you and he loves you so Jesus said you've given me the authority to give them eternal life and eternal life is knowing you and the one whom you sent. Who is Jesus through the person of the Holy Spirit is knowing the triune God and lastly, the relationship that were to focus on is not only personal and permanent and privileged. But it's purposeful.

There's a reason for it.

In verse four he says I brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do so when Jesus came to earth. He had a job yet an assignment. He had a work to do in order to finish it to complete it. He had to be very intentional about the way he spent his time who he was with what he said what he did. He wasn't whimsical. He didn't guess his way through life. He was absolutely devoted to his father's will and God is given you and me a purpose. We also have a purpose to live for, and the overarching purpose is the same for all of us were to live for the praise of his glory will live our lives in such a way that people look at me and they want to know Jesus and love Jesus and draw near to Jesus because of what they see in and lots we want to make Jesus desirable attract the people around us and nothing what this is a good time to do that because people are afraid they don't have hope they will have peace have joy and we do or we should so Jesus had to finish the work that you gave me to do in the work was the work of redemption. It was coming to were certainly to reveal God the father to rest of the we look at Jesus and we can see God. We can hear God know God, but it was also down the cross is the Lamb of God would take awareness and redeem us from empty way of life, save us from the penalty and power of sin.

So Jesus said, I finish the work that you gave me to do so. You and I have the purpose of living for the glory of God and then under that we have specific positions you know roles that we play so I was a wife to Danny lots and I was to live out that role so that other people could look at me and they would see what Jesus would be like if he was a wife and a caregiver to Danny lots and then a mother to my three children and on to live that out in such a way that people can look at me and see what Jesus would be like if he was the mother of my three children and my grandchildren people I want to do that in such a way that people look at me and they see what Jesus would be like if he was the grandmother of my grandchildren and to be a ministry leader or Bible teacher or a neighbor or friend to be that is such a way that people can look at me and see what Jesus would be like in all of the roles that he's given you listen to me. This life is not all about you and this life is not all about me. This life is about the glory of God and the glory of Jesus Christ and living our lives in such a way that we bring him glory.

And you can do that if you're sick or if your well you can do that if you have covert or you escape it you can do that at this whole nation crumbles you can do that if you're rich or if you're poor we get all the praise of the glory of Jesus Christ purpose within within that. I think he gives us assignments and we have our roles to play, but one of my most recent assignments was to go through a cancer journey. I remember when I was first diagnosed. I wasn't shocked. He prepared me for it on yours going to be diagnosed, but but as I fought through it and pray through it. I knew it was an assignment from heaven. You know that I knew he was giving me a platform for ministry audit know if I would be healed or not. I do know how is going to come through it but I'm you he was given the opportunity to show other people that sometimes God allows hard things, bad things, evil things, wicked things that happen to good people. Not that I'm so good. You know, but but I know I'm a child of God the things that some people go through something like that. They think somehow that done something wrong or not. Blasko doesn't really love them and you.

You give me assignment to speak his love in the lives of people who are suffering and having a hard time and not two daughters went with me to every hospital visit every chemo thing every radiation. They said it was like missions trips you numbers would go to the hospital and people all around you are suffering and dying. We had opportunity to share the gospel and to pray with them and with the nurses and the doctors and it was an assignment and so just the parenthetical thing on two years out. My last check up was good all the way around. So I believe in answer the prayers of God's people. I believe you still cannot praise him for that. But you know something if it comes back with a vengeance.

I'm okay because I know they'll be part of his purpose for my life. You understand cancer did not catch God by surprise. It was part of his plan and purpose for my life. I just was surprised I had the sort of take stock of it and think it through and pray it through and then just say all right God, how my going to use this for the praise of your and he showed me step-by-step. My current assignment is to lead this weekend. This is not assignment from God. But I'm praying that you will speak to you through these messages also. But this is not assignment, and I know he's brought you here he's called you to come up on this mountainside online here in this auditorium.

You've come to him and is a purpose for that.

He's got something to say to something he's going to impart your heart something he's going to lead you into make a person that you make. I don't know what the purposes, except that on he's challenging you and me in the midst of all the craziness the stay focused on the purpose for which he is brought you here Jesus ends this passage of Scripture he says, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began before the world began way way way back before there were any waves that crashed on the shore and before there's any leaves that rustled in forest, and before there any birds twittering in before there were any stars twinkling in the sky. Jesus seated on the throne of glory surrounded by millions of angels worship in the Lord is the Rose of Sharon, Brighton, MorningStar, the beloved son of the father. He gets up from his throne and he takes off his glory world's and it enters into creation became a part of what he created, submitted a woman's room for nine months went to the human birth process live inside a body of a little baby and then grow in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man and he lived his life that we can see what God is like any went to the cross and he gave his life and atonement for sin and then he rose up from the dead he ascended back into heaven. When he came back in the he was praying God when I come back I want my glory robes back. I want you to give me back the glory I had is the son of God, but in addition, I want all the glory that burned is the Son of Man. I believe Jesus was saying God I want everything you want to give me to tell you something I want everything God wants to give me.

I want to have an abundant entrance into heaven. When I enter heaven. I want angels to applaud Jesus so that's under the praise of his here and there and in order for that to be possible. Cannot tell you have to be very intentional about the way I spend my life have to say no to some good things yes to some hard things I'm not free to spend my time. The way I want. I don't have a chance to do things with my friends that I might love to do or grandchildren that I'd love to do.

I just I'm very disciplined.

I count my minutes and I want to redeem the time, so that when the trumpet blow and uncalled up to meet Jesus not believe is going to be in the rapture but maybe at my death, to be open to say father I finish the work that you gave me to do so in order for that to be possible for you. You have to know the work please given you to do debating the praise of his glory and whatever role he's given you. But then, what are your assignments. Maybe that's what he has you here for maybe he's going to reveal to you what your assignment is and he just given me one at a time. Basically, although I did sort of multitask in the last couple of years, but each one I knew was an assignment from heaven, so be very intentional about the way you spend your time, start your day praying given her day asking the God you ask him to show you his purpose for your life.

The relationship you have with him is for purpose not only your salvation. Not only you, knowing him in this relationship puts making them known to others and whatever way he puts before you. So the night that he was betrayed right before his arrest is trials is torture his crucifixion, his death in other words, he understands chaos and confusion and fear and anger persecution and it was right at that time he pray and he prayed for you and he pray for me that we would stay focused on our personal relationship with him.

Our personal relationship is permanent.

That's privileged and that has a purpose. So, would you stay focused. Stay focused. With everything going on. Stay focused on your relationship with God, and remember something Jesus is praying for you. So there's someone here that has never been born again prayer prayer something like this. Dear God, I confessed you center and I'm so sorry for all the wrong things I've done.

I believe Jesus died on the cross to forgive me and asking you in his name would you cleanse me with his forgive me of all of my sin and I believe Jesus rose up from the dead to give me eternal life. And right now I receive the eternal life that he has the authority to give understand not only means heaven.

Not that means knowing you right now. My heart does not turn away from my sin, I turned to you and invite you to come live inside of me in the person of the Holy Spirit surrender the rest of my life to you. I will follow you all the way to heaven. Lord, we thank you for your presence here. We thank you that you didn't just call us to be slaves or robots or servants that you called in your fan did know he was there interpersonal permanent privileged purposeful relationship.

Oh God, thank you. Help us to stay focused on you. Please, for the glory of Jesus name you been listening to living in the light and when you go to n-gram your free resources to help you in your study of God's word and's desire is that you embrace God filled life step-by-step choice by choice living in the light

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