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2-4-21 - Amity Shlaes (US Presidents) Jill Smith (Old Testament Women)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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February 4, 2021 4:00 am

2-4-21 - Amity Shlaes (US Presidents) Jill Smith (Old Testament Women)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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February 4, 2021 4:00 am

The New York Times suggests the Biden Administration should appoint a "reality czar" to counter disinformation. Have we gone full 1984? We'll talk about it. Plus: Bestselling author Amity Shlaes on why presidents shouldn't use the word "great." And author Jill Eileen Smith examines women of the Old Testament as we discuss her book, "She Walked Before Us." Join us for Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies, now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is reference. Our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of. It's pretty amazing to see how the mainstream media operates, and most recently, I think it's galling to see how the mainstream media operates, particularly the New York Times, I was reflecting on the fact that the New York Times has issued a fair number of really embarrassing corrections over the last several months on key issues that have come up in our culture and to get to that in a minute but I gotta keep that in the background as I bring you this story. This is absolutely incredible, a writer by the name of Kevin Roos over at the New York Times puts out this article how the Biden administration can help solve our reality crisis.

First of all, do you think the founders for one single solitary moment thought it was the objective and the responsibility of the federal government to solve the reality crisis of its populace.

We are so far into Orwell territory.

It isn't even funny. This is how it starts out last month. Millions of Americans watched as president, Biden took the oath of office and in a high-minded inaugural address called for a new era of American unity, but plenty of other Americans weren't paying attention to Biden speech their word.

They were too busy watching YouTube videos, alleging that the inauguration was a prerecorded hoax that had been help. Filmed on a Hollywood soundstage. I stopped after that because I said I never heard of any such video was there some viral video on YouTube with people talking about the Biden inauguration being a prerecorded hoax because I never sought and guess what I went on YouTube I can find it. Maybe it's just patently obvious and it's over my head. I couldn't find it. Who is he talking about what videos is he talking about me know.

Or he says they were melting down and queuing on group chats trying to figure out why former president Tromp wasn't interrupting Biden speech to declare martial law and announce the mass arrest of satanic pedophiles, or maybe their TVs were tuned to OINI think that's 08 and and where an anchor was floating. The baseless theory that Biden wasn't actually elected by the people hoax's lies and collective delusions are new, but the extent to which millions of Americans have embraced them, may be it's because they fear time said so 30% of Republicans have a favorable view of queuing on according to a poll, more than 70% of Republicans believe Tromp legitimately won the election. 40% of Americans believe the baseless theory that COBIT 19 was manufactured in a Chinese lab testing. He can just declare what is true and reject what is false, with no proof of any of it is that interesting. 70% of Republicans believe Tromp legitimately won the election. Just pull that out of a hat one day really Kevin Roos, you think all of these millions and millions and millions of people who voted for Tromp and saw the insanity that ensued in those up for grabs states for the better part of why couple months or it felt like a couple of months. I don't even know how long the timeframe was, but certainly a long time after November 3 we were still trying to figure out which votes went where and who one Watson and the rest of it. Why would people be suspicious. That doesn't mean they have a reality crisis.

So what is his solution.

He goes to some of these deep, deep liberal thinkers. One says this expert beware of experts assess the damage and avoid the terrorist trap Joan Donovan, the research director of Harvard University assurance teen center on media politics and public policy suggested that the Biden administration could set up a truth commission similar to the 9/11 commission to investigate the planning and execution of the capital siege on January 6, truth commission until you full Orwell but this is the one it's getting all of the press here. One of the suggestions from another expert was to appoint our realities are no even though this writer says it sounds a little dystopian L grant.

But let's hear them out a little dystopian little dystopian the Biden administration is gonna tell you what reality actually is. I'm sure chairman. She is loving this is.

That's what they love to do in communist countries. One point of view hammered into your little brain day after day after day after day and no dissenters allowed, and anything that tries to come up against the lies that they're feeding you all of the time.

You just have to label disinformation and go back to your realities are these people are positively terrifying. They really are. I don't care if they're talking about it in terms of possibility rather than reality. The mere fact that this guy who works for a newspaper that has trouble telling the truth on a regular basis. Thinks we need their help on the left. Assessing reality is totally offensive when we go back to some of these, the New York Times, for example, labeled one of the daily caller's journalists a rider during January 6. During the breach of the capital and they had issue a correction, they said the news media. This was famous around the time of the election. I referenced it at the time and you might've seen it on Twitter. They put out a tweet that the news media is responsible for declaring the nation's next president. No it isn't and they had issue a correction and then you remember that white woman in Central Park who was filmed by a black birdwatcher and she was scared that he was threatening her and she called 911. The New York Times further reported that she placed a second call to 911 and claims that the black birdwatcher was trying to assault her hoops never happened and they had to issue a correction, saying she in fact never did place a second phone call and claim that the black birdwatcher was trying to assault her. Didn't happen. The second call was the dispatcher at 911 calling her this is the New York Times which thinks it's in some kind of a position to tell you what reality is. They can even get the news straight.

They can't even get the news straight. It's a it's a parade of corrections. But listen to how the left talks. This is a perfect example Jen for sake the hapless all circle back to you. Press secretary for Pres. Biden has had some very theory things to say.

Of late, listen to cut one of the loss of his peers. Whether you think is your job any easier job any easier as you we don't spend a lot of time talking about or thinking about president Tromp, your former president from five to be very clear.

I think that's a question that's probably more appropriate for Republican members who are looking for ways to support a bipartisan package and whether that gives them space but can't say we miss him on Twitter. This is the new administration. This is how it is now. This is how it is now you just openly detest the former president you don't have anything to say about the fact that it's despicable big tech would shut down any president of the United States. Nothing because they're thrilled about it. We don't care were glad not to see them on Twitter, you should be terrified of a government like this terrified, absolutely terrified because if they don't care if the President of the United States who's the highest elected official in the land doesn't get to address his people that he serves directly if you have a problem with that. You probably shouldn't be there either. I would have a problem with that II believe in free speech and I think that people should hear from their president. I think by now to have the same right to be able to speak to people to trumped it but I'm not gonna say something like that.

Here's another one.

A reporter asking her another question about representative Marjorie Taylor Green. This is cut to not let phrases is harassing well. I think the reason I conveyed that is because we don't want to elevate conspiracy theories further in the briefing room so I'm to speak time to leave it and I'll leave believe this will leave decisions about committees to members of Congress and we certainly seen speaker policy speak to that. Okay so as representative Marjorie Taylor Green is now on the verge of losing her committee positions things to house Democrats. We don't talk about conspiracy theories in this room would just shut down any discussion. This is not a defense of everything that representative Green has said, but do you see what's happening here. They have successfully in my opinion one way or another been able to purge more reasonable voices in their own party. Are they moving out to purge the other side will say again this kind government ought to terrify you. We the people in this country, not these sensors were to come back. Stay with us. With everything going on in our world today, life can seem pretty dismal. We have a pandemic, riots, racial tension, you might be asking how can we make any difference will here's one way you can make a huge difference in someone's life to the Ministry of pre-born pre-born is dedicated to saving babies lives from abortion through offering free ultrasounds to pregnant women in crisis. And when women in crisis pregnancies see their babies on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. 8/10 times they'll choose life for their children be born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the USA and pre-born sinners are often situated in the highest risk abortion hotspots competing with Planned Parenthood for babies lives. The mainstream media doesn't want you to know that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood had a racist legacy stemming from her well-documented connections with the eugenics movement. If you want to help make a difference in the midst of chaos. Please support pre-born one ultrasound is just $28 and five ultrasounds are $140 saving five babies lives 100% of your donation goes to saving babies lives. Please call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. Here's one mom talking about what pre-born has meant to her hearing the heartbeat. Maybe try and it was certain that I was going to keep my baby forever.

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That's 855-402-2229 your listening to Joe to go back will Pres. Lyndon Johnson had the great Society president Tromp wanted to make America great again and now Pres. Biden is also invoking greatness, having made reference to the concept multiple times in his recent inaugural address is my next guest is written over the hill president should avoid using this word grates both for their own good and for the good of the nation were to talk about it now with Amity slaves is coeditor of a new edition of the autobiography of Calvin Coolidge and chairs the board of the Calvin Coolidge presidential foundation. She's also the author of six other books including great society, a new history and many wonderful to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here.

Glad you will a little bit about your take on the word great because Pres. Biden is grates obviously seemed to be a little bit of a rebranding as you point out from make America great again but you're arguing here. It's a mistake to deploy this word great at all when it comes to a political agenda. Why is that the case while you're over from true 00 prominent thing. It breaks down.

Try you tell someone you're getting get unmet $30 date you get them only a $20 thank you let them down much better when human to underplay what you're going to offer and overdeliver as in business, but the second difference the second problem is that great.

Pretty soon becomes the individual that country that me yet and French king that I and I great morphed over to the individual and the idea that the president is ready, rather than good. Might be valuable in war when a commander-in-chief that is less valuable when you just chief executive of a functioning government and the focus on the individual take you away from the focus on the work and the right policies that can yield the work they can make America by the way great yeah really good point end up being about him or her right yes always the problem it well.

It is enemy going back to the great Society.

For example, which you have written about the great Society.

For example, fail to live up to its name. It would be great that you want Lyndon Johnson of taxes so your listeners will know well Americo is doing fairly well, quite idealistic and early 60s that that can learn in our young people thought we could do anything in the economy would pay for everything so let go for good bed and caught the good society under Johnson & Johnson like the great Society by which he meant typically curing poverty use that bourbon very point you are sure not alleviate ending civil rights, trouble and divisions among American 1st.he talked about equality of opportunity. Later he shifted to an even harder great with you here by the minute Biden straightened out, alluding to a great bit of equality of result very hard for government to get that outcome always leads to disappointment because life is an even unfortunately yes and so was that the culture of Johnson. He also thought he could bend greatly with a large spending ministration which is deprecated ugly tax increases. Of course eventually and led to a breakdown of our finances, which Pres. Nick then had to administrate, but nonetheless defending with the result of Johnson's great Society and of the impulse and our entitlement and domestic spending became more important than our defense spending which no one imagine that it vindicates everything they share the budget, you're absolutely right about that. So it's a little hard to go back and talk about the great society is having been great when you look at the results to education, like you say and racial divisions. We still have those obviously but you've talked also about the issue of previous Democrats and and Republicans as well. Not wanting to use the word great. You know that the downside of using the word great how if you seen this with.

For example, Roosevelt you mention Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his first inaugural address, you know, containing lots of references to grades.

We have the Great Depression, but of course the Great Depression was not great in terms of being good, but great in terms of being broad in scope the wrong great right not to gradient credit.

Though there are many in all Pres. are a collection of impulses and eroded out a time demonstrate demonstrated restraint, we want to recall that when he ran for office. As from an important event important very important state New York electorally. He didn't say and I will family crazy.

He said I will be restrained but in office. He is ambition took over an equity. Not only did he call for the new deal, the precursor to the great Society. He also called bold purse for experimentation. What that emanate from it has to emanate from an individual and for the individual who happens to be president to have such authority. While yet to be great right yes it would develop became like a God and that that's not critically useful, as I'm sure you want to mention Pres. Coolidge said Pres. Coolidge, the opposite, a great speaker said and paraphrasing here instead of the text quite in front of me but he said it's a great safety for the country for the president to know he is not a great man present: he did not like Mount Rushmore. He didn't like a super guy and I know you know that sounds a little cold and unlovable, but his point was quite simple. Were all servant what are we doing were surveying the government and trying to deliver to the people.

It's not about right.

You know whether you know where you are in current politics.

We all know that if in caution make everything about.

It's about delivery assert that result in a certain 10 years.

It's not about changing the world so we can will forever and a nut, but in the stateside lived in in the path New York. The mayor both parties have talked about changing the term schedule ending a term limit for themselves publication tend to want to change the rules so they can stay in power that human nature, but wouldn't that do that.

Take the policy away from the people and make it about the person and I was just looking at the Republican platform effort for 2020 and the party Konica haunted. It had the COBIT excuses that were cunning and I just stick to what we have before from platform and wait for president come to save something and that was in my view, a big error because wire present there implement pulsates or that's right and it's such a great point because I think we can all agree that humility doesn't tend to be a very common quality among politicians, but in fact you probably could do a lot more if you really did consider yourself first and foremost a public servant above everything else.

And how do you think Coolidge did with that in practice the great great example Coolidge was a Ghanaian reserve and restraint which may always be underestimated, and he knew that that was productive but he would under Palmetto look promising, and then over deliver well loaded like that.

That turned out to be politically great so we he said well I'm going he came in after a scandal. By the way he pot Dell which was the scandal of the Harding administration relating to the privatization of federal oil reserves in the Navy. Why do we care, we care because if you're going to do privatization you have to do it honestly, and not just the forefront of varying market concept which Republican supposedly hold so dear of privatization when you make it again for your friends right now privatization at the game. Dear friend and that effectively apparently what inferior. He fall in the Teapot Dome scandal in the GOP looked terrible.

They were supposed to be private islanders and they were friend helpers. Coolidge came in Harding the president for Teapot Dome passed away suddenly Coolidge with with a scandal and he said he cleaned up one by a rigorously look looking for wrongdoing he appointed to the special counsel one Democrat one publican to look into Teapot Dome living beyond it by hitting an exemplary fashion myself Harding had a lot of parties that the White House Coolidge did not have the disappointment sometimes of his more extroverted family. You know he budget that was he with his policy. We've backing the nation to cut its budget at that time he was asking the nation to cut, but he had to cut budget to keep up with taxes so his personal comportment and its political goals were not inconsistent. There was a harmony there that any observer like this if you like. Let the minister who live by example rather than betrays his own principles very important people that people are intellectually and personally consistent. That's why character matters it all the bared him political capital.

The waning way scandal is. He didn't have any health Coolidge knew what he didn't say in the Coolidge policy will be said.

I will follow what we promised the voter in 1920. We promised the voter to cut taxes. We did that sound before Harding on pathway. I will continue to do that I will do it not only somewhat but meticulously he is afraid I will bend all my energy to serve in that really worked out because the policies were good, one that had detected the text that became like America did provide people that God there were enormous productivity get people got indoor plumbing in the 20s in America became the will rather the exception, which is very important to reducing poverty. What is poverty and we really had me define it with the difference between poverty and being poor toilet that is right. Coolidge achieved great things for American through being the opposite of great is that interesting Iowa. I think that such good food for thought and I think obviously were living in an age where TV and Internet coverage makes it all the more tempting for presidents to try to use this kind of hyperbolic language, but it makes a whole lot of sense. When you get into the background on Calvin Coolidge and many slaves with us so good to talk to amity. I'm a big failure, books, and it was great to have you here on both people take a look at the automatically add new and all for older children and we worked hard on wonderful. Thank you.

The autobiography of Calvin Coolidge family slays. Thank you. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or here's your host Joe Milford. Thank you so much for being with us.

I think it's often too easy to look at our trials in our sufferings, and conclude that we have it worse than other people and we might sometimes but this is why it helps sometimes to go back to study some of the lives of people in Scripture because they can really help to put our own situations into a more godly perspective and my guest who is coming up with me now does this in her new book examining God's grace in the lives of 12 women of the Old Testament. So were joined now by Jill Eileen Smith was author of she walked before us still welcome.

It's wonderful to have you with us. How are you and you are so welcome I see that you are particularly interested in the lives of women in the Old Testament. What got you interested in studying some of these women's lives. I know some of them are quite famous and most Christians will know who they are.

Others are little bit more obscure. Why studying the life of King David. Back when I was a young mom raising three boys and co-teaching a Bible study about his wife and never really I was more into and Scripture at that time because I in a family of man, but as time went on and I wanted to actually read and outlaw about David and couldn't find it entering into writing are not all about and then about Abigail, and that interest-bearing women in Scripture as his wife and learned especially one like the King David followed right so as you're going along in your learning about more and more of these women, it becomes really interesting to delve into them and you're using the descriptions of a lot of these women as examples of grace, courage and strength think it's important for Christian women to have these kinds of examples like we do in the Old Testament very different. I don't think that will change over time, only our culture change the way we derive, think and talk about our emotion, learning and how we a lot of things don't really change, and cortisol boreal at the in nature.

That's how I believe the Bible takes event and we can shake and have the same had a jealous his or trust initiative or forgiveness to share their broken relationship kinds of other things.

But something happened to every person on the planet and a good identifying left out of any great sure. So when you're looking at the 12. All of them are really important. Women to study. Is there anyone among the 12 that you gravitate toward as far as relating more to her than the other 11 were it's hard.

I know I am indifferent, I thought of not probably only be one night or late changes now that I'm older and have locked my children. But now she I now have grandchild darling daughters I can relate to her in a little bit that way. I always love to live the King David and I only wonder that she, Lori and I think I gravitated toward the forgiveness angle. There shall favorite, but I mean there there are unique I can share really studied the man around them checking out the window now because there's not a lot, but when Bible and getting to know them through what God about the man than inspiring.

I got serve Christ. I use my imagination a lot and trying to figure them out and he can't take my word for that because Valley Scripture and the actual truth. I ideally section will to my nonfiction but I hope that I often bring out the actual what is sure some people can know what this is what the Bible is about the person that's important so we talk a little bit about some of these women you mentioned Naomi and of course it's hard to think of Naomi without Ruth and Ruth without Boaz. What is your take on the importance of Ruth and Naomi and what they can teach us about grace and strength and wisdom to my inquiry. I really love her character because she in the lineage of Christ death on the other are. I love her devotion to her mother-in-law when she lacked everything. I love her say that because she came, not a Moabite bill believed in child sacrifice. Bring your how they peg and in comparison to the Hebrew culture and I believe Naomi would've probably been the one to teach truth and and her sister-in-law about the God of the Hebrew.

I don't know if her husband at a far bow ablative hacker much about the data behaviorist, but I think that that connection.

FA was really on unique in many cases been really wonderful. I have met, I think God in Bristol took a lot of to go back with Naomi and the rebirth story as much now that is where you pretty fascinating that David show how God blacked out in different way will write when you're talking about Naomi.

In particular, your highlighting when turning around is the best thing how do you see that in her life turning around and and that being the best thing she could do while she and her husband Bill farmland and shaving would not associate her hard to believe Israel and fishing and watched Mary born when he watched her husband and found Diane at Farland and Derek and left her there thou she had no choice really, but to turn around and go back to Bethlehem that she left and I think she might not. I wanted to leave it in the first five that she had no choice because back then Solomon would follow her husband and baby's crying. I think her to go back because I think a lot of times we don't want to go back what time she left as what her name meaning Me are you and how should I forget if that thing that meaning but anyway she came back and Connie Meyer after she was better from that it happened or I see her as a female gel she left everything and shellacked back in the bathroom and found that God was so gracious to her. It took courage to go back and admit inner eat it now and now she had to admit in her heart she been wrong while you now she couldn't control it, share it with Elrond to leave and she had to make a man in her heart by going back. I think and and God provided Boaz I, Hawthorne, Everett, and her in a novel about her and get Naomi crying and he there as well. That was fun. Took part. What do you make much of the relationship between Ruth and Naomi because I think that's something a lot of Christian women will read about and say there's nothing like a Christian friend who's a woman just to have that bond with another woman whether or not it's a sister, the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law situation, or if it's just a friend. Do you highlight that you look at that relationship. In light of our relationships with other women in the church all just in general when you're thinking about these two women does is that something that you take away from the descriptions that we see in Scripture that this is not only an example here of two individuals, but also the relationship is significant relationship, but I'm not sure who relationship the church at the progress and look at Haida, where it held the elder went into pan and enter the underwent and found him being love that husband, children and the van things like that so I think that we can learn me in in the church age and that it doesn't have to be the same family but anyhow They were a lot more about family there was not as much on tribal war and then you Know the whole item change because the Roman occupation, things like that absolutely just a moment, Jill. We do need to pause for a quick break for listening to Jennifer today will come back with Jill Eileen Smith this is Janet math for for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday. She lives in Zimbabwe where churches are widely scattered in remote regions of this African country.

That's one reason why she travels so far the other reason she walks 9 miles each way is that the gospel has truly captured her heart after coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Mabel reads and studies her Bible and she's discovered that the gospel is meant to be shared with others. So with the help of Bible league international she's learning to share her faith she's helping to see a church develop closer to her village Bibles are desperately needed in Africa and around the world right now you can send one to a Bible is a believer today for only five dollars dollars will send 10 Bibles become a Bible center today by calling 800 yes word that 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to Janet math healthcare open enrollment period has ended.

In most states. Did you miss it. Don't go whole year without having a healthcare program sign up for liberty. Healthcare is a member of Liberty health.

Share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up now with membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need. Other members are there for you to can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out that's Liberty four 855-585-4237 you're listening to Joe Wood River today know you're welcome back. Have you ever read these wonderful passages in Scripture about different women throughout, not just the New Testament but also the Old Testament my neck my guest Jill. Eileen Smith has done this in her book. She walked before us grace, courage and strength from 12 women of the Old Testament were talking about some of them that we were talking about Ruth and Naomi before we went to the break. I want to try to hit on some of these other women that you've written about here. Jill, one of whom, I just have a real love for Rahab.

I don't know why this is. She's called obviously she's commended in the book of Hebrews is a woman of faith. This is the prostitute who hid the spies.

She throws a little bit of a monkeywrench into some peoples understanding. I would think of the way that the Lord works because she's a prostitute now and and she's doing something that that most of us would say is sinful. You know she's hiding people and she's all these things you look at her and and what to take away from her life. I love driving her star in the novel form. When I got to add her here at led not too hard. Yes on wandering her life was Read another novel art show on Rahab story line different but that's because I can imagine how it happened or email you got the basic near and by like I still quietly loaded on what were her allotted for hiding. Five.

How did she become a prosecutor within her choice, but when she felt into it by her family anyway she felt, and I intrude by, now with me in on done for Mr. Eiler even we don't know lottery when going to that today just to survive and on the issue with a lot. I don't think we can consider her as one of the left may be just a typical straight crap that you are thinking what we might consider today or at least on how the child died on, she had the ear of the king and mean and he here is watching her how he felt about the five that I think she was bearing a high-level client and she probably thought their fear when they heard about the Israelite destroying the king. On the other side of the Jordan, and especially when they heard the faint, Jordan, but I think that that God and Hebrews intrigued her and that is anybody in any profession he turned his hand of forgiveness and I was not too short to reach a matter where we are think she reached out and gave her a truck and I know because she thought how God people worship and they didn't do it for him. Thank she had no reason to do anything to help the five Nicorette and it was a huge line on that. I think that harm would it with the fate that was very weak at the beginning that I like the fact that Israel accepted her and I know letting her life in Jewish commentary online. I read that she married Joshua that if you read the news that she married filing because that the Jewish they just made up not they all Greenfield New Testament so if that's all they were looking at. They wouldn't have been genealogy of Christ shall, at that I created baffle characterization novel. But the point being, Israel accepted her despite what she'd done because she'd help them and eventually was in the line Damon in line cried pretty exemplary. Yes, it is absolutely someone else who I think is is well worth highlighting is Deborah that she is very interesting because here she was a prophetess. She was a judge, she was given this message to give to her Barack to a Texas Air and she didn't plan chiming her role was very different than the role of a lot of other women in the Old Testament.

What about her dealing with God's call in her life again given very little on laboratory were given to chapter 1 on again where network, nothing about her. I had a really hard time envisioning her when I first set out to do it on, but I think that one at the time Carolyn and what was right now on and probably God called her because she was receptive to him, where many a lot of men were running when she gave me message to Barrick.

He didn't really want to do it any dead but not if she can go with what he wanted her support and tell me that they wanted to fight this terrible person for Sarah and the king gave him that they didn't know how they needed her courage and mania because she represented cried our God, to them because she had a greater faith and was going to step out and speak the word to people and judge the people that came to her when no one else would write well that's an interesting point. When you talk about her face because that's kind of a stream that you see with a lot of these different women and I see that also in Hannah.

Hannah is an early example that she was barren and she was her husband's favorite wife and yet she can have any children and that was a very big deal. Obviously, at that time in history of these days, it might've changed a little bit in terms of feeling shame you would necessarily feel shame over it. You see, Hannah is demonstrating that kind of incredible faith in the Lord that she had her that she have to live with her July bearing child after child and how long had she been the only way for he married, have children, so she had to live with a beer rarely, I would've done it in the Bible. You and kind of blocked help and having a child very easily. I mean, I can understand that you need a little help when you wait year after year praying for the same thing and it doesn't happen and I think that when she finally got whatever breaking point. God needed her to be line can give up their very share a bath for when she can pray and pray like you should give me that she can have it back and I don't know why God asked that of, but she believed strongly enough that she could say that she could surrender that that deeply and God, then I think she knew she had her answer before Sharon got pregnant after that prayer). I think it was an that God given her that Adam great at that moment because I don't think I think it took a while for her to get that likely don't get to surrender easily as humans were too proud.

Yeah that's right so Hannah having Samuel. This was a very significant occurrence in the stream of human history.

Obviously, because then he went on to become the spiritual leader of Israel. And yet this is it. It's very interesting because I think even though you don't learn an awful lot of the details about some of these women we have much more information about a lot of the men in the Old Testament than we do about the women but where, what, where would Israel have been if she hadn't had that little boy mean it's so significant that yeah yeah the last rocket and for the first rights he was here and judge me for a man, and I think she went the rest of her life. That should make an accountant to control every year and on her husband was actually in the Levitical anklet medical line so he could have worked it at the tabernacle in pain fun. Every so often. I think they probably kind today that in that, at least from what I studied so I am thinking of us again, but she didn't. She wasn't raping her and she wasn't going to be on in his life, and I think that that be like one another. You now okay to give up your baby like that, now it hard yes no no, absolutely not. Imagine that it all in and in. You mentioned something very significant because it was Samuel who then went on to anoint Saul and David. And when you consider the providence of God and how all of these women fit into the providence of God in very different but very significant ways. It just opens your eyes even more to the importance that God placed on these women. Throughout the Old Testament the name of the book. She walks before us grace, courage and strength from 12 women of the Old Testament by Jill Eileen Smith till it was great to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here on my pleasure, thanks a lot for coming on the show today was great to have you. God bless thank you for joining us on Janet my for today will see you next broadcast tower has been brought by pre-born $20 saves one life call now 855402 baby 855-402-2229 Janet

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