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Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 4, 2021 7:00 am

Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 4, 2021 7:00 am

When we are born again and become children of God, we receive one or more spiritual gifts. Discovering, developing, and putting to work our spiritual gifts is how we find joy and fulfillment in this Christian life. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how children of God can unwrap their spiritual gifts.

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What are our spiritual gifts listen to Adrian Rogers. Suppose you got married and you got a lot of gifts you go off-line. Got a toaster you got a blender, you go television said when you move into an apartment. Members no power to Plug it in a safe God gives you the gap when you get saved with the gap against operate when you get the power to operate that you have the power to operate that gift, when you present yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to lovelorn funding, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said spiritual gifts are not for evidence.

They are equipped, they are not for your enjoyment. They are for your employment. When we are born again to become children of God we receive a spiritual gift discovering, developing and putting to work our spiritual gifts is how we find joy and fulfillment in the Christian life.

If you have your Bible turn to first Corinthians chapter 12 as Adrian Rogers explains how you as a child of God can begin unwrapping your spiritual gift. Now when you say you got your spiritual gift just as you got your natural proclivities. When you were born naturally you get your supernatural proclivities.

When you are supernaturally born annual spiritual gift is a salvation when the Holy Spirit came in view. He did not come in empty-handed. When you were born you were born a gifted child, you have when you were born spiritually. When you are born again you will born a gifted child ankle by one Spirit have we all been baptized into one body. The moment the Holy Spirit of God placed you into the body of Christ, he placed you into the body of Christ to do a particular thing every body has a ministry value may not have a ministry because you don't know you have a ministry but you have a ministry that is that when you say you had a sovereign supernatural gift that God equipped you with now, you may not yet have discovered a little baby that's born in the natural world has hands of your watch the baby discovers hands a little baby when is going to know it has hands, but later all that baby can become an artist or pianist.

The violinist asserts as he learns how to use these hands but he didn't get the hands later. All the parents can take the baby back to the hospital. As I now put the hands on of the hands came to admire the child has to discovers hands, the child has to develop his hands and then deploy his hands and put his hands you have. These gifts are salvation did not let me say something else.

They are support gifts.

Look, if you will, in verse 17 of the same chapter.

If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing when a big group is some of you today were hundred 95 pound eyeballs. If the whole body were not.

You could hear a thing could you, but you can sure say good if the whole were hearing where were the smelling my Lord, suppose you are a great big year, but you can smell anything. But now notice. But God has set the members every one of them in the body as it hath pleased him and he goes on to say that AI needs the ear and the nose needs the rest of the body and so forth. What what to say that God gave us different gifts and the reason that God gave us different gifts is to make us one if you don't learn anything else that I'm trying to say to you today I want to learn this, that God made us different that he might make us one God gave me some gifts he didn't give you God gave you some gifts he didn't give me, and each of us have individual gifts and together we must depend upon one another and that is what makes the church the church. These are support gifts and therefore if you try to exercise your gift apart from your relationship to the body is going to be absurd now. My hand bears my hand is nothing particularly wrong with that and I think Bernard's hand myself and I and I don't think you necessarily repulsed by but if it were cut off from my body and flung out there on the floor. I think it's if you walked in and saw him lying on the floor this morning for safe that's grotesque that's repulsive by hand is significant only as it is a part of the body.

Your spiritual gift is here to support the rest of the body to profit the whole body, God put us in the body and God gave us gifts to support one another.

It is sheer pride for you to say I don't need the church. You leave the church and I will take something else. The church need you now, let's talk about the diversity of the gifts there many, many did you say will pastor if I am a gifted child.

I want to know what my spiritual gift is what I meant to read some of the gifts here and I want you to see if you can hear your name called, look in verse four. There are diverse diversities of gifts, diversities of gifts. Now let's skip down to verse eight and begin to look at them in verse eight he mentions wisdom by one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom what is wisdom. Wisdom is a spiritual, have you ever known people who are gifted with wisdom.

I'm not talking about common sense. You can be unsaved and have common sense. I'm not on that horse sense a lot more sense is is what keeps a horse from betting on a track meet.

That's four cents, but I'm not talking about that wisdom is not common sense. It is common sense. People who have the gift of wisdom making wonderful wonderful counselors. Maybe that is your view, are in verse eight, a word of knowledge doesn't say that you know everything nobody knows everything but the charismatic gift of knowledge is the likely to know things that you could not know, apart from the anointing, the guidance, the giftedness of the Holy Spirit of God, but devils counterfeit of this is clairvoyance, but you can know things through the spirit that you could know any other way. There is the gift of knowledge, there is the gift of faith. Look, if you will, in verse nine to another faith by the same spirit. Now all Christians have faith in the general sense, but this isn't a very specific sense the gift of faith. He describes it in chapter 13 verse one. If I have faith that could remove mountains.

This is mountain moving faith. I thank God that he puts in the church people who have this kind of faith and I I know some of this church how they encourage me because of their great and strong and mighty faith than then in verse nine he speaks of the gift of healing. Actually, the Greek word is healings plural because they're all kinds of healings and physical healings, mental healing, spiritual healing, and there's some that God has given the ability to heal.

This does not mean that your doctor that you have the gift of healing. You can be saved and have the gift of healing and not be a doctor. You can read the Bible and you can see that there are gifts of healing, but of course God uses medicine and thank God for medicine. Jesus said they that are whole me, not a physician but they that are sick Jesus that sick people need a doctor is pretty good advice to me how they that are whole me, not a physician but they that are sick, but there are the gifts of healing, then the gifts of miracles.

Malik, if you will, in verse 10 to another the working of miracles, pastor, you believe in miracles. Of course I believe in miracles.

Why number one. I believe the Bible number two. I believe there is a God, and to say they cannot be miracles, is simply to limit God in the say that God is the prison of the world that he has created the miracle workers today probably are you know any. No, I don't you think you'd be wonderful if we had some miracle workers in our church well may be nice but outdated is that miracles are not much good in converting the unsaved. As a matter fact, Jesus had to step over the miracle mongers in order to do his ministry sometime but there are miracles are performed and you can find as you study the Bible that miracles came mostly in clusters that were the miracle surrounding the creation there were the miracles.

For example, surrounding the ministry of Elisha and Elijah. There was a miracles surrounding the ministry of Jesus. The miracles surrounding the ministry of the apostles and the miracles that are prophesied for the last days and so there are gifts of miracles, you say well it's your spirit filled we do miracles not necessarily the Bible says that John the Baptist was filled with the spirit from his mother's womb, but notice what the Bible said about John the Baptist in John 10 verses 41 and 42, and many resorted him to him and said John didn't know miracle, but all things that John spake of this man were true, that is everything that John said about Jesus is true and many believed on him on Jesus there, but I think I pay what I wrote.

I have the power to appoint men to Jesus like John did than to raise the dead to me that with all of my heart and soul John did know miracle.

He was a spiritual man, but the ministry of John was a point man, Jesus Christ.

Now maybe you miracles are your gift, then there's a gift of prophecy in verse 10 about what is prophecy prophecy is not primarily foretelling it is forth telling. Although the prophets did sometimes foretell.

There is the office of the prophet like Isaiah and Jeremiah. And there is the ministry of prophecy is a pastor Rogers what you think your gift is. I think it is prophecy. I think it is prophecy what is prophecy is prophecy is not telling people all that's not what the gift of prophecy is free and not at all. You want to know what the gift of prophecy is first grant this chapter 14 verse three he that prophesied speaker fundamental edification and exhortation and comfort. Happiness with threefold ministry edification exultation and comfort what is edification to build up what is exhortation that is to fire up what is comfort that is to shore up.

I believe that that is one of the gifts that is greatly needed and specially to preach the word of God to matter fact, if you read chapter 14 you can find out that he spends almost an entire chapter showing the superiority of prophecy overtones and there is the gift of prophecy to build up the fire up to shore up people now there's another deal in verse 10, and that is that is earning a spirit now that what what does that mean we live in a world that is filled with malevolent spirits, wicked spirits of evil spirits while spirits daily spirit.

You believe in demons pastor.

Yes, I believe there are demons, I'm not trusting them but I believe concerning them that demons exist and I believe these demons are lying spirits and Satan himself is transformed himself as an angel of light. And God gives some people a spirit of discernment they can look in and say that is of the devil is the devil parading around in Angels garments of its own wolf in sheep's clothing and we need in the church today. Those who have the discerning of spirits gift.

It is greatly needed. Then he mentions in verse 10, the gift of tongues gloss saw glossolalia speaking in tongues or gloss on me in stronger language in the back of your book is a glossary in many books. That means it's a listing of words and explanation of words and what is the gift of tongues. The gift of tongues is a supernatural gift to praise God in a foreign language that you have never learned on the day of Pentecost. The apostles who had this gift began to praise God and people from every nation under heaven that were there in Jerusalem heard them speak in his own language. They were praising God, not in an unknown tongue, but in a no word unknown is supplied by the translators.

It's not there in the original, it simply is the word tongue language in foreign language and these people were impressed. They were impressively set out to learn this language is we never learn the Bible says that tongues are not for assigned believers, but not believers. Tongues are not assigned to God's people about anything they are assigned to believers. Paul said, I speak with tongues more than you already do it on the mission field, and God supernaturally gifted him, and it may be that God would give you the gift to praise him in a language that you've never learned to convince unbelievers that they might come to the Lord Jesus Christ. Then there's the gift of the interpretation of tongues. What is think gift of interpretation of tongues. While the word interpretation is a normal word which means the translation.

Let's suppose that we had a busload of Russian tourist to come in here today laissez the Russian Jews because tongues were primarily assigned to do LSA that they would come into this service and sit down today and suppose that God would touch me and give me the ability perfect fluent Russian to begin to praise God. I don't know Russian but I began to praise God in a foreign language. I begin to speak and say Jesus your wonderful how I love you. I praise you and these people come to me in a safe Russian high Russian friend. They are convinced that something supernatural is going own it. If I'm up your speaking Russian, your say what on earth is the pastor say you don't know well then he'd have to have the gift of interpretation or somebody because nobody is to be in the dark. I am praising God in a language I never have never learned your interpreting a language supernaturally, God is giving you the ability and so every body is blessed and everybody is convinced and nobody is sitting in the bar. These are spiritual gifts and God does that now does God still do that today. He can if he will tease God and I resigned from being God. Now let me tell you something friend, God is God and God can do what ever he wants whenever he wishes, but if he does do what he does. He's not going to contradict his word right here in the Bible where you say pastor I been going on the list. I am found mine chloride just turned Romans chapter 12 and let's look at the other list because this is not the only lives. Romans chapter 12 beginning in verse four he speaks of some more spiritual gifts for as we have many members in one body and all members have not the same office so we, being many, are one body in Christ and everyone members one of another. That is, these are support gifts that look in verse six having then gifts differing by still on the same subject still cracking okay.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace the word grace Karis cares Martha according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy what is prophecy we've already mentioned that might be your gift of preaching jail services mission work our ministry.

Look, if you will, in verse seven ministries acts of service, and all we need this.

Thank God for this give this a general church work. Those who tighten those who are sure those who coax doesn't work in the nursery you say it takes supernatural strength to work in the nursery. Hello blessed story eliminated you want to do every committee meeting you practice everything that we do want to be done in the power the Holy Spirit that he mentions the gift of teaching. Thank God for the gift of teaching, I gift of gab will make you teacher with the Holy Spirit of God can in Sunday school.

Your missionary teacher and mission organizations. If your mother you might have the charismatic gifted teacher children at home.

Thank God. If you have any mentions the gift of exhortation. What is a gift of exhortation is greatly needed in the music ministry and never heard a singer stand up and saying maybe not have the same voice quality that somebody else has. But when the same God is all and the message just comes hold in your heart and you are blessed and why, because it is more than just a display of beautiful music they are exhorting you they are firing you up.

That's the gift of exhortation.

If you have it fine. There's the gift of giving. Now all of a sudden you like all of us to have faith but thank God they used the gift of giving. What is the gift of giving is the ability to make money ending give money wisely and to give money sacrificially. There's the gift of ruling, he mentions that here in the same passage. What is the gift of ruling it is the ability to administrate people own church stands often have the gift of ruling committee leaders people in leadership you might be a coach and your coaching for Jesus and leaving boys and girls and you have the gift of ruling it means administration and leadership bears the gift of mercy. All how we made the gift of mercy. Maybe that is your due. What is mercy is showing the love of Jesus Christ. These people have the gift of mercy. We have many of them in our church and hospital visitation, benevolence, committees, and counseling.

They are the people who love and wrap arms of love around people.

Thank God for church that has the gifts of mercy. Now let me talk to you about the discovery of your gift.

How can you discover your gift to give you three principles you're here still and Romans chapter 12, first of all, is the principle of Lordship look in Romans chapter 12 verses one into I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice wholly acceptable in the God which is your reasonable service. Nice talking about your service to the Lord, and he says be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. You want to find the will of God for your service to just present yourself to God say Lord here I am here I am, you see your dear pastor, have the power to operate.

Suppose you got married we got a lot of gifts you got while flying got a toasty got a blending of the television set. Then you moved into an apartment and there is no power as the deputy Plug in your safe. God gives you the gift when you get saved, but the gift begins to operate. When you get the power to operate that idea and how to operate that gift comes when you present yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ and you say here I am Lord, I give myself the first principle is the principle of Lordship second principle is the principle of stewardship. Luckily with in verses three and four for I say, through the grace the Karis, the charisma given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. Three times there.

He says think think think now God is giving you a gift to be a start of that. You're not just set soap and sour which are to say, not God. If you have given me a gift.

What is my dear now and verse two. The Bible says that you're going to renew your mind what God did you renew my what you think you ought to do with it now suggest that you think with. When I be good ideas. It can't take you renew my way to be a good idea if you have a renewed mind that you began to think and how does he say the site to think, not more highly than you think. Not to think that you have some gift that you don't have Nero not to say I have this gift I have idea but on the other hand, don't say you don't have again because if you say you don't have a gift you and Saul God.

To think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man a measure of faith God is giving you again your steward over there is a principal Lordship the principle of stewardship back here's the key in the wonderful things there is the principle of fellowship. Look, if you will.

Now in verses four and five more as we have many members in one body and all members have not the same office so we, being many, are one body in Christ and everyone members one of another.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given unto us and so for now, there is the principle of Lordship the principle of stewardship and the principle of fellowship was at me in plain English lesson in plain English it means this you belong to me and I belong to you.

You are you can discover your gift. Let me tell you how you can discover, you did get in the body of Christ and go to work. It's hard to steer ship it's not moving out of my hand. Notice I hand it can function in the body as my mouth know that my hand as I hand my hand feeds my mouth. What I'm trying to say is this, that if God is giving you a gift God will be confirming that gift to somebody else and your gift is going to bubble up is going to come out as you get in the church and you go to work and you find your brothers and sisters I would you do this but would you help me hear me I talk to you counsel with you would do.

Please sing the song for me would you tell me what this verse of Scripture means an audit on going to find your gift coming to the surface.

Why because we are members one another and you put those three principles together. The principle of Lordship you just say Lord I present my body to you. You renew your mind been the principle of stewardship.if you gave me a gift. I'm going to think what is it that I like to do what it is that I feel good about doing you mean a ministry and God has given you again. And the Lord Karis means both grace and it means Joel when your grace gift comes in and you put it to work in the joy of the Lord is going to begin to flow in your heart when your grace gift comes you put it to work right if you experience the joy of God's love flowing in and through your heart, as you've served him with your spiritual gift. We love presenting opportunities for listeners to utilize their gifts in one of them is our prayer wall you find aerial find the option to either submit a prayer request or pray for others's resources were our favorite ways to keep the ministry in the community praying continually for each other's needs.

Let us hear from you today again go to and scroll down to our prayer wall. After like order a copy of today's lesson unwrapping your spiritual gift mentioned that title when you call to order at 1877 love God's message is also partly insightful back to the basics series with a complete collection all 18 powerful messages again. Call 877 love God, you can order online it or rightists at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Many of the messages in this series are also featured in our new resource though what every Christian ought to know, study you can utilize this tool it you know your spiritual gift, have you presented yourself to the Lord.

If you decided to be a good steward of whatever the Holy Spirit has confirmed you serving faithfully in your church. Spend some time thinking over these questions and be sure to join us next time. For more real truth. It never changes.

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