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2-3-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Tom DeWeese (China's Growning Influence) - ERLC Report Analysis

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 3, 2021 4:00 am

2-3-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Tom DeWeese (China's Growning Influence) - ERLC Report Analysis

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 3, 2021 4:00 am

Communist China wields massive economic power in America, and now it's also becoming our nation's largest landowner. I'll talk about it with Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center. Plus: Southern Baptist leaders issue a new report about their Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, but will it make any difference in reining in the denominational Wokeness? That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to find women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is reference to our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of wake up to the real rats to our national sovereignty that are posed by communist China.

But aside from buying up our dad and cutting financial deals with certain elected officials and their families. Did you know that China is also on track to become the largest landowner in the United States, and that this is unfolding with the aiding and abetting of our own politicians were to find out more about what's happening today from time to waste as president of the American policy center and also the author of sustainable. The war on free enterprise, private property, and individuals. Time is written about this in a series.

Great series over at his website.

American policy.or concerning China's threats to American sovereignty and time. It's so good to welcome me back. How are you doing thank you for writing about this because you have a whole lot of information. I know in this series that was all new to me. I know a lot of people regard China is maybe some kind of new Soviet Union kind of this idea that you gather communist but there also capitalists and I like my cheap Walmart stuff but but you actually said there is an essential difference here between what we went through with the USSR during the Cold War and what were facing today concerning threats from China coming down to economics can explain to people why it's different now than it was during the Cold War learned from true operation and destroyed industry destroyed any kind of free enterprise destroyed people's incentive to do anything and what China did was the noncompete but they have gotten these global corporations. The Walmarts of the world so forth to no byproducts from them and they manufacture them at a very cheap rate.

The thing is there are no private companies in China are not dealing with the Chinese company you're dealing with the Chinese government and they have been able through all this process to stockpile billions and billions of dollars and you and build their government, their power, their military everything else in there also using that money to invest in the United States to buy up property to body companies to actually build development core projects in the country all kinds of things like that. None of that was ever dumb of the Soviet Union. They were just dark dead place, but these guys have figured out how to gain power by using the market to their advantage right and I know that you had reference that in the past this wouldn't even been allowed under law, we would've been wise to this what is going on because you talk about these immigrant investor regional centers and the role they play in China's ability to do this. Explain your people. If you would Tom what's going on how they were able to do this and amass so much power and get so much money out of our economy, and continue to press into our nation and get more land federal program out of the US immigration service and it is called immigrant investor regional centers shorts be coveted EB five centers and what it said is that an applicant a country or whoever else is going invest in. This would have to invest million dollars in a US business. There is a caveat to it if they could make it $500,000 if it's in an area of very high unemployment or rural areas or support the idea is that if they make this investment that they have to present create at least 10 full-time American jobs. So if they do that then they can gain control of the company of an area development, whatever that may be because they created 10 full-time American jobs and then the immigrants who were involved in this than they gain legal residency.

They get green card. You can bring a ball for their entire family and eventually they can apply for permanent residence. If they like and so the Chinese have taken control of the and in the numbers.

I have some of their older numbers so it's more than what I'm saying here. But in 1990, the EB five program brought in approximately $6.7 billion US and 95,000 jobs. But the majority of these programs were from China and they they've got involved in buying up dairy farms, cattle ranches, meatpacking plants and other sources of our food supply, and just the vast amount of of American land that they say now controls while this is interesting when you talk about immigrants been able to get legal residency through this program, and so forth. Explain how this works because when you have these EB five centers in this idea that you have to invest $1 million. Generally, in some US business to create at least 10 American jobs are. These jobs all going to immigrants or are they going to Americans who already live here is their combination they are or how did the immigrants get involved in taking those jobs will basically provide 10 jobs for Americans if you're going to come in and invest and so forth to put all this together than you needed to apply at least 10 jobs for Americans. But then it could be a project that supplies hundred jobs for you know full well okay okay that's interesting is that you write when you use the term American jobs you generally think jobs in America, but you're talking about what you're saying makes sense came up with this program.

Do we know exactly how this came into being in and if the people who were involved in creating the program understood the implications if you begin to allow foreign investment from China immigration service and you know they were looking at it is, who were were investing were bringing were jobs to America were foreign investors to command and take care of it in exchange for that will will open our targets for for immigrants to come in from those countries and and you know put this together so it sounded on paper like old good investment for us. We've been forcing all going into all these you know open borders and so forth. Anyway, this whole globalist plan of this was just part of it.

But China figured it out and began to use it and to their to their advantage lasted.

This was back in 1990, which would've been under Pres. George H. W.

Bush, yeah okay so it's been quite a while. It's been quite a while why we see more on this particular program.

It's interesting. I know you follow these trends quite closely, but I had not been aware of the details of this program until you wrote about it will not talk about log we are starting to hear much more about how much land and so forth to China in this country and it's surprising a lot of people, but this is been going under the radar for a long time and as you know from from the article I brought up something that didn't make some headlines from people and out in 2014 when we have this band off out in Nevada with the Bundy family right and other ranchers and so forth out there who were on the verge of losing their farmland, ranches, and so forth and people accuse the Bundy of violence and and threatening violence and in what they did what they were really doing was pushing back against one of these programs there is the Bureau of land management was accusing the cattle ranchers there upgrading our cattle on public lands and endangering the desert tortoise that was the excuse they were using. In fact, the Bundy's were about the last of 52 ranchers. The others had gone out of business under this and what it was really about. It wasn't EB five real estate deal. There's a company called again and energy group that wanted to build a $5 billion solar farm in that area that would encompass the Bundy ranch and several of these other ones well it's interesting to see that this was an EB five program working with the Chinese, but for drink interesting to see who the investors were in the CNN group. Yes, again Chinese using the EB five program but one of the go shooters for this was Lori Reed working to keep people in suspense years of the come back for today will be back with Tom Deweese right after this, this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday. She lives in Zimbabwe where churches are widely scattered in remote regions of this African country. That's one reason why she travels so far the other reason she walks 9 miles each way is that the gospel has truly captured her heart after coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Mabel reads and studies her Bible and she's discovered that the gospel is meant to be shared with others. So with the help of Bible league international she's learning to share her fame she's helping to see a church develop closer to her village finals are desperately needed in Africa and around the world right now you can send one to a finalist believer today for only five dollars dollars will send 10 Bibles become a viable center today by calling 800 yes word that's 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to Janet healthcare open enrollment period has ended. In most states. Did you miss it.

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Interestingly, you read wasn't the only public figure involved in this EB five scheme. There was also part of the deal included Anthony Rodham Hillary Clinton's brother and is also the former son-in-law of Barbara boxer also in the deal with Terry McAuliffe was a Clinton advisor went on to become the governor of Virginia and they gained EB five investments for car company so forth so that they been using these EB five programs to fill their pockets enrich themselves and bringing the Chinese in two together and then what's in a really amazing are the companies that are involved in this here and where I am in Virginia we have Smithfield foods, which is a major supplier of hams and things like that China bought Smithfield Foods. It has 460 large farms facilities in 26 states thousand of employees and they own that they have built developments big luxury hotels and so forth. In the San Francisco and another one in Manhattan and some in Florida and so on and so forth. This just thousands and thousands of acres and buildings and companies that check through this program. The Chinese have been able to do and then as I said the global corporation. We we talked, we talked in the past about public-private partnerships and these particular global corporations that are no part of these public-private partnerships what one of the public-private partnership is where these companies decide to go along with the program and for that they get to go to the front of the line for all the goodies, tax breaks locations for the businesses, things like that and the government gets to hide behind their advertising program where they feature these programs in the end, you know, using propaganda basically well who is it that is selling these Chinese products you know Walmart and target and if you take a look at the whole covert lockdown situation these same corporations have been able to operate and are making money in record numbers while local small businesses have been shut down or going out of business by the hundreds.

This is shows you the transition that is taking place and is using this program is one of the one of the ways to do it well right and I know that the story was largely suppressed before the election, thanks to big tack in their leftist ideology. But when you look at what happened with the Biden family, which hasn't fully been explained to most American people because the media won't report on it fully. This is extremely concerning. Because now we have a president in the White House and there's been an investigation into his sign in some of the financial ties to China. Now we learn about these other politicians who been involved in these EB five schemes are they all in on this. As far as being for it and allowing the continuation of China to buy land and invest in our economy because how in the world is this going to end well for the American people. This is actually quite terrifying that this is going on will look at who is promoting these programs and what you thought about it shut off the entire investigation of Hunter Biden and what you've done and we don't hear about that at all anymore and one of the things I reported about was the back several years ago when when there was a situation of immigration from China. There was a ship that was okay came into the country and was bringing some some people here who were looking for our freedom here is called the Golden venture. Yes and they were trying to escape the oppression of communist China and you know is that you Bill Clinton change the rules. These people could have been able to come here under rules of George Bush but together they could of been able to come here and and get some of safety and then and be able to hear they would've been happy to be American for the sins Bill Clinton change the rules through them in prison and sending them to send them back to China because he didn't want to upset the Chinese so forth. So you just goes on and on and on where they they play these games. Everything is to the advantage of China and China is now been recognized as a major threat to the United States and that even the FBI director is said that the acts of espionage and theft by China's government pose the greatest long-term threat in the to the future of the United States and step-by-step. These people were talking about here that would Clinton's Perry read on and on and on a course we know Biden so forth involved. They have all been stuffing their pockets with riches from this and they are allowing it to happen well and at the same time you have people like Eric swallow well who is caught having a Chinese honey and nothing happens to him. He just carries on like nothing happened. Nobody forces them out of Congress doesn't matter that he gets to lead the investigation for trump second impeachment incredible. I know it's incredible. It's incredible, but it makes sense when you explain to people what you're explaining all of the ties here that you have of these politicians for the sake of money you know when we had presidents from Pres. Tromp understood the threat that China posed was trying to deal with this.

What happens from here.

If you have an administration and whose all in with China and all of these ways that you've described what happens next. Morland bought up by China me.

Where is this all had a just a complete takeover of the country. Is that what they're about where it appears, and predict the future but there's nobody now standing in the way nobody standing up to it. One of the reasons they hated Donald Trump the way they did is because he put the plug on so many of these things yes and look at what you're doing the know, the 40 executive orders and so what I'm doing all of that stuff and really hide the what Biden's son is done and we have nobody standing in the way saying no, wait, stop and know it's coming out a smoke-free train that's true. Is there anybody on the Republican side of the aisle who not only is onto this but willing to do something legislatively to disband certain programs like you talked about here with the EB five schemes or to enact legislation that would bring some of this to a halt and begin to go in the right direction. I recognize Congress is under the control of Democrats, but what are Republicans doing. If anything, to address this, for the most part I see the Republicans just laying down and letting the demo coming forth of all the filibuster made most important tool most powerful tool of minority in the Senate. So when you know they're there the minority. This gives them something to fight back with. What's the first thing that Mitch McConnell started negotiating on will just do away with this filibuster is a nuts any power that he had to try to stand up to this and end the thing is that there majority. The Democrat majority in both houses is so small that it wouldn't take a whole lot to stand up and fight back if the Republicans would fight but they're not. I suppose Ted Cruz was the closest one to who would stand up you've done some other things on some of these programs that the speaking out against them and so forth in the court is under attack now in every direction for standing up so that's that's the game plan that's that's the difficulty in meanwhile we have this continuing military buildup of China. Can you clue listeners in a little been on where that stands at the moment.

Well interesting because you know under Jimmy Carter.

We gave up the Panama Canal. We had in this country something called the Monroe doctrine that for probably 100 years was recognized by other countries and south-central and North America that this is United States backyard and you don't mess with it and if you try to bring any troops into this, or do anything that would impose on our partner, our sovereignty, and so forth. We would stand up and say get out well. Jimmy Carter gives up the Panama Canal and China moves in and basically now controls both ends of the canal supplies and so forth. If we don't have access to the Panama Canal partnerships if we were threatened our ships on the on the east of the West Coast say they need to get to the East Coast medical care around the bottom of South America to get there which you know it takes weeks sir and you know it, so are our defense is definitely know it.

In jeopardy there. Plus, you have several South American countries that now are giving ports to China to bring their ships and so forth there at what is there there to stop them from repeating the Cuban missile crisis and putting missiles in some of these other countries stained United States has yet we do nothing, yet we do nothing while you can read more in American so grateful for Tom Deweese time.

Thank you for the update.

For all your great work here listening to this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet today and here's your host Joe well we get to look at the results. Now from the executive committee of the Southern Baptist convention, and I know this is gonna wait a little bit into the details here about a particular denomination but I think it's important we have talked for years I've talked for years about Dr. Russell Moore. I think that he has been one of the most divisive people ever to lead in the Southern Baptist convention, and I will die on that hill. Unless something changes significantly in the coming days and then I will retract it if something miraculous occurs and he does a complete turnaround. But up until now.

I'm one of those people along with a lot of Southern Baptists who believe that he is extremely divisive and has been a disaster for the Southern Baptist convention. He leads the ethics and religious liberty commission and almost from the get-go. When he came into that position. He started excoriating conservatives making fun of conservatives putting down conservatives and that's just not when you enter a job and you should ever do it but I'm saying especially when you are taking on that kind of a position in a conservative largely conservative denomination. That's not how you make a good entrance. So from the get-go. When he started insulting, Christian radio, which is when he really got on my radar back in 2014. He said that you know if he if all he knew of Christianity was what he heard on Christian talk radio. He'd hate it to you just can't drop that kind of nuclear bomb on an entire industry of Christian talk radio hosts and get some pushback and he got quite a lot of pushback and he never apologized.

So that was my opening introduction to Russell Moore by large and it hasn't gotten any better. It's gotten substantially worse and you might remember that this report was being formulated by the executive committee at the Southern Baptist convention to look into some of the problems concerning, for example giving to the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist convention because a whole lot of churches were not happy with the ethics and religious liberty commission for a host of reasons that we have gone into in great detail. Over the years, and especially talked about in recent days. One of those things obviously has to do with the ongoing want to see hatred but intense dislike that Russell Moore has had for former Pres. Trump and this started back before the president ever got into office and there was me on Twitter fight between them. A little bad. 10 he was a big, never Trumper. Here's the thing about this, people will talk about the fact that you should really watch your politics. But what I'm actually gonna say a couple of things on the one hand, this is a man who entered that position saying that what was wrong with conservative Christians, was they confuse politics with the gospel. First of all, I reject that out of hand because I don't believe the conservatives confuse politics with the gospel.

I think they believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and they believe in the Bible and they read the Bible and they ceased certain principles to be true and they would like those principles to be executed in the spirit of politics, there is nothing wrong with that.

And liberals do it all the time.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Are you supposed to believe the gospel and then just sit home because he didn't when Pres. Obama was in office, he would happily fly out to the White House and you see these glowing pictures of Russell Moore sitting there discussing amnesty with Pres. Obama and he was happy as a clam. But when Trump got into office he had been so obnoxious that he was persona non grata for four years. My first question about that is how is that effectively helping the Southern Baptist convention and those people who are part of the denomination. If you have the head of the E RLC effectively hogtied because he so offended the president of the United States that he can't do any meaningful work on behalf of this largest Protestant denomination in the United States. The why are you keeping the guy around, and I've asked that question over and over and over again. Why is this guy here. What does he do that is of any meaningful substance to the Southern Baptist convention. I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm not saying he's done nothing that's been of any good at all. Maybe he's had a good tweet now and then. Maybe he's said something good about a lawsuit or something like that. But why do you need an entire organization like the E RLC to do nothing for the last four years to really interact with the presidential administration in any meaningful way there just treading water for four years and it's not a lot of money to be throwing down the drain. Especially when you look at the Aral Sea under Morse leadership and recognize that those people are trying to take the denomination left and have done a pretty good job of turning some people in that direction. It's been about racial division race baiting. It's been about amnesty and liberal immigration policies. It's back kicking conservatives and making conservatives feel guilty about this that the other thing about insulting conservative politicians. He jumps in the fight he has nothing to say for the longest time during the pandemic about all of those churches who desperately wanted to meet but couldn't.

Even after the major lockdown because of local leftist tyrants who wouldn't let them meet, but would let abortion clinics open up and what was Russell Moore doing all he was tweeting about country music. He was putting out podcast talking about everything under the sun except what was actually going on is a front burner issue for Christians. He was nowhere he did nothing. Why does this man have a job so this is kind of the background to this report. So this report was looking into some of the complaints and as you might recall the E RLC pushback against this whole effort at the time and there was a whole. This is terrible on the executive committee is outside of its death, and it shouldn't be saying things like this. And they're not tax with this particular duty. Blah blah blah right. While now are here, religion news service reports on this SPC report calls never Trumper Russell Morris agency, a significant distraction and a long-awaited report that was released Monday.

This task force commissioned to study the SPC's E RLC calls the conventions public policy arm a significant distraction from the great commission work of Southern Baptists. A great blaming the E RLC for the loss of more than $1 million in constituent church donations to the denomination. The task force, which was led by Georgia pastor Mike Stone quotes the leader of a state Baptist convention is saying the E RLC has been a stumbling block not worth the mission dollar investments. I also agree with that but there seems to be as much politics as economics in the report's conclusions. I don't agree with that. I'm gonna tell you why it notes that in recent years the fear of a liberal draft that that word liberal here by the reporter is putting quotes a liberal drift in the denomination. The liberal drift in the denomination. It's not virtual. You'll put scare quotes around the word liberal are you kidding me.

Of course, the denomination has become more liberal because you got a bunch awoke people at the top of this thing and they're put there by design, it's not scare quotes its actual fact, this liberal draft has led some churches to leave the Southern Baptist convention or to withhold giving and part of that dissatisfaction is aimed at the E RLC and particularly at Russell Moore, though a staunch opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage to the issues most important to politically conservative evangelicals.

Moore's views on other issues over the course of the Trump administration have landed him in hot water will guys do a little googling because I did an entire article on Trump. I'm sorry on Moore versus conservatives. This isn't just about Trump because everybody was jumping in on this around the time of the last election and saying these Christians just don't like his commitment to moral principle that would cause him to stand up and speak like a prophet against Donald Trump and I was like not not guys you haven't been following the story long enough. He's been irritating conservatives for a lot longer than just this moment of opposing Donald Trump.

The report does not call for the ouster of Russell Moore, unfortunately, but it does recommend that the Aral Sea no longer make public comments about any political candidate and only address issues that the SPC has already issued resolutions on a spokeswoman for the E RLC told religion news service that Moore would not comment on the report could say that the agency's Board of Trustees has instructed him not to speak publicly about it, but David prints, chair of the agency's trustee, said in a statement that Southern Baptists can see this report for exactly what it is and claim that the E RLC has served Southern Baptist faithfully during the time of political, cultural, and in some cases denominational cast they serve. The SPC faithfully what have they done tell me what this organization is done that's been of any worth. They held a pro-life conference. They been involved in evangelicals for life when they pick up the old leftist activist rhetoric of Ron cider and try to tell you that if you really want to be pro-life, you have to be pro-immigration and you have to be pro-refugee resettlement because of world relief being the arm of the national Association of Evangelicals, which are more liberals that are friends with Russell Moore.

These involved in all kinds of things. But what is the purpose of the ear RLC.

I'm still scratching my head over it dive into some more.

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Let's save some lives. Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to well the new executive committee report is out on the ear RLC. This is from the Southern Baptist convention reports to the SPC executive committee by the Aral Sea study task force. That's the task force and so they have come back and they looked into the value of the E RLC. He was telling a little bit about this, quoting from RN as David Prince, who is chair of the agency's trustees said much of this chaos. He's a guy who said the Aral Sea has served Southern Baptists faithfully prints added. Much of this chaos remains with us, including widespread news of many of our black and brown brothers and sisters leaving the SPC then that should be alarming to all of us regardless all this and more is why I'm grateful the Aral Sea serves our churches with a vibrant and bold gospel witness day in and day out, so it only matters of black and brown brothers leave the SPC. That's the tragedy if white sleeve, that's fine.

Why would you single out black and brown brothers leaving the SPC as being a particular tragedy as opposed to anybody leaving the SPC what what is this reveal about them while you know we told the story about how you had black churches leave because their pastors didn't think the SPC was woken off you had a number of SPC leaders finally jilted into coming forward and rejecting critical race theory, and that made some of these pastors mad because they believe in critical race theory, and so they left the SPC well you know what nothing like a nice commitment to two principal rights and biblical principle is just now there to showing their hand at any rate I'm going through this and they're talking about the funding of the cooperative program and how they've heard anecdotally this was reported earlier that churches did not want to give to the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist convention because they didn't like the air RLC and/or they didn't like Russell Moore solicit what they report here.

This is quite interesting reports and Baptist press are almost always in Baptist press is the journalism arm quote unquote I will put scare quotes around that journalism off of the Southern Baptist convention there almost always about cooperative program funds sent to the national budget.

These monies are sent from the budgets of the various state and regional conventions in recent years the state partners have sent increasing percentages of their budgets to support national SPC causes therefore funds received for the national budget can reflect a slight increase, while nationwide cooperative program giving is in decline. What are they talking about their they're saying that when Baptist press does its prop to retain the cooperative program is giving us up it's up and there's think what right but there can be a slight increase in the national budget, but the nationwide giving is down in recent years, the allocation forwarded by the states to the national convention has increased from an average of 37% to 42%, but total dollars received by our state and regional convention partners has been in steady decline percentage giving by churches has fallen by more than half over the last three decades. This is despite the fact that total giving to Southern Baptist churches has grown from around $4 billion to around $12 billion in the same timeframe.

Second, the decline in nationwide cooperative program giving began many years prior to the current leadership of the air RLC. The task force new from its inception, that the long-term downward trend in giving could not be solely attributed to concerns over the current direction of the air RLC, but now listen to some of these findings.

This is interesting based on the cooperative program allocation budgets of various state conventions because they went to these conventions.

They sent out a confidential questionnaire to each executive director of state and regional conventions and they wanted to get some feedback based on the allocation budgets of these various state conventions. They got 15 responses, representing 74% of the total dollars received by the SPC executive committee. Now listen to this. No state convention reported data that any church had verifiably increased cooperative program support because of and appreciation for the E RLC now you may say, okay. So while nobody loved it so much, and the stuff that's going on so much over the Aral Sea and in Russell Morville that they decided to give more money because they're so awesome. No one did that of these people who reported this of course does not include any church that is done so without publicizing to the state convention. Its rationale for doing so. Several of the 15 state conventions reported little to no negative effect from the ministry of the E RLC, but other conventions reported more significant challenges, including churches that have withheld funds have negatively does it designated funds or are considering doing so because of their concerns with the E RLC one state convention reported that more than 250 churches are considering withholding or negatively designating funds or have already done so, that's a lot of churches. This number represents a significant percentage of the church is currently in friendly cooperation with that state convention. Some churches are considering a complete withdrawal from the SPC because of the belief that the national convention is moving in a liberal direction.

The air LC is listed as one of those concerns the state convention reported that serious concerns about the ER LC exist with 10 of the top 30 cooperative program, giving churches, potentially impacting a total of $2.45 million from those 10 churches alone. That's a lot of cash.

Another state convention verified that $1.1 million has been withheld due to the ER.

LC based on communications with other churches considering the same approach the state executive estimated that $1.5 million of cooperative program giving is in jeopardy in the state. So I guess this is gonna be a little embarrassing for those liberals who were screaming there's no problem cooperative giving is up while that's not what they're finding. It goes on for many many paragraphs, another state reported 94 churches have either decreased or completely eliminated CP support this year at a total budget cost of approximately half $1 million based on actual conversations with these pastors the state executive estimated that 50% have done so because of a lack of confidence in many national SPC issues.

So what is the upshot of this, the upshot of this is that the feedback they're getting by and large, is that people are not increasing, giving because they love the E RLC they did get feedback from some people who like the air LC and they got some feedback from those who don't like it but here's the problem. If you have a divisive organization and a divisive leader such that it is dividing the denomination you don't continue in that direction, and even more than that if you have somebody who is that divisive and he really is a good guy.

He would step down. That's my opinion.

Who in the world wants to if he is a good guy being a position where you were dividing churches you are dividing Southern Baptists across the country you are. You are the cause of lots of infighting and lots of upset that people feel about the E RLC why would she want to be causing division like that.

I think in the mind of Russell Moore based on what he is written in past days. He really sees himself as something of a change agent. He really does and you can go to all these liberal sources that he loves to talk to and loves to grant interviews to whether it's the Washington Post or the Atlantic were recently time magazine where they referred to as God's lobbyist and I know he loves being fond of a man, that guy has a huge ego. He loves it when people just praise him to the hilt. What does that say if the liberal media loves you and they make these noises. He's a social conservative is a social conservative, then why does he always come down on the woke side. I mean he couldn't be in the position if he were pro-life, and I'm not saying that he's faking being pro-life but a real pro-lifer is not gonna stand up at some conference in Washington and equate anything with the genocide of abortion as being equal in scope to that issue such that Christians need to give equal attention to leftist causes, along with the abortion issue.

It just makes no sense. It makes no sense. He loves being spoken well of by the left. He eats it up and don't forget what he did back in 2014 when they had that conference on family and all these gay activists were brought in and our friends from restored hope network and the ex-gay community. These wonderful Christians who you hear a lot on my show.

They went, they were told you can't have a booth there is no room they showed up. Stephen black told me this from first on ministries they showed up to get Beebe up there at the conference. There is plenty of room they just weren't allowed to have a booth they were allowed to speak. They were allowed to do anything. And then there was a closed-door meeting between some of those southern Baptist leaders and gay activists and we still don't know what they talked about. It was well into the night, that human rights campaign reported on this change agent stuff right because then when people tried to go to Russell Moore on the floor of the Southern Baptist convention's annual meeting in 2018, which I attended didn't want to be asked about re-voice and the fact that Karen swallow prior who is a research fellow at the E RLC at the time had endorsed it. It was just kinda swept under the rug. There's a lot that is not talked about. And there's not an accountability and is certainly not into the degree that needs to be there and I did address this in the report as well at the E RLC again.

I agree with those who say on the one hand define the air LC, I don't see how you're getting bang for your buck here, but more than that. Why would anybody who is such a divisive figure stand that position when it's not clearly serving the good of the people who are paying his salary. It's just unconscionable to me other than he just wants to be in power because he loves to write about them over the he gives up that job. But that's the disgrace of gratitude and thanks for being with us here in Janet effort today. Keep praying for our friends in the Southern Baptist convention. This is can be a critical year for them going the biblical way, rather than the walkway will see next time. Thanks a lot for being with us this hour has been brought to you by pre-born $28 saves one life call now 855402 baby 855-402-2229 Janet met

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