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Stand Firm Until the End!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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February 3, 2021 1:00 am

Stand Firm Until the End!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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February 3, 2021 1:00 am

Mike & Robby are talking about leaning on Jesus and enduring until the end - even when things get hard or it doesn't make sense!

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Plus his eight year annuity with 3.75 why one year guaranteed minimum guaranteed 2% to lower your taxable income while increasing your retirement PRC PRC UA will not forgotten stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike swing welcome to if not for God today with Mike. Mike what you think and tell you what I enjoyed being on kingdom pursuits. We really enjoyed that you have fun Rob. I always one of the joys of my life and actually see our God take somebody's passion and uses it to build the kingdom and today was no different that I got to see my friend who I get to do the show. Yeah, you know how you love the word and here we are. Yeah me.

I was looking at Ezekiel 33 739 it says son of man, I had made you a watchman for the people of Israel. So here the word that I speak and give them warning from me when I say to the wicked, you wicked person you will surely die and you do not speak out to dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for their sin will hold you accountable for their blood.

But if you do warn the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not, and they do not do so, they will die for their sin.

Though you yourself will be saved and so one of the things I was think about this morning was that it's kinda crazy it's like so many times a Mike I want people to get saved I want people to come to Christ and stuff like that but when I read that and I know it's in the Old Testament. I know it's not necessarily talking about but you can take that same thing to the gospel and ensuring sharing the good news is that Robbie, it's not our responsibility for how people respond to the gospel, but it is our responsibility to tell them in some way and in I think that's what we do hear the truth, but you know we were talking, but there's other ways we can do that as well. Is it right. Yeah, I mean we all have people in our life in a week, tell they could either. And again, I always find it interesting that the Matthew 28 the great commission was go make disciples of dozen single my converts it says make disciples and so it's not just a matter of necessarily helping them come to Christ, but actually helping them whet their appetite for the word of God and whet their appetite for prayer and with her appetite for how they can experience God and walk with them and that as you know I've seen you do so many wooden or Bible study and almost those different things so you know there's a real opportunity and a real joy that's headed for those people that follow those instructions just to go you know and make disciples. And in that it's one of the joys I get to experience my own life is to watch people grow that way. That is the truth and you know I was actually reading today I was looking in Scripture and it said in Scripture I think was Matthew 26, it said that all of his disciples left. If you know it, and when I when I look at that.

I'm sitting there thinking like a hole on the their little bit different than we were. Robbie, I mean they actually were there with Jesus right. They saw the miracles they saw him feed was 5000 from a few fishes and lives in the unit they saw him raise Lazarus from the dead, and you know and I'm looking that we say in in in Matthew 26. Are you still sleeping and resting with ours, the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners rise let us go. Here comes my betrayer couldn't even stay awake for a little while. In these people. These people knew Jesus. They knew him, they knew he was the son of God, and it's like, but they turned away from him and it's like me and it's it's we we were just have a conversation with lady to Ned about how that we believe that were living in the last days and in it says in Scripture that many will turn away in the last days but were to stay were to stand firm until the end. Is that right up yeah and you know II those instructions where it says the love of many will grow cold.*Scary to me in times where were all wearing masks you know you and in churches aren't meeting the way that they used to me and when it said you don't forsake you gathering yourselves together and extend their all the places tell you those people that are in some type of a loving community are the ones that are flourishing in this time. Yet our churches, you know seem to be running scared, and I understand I got Whitesnake out of the all that with God and whatever. But to me I just feel unbelievably blessed that I get to sit here yeah and with the site. Like-minded people all the time right and in my groups are very much intact, the ones that I really get life from however were still all separated and the love of money is gone cold. I can tell you that will you know when I uncovered it. You know I had a Sunday school class with special needs people where we would rightly have 18 to 20 people that were in it, but based on the structure of the church I go to in all we could do resume well you can't do resume with somebody who's autistic to the bit for certain types of autistic people because it it it sends him into rage were or something like that.

You other people couldn't do it because of other know some of our down syndrome, certain students, and so unfortunately I only get to meet with a handful of you know, based on that structure unless I go around and try to see all these people here personally every week you know individually is off the opportunity to do that and so I'm thinking there's a lot of people out there that are like me, but are struggling with entities that they used to normally meet you. But now I do fear.

This does not happen yet. I think that's a good point. I think one of the things I was think about is creative evangelism you know and we will talk about this little bit before, but you know you say 30 years ago mean there was a time where if I wanted to tell somebody about Jesus. I would actually have to go up to them face-to-face and tell them about Jesus, which by the way I believe is the best way to do it, but on the other hand, nowadays we have ways where we can put a video on social media. We can make a post saying God is good.

I mean we can, you know, and I was talking with you about this before me.

We have people who download podcasts throughout the whole week I'm sending this podcast everybody that I know why because it's important. I mean it when I was looking at Ezekiel 33 739 before it saying that hey you know God doesn't hold me accountable for how people respond to the gospel.

God hold me accountable for doing my part and I'm not saying that this is a work based salvation. I mean, what were some saved by grace just like anybody and I can't earn it and if I had to earn it be in the deepest pit of hell right now. I mean that's that's that's 100% fact but we were talking about this. I think on your show about how Robbie about how it's like when I used to have to when I was in college I would read all of these books and I would read the books because I wanted to get an a on the test so I could get a school get through school and make a lot of money now. I read these books on my own. I read the Bible on my own because I enjoy it in and I know we we talk about when we do the show together… But anyway you know we actually get sponsors for this. This is this is also really is. Think about know it says it and if you knew this but no spelled backwards is grace in Hebrew so you get the sense of you know that Noah was the one that found favor in God's eyes, and his generation right and he was in a pretty messed up generation his number nobody else's. So he really was God's favorite, but in order to be God's favorite.

He had it since he he found favor in God's eyes will have that happen was he was looking for and so what I've noticed with the disciples that I know is that they love to walk with God and if you look at the word walk okay with God like like Noah walked with God in Hebrew. It's really beautiful thing, because it's a sense of God is saying, behold, my hey, take a look.

Mike look Emma share some with you here okay that's what the word behold yes I wanted to communicate with you getting yeah so eat eat that and then the next letter is a lament which means his heart. So God wants to share his heart with you. That's right. If you can walk so you take a walk with me now. I know Sherry my heart we consider real problem with his generation and somehow make it rain will him and those like God. So what's right for you. Yeah you get the picture and then you know that this last letter of the word walk is a blessing. It's the it's it's the latter that is called a cough, but it means that God is literally going to open up his hands, his palms and like he's given if you can picture me right now.

Opening up my partner and same here you go.

Sure, okay.

And that's what a blessing is okay so if you're in God's presence and he's opening up his hand to sue what he was doing with Noah as he was blessing him because he was sharing his heart and his plans.

This like Jesus said your now my friends are you now you know my you, my friends is good sometimes what's going this is happening now this is what's going on. Will the only way that we can do that right now is either through prayer in or through looking at the Bible and studying and reading it and as you do that right you had a blessing him, God will open up things in you know this all too well because you line of Scripture for me right now. He will open up things in your mind. That's right that just actually like oh wow that's how that works are all well God I didn't know you. You know and and it's like being on the first date every time every single when you were saying that I was looking at Jeremiah 2913 it says you. You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart and one of the best ways are the best way to define God's is to read his word.

I remember when I first became a Christian followers and hours a day I just couldn't get enough of it and now I you know I hear people say will I have to read my Bible.

15 minutes a day, or like I have to do this and it's like to do it manually to do these things and you get to spend time with God you.I've heard people who you know you have said will you know it's kinda cool.

I got to meet all these famous people I've got to meet Condoleezza Rice or Ben Carson or Donald Trump or whoever it is, and they shall spend time with them and how was it was so cool when you read his word. You actually get to spend time with God. You get to hear the things that he said I mean, Jesus said it himself. He said I had when he was out with people.

He said why don't you just tell people straight up with with what you're saying in this this, I think probably confuses a lot of people Robbie.

But Jesus said, he said no he said I I've spoken to them in parables, but when we read the word, we get to see what he's really saying and and and and that's pretty cool And if it's so beautiful that only you know how many times you can read it, but he continues to reveal himself from so many different facets of the same passage something that you can go to time and time and time and time again, and so are my favorite passages always is Isaiah 11. I got really interested in it because you know when John goes up to the throne of God in the book of Revelation, and he's hanging out and he says that there is this lamp up there that's got seven branches in and those seven branches are the spirits of God and so you know I went you mean the seven spirits of God.

What is that mean you got seven lights it know what is it exactly that means. So I did what we can do now. They couldn't do this back when John wrote that they have Google but we have a Google that is and what is his name and are the seven spirits of God and it took me to Isaiah 11. When you think about the name Jesus. It means the anointed one right so where is the anointing. How did Jesus get anointed so you might think it was. It is a baptism mood and I sure do. But what came down on him like a dove.

It was the Holy Spirit right well that's the spirit. So interestingly, in Isaiah 11. If you look at it says right out of the branch of Jesse there came this anointing, a spirit of wisdom. Yeah, the spirit of knowledge. Yeah, the spirit of counsel on the spirit of strength or battle but my favorites get to be numbers six number seven which is the fear of the Lord and then the one that just flicked my switch is the delight in the fear of the Lord return about Isaiah one through three or four so what does that mean the delight in the fear of the Lord.

Now this this is the seven spirits of God. While it seems like a circular argument almost gives you no wisdom in the beginning of wisdom is what the fear the Lord is so right now that's the sick spirit is in fear the Lord and wisdom is it for you know so it seems that many. Also this delight in the fear Lord let me get get you some if you take all those other anointing. But if you see what God hates.

Often you'll find 123456 add up to number seven is so wisdom, understanding, count and might, knowledge air, the Lord added to a delight. That's right, in the fear the Lord okay.

Now a delight in the fear the Lord is like my dad is so big and so bad I don't care what you got hit yeah because even Satan can't deal with God and it's not even close. Not in any of a run for the money. So I delight is like no matter what, what's going on with election the matter what's going on like it like they were right. You know, in the days of of Nero right.

Paul was in jail under Nero in his John let you need to pray for the government. Yeah because God still in some it's right in God's doing is hurting right now he is he is in you are talking about the whole week that the seven spirits of the Holy Spirit.

Look at this Mark 1311 but when when then shall lead you and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what you shall speak, neither need you premeditate whatsoever shall be given you in that our that's beekeeper. It is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost we are talking about the devil. Every piece that you prepared like the Holy Spirit to tell you what to say and ending in which brings me to the other point when I would always remember when you talk about your at the beach. That time and you know the seagulls are just gonna hang out up there there just kind of flying on the when they don't have to do any work God's doing all the work for them by giving them the way and in their just children. Mark 13 is saying we don't even know I love to prepare Robbie and I love to play. I love to do all these different things, but I can't tell you how many times we've come here on the show. We both said I don't know what were talking about.

You turn the microphone on Holy Spirit does the rest. I mean, that is the deal. That is, you know the opportunity. The beauty of it, from my perspective as I know God loves people that are seeking human people turn on the Truth Network prohibits as a want to hear from God and on her from Rob even want to hear from Mike I hope you know I'm I'm hoping that you tuned in, hoping to hear something that you could feel or understand or walk with God closer because that's the whole deal is. He is completely trying to get our attention and eat it. You might know David's heart. This is really beautiful thing was to build the temple of me just wanted that was a steel like God. I want to build the temple for him.

He was like now that you bore you, you met a man about to relate your son do that.

But as I got, I will build you attempt to build your temple. That was David's heart or you really think about that temple that Solomon did in fact build the building, but what did David build David build the worshipers. CA was his songs. It was his singers. It was his love of God. It was his devotion to God that everybody watched in Israel for whatever period of time after they saw the guy who would dance just about naked in front of God over this thing you know they saw a guy whose passion looks crazy, but then they saw how God blessed them, and blessed them, and blessed him in spite of vision aliens. Yes, vitamin A only. I mean, you can imagine the rumors that were going around know about the sheep in the memo.

It however right.

He asked in the event summaries asking God. I think it may be some 33 apologize or should know off the top my head but don't. On the one word David was confessing the whole thing with that as you know was it some 51 might be that he says don't take your Holy Spirit from me in my yeah and and so what said Thomas it's these are you yeah you know you get he could still sense the Holy Spirit was with him and so he was begging God, don't.

Don't take away my buddy, you know, it's funny, I never really saw it that way but Psalm 51 is probably one of the most famous Psalms in one of the most famous chapters in the Bible. Here it is, have mercy on me. Oh God, according to your unfailing love, according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. All that's nice.

I think Jesus might have some to do that to wash away all my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin, for I know my transgressions and my sin is always before me against you. You only have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight so you are right in your verdict and justified when you judge surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time that my mother conceived me, yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb. You taught me wisdom in that secret place, cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean wash me and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear joy and gladness. Let the bones you have crushed. Rejoice hide your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquity, create in me a pure heart of God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me. On the night you know when and if man I tell you what it's the Holy Spirit in us can do more with us than we could ever do what a thousand years are two values to be really jealous of Moses like know how come I don't get a tower of fire like man. My mother ignited be really nice to know what direction I'm supposed to go. If I could get a tower fire and I and I could get a pillar of smoke. However, you know the Holy Spirit was the deposit the first positive was an in it and if I really stopped looking. He could put up a tower fire right there. This response go my but if you look for right you got nothing, and Holy Spirit exactly like that. If I don't look for it. Okay God and I can't lift this rock need your help it. Then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit in a climbs in action and and and I agrees me to think how many times I've quenched it, even though there was that tower fire is right there for. I just looked at what you're saying is in Isaiah 55 six it says seek the Lord while he may be found call on him while he is near in in in. I actually heard Billy Graham years ago. Talk about this. One of the things that he said is that there's only a few moments in your life where your heart is tender enough to be able to listen to the Holy Spirit and to respond positively to the gospel and to say yes to Jesus and to follow Jesus and you think about it unit and I've use this example before were there was a group of kids in a group of students and a teacher and the teacher found out asked them who did their homework in this class and who did it and so they found there was a group of kids to do their homework and there was a group of kids who did it and so they said okay today rock wall taking a hike and they ended up going up some mountain and it's funny because what you would've thought you would've thought that the kids who had done their homework would not have to carry their bags. But what the teacher did was they said note that kids who did their homework. Your to carry your bags in the bags of the kids who didn't do their work and so they started up the mountain.

After a while, the kids who didn't do their homework absolutely hated it and what happened is as we don't want somebody. We don't want to have to look to somebody else to find salvation we don't have to. You know have God take care of our problems.

We want to figure it out on her own and so it's hard. I think Robbie to humble ourselves to the point we say Lord I can't do this without you I can do nothing on my own work.

I need you for my salvation. I'm never going to earn this on my own, but Jesus you died on the cross for our sins. You did it reminds me Mr. actually told him Christian cargo show today which was disappointed I was in third grade I wanted to go tunnel to China through one wanted to and select little kid I start digging out my backyard. My buddies join me next thing I know we got about 4 feet down tunnel to China did most common spectrum of it was clear and we came across his giant rock. We tried to get it, forget it. Everything we could possibly do push it right enough to move the rock so we got to may maybe start them altogether graded a huge explosion that what I've heard this I wish my father would come out there and said son if you tried everything to move this rock in. I was sent yeah dad. I've tried everything I mean I use rope site I dug I even use them 80s and if he was a wise dad he would've said to me, which my dad was very wise and didn't actually have this conversation to some that I think illustrate your point is it we didn't try everything right because you never asked for help. Allow hello and and and so there's so many things that we write do do do do do do think that we can clean up our anger and we can be ready for God but the deal with Christianity is it's done in the word truth comes with the cross at the end of its goal the top of and so the truth is I can do and I need what Jesus did, which was to die right right and so that I can accept his death. Right. If I seek to lose my life in that I can gain it through what Jesus did for me. And through that acceptance of yeah he did do that for me right, I know we did it.

He is the son of God, and it was paid for. Then I can, in truth, have my own cross right because it's at the end of the word and I can never relationship with the truth and the truth will set you free. What I heard Mike that the you shall know the truth and the Trussell's shall set you free and in it so much easier living with Jesus, we when I was a stillness on your show the kingdom pursuits, but is actually true story about was Andrew Jackson that I tell you about that now was Andrew Jackson and he had actually in 1833. He pardoned a man by the name of George Wilson, George Wilson had robbed a mail carrier and almost killed him and stuff like that but this guy George Wilson knew some people. And so Andrew Jackson pardoned and something funny happened.

George Wilson refused the pardon he said no I don't I don't I would be pardoned.

True stories that I refuse the part and so was actually taken to the Supreme Court of the United States versus George Wilson, and what the Supreme Court actually found what they said was that if somebody does not want to be pardoned. They do not have to be part shortly thereafter, George Wilson was actually hung for his elicited at the same in-house stupid.

Why would anyone not want to be pardoned of their private 2000 years ago Jesus Christ came in your died for our sin. He was buried.

He rose from the dead, and he said all you have to do is believe in me, and if you believe in me, you will receive a full pardon.

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