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Poison in the Pot

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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February 3, 2021 7:00 am

Poison in the Pot

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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February 3, 2021 7:00 am

You may be a good cook but messing with God’s recipe for living won't stir up anything but trouble. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains how worldly ideas and solutions can poison the pot of God’s formula for the future.

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God called Dr. Tony Evans says we poison the when we are worldly ingredients to the board's recipe lives and our society is experienced in celebrating this is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative, it sounds reasonable to say that will take a good idea wherever we can find today. Dr. Evans will talk about the disaster that results when we don't take time to consider the source. Let's join him as he takes us to second Kings chapter 4 for today's lesson pastor, parishioners just wanted to minister in this final season of life and had them sit in the living room. They begin this chat situated before him on the little table was bold, peanuts, fiascoes, host these peanuts sure look good. Would you mind if I had some absolutely not. Feel free would pick up the peanut to heal peanut into their baleful 30 or 40 minutes, he noted that Eaton virtually all the peanuts and sewing elderly host cells. I've been talking and enjoying our conversation so much. All the peanuts.

She said well that's really okay. I haven't been able to eat peanuts since I lost my team. So now I just suck the chocolate off of the sometimes you don't know what you such as the case passage today. We told in verse 38 that Elisha returns to deal with. The practice it was there when they would be prepared for the prophetic ministry that they were being called to do when Elisha is like the president of the Chancellor of the school would say today job would be to equip the sons of the prophets in order to fulfill their responsibilities prophetically important for him to be there because we are told in verse 38 that was made in the land. That means that what God told his people depart from me go after God's will be no rain.

Your ground will become like trees will not be able to grow away from me, you will be there will be when you leave me my word and chase after other gods, I shall go to the school of the job.

The prophets, to explain to the people, spiritual reasons for their social and cultural economic because the people would not make the connection between relationship with God is not raining saying something is not going to bed hungry so I cannot make agricultural but not spiritual because of what you see all you are seeing with a man in the land know when you're in a family you will agree, nothing you do satisfy you when you you can't get what you need to fix the you put you all the time in meetings and gatherings in the complaint and the reactions and see satisfied. Nothing seems to work. Nothing seems to want to fix that have not yet made the nation between social, familial, personal nation and the spiritual from God and in our lives and our culture until the connection is made, you stay hungry report greater productivity. Rainfall, harmony, unity, report oneness rainfall great for that is not in the time you release today thing about it is There was nothing that will satisfy you can come up with something. In the meantime it gives you very fix, only to discover it doesn't last very long, and is addressed cannot be experienced because of its famine and prepare to take this ritual natural because that would be the only way people would ever eat an open rainfall flourish. So they would no longer be of some of the prophet's hungry since we got to feed these guys. He tells us to make a stool so that the prophet could eat 39 one guys get the bright idea. It says he went into the field and found a wild mind while born must do, for they did not know what they were to sweeten the put some stuff you set up. I want to put a little low. Gordon is basically cucumber board is a cucumber with so I will look like a cucumber so you think it's a cucumber. What is actually going like poison like poison is growing like poison because he could see what was inside only see the outside looked like it would make the still better so we puts it in the snow in verse 4280 and they cry out and said all of God. They were able to. In other words, poisoning setting and I got sick as a dog with the world to its worldview through his people who look good.

It looks like it on work. It looks like it looks like it'll make my life better.

It looks like my my depression, my struggles. It looks like it's going to straighten me and we met with the truth of God into the world we mix it with the word of God that we were we mix with while boards with it contaminates the troop will free you put something when you God's way in the world of human wisdom brings God God to be canceled by the wrong combination says they hated and they said we cannot wait on this mixture, you can't mix if you mix diesel and I'm letting you and going away all the water are not designed to mix the two different world and that's what the Bible calls double mindedness going both ways mixed together when something contradicts God. That's why the Bible says you can either take away from my word. Looking at my work and the Bible says if you take away from it. If you legitimately to let you because God is not the need your help. Dr. Evans will come back with more of our mission. Just a moment, including a look at what God's recipe for life already includes every ingredient we need right now though he's here with this thought force established the church as his dominant cultural influence or that's why it is the condition of the church that will determine the well-being of the community. So when Jesus established the church in Matthew 16 he said, my authority will be manifested through the church to advance my kingdom is when my church is operating like my church should operate.

Then the society will see what God had in mind when he built civilizations. So God is literally waiting on his people to come together with that uniqueness is cross race, cultural and class lines and to bring God's kingdom principles to bear in the church and been through the church overflowing from the church into the community to bring about the kind of change that we desperately need to see. That's why, in the book that I wrote oneness embrace that book on grace and God's kingdom. It shows God's perspective how we ought to operate. In light of it and even gives a plan for how any community can see transformation take place in spite of the anguish, agony, violence and injustice and racial disparities that is occurring everywhere. Oneness embraced was a very personal book for Dr. Evans to write dealing with his own hurts and hopes over this issue and for the next few days where packaging this powerful book, along with all six full-length messages on CD and digital download from his current serious race, culture, and Christ as her. Thank you gift in return for your contribution to help keep Tony's important teaching coming to listeners on this station and two other communities throughout the nation. Contact us right away to get the details and request your copy before time runs out. Just visit Tony or give us a call, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 again that's 1-800-800-3222. While Dr. Evans will come back with more of today's message right after this is God's word with explicit teaching from Dr. Tony active online study experience allows you to explore theology, biblical history application anytime Tony Evans training started to attend training country is the spiritual legitimately mix, walk across the green gray and crushing all regulated kids like to do that in the name of a shortcut across the lawn in the name of the shock of the path of grass. The path of grass what they are doing is creating a legitimate path to a destination. People regularly cutting across God's truth with illegitimate additions trying to get to a destination and they wonder why they hungry what it can be satisfied, satisfied with peace and order in productivity and meaning because there has been an illegitimate addition. So I gotta resolve this problem with the sons of the prophet's job is to bring the nation back to God.

So in verse 21 Elisha says me meal bring me meal bring me meal they bring to him. He throws it into the people that they made. There was no interest is a problem. The problem is that the mixture has now already occurred, is already in is no way to get the poison out of the stone, because this is already been mixed. You got anything going on in your life that you can fix you to master. This is all stuff is all up in the state is integrated itself into the fibers of your life and you and you can't separate it because it is already in the school of your existence myself out of the situation by either me, putting the poison pop in allowing somebody else to put the poison pill. And now is situated itself in my life and I believe I can function like I'm supposed to function because I got my life, my family is already stirred up in this building this for a long time. If the racial problem is been going on for 240 years of the class problems and cultural problems is mixed up and you got philosophies and theologies and theories and you got personalities and histories and background you got all the stuff going on is all mixed up and you don't know what people's motives are generally designed to try to figure out for casual like nobody is said now is used for making bread. How was the problem resolved when the poison was already in hand to be overwhelmed by something stronger and thicker and more powerful elimination. If I get overwhelmed. So now that was made can be transformed. I don't know how much poison you have in your personal life in your world and we see there's poison everywhere in the culture. Christian light time for now I lay me down to sleep right along myself before I wake my soul will take. That is really the word of God so lovely, so purely singly traded. Life is not all that well generation of Christians now word of God seriously take the word of God and what you are seeing now in our country on cultural race relationships. The brilliant minds can't fix because the Scripture say is in first Corinthians chapter 1 the first premium chapter 2 God makes a fool of the wisdom of God will by thinking you can do this with him to get it done right.

I don't know what you hungry today, but I do know where some food always carving today. Culture is starting today, but I do know when taken seriously.

The place so that you can be home again and so is addressed amendment to the store one day because he needed some spaghetti sauce so we went to spaghetti sauce picked up know much about food. He picked up Prego spaghetti sauce. He went to the store clerk in the center that I've got this loss can sweetly eat the spaghetti that when I get the tomatoes store clerk said no, no. Is is okay will know when will I go to get the oregano no no is somebody in several well well I go to get the dog always in the you looking all what she what you need already been taken into consideration know what you're looking for today is now leaving of the recipes are taking God's word seriously is to come to Jesus, confess that we are sinners, and receive his gift of eternal life, and there's nothing you can add to or subtract from, how that happens.

20 will explain the process to you personally when you visit Tony and follow the link that simply says Jesus, you discover what it takes to start a brand-new life right now, right where you are again that's Tony and while you're there, don't forget to check into getting a copy of Tony's book oneness embraced a look at how kingdom focused unity closes racial divides and as a special bonus for a limited time. When you make a contribution toward Tony's ministry will say thanks by sending you one. This embraced and all six full-length messages from his current serious race, culture, and Christ look at how the things that unite us as believers can men's divisions and distrust in our neighborhoods and communities. You'll find us you can make all the arrangements or give us a call, day or night at 1-800-800-3222 where our resource team members are standing by to help. That's 1-800-800-3222 Dr. Evan says the Lord didn't need to compromise the truth to successfully reach across ethnic and cultural divides, and neither do we have some practical advice on how the races can work and work together based on God's perspective, not human opinions. Find out more about this important subject. When you join us tomorrow. The alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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