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Money Monday / Game Stop Madness

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 1, 2021 4:58 pm

Money Monday / Game Stop Madness

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 1, 2021 4:58 pm

Money Monday / Game Stop Madness

Today is a full Money Monday with David Fischer as he answers the outstanding question of what is going on with Gamestop.


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
Rob West and Steve Moore

Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred calls now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out

Now here's your host Steve Noble found it all around game stop.up-and-down is all around now down 30% today and it's just crazy crazy crazy times and and I you know it's crazy times when they decide to nominate Stacy Abrams, the activists from Georgia for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the black lives matter movement that Nobel Peace Prize.

Although I'm sure there's some small business owners in various cities that are not like Minneapolis in places like that that might not agree that it the Nobel Peace Prize makes a lot of sense and all I can say on that.

Knocking to spend time on it today because I have a full money Monday with her good friend David Fisher who brings his expert expertise to the show once a week and on the first Monday of the month. That being today February 1 I would do a full show. But the Bible talks a lot about money and possessions so it makes a regular appearance here on the show as well.

But, in a land where you can have Stacy Abrams being nominated for Nobel Peace Prize what you expect in terms of craziness and might I just add on a personal note, that I sure am glad my last name is spelled NLB LE as opposed to an OB EL like the so-called Nobel Peace Prize. Well, back to the show David Fisher landmark capital are a good friend in the expert. Thank you for calling.

How you doing great in the world of radio, encryption, weight radio, I would nominate you for that type of peace prize you allow me to come on your program.

Partnering with you. Absolutely. And one of the great things about our relationship is the fact that we both serve the same Lord, one baptism, though the same word same Lord same spirit and the same destination which is awesome in the end that makes an even more enjoyable for us to do radio together and when David's not on the full shell. When we do money Monday update. We always start that with the passage of Scripture. So we are keeping first things first. Here not only on the shell, but when we talk about finances and stop and really appreciate you bringing your wealth of experience 20+ years in that world. David and of course a lot of interesting things going on a game stop was an issue last week of so many people.

I assure you, most people in the audience never again stop. Never heard or read it. Never heard of a short squeeze all kinds of stuff but it's it's been pretty wild.

Also give us a recap on that. I started the shell and mentioned to just today. They were down 30%. But how should we look at this.

Is this just kind of a strange blip on the radar screen. Is this kind of the wild wild West or what you think about the element of what goes up and down. You don't make no doubt of it though game stop hasn't made any more money the last couple weeks that I did in last few years, or lost any more money.

This movement in the stock is all manipulation mostly drive-by hedge funds and in the small investor came in, I agree with David and Goliath thing on so you know, just to clarify a thing called a naked short or short squeeze.

Some people call it. You mentioned that in essence are betting that the market down. But when you do a naked short gift to buy the stock at some point in the future they can get bought the same stocking ball over multiple times 10 2030 time, there's no limit. So it's almost like a derivative at that point, but there is this massive short by hedge funds. Here couple weeks ago when the stock was trading in November 13 through May 20 20. Some dollar range and bedding that is going to Lauren because they have to buy the stock in the future actually started to rise.

The stock and then through rhetoric and in other media that we decided it was saying it was Poseidon and am slightly Goliath you hedge fund and so the small investor start buying the stock and going long on it and in vessel causes big movement from the stock under 25 bucks going to 325 no pulling back to 225 grand so it's all over the crease play got nothing to do with the business model of of game stock and the fact that limited trading last week and Robin Hood Charles Schwab TD Ameritrade I can buy the stock.

You could sell it and then today they halted trading the circuit breakers. The market fell 34% initially in the morning they stop the you can get out of the market to help following and so now the shorts are, tumbling the price to buy a short is tumbling so looks like this thing is just about rented and of shorting the market anymore, which means the big run because of the naked shorts might be over so there's a lot of people saying it might trade at its previous levels, and this is by the way, this volume is all over the place, not just New York and Los Angeles, Galway, San Francisco, or even having outages with fidelity E*TRADE and Ameritrade so this the call. All news and I think the next shortest generator come here is happening in the name CME AMC movie theaters, which is up on Facebook the other day I was like okay I like this part of it because I'm a big movie fan love to go see movies and of course dental industries been hammered and AMC was not in good shape and all. And this is this that because of the kind of the same thing happen with them to through the Reddit and other places and bunch of people sweep. Then they decide they want to save the movie but this particular movie house and I pretty much they have and so it's really wild to watch little guys versus the big guys you think this is a blip or do you think this is going to be a new norm, at least for a while about stock, but there's like 50 stocks or, falling into this category and shall resume a chance to say we'll talk about that in a second, but I think this is the David and Goliath fight the big boys being the hedge fund managers go. I think that they're untouchable, and social media said quite different and it's a lot you want all these post forms they said looks like the big banks are sick and tired of what's going on this hold you know we talked about this for months. This whole dichotomy between Wall Street and Main St., Main Street has literally kicked the keister out all say politely about three so you know they had a hard Wall Street Buffalo money.

There's a moment Melvin S, 53% just in January on how fund investment finances and letting it build up on another hedge fund so well we thought. Interestingly enough and for us as Christians. You know this David that that and in the and are in our relationships. As many of them as we can. Romans 1218 CPE hours posted if it's possible as far depends on you, live at peace with everyone, but we live in a nation that's remarkably divided in this really so white. I don't know why were you anybody would be surprised that we would see that carry into the market with the big money versus little money and that David's up top with the hedge fund guys, I mean the glass on top of the little people down below it says this divisiveness that comes all to normal around here talking to David Fisher from MR B) noble children with you Monday. Lori verse so we got money Monday, a full money Monday instead of just an update with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark lay is a website and I always appreciate you bringing your expertise in helping us understand all the things and people are learning a lot of vocabulary things about the markets and last week that they never thought they would.

But I guess that's just the world were living in now and then I share with you, David. Not enough.

I texted you, or if I emailed you but something bizarre was going on with silver last week and we also talked about on your show. When Jim Hill was before Congress and are trying to be the next Treasury Secretary. She talked about that you support a bunch of spending the $1.9 trillion spending bill and that was the day that I reported on. Over the following show that though the supermarket was being pushed with 1/2 $1 billion, showed up in the silver derivative market and it costs overview up and put into perspective half a billion is like 20 million ounces of silver only produced 2.2 million ounces of silver. They push so then we put the central banks in the big banks and in some hedge funds. Most most, if not but the banks don't want silver and gold run and they been shorting it, trying to keep it down, but those we have a high host silver moment here taking center stage in the retail frenzy. Stocks stepped aside in the focus so silver search the most. Today since the Lehman Brothers, the top $30 since the 2013, the second biggest one-day move in this century of silver hello this the big movie was up 10% this morning if that's still up from 5.3% but to put in know this is again the retail and traders discovered the strength and unity and they found a new target. There was no hunger games stop in and AMC use the bigger target silver is much bigger facility on Wall Street steps form is where this all started in one form post declare that. Let's create the biggest short in the world with the title of it is encouraged treat traders the pile and the silver is a way stick at the big banks so this was totally a David and Goliath and you know, if you look at last week's events with games, stop in others the purchasing power. The regional investor. This is been sufficiently demonstrated once again on the silver market so it is little bit different but it's the same concept, and that's why they can hold this thing down.

It's like the French Revolution. In many ways and yet the got the air aristocrats in the regular pulses like the proletariat and the Bolsheviks and in the plebeians down there in the lower level in the Roman emperors up on top Anita in it and its deeds obviously write up a human nature me from a biblical perspective. We understand what drives this and greed and avarice in all of that but it's just amazing to see it, carry into the market. It's kinda like the BLM movement where you get a movement going in and and there's the parts of it that are noble and then it gets out of control.

And then all kinds of crazy things cut loose and it's just a remark about the chaos that we tend to deal with every every week so do you think what will help what will happen with silver did they actually counted and there is actually a supply issue was under as a result of this fact, all the major brokerage houses that silver bullion to please their stock on Friday afternoon. Sometimes they halted all trade so I have adequate silver supplies. Right now I'm saying that I might run out though but place the orders this morning but it is it is a little bit different than I want to make sure that people understand this is not sure going to do what James talked to Greg 1600%. This is not a I've always said spine metals, not a get rich quick scheme, but I will say this, the market capitalization and game stop was was $1.4 billion before the whole rented in the whole form thing came out this total market capitalization in silver is quite larger $32 billion but there's a lot more shortage in silver, and especially to get put the contracts in there.

That's where the key is, that's what will cause some big problems and then we could see some big movements others.

The 1600% movement, but I think were in a long-term bull market are definitely in silver and we just started this movement upward.

So would you generally will. I think I know the answer to this but I just want to make sure we cover generally put up a big yellow flag and warn people and things are going on like this unless you literally have money to blow you probably should be jumping in and taking part in and kind of a crowd source movement here because they can start and look awesome, but it can end just like that and and real people are going to get really hurt with really big numbers when ordered, bitcoin or we are talking about game stop. I went by under any market. That's Artie made those you know hundreds and hundreds percentages of movement like enough of thousand percent of movement. That's when you get hurt. You want to buy. You know like silver when a 40% digital. All this incredibly high note not reference to the money supply in the fundamentals, but it is being bought. So that's why you're seeing a blip going today with the shortages of silver, but it's a different different product and you can create silver fastener think that a lot of paper author so like silver did some wild things back in the 1970s right so is this kind of similar to that or is this a new territory will is put into we call the silver future market, which is not physical silver but for every contract that is created like 100 ounce silver contract is only like 1 ounce to 1 ounce of silver behind that contract physically orders. Some say the ratios like a 500 to 1 also stick the happy medium. Let's call it a 251 social make no such thing as a 250 pounds silver contract LeSabre is so this only leverages their money. That way, and there's only one else behind it. If every short calling on the contracts and said I want silver this time and only pay them cash that would cause the silver market to do a game stop. It would literally do that and that was the thought behind all this, but we are like corning of the market like the Hunt brothers in the 70s when silver hit $80 an ounce were not there were under $30 today but when you just silver for inflation. The CPI numbers five times higher today than in 1980, so silver should be, you know hundred and 50 bucks it's unit is highly undervalued. I'm not saying it's going to go to her tomorrow next week or even next month or next year, but it's going to have a lot more upside and is and why should people should diversify the metals both gold and silver yeah that's light in a concise, for a lot of people I know. I wasn't thinking about a before and in you. Don't you just going to go well you know we have where we have a home noisily own a home most of us don't own a home. The bank owns the home and were paying him back for it and then you have some stocks about mutual funds, whatever.

But we don't often think of having a diversified portfolio. And that's a big thing that we need to be aware of and understand.

Get educated. Okay what what are my options out there, and most people don't have a ton of money but a lot of people have some money and that's why from a biblical perspective. David, as you know, God calls us to be good stewards of it wow can you be good stewards if you don't have knowledge so we should all be kind of students of this stuff at some levels generally absolutely general lack of knowledge or wisdom of that happens not to spiritually help us financially and on people Michelle on runs because were not aware what might cause that run and what we talk about things that are time when we got we talked about who were getting ready to run and it's starting to do that yet really felt is not too late and pay attention to. Amazing how well that works cleavage and faithfully working to go there. When we come back and that's another thing that can be very confusing to a lot of people is crypto currency baseline in and out so we've got David Bishara good friend from La Marque N Michael.Thomas's website.

David Imus was on hold will be right back after the season along the sea fellowship. She needs him some music, fun music to tell given her long enough do I say this sounds differently if it is to switch out every once in a while just trying to have a little fun. It's okay. It's 2021 trump loss air quotes for some of you Biden blind airports for some of you, and in is that there's a lot of countries going to hack in a handbasket and all I can stuff what you know what every once in a while and I would see on a daily basis.

I would highly recommend to you that use a turn off the radio turn off Facebook turnoff social media turnup that talk radio turn off daily signal daily wire.

Whatever your interest back away, go to have a nice conversation meet somebody out for coffee or lunch if you can do that without going to jail and and and just invent and laugh a little, but watch a funny movie was last time you watched like a around, romantic comedy just left play some board games a drought push away from the table. We do not need to dine on the news of the day all the time.

Okay, we don't and it's really unhealthy and somebody said to me, a friend of ours. We went out to lunch after church yesterday.

You know rebels that we are in France at eye height. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you deal with this stuff every day on the show and then just keep your sanity and a make well I do the time that I need to do. But then I push away and I get away from it very deliberately and like this that I try not to talk about politics every day on the show. It's been a season for that last year's COBIT unfolded, but for all of us.

Be very careful.

Just like a regular diet. Okay, do you want should you eat cotton candy every day, no, should you eat a bacon 10 times a day. Well, well maybe on that one, but probably not. And you gotta have a balance just like with your investments. As David always reminds us, it's good to diversify and don't be all in one thing or the other and make sure with the news of the day in politics and the crazy things going on. I mean, now they call. I think they call it doom scrolling now D is that right Seth doomed scrolling that correct doom scrolling is when you just sit there, go to your twitter feed or Facebook or whatever it is just one infuriating thing after another and you'll just sit there and get locked into it for 30 minutes or an hour doom scrolling is that wise that healthy, absolutely not. So be very careful out there friends. That's why change the pop music that that's a little fun light up a little bit and enjoy all that the Lord is Artie provided for you and talking our good friend David Fisher from La Marque capital at their website. La Marque David again, thanks for being with us today. I'm doing great, thank you for having me and I just wanted to comment on something for the forms are talking about buying a whole bunch of different things while one form talk about physical ones are there to also talk about FLV, which is where: I sure form and so want to make sure that is clear they're not just saying one particular product to be just like saying only by one particular crypto currencies like functionalists on Facebook live I I asked everybody on a scale from 1 to 10, how well do you understand crypto currency and most people were about one wanted tutors a -2 in there and I think a lot of people here this and just go and as mentioned this during the break on Facebook live Dave an ideal guy. It's crazy. Stop all the weird new stuff about the love but crypto currency bitcoin and then digital currency.

I mean, this is real. This is happening in the world is generally moving in this direction. Would you agree with that assessment will. You believe Scripture and I were moving towards a one world system and there's many scriptures that allude to that we have to have a currency that works that is interchangeable is that bitcoin don't think so is that it could be. Don't everything shows so far, that's not it can be gold jewelry. I don't think that's going to be at and people would not like me saying that about a home gold silver bell for my company want me to say yes that will be yet. I don't think so. I think it's give me central banks doing the same old muscles they've done and pay provision to electronically and remove toward one central bank said, but is going to compete with crypto currencies. The end and crypto currencies are going by the wayside. There's so many things we could talk about going today got a whole bunch of stuff we can talk in here about the ethical way, do you think that should we at least be somewhat familiar with what it is because whether it's bitcoin or some other crypto currency were deftly moving in the direction of digital currency and I think people need to understand not to rave up wave a false flag or freak everybody out, but you talked about this in the past David what valence which occurred in multiple countries around the world where all your stuff. Did you look at your bank account go hey look we have $3000 in our bank account. Well that that's digital that's showing you there.

And could you go today and empty out your bank account your could, but also the federal government or some other entity could get in there and empty out your bank account to they don't have to go grab a bunch of bags full of cash. And so this digital world is real and were moving more more into that direction. But yeah, I mean just got Ken Edson bitcoin crypto currency 101 because I think we should have at least a little bit of a working knowledge so it was created as an alternative toward central banks controlling currencies and encountering everybody into that system and people who don't like to be in that system. I think the Bible talks about, you know of an alternative system and therefore out of that crypto currencies were created. Bitcoin is a crypto currency. There's lots of different types, but is the most popular one.

If I'm 20 full disclosure, I don't own any bitcoin's own any crypto currencies. Not because I don't believe in it. I believe it's very risky.

I'm not telling people not to invest in it by saying that, but I will say this.

This will cause people to want to invest in 2011. If you miss $100 in bitcoin to be worth over $4 million today. The run has happened. Bitcoin that little misunderstanding is not a hedge against inflation talk is a terrible head. Bitcoin and crypto current to the gone sky high over the past year and the dollar hasn't crashed significantly over the last year.

In fact, many considered too volatile to be a hedge against anything on the dollar and LaGuardia the head of the PCP European Central Bank on Christine LaGuardia said for those who assume that this might turn into a currency terribly sorry, but if an acid and is a highly speculative one. So that's what this is this an asset Deutsche Bank to the survey last week to 50% investors. They bitcoin is an extreme bubble fact is higher than the tulipmania 1634 to 1637. It is hard to use of the currency and for Kevin O'Leary who is a partner shark tank meet on CNBC treaded a big transaction with the European firm for $200,000 will bitcoin become so wanted because they want to hedge bitcoin. Since the volatility of it all the help of the deal fell apart, but bitcoin is not gold either. And if you're trying to bite bitcoin to avoid knowing that the government is worth knowing what you're doing because you can buy gold and silver and there's no paperwork there's nothing that involves the government buying or selling it. Even an IRA and I can explain a little bit later. They don't know what you're buying yes it is know you have money in it, but the coin base in 2017 or 18. Choose me for every 23rd. Iris came in and sees 13,000 customers fill data because they were trying to avoid taxes for your thinking on trying to bitcoin to avoid and have privacy gifted traded some work on the platform and the stars. We have more safer now than it used to be, but 2014 $500 million of the got hacked into the $1712 were hacked at a bitcoin should just be careful I'll have at all say this, don't buy it instead of gold and silver not it's not a hedge against the dollar to replace the dollar and expect to pay taxes on the gains and don't use it as a currency but reason rather is the asset like a stock but put a small percentage. In fact, billionaires like Stanley Drucker Miller believer says 1 to 2% and never more than 10%.

Yes, so another asset class speculative where it goes in 10 years. We don't know but yet be careful. I appreciate you saying that self let's talk about that now we know we talked about this before and I've got the US debt clock pulled up in front of me and will hit that will hit $28 trillion here in the near future but yet $1.9 trillion package on the table. Everything else at the bite administrations talking about the to go big and or go home for two years so debt is still an issue right it's getting it were absolutely our government, our government, but governments are producing incredible amounts of new money and stimulus right now and unit economies so that 8 million people on unemployed formulator print a lot of money spent a lot of money but they're not concerned about this long-term effect facing the reality that the more money you print the more you devalue the dollar which leads to inflation and further weakness of the US dollar's role as the world reserve currency.

But the feds are stuck they can't raise interest rates with such levels of debt so there is a hard place.

Stuck between a rock and are placed so there in a situation that they can actually control know if this person was there happen the history of the Fed.

Many people have nothing to gold and silver saying this is the problem. CNBC's been talking about this for a couple years now and really been talked about so the currencies are going to go through reset. Some say 2010, but is going to go down and reset because of the debt levels. When the force to raise interest rates because we will have inflation when it resets that's and as it devalue, want to have a hedge against that's right.

It's not a matter if we have problems will help prompt the government finally is validating. We will have some of the Congressional Budget Office right so yeah it's nice to hear at least with an Asterix next to some levity and some honesty out of them talking to David Fisher, our good friend from landmark and that brings great expertise to help us understand these complicated financial issues more adaptively combat with you. That's all.

You see, if I do know you need you need the so whether it says three flag is dealing with the last the world, the flesh, the devil, whatever it is a pure believer in Jesus Christ. You have an advocate, you have somebody with you in you all the time.

Is that awesome. Something to remember, no matter how dark it gets. How confusing it gets. With with the world or what's going on finances or otherwise discriminate. So if your house is built on the rock of your faith in Jesus Christ.

Nothing's gonna blow that over. If it's not you have a problem and you can see yourself emotionally and even spiritually up and down and up and down. You could be a double minded man unstable in all your way up and down up down is going to live like that and contentment is a beautiful thing. Once you figure that out and Paul had to learn to be content. All of us as well.

Need to work on that as well and so we go to our good friend and integrates expert on a lot of different financial issues. Our friend David Fisher is always on their website land but David again thank you so much for being with us today by owner.

My brother excellent. Always a pleasure right so were talking about that I was talking about it on the break on Facebook live in looking at the world that clocks in our debt clock so obviously a big problem.

It's only getting worse and so kind of with gold and silver continuing to move and you said this before, we only do understand that were not talk about a matter of if were talking about a matter of when. When these financial troubles just what kind of explode in her face but how do we deal at that. The reality of that and how does gold and silver tied to that and then several people asking about something you mentioned earlier about using gold and silver in an IRA. If so, from 2001 to 2012 Steve burnable market gold and silver that was a low interest rate environment.

The high debt levels but just continue to write same environment render now will have inflation yet and gold went from $300-$1900 for a big rise in gold. This is why a lot of experts who have nothing to do with owning a gold company. Economists were saying. Others can be big rise in gold over the next 5 to 10 years because there's a big rise in debt so that's the correlation like the teeter totter that you said so why why people see that coming. Is this time a big problem is this time as you look at the 70s we had inflation. That's when gold went from $50 $35 and $71-$850 even bigger movement that was during inflation. So this next bull market that were just have started that were in right now. Many economists are saying it's combined high debt plus inflation.

This time, which just magnifies the movement in bowl, a bull market in gold and silver and is far silver silver to outperform gold during inflationary time for every dollar invested in bullion $10,000. It yielded any there's two of the products that we talk about when I do this thing called a financial blueprint for one product for every dollar invested every thousand dollars you invested in Boeing was $10,000 every thousand dollars invested in we call low-grade product. I was $22,000 in every thousand dollars he invested and I can document this number through book. I have $69,000. I don't expect that again but there's a lot of different products to do a lot of different things and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is why people are saying you know their enemy for Stephen Flake devalue or receive my money. I want to get something in rollover portion of my IRA or my 401(k) so that if they flipped the switch and take your portion of your money order to evaluate or inflated. It is in effect all your money because it's not all in paper because you have physical gold in your hands in your IRA and you can hold it without a tax liability by rolling over money from an existing IRA or 401(k). They flipped the switch not only financially remove your immune from safety because they can't access it because not treat electronically. It's physical so I would encourage a portion the seven portion day because you do not know a tragedy may befall you live a white paper on how they can learn on how to do that by getting physicals in your IRA or 401(k). Yeah, I know most people think about and I hear this on other shows.

I hear nonsecular radio I heard on Christian radio here on commercials.

This whole notion of of having physical gold as part of your IRA almost to I think to a lot of us. David almost seems like oil and water. Because we understand because were so used to living this way, you want to know what's in your IRA will you open up the mail, or for most of us you go online and you go see it and so you like a light waved stock in this company's stock in the company, but where is that to can you actually put your things on it and it's just I think for a lot of people just kind of a strange concept to think that part of your IRA could be in your safe in your closet there because it's an alternative asset why the cultural director I reason this is why you don't your fidelity Charles Schwab Merrill Lynch will never talk about self-directed IRA because they did a self-directed already involves alternative assets fall outside of stocks and bonds, and mutual fund. They don't want to propagate better advertise that because there would be a big movement out of funds other firms and I'm not against them.

Understand, that's why they don't talk that they don't have a vested interest in that happening will one is money and under management. That's on Wall Street operates.

So this is due, in essence giving from the backseat of your car to the front to your in control of self-directed IRA.

That's what it does is not just about gold or silver thing I want to control portion of my future financially speaking, and control it, and I've always said there's nobody take your care of your money better than you and that's what this does to put you in charge yeah and that's something that I think were all reasonably becoming much more cynical and unfortunately lack of trust, a lot of organizations and institutions, whether it's Congress the government in general Wall Street big banks. Whatever the case may be an issue can complaining be concerned about an end and throw names around which I understand but just have to be willing to do something about it to get involved to get one qualities the word you gotta get invested in. You gotta take some ownership of what's going on in your life and I think for a lot of people. Maybe they think they just can't because we have a broker or whatever and so that what can I do about it.

They can actually visit. There's a lot an individual investor can do is enter you know it, national radio about hundred 50, 238 stations right now on four different major talkshow host and just to give you five notes story the lady lives on New York. She is a pension that she called and try to access mover money even to like a Charles Schwab or fidelity said no, no, no, we were able to access her pension to the hundred $54,000 and she was able to roll over hundred $34,000 of the pension into physical gold children take possession and she is she feels like this is a godsend because the pensions upside down have the money so it shows who holds the bag last was one the loses and so she's able to get her money in her quote bag her hands in her irate tax liability and she's not the last one, hold the bigger fool. All of the bags on that same people that leave your money in paper or the fool. I'm just saying there is a problem is going to come and that this whole David and Goliath is going to emasculate and remembered that it's going to get worse is talking a better until finally the system case and that's when we want to make sure you have gold, silver, bye-bye when is low, not high yeah really scary stuff. While this is when we do the full money Monday in March. David, I'd love to talk about pensions because that is an enormous bubble that a lot of really vulnerable people are going to get hammered by, and I'm not so sure how many people really understand how many of the big pensions around this country, municipal and otherwise are just flat out broke at it that you just there's nothing there and I think most people don't understand that if people are interested in finding out about how to kinda get an if there have a separate self directed IRA, or any information up like that, David. They want they want to find out they would educate. What's the best way for them to do that the old-fashioned way is the best of an interactive conversation by calling 844-879-8882 and I guarantee it will be no pressure. None of that we will get your packet out to you in 844-879-8882 or you can go to if you want to just check and again explore find out for yourselves and and try to understand that and I think the thing that we also need to do and you mentioned this regularly is. Let's make sure were being prayerful. God tells us, reminds us to ask for wisdom and I would add in there asked for discernment as well because it's really getting much more difficult all the time to find the truth, which is why we appreciate you coming in and sharing your expertise with us every week. David, it's always such a blessing.

I really appreciate you taking my brother appreciate partnering with you and not all the things that you spoken in my life and been there forever dear friend amen you right back at you.

I love you brother was not again real soon next Monday. Thanks so much for your time felt great. I talk to that now is David Fisher and I just a great blessing here on the show in a brother in the Lord, by the way, if you have never caught that before he has and so working I will continue to move down the drug at different shows coming up this week this Thursday as we talk about all this doom and gloom stuff right and there's a lot, don't. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of serious stuff going on and I am very concerned at a lot of different levels about our country was going on in the world but also there is that to you some big theological terminology for you. There is a metanarrative MBTA meta-narrative and overarching story that's in play that is not tied to that. In terms of control is not controlled by it's not really affected by the news of the day whether it stuff going on here in America stuff going on in North America stuff going on around the world. That metanarrative is God's metanarrative. That's God's grand story which is unfolding over space and time which really has four movements okay as creation or past that. Then as the fall still deal with that then restoration which were dealing with gospel wise redemption and then restoration so creation fall redemption trend and then restoration eventually Jesus will restore all things all of creation.

Those that are in Christ on this earth, the universe and all sin eradicated that metanarrative and that will come to pass God's truth will come to pass about his emotional about it today. Pontius Pilate, John talk about what is what is coming that perfect answer to the biggest question of life was standing right in front of the guy you missed it was true. The standing right in front of them. So remember that metanarrative. If you're right through the golf operates in your favor today, tomorrow, next day, forever and ever. See, no one to see Bill Michelle got going on talking and my dad always is ever

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