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Short Squeeze, Please!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 29, 2021 12:49 pm

Short Squeeze, Please!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 29, 2021 12:49 pm

Short Squeeze, Please!

The stock market was manipulated again, but this time not by a hedge fund or a day trader but by Reddit.  Yes, the internet platform that claims to be the front page of the internet has nearly bankrupt multiple large hedge funds.  Today Steve explains what happened. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your house noble and dark shortly trying to kill a healthy Israel firing up the jets and theme Harvey is an idiot now and I think Steve Harvey now can you can tell it's Friday right that one job every. By the time I get the Friday, there I'm really snarky. I really snarky generally but by the time I get through a week of hours and hours and hours of consuming the garbage is going on in our world and then writing a devotional in the mornings I could stay in the word and stay energized and remember that there's more to life and more to my walk with Christ than what mainstream media and social media and Facebook and daily wire and bench barrel at all throwing me so important to remember that, but Steve Harvey being an idiot when I say the idiots I mean, fool, and I'll get to that I got a lot to get today. So what what is a short squeeze out what game stop most of you probably didn't know what game stop is probably never heard or read it and probably never you know what's is what the feedback loop mean all the stuff also were all talking about the investment world in the last 48 hours of things that got really interesting than Rush Limbaugh yesterday comes out game stop Sacca mirrors politics is elites attempt to prevent regular people from benefiting are not a lot of profit and I love to make that kind of money that kind of money. Maybe Limbaugh said so there's all the stuff going on okay and there's a bigger lesson is a bigger story at play here to get all these other stories okay so were to fly through the stuff but then I found a great article on the Federalists because I educated myself and was getting ready to explain to you what are all these things are casinos normally buy low, sell high, but you can actually reverse that you can go in a different direction.

You can be a short seller, that's a different game.

But then I found this article in the Federalists, which I thought handles a lot of the nitty-gritty as well as the big story of the overarching narrative which I think is also behind how Donald Trump came present in the first place. A certain level of populism in the bed of the French Revolution and the big guys in the little guys in the great reset like we talked about the other day because you plebeians out there can be a problem and I'll get a deal if you and nothing Rush Limbaugh talked about with the elites and why are all these big tech people in big hedge fund people in all these super wealthy people, especially the tech people who tend to be younger why wire they liberals instead of conservatives and a pretty interesting point there as well, which I was fascinated by those great points all try to get to that okay the rules here are simple heads. Wall Street wins tails you lose get it by Sharon Sean Davis at the Federalists. The traditional way, the swindler 101 here in the will get to the bigger story. The traditional way to make money in stocks was to find a company that was worth more than what stock price indicated purchase the stock at a bargain and then make your money either through the company's distribution of its profits back to its equity owners or the appreciation of its stock price right Bilo so high we can also make money betting on a company to eventually circle the toilet that's called shorting shorting the market shorting the stock to make money off a company that's not making any.

I love this guy snarkiness you short its stock by borrowing a share from the existing owner immediately selling it.

Getting the cash proceeds from the sale and then buying back the stock when its price dips and returning the share to the original owner.

Sounds simple enough but it's also extremely risky. Short sales so this brings us to go through all that stuff in and start talking about game stops on major hedge fund had a massive and very public short position on game stop to game stops a brick-and-mortar store with a sell different types of games and gaming stuff and video games on separate, so most of you guys probably are never step foot game stop in your life so but most brick-and-mortar stores are dying and so game stop look like it was said in that direction. And so the hedge fund guys and hedge fund guys manages a large collection of all or Reno's which they then manage and everybody putting money into the hedge fund makes money based on what the hedge fund manager Dotson lotteries hedge fund managers are billionaires of gator remarkably wealthy, so there to make a play on game stop in a short game stop stock enter read it. A bunch of red editors you like what's read it go look it up a bunch of creditors who follow the stock market realized that this billion-dollar hedge fund that a problem on a 10 due to a combination of factors game stop somehow ended up with more short positions and outstanding shares loops.

That's a problem. The red editors and red. It's like it's not I would call social media. Although the kit is kind of posting boarding all kind of sub redheads a little less regulated than the things you used to.

There's a lot of people in the red editors. These people that were going to get in on this. They could pull off what's known as a short squeeze if they started buying up game stop stock and refusing to sell it. They could crush the head fund hedge fund guys as it short positions came due potential. Even driving in them into bankruptcy, all while profiting in the market by purchasing a stock that was once in single digits watching and approach 5000 200 even 300 bucks.

At one point. It's estimated that the losses accumulated by game stop short sellers approached $5 billion. That's the hedge fund people down $5 billion collectively.

So these are all these folks in this getting it in this Reddit group called Wall Street bats and they just decided this the power social media hey you know what, let's let's get involved here. Let's hose the hedge fund managers, and many of them like that we love game stop because we like gaming and so let's us to get to the man right. That's what's going on here. So one point these hedge fund managers with the beautiful part of it really were down $5 billion 5 billion Bubba Bubba P billion Melvin capital than the now notorious hedge fund with the huge game stop short position eventually required an infusion in their borrowing money of $2.75 billion in cash from an even larger hedge fund to cover its possession and remain solvent. And that's when the Wall Street Empire struck back.

Suddenly, the federal Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC which purports to be a Wall Street regulator," but instead operates as little more than Wall Street wallet wall and broad soothsayer to a public skeptical Wall Street power weighed in and intimated that it might investigate or even shut down the trading of game stop stock then Wall Street back trading apps in the Wall Street brokerages joined in announcing they would no longer allow their users and regional investors to buy game stop stock that was where Robin Hood claimant Robin Hood is just an app you get. You go buy and sell stocks all you want and you don't pay a commission case of ink.

They jumped in because are all in bed together eventually and said yeah the little guys this is done no work to shut down. You can't find sell, which brought my eschatology, friendship, sound familiar, right, that's interesting. So what happens when you can no longer via stock price can only go in one direction. That's down is that good for the big hedge fund guys, interesting war, but let me broaden the context of the contract is a man going around in the free delay in going with everybody's treated hopelessly always talk about Delta goals letter regarding the Lord of the universe.

You want to know Friday therefore my snarkiness okay were talking about a game stop him and elevate this out of shortselling and and and hedge funds in the feedback loop in the short squeeze and read it and Wall Street bats and all these aspects and then look at the bigger picture in reading from an article in the Federalists by Sean Davis the game stop sag isn't about finances. Okay, so what is it about it is about but remember there's always a bigger thing at play behind all the news the day what's happening right now. He writes has nothing to do with hedge funds or free markets are pricing theory or any of that was happening right now is another front in the major war taking place in institutions and countries across the world is the elite versus the populace, but should sound familiar. Now right.

That's exactly what is going on here in America.

And that's exactly what's going on with what I did the whole show pretty much the whole show on Tuesday about the great reset go look it up to listen to the show grabbing on Facebook. The Facebook liar get the podcast where you get your podcast you get the radio show their misty noble show, go, go look at that that's the elites versus the populace or the plebeians as I like to say the premium that's you that's me pleading little nobodies. The real story is how retail investors. The industry term for regular people who day trade now and then I have a small brokerage account for retirement and buy stocks every now and again for fun figured out how to take down a financial Leviathan. It's not that Wall Street disliked retail investors is that Wall Street views them as little more than commission factories for the big brokerage houses. Those roots don't know anything sophisticated.

They want the credentials of the pedigrees of the geniuses who simultaneously destroyed the housing market and economy in 2008, and they certainly don't have the power to move markets except in this case they did see regional investors don't move markets until they do, which indicates the red editors bidding up again stock stock. They did and that cannot be tolerated. The whole game stop saga isn't about finances politics. It's David versus Goliath, the have-nots person to have the underdog versus the heavy favorite with the best talent, training and equipment money can buy the perfect microcosm of the war between the populace and the elites the individuals versus the institutions, the people versus the powerful bunch Aranda Internet Rando's find a way to take financial advantage of a company that is backed itself into a corner.

They banded together execute the strategy and made bank for us older folks the money they use the exact same rules and systems that Wall Street in use for decades to hose investors out of their money. That was what the renters real. That was the real crime because that's not allowed.

You're not allowed to use the same set of rules for your own advantage. He writes the rules here are simple head heads. Wall Street wins tails you lose the instant you like wait a minute what you say yes you heard it right, heads Wall Street wins, tails you lose them in Joyce's institution set the rules, not you really not the populace will determine what is allowed and what isn't. Which is why this is going to stop at game stop. It's gonna replicate itself within within and tort every major institution of American and global life from here on out whether it manifests in protests or riots or crazy elections or entire nation states removing themselves from global super governments.

The little guy versus the big guy, covetousness, greed, pride, etc. etc. etc. and how do you then factor in throw all that stuff in the digital world which is like this. This is from the daily wire earlier today.

Elon musk adds hashtag bitcoin to his Twitter bio so what happens bitcoin surges by 20%. Just manipulating the market with a few characters hashtag bitcoin 12345678 characters, including the hashtag and bitcoin surges by 20%. After the CEO space X and Tesla added to hashtag early on Friday morning bit cut bitcoin prices but skyrocketed by as much as 20%. He's done that in the past, having help extend a rallying game stop share price after hours Tuesday after tweeting hashtag games stock and linking to the Wall Street bets Reddit community looks back and forth number one number two richest guy in the planet right according to Reuters, shares a fast-growing Polish gained about developers CD project sword 16% on Thursday after musk tweeted the aesthetics of cyberpunk or third game are incredible.

By the way, an online retailing retailing platform at the stock jump jump 9% on Tuesday, right after musk tweeted. I kinda love at sea hint and then people who are just like I think of CS Lewis said the human heart is idle factory. Oh yeah, Elon musk says he likes at sea, which means I want to buy at the stock goes up 9% is Elon musk. One individual put the tweet out with a couple words blue.

So the stock manipulation all over the place and why is that why do you think pride, covetousness, materialism, greed.

The Bible explains that all should be shocking to any of us. Okay let's that's fine. Solomon was) there is literally nothing new under the sun. New news is old news happening to new people. Just remember that that's the beauty of a Christian worldview. By the way you look at the news and politics and culture and arts and media, both here and around the world in your head can start spending. But when you factor a biblical worldview and their if it's robust and healthy. Everything starts to make perfect sense.

And the things that you can't make sense of. You understand that not up to you. Why do bad things happen to some decent people what's going why does a good God-fearing person get a disease at an early age that kind of stuff. You know what to keep your hands off of, but a lot of the things you understand. That's the beauty of a Christian worldview, which by the way, helps you understand when the Bible says that you can have peace that surpasses all understanding and be anxious for nothing, it's actually possible now that it's possible for long little spurts of it because our fallenness and I think the more mature you get in Christ. The longer those spurts can be, but it can happen, but only through a biblical worldview. So get out of Fox News and get out of the daily wire and get out of this that the other and get out of the show if you need to get in the word and shore up your foundation okay. Speaking of politics. This is to make some you really happy the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that's in Arizona unanimously approved on Wednesday a full forensic audit of the county's election equipment. After weeks of wrangling with state legislators.

Arizona County intends to hire independent firms to conduct two separate audits one beginning on February 2 and the other on the eighth on its voting machines and other equipment. The investigators will look at the voting equipment, hacking vulnerability, verify that no malicious malware was installed and tested tabulated for not sending or receiving information over the Internet. Okay, that's good. Okay, that's what we need to see an actual independent hopefully investigation and will see what happens.

But now in Arizona when the trunk campaign sued Maricopa County on November 8, over such allegations. The judge dismissed the lawsuit less than a week later after the campaign's legal team admitted that the number of votes. It was challenging would not impact the outcome of the election. As if that's a reason to blow it off. No, we are ever having problems that any significant level, even if it didn't turn the election in one particular state, you still should look into it. You should pursue justice, but we know like justice because if we start acknowledging the existence of justice, then maybe there's a lawgiver lawgiver that the creator can hold us accountable. We don't like that biblical worldview again getting in the way making a way for other you know Michelle will keep going radio streaming online audio jobless, but I am such a goofball and so snarky and just outside the box is a Christian communicator that you really want to take your experience a whole new level. Join us in the Facebook live because then your video here in the studio video of the radio show and so we have the commercial breaks that will that we talk and do different things and then you know that the whole visual element I was just somebody just asked me if I had brewskis behind me on one of the book the bookshelf behind me which features all kinds of starter stuff okay. But then there some bottles back there but because it's a soft focus back behind me.

You can't tell what they are.

So somebody trying to maybe be judgmental is like is that a brewski so I picked up one of the bottles and indeed it is. It's a root brewski repair. Sorry to disappoint. So anyway the Steve Noble show Facebook page, you can catch all the Facebook lines of the videos that stay there too so you it's like a video podcast such as stays on Facebook live, you know, as long as Facebook live allows me to be here and I am trying as hard as I can to get booted how do you do that sleep. Just tell the truth, so it takes okay this is an interesting one and by the way, the podcast of the show course available pretty much everywhere you would get your podcasts. The student will show podcast of the radio show.

Is there likely chip.

Roy urges Congress to censure AOC. Why would they do that will hear about this, by the way, AOC charges that Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered.

I'm not kidding. See it Utah Republican Mike Lee sent a letter to the Senate colleagues Thursday seeking to censure New York Democratic Representative Alexander the EL CORTEZ. Such an awesome sounding name really for dubiously claiming Republican Sen. Ted Cruz tried to have her killed near Congresswoman made her claim on Twitter responding to your colleague from the upper chamber.

That's the Senate hysterically charging this Texas Republican with attempted murder after Cruz said he fully agreed with her on the need for hearings to investigate the stock trading app Robin Hood that was with all that we were just talking about earlier in the show with game stop and all that mess right so he agreed with her and said yeah we need to investigate this Robin Hood. It also and shuts down trading so looks like there are in cahoots with the bit with the bond hedge fund guys unattended so she comes back and says that I'm happy to work with Republicans on this you where there's common good. Before rejecting the offer was you, but you almost had me murdered three weeks ago so you can sit this one out. Happy to work with almost any other GOP that are trying to get me killed.

See how this works so this is if your triumphal supporters for sugar Christian, a transporter, then we you are now part of the five or six or 700 people that stormed the capital in January. Six. You are now at at heart. If not in word and deed, and insurrectionist.

You are dangerous you were there trying to assassinate even though you weren't there. Your people were there, so you're guilty by association. And then you're a murdering dangerous person which is why we need to deal with you.

We need to shut you down. You can have placed on social media as a matter fact at some point there to say you can have a place in America. That's where this goes. Eventually it sounds crazy doesn't it.

But not so much anymore. The 31-year-old Congresswoman and began engaging in the fanatical fanciful rhetoric days after the attack, telling her followers on Instagram.

She did not feel safe hiding in the capital bunker because there were cueing on and white supremacist sympathizers, and frankly, white supremacist members of Congress and that extraction point.

Thursday's claim that Cruz tried to kill her, however, went too far for a peer congressional colleagues that's either out saying we need at least censure this woman okay this is where rat and and this is just only to get worse. Okay and eventually it'll just come down to not your political affiliation, but the fact that for those of us to follow Jesus Christ you're guilty of hate speech and your dangerous hate speech Steve I never said anything hateful.

Yes you do preach the gospel. That's hate speech didn't you know it's hate speech because you believe Melanie display the other side. Ray the cell.

This works so we get the gospel in the hate speech watches how you do it.

Hey, are you telling me Steve that if I don't believe what you believe him an abominable supper forever. Like burn forever in lake of fire or whatever in hell if I do believe you believe that your tell me. Well, I'm telling you what the Bible says.

But to answer your question yeah what's you are your crazy is matter fact I mean, I feel threatened by you. This is just a dangerous situation. I saw what you guys did at the capital you were there to assassinate people like Alexander Acosta, El Cortez you want to rule the country you want to try to force everybody to be a Christian and I don't like not will actually know that's fundamentalist Muslims but keep going and so that that's just at its hateful your your police in this whole heaven and hell. Jesus, the only way. So are you telling me, and in addition Steve that 1.3 billion Muslims are are all going to go to hell because they will believe what you believe. Yet they reject Jesus. That's correct.

All Hindus yet yet Lawrence yet Catholics suggest some know what about Baptist some yes, some know what about what about Protestants some yes, some no but available he will you believe their elbow that we you menu your hateful.

I think speech got writers out pairs of works. That's how that works. Did you see this in New York City and in an informal course blames Trump for it.

Now that is gone.

Can you still blame them for everything course so: 19 deaths among New York nursing home residents rise by 40%.

What the other side of that is because the underreported by 40%. New York Atty. Gen. Leticia James God bless you, ma'am, a Democrat, accuse governor any Cuomo's administration.

Earlier Thursday of underreporting the number of nursing home deaths by as much as 50% she call in the state to insured a public reporting basement single McCoy 19 deaths of evidence.

Residents both at the facility and that hospitals so we pull them out of the facility and they went to the hospital and they died. Even though they got COBIT at the facility, but they died at the hospital than Cuomo at all, did not include that in the COBIT death numbers for retirement centers-wonder why we do that New York state health Commissioner Howard Zucker said in response that the state didn't underreport us, but acknowledged for months that it was only publicly releasing best of residence that occurred at homes, not those that occurred hospital now Zucker has reported new figures, the number nursing home resident deaths rose from 8740 to 12,743 about the same number that James investigation posited a shock representative Elyse S's to phonics definite Member how to.

She says I think she's great. Urge James and the department adjusted subpoena Cuomo ministration officials of the department, which was looking into the issue.

Last year will decide if an investigation is warranted, the White House that Friday. Let's see what governor are yet Gov. Cuomo's in his first public comment since escaping Atty. Gen. reported finding New York Gov. into Cuomo's ministration undercounted nursing home deaths. The governor on Friday argued criticisms of him were a political attack course quote that was me. Cuomo said when the federal government blame New York and other states from the nursing home. COBIT 19 deaths where the starch is frankly a political attack from the prior federal administration and HHS Michael Caputo Democrat governor continued Caputo who is the assistant sectary of public affairs for the Health and Human Services department under Pres. Trump fired back immediately in a statement quote early on experts at the Health and Human Services administration identified Cuomo's foolish executive order as a primary cause for thousands of nursing home. Coley deaths in New York.

He's right.

I call them out on it immediately. Cuomo is personally responsible for thousands of unnecessary nursing home. Destiny must be held accountable. We should be impeaching Cuomo.Trump added that part. Let's get going because there's something else. Cuomo said he understood the instinct to lay blame on government to find relief from the pain and suffering. I believe everybody did the best they could. I believe the federal government CDC. I believe they gave the best guidance they could all wait a second hold on. He just said that the political attack from the prior federal ministration but out the other side of the Cuomo's mouth. He says I think everybody just did the best they could. You didn't sir, you didn't. You basically created suicide bombers via COBIT and sent them back into nursing homes. If anybody should be impeached. It should be him because he knowingly did that all Donald Trump said was hate go down there make your voices heard. That's fight for the country and must be peaceful and be good protesters and I'll go down there and in on and cheer for the guys are helping us in the got people I don't essentially what he said but but what Andy Cuomo did was sent, sick, elderly, people with COBIT back into a nursing home where so much such a hyped up about half of all people have died of COBIT 19 in America are nursing home type residents and like I said before, and this flows over into the capital and the waiter acting now they want to build a wall around the capital is also the people in the capital, especially the Democrats. Now you know maybe a little bit what it feels like to be a baby in the womb in America, especially a black baby, especially in New York where there's more black people dying than there are being born largely because of abortion.

So when you can fight for your life. You do, but if you can't speak up for yourself if you can't protest can't show up and burn something, break something and spell something out on the side of the Starbucks will just get rid of you whether your old interest home really teeny tiny in your mom's womb. If you can't fight for yourself, fine limiting God help us all.

You set a popular thing and don't really care about that right left trying to come from a biblical perspective which means sometimes all upset. Even my brothers and sisters in Christ in the church because our allegiance needs to be the truth. And if your allegiances to the truth.

You just call balls and strikes and it shouldn't matter who standing at the plate, whether it's Joe Biden or Donald Trump are Democrat or Republican, a Christian or non-Christian. The truth is the truth and you track to try to call it as best you can. That's what I try to do here on the show and operating through Christian biblical worldview all the time and obviously don't get it right all the time but that's what I'm trying to do and that's why I'm not really concerned about reaction and I know some of the things I say upset people upset my own friends and end all that kind of stuff and so that, but that's am trying to do just as I was talking during the break before the break. Don't let me put what's going on with Pres. Biden into a context that you certainly probably have hat for an experience that you so we recently not only bought a house. We sold the house.

We sold the house with her and bought another so you know it's like this happens to you when you as though happens to when you go by car, but of the house in particular and you've got no pages and pages and pages of documents and you and how many of you stop and read them if some of you do, but most of us know what you do use the mortgage broker. The lawyer what the lawyer is just sign here, sign here initially or initially, or sometimes they have a little yellow thing with the arrow on it right right sign here, sign here initially use blast through 20 pages of documents and basically signing over your life for the next 30 years with all kinds of little caveats here and there. Details of this is that this is that this is the yearly AA signs on this diet. Any sign signs a word I need signed to show me where I need to sign sign here, sign here initially shook a hearing of what how much oil you know 40,000. Oh great, cool, great. Whatever okay so I think that's what's large.

Sadly, I think that's largely what's happening with Pres. as it is shoveling the stuff across.

That's what's this for us climate what's is for all we need.

We need to help our transsexuals what he wants is for okay where I saw will the only place to set servants at the bottom of the okay sign Joe by Dubai Dubai. So this is kind of funny ease up on the executive actions. Joe Pres. Biden is right to not let his agenda be held hostage, but legislating to Congress is a better path. Well, who wrote that the New York Times believe is not an amazing New York Times so they're talking about ease up on the executive actions Joe, he's over 40 now. By the way, these moves are being met with cheers by Democrats and others, eager to see the legacy of Donald Trump's presidency dismantled posthaste. Republicans, meanwhile, are grumbling about presidential overreach and accusing Mr. Biden betraying his pledge to seek unity. In other words, things are going the same way they often do in Washington but this is no way to make law a polarizer nearly divided Congress may offer Mr. Biden little choice but to employ executive actions or see his entire agenda held hostage so member this New York Times uber liberal overlap.

These directives however are a flawed substitute for legislation. They are intended to provide guidance to the government and need to work within the discretion granted the executive by existing law or the Constitution. The New York Times reference the Constitution, there's hope, friends. They do not create new law.

Though executive orders carry the force of law and are not meant to serve as an end around the will of Congress, by design.

Such actions are more limited in what they can achieve the legislation and presidential overreach.

Invite intervention by the court, but legal limitations are not the only or even perhaps the biggest point of concern. Executive actions are far more ephemeral and easily discarded in legislation which can set up a whipsaw effect as each president scrambles to undo the work of his predecessor, just as Mr. Trump set about reversing as many of Pres. Obama's directives as possible. Mr. Biden is now working to reverse many of Mr. Trump's reversals with executive orders. There's always another presidential election just veers off threatening to up and everything. This creates instability and uncertainty that can carry significant economic as well as human costs.

Bravo right on exactly right what they're thinking constitutionally here. Imagine that. Again, this New York Times Way to left undoing some of Mr. Trump successes is necessary. But Mr. Biden's legacy will depend on his ability to hammer out agreements with Congress on the campaign trail. He often touted his skill at finding compromise in his decades of the legislator as reasons to elect him over. Mr. Trump, the country faces significant challenges to recovering from the pandemic from a global recession from years of safety nets and institutions in trust being eroded. Now it's time for the new president show the American people a permanent change for better nation could look like half that's funny because that's that's not all what's going on, or just talk about power pure, unadulterated power. That's what it's about. And sadly, we have a president is over, over 40 executive actions now nine days who's operating like most of us do we buy a car or car loan or specially sign mortgage documents, sign here, sign here. Initially her initial there sat but for us Christians and by the way, if you misunderstand me.

You might think that I'm advocating that we don't get involved with politics if that's what you think I'm saying you need to listen to the show more than once because I've never said that and I never would say that in elections have consequences. That's one of the problems now because I know some of you are saying you, especially when the election was rigged.

Okay, let's say it was this country's just continue to go downhill. The thing is getting it fixed and in Washington DC. I don't but I'm still engaging DCI still speak truth to power. I do what I can try to vote in a way that's pleasing to the Lord.

That's why I said the other day.

Let's let's start shrinking our America maker America a lot smaller. Make it your family, your neighborhood, your coworkers, your friends, your church, your community and get involved there make a difference there.

That sounds a lot like her low-tech eyes and all that's right, Nehemiah. How do we build rebuild of wall. It's been down for hundred 40 years, which is allowed rate plunder and pillage of Jerusalem for all that time and EMI comes back with a broken heart for the people in the land which we should have is like a you know what is oriented you fix your backyard you fix your backyard you fix your part of the wall in your backyard and you over there need on their new around here 52 days later after 140 years of destruction. The walls backup. As everybody worked on their part. So I would encourage all of us. Let's get over our fascination with Washington DC. Let's pray for them. Let's engage them. Let's engage our legislators, but let's grab a shovel while you hold a sword and get to get to work on your back yard wall in your community. What difference are you making where you live, this is unsettling Israel's us is really say they will attack Iran. Biden returns to US nuclear deal see elections have consequences. Israeli officials that made the opposition of the Biden administration returning the Iran nuclear deal, no. Some of you and threatened military strike on Iran, of Pres. Biden read revives the deal known as the GP's JCP away and Israeli source of firmness is breaking defense in an article published on Monday. Israel needs to know and fast whether Washington plans to stop Iran's race to bomb or take action to do this the source, so they're ready to go. Elections have consequences.

I don't read this with any joy or glee in what Israel do that.

Certainly they would and will see what Biden does with the Middle East. Trump was with Kushner was achieving incredible things because the Middle Eastern countries were all coming around to the reality that Israel is not the problem. Iran is the problem and now you got a new administration. John Kerry at all.

And they're probably going to climb back into a cozy little relationship try to cozy up to Iran, which is then the unbelievable. Okay let me finish with this is Steve Harvey fans out there really funny right family feud that guy Steve Harvey Christian right, not Steve Harvey says there is no one way to heaven, internationally recognized comedian Steve Harvey stunned many of his Christian fans after he recently revealed that he believes there's more than one way to heaven on Saturday. Harvey posted a video on his official YouTube channel titled how Steve Harvey pray that shows the family feud hosted Abu Dhabi shake Z grand mosque in the United Arab Emirates quote there's no one way to heaven and no one way to paradise.

Harvey declared it's like television. Now there's what over 100 channels on cable are all pretty entertaining, so I'm pretty sure that to the heaven got to be more than one route because you set the rules right steep because somebody watching another channel taking on a channel. The new they're still getting entertained in the probably still getting to heaven by the way is Steve Harvey good theologian noise horrible theologian, but let me remind you were all theologians is just a matter whether you're a good one or a bad one. But this is Steve Harvey from stuff in the bathroom like always a believer. That's so cool is a believer as he believe in the right Jesus I can't judge his heart.

He certainly wrong though he's a Pied Piper for a false sense of security because I'm sure he would say hey were all God's children.

And that's not true either were all God's special creation and maintenance image bear the mark.

The Muggle day, but only the people to put their faith in Jesus Christ are given the right to be called God's children wow can you imagine a mosque with the name Jesus on it. He said yeah the world could use a little bit more that Harvey says while standing outside the Shaikh Mohammed bin Siad mosque yeah will you know is going to do that can bring all the world religions together. One big Kumbaya of any the man of lawlessness once he's taken over by the devil itself. Steve Harvey dear Christian, you must submit yourself to what God said what God said in the flesh I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me. So I would say that all road God, but only one road leads to heaven, and that's Jesus Christ as everybody's can is him for the Lord is everybody's going to be in, but only those that are 100% finished work of Jesus Christ going to have a buddy else not sure of Steve Harvey figures that out as we build on this email will show God willing I'll talk to you like my dad always said

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