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Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 29, 2021 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 29, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/29/21.

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You got questions. We got answers phone lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown on the Friday edition of the line of fighting questions than answers. 866343686648784 any question of any kind that relates in any way to the subject matter covered here in the line of fire or any area of expertise.

I have, by all means give us a call right now we've got a few phone lines open often the beginning of the show. The phone lines open through the whole show but we got a few phone lines open so it's a great time to call now and then were sure to be able to get your call as the show goes on. 866-348-7884 go straight to the phones we go to Alice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown. First of all thank you for your voice and your ministry.

Know that you're in my prayers will think that that means the world to us. Thank you, but I have a three-part question.

I'm going to like it might my three question spirits that have to do with the inheritance of Israel through Abraham the covenant regarding the borders of of that that inheritance. First question if I may. Referencing Joshua 14. It references fair. The three borders I got that. But my question is I don't quite understand what the southern border would be second question very quickly with the promise fulfilled understated the rain of David Solomon and then my third point question references Ezekiel 47 and 48 for I think it's talking about the millennial Israel, and it talks about the borders there and how that may change in the millennium which I don't understand.

So those are my three question yet wonderful questions number one Joshua 14 is somewhat ambiguous in terms of the southern border. I'm reading for you in the new Jewish publication Society translation. Your territory shall extend from the wilderness and the Lebanon to the great river river Euphrates on the east right so that that would be a border that would be far more than Israel had had experience to do the days of Joshua right all the land of excuse me yeah the whole Hittite country and up to the Mediterranean Sea on the West wants he can go beyond that, because the West is the sea. So all the land from the desert and the Lebanon so that the desert in the South Lebanon in the north. So it's it doesn't give a precise line, but the southern debtor desert Sinai desert would certainly be be part of it know how far down you go, it would certainly didn't say you know all the way to Egypt. At that point puts on a precise line.

It's a general want was I promise fulfilled under the days of of David or Solomon or any time an Israelite history. It it would have been fulfilled in that Israel was like a mini empire under David Solomon and had rulership and control over some of the surrounding nations but did Israel itself possess all of that this would be really no so that the promises and end there several different land promises given your feet if you compare all of them use either some variation did Israel and ancient history ever for fulfill that live out all that the answer would be no and that's something that traditional Jew would be expecting in the messianic era now is is that what we see reflected in Ezekiel 40 through 48. Most likely the words, if we are to understand Ezekiel 40 through 48 is a literal vision of the future. Obviously this is not happen that any time in history. Even the dimensions of the temple would be different than the dimensions of the tabernacle that God gave to Moses and that's that's presented problems for traditional rabbis because in their mind that the total would be eternal and unchangeable. So how was the dimensions of the temple/tabernacle would be different and there's a Talmudic story that one rabbi figured out the differences. But we don't we don't have we to have his writings so if you crisscross everybody my brother be physical sacrifices and millennial kingdom. If it's if it's a future vision after the time after which he system on the cross so they're all kinds of questions. However, if we are to take.

This is something literal to come.

Yes, it would speak of what you would say are the millennial borders and that would be the fullness of everything that God promised Israel. Thank you, thank you for that. Now I know you have other colors that don't pick up your time. Do you have time for art your time for a quick comment yet call that place. I read online.

Your article today regarding the rise of anti-Semitism which always pains my heart, I will just tell you briefly that I was privileged as a child to attend a parochial Christian school and studying the Tanakh of the Old Testament was was just as important to us in relating to Israel and our heritage. There is a wolf in the New Testament and you know it electrically obtains my heart you know Natalie to history that what we've heard about you know in in Germany and so forth with the Holocaust, but the things that are coming today. I'm very much came in. Also mentioned in those days at the parochial high school we were mandated in chapel to see the films and I think you know what films I referencing of of that time of that. In history, and it made an indelible mark on all of us is the unchristian to watch that student. So here's my thinking. You know, we have Christian kids out there today increase I have been blessed with children, so maybe I'm not speaking correctly but my idea would be best. Some of the slack. I think parents can't cover all this but you know children even myself when I went to university them, dating myself or talking 60s and 70s. Even then, in the humanities class they were starting to promote this relativism and there's no absolutes that type of thinking.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about you, but what I'm suggesting is that the churches you know it. With that weather to their Sunday school, school classes are not start to prepare to prepare the youngsters in their ghetto midteens or whatever for what they're going to encounter in college and not only that, to educate them on things to refute anti-Semitism of the data we as the body of the body. Believers need to relate to Israel and to our to our history as well.

In the in the Old Testament, those are just some thoughts I yeah thanks for sharing that thing sweetheart and again you are like the Christians I've met for the last 49+ years who been lovers of the Jewish people, lovers of Israel, none and anti-Semitic bone in their body. They can't relate to the idea of anti-Semitism having any connection to the church. This is what I've met with encountered people with a lovely spirit like yours and many who been educated with understanding and yet there is an undeniable horrific ugly rising tide of anti-Semitism at the church. Catholic Church bit evangelical church.

Other branches were seen these things in front of her eyes.

That's why wrote Christian anti-Semitism is challenging the local church can only do so much. Parents have so much on the plate and yet somehow together we have to do better to educate the next generation in the word and in key things that they don't fall into that the errors of the past. Thank you for calling me just say this quickly because I want to just devote my time is always to your calls so a colleague sent me a meme yesterday before and it was an ostrich sticking its head. The ground denying the existence of Christian anti-Semitism in us and that's one reason that I wrote my book and somebody posts unlucky to read your book, it's inaccurate to choose card flick that it reply ostrich but that's exactly I'm not gonna read it. How does he know what's in it. How does he know it's accused greatest even though it's in it, but is not gonna read it, stick your head in the sand and then someone else, someone else apparently Catholic background is.

I'm counting this a lot in my own evangelical circles but but I know in in in traditional Catholic circles as well and other branches of professing Christians listen to this comment. This is what someone posted in response to me talk about anti-Semitism in the church. He said why should we respect the Christ killer religion who curses Jesus and his blessed mother love really love all shows the love Jesus showed to the Pharisees choose the Christ killer.

So Francis is out there this junk. This cancer spiritually speaking is out there and we will continue to confront it in Jesus name I let us go to Daniel note we don't go to Canada but won't I let's go over to Bob in Chattanooga Tennessee walking to the line of fire.

Dark brown good carpentry thank you sir exit 21, 22, 23, I water on you, explain that I don't quite get what Shannon were really can't ask years like Eric Scott Peterson, Ichiro, his wife supposedly you actually convicted of two murders she was pregnant right so I'm wondering is just Berkshire or any other placement in the end of our new Old Testament which existed if you kill a woman and she's pregnant, that would be a double murder right so yeah so X that it's specifically access. 21 verses 22 and 23 and this is the key text in terms of the legal text that would address this, the larger issue of does the Bible speak of the child in the womb as being an actual human being. There is a woman popstar. Now she's identifies as bisexual feminist strong support of Planned Parenthood does not. She's pregnant and she says I love the many human inside of me. I would an article so that's right that's that's a mini human. You're exactly right this little human being inside of you and maybe that'll impact wrong view of of childbirth and their children. Abortion things like that but we could point to the humanity of the child in the womb, John the Baptist on the Mercer jumping in his mother's womb when when Mary Mary comes in a pregnant with Jesus, or other passages Rachel being told she's she's pregnant with with X excuse me out.

Rebecca being told the two nations are in her will and those kind of things.

This verse in Exodus 2122 and reading ESP when men strive to get into the pregnant woman's that her children come out, but there's no harm, one can officially be fine as the woman's husband shall impose on him and he shall pay as the judge's term of this there is harm.

You shall pay life life. I fry tooth for tooth pain transferred for footprint. Brent goes on from there.

So versus so the debate in this is a major debate among Hebrew scholars.

Does it mean that she miss carries which case the miscarriage you just define there's a fine there's a payment but is not considered like a death or is it saying her children come out, but there's no harm, meaning she dispersed successfully. So this this verse is actually debated, it would be the one and only, that would potentially speak to this and say yes if if there is a death of the child miscarried the nest considered murder isn't saying that the miscarriage is punishable similar to me.

I believe you can argue for a position that it does represent even like this can be dogmatic about the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for white let us go to aria in Fort Myers, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire and hang on losing you there a team or was I the only one not hearing. Are you there is there some other issue a table it. Rachel just checked to make sure the connections good and I'll get right back to her to try to grab another call first let's go to heaven in Nebo Kentucky welcomes line of fire. Thank you and I got equipment that I think you're probably acutely able to help me with.

I have a pastor friend Cora observing and in his church state wear head coverings that have factory ranges and they believe him.

You know they don't believe in justification by faith. The elect are those who do the best I was wondering you know the best way that I can help you know minister to this dire health industry because he is really on just following his many log can't think I can get to heaven. I can't really find it quite that. Yeah, unfortunately, she's leading a whole congregation and that direction that's a very serious path to error. It's it's one thing for Jewish believers to say he was still Jesus and we identifies fusible part of our people and this is part of our covenantal heritage. But this is not for justification of salvation. This is simply part of our calling is choose.

You know, just like you might be a Korean-American really called to cultural engagement with your own people, but this would just be on a deeper biblical level, but to say it's mandatory and then to bring Gentiles in and to say it must be done with a similar earning one's way into God's kingdom.

I mean that's that's complete heresy that the person is his step. That's of the faith. If that's actually what they believe they they repudiated justification by faith. What I would do really really pray.

We pray for them.I have an address this whole lot. And if you just go to my my website Esther to round an org type in words Torah or for observing those kind of think you'll see your dietary laws to see a lot of the Scott Sabbath observance these things will come up of but if there seems to be any openness I I might just do a line by line study of Galatians that he'll probably have answers.

And, triangulation is upside down to to read it ways you've never read it before but I would I would prayerfully give it a try and if he's really got a wall up or as an answer for everything. You just have to pray for him because he is he is stepped out of the faith into a full-blown deception if it is the way he described how many folks go to his car geisha about 50, and they don't believe that Jesus is God either instrument okay slight rightness of that right that's that's why said they've gone over to Harris that was inevitable but I was going to tell you was that if you haven't gotten there. That's really going in other words, this will always lead to a denial of who Yeshua is who Jesus is and and then it will even go further into sometimes a complete repudiation of him as the Messiah. I've even seen a car geisha goes forest convert to Judaism.

So these folks are are well on on the way to mother in there in apostasy rating they are ready. Based on the way described that they are ready, heretical and outside of the faith and you just really pray for the repents, like you would with any of the cult and that the one leading the way as can be the hardest to reach this pray for divine appointments.

The that God would help them to see error help them to see where they have departed from grace.

Help them to realize how far they fallen and perhaps God will grant some of them repentance.

But it's it's it's sad to see and Francis is totally different than going to a local messianic Jewish congregation led by Jewish believer that holds all the same fundamentals of the gospel that you withhold to a but says they reduced no one called us to be Gentiles and and there and thereby strengthen their witness to their own people is choose messianic Jews who fall Yeshua Jesus. This Is describing here it is outright heresy was shame. Thank you for the call sir. Wish I could say more.

All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's retry aria in Fort Myers. Hopefully connections better this time. Go ahead and fill out admitting how it on totally. I think my thinking for me on a grenade and finding your hearing.

If you cannot tell a lot by allowing my family." It effect on people and I out late the correct method not backů One thing I think I'm yeah sure are you how old were you when you came to face money, are now gone. Gone. Alright so you have volume 1 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus not ever get that right so here's here's what here's what you do right Rachel that the just touch on the phone.

She is going to get your your address name and address and I will send you a little care package of of a couple of books that will be relevant. Alright, so Richie just puts on Jewish care package will take it from there. A couple books that would be relevant and a debate video that will be relevant. And then this we could share with you. Hey, can we watch this debate or tell you what you think of this just so that they can hear from another Jewish believer with with more background and years of dialogue and interaction with our community and and let their eyes be open understand hey this is thoroughly Jewish in terms of what we believe and why. And in here if you've got common objections. You can read the books to fortify yourself you get a ton of answers there right then if you like share the books with with your family, but keep us posted right so stay right there as soon as Rachel has a moment, she will come on and get your name and address and then will send out you like us a little care package of a book a couple videos that you find helpful.

You could learn from them and then share with your family and then get back to us.

Let us know how things are going okay now my yet and NRA you are like so many that when you came to faith in Jesus that it strengthen your identity as a Jew because here is you believe that that this one who was touch the whole world. Jesus asked one of us and and and that it's a Jew who is brought the knowledge of God to the ends of the world. So you are not you, not judging the rabbis and others who don't leave notes, they may be very sincere and in this to them as it is a blind spot but that's the whole thing. This is hate your family can get. This is one of us what one of our flesh and blood, whose brought the knowledge of God to the ends of the earth and Internet out your cohabit. I never doubt I need it but I find it is you bet you bet it will work with the help of questions come up what we got team members that are glad to help answer specific questions that come up and look. We understand that there will be opposition rejection and that that's always going to happen, especially when you're in a small minority.

And then there have been many professing Christians through the centuries that were hostile to the Jewish people persecuted Jewish people and and because of that Jesus himself gets a bad name.

That's was able let's collect what he said and and ask you why is it that evangelical Christians are the best friends of Israel. This is because of that that identification union of heart arts reaches you to get your name and address and we will get you that Jewish care package sent you way friends.

Let's pray for arias family yeah okay is it Rachel will take care of it.

Jewish care package and will take care of it on our office. I thanks for thanks risking their okay let's get to Patrick in Vidalia, Louisiana.

Welcome to the line of fire are doing. Dr. Brown, who out what your grad from private quote 2000 come on man somebody about you doing about all of that about a bargain or boat in the blue and orange you I'm doing item in the product or motor to go to Church of God, minutes for pastoral I got a question on one of the child born use for man will be the equipment for warming would be child will be children are would be under their male authority like a husband, father, whatever it would do no sign for a woman there's no physical sign or signed by which she would enter the covenant that was that was through men specifically. So basically if if she was born to a Jewish mother she would be considered Jewish herself, or if she was a Gentile and converted to Judaism she would go through ritual immersion and then would be would be recognized as is Jewish. Again, there's no physical side of physical, another there many things that are required of women. Judaism and you ritual immersion is one of them after monthly cycle and other things that usually get to get the privilege way. Send the blessing over the of the Sabbath candles and things like that so they have a highly esteemed role within Judaism, but no there's no there's no cytosolic we have a kid you're officially in a way to get married, you're officially an there is no, it's an interesting question but it does and that in that regard. The sign is is on the man of the sign of circumcision on the eighth day he may the Lord be with you Patrick keep bearing good fruit. By the way when he mentioned the blue or the orange with these two large rooms one could see like 1200 with the other baby, six, 700 students with meeting those we have chapel services one had this, strange orange carpet near the blue so they really are in school all right less effectively for plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back in the screen just signing a letter written. I think I got in a timely just saw the movement, that's what was happening. All right we are here to answer your calls. Take your questions, 86634 is number call it when we go on let's go to Daniel in Lexington, Kentucky. Thank you for calling the line of fire, a Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for having me on your show today your love and great honor to be on here Dr. Brown about your book conquering the stronghold of food and I think that earlier they can still have a sorry breaking this law yeah yeah II breaking the stronghold. Sorry, I just finished it earlier this week. I just want to say it's made a huge difference in my life and it's wanted to say thank you for writing that both you and Nancy did an awesome job on it.

But there's one question I have about it in your book. It seems like you talk about eating me as if it's something that shouldn't be done.

If you want to follow the new Trinitarian lifestyle, and I understand why we cut out sweet empty carbs and other junk food but not like fat-free meat, such as like baked fish or chicken. Is that like a personal decision for you or is that something that Dr. Fuhrman recommends is so this is the first thing is on the only have little grilled meat normally chicken about once a week out multiple weeks go by, months go by and I haven't had anything. I definitely think about it, but especially fun on the road and it's an easier thing to do in a and not as much as I used to be on the road right now. I have like a said little grilled meat maybe 6 ounces once a week that that's what I did pretty much on average from the start and I am absolutely no expert on the nutritional reasons the house, the wise of Dr. Fuhrman's guidelines.

What we've gone by Nancy's the one that really mastered everything and the only reason sorry I corrected the name of the book was less someone goes to look for it doesn't find that that's a silly reason II after I arrived yet but but anyway, from what I understand from Fuhrman studies that if it was the proper type of meat in in the right amounts are you not tired about you eating pork, reading some know a lot of red meat or something like that and it can it was less than 10% of your caloric intake that overall shouldn't affect things in in a major way.

Generally speaking, of if you think to biblical days say Luke 15 with the prodigal son returning kill the fattened calf. It's a feast day was that they weren't. They weren't having a lot of meat every single day. It was not part of a normal diet and even though this carnivore diet now and you know the positive results of that space. The maybe positive in one way, but long-term can be very negative and in other ways. Yes, so you want once you're eating really healthfully your body will be craving the healthy things, and especially because you have these giant salads and other stuff. It becomes very gratifying as you see changes come as you see the benefits of I was doing an interview yesterday with the biblical biblical nutrition show and I was still the hosting of the I enjoyed thoroughly enjoy my meals healthy meals. I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. But I said the exchange so all that the bad stuff that is the love eating and gotten to eating go out have this and go to this location. Get this and yelled all the built-in rewards I had of my life with food because the intensity of ministry travel I was.

That was the indulgence food you what I want to have this song of but I said you know when your whole life is so much more vibrant and I mean here I it's been six and half years of totally healthy eating and gullible and I turned 66 in March and 10 to 1.

I feel more vibrant, more live, more energetic, healthier, mentally sharper on every level. Now then six and half years ago.

In the words for me the aging process is has been reversed over these years and I used to have old good to three headaches every week, sometimes more than that, to the point that I take Advil or something in the deal with them and I've virtually been headache free for six and half years post talk about his talking to the the the host of the show and I said to her, no think if that's, say three headaches a week, 52 weeks is this 150 headaches a year and an announcer was six years so it's it's over 900 headaches I would've had that I didn't have did just that and that's one area out of 10 2030 different benefits so the key thing is whatever is the stronghold in your life that you have to have that's what you have to break that entirely and when that's Brower and then it's like, maybe you have this or not.

And honestly when I go out like you know, the family may be a special occasion grandkids birthday or something like that.

The one little nice steak restaurant so I'll not get a tiny salad because that's what they serve right you know that I'll get yesterday.

I think they put it on the on the plates like and maybe have grilled vegetable or existing vegetables is something I look at that's like.

That's it that's that's the meal is not on the bread and a lot of the other stubs like I'd rather have my giant salad.

You know so yeah we went are really not like out here in Lexington recently with my wife, and they brought out the bread and it was literally the first day that I may be exchanges in combating your book.

I looked at the bread. I could smell it with called my name, but I said no.

I remember Dr. Brown talking about all the wonderful changes that change in relationship to food made for him and I want that because like you thing your book I know what it's like to be where I was and it didn't work for me now come to look at the bread like knocking to do it not worth it yet and get kids.

Not yet, not yet. Okay. Do you plan to get what you want to beat you want to be here healthy you.

You want to be. You will be able to play ball with you grandkids you know and have exactly right. So see you make these good decisions and it just the little bit that we give off is so infinitesimal and then you get used to it. So I never feel deprived.

I got to pick go out eat what you want to. I'm not there to judge them.

But I do feel deprived because I'm thriving and think this this listing out like I get to the coast. To be fair, but the thing of this lesson. Daniel, the overall amount of time that you eat in a day unless you snack continuously but so you have three main meals and a little snack here and there. Most people do. How much time is that literally over the course of the day, hour, hour and 1/2. I mean how much actual eating time. Is there now. If you think the rest your life.

The other 23 or 22 and half hours is what you are living out sleeping and living out. If that could be full of energy, full of vitality. Know the headaches, backaches immune system strong energy level up mind sharper and ending your paying dividends for the next year in the next year and the next year in the next year.

While I mean isn't it worth it isn't worth it. So, may God give you grace to stay with us in the best parts of breaking the stronghold of food or Nancy's parts as you know from reading it. Get get strengthened and one little psychological trick.

Nancy gave me use at the beginning was what I was feeling deprived. I've never given hugs and she said just save yourself just say to yourself I can eat whatever I want tomorrow and of course tomorrow would never cover the certain parts okay. I'm eating what I want because it's healthy and good. I thank you again for the call and the good report, 866-34-TRUTH out. Let's go to Matt in upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Welcome to light a fire hello Mike, what, why did the great thinker and vomit on my and without a deal that your damages you number one. The New Testament does not change the Sabbath to Sunday.

It's not found anywhere in the New Testament. This is later church tradition. That's the first thing the second thing is when God gave the seventh day Sabbath is a law it was only given to Israel that it was he never gave that to the nations as a whole.

This was given to Israel under the Sinai covenant and it is not taught as mandatory for Gentile Christians in the New Testament. What you do find is because the very schedule life did not have the normal six-day workweek with the seventh day and in the ancient Greco-Roman world variations of things so it was understood that you have people living together with different practices and early on in church history. The believers began to gather early morning Sunday or after work on Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. And that's how that became set apart, and ultimately in the fourth century. The church then made an official statement that this is the Sabbath. So, God never changed the Sabbath gave us 1/7 in Israel, but he never required Gentile Christians to follow the seventh day Sabbath and therefore as the church develop Sunday as a day set apart to the Lord that was perfectly fine. There was nothing against that. Romans 14 they said principal out also go to my website if you want more on that ester to browned the Lord and just type in the word Sabbath he thank you for the call which we've been asked this many times.

That's the resentments one more time answering. Now let's see, let's go to Ray in Toledo, Ohio.

Got you down right great. It's talking with a Dr. Brown. I predict my correct my question but want to get it right erratically. I am a young believer in Christ who was a bit put into it, but it put in a position of leadership in my church and I wanted to and really study it on how to become a man, a more godly man in the body of Christ and what what I have read Neil Tony Evans book I've read a book called Bob are no more Christianized I read David Robinson's book, but that the concept of agape love is the one that always been what it is been a real struggle for me and could I feel like I've never expressed.

Agape love toward other people and would meet with you? So that I really experience God love me agape love all the people level with my relationship with God. So my question would be how do I express that love and and how do I receive that look raised the first. I appreciate you recognizing that you young in the Lord and yet been entrusted with certain leadership and that's a serious responsibility and obviously one that gets on your face before the Lord, and the more you entrusted with the more you realize okay I'm in over my head. This is too big for me. I need God's help, see stay low, that that's hardly my whole life in the Lord recognizing okay this is too big for me. This is beyond me, but it's not beyond him somberly lean on him and look to him and then of course the other leaders that were around in your church that the older leaders you will get wisdom from them.

Learn everything you can from them sit under their feet as much.

As you can watch the example that I wouldn't say their stay there and a recommended book to and some practical suggestions. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown was a long line of fire.

788. The questions we got answers.

If you have been to my website. If you look at my emails take a moment now, every driving, but otherwise, take a moment go to website ester to we have an app for android phones.

We have an app so that's ester to Brown app for android or the line of fire app for android or for Apple you can download that suffer emails you be blessed by the material that you get your free mini book when you sign up seven secrets to the real Messiah and e-book, and then you get some really neat info from us in the days that follow. So let's connect I'm only writing an article of day five days a week new radio show five days a week of the videos and resources were putting out some were therefore you and all that is freely available on our website plus or store where you can purchase whole courses of the books become supporters of torchbearers and stand with us on a monthly basis.

We pour back into in many many ways to find out about that on the website ester to Alright, so back to to Ray in Toledo a just jot this book down. The author is David Horwood HAR W OOD and it's the book is God's true love David Horwood God's true love read that when you're able it'll it'll really revolutionize your your understanding of God's love for you and deepen your appreciation for it. So the more you receive it, understand it, the more you can give it but I what what I did so that I highly recommend that it will be educational and inspirational. But what I did is a new believer because I was a very nasty mean-spirited sharp tongued center and when I got saved.began to change me, but I still have a temper that could really flareup an ugly temper and not been in the world now radically saved 16 years old.

So what I did is I took key passages of Scripture. For example, first Corinthians 13 that lays out the qualities of love is patient and kind and not rooted not easily angered.

I I'd take out this passage I memorize them myself but I memorize lot of verses that everyone could could do that as well. But every night it in the closing prayer said I would pray so before I go to sleep.

The final thing, spending time with God in prayer I would pray those over myself that that God would give me those qualities or for example in Colossians the third chapter after he talks about putting to death the deeds of the body begins to talk about putting on godly virtues reset computer one add to your faith virtue and knowledge and grow in these different ways. So I would pray those of myself every single day that God would put those in the that that God would manifest those to me and and I'm always reminded of how gracious and patient God is towards me and that helps me be gracious and patient towards others because he's very long-suffering with me and very kind and very gracious and doesn't deal with me as my sins deserve a voice over refried a long time ago. Fried many times since solar as the more you are conscious of God's love for you the more you receive them.

We can give it the better you feel about your relationship with God which makes you more secure and able to bless others and then just pray those things in it like I did a documentary I hosted a documentary for American family Association, American family studios called in his image dealing with gay transgender issues in the church in the Bible and I I hosted the broadcast that the documentary called in his image, and I hope that the production team put things together. You don't think it's really good. They did all the hard work that I came and help them think things together but I was the unanimous choice of the people involved to hosted the reason being, compassion now that's not who have always been right. I have not known for compassion and yet over the years is God's work to me. That's something there's a grace that sent me towards others, that wasn't there. Years and years ago so he spent time with them, meditate on the key verses that was really jumpy choosing right amount speak on pray them over yourself to say Lord male walking that love and use pray out exactly what is she do that on a regular basis, and the Holy Spirit will then convict you of a wrong attitude word or something in go back to him.

You really find yourself growing and changing and a lot of people don't even think about this, they just try succeeding other aspects of ministry, but you're focusing on things that really matter and got a bless you for that. So the book that's true love, by David Horwood in those verses are right, God be with you man. You are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Saul in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire around big particular call. I really appreciate your life and what they're doing to the ministry about it right. I have a quick question for you and the Hispanic culture. There is a big culture that they believe that any woman that where parent they are sinners and are going to help, that a pastor, we tend to wear our real close at times there is one time the message was preaching. Jackson had a draft and Jack pent underneath. They believe that prophetically speaking, they said that the only reason why my dad wasn't getting Hewitt get prediabetic are yet actual is diabetic and also at other other things going on, but they said that because of this he is not getting killed because my sister is married, pent the house. I want to know your input and with what the bleep do you have any with your studies of Hebrew and Greek wanted to stay in Scripture. Let's first found it it it right. It is actually not grounded in Scripture and is completely unscriptural and even dangerous to say that if a woman wears pants that she's going to hell that you can't be saved.

That's a sign that she's not saved that disqualifies her for salvation is 100% unscriptural and nothing to do with how God saves us, which is through faith in Jesus and turning to God and ask him to forgive us of our sins that someone number two the idea that God would be judging him with sickness because of a family member wearing pants is equally absurd.

The people involved may be very sincere, but there sincerely wrong. These are human traditions and human beliefs that are masquerading as words from God.

The second thing the third thing is the only Scripture that we touch on this is in Deuteronomy 22 that speaks of a man wearing women's clothing garments or woman wearing man's clothing and and it's it's obviously not a matter of just culture that that you go certain parts of the world and women wear pants and then were gowns you know that it's just a notice just a cultural thing that would have to do with a man dressing up as a woman or a woman dressing up as a member we would call cross-dressing that that it that would be what's being addressed. So if there was a so obviously in the early church culture.

Women were were dresses and skirts and men were pants and then I'm going to school.

My earliest days and girls wore skirts to school and insert possible goal certain wear jeans as I can. You think so, in their view, like that was the bad thing that was the world but it was just a style is no different than a man combing his hair this way or that way there's nothing intrinsically right and feminine about a woman wearing a dress and masculine about a man wearing pants know him saying if if if you're in Scotland and member wearing kilts that that would probably right right look. One of my friends. A pastor from Louisiana told me many years ago.

He went to India's young man on his first mission strip and got into a village to preach and was absolutely outraged and preach from Deuteronomy 22. It's an abomination for man to wear women's clothing because the men wore like these gowns, like the stresses and the women were like these pantsuits, and he was so angry and preached that when he realizes in their eyes. He was the one that was dressed like a woman so we can laugh about that but it look the people may be very sincere. You know it's it's not like my demons that they may very sincere and then their background. When pants came in it was wrong it was the world and then they develop this tradition, but right you want to get completely set free from that mentality. It's the minority of the minority of the minority religious extreme is nothing to do with the way God deals with us you want to get completely free from that and liberating. And what kind of diabetes is busy suffering from diabetes. Actually, yeah. And actually I had affected it. I I had had a heart attack your which we prayed and guarded it with them. In those two areas are now right now he's having dialysis as well that we are keeping we have faith that God is going to come through with it feeling, one other thing that I really enjoyed listening to you is that transformation through your dieting wealth is out of things were actually trying to not go down to in that packet while you check the best book that I know on this again that a medical doctor so I refer you to one who is to have the end of diabetes by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I do not yet for them. Yet this is that I believe the very best book.

It is totally dietary based the end of diabetes Joel Fuhrman F you HRMEN obviously type I diabetes understand is different but I totaling a Pentecostal charismatic woman. She said in the one-week food retreats where they would they would minister to to her and serve people with diabetes and then get them weaned off certain things in on a healthy diet.

She said I saw more people healed in one week of that than in my lifetime just praying. So since you mentioned nutrition the end of diabetes Dr. Joel Fuhrman F you HR a man hey folks gotta run. I'm gonna be down in the Tampa Florida area this weekend, gobbling my nuts in my MSN Saturday morning that I've had him on Sunday morning to check my itinerary and asked the guy that would

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