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Refreshment for the Worried – Part 3

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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January 24, 2021 3:00 pm

Refreshment for the Worried – Part 3

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Here's and Graham lots with a reminder of the work of the Holy Spirit. From today's message on living in the light. If you open up your heart and letting what is a sin in my life that needs to be dealt with. What do I need to bring to the cross and confess welcome to living in the light. This week Bible teacher and Graham lots speaks from John chapter 16, where the apostle points out one of the names of the Holy Spirit. Spirit of true peers and with today's message at me reminder this precept in verse 13 and chapter 16 is called the spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit is not a feeling or an emotion or an ecstatic experience.

He is the spirit of truth and he wrote through human authors. This book, every word is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Let me tell you something is the spirit of truth. He does not lie does not make mistakes. He does not record myth from Genesis to Revelation, the book that he inspired is the truth and to say that the Bible holds arrows from this or is not true is, the slower the integrity of the spirit of truth. So what your view of Scripture nail it down.

How can you be teaching and promoting.

If you don't believe it yourself and adjusting active faith on my part, I believe, because this is God's word, probably because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit is true I can't answer all of your questions about it. I don't understand at all, but I believe it's true. And when I get to heaven if I find out instead of 200,000 people killed in some battle.

It was just 20,000. Somewhere along the line is zero with that.

It don't care but if I get inside. I picked and chose my way through Scripture because I couldn't believe Jonah was wrong about fish.

I couldn't believe the snake would talk and I can't believe you know get all those animals not cannot pick and choose, and I found out it was all true. And I was discarding things that were the truth that had tremendous meaning from my life and I so doubt in the minds of other people, God forbid, that whatever happened to put my faith in God's were not taught. It's not every single part of it but I've taught it enough and I taught it long enough and I've applied it to my life not live by what is it say what is it mean, was it me and I like applying it, living it out and I can tell you I know back experience that is true it works to just decide your view of Scripture but your faith in it is God's word is the spirit of truth. He doesn't lie.

You can trust in you can take him at his word that remind you of his purity is also so obvious that we miss it sometimes, but he is in chapter 14 verse 26 he is the Holy Spirit.

He is completely separate from sin in in the Holy Spirit. There is no meanness there is no unkindness there is no rudeness, there is no selfishness is no bitterness there is no one forgiveness is no jealousy all the petty sins pridefulness.

This of sinfulness at all.

And when he comes into my life only comes in your life you look around. Then you begin to separate you from sin. He'll begin to convict you of sin.

So when you gossip and you just having fun, but you're stealing somebody's reputation and he's going to give you that practice a conviction is a just feel nasty inside, or that white lie just a little white lie now but it sounded good and exaggerated and made the story better, but you get back anything that wasn't complete truth. We lose your temper and more that person deserve to have you give them a piece of your mind that you think I could handle that differently it's paying almost like a spiritual pain not say what keep short accounts you keep coming to the cross.

Confess your sin, because if you don't you lose that pain you become accustomed to the pain and you begin to get anesthetized and your harder for the Holy Spirit to convict talking about at lunch today because this past week with the leaders.

We had a time of confession and repentance and it was eye-opening for all of us women in ministry leaders when his directors done tremendous phenomenal miraculous things and yet found after our session together. That's God was convicting them of not just one but multiple sins and we had a time of confession and repentance and not discovered in my own life and experience I had about four years ago when I was preparing messages in the Lord that he didn't want to work on the messages he wanted to work on me and for seven days. He took me through the cleaners and convicted me of sin after sin. I did know was an ally and I was/it's wet. Every time I open my probably be another verse to convict me of something Allison.

Finally he gave after seven days, he spoke to me and told me he was thin and I just asked him please to get it all. You know, I just didn't want to miss a thing that I had three days to prepare for all that had to do down here.

God gave it to me and the people here that spoke to did know what I've been through, but it was like Isaiah's experience in Isaiah 6 when I saw the Lord. And then I saw myself in the Holy Spirit's will come in and begin to show you this if you open up your heart and let them asking what is the sin in my life that needs to be dealt with.

What do I need to bring to the cross and confess to you, I'll tell you what, I'll digress for a moment, but this past week we were in Joshua and after Joshua defeated Jericho walls came down they went to a sin. A few troops up there if we could think Jericho, we can take a Israelites were defeated to member 36 Israelites killed they come back and tell Josh and he gets on his face he says God of you brought us into the promised land just to suffer defeat at the hands of the enemy and God says Joshua get up off your face is not a time to pray the time to repent of your sin.

There syndicate. Joshua went throughout the camp of Israel.

He found one man named Aiken who took something God said he couldn't have impaired it under his hands Joshua to take that man and his family amounts actually took him outside the camp and stone them to death and it's a picture of you and me having sin and our hearts sin within the church very down deep. Nobody knows is there and it's time we took it and crucified because I'll tell you what the problem in our society today is not them is not the political situation is not the healthcare is not the increase in taxes is not the deficits is not the budget. The problem today in our society is seen in the church in the hearts of God's people. We are not who God is called us to be in the light that were supposed to be is hidden under a bushel. The light is dim. The trumpet is giving an uncertain sound.

The salt is lost its savor, because where immersed in our sin is sin in the camp.

So if there is sin in your heart very down the nobody knows how bitter you are. Nobody knows what you look at on the computer when nobody else is there nobody knows the way you Vlad.

Nobody knows the way you've hurt somebody you know I don't know what it is whatever it is, God knows, and it will render you a defeated Christian life. You talk about sawing without activating the power. Let me tell you sin in your camp very down the bottle down deep down it went. How far back it went maybe goes that your childhood may be the person that you having a problem with his dad but you need to bring that sin to the cross, confess it and crucified. And if it's unforgiveness. That's a hard one is.

But I'll tell you don't want to forgive them because they don't deserve it.

But God forgave you. And you didn't deserve it.

So we forgive other people, not because they deserve it but because it's an act of worship. We do it because God forgave us, for Jesus sake. Therefore, God in worship of you forgive that person who doesn't deserve and God keeps the books he's going to hold them accountable.

You don't have to.

And what happens is you set yourself free, just released the sin he is holy be holy as I am holy that the command, so in us. There should be no meanness, no unkindness, no selfishness, no bitterness, no unforgiveness, no pridefulness, no jealousy, no little nagging, and critical spirit self-righteousness.

You know all those so we need to be prayed for doing and that's something else. The Holy Spirit.he's praying for you.

Romans 826 says that he prays for you without words.

He lives in your heart he's ever before the throne, you can transfer your prayers and your needs and your worries and your concerns right before the father. You have a prayer partner you do now praying for you and not only praying for you, but praying for you with a heart of love. When I first did a study on the Holy Spirit. I came across this and I hadn't realized this before, but where Ephesians says do not grieve the Holy Spirit and it struck me that one of you share today that your mother has recently moved our father's house and I went through that experience still grieve for my mother and you know why because I love my mother you don't grieve for someone you love. So when it says don't grieve the Holy Spirit. Just like the lights went on, I thought the holy spirit and loves me. I didn't know that I thought when I invited Jesus coming to my heart and doubt that there is little engram that little girl right there and she says she's hard to holy's would you go live in her was his assignment. You know like you just had to come live in me, and was stuck there until I saw Jesus face-to-face or however it works and I didn't know that he wanted to come hearts that he loved me that when I do the right thing. He rejoices not do the wrong thing he grieve because he's emotionally caught up in the Holy Spirit lives you he loved you he loves you and your heart to conform to the image of Jesus to help you get answers to prayer to give you power to live the Christian life to tell you the truth. Lastly, his priority love it because he has no hidden agendas just right out there. Verse 14 he will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you Holy Spirit as one agenda one priority and it's the word of God. The written word of God and the living word of God and the Holy Spirit inspired this book and wrote every word so that it is true, and I know it came to human authors, but inspired offered by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of revealing God do in the person of Jesus Christ and so the Holy Spirit takes the things of God and the things on the pages of our Scripture, and he shows us Jesus he reveals Jesus. Jesus is his priority. Jesus is his agenda. When I was a little girl, but I guess that too many of us run around and when I was young we live right across the street from my grandmother. So when one of us got very sick. My mother would ship us off my grandmother. I'm so glad my daughter doesn't do that with our three granddaughters when they're sick. I stay away you know. But when we were sick we go my grandma. I can remember getting him on my gun putting a pillow under my arm giving across the creek going to my grandmother's and she would take care of and my grandmother always had a jigsaw puzzle going.

Tina was like a piece of cardboard and on it was pasted a picture and then somebody cut it up and all visible shapes in the be all jumbled and she would show how to turn the puzzle pieces overseas so that little bit of a picture on the side of the puzzle piece energy but the picture that was on the box and when you put the puzzle pieces together to replicate the picture on the box you solve the puzzle and talk about people do those anymore totaling about 1000 girl they take too much time, but a lot of people think the Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle. All these funny little shapes and sizes. They don't quite know how they fit, but it's the Holy Spirit's who takes the puzzle pieces puts them together turns them over and shows us the picture of the man on the other side the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation is about Jesus. So let me try to do for us. Genesis chapter 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth first to the spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep. Verse three and God said in his word, went forth and so we just think that's nouns and pronouns going out of the mouth of God. Until you come to John one verse one in the beginning was the word the word was with God the Word was God. Verse 14 and the Word became flesh and the Holy Spirit takes at puzzle piece and turns it over. So, in Genesis chapter 1 verse three we see Jesus the living word of God, going forth creating everything. Nothing was made that wasn't made by Colossians chapter 2 we have the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden picture of the pre-incarnate son of God.

The first homemaker Holy Spirit turns at puzzle piece over and we see him preparing a place for his children still preparing a place for his children actually live we see in chapter 2, when he formed Adam out of the dust of the ground brief the zone-10 Adam became a living being in the puzzle piece over and we find every craft comes from G chapter 3 when Adam and Eve sin. There were so ashamed they cover themselves in fig leaves a weapon hid in the bushes and here comes the Lord God in the cool of the evening in the Holy Spirit turns at puzzle piece over and we find Jesus looking for his children, not wanting to leave them in their sin and their shame and their guilt searching for them, bringing them out making them confess what they've done in any had to pass judgment.

But before he barred them from his presence and they were separated because of their sin.

He killed an animal and clothed them in the skin, and you wonder if the tears were coming down his face because he knew this animal couldn't cover them in their sin and guilt. But one day they would come the Lamb of God who would shed his own blood to cover them for all time and we can go on chapter 4 we hear them talking to Cain chapter 5 he's walking with the unit.

Chapter 6 is walking with no next time I get a good look at them Genesis chapter 18 chapter 18 Abraham is been walking with God calling him for 24 years and three men show up at his tent in the heat of the day.

One of them says Abraham is going to come back and visit you next year and you and Sarah are going to have a son.

The Holy Spirit turns a puzzle piece over and we see Jesus telling Abraham he's going to have a year later, Abraham and Sarah at 190 years of age, had a baby and then we go on and we find Jacob, Abraham's grandson in exile for 20 years coming back to Canaan to claim what he believed God had promised in the claim is birthright, and all the promises of God and the blessings of God.

He was doing it in those own strengths rate reaches the graphics across the Javad River and he found himself wrestling with a man all night. I don't know when Jacob knew he got himself had himself in God's grip puts he wouldn't stop wrestling and finally the man pre-incarnate son of God, Holy Spirit, turning the puzzle piece of exegesis, refusing to let Jacob see's the blessings of God in his own strength and power.

He just breaks. Jacob clings to Mrs. I will let you go until you bless me God changes his name but Jacob yielding fully the man in the river. We keep on going. You can find them throughout, we come to Jericho Joshua goes out to look at the great enemy stronghold and try to figure out how the going to take it and he's confronted about a man with a drawn sword captain of the Lord.

Sosa Involved invisible armies of heaven, and Joshua says who are you and he says listen to me. Take off your sandals on holy ground. The great I am of the burning bush pre-incarnate son of God and always returns puzzle piece only on Jesus right there to help Joshua take that stronghold in just keep on going in the lodges life that poor weary prophet after Jezebel and threaten his life and he ran for his life and he was so afraid and the angel of the Lord is the pre-incarnate son of God always returns puzzle piece over and we find Jesus fixing breakfast for Elijah because Jesus cares about his weary prophets with finding the three Hebrew children are told about out of the image of gold and they said were not going to bow down a so if you don't, you're going to be front of the five friends and said that may be our God can save us.

But even if he does we're talking about Alan so they got thrown into the fiery furnace and then Nebuchadnezzar looks and he says did we throw three and therefore C4 and the fourth is like the son of God always returns over the puzzle piece we find Jesus in the fire with his children and Isaiah the year that King Uzziah died. He looks at and he sees the Lord seated on the throne in charge and control the whole universe singing his praise, holy, holy, holy in the Holy Spirit turns a puzzle piece over and that she Isaiah described them as the Lamb who would be slain by the stripes would be healed. The wonderful counselor. The everlasting father, the Prince of peace. Puzzle pieces keep turning over you go on through until that starry night when Shepherd through the announcements God has been part may run to the stables and we run with them and we come into the stable and they are in the manger is a little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, and we find ourselves looking into the face of God.

Holy Spirit turns the puzzle piece over and we see the creator who has become creation to be our Savior growing and wisdom and stature in favor with God and man showing us what God is like all and he understands that the first hand what is like to be weary.

What it's like to have so many pressures to be thirsty, to be tired they have people set against you have all those blank faces.

They just don't get it until the age of 33 he smashed himself on a Roman cross. Listen to me. Nobody killed Jesus.

He wasn't murdered he is the Lord of life is a giver of life is the resurrection and the life at the moment. That was in the fullness of God's time.

He just refused to take the next breath.

Jesus gave his life in the Holy Spirit turns over the puzzle piece and we see the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world from May, shedding his blood to take away my sin, because it's the only way I could be forgiven. The only way I could be reconciled to the father.

The only way I could go to heaven when I die, he had to do not see him as a necessary sacrifice for me and I see them buried in a borrowed tomb in the Holy Spirit turns over the puzzle. Please see him risen from the dead and ascended into heaven, seated at the right end of the father with authority placed under his feet ever living to make intercession for you and me, praying for us right now, the Holy Spirit turns over that ultimates puzzle piece and we see this conference and a white horse appear, whose rider name is faithful and true, followed by the armies of heaven coming back to reign and rule and the puzzle pieces turned over and we see them as Lord of lords and King of kings ruling the world in righteousness and justice in the end of the story is ended. As the Holy Spirit No is Jesus, from Genesis to Revelation is all about Jesus. Jesus as his priorities witness this book that we might know Jesus. And then he makes it real to us and he comes up off the page and we see Jesus and we know Jesus and we love Jesus and we serve Jesus when they were going to see him face-to-face is the Holy Spirit's responsibility cannot get from here to there. So let me ask you what your priority really. If it's anything other than she's you might want to re-examine you get people into the word.

Your priority can be the word of God, but the purpose is to get them to achieve your priority can be a preacher of the gospel, but your purpose is to get them to Jesus. Maybe your priority is prayer and God called you to pray, and you spent a lot but your priority is to pray people to achieve and I know we do many things in service. Praise God for all the people that help me do what I do, but are priorities.

Jesus, we do it for him to bring people to him.

We want to grow into his likeness. So praise God for the deer Holy Spirit isn't he wonderful. We couldn't do this without him we wouldn't know Jesus. Without it, not really. You could know him as a character in a book that you would know you could never live for. You could never serve. You could never leave anybody else to chase so what are you worried about whatever it is, would you just lay it down and instead of worrying would you just rely completely on the person of the Holy Spirit. You think back over some of the things we have described him as he's a person has a presence available to come into you his precepts.

This is the truth.

He is pure. He's praying for you. He's powerful in his priorities. Jesus so would you just surrender your life to the control moment, the Holy Spirit now hears and with this final word. It's been said that the Holy Spirit is the best kept secret in the church after our last several messages he should no longer be a secret. Do you my prayer is that the eyes of your heart have been open to who he is to you and that you will respond by yielding your heart, mind, spirit and body without any reservation to his loving authority and just who is the Holy Spirit. He is Jesus living inside of you can hear living in the light with and Graham wants weekly and for ways to experience the God filled life as you pursue your personal Bible study go to Engram to help you get started with free resources you can use and share with others join us here each week for living a life

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