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The Pride Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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November 8, 2020 7:00 am

The Pride Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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November 8, 2020 7:00 am

Pastor Robert shares how you can move from your God-given dream to your God-given destiny by overcoming pride.

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Welcome to worship and the word pastor Robert Morris today were starting a new series called from dream to destiny in the series. Pastor Robert teaches us about 10 character building test from the story of Joseph that we must also pass before God allows us to realize her dreams and step into our destiny.

While this is an absolutely incredible message, so let's join Pastor. Every person has a dream from God.

Every person maybe you haven't had your dream yet but every person has a dream that's from God and every person has a destiny from God. The sad fact is though that many people live with the dream instead of in the destiny and so in the life of Joseph to look at the life of Joseph in the life of Joseph. God gave them a dream when he was 17 and a step into fulfilling the destiny when he was 39, in fulfillment when he was 30, he fulfilled it many years later, but he stepped into beginning to fulfill that destiny. But in order to fulfill the destiny God gave him he had to pass TN test so I know that that doesn't excite you, but there are TN test that we all have to pass to be able fulfill the destiny God has for us. There TN character test and the reason that many people have a dream, but haven't stepped in the rest of the is because they have it pass these tests yet so were going to show and talk about these test over the next few weeks. In the first half is the pride test so if you think that you don't need this one you listen carefully. That's a good sign right there. I read quite a few scriptures because I want us to catch the story. Genesis 37 verse one. Now Jacob dwelt in the land where his father was a stranger in the land of Canaan. This is the history of Jacob, Joseph, being 17 years old. Remember I told you he was 17, was feeding the flock with his brothers and the lad was with the sons of Bill Hall and the sons of zeal, Paul out one of those was Leah. Leah has a son Lee is made and one was Rachel's mate still Paul and Bill Hall. I'm sure they were lovely girls but you have to remember that Joseph is mother was Rachel, Joseph and Benjamin Leah had six sons with that with the 12 tribes. Still, Paul had to Bill Hall had to. And then Rachel had to and so these are his half brothers that he's with right so but his father's lives now and Joseph brought a bad report of the M to his father Reginald. You notice before he ever has a dream he's already a tattletale. Verse three now Israel loved Joseph more than all the children because he was the son of his old age and he was the son by Rachel. Also, he made him a tunic or a coat would be. That's why said for us. Coat of many colors, but when his brother Saul that their father loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him and could not speak peaceably to him. Now Joseph had a dream I remember his brothers hated just want to remember that right is zeros in a moment what 17-year-olds. The head Joseph had a dream and he told it to his brothers and they hated him even more when we read the dream here. You're just gonna be in all of the wisdom to tell this dream to older brothers that hate you. So I said, then please hear this dream which I dreamed that we were binding sheaves in the field and then behold my seat arose and stood up right. And indeed, your sheaves stood all around and bow down to my feet. That's just brilliant to tell bigger brothers that is and his brother said to him shall you indeed reign over us.

Michelle you had indeed had dominion over us. So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words the way he talked about himself and is very very very still. Another great mentality is brothers never learned and said look I dreamed another dream I'm sure they're excited about hearing second ring and this time the sun, the moon and the 11 stars belt count 17 year member. 17. Okay, so he told his father and his brothers and his father rebuked him and said, what is this a great show. Your mother not your brothers indeed come to bow down to the earth before you and is brothers in Vietnam, but his father kept the matter in mind. He has a dream and he tells them and by the way I judge he was 17, Genesis 41, 40, 46, that Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh king, so I 17 when he gets it.

He's 30 when he steps into his vesting. What happens between the dream and the destiny will each of the tests were going to talk about but I want to establish something at the beginning of the series with point number one right so here's point number one God has a dream for you. God has a dream for you Joseph get this dream and hear something about this dream that we need to understand this dream was from God. Joseph bragging about it was not from God. But his dream was from God. Both of his dreams were from God and God's dream for your life is better than your dream, and his destiny for you is bigger than your destiny. I promise you, because God always better and he's always bigger than us.

Now how can you know the dream that God has for you ever thought about that. How can you know God's dream for your life give you 1 Very Practical Way to know this when you review this verse numbers 12 verse six that Vinny said this is God speaking here now.

My words if there's a prophet among you I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision. I speak to him in a dream. Not so with my servant Moses, he is faithful in all my house that's a really good thing to understand about being ugly here, God I speak with him face to face even plainly that money to say very, very simply, if you'd like to know God's dream for your life. Get to know God.

It's got to know the giver of the drink.

Get to know. Listen get to know the one who can reveal it and fulfill it.

Get to know the one who can reveal it and fulfill it. That's a good point for all you tweeters are the children of Israel.

The Bible says knew his acts. The children of Israel knew God's acts. Moses knew his lights.

If you want to know what God's dream is for you like get to know God and God will speak to everyone about plainly face-to-face. He says he spoke to Moses as a friend in Jesus said, no longer do I call you servants. I call you friends, for service doesn't know what his master's doing, but a friend us so we gotta get to know God so God has a dream for every person here, but listen to me carefully.

We also can have dreams we can have self-assurance and no selfish dreams can cloud us from hearing God's great and there are some dreams that you just need to lay down is legally. For instance, when we give an illustration how many of you men are over 40 don't raise, and yet you're over 40 and in school, whether high school or college you played football and I see your hand but Jan's update take listen to me. The cowboys are not going to call that they're not going to call just give up on that great.

It's not going to happen. I promise you it will not happen Satan. There are some dreams that we have that their dreams but they're just not from not so we have to find the dream that God has for us.

The only way you'll ever find God strings to get to know God right so when you get the dream though what you do what here's point number two. Don't brag about the drink don't brag about the dream. Listen to me carefully. Dream lead you to God's destiny. Listen, and if you brag about it. You'll never get to the destiny God has for your life.

I know people to brag all the time about God's call on their life. God Street faster. Let me tell you, God's call on my life. You don't need to tell me you just need to be faithful in all his house fiercely. Be faithful to God and yet we just bragging Dragon Dragon it says his brothers hated him for his dreams and for his words. This is the pride test and in my opinion, Joseph failed the first test he fails the pride them a dream, and he immediately goes out brag about it tells everybody is retails is brothers is great, well you know I say him saying he failed it actually with God. I believe that we actually never fail a test we just take it over and over and over again until we pass it in the great God is such a gracious God gives you another chance. So if you've ever failed a test from God.

Just what you get another chance. I don't think God puts up at the top of our papers. I think he put retake this retake it so you can't move away when you have a problem you gotta pass whatever that test is you got a basket and we gotta stop bragging now stop bragging stop right now listen to me for some of us to stop bragging, these hegemonies that will I do it all the time and I don't want to do and I try not to do it so you don't have to help me up and going up for some people to stop bragging, you're going to have to stop talking, because when you tell if your your it's like if it is mouth is moving he's lying you ever heard the expression that sometimes when your mouth is moving you're just bragging now. I am a person that thinks out loud. There are some people who who think before they speak. I tried to do that. I really did.

There are some people who think while they speak that's me. I'm kind of talking some your laughing you look at your spouse and your spouses may have. But you know just some guy that's me.

I got kind of thing while I'm talking then there are some people think after they talk and then there simply will never think. But the point is I just talk a lot. I'm just a very verbal person but I knew as God begin work in my life that I talk too much. I just knew that so years ago.

I said to Debbie, will you kick me under the table just and likely you know do it on the CN. So if I'm talking too much just got about me and if I don't stop then do a little hard. My legs were black and blue for years. She was helping. I'm just saying to you if you want to know why you're not fulfilling your destiny and other people around you are. You may need to pass the pride test in one of the ways we pass it is stop bragging now why do we brag ever thought about this.

Why do we brag when we say when we write because pride's in our heart. Matthew 1234 says, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart message that listening to someone to blow away an old plate.

I've heard this many times and I think my cell having never read the Bible. Listen I can tell what's in your heart. I came, I just have to listen to your mouth for a little while and here's what people say you don't know what's in my heart and in a pretty good idea. By looking at the camp thing on your face right now. The words coming out of your mouth. You know it's in my heart.

Listen we do. I may not know everything that's in your heart. But the reason that we brag is because pride's in the heart. We got a deal with the heart. It's very very clear that if there's something in our part. It's going to come out of her mouth.

If we speak and it's in our heart to come up try listen try always asked to have a voice. Pride always has to be our wants to be heard. Pride always wants to give it opinion. When you give you another example.

Pride. Pride always interrupts other people just real quiet today you have a problem interrupting people do. No one your prideful person because your opinion is more important than their so there halfway through and you got a jumping. You gotta say what you want to say that's pride we have to deal with ESR. We will never fulfill God's destiny for life down to take something that's absolutely unbelievable to me about this passage that I didn't see the first time I preach this, I just saw this.

This week I'm not taking just my servant.

I'm going back studying it, praying over seeking God and getting all sorts of new revelations that I didn't say I ate years ago when I preach this.

Joseph brought a bad report of his brothers to his father before he got the dream he's already a tattletale. He already has a problem with his mouth and remember if you have a problem with your mouth, you have a problem with your heart is Artie got and then God gives him a dream of his brothers bowing down to him and listen to me carefully that dream was not Joseph destiny, his destiny, his purpose on this earth was not to get his brothers to bow down to his purpose was to save multitudes of people. His purpose was to be the second in command in the greatest nation on the earth at that time, and to store up gray that during a seven-year famine hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of lives could be saved is why did God give him a dream about saving multitudes. Why did he say I had a dream about that if I would be a good steward of God would use me to help other people. One day as a couple reasons why. First of all, that doesn't motivate most of us were young. When were immature in the Lord. It doesn't motivate us to help a lot of people.

It motivates us to be well known are to have power to have success. So listen to me carefully listen Leslie. It's only people to get this all mixed up. Listen yes maybe you have a dream about you being a great but you being great is not God's purpose for your life you helping a lot of people is God's purpose for your life.

And as we mature in the Lord.

We realized yes God may give me great influence, one day, but that influence is for his purposes, not for my purpose that's maturity begins to happen or not. So possibly God gave in this dream because the dream of helping a lot of people motivated in effect.

Secondly, God may have given him the strength because this dream would reveal what was in his heart. Is it possible that God has given you a dream and he's actually using that dream to work some things out of your life so you can fulfill the destiny God or are you following me my making this clear as this is really good stuff.

This is very good. I'm telling you listen the dream the dream from God is not the same as the destiny the dream is simply what starts us on the path to maturity so we can handle the desk and can I say this if you can't even handle the dream you can handle the destiny if you can't be humble with the dream. Listen if you can't be humble with the dream you will never have the destiny because the destiny would destroy. God knows that, so he gives you the dream to reveal the pride or to bring it to the surface like a pot of gold and you turn the fire up under it and the drawstrings of the talking stretch right off on telling you God gives you a dream, a good dream and a big dream to get some stuff out of you. So he can make you pure enough to build the handle the destiny that he has for you. So if you're going to move from your dream to your destiny. You gotta believe God has a dream for you and then when you get the dream don't brag about it in the number three is deal with the root of pride we got past the pride test so how were going to pass it, deal with the root the project are unanswered question when all of you it at all the campuses to raise your hand by if this if you how many of you at some time in your life had dealt with pride and see him the rest of your dealing with right now fidgeting). I now how many of you have dealt with pride in your life more than once.

Nancy S know why there's a couple reasons. First of all, many of us deal with the fruit and not the root, many of us see the pride and we say well at that pride not just make these prideful statements. So again I want to not talk as much, but Fred still there that still the so we gotta do something to deal with the root and what is the root of pride. Listen to me carefully. Insecurity is the root of all pride, all pride is rooted in insecurity. If you ever see a prideful person you're seeing an insecure person. If pride listen list. Here's another great point listen if pride if pride is in your heart. Insecurity is in your soul.

If pride is in your heart. Insecurity is in your soul.

That's why we talk about. We need the healing of the soul such as freedom ministry in Cairo's and things like that that help us. Our souls have to be healed because as long as there is insecurity in our souls pride in our heart. Now I said let's one of the reasons here's here's another reason that we have to redo this RRR are continue to deal with with pride because with every new challenge comes new insecurities when you say no like with every new level of responsibility comes new insecurities new engineering other words for doing great were doing fine. We walk with God literally saw God learn about position and what were destiny right all of a sudden get a promotion to get a new position. We get the new leadership assignment ministry position of the church, whatever. And all of a sudden, old man.

I can do this in a way we were a greater RRR and usher our servant in someone else's that listen we like you to be the leader now of the greeters would like me when the team leaders would like you to organize. Oh, I don't know I could do that and all of a sudden real, but here's the problem. You can't deal with it by becoming more confident in yourself because then you have pride you have to be more confident in Jesus, you can just say you know what after a few months or weeks and it's going real well why am pretty good at this that I probably should lead several slaves of them really good because they pride comes again.

So when there's insecurity in our heart we have to deal with it. We have to learn to deal with it. Remember what Jesus said to Satan, I think that's only what Satan said to Jesus, I think this is incredible as it is amazing to Satan's begins with Jesus by this. If you are the son of God. How incredible is that, and here's what one knows Jesus never said I am to the son of God, are not MJ.

You know why he didn't say that because he knew he was. He knew he was the son of God knew he was a child of God. Listen, this is the way we deal with insecurity. We have to come the place that we know were children of God, not by works of righteousness which we have done that by his grace, he has saved us. That's what deals with our insecurity tell you a story. Think about a village and an old-time village with the kingdom a castle in a moat around it and all that you think the Keene McQueen in the castle in the Princeton.

Let's just say that in the prince looks out of the castle one day and he sees in the village a beautiful young lady and it's love at first sight, but he's the prince she's a proper so he leaves the castle and disguises himself as a pauper because he doesn't want her to love him because he's the prince he wants her to love him because she really loves him as a person and for months and years. He works as a pauper and earned his keep. And he wins her heart and then he proposes she accepts. He takes her back to the castle and marries her. And then time he becomes the king and she's the queen K. How does she overcome insecurity.

She overcomes insecurity because she knows she's the queen she knows that and she knows that her husband truly loves her because of what he sacrificed to get her until she deals with.

How does she deal with pride she knows where she came from.

She's never forgotten where she came from understanding that I'm a child of the King deals with millions. Remembering where I came from deals with God has a destiny for you. God has a dream for you and he is a destiny you will never fulfill your destiny until you pass the product we want to take a moment to think about what Pastor Robert shared today and listen to with the Holy Spirit seem to you if you and connect with the sort check out some of Pastor Roberts at the messages. Visit Pastor and if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community. Thank you again for joining us at the start of this new series next time. Pastor Robert is going to talk about the second test.

In reaching our destiny, which is the pit test. Until then, have a blessed

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