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The Power of Southern Gospel

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 20, 2021 9:10 am

The Power of Southern Gospel

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 20, 2021 9:10 am

Stu chats with 31-year radio veteran and well-known Southern Gospel on-air personality, Rodney Baucom.


This is Robbie Gilmore from a Christian car guy and kingdom pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network. Wow, what a privilege to sit down with one of the radio leaders in the whole country. The whole world when it comes to a certain genre number to set up by saying this. Have you ever been to a knee slapping big smile. Enjoy Lord filled southern gospel celebration is if you haven't, you've really missed out. Rodney Baucom you hosted about the things my friend hello everybody, this is real stuff in it. You left out toetapping toe to toe tapping that we have.

I grew up enjoying what I call gospel music as a kid, my mom and dad. They saying in a little group will trio there just weekend warriors their travel around and so I at an early age was exposed to the happy Goodmans.

Your statesman quartet gold city cathedrals and so I've developed a real love for that variety of music over the years I listen to different things but you know what I was even in high school student when my fellow classmates or listen to journey in AC/DC and REO speed wagon. I was listening to southern gospel selling us music so you've heard of the genre. Likely, maybe you haven't Mably to show called what is set and educate some people. But I know everyone's heard Bill Gaither. I now start dropping some names and and people of heard of these literally.

He's become an establishment he's become a real a real brand but you're an awkward spot today because you're usually interviewing people on your national shows on your hosting as you do in a morning host you been all over the world. All of the country.

The life FM some great place to a morning shows. But I'm interviewing you to know who is Rodney Baucom, the golden voice of southern gospel into your the quartet convention you're at pigeon Forge, your it always big gospel sayings gospel cruises, things like that I guess.

How would you answer that question.

Who is Rodney Baucom. Well, I've been in radio for too many years. Probably best. I love it. That's what gods call me to do so. That's what I continue to do, but may have been involved with with joy FM based out of Winston-Salem North Carolina have been involved with Sirius XM's enlightened channel over the years have been and and I'm still involved with a group that's out of South Carolina, but in about 10 different states called the life FM. Still do that and now recently just stood developed a close relationship with singing news radio which I felt gospel music fans will recognize that the name of the magazine singing newsmagazine a but they also have radio network and so I do a weekly syndicated countdown for them and them getting ready to in the next months mother so to begin a regular Monday through Friday air shift with them as singing is really fantastic so you're on the air.

Your interview invokes your writing your producing and but that that the essence. What is it about southern gospel music that P is good. It really is. It's fascinating and there's people course every kind music as its critic and has it's just that your downside has people that are skeptical, but what is it about that music that we you just you start hear people saying victory in Jesus new start hearing the song she start here in the cathedrals, the kings men know you still here in modern groups used in other than the hoppers.

All that you also many families was about that Rodney. That just gets the adrenaline going well.

I think if if in and let me address the criticism. I think a big criticism of of southern gospel music.

It is, is that it's a music format for old Christians and out and agree with that at all.

I think the the more contemporary of southern gospel that's out there is a variety that teenagers would generally listen. You try to bridge that gap.

In fact, have you try to bring some the new Cabrillo new. Together we have, but it is a harmony based music. I mean if there are some soloist in southern gospel, but the majority and that traditionally that the biggest acts in gospel music have been those that are quartets that four-part harmony your lead your baritone your tender and you're basing that high guy yeah let my daughters love here that high gear. We call to Persinger thus lost things like a woman and men like that.

But man what you know is just fun to listen to and I think there is an entertainment factor in it, but there's also a lot of people that are really ministered to buy southern gospel music. The message is always very clear to understand and so while sometimes I have difficulty keeping up with some of today's music lyrically, but they'll southern gospel difference a little more. I think easy to easier paste so that you can enjoy what the messages so well and so you have so people listen and I tell you what it's really one and one thing occurs me about it is like Bill Gates or and all of the, the artist you mentioned earlier there's a self-deprecating humor. That's a genuine humorous like were not take ourselves too seriously.

I so often. As believers we get stiff in the essay world looks at us like all know I'll never be like that you know they think heaven is a little angel you were to be sit on our cloud with Angel final heart forever, but there's a real genuine humor and fun and there's a that's woven into this these groups and there's a lot of smile was light years is a lot of pain right talk about that how this connects people to God. That's the ending visit will I think every gospel group rather wants to minister at think they they want to find okay what is God's calling for me and they want to fulfill that not think they all recognized to Stu that we are all imperfect. I'll care who you are don't care what class you were born into.

Everybody has of them has difficulty everybody has problems. Nobody's perfect. Everybody's going through something and even beyond that, we we know that all have fallen short of perfection and the world or make mistakes in life you think you know for the gospel music performer Singer minister whatever you want to call them label them. They all know that they are striving to do God's will for their lives and to reach people to minister to people and to do to save people for the kingdom of God. You know, I think gospel music go southern gospel music has often been accused also of a preaching to the choir and there is a lot that goes on we we want to encourage the Saints but tell it would just challenged that the nonbeliever tend to listen for a month of nothing but gospel music and I guarantee you it would it would change her life. While so you're hearing the voice of Rodney Baucom, one of my favorite DJs were my favorite host whatever people feel about aggressive well on my work it out later. But this is great it but labeling your your guy has is is woken up a lot of folks over the years with his morning show it wherever they fell, Yana muted on as you probably done every year shifters match. I have the keys interviewed all these great Houston in these great I did it and you know that the happy Goodmans. He's interviewed a lot of folks are in heaven now right. A lot of those guys you know, Mo, Glenn and George were the cathedrals true. There some singing line up in heaven with him.

But Ronnie was what was there. You been in quartets of meetings Italian.

The base part right base baritone yeah not as low as it used to be values to be pretty good low base set so this is why I randomly pull us up to see how this works. How I know this is what you might hear the listener Rodney in the mornings life FM he wakes people up.

It's really awesome this is. If I'm ever having a rough day Rod this is my go to write here if I get to get work was. I'm trying here knows that this is called my morning launch potential outcome that you can face it with optimism and a positive way sometimes expect the worst.

I expectations for this day will I joyous anticipation and well will your breathing hard and I that's a little bit of it. Rodney Baucom unbelievable many goes on and on but you every every morning is a welcome whatever that day, but thank you for what you doing man to bring people to Christ.

Using music and using gifts and using the voice and and encouraging folks every day since it's a timely there's tough. There's a whole side do we talk about that some to know but but it's also will invite people to come to know the Savior that he is why we do what we do and I so thankful to him that you called me so many years ago to to be a an ambassador for him. So what am I you know you you you kind of name some of my awards and accolades today but you know what nothing without Christ and all the glory belongs to Jesus. I love how our mutual friend Ray Flynn who really we've kind of been hanging out with him for yeah here you log me, but Ray always hate when he does his concerts in your part of all this. You guys are always inviting people to get saved and I love it. At the end of a great gospel concert matzoh great lights and sound entertainment lots of products being sold.

There is a line of people walking for down that aisle to give their life to Jesus death is all about us was. Finally, thank you for doing that for being a part of that and for remembering that were not just entertaining.

This is an industry it's ministry that will see people in heaven because of that crazy southern gospel music event that now more young folks are coming back to you so grateful Rodney Baucom and were so honored to interview you on the special broadcast podcast will get out there want to be sure you share this with people and look this guy up this guys a rising star and you'll be encouraged.

If you do establish Rod like us to proceed to this is the Truth Network

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