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The Curse And Cure Of Shame Part1

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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January 13, 2021 1:00 am

The Curse And Cure Of Shame Part1

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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January 13, 2021 1:00 am

Shame is a powerful and painful emotion. We’ve all felt it, but some have felt it so deeply that it threatens to destroy them. Shame can be a paralyzing curse, driving us to do things we would not otherwise do. In this message we explore its origins, then turn to the Bible to discover God’s answer to the curse of shame.

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Rain forests looking to Jesus phoned her and protect her and she this emotion can be a paralyzing curse driving is to do things we would not otherwise do today we're going to explore its origins and then turn to the Bible to discover God's answer curse of shame stay with the Moody Church in Chicago this with clear teaching helps us make it Esther lutes or his shame something that can impel otherwise good people do bad things will date the answer to your question is absolutely there is such a thing as Paul's shame shame that we hang onto even when we have been forgiven, but also there's some people who feel ashamed and they should be ashamed because of what they've done and because they've not dealt with what they've done. That's why it's so important that when we begin to analyze the human heart. We always need to go back to the Bible, which gives us the guidance and the direction that we need for individual lives and for society, you know, we here at running to win are dependent upon the faithful prayers and support of so many of our partners and want to take a moment to thank you in advance for standing with us where very encouraged when we hear that people are praying for us interceding on our behalf. We are so appreciative and if you're interested in supporting running to win in an ongoing way, here's what you can do, go to endurance now this is where you can get information on how to become an endurance partner. Let me give that to you again endurance or if you prefer you can call us at 1-888-218-9337 and now as always, we open our Bibles, we think of what God has revealed. We analyze what's going on and give the scriptural cure.

Stay tuned. You know, even if you can't define the word shame on all of us have felt that because all of us have done things of which we are ashamed shame is that feeling that we have radically disappointed ourselves radically disappointed. Our friend send radically appointed God as a matter of fact, shame is a very painful emotion as were going to discover it is so painful that people will do anything to avoid it, but Shane was not a part of the original creation. If you have your Bibles turn to Genesis chapter 2 where we shall be looking at chapter 2, and also briefly to chapter 3 where it said that after God created Adam and Eve. Verse 25 of chapter 2 the man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame, no shame want you to imagine what that would be like. Imagine being psychologically available and transparent, psychologically vulnerable and have nothing in your life, of which you are ashamed.

Not a single thought that you know will elicit disappointment if someone else knows about it.

Men think for a moment of having a mind that is so pure that your mother and your sister and your wife can no every single thought you think, and approve of it and there is no possibility of disapproval you women think of what it would be like to have aspirations that are so holy, so consistent that your friends and your husband and that everyone the whole wide world can know what it is that you are thinking know what it is that you are aspiring to and yet there is nothing of which you need to be ashamed possibility of resentments of bitterness of grudges that are nurse of lusts, while a life that must be Adam and Eve, naïvely, gloriously free and transparent.

They knew no shame but sin changed all that. Of course we find out that after they send it says said that the eyes of them were both open to this is that verse seven of chapter 3 and they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. They were hiding their shame when sin entered into the world.

What happened is the serpent said that you will be like God, then there's a part of us that is godlike. There was some truth in what he said though he really miss led them and much of what he said was totally false. Of course, but now what's going to happen is as a result of the poll I will be my little dog over my little sphere of influence my universe. You will be your God over your fiefdom.

Your little sphere of influence and that we as gods now are always going to be colliding. Narcissism was born here. You know that Narcissus it is said in Greek legend was the man who was good-looking. He was so handsome and the girls were falling in love with him but he paid no attention to them because he was in love with himself. He saw his reflection in the pool of water and he so fell in love with it that the gods condemned him to self love forever, and he died looking at himself totally self absorbed. That's narcissism and it exists in all of us, but those who particularly have a narcissistic personality.

They are going to interpret now all reality in relation to themselves. Let me give you a little dialogue with a narcissist. You say you know Mrs. Jones down the street. She's the one that bake that cake. It was so good.

What don't you like the cakes I think what's wrong with the ones that I bake. Why is it that you're talking about hers and you never talk about my you may say I need to work late tonight will I know you never want to be with me. Do you enjoy signing excuse to be out of the home, or you may say you know so-and-so had a great tragedy and we should really show them kindness. I'm just so grieved by what they're going to put nobody ever cares about me when I'm going through a difficult time. I could go on and on. Nine. Another example, somebody does something evil and and and you expressed the fact that you know you're really sorry that this happened while you know that something that I wouldn't do. I do many things that I would never do that all of reality poured through the self. Now let's understand this I'm king of my little world, your king of your little world okay and our worlds are constantly colliding and now left to my natural desires.

If you show me up and are better at something that I am I will resent you if I see that you are a threat to who I am. I will destroy you. I will blame you.

I will tell lies about you.

If you have something that I want and I can't seem to have it I will think of a way to steal it from you at all costs. I am going to protect my little kingdom, and you're gonna protect her little kingdom, and the problem is our kingdoms are always intersecting their always bumping into one another and wars and disputes and lies old to protect my territory for what happened as a result of this sin that Adam and Eve committed. Let's look at the text now and realize that now that they were king of their own little mountain number one, they hid.

I rated a moment ago.

They sewed fig leaves and they hid amongst the trees of the garden.

The very trees that were to provide a window into God's character a window through which they could see the God of nature becomes now a wall that is going to protect them from themselves and from God. Now all hiding is not wrong.

It was good that they sewed fig leaves to hide themselves. As a matter fact later on in this chapter we find that God himself made garments for them. Verse 21 garments of skin to clothe themselves prefiguring salvation actually, God did that because there's no going back to Paradise total exposure now becomes impossible. When they on a plane I read a book review of someone who wrote a book about the fact that he is the most honest man in the world and he's into total complete honesty. So if he meets you, he's just plain honesty might say to you, you know, I've never met you before, but I just want you know that your breath is a little off, or he'll meet you – say you know I just don't think that the combination that you are wearing today really suits you very well and you should've chosen something else because he's going to be really honest. He also joined the nudist colony because the whole idea is that if he can be physically exposed.

He can be psychologically disposed exposed, I should say because he's going to be totally transparent. The Bible would say that that is very wrongheaded.

You know why there is no way to go back to Paradise.

You can't go back to the Garden of Eden. It is good that there are some things that are not exposed. Quite frankly I am glad that you don't know all the thoughts that I have and I'm very glad that I don't know all the thoughts that you have and love covers a multitude of sins. And so not everything should be exposed.

But there is much that people hide. That should be exposed. The Bible says he who covers his sin will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them finds mercy and will be touching on that a little later on in another message. Secondly, not only did they hide. But secondly, now they are preoccupied with appearance from now on. The kind of fig leaves that you are wearing is going to be very very important because you want to both hide yourselves from others and you want to expose a part of yourself to others and and people are going to be obsessed with the way in which they appear in the sight of others, and you're going to have young women who are very thin, starving themselves to death because of shame. They fear that they are fat when in point of fact they aren't and they are going to be obsessed with the way in which they look particularly in cultures that seem to have little else to do than to be preoccupied with the worship of the body's and outs going to be important your appearance. The curbs that you have the muscles that you have or don't have the way you come across the cosmetic industry.

Everything is now going to be on top alert now that people are going to be preoccupied by the way in which they live in the presence of others. Thirdly, the Blaine game begins. We already have noticed this and other contexts that when God says Adam bulb is still and I have had just happened to slip out.

By the way, because I think that God did speak German in the Garden of Eden. But that God says Adam where are you an annual notice he says that II was afraid and I was naked and I head into who told you that you were naked and you eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded you, that you should not eat and he said the woman whom you put here whom you gave me. She took up the tree and then I ate Eve also admits to eating, but she blames it on the serpent from now on what you're going to have is a defense mechanism set up within the human psyche that is going to say I'm not responsible. You are responsible and there are some people, as we shall learn this morning were psychologically in capable of taking responsibility for their mistakes, their misdemeanors and their sins and they will prove ingenious ways if necessary, destroy all the people around them to protect themselves from all possibility of exposure that's going to happen. Albert Camus said in his book the pole each of us insists on being innocent at all costs, even if he has to accuse the whole human race in heaven itself. Marital difficulties are going to escalate. Notice that the man blames the woman and Eve is not amused. Can you imagine the Bible doesn't tell us everything. But I can't believe that there was no argument that night what you mean what you mean you're saying that I'm the one that gave it to you are standing right there, for heaven's sake. Well yeah, but you're the one who did it. You know, and on goes and pretty soon they have to sign up with Pastor Milko for a marriage counseling class and then in addition to that they have two kids and one of them murders the other and that's why next week's sermon is entitled the roots of rage and were going to begin with Kane and try to understand why this anger why this violence. Why are there some men who batter their wives why anger that is so out of control and were going to with God's help, go to the very root of the matter of what causes that. Well, there's no returning to Paradise. Now I want you to know that today there are many books being written on the topic of shame and many of them are written from a humanistic viewpoint. Here is the way in which the secularists view shame. They say shame is a result of cultures so you have shame cultures and there are shame cultures, but it's a feeling that you simply must unlearn in the way in which you take care of. Shame is not because you have all objective shame in the sight of God. No, they would say that all shame is some directive that is to say, it is imposed upon us by society and the way that we get rid of it is to simply reconstruct the reality around us and have a different view of reality, so that we are exonerated and that is the answer to shame the Bible has a lot to say about shame. I got more to say about shame that I'm going to be able to preach in this message I discovered there are more than 100 references to shame 12 Hebrew words just for shame. A number of different Greek words for shame.

Let me tell you. First of all, shame in the Bible is very objective. It is guilt in the sight of God.

In fact, in the book of Jeremiah and elsewhere God berates the people because he says you feel no shame years ago book was written, entitled whatever happened to sin we could write another one entitled whatever happened to shame people today think that the way back to Eden is to expose all the things that they've done all of the immorality all the impurity and to have this river of impurity, simply flowing down the through this country and somehow that is going to cleanse them and make them better. It's a delusion of the worst kind. Let me say that shame is good. Shame is the beginning of grace. It's because Adam and Eve knew that they were ashamed that they sold themselves big leagues. And God came along and said I'm going to give you animal skins prefiguring the coming of the Redeemer who will die as a sacrifice so so shame in itself scripturally often is presented as checked in before God. But there's another kind of shame, and I want to talk about it briefly, and that is the subject of shame. Shame, not because of things that you have done but because of the home in which you were raised or experiences that you have had where you have been shamed and so you're dealing with that subjective kind of shame. That is not shame before God, but you feel it just as intensely, and if not uncovered and dealt with it can ruin you. Just as certainly give you a few characteristics of a shame-based home. First of all, it's one in which there is excessive control meetings, anger sometimes random beatings and that creates the anger as will see next time when a child is brought up in a home like this. He tends to grow up with a lot of internal shame sexual abuse. I remember Dorie Van Stone, who was sexually abused in the orphanage. I remember how she said that she walked into school.

She felt as if she was as transparent as glass, and everyone could see through her and the only thing that she thought was shame shame shame there some homes in which children growing up any sexual curiosity is shame. Oftentimes, under the guidance of Scripture. The misuse of Scripture because you know children grow up and of course there curious about these things because we are all born either male or female and and there has to be a healthy guidance and instruction given most assuredly been in a in a shame based home. All that is shoved under the rug and if it is brought out. It is only to be shamed.

Let me give you another characteristic home in which there is belittling and a lot of ridicule child is constantly criticized constantly ridiculed will be shame through to the core parent emphasis. Another characteristic is where in a shame based home all blame has to be enthusiastically assessed. So instead of the normal experiences of life were children do childish things.

The children are always blame bad comb on the stove. Tell me what kind of a house you think were running around here. Let's get this straight. Are you going to be responsible right you I told you in on ago the child growing up in that context is going to struggle with an awful lot of shame home in which there are addictions home in which there is an unhealthy bonding oftentimes bring shame to the first message I preached. It's entitled of this series entitled the lost in a house of mirrors and I said that the responsibility of the parent is to mirror back to the child who that child is and give them a good sense of identity in a shame based home what you have is an unhealthy bonding where the children end up existing to me to the narcissistic needs of the parents and as a result of that the children no longer receive in mirror as to who they are but they actually end up mirroring the parent. That's why shame is so difficult to overcome. If you don't think shame is a difficult emotion.

Remember this that the Bible says that the suffering of hell is a suffering of shame.

It says in Daniel that there is a resurrection onto life in a resurrection onto damnation and it says that some will be resurrected on to everlasting shame and contempt, I take it that a great part of the suffering of hell is the exposure of sin. The constant exposure of sin without any remedy, where everything is revealed and sin is seen for what it is and all the shame and by the way, we can be shamed to at the judgment seat of Christ. He who is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him.

Also, shall the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in glory. This II find it almost difficult to get my mind around to think that if I am ashamed of Christ to find a businessman, and I do not tell any person that I belong to Jesus because of shame because it's not popular to be a born-again Christian that Jesus will be ashamed of me, at least temporarily. Someday I stand before him. Let me give you some of the consequences of unresolved shame and that were going to get to the answer. I want you to know today that I my heart is filled with so much hope and so much faith that God has given me that as a result of this message, that many of you are going to experience a sense of release and freedom from the binding power of shame will my dear friend, this is Pastor Luther once again what we're doing is to try to understand ourselves so that we might better understand God's grace and the offer of redemption that we make to a very hurting, confused, and often times seeking world.

I want to encourage you today to live for Jesus Christ where ever he has planted you. It has eternal consequences and repercussions were so thankful for the many of you who stand with us regularly with your prayers and your gifts, it's because of you that we can continue. By the way, did you know that running to win is on more than 100 stations all throughout Central and South America in Spanish and we also broadcast in Arabic through much of the Middle East. So the ministry of running to win continues. All because we have partners who say to themselves. We believe in this ministry. We believe in the gospel and as you anticipate the new year that we have just entered.

Would you consider making running to win a priority in your giving.

Here is what you do to find more information you can go to endurance Of course, as you might guess endurance partners is all one word, endurance or if you prefer you can call us at 1-888-218-9337. As I sit behind this microphone in my mind I am visualizing thousands of people who are taking our hands who are helping us, and they become a part of the running to win family. Thanks in advance for more information. Endurance or call us at 1-888-218-9337, as you have frequently heard me say together. We are making a difference. Thank you so much you can write to us running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614 running to win is all about helping you find God's roadmap for your race of life.

We've all experienced the painful emotion of shame either because we've done wrong or because wrongs have been done to us tomorrow will learn what this means and then look to the Bible find God secure this is Dave McAllister running to win is sponsored by the Moody church

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