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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Matt Walsh (Evangelicals) Richard Simmons (Finding Purpose)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 6, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Matt Walsh (Evangelicals) Richard Simmons (Finding Purpose)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 6, 2021 4:30 am

Much of what passes for American Christianity is weak and worldly. Why aren't the lives of American Christians much different from those of their atheist neighbors, and what's the way back to the Lord? I'll talk it over with Matt Walsh, author of the book, "Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians." PLUS: Why did God put us here? Richard Simmons III, founder of The Center for Executive Leadership, answers that question as he discusses his book, "The Reason for Life." That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone is sort you laid out for us in Luke 14. If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, even his own life he cannot be my disciple and whoever does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple and the Lord adds anyone of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple. Stunning words but there they are, and they are likely particularly stunning to us Americans who are used to having religious freedom and every material advantage known to man.

Christianity isn't supposed to be hard right well that's probably why as my next guest points out the church in our day is so weak, so ineffective, so worldly and so cowardly the Lord who laid down his own life to pay for our sin and rose again to secure our salvation deserves so much better from us, but will we repent and wake up and pursue him on the narrow way were to talk about this today with Matt Walsh of the daily wire is also host to the podcast the mat wall show and author of the book will be talking about right now called church of cowards a wake-up call to complacent Christians met wonderful to have you with us. How are you today thank you talk a little bit if you would about church of cowards.

I agree with what you're saying in this book. I think it's a wake-up call for all of us. But how do you think cowardice has really defined a lot of what we see in modern Christianity will find it all about church or look. First of all, so many church leaders were not. Not all will generally report leaders of the church or try to bring the course of money. Dr. Malcolm thought about others will want to engage on moral truth on all mutually really matters in our culture to ensure leadership and Calder walks through repentance and sacrifice and the obedient. All of the language of particular to the poor little stir people in both food will be tolerant off won't sound tolerant enough and I think cowardice moral cowardice as part of the part of the motivation there and just average Christian votes of members of the flock of congregants like myself.

People in the few money about. I think I've gotten complacent in part you're comfortable and are afraid of making five diagrams yeah totally right. What you talk. For example, about church is without crosses churches without religious symbols.

I've never like that either. What you are very buildings tell the world do you think about what we think of Jesus Christ do we look like were ashamed of the gospel because this is been going on since the church growth movement really kinda came up to the 1980s. I've never liked it. I know a lot of other Christians don't really like it.

What you think about that these warehouses with no indication on the outside and the architecture or anything else that this is a gathering of people who are sold out to Jesus Christ will deliver hundred and guard your on some nondescript building or in the home or the catacombs was elected and appointed to them at the network will go, but now we should do what you find our our wealthy Christian community the money to spend on building that oftentimes there's a decision made to build in a way that it won't look like a church trying to hide from which do not. Yeah, and it seemed like there ashamed.

But a lot of people could know you want broadcast throughout the church alone will go there thoroughly.

Make the government's failure to work church anywhere on the church and you could say all you want all of that matter. They church constantly out of respect for male aggression, why, why not put on the what are you afraid of the church you my wonderful thing. While you want people know exactly well and they would say we don't want to offend anybody. We want to have as many people who don't know the Lord come to our church as possible and that might turn them off. Well, if that's what you need to do in order to bring people and then what kind of gospel will they get when they come through your doors. Anyway it's it's a self-fulfilling prophecy that you can water down the gospel if that's your approach. People are bringing people and don't want to be a church with women walking in the doors will you give them the real gospel go running right right right… Document on Paul yeah what what is happening happening most of the time is that what's happening inside the building is reflected by what the building looks like and thought it fit with the building of afraid to look like a church (good messages is also a message that there were few black perforated group regarding filtration. Yes, for sure you have a great title. I mean it's a sad title but I think it's accurate. Christians not worth killing is the title of the first chapter in your book what you think American Christians are may be those who call themselves Christians aren't behaving like Christians.

I talk about this a lot. I have the same concerns you do, what really concerns you. When you look at people who are professing Jesus Christ and and yet their behavior does not line up with that same profession, but it ripped out the question. You know we are Christian and somebody were to follow it around on the things that we should remarry completed in the way we dress kind of entertainment that Richard Arteta everything about you and to compare it with Joe Schmoe secular. If you start with I see any real difference with really any significant difference limit thing that we went straight out about yourself as compared to someone who is not a Christian I think so many of us the answer is no official men were following us around in that way they wouldn't be able to really tell the worker on anything that we are going to order or how we conduct ourselves and him and part of this dynamic where we are being encouraged Christians to blend in with the culture not to resist it, and not to stand up and fight against the meant to be tolerant, and so on and so forth. So you're so right about that and going back to what you said a few minutes ago when you talk about Christian leaders not wanting to offend anybody. And part of what ails us is the man behind the pulpit but that's really became obvious to me and I told the story. I think once before on the show but when I went to the March for marriage in Washington.

This was the day that prop eight was being heard in the Delma cases were being heard at the Supreme Court that the lack of big mega church pastors and their congregants was jarring to me because I said we have these massive churches across America.

Where are these Christians at a really important moment in our cultural history and in our political history. When you are seeing these important cases been decided on homosexuality and what will go forward from here. Where are all the Christians but isn't that kind of an important point here that if your Christianity is not making a difference in your life and what kind of Christianity are you professing a good number will go up 80% or 75% or whatever the country's Christian and we know that the real number will not let you mention it, I know it, the toast is all about. There were hundreds of millions of of of actual Christians in this country than we wouldn't have no marriage would not benefit but as we wouldn't, we wouldn't be seeing millions of babies being killed in the warm and abortion clinics Christian culture. We would stand up and ride little he would not tolerate that we could not happen when allowed to continue, it only happens because many Christians are supported or more commonly don't care enough to stand up and fight against.

I agree do you think a lot of this goes back to money for some of these big church pastors that they don't want to lose people from giving to their church.

They don't want to offend anybody step on anybody's toes.

Do you think that's much of a factor in all of this, the fear of losing funding funding through your reprisal in terms of your contractor cramps suited to political a lot of what you're tied up in it and some of it is is perhaps warranted in the plan put what they're worried about happening, but in fact out of the big mega church donors value the people, and all of a sudden one day you started it up there and start really preaching the gospel and occasionally go shoot the probably will scare many of them away a lot of money. If true, you won't work holding the gospel is willing to make the right right hang on a moment, we do need to prosper quick break with Matt Walsh church of cowards is his book will come right back on Jennifer today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday.

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Precisely because you doubt it would seem that we would have the same stance. If we were really persecuted and I am not really sure we would have the same response with what your thoughts on all of that right and I really know what would work on art art art learned on my what will work and I think where we've gotten so comfortable in this culture through that comfort that the idea of sacrificing anything close in the white question I want quite irrefutable to look at your own life and not sacrifice anything at all mean really anything you made any real time and a lot of no not really I find it even a conversation like our entertainment choices. When I talk about that just to fill a Christian, but I know the show watching might not be your most edifying thing that we should think about not watching that show shipping more than entertainment the particle closer to God even talking like that the backlash in response to blog Christian position. The idea that you have to give up some Netflix but also they enjoyed Davis withdraw one of their shift after so what show, for example, is there any chance that you actually allow your had to be cut off yeah very convicting. I think about that because a lot of people in evangelicalism.

For example, look back on the old days all those legalists who didn't want to go to the movies and didn't want to dance and didn't want to do anything. I'm sure there was some legalism involved. But for a lot of those Christians. It was just a matter of doing what you're talking about.

I am not of this world. I am a Christian. I have a different master than this world does and I need to obey him, and that needs to be lived out in my daily life, and these days you go on Twitter and you try to talk about why watching game of thrones might be a bad idea for a Christian and you get screamed at how dear you you legalized. I mean we get the idea that obeying God and pursuing a life of holiness is legalism will cover for people who don't want to respond. However, to some level of emotional and I revolve all been there before I die I live that moment where one about my own conduct globulin.

My first reaction. What would you all have moments like that and start rationalizing the back where realize that about about being holier than our self-righteousness just about you.

You believe you claim to believe or not, and if you do believe that obviously that should have an impact significant impact on everything you're doing everything you entertainment choices, but totally right that we should talk a little bit about this problem of us bowing in submission you talk about this in your book as well and I think that's especially noticeable on the LGBT issue and how I see at least the church capitulating right and left basically on everything Laura most everything that big gay is pushing for mean what are your thoughts on the capitulation that you see within churches today on that issue. Maybe some others, but that one is a real big one, the LGBT issue culturally mailed law culturally provided by Christian become so overwhelmed bye-bye the other side of the because I think you're going to what upper hours. One of the top side of the debate haven't really been present an argument that they just scream or figured out you don't go along with everything they want to record a good point fingers like agreeing with drag queen story. Our library Stories were goodbye directly like that.

Your big government apparently got very powerful powerful argument. "Many people just can't handle being called to get to a point where look actual bigotry comparable but guerrilla group but standing up for your own moral value. Not saying this without a thought, bigotry, looking at one group and fangled are the only centers on perfect okay that's bigotry but your message were all thinner role of a moral will comply with should comply with. I'm I'm under that same ability you thought bigotry at all and so we have really to realize that we also have to get to a point where you fully shook lazy claims of bigotry. Just don't bother us religious rolloff outback and I have to go to hell yeah and in getting back to your earlier point if you can't stand being called a bigot or a hater homophobe. How in the world are you gonna really stand for your faith when the persecution ramps up in a way this is a bit of a test. What are we made of his Christians. If we can't stand firmly on our biblical principles and say no you're not can have a guy an address and a boa reading stories to my two-year-old and then allowing the two-year-olds to flop on the floor with this guy.

I mean if you can't take a stand on that sort of issue how the world you to stand on anything that's difficult me about some of the more stripping pursuing out directly toward our gender stuff. No to the girls bathroom and that sort of thing. It's so extreme hurt.

The fire morality with the five common totally irrational to distribute really argue against the I almost everyone agrees with you to talk about having your man fighting Berkeley or something of the womankind pretending to be a woman of our race against girl drop the girl almost everyone you talk to you right but yet we allowed to continue because the back label bigotry is so powerful, so many people that we would rather we would rather have our culture descend into madness and see the destruction of, for example, women's sports rather have that happen then you risk being called I know you're right on the money about that and it's a shame and you talk also about Christian culture and secular culture not been able to merge into one which is absolutely right. Were supposed to remember his Christians that were in the world but were not that we seem to have mixed that up in our modern American culture.

How would you call Christians back to understanding this idea that if you're not of the world. The Bible actually means that that you're not of the world. You are to stand apart, you are set apart by God as his ambassadors for Jesus Christ. To me, not what you think is the real wake-up call that needs to be issued at this time realize that culture or about different master cyclical driver different master and they are more the foundation is something entirely different and opposite from empathetically to the gospel and so that simply means that I wish it wasn't that way the Christian culture.

We don't portion. So what that that what I mean is that if we want to be Christian, then were going to have work.

We are going to be living in a way that is different from MGM's foreign to so much of the rest of the culture is right in the gospel were worn. The best way that it's going to be and it's also critical people. It's not such a bad thing because it's not like what the secular culture selling something wonderful and joyful people aren't happy and secular culture. People are depressed drug drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism directly. Always think of it, which tells you that people are unhappy they could Find meaning in their lives in despair, that's what secular culture selling. It's not very think about it and so it should shouldn't be so difficult for the project right exactly what what you want to keep from the secular culture. You see how the moral rot that's running through the sewers of the immorality that we have in our streets today is just insane.

What about our kids.

Matt, what would you say about the issue of educating our kids and making sure that they are very much.

Our focus is in really making sure that they don't go the way of our secular culture right now people are the book of the local church of bubble, but I find strange. I have an "what are you going to put the Greco we should be doing parent effectively putting putting them in a bubble and what I mean.

Good that were took a bubble of protection where were trying to preserve and try to protect them spiritually and morally biblically and that and equip them get them ready to go out into the world to be orders for Christ but at the age of six years old or so the undercover 12 were not ready yet they have not been equipped they're not there to do it and if you send them out without that protection without that occult bubble and just throw them out into the world. The old devoured almost all of them to not strong enough, but not too much to ask of them to expect them to go out.

I know parents will say well you know how much you feel like the other your seven-year-old is not going to like anyone your seven-year-old doesn't know what you need to be guided even if the help you help him put on the armor of Christ don't have it on you know enough about right for you. You're asking too much of them and I think we have to give that insulation from the world so they can grow into them themselves grow into the yeah good thoughts Matt when you look around and I know there's so much to be depressed about.

But what gives you hope if anything right now.

It may be that we've reached the bottom of the barrel over so near, it's that things might turn around. The Lord might grant us repentance and crying out to him again indeed.

Do you have any cause for hope. Right now when you're looking across the spectrum.

When will ultimately reverse all the all the world rope broke the glass.

The book of world but it ultimately we have got out there over right right now, and culture.

I try to have some hope in the fact that there is a core of younger younger generation of people who are hungry for truth. And and want to reject a lot of what the culture is throwing you go to some of the road conservatives Orthodox Church the wrong flyer for the fate of doing things and more conditional way. Many of them are starting our young young family is just about people are very excited about the pro-life movement of jungle as well. I love it. Matt watched church of cowards. Thanks a lot Matt got bless you. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford. We are back on Janet Mefford today great to have you here is the Asian old universal question why am I here I'm not talking about on your radio I'm talking about in general because for the Christian. The question is why did God put me here. Either way, it is the nature of mankind to understand the reason for his existence.

Why is that such a common experience and how do we answer that question for those who don't yet know why they are here working to talk about it today with Richard Simmons the third who is founder of the Center for executive leadership and author of the book were about to discuss. It is called the reason for life. Why did God put me here so good to have your Richard how are you well.are you doing great this really is an age-old question is and everybody at some point seems to be asking is why am I here anyway? I like the knowledge that everybody fate.

However, it's not something that we necessarily talk much about but I think it's not that were embarrassed about it but I'm not sure the many people have a real answer for but I think it's it's it's part of our wiring. It's the way that God designed us. In fact, the USA Today had a survey and a large random survey and they went out and I asked a number of people. If you could ask God any question and be guaranteed an answer. What would you ask and the number one response overwhelmingly was, I'd like to know why did he put me here.

What is the reason for my life. Yeah a lot of people to wonder about that although it's interesting with the advent of the new atheists and the popularity of the new atheists all over the Internet. There seem to be people who now will say life really doesn't mean anything. Life doesn't mean anything.

Death doesn't mean anything when I die, I am just going to go into the ground and that's gonna be it for me. But do you think those people really feel good about that answer. Do you think people can really be settled thinking my life has no meaning at all and when I go into the ground. That said, and that's fine with me, like what you think that deep down everybody is troubled by the thought that they are going to die and go to everlasting nothingness. I don't think that the you can be settled with that because the book of Ecclesiastes is that God has put eternity in our heart. Yes, and that we know we are eternal beings and for that reason, you, we can say that you know that there is no God and therefore there is no purpose in this life that were just a bunch of chemicals that have come together and and are alive and we do we go into your food for the worms. Are we going to everlasting nothingness, but I think that there's something instinctive within us that tells us know that I am eternal and I won't go there. This is, I guess you could call to those with a desire for permanent because that's the way we were made life interesting. When you bring that up that passage about we have eternity in our hearts, which we clearly do, what does it say do you think about the nature of man, that he does care about the meaning of life because certainly you don't see dogs and cats sitting around wondering about why am I here why do I exist.

That is not unique feature of being a human being. How do you take that reality and make the point to somebody. The very fact that you're asking that question proves there's something special about you right and that really got a leap into the heart of this book is that if, in fact, life has purpose and we you have to realize and recognize the purpose implies design in order to obviously to be does you have to have a designer. Yeah.

And that leads into no follow-up from a Christian perspective. What a godly design or what did he have in mind when he put us here ballet out to a very significant clues about this. The first visit, which is no. I think most people are aware of is that it says we are designed in the image of God doesn't mean that we are God means that we are endowed with a number of his characteristics that we can think reason to be creative because God thinks reasons and is creative but most significantly, he made us to be relational beings because God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit have been in relationship throughout eternity.

Yes, so we first and foremost, we are relational beings and then the second clues is what is something the people really talk about much but is very biblical for us in first Corinthians 86, as we exist for him. Colossians 116 for we have been created by him and for him.

In Isaiah 4321. It makes a comment that God makes the assertion that he talks about the people who are formed for myself.

So you take those two clues and you put them together. We have been created in the image of God. We are relational beings. God made us for himself and that's why we're here to be in relationship with him to walk through life with him. If it's the same reason parents of children we anticipate a lifelong relationship with our children and boo-boo the same.

If you get right down to the same thinking when into why did God put us here is like Augustine said, God, you have made us for yourself. Heart will not find rest until they rest in the yes great quote great quote I love so that what you said there about purpose implies design and design implies a designer and yet you see people turning off that spigot of logic and when you think about this.

People who are otherwise very intelligent, deep thinking people in other realms of life come to the issue of Christianity sometimes and just turn that spigot up now I'm knocking to follow that line of reasoning do you think fundamentally that really is about autonomy. I don't want to answer to anybody I want to be the master of my own destiny is that primarily what you see is what keeps people from following the logic of why I'm here and what could be behind the reason I'm here think you're absolutely right.

I think that you been solved for a fool's heart.

There is no God it on the face of it in his mind. I think some so many of the people that are skeptics today when it gets right down to it, it's an act of the will is you just said that there's a desire for autonomy to belong to myself yeah that's really the nature of the heart of sin as soon as I will have my way of life, and I lay all this like sheep going astray, each of his return to his own way so I want to live for me it's my life. I'll do a walk and that goes against basically the I guess the real realization of if I'm going to believe in God and following them. I gotta surrender myself to him and I don't do that and that's basically what happened illogically affluent.

CE basically realize that he's the reason I love atheism so much as I can, live the life of the life I can live life the way I want to live it. When he finally became a believer in God and then believe that Jesus was the son of God. The first thing he recognized that he had to do was to surrender his heart to him yes and so yeah I think that's really right.

What you just the question that you asked really kind of nails the problem of the skeptic and his belief doesn't want to give up any moral authority to anybody about you, it's interesting.

I was thinking about a common friend of mine made back in college. We are talking about atheism and he said if I really were an atheist. Now I don't know if I want to live another day because what is the point life is filled with pain-and-suffering and you watch other people dying you go through tough times in life is hard. Just turn on the news.

You have to take that in every day.

Why would you stay here a day longer if you believed it was all for not. And I thought well that's kinda stunning to to think of it like that, but the hopelessness of continuing in existence without not just knowing where you fit into the scheme of the universe that God made you and created you to exist for him, but also without any hope of salvation, and that something that you really get into in the heart of your book that is correct and what you just the word hope, I think, is such a significant word that we are hope these creatures and it's very difficult for us to live without backup, like the argument that that's the reason that the suicide rate has gone up so dramatically is because people that really struggle with depression and get down in despair, it's because I look at the future.

There's no hope is no God, there is no eternity that it can very easily lead to depression and sleep person remark, you will be a lot lot lot people living is pointless and that the beauty of of of of our faith is that we are here for reason and when we connect with him. We live in relationship with we find meaning we find purpose God has a plan for our lives and is it possible for me to live is to live my life with Christ.

But then when I die, that's a gay man that searcher were to take a short break will come back to Richard Simmons. The third is the reason for life will be back right after this hi this is Janet Mefford. In January we are honoring the pre-born in the more than 60 million babies whose lives have been tragically ended through abortion.

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You basically and be in the presence of a holy God.

You got two choices. One, you have got to leave a perfectly holy life, which does not happen or you need to experience God's forgiveness and so I go through and explain how that how that forgiveness happens about what Jesus did for us at the cross and that ultimately you have to enter into a relationship with him go through and talk about what is it going to believe because you know you hear the so many Scripture talks about you to believe in Jesus, was that really mean and so many people don't understand that believe through friendly word in English, but the word in the Greek Pittsfield means basically to entrust yourself to this like to surrender yourself to someone and that so much different from just believing something in my head and walk through people and then show them how they can enter into that relationship with Christ and it was most interesting as comparing independence only people realize this, that it ran to relationship with Christ is is pictured also. Basically by the church as hearing it like hearing into a relationship with your spouse. There's a picture that going to relationship with Christ is pictured to the marriage relationship with Jesus afforded in four different occasions refers to himself as the bridegroom and you know the church is considered the broad and therefore you enter into a relationship with them.

I can't relationship the only to cover relationships in life relationship with your spouse and your relationship with God. I could go on and on and talk about this, but as you can say this is very significant for me this is the way we in the men's ministry that I work with.

This is the way we present the gospel to men great and you really got to the beginning of it which is were sinners. This is the fundamental thing before we ever talk about the need for salvation. There has to be a reason laid out why we needed in the first place. And the problem is we live in this nation and this time I would say where we really think were pretty good to me. We turn on the TV and we here I should buy this hair dye because I'm worth it. Makes you know you know it would they used to be kind of a shocking thing but nowadays hedonism is pretty cool and we think were pretty good what you do is someone who says I I'm not that bad.

I I don't really think I need Jesus because I can understand the drunk over there in the gutter or somebody who's really let a terrible life, a killer something like that but me. I try hard. I'm a good guy. Have a good wife I'm good. My kids I'm honest what you say to that person that one of important part of this is explaining what is hollow here in the South and in the Bible Belt and most people think that is just drinking, smoking, cussing, watching R-rated movies, but I really get into it all about what what is what is the nature of sin and ultimately it sinners and is an attitude of your heart and that you basically it's an attitude of the heart that says I want my way in life is like that old song. It's my life and I'll do what I want and often will even go through inside you said is not just something that you do outwardly or something you say, but then I get into the fact that it's God look at the intent of your heart you look at your motives and then point out the Jesus of you if you if you've lusted after a woman in your heart you committed adultery in your heart see if you've ever been angry at your brother, you completed, you committed murder in your heart and when you swing you can you get down to it in those terms, people will begin to recognize the note that the nature of their symbolism direct outside our center using really ultimately Janet when you use the law. It acts as a mirror that enables people to see their sound and recognize that they are sinners. You have to point out is what Joe says in James if you committed one sentence of your as guilty as if all all the broken all the laws and commit also danced diverse. I was thinking about when you were talking about that exactly right. Because even if we say I'm not that bad of a sinner, you're right. James 210 talks about the person who keeps the whole law and stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

So were all in trouble we have is the greatest democracy at the front of the cross were all guilty were all in trouble, but receiving Christ by faith also entails as we know is Christians discipleship where Jesus says in the great commission that we have to go out and make disciples, not just believers, and you think of Jesus very difficult call in Matthew chapter 16 where he said to his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. That's definitely not easy believe that some so what would you say the Christian life really entails. Once you are saved. Once you have been forgiven for your sins. Then what what is the Christian life to be like. According to the Bible.

One question think that one of the things that try to explain is when you are when you approach Jesus and you are considering him as your Savior and your Lord. You basically have to bid began to surrender a willingness to run surrender yourself that you go through and it's amazing the number of times the Scripture talks about repentance. Yes, what's only people to understand that it is that basically Christianity and spend. I think such a distorted way that following Christ. What is that really mean and you know they say it is following a bunch of rules and regulations. Well try to make it very clear.

Do this for this book that you're not following a bunch of rules and regulations, basically. And once that you are following an owners manual that shows you how to live and how to flourish in this life and that when you when you give up your life to follow Christ. Basically he wants to lead you to a life that really flourishes.

Nobody wants the very best for you is chosen in Isaiah 47 saying that he wants to basically teach us what is best for our lives and the world doesn't see it that way and it's unfortunate. And so that's one of the reasons that this book is intended to help people really understand the gospel and then what the Christian life is all about all that's important DD message of repentance is such a vital part of people understanding what it takes to become a Christian. It's not just a matter of adding Jesus onto your life as you know I continue on doing exactly exactly as you've done before, but I mean this is the thing you for for Christ or against the world. It really is a separation from your old life becoming a new creature in Christ you have a completely new life. Once you become a Christian absolutely feel the spirit comes and began to do work in your life and the entire purpose of the book is to lead people to Christ and then to was Amanda really don't walk with him. I had been walking with him that we find the real purpose that we talk about in the real meaning of life and life begins to make sense, and you understand not only your life but you understand that death makes sense at all come together know in Christ, Utah's rich, what would you say if you can encapsulate the hope that you have in Jesus Christ wide as you can live today without any despair. Well, Jesus is my is our ultimate hope and I love the way the apostle Paul says it that we basically put our hope, not just in any God, but we put our hope in the God who raises the dead. We approaching Easter in the next couple months to me that is the ultimate hope that we have and you have to have hope.

Janet to live an abundant life, because if you don't have hope in the future. This life will be nothing but a life of despair. And that's the best beauty of the gospel is that we have hope. It cannot be taken away from how I love that amen and amen the name is about the reason for life. Why did God put me here by Richard Simmons the third and you've been so good here. Richard it was great to talk to great to talk to you about your wonderful book. God bless you and thank you again for being with us like you to. You are so welcome.

Thank you for joining us here in Janet Mefford today was condo close but will be back next time. Thanks a lot for listening this hour has been brought to 350 babies lives by the end of January through get one free ultrasound.

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