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The Unrivaled Power of God - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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December 28, 2020 2:00 am

The Unrivaled Power of God - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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December 28, 2020 2:00 am

When we're feeling overwhelmed by tough circumstances, it's important to remember God's omnipotence. In the message "The Unrivaled Power of God," Skip shares how you can live confidently knowing God has power for any of your problems.

This teaching is from the series 20/20: Seeing Truth Clearly.




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David is saying God knew me in advance and knew my development in advance as if it were written or pre-program and I thought, you know, that sounds a lot like DNA many times you understand what God has done and allowed certain things to remember that his wisdom is matchless today on connect with Scrip Heights Scriptures how God's strength and wisdom can include your life for the better. But before we begin.

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As we get into the teaching with Scrip Darwin knew what he came up with this theory many years ago. Darwin knew that when he came up with this and he believed it was true, but he knew there was one glaring lack of evidence and I was the field of paleontology. The fossil record.

He believed that time would eventually vindicate him, but he knew that there was, not enough factual support in the fossil record to support his hypothesis's theory of evolution but he believed that given enough time. The fossil record with indicator only problem is it has not. This is according to David Raab who was the curator of the Field Museum of national history in Chicago and I quote, we are now about 120 years after Darwin. That's when he made the statement and the knowledge of the fossil record has been greatly expanded.

We now have 1/4 of a million fossil species, but the situation hasn't changed much. We have fewer examples of evolutionary transition.

Then we had in Darwin's time," so rather than having a multiplicity of transmutation or transitional forms that should abound if the theory was accurate, he says, actually we have far fewer. So David just sort of cuts to the chase and goes look, there's one thing I know you made me you formed me. I'm a product. My origin comes from a loving God who is all-powerful. Now let's dig a little deeper than that.

Not just creation but just station in particular the formation of a child in its mother's womb. Verse 13 you formed me and Mike my you formed my inward parts you covered me in my mother's womb now were dealing with embryonic and fetal stages. I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well.

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the lowest parts of the earth is a Hebrew poetic way of talking about the uterus.

The womb your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed and in your book. They are all written the days fashion. For me, when as yet there were none of them now. What Owen paca is talking about the marvels of the human body. The marvels of human development. You know, I've noticed over the years as I've met people I think I've ever met somebody who is totally pleased with their body, their body type or body shape your body size. Maybe a hair colored's evident of people are coloring there all the time. The size of their nose or lips or what are some feature right there are few people who are just seem to be beautiful and they like their bodies today.

I give it a while they won't but but were not happy with our bodies, such as kind of who we are. Why just want you to consider this all because David says you are marvelous you are marvelous.

Whatever body type or shape. You have notice in verse 15 my frame was not hidden from you.

What is the frame refer to skeletal system.

The chair infrastructure.

It's the scaffolding upon which muscles and sinews and fascia tendons are placed my frame was not hidden from you, and then he says when I was made in secret, and I like this skillfully wrought now. I was listening to a cardiologist this week to explain, skillfully wrought, it means literally to be knitted or embroidered together in Hebrew, and he believes, as do many who interpret this tax. This suggests the formation of the veins and arteries in the uterus of a mother as the child is developing the matrix of the vascular system of the womb, like a weaving together or embroidering together. Then in verse 16 your eyes saw my substance being yet on that formed that word means rolled up being rolled up or wrapped together or scrunch together or look at out ultrasound and when you look in the early stages of pregnancy and you start seeing development.

This looks like it's just layered and squished and compacted together rolled up together and then you eventually over time begin to see distinct proportions of the anatomical layout of the child he speaking about growth. We all start out as a microscopic speck you were once a zygote, hope you don't take offense to that. But you were a zygote I didn't say you were a goat you're a zygote you're just a tiny little couple solid creature but then he developed into an embryo you developed into a fetus.

Then there was a live birth and he became a baby than a toddler in here you are today. All 100 trillion cells of your human body 100 trillion cells. You have 100,000 miles of nerve fiber in your marvelous body. You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your marvelous body.

You have 206 bones you have joints of muscles you have all these other systems that feed that can help control. He does all that politically in a few verses now tie this together with verse one.

You have searched me and known me now is describing all of this you you supervised my you know me so well that you serve supervised my development from those early stages of human development.

God really knows no. We can't just brush over this fact really reacted as well on it for a moment. Consider this. It's pretty evident from reading this and reading and other portions of Scripture that the Bible defines personhood from the moment of conception, not just birth sound like, well, it's just a fetus but not a person. It's just an embryo not a human, and when there is a viability issue that is a live birth and he can live in then it's a human being. The Bible acknowledges humanity from conception onward, as evident here is evident in Isaiah chapter 44. Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the one who formed to you from the womb, God told the prophet Jeremiah before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart.

My plan for you began as you were developing in your mother's uterus, tragedy of our country are mistaken. Country is the fetus is now regarded as a nuisance, get rid of it.

If it doesn't suit your lifestyle or your economy or your feelings because after all, your feelings are the most important part. So it's sort of like a a ruptured appendix. If you don't like a giver of it and that'll happen in 1973 with that landmark decision Roe versus Wade Supreme Court in everybody's worried about the coronavirus killing people.

Think of how many people we've killed the medical profession is killed in the legal profession in the history of that landmark decision. Beginning in 1973 until now there have been 61 million abortions, 61 million of I know this is a member saw me break it down.

That's 926,000 a year that's 3000 every day. That's 137 every hour.

That's 2.3 babies every minute. That is one little baby killed every 26 seconds get you in a different perspective. That's like completely decimating the entire population of the UK, all of England, all of Wales, all of Scotland part of Ireland or it's like decimating the entire population of Canada and Australia, 61 million we have failed to believe we are marvelous we failed to believe we are special creation.

We have failed to believe that we are formed by a loving God we failed to believe that we are skillfully wrought, skillfully wrought in our mother's wombs.

And if you caught this couple weeks ago when Kanye West announced that he was running for president of the United States what you want to do with that or how you want to deal with epic there there there was in his speech, something very tender and emotional and striking and he talked about abortion and is definitely against abortion and he says you know when my wife Kim Kardashian was pregnant. I wanted an abortion and he started tearing up.

He said I almost killed my own daughter and then he started talking about when he was in his mother's womb, and his dad wanted him aborted and he said also.

Emotionally, my mother saved my life, save my life. There was an ethics professor teaching his college class. The course of ethics and he presented a problem with the class to figure out. He said we have a man who has syphilis and his wife has tuberculosis.

They have had four children. One died in the other three have what is considered a terminal illness. Now the mother is pregnant again. What do you recommend they discussed was a very spirited discussion in the class and finally the majority of the class voted that the mother should get an abortion professor stood up after their ruling and said okay congratulations you just killed Ludvig von Beethoven and went on to tell them of the history of Beethoven's family which was that history so David says I'm a special creation of God, and God superintended my development in my mother's womb is his power something else. I'm calling it preparation, something I noticed I just want to draw your attention to it in the verse 16 where he says you saw my substance being yet unformed to watch this and in your book. They all were written in your book. They all were written the word written means recorded or better translation pre-recorded, known, I read that something just sort of got my attention because David is saying God knew me in advance. He knew my development in advance as if it were written or preprogram and I thought, you know, that sounds a lot like DNA you know about DNA dioxin arrival the gas of every cell in your body has it, Francis Collins, the head of the Human Genome Project that is 3 billion letters long and written in a strange and cryptographic four letter code you have. As I mentioned 100 trillion cells in your body. Each of those cells has 46 segments of DNA. 23.

The come from mom 23 to come from that. You remember that the DNA is densely coded information that dictates tells every cell how to function from conception to demise from conception to death. From the moment you are conceived to the moment you die it will determine what you look like how you age and all of that is in the that the cell every single cell.

Now if you could take that information from one cell in your human body and translated into written information in normal sized font one cell would produce 4000 books 4000 volumes fill this platform to the ceiling 4000 volume 1 cell again.

According to Collins a live reading of that code at the rate of three letters per second would take 31 years. Now you have 100 trillion cells in your body. If the DNA of every cell was translated into book form at normal font. You have so many books now, it would fill the Grand Canyon 7878 so when I look at that in verse 16 and in your book. They were all written. Good God is sort of like written in us. This code this DNA so I call this preparation. That's how my new duties getting so a couple observations about the God who is all-powerful.

His work is marvelous.

His workmanship is meticulous or is the third and I want to close with with this God's wisdom is matchless.

Look at verse 17 and 18.

David says how precious also are your thoughts to me. Oh God, how great is this some of them if I should count them there would be more in number than the sand when I awake I am still with throughout the song. David has been using about God spin his devotions. He's been thinking he's been meditating on God, who knows everything. Who is everywhere who can do anything. But what stirs David most now in these two verses are not so much his thoughts about God as much as God's thoughts about him. It just dawns on him when this God who is on mission omnipotent and omnipresent knows I exist. Not only does he know I exist. He cares that I exist is not just cognizant he's caring precious are your thoughts if you ever had somebody tell you and haven't I been thinking about you lately just been on my heart. You been on my mind you came in to my mind yesterday and register carried you in my mind my thoughts to the Dave Arezzo me tell you that you're flattered by that. Especially Viggo and I pray for you. Now imagine God saying you know you been on my mind a lot lately.

You been on my heart a lot.

I been thinking a lot about you you you might be tempted to say what how much of you been thinking about me God.

That's that's really nice how much everything okay. I'm glad you asked David if I should count those thoughts. They would be more in number than the sand when I awake I am still with you. I couldn't resist this if you were to calculate the number of grains of sand in a single teaspoon and multiply it by all the beaches and deserts in the world. Yes, this is been done. There are people with way too much time on their hands severe. Calculate the number of grains of sand in a single teaspoon multiplied by all the beaches and all the deserts in the world roughly it would be very roughly would be 7.510 to the 18th power grains of sand or seven quintillion 500,000 quadrille in grains of sand so you math that's can figure out how many zeros will be strung around the building. How many times now speaking of God's thoughts being more a number than the sand on the close of the story.

There was a little boy playing in the sandbox 20 wanted to do on Saturdays. His dad took him to the local park. There was a beautiful sandbox encased in a frame of wood and the little boy brought his tractor and as old trucks and he's playing in the sandbox having fun, but there was a problem for in the middle of the sandbox was a rather large rock and it was so big it was so annoying to the slow boy he wanted to make tunnels with his tractor and trucks decided he had to move it so he dug around the rock moved a couple inches and then dug around us moved a little been Doing this process all the way till he got the rock to the very edge of the sandbox and if I gotta get it out. So we got outside and he bent down to try to lift the rock up any eve managed to move at an inch or two up in the pocket when Downey tried it again. Klapper went down failure failure failure finally got on his back in the sandbox pushed with his feet try to get it up and out couldn't get it out.

Now his dad is watching the whole thing and so little boy kept trying keep trying to strike a frame fails and finally he does what little boys are want to do and they can't do it right. That is he to stop broke down and cried, was so frustrated. Just then, dad shows up who's been watching the whole thing is the son, why didn't you use all the strength available little boy with his ears, and I did daddy I did. I tried with all my strength.

I tried everything I could. The father said no son, you didn't use all the strength you had available. You didn't ask me that stoop down with one hand picked up the rock got out of the sandbox get the corollary we are in our little sandboxes but the one who made us the one who loves us the one who thinks about us has all power. He is unlimited in what he can do so your God made everything in the universe your God made it from nothing, your God does not have the word impossible.

In his vocabulary, your God can do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think your God knows you, your God formed you your God has plans for you that are written in the code of your body.

I suggest that you turn your thoughts to the one who has turned his thoughts toward you, and specifically I'm referring to those of you have never said yes to the Lord Jesus Christ. All you considered him you come to church even. But you haven't surrendered to him. Or maybe you walked away from him and this season of weirdness in our world is got your attention good good.

I'm glad has now turned your thoughts to him now release your life. If he made you give your life back to the one who gave you life to begin with asking the superintendent by his power and his knowledge your affairs turned your life over to him asking to forgive your sins, you become not just his creation. You become his child, his son, his daughter, to give you that opportunity with your watching online reader here in the auditorium or outside or you are in the hub next door. You can say yes to him and he can't and will change your life if you like to, I want you to say this prayer right rear say Lord I give you my life. I know that I'm a sinner. I failed. I have fallen. I'm sorry for my sin.

I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me, and rose again from the grave and I believe he's here right now.

I turn from my sins. I repent of my sins, I turned to Jesus Christ as Savior, as Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to live a life that is pleasing to you.

Superintend my life in Jesus name, amen. That wraps of Skip hi six message from the series 2020 if you prayed that prayer would love to talk with you. Just give us a call 800-922-1880, that's 892 to 1880 right now.

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