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5 Questions About Giving

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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December 22, 2020 7:03 am

5 Questions About Giving

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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December 22, 2020 7:03 am

With Christmas just a few days away, this is a time when we naturally feel more generous. And you may be looking for ways to extend to others that spirit of generosity you’re feeling this season. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore chat with Laurie Farquhar of the National Christian Foundation about the answers to 5 questions about giving. That’s on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

Hebrews 13 is a great reminder for us this time of year. Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God what Christmas is almost upon us a time when you actually feel generous, so why not strike while the iron is hot today host Rob West chats with Lori Farquharson of the National Christian foundation to explore how to do that. She recalls on anything at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 five questions about giving life yesterday is Lori Farquharson, chief strategy officer in the South Florida office of the National Christian foundation. She and her team help families and individuals with creative giving solutions to experience more joy in their generosity. That's exactly right Stephen tis the season for giving Lori welcome to moneywise live down frequently on the local mini radio and in my car. Zero point and I really appreciate the life counsel and love hearing the question in the collar from both of you.

You are welcome and we are delighted to have you here, especially since you're a regular listener. Obviously, we want folks to be aware of end-of-the-year giving opportunities, but I love the creative giving solutions you provide. Lori there really for any time of the year birthday, rat. We encourage any part of our life style and not your money but it truly living again. Your time, talent out there.

Your track area financially will that's what NCS is all about and that's why were delighted that we have the opportunity to partner together to help God's people give wisely died last month we learned about giving stock with the National Christian foundation. But today, as we head into the Christmas season.

We want to talk about how to start giving conversations with our kids and our grandkids who doesn't want to do that, even if some families are able to be together in person this year and finally to start Lori you have a great story to share about that. Would you do that that story we had a family that came to last year and grandma and grandpa and they wanted help you develop a lifestyle and generosity with their kids and grandkids got creative and grandma and grandpa Levin drank it and they live all over the place, not necessarily get here locally in South Florida and they wanted to teach young get of the kids to learn at an early age.

The biblical principle that God owns that and grandma opened up a giving fund.

Each one of her kids and she transferred $1000 from their giving fund at the National Christian foundation. Each of the children, giving them $1000 each. Thank you. To come to think about which charity they would like to give to you the research figure it out. Talk to their friends talk to their parents talk to their family and and then come back to her and tell her the story of what they can and one that is incredible.

I have to know how it turned out I love this idea. Yeah it was phenomenal. So the adventure began as they go about doing your research and having how in dollars giveaway she gave them a year to give the money away and then she asked them to write letters explaining the charity was why they gave their what was the result of that donation, that they may and as a result, many of these can now are either volunteering at the charity or bed and had set them off on an adventure to find under their charity. That really inspire their heart and that if an ongoing story that will and one that we love to get updates on that's incredible and I suspect this is the kind of thing that you could help our listeners with us they wanted to do something similar with the giving fund is a right Lori absolutely have a lot of brief darkness online at NPF, and be happy to talk to anybody about the idea. Excellent.

Well, I know you have five questions that NCF you ask everyone you meet with to help them just around the corner. These five questions try Lori for car with us today from the National Christian foundation, the South Florida office how to be generous, creative ways best ways to be generous. That and more coming up this is moneywise live.

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We are a nationwide nonprofit counseling organization has helped over 300,000 individuals in the last 27 years get out of credit card debt 80% faster while honoring that that info to learn how Christian credit counselors can help you visit Christian credit Christian credit 800-5571 9852H so something so much bigger surrounds us. I want you to think in terms if you think like a lost person for just a moment like a person was never met Christ does not have a personal relationship with God in eternity has been set in the hearts of man where there are times whether somebody want to admit it or not, know there is something so much bigger feelings of smallness.

The last time you felt that our helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon Canyon how long it has been there stared a certain amount love so much. It was here before you came when he was alive with Rob was and were big things of the National Christian foundation here is talk about the quite often they have offices all around the country to help us more generous to be more thoughtful with her giving. They have lots of creative ways to help us maximize our giving from their South Florida office Lori fark. Where is our guest today.

What were so delighted to be able to talk about the great work of NCF, and I know as you guide givers and wise generosity in making decisions on the wearer and the how much of their giving you five questions Lori that you ask everyone you meet with them unpack those today because I know for our listeners will help them process their own giving them the first one is who really owns the things that we have. Why do you start there important question of all.

God owns it all got our first paintball and our family and fire the Grand Canyon. One thing that we do with our family at the national question. Foundation board at the weekend. Everyone a copy of the book treasure principle. Alcorn and he lay God owns everything and we are the manager of the asset. God hasn't got a love that we talk about that idea as being the foundation that everything builds on when we talk about managing God's money because we understand his ownership and we put ourselves in the proper context as steward of our money is a tool to accomplish God's purposes. It really is a game changer that changes everything.

And certainly that would include our giving our Lori. The next question you ask is what resources has God given us all about when different past our date.then turning handball assets of the well-liked relationship even connection vision.

I think that you want to accomplish in your life. All of the things that come from God and he has entrusted us to steward them well. Sorry, I love it. What resources is this okay the next question is family should ask themselves how do we view our resources. Why you ask this question. Next are questions that can only be answered by talking with God and your family and friends and some time. Honestly, I know that I've begun a conversation with my 20 and it it hard to talk about time, but the process of answering the question and don't be too sure God won't reveal more of the plan you as you move forward and you trust him know I know you all talk about creating family purpose statement and really talk about the values that are important to the families which really then guides a lot of the giving decisions that are made love to hear you talk about that family purpose statement. What is it and why is that important important family. Talk about your value as a family and really start that conversation and you want your children to share your financial philosophy.

He started things you can, even when the younger like that family. I mentioned that grandma and grandpa, the kids were quite young, seven years old and I can make conversations with your family much more natural because you about it all the time to share your value on any and manual share with them what shape your life and how that impacted your belief and the pride to have no idea.

You know what you personally went to NYU.

Either way, you are great way to start a family purpose statement such intentionality there in terms of passing the legacy down and really building around the values is such a great idea right now for an especially exciting question family should ask where should our money go in with talk to us about the question. Well the ball that entered assumptions about building well and leaving it behind. When we die exactly the wrong way to pass on money that we care about the Bible actually said in Proverbs 2021 an inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end exactly acquiring wealth and one of the greatest advancement that family can have but it can also trigger problems within the family and confuse even the most basic location between people. Yes, love that love the last question for families who want to share venture in giving his how much is enough. This is such a key question that every family needs to answer why is this so important you know that question a lot, but I usually hear it from dad financial I know how much and how it began. And that will really all goes back to your family purpose statement your value, how do you actually you the assets that God has entrusted to you and how are you starting them out. It is the big question how much is enough and different for everyone, but if you continue to have the conversation with your family will start to evolve and there's a lot of great resources out there for different types of questions that you can ask yourself family member to figure out how much it sounds like the idea here. Lori is really just to approach this with intentionality.

This is not just going to pass down haphazardly, you've gotta really be thoughtful about it to communicate the water into unpack the values and even give your kids through the question asking process and even a great vehicle like a giving fund the tools and the way to begin to exercise this giving muscle if you will, so that they can catch the excitement that we read about in the Scripture that really make it a part of their lives as well. Would you agree how great something about how we interact with our treasure that something about our heart right yeah love that I love that you going back to the store you started with today. That simple exercise led to grandkids that are becoming more and more generous them also so thankful for the work of NCF in all that you do to help folks give wisely. Lori, thanks for stopping by today the pleasure to be with you Lori, how can folks get more information about the resources you offer for more family and leg What you'll find our resources because our team at NPF love to come alongside family that they're having a type of conversation Lori that is great information. Thanks again for being with us today and if you didn't get that one more time NCF strategy though.

Speaking of giving Rob we have some exciting news. We want to share with our listeners or what it's exactly right Steve, we are delighted to say that a generous friend and donor of moneywise media has stepped up to say this year we want to help spur on more giving to close the year strong and expand the outreach of what he was media moving in 2021, and so this generous donor and said I wanted to double every gift to the ministry between now and December 31. Would you consider a gift. Your rental money was media every dollar you send will be double which means you can double your impact and thinks it's great information. Thanks Robin if you like to make a gift to visit moneywise, click the donate will be the financial wealth you leave behind could be the best thing that ever happened to your loved ones or the worst in splitting hairs, giving your money and things to your children without ruining their lives. Ron blue explains why it's important to make these decisions now, instead of forcing your heirs to do it later. Splitting hairs will foster a real appreciation for the precious resources that God has entrusted to you, and it's available. Click the start button moneywise do you feel like your hands are tied with dad preventing you from serving God. If you have credit card debt. Christian credit counselors can help through our debt management program we can get you out of credit card debt. About 80% faster while honoring your debt info. For more information on how Christian credit counselors can help visit Christian credit Christian credit or call 800-557-1985, 800-5571 98528 something so much bigger surrounds us what you think in terms of the lost person for just a moment like a person with never met Christ is not a personal relationship with God in eternity has been set in the hearts of man where there are times whether somebody want to admit it or not, to know something so much bigger feelings of smallness. The last time you felt that our helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon Kenyan sense of how long it has been there. I think that stare at a certain mountain I love so much. It was here before you came with four online 21 of your host's route was more happy to have you aboard today. God's word tells us in first Corinthians all things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable and then of course without consultation plans are frustrated but with many counselors they succeed. So if you thinking through large decision these days be prayerful about it. Maybe get some counsel from others who know God well and ultimately just don't make quick decisions.

Be thoughtful, careful, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Maryland, nice to have you there, what's on your mind. Let her know and I don't know whether I were brought or my other yeah okay tell me what your plan is moving forward. Maryland looks at those two small IRAs aside for a second. Are you still funding retirement accounts.

I hired and purity, so I don't know rocket three that I don't know yet.

My if I should move somewhere. What is the total amount you have between the two IRAs roughly 2020. You know, I would probably just leave that there Maryland and here's why really off is most effective over a long period of time. You are correct that the primary differences with the traditional IRA is the monies going in, you get the deduction, but it grows tax-deferred.

And then when you take it out in retirement. At some point if you need it for an unexpected expense or you need a stream of income you would pay tax on it as income in the year of the withdrawal with the Roth IRA same contribution limits, but you don't get the deduction when the money goes in, but it grows tax-free. So when you pull it out, you get the return of capital. What you initially put in. Of course tax freeze already paid the tax, but then you get all the games tax-free as well, but that works most effectively when it has a long time to grow and so you got a lot of things built up in during your working years are little bit more aggressive in your investment strategy so you benefit from all that at this point you would probably want to be more conservative with the investments, which means it would be as much game and in the year you converted to the Roth you would add all of that amount to your taxable income. So for instance if you converted it all to a Roth you have an additional 22,000 this year in taxable income for federal taxes. So I don't like that option.

The only difference here other than the way it's the tax treatment. Moving forward is that with the traditional IRAs when you get to 72. You would have to take that required minimum distribution or RMD. That's not the case. Roth so I probably just stay with these make sure they're invested in a way that's consistent with your goals and objectives you could combine them into one is to limit some of the complexity of it so you just looking out one statement each month, but other than that, I'd probably just leave them right where they are not really wrought. You know I yeah I don't know you do here quite a bit of talk about a Roth when you're young, but most people like the idea of getting the tax deduction upfront which they would get through the traditional and so for that reason many people opt for that IRA but I think the Roth is gaining notoriety and is really beneficial, especially for young folks looking to save Marilyn. Glad you called. God bless you. Thanks so much.

Let's go to Macedonia, Ohio, and Leon what your question Farah and Sharon weren't trying to live about where we should on for her small to retirement savings exchange were going to do individual oral K with the remaining on his trying to discern what we should do with the remaining funds in regards to our Leon is she going to have an employee of the small business that will be earning W-2 wages so she will have an intern who will be earning W-2 wages starting in about a month and will she earn more than $5000 over the year, so we number okay. Do you plan on adding additional employees as you move forward know it's almost so for the extended going to be small maybe one stretch to part-time employees. Worse.

Well you do have some options if you don't have any employees you got more options but when you had the employee. I like the simple IRA you can learn more about it online. Basically it's a type of traditional IRA that's designed for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees to be eligible yeah you unemployed has to have received at least 5000 in compensation in the previous two calendar years and expect to receive at least that much in the present calendar year, but you can put in pretax dollars through elective deferrals and then the IRS requires that the employer make a contribution on behalf of the employees which is seen as a benefit, of course, and of this can be dollar for dollar match of up to 3% of compensation or flat 2% for everyone in this year you can put in 13,500 as an employee so that gives you a little bit more contribution potential than the traditional or the Roth IRA.

So I check that out as a first option very low cost and easy to set up. Glad you called. I have to run, but we wish her the best thing so much. This is money wise live, but today we're not lives so if you hear that phone number. Please don't call but to stick around.

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We all clear financial potholes this month magazine is all about helping you make money wise decision with explicit articles to steer you in the right direction. You are free and is waiting for you right life.#2020 will go down as the year in US history death stopping 3 million for the first time.

It's due mainly to the coronavirus pandemic is desperately searching for nurses, doctors and other medical staff, perhaps from as far away as Australia is the coronavirus surge pushes hospitals to the breaking point with many of the states hospitals running out of capacity to treat the severest cases state is brought and employed more than 500 temporary medical staff members. It was economy expanded at a 33.4% annual pace from July through September. That's according to figures released today from the Commerce Department on Wall Street, stocks were mixed, but I was off 201 points.

The NASDAQ gained 65 the S&P 500 dropped seven this is SRN news tells us in Matthew six verse 21. Treasure is, there your heart also. Thanks very much and see no question on early-retirement security retirement and my mother lives.

She just turned 52 and she had been at about helping her and are unaware if you file for early retirement. You know what I read it before your full retirement age you get penalized and your payment will not increase ever understand she's under the impression that it will note it is shedding Craig because she talked to her brother who lives in California and he told her that even if you do retire before your full retirement age, your payment will be increased to about five to $10 monthly.

And then it will eventually reach the amount that it would be a full retirement age, I was assured that something that they have their California but it if you give me more information of that possibility here because she didn't think that there is a possibility it will increase and I want to warn her that if you take it out. That payment will stay the same that she can get more information on that very well. The bottom line is you once you begin taking it you're going to lock in your benefits other than the cost of living adjustment so you gotta really determine when you want to begin claiming the Social Security benefits if she starts taking it at 62. She will likely have a 25 to 30% reduction in her benefits over the life of the benefit, but if she waits it will increase ultimately to full retirement age. What she was scheduled to receive and then beyond that up to age 70.

She can have an additional amount added to it of about 8% a year that will be added to the benefits of the question is, what's the right time to take it. I would always encourage somebody to wait until lease full retirement age. If you have the ability to do so.

Now some people aren't able to do that and so they take it early and they then get that lower payout over the balance of their lives.

If you have other sources, either you can continue to work or you just are able to not claimant then allowing that to continue to grow is really going to be a benefit to get to at least full retirement age, of whatever that might be for her and then beyond that without additional amount. So I think it really just have to start with where she got what or her income sources. What are her needs right now. How long is she able to continue to work and then allow that to dictate when she begins to claim for Social Security, but it will lock in other than the cost of living increases at that lower amount.

Once she claims the benefit some accents think you okay very good and thank you for calling. Let's go out to Minden, Nebraska, Austin. We know you been holding for while we appreciate that. What's on your mind all my question revolves around yet.

I get a little bit about my story but 23 I just graduated college in May and I started full-time on the family farm and of course you know and in farming.

There is a lot of people have a lot of debt to be able to operate and I guess my question was, you know, I understand pay off your mortgage and all your personal debt that that's quick you can. I'm wondering how that translates.

You an operating loan where a short-term one. In a long-term one, where it in the short term, it can paid off yearly and get started again. Yearly yeah but that's I get that were my question. Yeah, you know, I think we do have to recognize there are different types of data. Austin, you mentioned a couple of them. There's you, you could classify some is good and bad dad in the way I would distinguish between those two is are we borrowing for something that is going to appreciate over time are we borrowing in such a way that is not going to keep us from accomplishing other goals and objectives do we have unity with our spouse. All of those things and the bad that would be borrowing for things that are depreciating and where there is higher interest rates involved, so we always want to prioritize paying off with margin and that means were living within our means.

We have extra cash flow that we can apply to debt reduction beyond the minimum payment. We was want to start with that consumer debt. Things like credit cards. Of course, car loans, student loans, things that we want to get paid off just as quickly as we can and then we moved to other types of debt like adding some to our mortgage trying to pay off mortgage debt, even though it's for an asset that should be over time appreciating now with the business I would say that's another perhaps good use of debt. Many businesses use debt to smooth out, the ebbs and flows of the business cycle and they do so very responsibly.

I think the same principles apply that we see in God's word related to the warnings around debt that we need to heed for person or business and there is great benefit in being debt-free even as a business, but we recognize that. I think it's it's in a different category as long as the debt service is factored into the plan and it's in the business budget so to speak, then we can manage that and use it appropriately. Even though as a business we want to work overtime to getting to where we can eliminate the debt if possible and in some cases, it will be possible.

So I think that's really kind of the thought process behind it is nothing sinful or wrong about using that as long as we have an absolute commitment to repayment and were thinking about it in terms of her overall stewardship responsibility in managing God's money. But given that tell me what additional questions you may have specifically related to this loan that you have sure I got a mortgage. Now I have an I got that. I think I'm to get paid off really close to paid off all in one year on the fact that great pretty hard.

I guess that's part of the operating goes you know is there a certain percent that you want to be yet you know my long-term goal it specially when it comes to borrowing, particularly you know I want to buy by land so I can continue the legacy of the farm and and continue to glorify God with. That means that he's given me quite I get there. My mind always turning our financials and especially with the farm in I get my particular situation. I know I farm row crop with my family and then on the side started a cattle operation that right now is not really impacting my income very much should have the potential to do it is in a medium for a way. Well, here is what I would say to the break here since I would just say you're on the right track personally with the debt there's not really any hard and fast rules of thumb I can provide for how much is too much. I think you need to go back to your plan really look at the numbers. Make sure the business can support whatever debt you have. So you're not getting overextended. We appreciate so much a call today.

Thanks for your faithfulness water honoring the Lord with his money. Boston great question. We appreciate your call today hope and information helps you. God bless. This is moneywise live with Rob West will be right you have a strategy for your finance your career even your entire strategy for your getting a Christian foundation and your family maximize your resources to learn how moneywise that work. Many people adopt an attitude toward marriage and finances that it'll all work out somehow. But sadly, it often doesn't financial woes can devastate a marriage but there is a better way.

God's way, money and marriage God's way by our date will help you discover God's approach in your finances strengthening your relationship with your mate and cultivating godly joy, money, and marriage God's way is moneywise live here to help me understand God's purpose for your life to the eyes of a layman the opportunity to share your faith during this Christmas season is greatly magnified with visitors the Christmas more than any other time you're engaging with people or serve your needs for buying and returning gifts and multiply your encounters with people tend every encounter one more person close.

Keep in mind that most of those are server you would rather be serving their own at that very moment there missing their Christmas so you can enjoy yours dynamic that elevates your opportunity to minister to every person serve your gentle, caring, more concern for the person can move that person because he is a sincere thank you. Your job is revival outside the walls bring everyone and everything will help doing that go tomorrow. finally rest on the pillow rain racing think maybe your mind is anything new. John Casler helps readers focus on the here and now you reach people who call themselves Christian but don't know Jesus find out by reading the unsaved Christian Dean, and Sarah was a cultural Christian today. He pastors a thriving church that he wrote this book to offer starting points that lead to deeper conversations you will be equipped to confront cultural Christianity and lovingly share the gospel to the cultural Christians in your life. Cultural Christianity is a huge mission field in desperate need of missionaries get your copy of the unsaved and giving that managing what you have, or investing what you have were here discussing each day to help if we can use Rob blessed times more and it really is a joy to talk with you each day. At this time so let's continue that by going to Chicago and Titus. How can we help you buddy and I call you are back in our first child, and hope for Bonaparte, a liable long time trying to decide how much of our saving to go toward new car and how much we should keep that we have about 17,009 Fabian and she will not be working. Once the child comes my amazing guy that will be kind of right Michael will probably need to be spending so much margin one day become Titus. Well first of all, congratulations on this new child you're expecting that's wonderful.

This is to be an amazing journey that the Lord has you on what a blessing that is glad that you're thinking about it now, and I realize there's lots to changing not only you can have a new little one at home, but with her not working there's going to be additional demands on your income. So I think you need to be really well-planned. Sounds like you've Artie started that perhaps you've done a deep dive into that but I would just make sure you understand the full implications of that, both in terms of being realistic about what's going in the budget and making sure that you count not only the recurring monthly expenses but the nonrecurring expenses that happen throughout the year, those categories we often forget about like insurance payments or homeowners associations maintenance for the car in the house. Those kinds of things so we don't end up funding overspending with debt that builds up over time, and then by the way we go to pay it off. We have to stop overspending.

In addition to paying the principal and interest and so that's where that really becomes challenging, so just make sure you have a clear picture of what that budget is gonna look like. I would also say there may be some savings there with her not working that you want to factor in. Perhaps you not to spend as much on gasoline. Maybe the wardrobe budget needs to be adjusted so there may be some pickups there that you need to factor in also but really take a look at that now when you said you can be living right up to the edge does not include this. A car payment. If you add a car payment for the purchase of the SUV over the last year we had about 100 on red card old. I know we like okay we can have up to 250 per my long if we need one to go along like with how much are you looking to spend on the car's that we have about 17,010 we could down payment with no loan to try start living on what we expect to be living on the baby, now AR income for the next six months savings to replenish thinking I like the idea of you buying some a little nervous about you getting so lean on your emergency fund. But if you spend the next six months and take 100% of her income and rebuild it. That's great. I just want to make sure you all are part being too overly optimistic on the what it's going to take to fund all of your expenses throughout the year including some of those often overlooked categories. Steve buying an SUV for a small growing family. 10,000 obviously that's not going to go very far. What is your pencil there while I would imagine you're going to end up buying at least a five-year-old car. If you looking at in this SUV for around 10,000. Are you comfortable buying from a private owner or you do feel better buying from a dealer that is my brother car mind buying private hell. I like private owners as well because I know a little bit about cars and it doesn't scare me and I've done a lot of that kind of thing but I would start with my church really would start with my church to see if anyone has something for sale.

Obviously, that would be someone you assume could be trusted would tell you the truth about the car. Other than that I would again. If you looking at private owner cars. The market is full of used SUVs these days. So if you find when you can afford and you have to pass one up. Don't feel bad about that because there was going to be another one that I promise you, though there there will be another one. And if you talking with a dealer well you just want to get the best price possible. And it's never the advertised price was ever anyone that can be talked with and dickered with a little bit it's car dealers for used cars these days that my last suggestion.

If you're buying something this five years or older. Try to keep it under 50,000 miles if possible and I would drive by import before I would buying American, but that's just me. Okay, sometimes thanks Titus and God be comfortable using that 10,000 no more.

And let's really focus on rebuilding that of the next six months and we appreciate your call today by a blue one Titus. I like blue but that's just that's just me, Danville, Indiana hello Pam what you question for Rob hi all, I don't wondered why it smarter or wiser to reinvest dividends from Bishop and predictive have been to cut a check to me. Yeah. Well, one of the key benefits of dividend reinvestment is that your investment grows faster than if you just pocket the dividends and rely solely on the capital gains the appreciation of the underlying stocks in the mutual fund to generate the wealth so it's an inexpensive, easy, flexible way to grow the overall value of your investments by just taking those dividends plowing them right back in and the goal is for that investment to perform well over time, but now you have two things working for you Pam. You got the dividends that are reinvested in the form of additional shares, and then you've got the appreciation of the underlying investments in the fund itself. And so if the goal is growth, which is why we invest that's going to help you get there. Now why would you not do that. Well, maybe you're at or near retirement and you need the income may be the underlying mutual fund is not performing well and so you'd rather move it to something else you want to diversify by taking the dividends in cash and reinvesting them somewhere else or your portfolio is out of balance and so you want to put it into other assets that would make sure you have a proper overall investment allocation.

Those might be the reasons why you wouldn't but I would always know as a first option, take the reinvestment just so your investment grows quicker using the dividends as a part of that growth you follow. Okay, very good.

Will we appreciate your call today.

Thank you, Pam. Okay, thanks very much. I think we can squeeze in one more up to Blue Ridge Georgia pretty part of the state and the judge are you thinking of buying a mobile home is that the scenario little bit about a ginger.

This is somewhere you're living currently and people graciously. Lastly, at home, and now they're offering to have let it die and I don't know that after he rated it old and need a little bit of work on mobile homes that really appreciate in value.

They're getting a really good deal on it, I need to buy a home in the area because I don't have a home and I don't know that I could afford seven different kind of home that maybe I could find it home. I would have to live in couldn't pay for it.

You know something out at the same time so I'm just not certain it on some hand really great and I'm not sure.

Well, I like the idea of the system or your you live. You obviously know it well. I think the real key here is is it going to fit within your budget. Do you have the ability to buy it for cash ginger. Would you be financing Mark and I don't want financing because it old that might even get owner financing that will land what their interest rights are. You're probably get up a little bit higher interest rate. So I checked into that often times a credit union will be a great option. There is well, but I think the key is to recognize that this really could be a great option for you. Again, if it fits in to your overall financial plan.

It's not can stretch you too far to have that mortgage with the corresponding interest rate versus what you're paying right now. I assume you're paying rent is that right and how is the very area and Holly ever did any more help ensure shirts lie due to things number one let's get an inspection and and understand exactly what condition it's in number two. Let's explore the financing options. Figure out what you qualify for what the interest rate would be and make sure the payments can fit into your budget and then thirdly, I'd make sure you get a professional who has some expertise in your area, a real estate professional. Maybe from your church to make sure that the price they're talking about is fair.

That's a good idea to get someone whose objective can walk through this with you ginger and will pray that God brings you that person. Thanks so much. We are out of time. Courtney and Jim doing great work behind the scenes Rob West End Steve Moore. Thanks for listening to this again next

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