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A Permanent Race to Run

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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December 20, 2020 3:00 pm

A Permanent Race to Run

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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The purpose that God has for you is permanent and is preordained.

Do you did find out what it is to lead you in it, but you find out what it is Jesus that you have a race be run.

Thank you for joining us for today's broadcast of living in the life and the Bible teaching ministry of and grandma Anne's introduction to today's message reminds us to focus on running a permanent race. Here's an focus on G focus on his purpose for your life and his purpose is to bring honor and glory and praise in the God to enjoy entering into this personal permanent love relationship with him and you pursue that purpose and that the permanent purpose in verse one missing easement is run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Permanent rice is not a Sprint it's a matter thought this is a race for the rest of your life. This is not a purpose just for weekend or four month or four year for this stage in your life. This is a lifelong purpose that you live out every day for the rest of your life and you run your race with perseverance and I would ask you what you need to build in your life when you go home to see to it that you run with perseverance. Some things you need to build in your life you need to build in daily Bible reading daily prayer time. I think you need to keep her prayer less. I think you need to have a prayer partner and nothing to be wonderful that prayer partner were your spouse, but if that's not quite suitable and you want somebody of your gender somebody that you can confound other things into them and maybe to be somebody at church or somebody another friend or somebody would just be a prayer partner would you just check on me and see how I'm doing and see if I'm still running my razor perseverance because I really like with all my heart want to keep this commitment and I want to know God and I want to pursue his blessings in my life and I want to live for his glory and would you just come alongside, you know these marathon runners may run 26 however many miles and some of the runners who get so we can begin the fault of the estimate of the comes up alongside the weather here in the past, the more they could give them encouragement, they just cheer them on to help them keep running the race, a prayer partner can be that for you someone who comes alongside just help you think you need to get into a church that loves Jesus and teaches his word like they believe it's and if you're not in a church like that. I don't care if you were born and raised in the church and married baptized and have family members buried Leavitt's don't stay in a church doesn't believe God's word and doesn't have a heart for the gospel and doesn't acknowledge people are lost in going to hell anyway and get into a church that's on the same page with you. Actually on the same page were all on presenting the Bible presenting the Christ of the Bob having a heart to win the lost disciple people in their faith. You need a Christian Fellowship to belong to. So what will you build in your life to see to it that you persevere in this purpose of living, to the glory of God and getting to know him.

Maybe need to join a Bible say to hold yourself accountable in the Scriptures maybe can start a Bible study like I did in my city, I started so I could be in and be held accountable. It's a permanent purpose is purpose for your life is preordained is the race marked out for you. He doesn't expect you to run my race. He doesn't expect you to run somebody else's race. He has a race marked out to the over arching purpose is to bring glory and blessing honor to his name and didn't know him in his fullness, but underneath that there is a preordained rise just for you in Ephesians chapter 2 says that we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do yet is a preordained race just for you. Keep your focus. If you can just not misunderstand this but every time I go home I'm tempted to lose my focus. My father is a legend in his own day preached all over the world had fabulous meetings.

That's have to have been revolver for that city at that time stadiums packed overflowing written best-selling books Cove is just one of his many ministries as very huge fruits. My mother heard they she was an artist she so well read such a great conversation is that when they go to those White House dinners.

My mother was always say that the president's table because she kept the conversation going in, full of wit and humor and assistance have ministries, my brothers had fabulous organizations.

I go home and I feel about this big and begin comparing myself to everybody else and you know what God says to me, and I'm not expecting you to run their way.

I have a race marked out for you. Keep your focus on the race. I've given you.

I love Peter like we all do in that beautiful scene in John chapter 21 after the resurrection. When Jesus asked Peter three times to love man three times Peter said he didn't Jesus appear want you to follow me want you to get up and come down. They walked down the beach and will see birds were calling the waves were lapping at the shore and the sand was crunching underneath her sandals and Jesus looked at Peter, Nisa, Peter, when you are young man you went where you wanted you dressed yourself and when you're an old man summarizing to stretch out your hands and lead you to a place you don't want to go in the next verse said that Jesus was telling Peter about the desk that he would die and bring glory to God, and you help your dad, tradition tells us that he was crucified upside down because of his relationship with Jesus and needs Peter turns around he so much like us and he sees John following any looks at the Lord, and he says Laura does John have a cross. Is he going to have to take up his cross and follow you and and Jesus looked at Peter and about paraphrases Peter John is none of your business.

You follow me, and we stand before God's not going to give an account of how we ran somebody else's race while somebody else ran their race or didn't run the race were going to give an account timber how we ran a case is a preordained ice.

What is yours surely will be serving the Lord.

There is a preordained race for you. You're not the exception, and doesn't have to be a big thing about Moses don't despise the day of small beginnings to be just a small thing made you go to your office and you pack your lunch not just with the sandwich for yourself what a sandwich for your coworker and you taken.

You just pray God bring about tension.

Somebody that these have a sandwich with me and God brings that person your attention. You go out you sit outside in the courtyard and you have your lunch together with his presence and is not me tell you where I just wasn't me tell you what constant in my life and let me tell you that Jesus is enough for me and just share simply from your own experience who Jesus is and what he means to you.

Maybe it would turn out into a little lunch time, Bible study, maybe that person want to do something more tomorrow and maybe kissing you got a friend in the other office and this person is asking some questions you think you could talk to him and ending of the neat thing is when God brings people to me like that usually do not people that are over my head. You were so afraid were going to have a Buddhist or Muslim is going to ask us questions.

We can't possibly answer and but God seems to match where we are with who he brings to us and never notice that, and certainly can challenge us and certainly there times when we feel like we're stretched and that's good for us but you just pray for God. I don't want to embarrass your heater want to be embarrassed either. By the way, but don't want to get too far in over my head, but plainly somebody to share my lunch with that need supportive and encouraging somebody I can pray with someone I can share the scriptures with the idea noontime Bible study at your office.

Moses remember when he was going back to Egypt and he did know how to serve the Lord and the Lord said Moses what's in your hand. It was a shepherd staff and God said Moses thought on the ground and he didn't became a snake and got to pick it up and became a staff in God used what was in Moses's hand to demonstrate his power to the king of Egypt to force the king to let God's people go and I believe God would say what's in your hand just in your hand. My friend looked in her hand a gentle tennis racket and she's a wonderful tennis player blonder racket club and so she went to racket club and she knew there were women at the racquet club and never darken the door of a church or formal Bible study, and she just asked if they would like to read the Bible together and you know something there about 12 to 15 of those women who said yes and they brought their little confirmation bobbles little white ones have zippers that have never been opened before and they were so excited they were just waiting for somebody curious and wondering why somebody say I want to share with you what God's word says have another friend who had four children. At the same time shows quadruplets and she said when they were little bit like magnets in regard to check that every child in the neighborhood and she was always shooing the children away, get on my flowers on my yard get on my kitchen, refrigerator and the Lord said that's what you have in your hand.

The ministry have given you, and so serve shooing them away.

She started inviting them to come in top and bottom poster shadow backyard bobble club.

She said you another amazing thing that one parent asked her what she was doing with their children. They were so glad to get rid of it was felt was in some of those children. She led to cry what's in your hands. Maybe you have an elderly parent has Alzheimer's or something and you go out of duty every week to visit them. They don't know you're there.

They don't remember that you there but you're doing. Maybe that's within your hand and there's some other elderly person at that rest home somebody else and never gets a visitor who is lonely but whose mind is gone and who needs the hope of having shared with them. Maybe it's somebody in prison somebody you have a child or loved one imprisoned and it's a tragedy and I grieve with you for the waste and the destruction that person's life. Maybe that's what God has put in your hand and when you go visit your loved one. When you open your heart to others who are there.

Is it possible that you could start a Bible study in your local jail in your prison. Use your holy imagination asked God to bring to your mind open your eyes, the feelings or why Norris and the laborers are few, because they're still waiting for the lightning to strike my handwriting on the wall and you're not looking at what God's place in their hand look at what he's putting your hands, and that may lead you to understanding of what your preordained race purpose that God has for you is permanent and it's preordained. It's up to you. Did find out what it is he'll lead you in its but you find out what it is Jesus that you follow me, I have a race for you to run, so would you fix your eyes on Jesus's purpose for your life and is person. Fix your eyes on Jesus, and in verse two let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, and I don't want to make this superficial at all but I seek him and his life is being faith anchored in the word of God and you would sit and talk in the living word of God be anchored in the written word of God and anyone and when he was tempted of the devil in the wilderness and was hanging on the cross and all through his life and is combating the Pharisees and the Sadducees in teaching his disciples again and again and again you find.

According to Scripture he had made time to read in the study and applied. He lived by his faith anchored in the word of God we find him living a faith anchored life we find them living a purpose driven life, who for the joy that was set before scorned the shame of the cross. You know what the joy was we know he was purpose driven his overarching purpose. In John 17 was to glorify his father and he was living his life to the glare of his father Bob obeying his will and fulfilling all that his father had from bring him glory and blessing and honor, but a specific purpose. The race he had to run was the bring salvation and redemption for you and me to be the Lamb of God would give his life on the cross is the perfect sacrifice to make atonement for your sin and my sin that we might be forgiven, that we might be brought into our right eternal relationship with his father in the July that was set before listing the piece: the shame of the cross and agony and the horror for the July and make no mistake about it, you are his joy. You cry. He went to the crops you and when you and drawn you to himself in a personal relationship and taking you with him to live forever in his heavenly home.

You are the whole reason he came. You're the July that was set before you is a purpose that drove him to leave heaven's throne put off his glory Rhodes prone that simple linen garments of human flash flash of a servant, becoming obedient even to death on the cross.

You are the July he was faith anchored in God's word and he was purpose driven and he was glory bounds just safe but not all the joy set before him endured the cross, he scorned the shame he sat down at the right hand of the throne of God and he had left his glory is the son of God, and he came to earth and have the glory of Son of Man.

He went back he wanted his glory Rhodes back in God gave him all the glory as son of God and Son of Man and all the glory of God is vested in Ms. Sonny's exact radiance of the glory of God.

He was glory and fix your eyes on Jesus. If Jesus was faith anchored in God's word and purpose driven bring God glory and fulfill his preordained race and if he was glory bound for heaven.

Why would you think your life would be any less. Why would you think your for something different. Fix your eyes on Jesus on his purpose is person's perseverance verse three consider him who endured such oppression from sinful men, so that you will not grow wary and lose heart in your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood. Think about it Jesus hanging on the class being taught in Moncton tempted to come down could have come down. He could've released himself to go to hell when the event occurs, it would been a judgment. But Jesus stayed on the cross is perseverance and he was tempted to the integrating immuno temptation get stronger the more you resist it. You do know that and how many times you resist something and found you given because you feel so proud of yourself for resisting three times were you given. Allow yourself to have on the fourth time in Jesus never gave you, and that temptation got stronger and stronger and stronger and think it is perseverance in saying what he would have mass come down from the cross, think what you have would've a law if you quit. Fix your eyes on Jesus as you tempted to quit you tempted to give up your struggle against sin in your own life. I get so sick of sin in my life. I want to quit failure in one area of my life again and again and again to the point. I'm ashamed to come back and tell God about it and of course he knows anyway and and you just get so tired of the struggle against" don't give up you serving the Lord and nobody appreciate you.

Nobody says thank you and nobody's life seems to be changing have yet to see the fruits that come from what you're doing. Don't crafts.

Fix your eyes on Jesus on his perseverance. We know if we don't grow weary in well doing, were going to reap.

We hope that right. We know that because our faith is anchored in the word of God that says we don't grow weary in well doing, were going to reap if we faint not you going to see the harvest and you going to see the glory. Don't quit one utilized with perseverance. Fix your eyes on Jesus on his purpose and his person in his own perseverance and hang in there, he's gone before you. You understands if you don't have a prayer partner somebody to come alongside. Let me tell you something. Hebrews 725 says that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for you is your prayer partner. The person of the dear Holy Spirit, who is Jesus inside of you is come alongside you is come inside of you to encourage you to enable you to empower you to persevere fix your house on Jesus. What are your eyes fix not believe you can keep your fix your focus on Jesus if every day you set your compass in the morning you spend time with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading during the day is just automatic. Your thoughts come back to what you read your thoughts come back to his presence, you're fixing your focus on juices which you do that focus on Jesus. So would you recommit your life, the living for God's glory and getting to know him would you refocus your life on Jesus, the person of Jesus who is in himself alone half the know God and then would you readjust your attitudes and readjust your attitude toward your problem. Let me ask you what problems are you facing you have problems in your marriage, your problems in your business, your problems and your health.

Jeff problems with your children, their problems with your neighbors, your problems, and some other relationship problems in your finances. I don't know what the problems are, but I'm going to get in your face and challenge you to be objective about the problem and this is what the writer of Hebrews is saying couldn't be that the problems in your life are of your own making. Are these problems the consequences of wrong choices you've made or sin in your life and you're having problems in your health because you have totally not eating rights, and you don't exercise, you have problems in your marriage because you have such a nagging time such a critical spirit, your lorded over your spouse, you have problems with your neighbor because you've never reached out to them and you're always correcting them for coming on your lawn or doing something you didn't like, and all the loud music.

Whatever you have problems at your place of work. Because you haven't been honest you have a problem in your finances because you haven't kept your budget.

Having problems in your health because you haven't maintained by Justin basic things of nutrition ends having problems in your family because of jealousy in your own hearts, resentments can you do that, look at the problems in your life and be objective about them and it could be that the problems you're facing are some of your own making. There, the consequences of your sin and listen to God allows you and me to go through consequences. He's not going to punish us for us in. Please get that message loud and clear.

The consequences of sin are not punishment. Punishment is the cross and God punished Jesus for your sin.

He will never punish you for your sin, but God will allow you and me to go to the consequences of our sin, because he uses that the discipline and the train's so be objective and when you're being disciplined by God, you're going to consequences of your own sin. He says in verse five in your forgotten that word of encouragement that addresses you as a son and says my son don't make a lot of the Lord's discipline by saying that's not what it is saying this is the consequences of somebody else's fault and you and I live in a culture of victims were always blaming somebody else stop it and don't lose heart.

When he rebukes you don't say it's punishment is not punishment.

He punished Jesus view this as an punishment. This is his discipline in your life. Be objective and I'm not sure that were so encouraging, but Romans 828 is encouraging all settings work together for good to those are called according to God's purpose and who love him and that means all say even the consequences of your sin even the consequences of your wrong choices.

And God uses all those things. If you would bring them to him and get in line with his purpose and submit to his will in your life. He takes all of those things and uses them for your own good, in your own good. You do understand is not your own health and your own well in your own comfort in your own convenience and your own prosperity and whatever you want, but ultimate good is to conform you to the image of make you like Christ and therefore when you're in God's will whole thing.

Even the consequences of your work together for the end of conforming to the image of his son now hears and with this final word. How has God been disciplining you what consequences of sin are you struggling with, even now turn to God asking him what he is trying to teach you maybes allowing you to struggle to teach you perseverance.

Romans five says perseverance will develop your character in a mature character will lead to hope confidence that God is working out his purpose in your life. You know what that purpose is what is the work God is preordained for you.

What races he laid out for you.

Don't miss it because you don't make the effort to discover what it is, start looking start in your own hand what's in your hand. Moses looked in his hand and found the staff and God use that to demonstrate his power. David looked in his hand and he had a slingshot use that to demonstrate God's power in your hand, you have small children do have a computer keyboard.

You have a stethoscope what's in your hand. What can God use in your life to demonstrate his power live a purpose driven life, Jesus did. He kept his focus on the joy of abundant blessing as he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. He was glory bound, so fix your eyes on Jesus. This has been living in the light please take advantage of all the free resources that and Graham to help and encourage you in your walk with God and in your study of his word. Join us here each week for living in the light

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