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Christians and Trumpism

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 16, 2020 11:37 pm

Christians and Trumpism

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 16, 2020 11:37 pm

Christians and Trumpism

Is there Idolatry in "Christian Trumpism"?  What are you if you’re upset about the election results and believe Trump was robbed?  Are you an idolator or a bad Christian?


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Everyone is time the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve Bell at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble and division out there in the church wall, but it seems like there's been a whole lot more. I go back to 2015 2016 with the never troopers in the churches help and how we voted in evangelicals who largely cannot 80+ sent and vote up or down from now or come back in the same boat. Are we not with anything bite is not my president, President-elect is not the present and the lack of the. The election was stolen from Donald Trump.

He had a massive overwhelming victory. But then there's like a 52 or 61 cases out there, most of which by the way were dismissed not because they look at the evidence, but were dismissed be for technical reasons and procedural reasons. Okay so you have a lot of that stuff going on and they were talking about that in the Senate chambers today, not the full Senate but one of the committees on Homeland security and they were talking about the Trump election, the Biden election.

Whatever you want to call the presidential election on all the reports in the anecdotal evidence and the affidavits and charges across the board from different sources and others so much out there and then I've got people sending me information about military movements and things going on there. For example, I'm just trying to pull blind, for example, there is something going on with the 82nd airborne need to see this one did you get this one to get this tweeted to get this taxi to get this Facebook note 82nd Airborne Division tweeted out last week. A storm is coming kingdom people are talking about ship placements Navy ship placements off the West Coast and three aircraft carriers here and what's going on the East Coast and China's invading by the way, that's was be happening any day now, and in some other information said that Donald Trump is going to declare martial law on the 14th and what's today that that's the 16th. That didn't happen. And so when I looked up truth maybe placements for the last several years.

They they tend to have some of the similar placements at similar times of year, so there was nothing there that I did some research and found nothing.

And then there's this one, 82nd division tweeted out last week. A storm is coming so okay that's interesting.

I'll look that up and found that for the last three years. This being the third year in a row. Anesthetist went back to December 8 and December 9 this thing that they call them or what they call it storm is coming.

Hashtag something or other devil storm. That's what they call it double storm is something they've done now, three years in a row where the second airborne which are paratroopers and stop do a couple of days. A massive drills just for combat readiness and so people like look at happening 82nd Airborne Division, a storm is coming because China's invading well don't don't forget we got about 4500 nuclear warheads in our American Arsenal in China does not okay. They have some but they will have a we so you think the Chinese are in the comfort of flooding across New York Harbor were coming under the beaches there in San Diego because were particularly ripe to be taken over right now that's just crazy talk. Okay. And then on the offending some of you right now because you're like no this is happening and we are just you thought COBIT was a state of confusion, now or in a bigger one, and we just tossing this on top of COBIT and so a lot of Christians are reacting strongly Bigley as our president likes to say and so we've got this whole question. I said this yesterday how now shall we live, what's going on here and then this over the last 456 days a David French came out this article, the dangerous idolatry of Christian Trump is on right on his heels. Beth Moore sounded: quote an alarm on twitter was gonna blow up the cult of Christian Trump is him then from VI religious news service. They did a story on that the cult of Christian Trump is him was from the Gospel coalition. All these charges.

Evangelical reckoning begins. This was in the Atlantic and they talk to Andy Stanley got one of the biggest churches in America and hereby set a bunch of things that essentially is all you people losing your minds about the selection over Donald Trump, God's man etc. etc. etc. you're all just a bunch of idolaters. You totally trashed the witness of the American church. You destroyed the use of the word evangelical or evangelicalism and you guys are all bowing down at the foot of essentially a bail and government and you're ready to go to war and shoot an end to bloodletting and so that's no place for the Christian witness and so that's why they're calling you that's why they're calling it Christian Trump is a okay that's what I want to talk to you about today are we supposed to be people of fear. We are not my concern about election integrity in the United States. America absolutely that's nothing new. By the way, you go to the heritage website and you you you have a resource there.

That's just a samplingof general stats from about the last 40 years goes back to 1982. They have records on it showing you I mean actual convictions 1400+ convictions for election fraud, voter fraud, all that kind of stuff.

This is nothing new has been going on since we stats that had election why human depravity and power. Okay that's like how do you make cookies what how to make ice cream. One is sugar cream, eggs, milk, what, whatever previous same stuff over and over again.

Same thing in this case but but are you are you are you trashing your witness. We been hearing that for five years. Any Christian that supports Donald Trump talking about support such a dirt bag so that somebody that's so degrading towards women and talks down to people and insult people and things on twitter improbable, and all of that out which what what does that leave you lies in a conversation with Pastor Greg Laurie several years ago is that leave you so you don't you don't vote for Donald Trump. You vote for somebody that supports, protects and funds infanticide baby killing that's what you do that what you know so here is Dr. Michael Brown is on the radio right before me brilliant guy know I have known Michael for years and appreciate them.

Local churches as centers of resistance, he just put this out in the stream.

The other day.

It is true that our elected officials help determine the direction of the nation. That's why we emphasize the importance of voting and staying involved in the political process, but it's also true that God's people gather together local congregations can have an even greater influence on the direction of the nation, especially when we make up a substantial part of the population as Jesus puts it, we has followers are called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Matthew five but what exactly does that look like, how do we fulfill the sacred and sobering roles. Some people right now are safe.

Resist finds out I present is President-elect is the big fraud that election was stolen Donald Trump. He had a huge win, and the whole thing from the mainstream media to the polling company to Dominion software to all of that is interesting bits and pieces of information in allegation evidence here and there that I don't think we can trust the election process will you do about talk about fable.

Not only wanes you one of those Christian trumpet better Christian trumpet but I guess you could say the same thing, something that trumpets were Donald Trump church for Donald Trump covers for Donald Trump supports Donald Trump note no matter what your incensed right now you're completely ticked off your you're ready to, you know, maybe pull a peaceful protest and start spray painting things and breaking things and you fear that were coming to go from a cold Civil War to hot Civil War and quite frankly you're ready, and maybe even calling for an you're so bent and upset about the selection being stolen from Pres. Donald Trump that you just can't sleep at night and you're completely obsessed. You're reading everything you're watching YouTube stuff all the time, you're engaged fully on Facebook and Twitter in Instagram and you're just pulling stuff in and the more you read, the more incensed you get in this whole thing is so crooked and I can't believe nobody's doing anything in the mainstream media and the courts are all crooked and every judge involved is crooked Republican and conservative are not in this whole thing and you just pulling your hair out and in and you want to go to the March in DC and in your weight using got your Trump flag in the back your car when you pull it to church this Sunday and you're just incensed you're out of your mind.

At the end of your rope and I get all of that, I get it.

I do, but how now shall we live, how do we deal with this on the get to a couple of these Trump's articles and concluded that the market such as Holland is reading from this one from Dr. Michael Brown is brilliant, great guy on the Arab we been friends for years.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said the church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state, it must be the guide and the critic of the state and Everett's tool. If the church is not recapture his prophetic seal that will become a relevant social club without moral or spiritual authority pretty good again. I asked Mike Brown writes what exactly does this look like, how do we make a transformative impact on our society how do we resist the destructive trends that threatened to destroy our nation. How do we push back against real forces of wickedness and certainly not by taking over neighborhood through intimidation and fear forcing nonbelievers to the buyer. Moral codes it is even more certainly not a call take up arms and literally go to war with their ideological opponents. Although it's perfectly appropriate for Christians to serve in the military to fight in what theologians of dub just wars. Good thing okay you got stuff going on yet spiritual things going on to get Cova going on. You got about what looks to be probably at a transfer of power would be peaceful mostly probably hopefully think we should pray for that and then you have an election process that lacks integrity and if you can't trust your election process in the United States of America. So-called representative republic, which was designed to be. It's no longer the United States of America is no longer a representative republic is then all of a sudden you don't know if the votes of the people are actually determining who's in office and if they are not. You don't live in a representative republic. You live in an oligarchy.

That's a government of a small group of very powerful people. That's an oligarchy, gay. So then you get all these kinds of attacks. Okay the dangerous idolatry of Christian trumpets and some would say it's an attack. Some would say no, this is just calling a spade a spade.

David French.

This is a grievous and dangerous time for American Christianity the frenzy and the fury the postelection period is laid bare the sheer idolatry and fanaticism of Christian trumpets and a significant segment of the Christian public is fallen for conspiracy theories as mix nationalism with the Christian gospel has substituted a bizarre mysticism for reason and evidence and ranges in fear and anger against their political opponents all in the name of preserving Donald Trump's power.

David goes off on some things. He was watching at Jericho March Eric my taxes was involved with that and lassies keep mentioning this in his article last week, but Texas also interviewed Charlie Kurt, cofounder attorney for USA is been on the show before our frequent featured speaker in American churches is my friend Rod Dreher reported that taxes made a series of stunning statements about the election quote. It's like stealing the heart and soul of America is like holding a rusty knife to the throat of Lady liberty pretty explicit language right you might as well spit on the grave of George Washington quote this is evil is like somebody has been raped or murdered. This is like that times a thousand relapse.

To me that's a little over-the-top, and here's what he says about Americans who disagree believe it.

Trump lost the election. Quote everybody who is not hopped up about this. You are the Germans that look the other way when Hitler was preparing to do what he was preparing to do. Unfortunately, I don't see how you can see it any other way while that's strong so if you're not all bent out of shape about potential loss here.

Pres. Trump based on an electoral process that has all kinds of holes in it like a piece of Swiss cheese then you're like the German who said nothing while Nazi Germany ramped up to kill 6 million Jews to cook up torture that's that's what you're like now is that is that accurate.

I think that's over the top now is going to be some people. Some of you that think I'm wrong that you do see it that way it were not there yet were not talking about ramping up 1/3 right to go make Jews okay those that use it when I yet hope hold on there is no so Beth 4G about this. She came out the other day, just a few days ago, tweeting as we do right and she's talking about their see anything in these United States of America.

I found more astonishingly seductive and dangerous to the saints of God than tropism, the founder of living proof minute ministry said in her tweet, which of course moved a lot that we did current trial swallow prior and evangelical author is now think out at Southeastern Baptist said that she was ashamed of, voted for local and state GOP candidates, many of whom back lawsuit challenging the election.

Quote what a bunch of moneygrubbing power-hungry partisan cowards who care nothing about conservatism will then this article mentions David French the Beth Moore saying that in her more than 63 years she's never seen anything these United States of America.

I found more astonishingly seductive and dangerous than tropism without warnings were nearly 1 million followers that she would be blunt, the founder of living proof ministries posted thread in which he called on Christians to move back from tropism an instant consistent Christian nationalism is not of God more particular strong words for fellow Christian leaders to she said have a responsibility for protecting the congregants quote we will be held responsible for remaining passive in this day of seduction to save our own skin while the saints we been entrusted to serve are being seduced, manipulated, used and stirred up into a lather of zeal, devoid of the Holy Spirit for political gain more added to Sunday's twitter thread by stating that the answer to tropism for Christians cannot be Biden's. We do not worship flesh and blood.

We cannot place our faith and morals where the church the living God. We can't think by idolatry by labeling a leader are Cyrus we need in Osiris we have a king's name is Jesus. Yet that we live in a real world where we have real representatives and real leadership in real governments who make real decisions that do things like I don't know kill babies rusty. That's all you ever talk about imagine saying that to me if I had a radio show in Europe in 1941. Steve all you do is talk about Hitler killing Jews mean there's things going on. Yeah I know it isn't really rise to the moral outrage level of a baby murder and I'm not saying leave the other stuff off the table. I'm just saying there is a moral pecking order. Okay so all didn't dig into this only come back and some from this cult of Christian trump is an article from the Gospel coalition will work our way through it what you think about all this, by the way and open up the phone will be right back, back, and Steve noble to see you will feel the cold Christians from prison are you a call this the mega hat wearing Magen flag-waving, Christian, to save the nation you occultists. This is from the Gospel coalition. December 16 on Saturday, December 12. The bizarre rally was held on the Washington Mall shofars were blown a flyover for Marine one was cheered by shouts of praise to the Messiah evidently distinguished from Jesus see this little snarky there right my pillow founder Mike Lindell shared prophetic visions of Donald Trump Beth Moore sound of the alarm. David French offered wise analysis on and on and on it goes in American-born Israeli man received permission from his Orthodox rabbi to break Shabbat to blow the shofar and another red white blue decorated Trump shofar Roman Catholic representatives invoke the Virgin Mary and the saints that evangelicals reject worship of anything other than the triune God, and even the intercession of Mary and the St. why is it by the way, when you stand up against something.

When you stand up for something governmental you're concerned that this election is it's got a lot of holes in it and you can't trust it in your convinced that Donald Trump actually whined that there's been enough anecdotal evidence in real evidence and affidavits all over the country and all kinds of things that sound really bad. Okay, I haven't really got their day in court. Yet, the sound really bad and you stand up against that all of a sudden all the sudden you're somehow worshiping something other than triune God. Maybe you're doing that because you worship the triune God because he caused to be people of justice and truth and to look out for our neighbor as ourselves in the fight against oppression may have defined the word fight is our weapons are not carnal right there spiritual we fight against the powers of darkness against principalities, against the spiritual forces in this world, against the principal power of the air on the gun on the microphone ultimately but with the word of God with the Holy Spirit and what they the full armor of God, not the least of which is the belt that's true what truth Steve when I summoned Pontius Pilate.

The truth of God's word okay so all these article again.

Discernment, discernment, discernment, but maybe. But many, lover, trouble overtakes these theological convictions. Dreher wrote that he was referred to in the other article my responses. What theological convictions idolatry is taken precedence over theology not doubt getting involved with politics and the being in the public square in order to try to impact the direction of the country made a 340 million people, many of whom are unborn and just trying to deal with truth and justice. It is that necessarily idolatry I can't just I mean II can look at yeah I got some concerns there, but can I actually judge the human heart. I can't at the same time there is theological heart of Christian tropism. Please note that I am not talking about voting for president Trump or one's appraisal of the election outcome my public calling this the writer of the Gospel coalition is not to bind Christian consciences to my own political positions rather as a minister of the word I'm joining others in sounding the alarm. The line has been crossed and ranked spiritual adultery. For many of us, he writes, is easy to recognize the assimilation of Christian faith, the cultural, political progressivism, but it's time for all of us. Finally, to take the log out of our own eyes, the Jericho march was a blip in the new cycle, but maybe it can be a wake-up call for Christ body or witnessing on the national stage right now is disgracefully writes.

In fact, the only word for it is blasphemy. See all this just radical terminology. Okay the sacrilege knot of secularists marching on Washington to take away religious freedom, but of evangelicals marching on Washington to perpetuate Colts while worrying about secularists outside many of us have failed to reckon with the secularization right under our noses. As the rich cuisine of biblical faith is traded for a mess of pop culture stupid so it's you can't get a little bit pregnant. You're either all wrong or all right. And so that's the problem. Okay. And I just just visually the Jericho rally, the Jericho march whenever I see this conflation of America. Trump, political ideology, the gospel of the Bible, the cross that makes me nervous.

If it doesn't make you nervous. I don't understand but it makes me nervous. Why because of human depravity and are penchant to get things wrong in the heart as I think CS Lewis once said, is an idol factory not IDL EI DOL is an idol factory we can get a lot of things wrong and often we do so, the discernment to deal with truth and justice versus idolatry and acting like the condition the country and who's in charge is almost supreme to gospel of God's will is implications on how we live the gospel isn't just you need a Savior because of your sin. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death, right no one seeks God. No, not one then comes the gospel in terms of salvation. And then when you're saved on your born-again, then the gospel is now how you live out your life, which would include the public square. So to live a strictly churchy life as a gospel person is insufficient because the gospel affects the neighborhood in which is made up of neighbors which were called to love.

So that's why always say that you that I apathy is simply not an option for Christian. So yes I'm going to talk about my concern for some political idolatry going on. Yes I'm gonna talk about where we can be preoccupied with too many earthly things and not enough heavenly things, but some people can be so heavenly minded there no earthly good right and they just pull it to hang on at the church and instead read the Scriptures and try to leave my kids to Christ and that's about it.

But I did James Kennedy used to say Christian should be like hurricanes and everywhere we go. Nothing should stay the same.

We should be people that that take a stand for truth and justice because people are affected by lies and injustice, oppression, government overreach abuse at the least of which are the unborn redefinition of biblical institutions by the government. This degradation in light one of my ethics professors used to say the gospel is a moral solution to a moral problem is one of my greatest concerns for our nation as we eliminate any notion of morality and so Facebook defines that there 78 different genders, and you can change and marriage is whatever you want to be and really get to the point not that far off where you're having a bad month or a bad year you want to euthanize yourself. You can and will get a doctor to help you or put you in a nice little pod and bring you out dead.

Because life just too much to take all this stuff. Shame is dead in America is all of a sudden you lose moral a moral compass and a nation and also everybody's doing okay.

There's really not that much that's immoral.

Leisure Trump fan that's deftly immoral, but everything else that's okay, so if nothing's really immoral. There's really no shame in any of it, then why do I need a Savior. I need to be saved from what for what reason I talked about that yesterday.

So you have to have discernment okay to discernment. Tell the truth from the live pullout the truth set aside stuff that's off. That's what I try to do that. So were called to do. Okay so not a lot of time, so maybe I'll do this tomorrow or Friday were to have Mike Johnson representative Mike Johnson throbbing to be on the show Friday is the foremost expert on religious liberty in the House of Representatives. Great friend great brother he'll help us understand what's going on what could happen on January 6 which he talked about yesterday with the reading of the electoral votes coming out of the states that then go to the Congress and then they read those go through it in Congress. And you can have challenges we talked about that yesterday's if you miss to go catch the Facebook live for yesterday or the a and I'll be talking about a lot more between now generally, six, or grab the podcast tomorrow not done talking about this, by the way tomorrow looks like were going to have our good friend Mr. Steve de son and he wrote a book a few years ago that you should read okay. You should read the book he wrote a couple years ago called a nefarious plot nefarious nefarious plot in the whole point behind a nefarious plot was very much like the Screwtape letters in nefarious is a senior demon that the devil himself dispatches to destroy America. Okay, the Americans been such a a light in the world is been a source of power and influence in the world, and a great gospel sending base in a nation that was brought up out of the soil of religious liberty, religious freedom and largely had a biblical worldview and her earliest days which I studied at nonexempt talked about ad nauseam and taught at nausea and so you look at that and indigo okay so this is nefarious job.

Of course, I mean why would you want to take on America from the devils prospectus we wrote this book all the nefarious plot in the what just came out, which is just available now because because COBIT hashtag because Calvin actually can't get a hard copy until mid-January.

But I got the PDF and it's called a nefarious Carol CAR OL like a Christmas Carol and involves the devil himself engaged in the conversation with the young woman in its proposition of sorts done, like a Christmas Carol. So I'm about 65% through reading Edelman to finish it later today were to have Steve de son tomorrow which will deftly swerve in the politics will talk about Christian profitable talk about the selection talk about fraud will talk about illegality as we focus on the nefarious Carol which you look up openly come on Facebook live and we come back some more about Christian from the global really great with you and really, I mean the stop is really challenging. I disagree with a lot of these assertions from all this Christian Trump is a family there. Assuming everybody that's sporting Trump and angry about the selection right now is just a big idolatrous own. So since when did anybody at the gospel coalition qualify as God himself or Beth Moore talk about idolatry.

Maybe that's idolatry itself you're correcting everybody else to listen to what I I make the assumption that a lot of these people are trying to answer the question I asked yesterday him and ask a lot in the near future which is how now shall we live. Given the situation what's going on in America and by the way, did you expect it to go any differently when again I'm going back in time to when I was pretty much a and abandonment theology guy, which sounds a little bit like this.

I've read the end of the book we win. So in the meantime, a minute take care of me myself and I am to do good churchy things on my can get too wrapped up in the world of what's happening there, build my Castle. I'm in a big my modem to pull in my gait and I watch all swirl down the toilet from the sidelines right so I was prior to about 2002, 2003, 2004, some for mission trips and ultimately the birth called action, which was our activism start and then radio came later. I'm like oh you know what, sooner or later we have four kids. They were much smaller than obviously sooner or later. I get up open my gait and send my kids out to the world and what I done to affect the world into which I'm sending them nothing. And what about my neighbors have I done anything to affect the world in which they live. No, not really.

I pretty much taken care of me myself and I had to go halfway around the world to Kenya to finally have the guts to tell somebody the gospel to share the gospel and asked people to make a decision I'd go halfway around the world to do that. Those 2002 and I had the guts we notice we're talking a little bit about the gospel of family members and stuff before that. But man I didn't have the kind of public witness that in the back and a public boldness and going to Africa change that I came back in, like why my different person here than I am over there. There doesn't cost me anything Numa xoom goo can go out in the bush and Kenya share the gospel with 35 people in a T field 15 of them since razor hands say they want to pray to receive Christ you feel great about yourself and you got nothing to lose.

They don't know. I am Nate. I don't go to church with them. I don't see them down the block piece a cake like shooting fish in a barrel and then I come home in my all know that I should share the gospel neighbor the freaking never to talk to me again if I go to work and available. So then I started to kinda crawl out of all that and got open a door for me and others and we walked through it and became Christian activists and then I do deal with my heart. Over time, and I think I lost sight of the gospel in many ways, and I was more concerned about saving America than seeing American saved and God dealt with me through the harvest Crusade process with Greg Laurie and here I am, I was 2006 2007 and here I am in 2020 still struggling with this. How now.

Shall I live, how much of myself and my emotion in my thought process and my energy and my joy in my happiness am I gonna wrap up in the condition of this country, but the condition of this country has affected millions and millions and millions and millions of people, not the least of which are are the unborn, who 61 million have only sacrificed on the altar.

98% of the time of just I don't feel like having a baby right now is not good timing. I don't want get it out of me. 90% of all abortions are purely elective in the degradation of a sexual ethic, and then what we've done in our schools and what we done in our cities and in oppression and slavery, and by the way, ladies. Did you know slaves were freed and had the right to vote before unit we got all kinds of stuff in this country's history. Just like I do in my own personal ledger and so does that stop matter doing cagey yes how do you not how you turn a blind eye to the guy on the side of the road that's lying bloodied and beaten.

You have to be the good Samaritan you have to be you engage because our government and our culture affects people some unborn and so you must engage if you love the Lord and love your neighbor as yourself. You have to engage. But how much of your stock. Do you sink into it.

We run around and spend 98% of our energy and our gifting in our abilities on political matters in 2% like the abortion rate on spiritual things like literally like life and death gospel things evangelism, discipleship that helping them listen me. James makes it pretty obvious if if you're not doing something regularly to help the oppressed and the poor and the needy. You can bring your you can bring your salvation, and the question Question is, I've struggled with that for years because you know what compassion international. That's great you got a couple kids on your billboard at home on your chalkboard on your refrigerator that you sent $80 a month to that's great, but that's that you like in your hands dirty. You're not really in it. Write a check, and that's important matters, but am I actually doing something on a regular basis to help the poor and the needy and the widow the fatherlessness in this country 42% kids in America grown up a fight without a father, I can check off a box because I get on here five days a week and pontificate.

Sometimes it's important matters and I pray to the Lord that it makes a difference, but I'm really out there getting my hands dirty, am not in many ways I'm Espinal on Saturdays in front of an abortion clinic that matters. So what we do we do now shall we live. So I think I'm incensed about the possibility that I think is fairly probable. I don't know if enough happen to ask like one doldrums that I have an overwhelming victory and likely that's Donald Trump.

Okay king of hyperbole. Do you think we swung 10 million votes for 15 million votes out think that's possible. Gogol walked out Joe Biden got 10 million more votes than Barack Obama's. Yet Barack Obama did run against Donald Trump and Trump derangement syndrome is real and you want to talk about Christian Trump is him there's all kinds of non-Christian insight trumpets. This is just a crazy season were and I don't know that the seasons can end until Jesus comes back and it's ramping up now and things are starting to smell a whole lot more like end times and and and I think one of our challenges. One of the things your hearing in me as I work my way and fumble my way and treat my way through this conversation is that I guess we just never really saw ourselves having to deal with this.

We never see that we get to such a crazy dark using place and that's where as Christians they okay hold on.

Slow down a little bit.

Do you pray anywhere near as much as you protest, do we pray anywhere near as much as we speak out or post or tweet or retweet or repost or text each other and just go ballistic about this and that we spent so much time broadcasting our opinions, but how much time do we spend in prayer, I know I'm weak in that area. I I have utmost respect for my wife is been praying for our four kids and all kinds of stuff for years, but are all yeah you pray about that and we expect to have happen.

You take the streets all you want but if our prayer life stinks. Holy cow that's a problem right and you want to see a nation pursue righteousness than let's pursue people coming to know Christ. You think you're going to change the heart, you can't. Only the gospel does that my wife was pro-choice before she got saved.

I didn't give a rip before I got sick.

Now look at me now look at her. The gospel did that and so now we've got little like 95% of Christians in America.

According to Barna, which I'm always like a put an asterisk next to that because bad news sells so 95%. Don't ever personally share the gospel with people. I hope it's not that bad but it could be north of 80%.

That would shock me me and let me ask you the question was the last time you personally share the gospel with somebody I don't do it nearly as often as you would think I do. Just because I'm Mr. Christian guy on the radio.

I do it on the radio it to me. It that's easy. It's mean-spirited, a camera, talking into a mic that's an easy way to share the gospel go have that go at that awkward conversation with your neighbor or coworker. And so we struggle through it.

This is the tension of the Christian life. I don't trust the election results. Do I think if it were cleaned up. Donald Trump would win. Quite honestly, I don't. I think there's enough people in this country that are so wigged out instant and lack wisdom and discernment.

Artists are just up just crazy enraged about Donald Trump and in many ways I think their spiritual stuff there because of what he defended and what he did with his last four years, a lot of which made evangelical Christians happy is a got a guy up there championing for life and against the Johnson amendment and stuff like that in whether he's a born-again or Christian or not.

In this case is irrelevant what what's relevant is he did these things and so that represents a standard a standard that I can make a case is a biblical Christian comes from the Bible. Take Donald Trump's words out of it. Just the fact that it happened while he was the president so he represents something that the forces of darkness, hate, and that's the truth and I'm not saying Donald trumps wearing a gown draped over him by Jesus Christ okays God's anointed.

That's true just like Obama was thinking somebody's going to get into this office without God's knowledge and providence, overseeing it if Joe Biden gets inaugurated on January 20.

God knows that God allows that and maybe chew on this one. Maybe that's actually God doing something to us. Maybe it's judgment. So welcome to the confused walk with the Lord Christian radio talkshow I'm struggling through this stuff.

I'm not having a hard time seeing the truth. I doubt the election results are accurate. I don't think there's enough there to overturn the results of the election because I think Trump's arrangements is real and widespread mostly on the left, but also on the right. Some people worship Donald Trump and they into idolatry. Most likely I know that for sure. I do not is what I know that I have a responsibility to speak the truth try to help my neighbor in this country one of the ways I do that politics preach the gospel and trust God.

This is no longer see God willing talk again soon and always used to say

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