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A Reality Check from a Christian Leader in Iraq

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 15, 2020 4:40 pm

A Reality Check from a Christian Leader in Iraq

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 15, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/15/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Holy reality check from Iraq today Christian leader seen it all started for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to the line of fire Brown here delighted to be with you. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 if you want to weigh in on yesterday's topic on Christian nationalism. Is this a healthy thing. An unhealthy thing is it part of our heritage as Americans is it mixing the kingdom of God with the kingdom of man 866-34-TRUTH or anything else want talk to me about glad to do that do want to share a few further thoughts about that bottom of the hour we will be joined by Canon Andrew White. He is church leader who is served four years in Iraq and his been to hell and back. In that respect to courageous a courageous leader and I will be joining us. The bottom of the hour and and I believe that'll be very very important time edifying encouraging, challenging as well.

Okay I want to read a quote to you from David French David French is a well-known conservative columnist, a lawyer served with the alliance defending freedom for years and out for many years of appreciated David's work. He has been very strong never trumpets of had some differences with him on that. But he wrote an article about what he referred to as the idolatry of the religious right towards Trump and we can debate that put that aside for the moment, but look at what he said and it's it to me. It's a very powerful quote. He said I've often thought about what a persecuted first century Christian would think of the rage and panic of all too many American evangelicals they would be stunned at the sheer size of the American church immediately could not relate to numbers like that first century Christians. Paul wrote to the Corinthians to be 5075 members of the churches there than in the city so they be stunned at the sheer size electric picture buildings are wealth right they be in all of our wealth they be amazed that the most powerful men in the world would would court what would 1/4 favor to think of that is of the president wanting the favor of the Christians of the evangelicals of the first century amended Nero these guys is killing Christians right and then they'd even more stem of the fanaticism and fury displayed in the nation's capital yesterday was on Sunday. Speaking of the Jericho March event on Saturday was just talking to a staff member about this, but before the show today and by all means it's important that Christians are praying and thrilled to see that leading up to the election. They were great prayer events and movements that the return and in DC was one not political events but prevents crying out to God, asking God have mercy on the nation, confessing our sins. The sins of the church. It was wonderful. It was happening, I thought. Will that puts us in good position with the election that whatever God wants to do through this. Whatever alchemy desires were humbling ourselves before him and asking for his mercy and repenting of our sins and then with concern about fraud and many believing elections were stolen and having logical statistical reasons and the things I believe I witnessed reasons to be praying for truth can't mess with that right and every every one of us, all of us should want a fair and righteous outcome of the election right we should all agree with those of who we voted for.

If we didn't vote. We should all agree as American citizens that we want the will of the people to be done that based on our electoral system.

We want the duly elected president to serve as president.

So if there was fraud B exposed if there wasn't fraud lyrically expose that there wasn't, because otherwise neither side is going to be willing to really move on right it if if one believes things were stolen or not in you can have any any type of unifying of the country, so by all means keep praying for truth for everything to come to light for the good of the nation and forget Trump Biden for the larger good of the nation. Amen.

But when it becomes basically this was stolen from our man and and and that is what were praying for for him to be vindicated for the truth, now things going the wrong direction right at that moment, and then when the advance of the kingdom of God is directly associated with the success of a man. Now we've mixed things. Not now. We have exalted a man into a dangerous place. Now here's what's really interesting and guys maybe we can grab might my twitter feed I've been doing some polling the last couple of days and asking a few questions.

This may shock some of you when you hear this. Others will say that's that's what I think right so first pole and I tweeted this out of four hours ago got what 823 responses so far there are certain things which we can say were absolutely sure, and many others. We cannot when it comes to election fraud. Can you say you are absolutely sure, absolutely sure election was stolen three fortresses. Yes absolutely sure almost totally sure. Pretty sure I know that obviously I could've said deftly didn't happen, but I just put no generic category.

So the one that has the highest responsible for is yes 38.4% of those responding said they are absolutely sure election was stolen 13.7% said almost totally sure it's right there that put you over 50% with 52% saying there either absolutely sure almost totally sure and increase your 14.44% in the know 33.6 pence a two thirds really pretty sure almost always, your are absolutely sure that certain that certain art so now there's another pole that I did and this will obviously tie-in and I did this one yesterday for three hours to go 1500 votes so far. If you been concerned about electoral fraud.

At what point will you accept Joe Biden's president Nevis electoral College is vote. He is officially not just by the media saying he is officially President-elect, but you may feel it's unjust. You may feel it. It's fraudulent and will let everything come to light with the truth come to light, so we can either embrace the vote or the courts will say, though, things bogus right so I asked the question you been concerned electoral fraud. At what point will you accept Joe Biden's president now that the electoral college has voted so by law. He is president elect bite or by our system right now is not inaugurated yet, but by your system. Electoral college will that's what happened right in courts of mental return that yet. So that's what stands at the moment I so my question is when will you ask accept him as president it though. This is to those who think they're distraught. So first choice I do now was electoral college has has said with this and I've been waiting for that now that he's been certified of the vote, certified accepted now that's 24.5% to one quarter at inauguration When it comes to evaluation is still time the still time for fraud to be revealed is still time for the courts to take this up, there's still time to overturn the selection, but if he gets to inauguration. Then I'll accept Joe Biden's present right this 22.5%. So little under quarter. Then when Trump conceits I can sit if but same difference right that if a certain point, Trump says I can see I can see 11.7% said that's when they would accept. But check this out 41.3% of the 1500 who responded said never in the rest majority of those who follow me on Twitter or professing Christians right and from polls and in the past about 70% Trump voters never 41.3% said never so that we tie-in now with how many or sure that that absolutely sure that the electoral stone 30.4% so it works out pretty similarly doesn't that basically you've got 40% of those that I'm polling saying we are absolutely sure election was fraudulent. Therefore, they will never accept Joe Biden as president this strike you as dangerous now asking a question. Does that strike you as dangerous when you little further with with my question with the fact that you have the unanimous chorus of well-known or prominent prophetic voices all prophesy in the Trump would be reelected would serve a second term eating a second consecutive term, right and and the maybe one or two have said hey blue, I was wrong. Maybe I was about to. I don't know but for sure that the loud voices I'm hearing or saying keep believing. Keep holding on. It's not over yet. This motor can be done fraudulently exposed this escapement to a place that's really dangerous, potentially really dangerous meaning no matter what happens, if every court in the land, says the evidence being presented for fraud is is not persuasive. We have no evidence that the election was stolen right right of the Supreme Court if it if this is and if if this happens right and you have profits still saying he's he's God's man is beautiful be reelected.

So what what what happens if you get to this point where Joe Biden fact is inaugurated as president and you have all the courts saying there is not sufficient evidence you have people say I don't believe the courts the courts across the courts of caved in and believe the media believe the politicians honorably, the FBI, Department of Justice, believe any of them. I see I however I don't believe them workers whatever groups would be involved right I will believe them.

I can trust them in the profits of said it.

Therefore, Trump is the president no matter what the courts say them in one inauguration said to you see that is a potentially very dangerous position to be in. And then the question would be an artless.

I have folks close to me are 100% sure to core there be by evidence and by what they feel the spirit that the election was stolen okay I'm not there.

I do not know. I do not know in terms of fact need to do you write E3 so here we aren't there we were there at every election polling place of the nation, but but it deeply concerns me that there is a potential scenario that no matter what evidence is presented right what evidence is presented as a in the middle what happens in the natural things in a spiritually trusted that's a scary scary problem here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown about how to move forward and they are the points from the last chapter of evangelicals at the crossroads and in the last chapter the book I lay out 10 steps that we must take to pass the Trump test was the Trump test on my terms so as I defined it 11 was to to be able to vote for Trump without losing her testimony in a compromising or witness can we do that, can we be Trump voters and supporters and yet not compromise or witness and I said if we do certain things. The answer is yes conducted so certainly the answer is yes and the other is can we unite around Jesus.

Even if we divide up Trump. Have we passed the Trump decisively failed miserably refilled this, we are massively divided over Trump as opposed to being wonderfully united around Jesus evil having differences about the election and in many ways we tarnished our witness by becoming apologist for the president and not just voters of the president is my take my educated opinion, but in any case the way forward. I lay out at the end of evangelicals at the crossroads, but I took the 10 points for those don't have the book you want to get the book can't get the book. I took the 10 points just put them in bullet form at the end of one of my articles that I wrote old bread around election time and it was an urgent appeal to supporters of Pres. Trump as a fellow voter Pres. Trump was urging us to do certain things like click put the cross before the flag and spiritual activity. Before political activity and regain our prophetic voice and various things like that that remains imperative so please hearing if you are convinced that God did speak supernaturally Trump would serve a second term in your convinced that there is fraud will don't stop praying for fraud to be exposed. But here's here's how I would recommend praying father bring everything to light me the truth come to light about the selections this prayer we can all agree on.

If there was not fraud are not sufficient fraud to toot to steal an election. Let that be known so that people can go on with their normal lives in business and and not think that the election was stolen here in in 2020, America, or conversely was stolen but come to light that this outrage would be revealed. Pray that writer to inauguration day right) after knowledge or have whatever certain point you get up, accept reality, right where we are. We are but part with all your heart got me the truth be revealed about the election, pray fervently for why, why would we all do that because right now America's divided over. That's a prayer we can all agree on a man right and then pray Lord your best plan your your your truth that you have what you have spoken bring that's like bring that to pass. So if the profits are right there right is the wrong the wrong that and and is not the time for rationalizations in the know Trump is present in God's sight, not man said no forget that always, we don't believe enough wouldn't believe are the ancient Israel got a prophecy wrong at what was true, but even believe hard enough, that was not an option is been plenty of faith.

We pray that this meant probably plenty of prayer either. The prophets prophesied accurately or they didn't. So check out my latest article or ask Dr. and we can interact. There are right so one of the thing then all of tell you what to what I'm under the phones.

One of the play clip.

I didn't get to it yesterday. Depending on how long I speak with with the Canon Andrew White will see if we get to it today, but to grab some calls. First let's go to to Lebanon Oregon. William walking to the line of fire.

Were your thoughts. Thank you Dr. Brown I wanted to start out by saying that I really love you and I appreciate the work that you do and your heart on these matters has really been a guide for me and help me stay focused and centered on Christ in the midst of all this craziness but I heard you talking earlier and I noticed that you were kind of describing what was happening, but it felt to me like there were some elements that were being left out that really felt like deserve to be added to the conversation. Please, please do so. I am one of the 40% occupied and actually respond to your poll, but I am one of the people feel like at this point election would be illegitimate because we have seen this countless examples of evidence and this evidence really try it. It really paints a picture that there's something very very handy: and these courts just seem to be rejecting it left and right, and that makes people like me feel like our legitimate concern is not getting a fair hearing.

There doesn't seem to be any interest to actually find the truth, only to just discredit claims that something like that happened and when you consider the history of the left and communism and Marxism. How it's taken over other countries. People like me are terrified because we feel the colors being fitted around our necks. I know that's very extreme way of putting apologize for emotional about this because my wife and I live in Oregon and is conservative in Oregon.

There is incredible stress to not express your views or opinions are like pets completely remains on work commands does she do. She works in the medical field around… Honestly I was making. This is generic as possible yet medical field. Yes, so possibly limit limit. Let me ask you this, and I so appreciate you calling and the fact that this is such an intense subject for love of some some items out the fact that you're so control and what you're saying is very meaningful. Appreciate that, but what if just what if right. What if the evidence is not as it seems. In other words, I can make it in a debate incredible presentation and the whole place is like this is unbelievable. You're right in the next comes along and challenges a response like all he's right. No words could it be I'm just asking the question that the reason that court after court if the court many of which must have Trump appointees in them court after court after court if the court rendered to Supreme Court and all the Trump appointees agree on this said no there's not sufficient evidence. It's really it's bogus. It's poorly argued it's lacking its weave and shock your bringing it could be that it seems like a lot of fall but really it's not there. It is not possible or what would it take enema saying what it is.

Either way, I don't know but would it take for you to feel satisfied that the evidence was was was analyzed in an that there wasn't fraud and is there any anything I could convince you, yes, absolutely.

I mean I want to understand I'm not locked into a way of believing nobody knows anything for certain Cartesian certainty transfers are but the problem is we've seen all of these claims and evidence, and there is no real explanation for there are really halfhearted attempts to explain and is just being accepted and I feel like there is a legitimate case to be made. But what we really need to know is what really happened and that is not what is being talked about. They are the thing note, there's nothing here. We don't want to even take a look at it, but there is nobody actually going in there and trying to explain how using regrettably suspicious and serious accusations that that obviously threaten the integrity of the election – I shouldn't have to explain to people that we all start doubting the outcomes of the elections within the entire authority of the US government is corroded and it will collapse. So we would be able to trust that process might support myself to go right. We have to somehow agree on.

And obviously if the clock was ticking the way it is be easier, but that the whole nation, including Republicans, Democrats come by themselves should all agree let everything be thoroughly investigated so that either the charges can be dismissed and we can we can accept Joe Biden's president or the charges verify which case he's not really the president and right now the way that that what should be happening is through our court system so William limit. Let me just say this this last thing I I so appreciate the call and the the point you want to get across in the real concerns about where the left could be going really do understand that my view. Just give me my my perspective on this or is that with the massive prayer for God to bring the truth to light more prayer mobilize more urgently than I can remember in my lifetime and with our court system with an massive effort massive money being put into this mess. Motivation if there was, in fact, fraud committed on the level that is believed in enough to steal election or give Biden's a massive amount of votes that it has to come to light, it cannot be hidden then it will come to light and and that is certain point that light will have to be dealt with. So my concern is just that there can be closure and because I was, how do we move forward. My confidence is been that ultimately if there are real cases, the courts will hear them. That's been my faith posture because of the prayer of God's people in our system. We have so many courts and so many avenues that if there is validity. The courts ultimately curate and it will come to life that has happened thus far makes me wonder about claims with their points of view. Reason fixing it for everyone on every side have to be able to forward this. How do we get all right you're about to be joined with Canon Andrew going for plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown began some years ago, known as the vicar of Baghdad and serving with the church in Iraq until he had to leave in 2014 because of security concerns were previously in the West Bank you talk about difficult areas, life-threatening areas, areas with great religious conflict and ethnic conflict. He's been right in the thick of it missing the Lord's grace in the midst of it knew of his courage and testimony was delighted to find out that he began to work with some of our missionaries in Kurdistan, though the rock and in recent years has a book out glory zone in the war zone. Somehow we've we've never talk to me or we read similar circles. Our names come up so is actually the first time I have the honor and joy of talking to Canon Andrew White sir, thanks for joining us on the line of fire longer hello shalom. Micah Berry break so we can we could speak in Hebrew. Or we could we could speak English for the folks but that IMO agree to great to talk with user will reconnoiter you that I your current boy is yeah a boy actually in Manhattan and raised on Long Island so close, very close to their great to great to officially hear your voice. Where were you living right now will require you to be where I am no on all their own. Between you sure I am and Jordan, but now I'm in England on little down in England no boy so that's that's not the place. As I have marries to Roy to bowl wall saw Bruno down the bird population. In this glory and the wall of their news wanted excellent excellent.

What have you seen in Iraq. What type of experiences have you had with the persecuted church suffering Christians things that have broken your heart that also inspired you give us a picture give us a glimpse of what life is been like, well, my story and error all is the supreme act cool story. Swan old tool devastation and to glory. This store ever.

How about people being killed and distorted people already being raised from the dead, and into the story where five people say have you seen angels we have any tools with a three day we store angels really truly am. But Katy Perry and now one share of the keep me with young people and one of my full name my bowl so I say people say to me to to habitable her fear.

We frightened and I say no because I have a lot of cost out. No Psalm in the perfect golf was given by my children so you're saying what you witnessed in them there. Their love for God and for you drove fear out which way did they get absolutely excellent dear facing literally slaughter their getting killed family scheme. How are you here the door is how they have to remember two of my children reading for Mother's Day. We had to hide under the table because the American and British ball with dropping on now hold charge had been blown out and everything was finished. How people use it in the midst of these they had seen the glory of the resurrected Lord and we cool Jesus here so you know you sure I yeah so pray and be and pre-in Anaheim. They sold error may be actual language of Jesus and we every prayer is grounded in the lasting ways a sham made Bob role in the role called foolish any says we believe in one gold who is the father of Islam areas.

Only one goal that we say that because we have to show that we don't believe in free gold because of Muslims think we have three dogs who really demonstrate the redirect fee and then they share all of the warriors Trinity and you understand the Trinity know we don't activities. The mystery which inspire stop and empowers what type of courage.

Did you see these questions. These ordinary people.

His mom's and dad's is people working jobs is a kids as well as pastors and leaders.

What what type of commitment did they show in the face of struggling may just be easier for me just to convert to Islam and not been to so much pressure what what you see among this people well. I remember one day when the boy Vermont visited they became wrong. Then Evelyn and they ministered with any time round to my children meeting them for and they said how is a in the mid morning ball grinding every day in the maze of war. The war these IED attacks. You are the happiest people we have really truly devastating and they turned around and they stay when you have lost everything.

She's is when you go there and we have lost everything. She and I can only say that the only time I was scared.

Words are used to do a lot of work on the hostage. And when I think about working for the release of hostages. I think about the occasion I was in bowl activity week towards the 2001, and that was in the p.m. he went hold of fact, the VM is taken over by the Terry and they toke over the tracks of the Nativity and that took me 13 nine day and I didn't realize that that would be enough in the wrong I worked on the movies. This takes some time and I can remember one occasion because here anyway you can make. He is, you know the bad guy you call me peace with the goat people you know these groups they have these groups them. P me then they try and make P fine you can talk about that you can't do a analyzed looking for hostages. One day, and they were Portuguese nationals working in raw bag at and I found out who had taken the hosted and I when to try and find them and I met these people and they were really really bad and they decided they would kidnap me to the pluming that grew you know string of light I could use the phone or anything was a dog black and then off to today.

I remembered that I had to like me.

Now this practical, I didn't work in this town, but I had been the high I put the phone on two around, and I store the wall was covered with 12 fingers and toes. They with the fingers and toes all of the people I was looking for so I realize I know they then alter today's kidnappers came in to give me my daily allowance of John, Michael cool came to them and I explained to them was that anything I could do to help them. It will hang you get me out. It was how Carlisle you and I realize that they really want.

You may tell them gas how their safe house. I leave that big shape who is believed to award terrorist group thought he was helped by the American and submit the why would Paul Cole, the American Embassy compound of the coalition provisional quality and why waste. These were really bad. Kidnap and hang a right right here was going anywhere gives you the rest of the story can and Andrew White. His book glory sown in the war zone, miracles, signs and wonders somebody who lived somebody who saw a hell on earth and social presence and glory of God in the midst of it is a bit of a reality check us here in America the great word of encouragement glory sown in Warsaw. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Baghdad glory sown signs and wonders in the middle east. Okay you have been kidnapped by bad players.

The people that you're looking for. You're hoping to negotiate the release they have been chopped to pieces in your inner dark dungeon cell with some of the pieces of their body now talking to these terrorists who use ask, how can you help them and they tell you they wanted release of their safe whose held by American authorities. But you got connection with the American Embassy, so back to you sir war would draw to LI. Google I get.

I couldn't get through to him I will go and see him box you need to let me out now.

I knew that they would want me to lose so I do something, but to prove polite something for the now it just so happened that Paul saw the Carolina had given me the bill include money and there was $15,000 and that mommy belt around my waist so I hope that mommy now and basically gave it to, and that will save me back his wall. The down ministry that is all saved many, many people live and it was cold all over the church and will come online giving a generous gift to me back to my people. We had managed to connect to their was amazing to see them number of people who could be raised from the dad and I have been great my life to be the grandson of Milton Anglican I want, I'm Anglican, I was reared in between the strength to take credit back to weeks made manuscript talking back to conservative and Pentecostal could be Assemblies of God and my grandfather being a missionary with the Assemblies of God and he used to wear very famous God: Smith Wigglesworth Mason. I I when he died. 40 7G is a great pentacles would be to have the time was taking Wigglesworth you and gave his Bible to my grandfather while now when my grandfather was a balance.

Her daughter a few days before he died he called me and said to Andrew I want to give you the most bodily thing I have, and it was made.

The week was with five and you know I said I said Pol Pot made her pain and he fitted me with those one of the great" for the so I actually counted my around the world with me. His Bible came to me with me in the mood, dangerous time in the walls there is Bible, the me when I go to my favorite place now way back home was one of the supernatural ministry in Redmond in California.

I never forget the day that I told his Bible out in the morning pieces and bake for Bible warning on the floor and of the students went around and they collected will the bed and they gather laminate them in the next day prevented me with bad laminating.

How's broken bait basis. Very good and it must've been one Bible just dismissed a loan because of his voracious reading of the words, when you say that you literally saw people raised from the dead and it's obviously hiring so you document this talk about in your book glory sown in the war zone got about four minutes.

Can you just tell us one story of what you witnessed and services are being raised from the dead were one of the most wonderful stories through the young girl library every place I've ever worked. Concluding to this day I have had to try and a medical clinic of my background is in Ottoman anesthesiology by training and amendment came into the clinic. One day Abraham's name all these. Please, please tell them I want to come here and be treated. Though no and they want him to me and I think where he died. Then the University Hospital. I think we can't dig some DL University and treat them. I did, I want to pray now I pray and I said the board is going to make back to today. Andy Clyde and Clyde and I stated this to save the word to the you who are you weak spot is she he went to the hospital we go to the impending care unit and genre. He was about to enter the intensive care unit 42 came to bed. I'm reading a story.

When you are away you die and he cried. Clyde went back even if it got there.

She on that bad or is on around, and God they you know you the way you like had been saying all the way back.

How and they had the I am hungry and I have food there.

When he came told me that don't why happened all client that I was one of the many resurrection goal is to you feels sooner that sometimes a country like America where we have a lot easier where when not suffering overtly. That kind of persecution and in life is easier in general that begets somewhat soft and a Christianity lose the radical nature of it.

The courageous nature of it.

Even the faith nature of it. You think that's a danger in a country like America cannot be honest with you about America you think America by the Iranian being in America and I thought that long though many of the Christian all of my Christian baffle.

I think of Michael, your fifth goal, the fact to live Bible the Bible was weak, basically. So the powered when I weighed one of the Bible we had not paid and they gave the light.

I and how people had the word for moms that our children learn the Bible in English and Arabic word. They didn't want to be beaten, but most children so they learned from the income tax ministry so that you seen in America is people who are full face so generosity and and I've had other missions, friends, and of the sum of the parts the world share that with me in terms of of the generosity of Americans and people of faith often we we have been that aggressive in terms of the bird, the share with the lost and often a lack of backbone to stand, but may we all stand strong in the midst of the fire.

My brother, we've got to meet face to face Beretta time project is get the book glory sown in the war zone Canon into library.

By that I just image which covers many of my revival books.

God bless you my friend and we will be like dear Ryan Leahy, Tronics Leo you leach out bless you

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