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After the Rapture: What Happened?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 12, 2020 7:00 am

After the Rapture: What Happened?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 12, 2020 7:00 am

Jan Markell talks to Dr. Douglas Stauffer about life after the Rapture. Are you leaving a loved one behind? Learn about salvation during the Tribulation! It is never too late. Jan also reviews top Bible prophecy stories of 2020.

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Our use leads don't be left behind. Where did everyone go and are they all right you probably know someone who has disappeared, a wife, husband, a child, a friend at her wondering what has become of them will come to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant want to fight all of tree ministries part one of our program. Jan talks to Dr. Douglas Stauffer about salvation during the tribulation or Daniel's 70th week.

How will people come to faith.

At that time will be preaching the gospel in this godless time. Here is today's program. So glad you can join me for today's programming and putting the program here with just a little bit different angle because some of you are going to be leaving loved ones behind know what I mean by that I mean when the rapture of the church takes place people are going to be left behind and they chose to not put their faith in Jesus Christ. During the church age and as a result, they're going to endure the greatest time of trial. The earth has ever known, will ever know known in the Bible is Daniel's 70th week or the tribulation, but it is not too late for any of those left behind and that is the emphasis of this programming today.

God is the God of second chances and third chances, and fourth chances in your loved one can still find salvation during that tribulation. And I were going to talk about that and some related things and joining me is a pastor who's written a book about this will say more about all of this as we move into the programming is Dr. Douglas Stauffer and he's author of the book which I have read cover to cover tribulation salvation. Jesus still saves Doug Stauffer. Welcome back to the program is great to be on here with you. Jan and I really appreciate your stand for the truth. It's disappeared a little bit in our church is probably not little it's disappeared a lot in our churches and we can even reference that as we move in here Doug you write in layman's terms.

I think I want you to tell my audience.

What do you think life on earth is going to be like let's say moments after the rapture.

Let's then move that to a week to a month after the rapture.

The one thing we know for sure is that the moment the rapture happens all believers are gone and everybody that is sealed with the spirit of God has now disappeared and those left on the earth have no guidance whatsoever from individuals will be the two witnesses later on the hundred 44,000.

The angel yes like yes and we need to clarify that that there are instruments of salvation during the tribulation hundred 44,002 witnesses yes go ahead, but there will be any believers here if there was a church on the corner that preach salvation by grace, and the believers believe that that pastor that church is going to be empty. That truth is going to be gone.

That light is going to be missing, and it's gonna be some great darkness. There's going to be fear everywhere there's gotta be people there really spinning what is happened to all of these pesky believers really infallibly looked at the skin to be panic this going to be confusion. Some folks left behind are going to know what happened. Others are going to be completely clueless. I just like the play click click here prophecy update has done such a wonderful job and they've made a film after the rapture. You can find it on YouTube folks prophecy update after the rapture.

Just a short little one minute clip and then let's come back and talk about it. The first few minutes after the rapture will be a shock to all at confusion, disaster and chaos will ensue and be in control. After the initial shock of the rapture wears off and realization sinks in as to what is just happened literally millions of people from all over the world who had previously heard the gospel but refused to accept God's gift of salvation. At that time will likely fall to their knees and ask forgiveness and ask Jesus to be their Savior.

More people are likely to be saved immediately after the rapture than it any other previous time in history. Millions will realize that they should not have procrastinated and that they should've accepted Christ into their hearts when they had the chance, but they let pride and a love for this world. Get in the way millions will likely realize that their crazy Christian friends but they were always talking about the rapture. They weren't so crazy after all. Social media will be all a buzz like never before frantically texting and tweeting. Are you there and where are you hashtag rapture, thousands of videos will be uploaded instantly. Going viral showing clips of people that suddenly vanished surveillance videos from all across the globe will be posted showing the instant disappearance of millions every bulletin board telephone pole and street light pole will be covered with flyers asking have you seen this person and hope you can find that one hour video after the rapture produced by prophecy update on YouTube.

It's outstanding and it will make you think that's so effortless and many suggest that some of our churches could even be full after the rapture, and I think you would agree with that and that we are sort of hidden stage of Laodicea right now and we are.

Yes, there will be churches that will continue because they haven't been preaching the truth during the church age. They haven't been preaching about Jesus Christ and his means and method of forgiveness trusting in him and because of that they're not leaving at the rapture. They will continue. I'm glad I'm not can be sitting in one of them. It would be interesting to hear their various explanations from the pulpit to a congregation still sitting there pretty full and the rapture has taken place a baby for even a month before I can like to be there, but I certainly don't want to be there. Now you down and there's an interesting spin that I can give you that I've heard before from Ephesians 113 and you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of the truth, the gospel your salvation when you believed you were marked in him with the seal, the promised Holy Spirit, there may be people that will use that verse to encourage people. That's Ephesians 113 to take the mark because it says that they are marked.

I've seen that verse for many years and have warned people that look after the churches are gone the true believing churches what's gonna happen was going to meet the mass chaos in verses like this might be used to further deceive people and you write this in your book book.

I'm referring to folks is called tribulation salvation ever get to the point of the book salvation in the tribulation here in a minute. As you write immediately following the rapture. There will be people searching for truth through every possible means, books, Internet videos, they may even search the Bible. How do you advise people who are trying to prepare things for loved ones who feel they will be left behind. Let me just quickly throw in their folks.

We carry is a little left behind.

Rapture get some dry that you can plug into the computer and it's got pages and pages books, the Bible, etc. good.

Our online store for that.

It's a wonderful little tool but inch and 1/2 long write immediately following the rapture that we people searching for truth through every possible means, books, Internet videos, etc. we need to provide some things to leave behind right and that's one of the reasons why I wrote this book, tribulation, salvation for Katie will still be the same and that is trusting in Jesus Christ and there's going to be great deception.

Deception like you've never seen before. The key is Revelation 1211 and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives on the death so there saved by the blood by the word of their testimony and that testimony is Jesus Christ about how personal be saved. Even after the rapture the church and then there's the wonderful verse Revelation 79 after this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation tried people in language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

This would indicate almost a literal revival in the tribulation. What I be right that very well could be because in verse 14 it says these are they which came out of great tribulation, and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. It goes back to that verse, I mention it's the blood and there's a great multitude, and we know where they came from and there in heaven. So there can be many that are saved. That's the hope. The problem is the great deception that can be taken place that you want to get there in just a minute, but let's talk about actually how they get saved and we've already referenced it as we opened the program.

Folks if you just join me your listing to understanding the times radio I have on the line. Dr. Douglas Stauffer. You can learn more at his website. Bible Bible and he's offering. If you buy one book is called tribulation salvation you get another one free seat. Give it to a pastor to a friend, and it's all about how you get saved after the church is gone. During the tribulation or Daniel's 70th week, but let's talk for a minute, Doug Stauffer, the hundred and 44,000 Jewish witnesses than the two witnesses course and there's the angel whose proclaiming the gospel and these folks are kind of on their own. I don't know that we know how long these people are going to be ministering, but they going to be saving multitudes and they are I would refer back to acts chapter 2.

When Peter's preaching.

He talks about the last days the sun darkened the moon in the blood and then he says in verse 21 of acts two and it came to pass, that whosoever shall call the name of the Lord shall be saved. So again in that context, shows that the key will be calling upon the name of the Lord.

It all revolves again around the blood of Jesus Christ.

Those witnesses will be there.

The deception is going to be great which we will talk about but I want to keep emphasizing that because here's what the Bible says about the last days of the church that men will wax worse and worse. And of course we have perilous times eventually loves her own self. It's going to be a rough time going into the rapture the rapture happens all believers are gone, but there is hope, and that's we want to leave people with I agree with you there needs to be information out there that you're providing that will help people once all believers are gone then there needs to be information out there for them. I think I just like to play click here of Dr. Mark Hitchcock because he is discussing.

First comes the tribulation and then the great tribulation. This is also known as Daniel's 70th week, the tribulation. The book blood moves rising the titillation. As you understand it is a seven year. According to biblical truth. You see the divided and most loosely divided into two segments is the first half different than the second half is one of things always like to point out to his a lot of people think the rapture starts the seven year tribulation seven year tribulation starts. Daniel 927 tells us when the Antichrist makes a treaty with Israel. So you're the rapture could happen today in the tribulation could start next week, next month maybe a year or two from another could be a gap of time will allow for some further preparation for some point in time is Antichrist figures in a come on the scene and Micah treated the Bible says with Israel. That's gonna trigger this seven year period of time, but is divided in Daniel 927 and the two halves there's a first half in the second half to it. The first half of that period of time.

Israel's going to enjoy peace. I think of the beginning of the tribulation is gonna be a time of worldwide peace. It says in Thessalonians will mentor saying peace and safety, then sudden destruction is gonna come on them so the world is going to finally get it's a desire to have some peace and prosperity, but at the midpoint of the tribulation. There should be some events that happen that trigger the Antichrist and is going to take the world over. And so that second half of the tribulation. The last 3 1/2 years is going to dominate the world and rule the world and it's gonna be a reign of terror was going to come early peace on the earth. So the first half is going to be Antichrist forming the coalition made the coalition with other nations around the world and a peace treaty is signed, or shoulders, peace, and we got the global currency going on with market abuses so there's prosperity and then will move into the second half. Is there any to point is at the signing of the peace treaty. How far along is it maybe 33 and half years after the signing of the peace truth that begins to take you'll see the peace and there's some Kumbaya.

The world and then there's a to point in the last half is Antichrist basically breaking the deal does yell says at the midpoint of the covenant of the seven year. He breaks the treaty with Israel.

I call it one of the greatest double crosses of all time, then what is going to do now the mask is going to come off. At that point in time as you begin to persecute the Jewish people because obviously God is made promises to them. Satan wants to get rid of them right and wipe them out is going to dominate the world at that point in time. So this world is going to end with this great apostasy. The Bible calls it a great falling away when this one man is gonna be worshiped as God. Dr. Douglas Stauffer. How long do you think the gap might be between the rapture and the start of the tribulation. I believe it could be 3 1/2 years. You look at the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war there going to be burning the bodies for seven years. That's what the Bible says well it could be that you have a 3 1/2 year gap after the rapture the church before really the signing of the treaty because of that seven year period that ends at that midpoint that Mark was talking about. That's also when Satan is cast out of heaven in Revelation chapter 12 and the abomination of desolation takes place. So all of those features are right there at that midpoint and 3 1/2 year gap after the rapture before that Peachtree would make sense and I think they mentioned that could be as long as that thought right then, on the other hand, and since we don't know we could be 3 1/2 days, two or 3 1/2 hours that supposition, not by all of us that were trying to fit all the Scripture together and the only way for that to work is to assume certain things, but again, those are assumptions who are the over comers.

We read this in Revelation. Again, since we are talking about people coming to face during Daniel's 70th week or the tribulation millions your loved one that you fear could be left behind, could very well come to faith during the tribulation because of the vast outpouring of the gospel during the tribulation.

But Doug, who are the over comers that verse Revelation 1211. They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. So the over comers are those that become the brethren of fellow servants feel a lack those are the over comers there synonymous words that mean the person that is part of the brethren or the fellow servants are the over comers. They overcome by trusting in Jesus Christ, calling upon him, and then God is going to supernaturally protect them paint something that's pretty magnificent. That's what gives them their eternal security and then what does the term mean endure to the end, endure the end has been missed taught it's from Matthew 2413 it says, but he that shall endure the end, the same shall be saved. That's talking about somebody that endures or makes it through the full seven years and goes in the Malinke natural farming. Let's talk for a few minutes here about the deception that's going to be going on at the time that meeting during the tribulation. Deception abounds in this time. Is that because the restrainer is gone, we read of dilution, reread of strong delusion, but for that matter, we're seeing incredibly strong delusion right now in the church age. Obviously it's gonna be on overdrive during the Daniel's 70th week or the tribulation. What is this deception all about the deception is that the antichrist is true that he's the real God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. That part of the delusion, which I believe is what happens at the midpoint when Satan is cast out of heaven.

It says God shall send a strong delusion, so when Satan is cast out of heaven at the midpoint.

What greater strong delusion. Do you have than the fact that Satan is now limited to earth see before that he is the accuser of the brethren. He can walk to and fro like an Job. He presented himself before God. We like and be able to do that. He knows when he's cast out of heaven. He is a short time and he could do everything he can to deceive the world that we should clarify that both you and I are strong believers in the pre-tribulation rapture the church goes for none of the things were talking about here. That is true. There's no way when you see the focuses again upon the nation of Israel after the rapture, the woman according to Revelation 12 is defined as Israel.

That's the focus of God and that Matthew 24 the Olivet discourse all that Israel Israel Israel, the church is gone. The church can't be here at that time because were to be looking for that blessed hope, not for the antichrist right but I'm doing this segment because they're wonderful believers listening to this program. Following this ministry and yours who are going to leave left ones behind and they are very very grieved by that and then Doug, there's those that teach that there is no second chance during the tribulation. I guess I reject that I'm not quite sure where that comes from.

I know it's something to do with the strong delusion that people are going to buy into and Scripture is clear that there is a revival during the tribulation.

While it comes from second Thessalonians chapter 2 yes it does. They use that verse unless I was taught that to that it says with all disable some unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth, they might be saved.

But again, that's during the tribulation. That's not somebody that necessarily rejected the truth before the rapture and now there is zombie walking around is for the full seven years then it says the next verse for this cause God shall send them strong delusion again. I believe that Satan being cast out. He is the delusion the physical delusion is the deceiver and there is nothing greater deception than for Satan to be on this earth knowing that his goal is to destroy everything is important. God and God's people are important to him so he can't get them, but he can deceive the rest the world whether more and more that I'm hearing talking about what I'm talking about here and would take issue with us suggesting if you reject the gospel. Now you will be blinded during the tribulation were just clarifying that you don't buy into that. I don't either. By the way talking to Dr. Douglas Stauffer and he carries a wonderful book called tribulation salvation relays. All of this out how people are going to get saved during that tribulation time. So if you are so concerned about someone that may not be leaving.

When the church is leaving. We did a program here once when will they be leaving be leaving and they may not go with us. They can get saved during the tribulation time, Doug Stauffer, there are some who say that you can take the mark of the beast and still get saved. Is that possible I can imagine that's possible know that is not possible. Revelation chapter 14 says that they all might be damned, that take the mark once they take the mark worship the beast. They are condemn and there's nothing that can reverse that.

The good thing is once they trusted in Christ call upon him they are supernaturally protected from the deception that causes people to take the mark, so goes both ways. You have people that are deceived, they take the mark there damned you have people that trust the Lord protected from the deception and will never be damned because God is going to protect them from that deception and that delusion, but there's going to be many who survives the tribulation and they're going to go into the millennium. This is not in my notes but it's always on my mind.

Let me ask you this. Those that go into the millennium who have survived the tribulation. Will this just to be Christians who have survived people who come to faith during the tribulation faith only through Jesus Christ.

That's only way you can do that.

So those folks will go right into the millennial kingdom. What about pagans during the tribulation and they never become believers, but they have survived the tribulation where they go when Christ comes back at the end of the seven years you get to send his angels to gather the elect. That's all believers, we would call them Christians, whether Jew or Gentile. Their Christian faith trusted Christ during that seven years and they endure the end they made it the end of the seven years he's gonna send his angels to gather the elect all those not gathered will be destroyed. Therefore, all unbelievers are destroyed at that time that here's what happened. The believers have eternal security.

According to Matthew 2546 they go into the millennium with natural bodies.

They repopulate the earth, but their children do not have that same eternal security like they do, they got saved, they trusted Christ. He protect them from the deception their children to God are going in the millennium there secure, but their offspring are not, they will repopulate the earth for the thousand year millennium looks again. You want more in so this visit Doug Stauffer's website.

Bible The book that we are facing our discussion on here for understanding the times radio is the book tribulation salvation. Jesus still saves Doug suffer a lot of people they read about the saints in Revelation you read about the church in the tribulation were Daniel's 70th week, they conclude will see you folks say that the church is all taken out. But here Revelation is filled with references to the saints and to the church. Why don't you clarify why we still believe in that pretrip rapture that these are saints that come to faith in the tribulation.

They're not that saints of today's church while at the great point there and the reason that that is the case is because the saints are those that have been taken out of the rapture of meaning there's no saints left on earth at that point in time.

All those that come to an understanding of belief in Jesus Christ are now the saints that have gone right saved after the rapture there called the fellow servants the brethren, the saints, they have to come to that understanding that Jesus Christ shed his blood for a trust in him. Matthew calls in the elect. In Matthew 24 and that's me all of that discourse. I did a debate and I put a chart up there and where you'll see the churches in Revelation 123 up until chapter 4 verse one we see a picture of the rapture and then you see the church in Revelation 19, but you never see the church in chapters 5 through the beginning of 19 so where the church is you'll see no wrath outside of those where you see the wrath in chapters 5 through 19. You don't see the church and the church is not appointed on the wrath of the church is gone the things that are here today.

They're all taken up at the rapture but there still called saints as believers. After the rapture.

I am running a little love one time but I want to ask you at least one more question. How then does God supernaturally protect those alive during Daniel's 70th week or the tribulation. It says that if there drawn before the judgment seat.

Mark 13 it says and when they shall lead you and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what you shall speak, neither do ye premeditate, but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak for is not you speak with the Holy Ghost. In other words, God gonna supernaturally protect those saints in the tribulation. In Daniel's 70th week who trust the Lord, and he can even give them the words to speak. They're not gonna be tempted to sell their soul for morsel of bread or not to watch their loved ones be without hope, because as they trust in the Lord, the Lord is going to show him supernaturally powerful to protect them. At that time, they cannot reject the Lord because they will not be tempted to take the mark in order to advise cell or protector level. The point is, Doug Stauffer get saved today. Don't put this decision off and then have to go through this terrible terrible time.

The Bible calls Daniel's 70th week or the tribulation, and I think we should end on that note, wanted to take it from there. As far as the importance of coming to Christ today rather than waiting until they go through that terrible time, oh no, I look out there today and it's so easy to hear the gospel and to trust Jesus Christ.

Your personal savior today compared to the moment after the rapture when there be people in the church that might have 90% of the people taken out 10% of them left. They may just absolutely go crazy. It's the time to get saved. The Bible says today is the day of salvation. You heard the gospel. Jesus Christ died for your sins.

He was buried, he rose again, trusting him believe in him, he will save you today and you don't have to worry about any of this stuff we've been talking about today and that's the point I think of this half hour terrible terrible times are ahead for the unbeliever for the believer only glorious times are ahead. Even as we just been through a terrible year year 2020.

Again, folks. You can learn more at Doug Stauffer's website. Bible he can see his books.

There and I based my conversation here on his newer book which is tribulation salvation. You'll see other books there. We carried one for at least a year. He's a great writer.

I think he makes things easy to understand.

I hope you'll check it out it Bible, Douglas Stauffer. We will stay in touch. Thank you for all you do. Thank you Jan I really appreciate your stand and by now.

Go away I'm coming back in just a couple of minutes, we'd love to write us through our website follows three views.O are all of the trees call a simple time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 male when you write to John Markel and Olive tree ministries Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 this age of uncertainty news. We are so thankful, trust, understanding the time we are carrying a new book Henry James trilogy is title lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist.

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So when God begins to move. He doesn't waste a moment that he does take time to warn before he judges and he seems to be telling us that things are going to change for eternity. Suddenly, via the rapture of the church. We are in unprecedented times. John Markel reflects back on 2020. In this program year winds down. Thank you for standing with olive tree ministries. We are committed to bringing you the truth, even the inconvenience. As John Markel, welcome back.

Just a quick reminder that were still on Facebook and twitter, but we are transitioning a little bit more to parlor to head over to and look for Jan Markel olive tree ministries. If you'd like to be among the conversation we remain on Instagram as well. When you write to us, which always tell us how you listen to understand the times radio maybe your listening on one of our approximately 900 stations are your online lists are on our website or YouTube or his channel or light source to tell us how your hearing the programming side like to wind down today's program I've been giving a lot of thought to the top Bible prophecy stories of 2020 have written about them. You can sign up and get my printer or E newsletter do so at my website. Olive tree olive tree to sign up for the print magazines four times a year. He newsletters couple times a month and written about these happenings here in 2020.

What an incredible year and I want to thank you for your support, financial support, prayer support in the last year we couldn't be doing anything without all of you standing with us. Here's just a short run down 10 points that I think were highlight some of you will say their low lights of 2020 things that happened that I think are astounding. That tied to the Bible and play a few soundbites along the way as well necessarily in any order, but I happen to pick is the number one issue of 2020 is the decline of America now. There really is no end time power in the Bible other than a revived Roman Empire from which the antichrist is going to headquarter prophecy watchers have always known American we have to decline at some point doesn't mean what were going through now is the decline, though it may be this year we have watched capitalism come under attack. We've watched socialism and globalism be heralded.

We've seen this activity.

I'll say more little bit later by the world economic forum about the reset will say good riddance to capitalism during the reset will save that for later. So I think that is almost the number one happening in 2020. Is this incredible decline of America were not going away, but her superpower status certainly can decline and I am concerned. I don't think were 100% convinced yet how the 2020 election is going to play out, but I am concerned that we have a potential Biden administration, among whom members of that administration are already hailing socialism and Marxism.

So that is not a very good sign. Number two would be the rise. Incredible rise this year of lawlessness, anarchy, and the spirit of antichrist. We have seen unbridled lawlessness and of course, Matthew 24 talks about that and parts of Revelation. Although the context there would be the tribulation. So once again we seek tribulation events casting a long shadow on the church age. To be honest, in America almost all hell has broken loose in 2020. The rule of law in the country has been disintegrating right before our eyes, and at the right is the spirit of antichrist.

This is very concerning and I think you should add everybody across the country, deeply concerned because this could metastasize across the country is quite clear that city of Seattle elected officials are lacking the political will to enforce the rule of law and this is the closest I've seen as being a 20 year professional of public safety service of our country becoming a lawless state and when you have six now seven blocks of a city of Seattle owned geography now being occupied by some say are still armed people, especially at night where we go from here.

What happens the reasonable community in Seattle, particularly business owners that surround that area or the residence and were already seeing reports come out of those residents saying not even allowed to vote or saying or feeling threatened.

So this is a very deeply troubling situation in terms of public safety, not just Seattle but Minneapolis and Philadelphia, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, New York City, lawlessness, lawlessness, all spurred on by the spirit of the antichrist number three in my line up of 10 top stories of 2020 and how they might tie to eschatology or the last days would be peace efforts in the Middle East. We can debate the practicality of these events should America and Europe even be intruding on Israel with peace efforts. I don't know that that's the point of number three here but the fact is, peace efforts have been perpetrated in the Middle East and they are setting the stage for peace deals. That someday will be proposed by the antichrist.

I'm just saying there setting the stage, they may not have anything to do with what the antichrist will want to install but they are setting the stage and the year is not over yet.

We may see some more peace deals here in the next couple of weeks before the year actually does and I am reminded of some haunting words of Jeremiah 614, when they say peace, pace, and there is no peace. Some other verses that indicate that peace is not necessarily leading to anything good but I think that would be number three number four in my list and we've spent time on this on understanding the times radio here and that is the increasing attacks on Christians on Christianity on churches thanks heavily to covert, 19 churches and Christianity. Quite frankly, they became gross inconveniences. Churches were either shut down or marginalized. Starting in March. Christians in America they been harassed, they been arrested just for wishing to practice their faith and meet for worship, for that matter, believers say in the Middle East and Africa have been killed for their faith by the thousands. And Jesus said that the day was coming that we would be hated for his namesake.

Matthew 1022 despite an essay for at-home order live stream radio Florida church service outrage at Pastor while arrested as parishioners sit in their vehicles listening to Pastor Charles Hamilton Greenville police around the church parking lot several Pastor Tony spell has been charged by central violating the governor stable order Baltimore's interrupted service yesterday by police.

The pastor says break any laws. The police say they aren't following the governor's order to keep gathering storm goal is to put on us such onerous requirements that are impossible for us to meet police posted this notice of public nuisance on the front doors of his church. Church choirs silenced singing has been fanned of all services you get a very clear that his church were in danger danger that I personally was state and federal investing calls and they believe intentionally set.

I am told there was a message left said that you stay home now hypocrites. America, this is a serious moment is just a few days thousand dollars government must think that's the fourth most significant story of 2020 as relates to what the Bible predicts increasing attacks on Christians, Christianity, churches, etc. who ever thought we would see it in the Western world, certainly parts of the world experience far worse than this, they lose their lives and parts of the world, but the attack on the church. Number five I think would be the growing apostasy the wolves among the flock we have sound biblical preaching that again it's fading with a rise in the love of experience emotions and unsound doctrine. There is a love of the doctrine of demons and some of our churches.

First Timothy 41 we have the continued surge of what's called the new apostolic Reformation. We have the false teaching that's arranging through our churches and seminaries now called critical race theory. That's Marxist.

By the way, and at the same time, the love for Bible prophecy is vanished from almost every pulpit as well, as has support for the nation of Israel. So number six on my list would be something we've all watched and we've watched with broken hearts and that would be pre-tribulation birth pangs that the worst of the birth pangs written about in the Bible are in the tribulation are Daniel's 70th week, but we see a foreshadowing of these horrors right now in the church age and we've watched natural disasters and even the media, secular media is called the natural disasters of 2020 unprecedented globally. The destruction is heart wrenching to watch and the suffering I'm sure is been unspeakable. This will increase to such a level in the tribulation that what's happening now is scan to be minuscule in comparison. And that's what we talked about in the first half of the programming today with Doug Soffer at this stage it's being set at all. The earth is groaning. But again the groaning now compared to the groaning of the tribulation are Daniel's 70th week. You can even compare it nonetheless. We've watched these pre-tribulation birth pangs and tough to watch high-quality heart wrenching heartbreaking to see them breakout all across the globe number seven spent just an extra moment here because I think it troubles all of us when we see the continued and the rapid decline of our culture everywhere.

Evil is being called good.

That's Isaiah 520 aberration is celebrated in 2020 lease on Netflix on your pedophilia with their little cuties feature in Salem, California passed some legislation that's quite pro-pedophilia. To be honest today's character of mankind. It's outlined in Romans one, second Timothy three in its own predicted for a final generation. Frankly, I think in this remains under this category of the continued rapid decline of the culture is at the Washington DC swamp is getting murkier than ever before. And if in fact we are now seeing the rise of the Biden administration. I am very very concerned that this is going to lead to an intensification of this rapid decline of the culture. I'm the proud mom of two girls eight and 10. My youngest daughter is transgender. The Trump administration has attacked the rights of transgender people banning them from military service, weakening nondiscrimination protections and even removing the word transgender from some government websites.

How will you as president reverse this dangerous and discriminatory agenda and ensure that the lives and rights of LGBT cute people are protected under US law flat out just change the law to eliminate those executive orders number one, you may recall, I'm the guy who said I was raised by man who I remember I was being dropped off my my my my dad was a high school educated well-written man who was a really decent guy was being dropped off to get an application center varsity woman from Delaware corporate capital, the world of the time these two men under getting out to get an application for lifeguard African-American deserves a big swimming pool complex in these two men, well dressed, leaned up and called one of interest one another. I'm good now the car to light. I turned my dad my dad was recent.

Joe is simple. They love each other the idea that an eight-year-old child, or a 10-year-old child decides now I decide I want to be transgender so I think I'd like to be a big make my life a lot easier. Folks, we have dangerous days ahead. If this is going to become the new norm because of the new administration. That's all I can say is, America is already coming under judgment for some of our sins. But if the new norm is going to be this continued rapid decline of the culture. The celebration of aberration we have even tougher days ahead. Moving on point number eight of my 10 top stories of 2020 that tie I think to the Bible and to the last days would be the rise of strong delusion. The Bible talks so strongly about how this is going to soar in the last days. So much arose in 2020. It's almost incalculable. What thinking person wants all police abolished or thinks that America is a racist nation.

After we fought a civil war hundred and 50 years ago or destroys the whole economy over of virus or the youth of our nation think the Holocaust is a myth.

Second Thessalonians to suggest that such a delusion is sent in the last days because there's no love of the truth and this will then cause people to fall for the lies of the antichrist.

I think we have seen this big time in the year 2020, destroying property, which can be replaced is not violent to many see the protests as the problem plays show me where it says the protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. Your crushed by this you can't believe it's happening to your country but for the people you just saw. The real problem is that the writing in some rare places is being stopped by police and their aim is to fix that they would like to eliminate all law enforcement for good. Today, Democrats in Dallas took down the statue of a Texas Ranger from the terminal at love Field and stood in the airport for more than 50 years. The Texas Rangers are cops and cops must be removed even when they're made of bronze. Meanwhile, the Lego toy company has ceased to marketing sets that contain plastic police officers and with her too dangerous for children and so on so much of this going on right now if it all seems like yet another episode of the silly and fleeting hysteria. Sometime Scripture culture out of nowhere.

Usually the walls of the new cycle. You should know that is not that this is entirely real is being pushed by serious people and they are deadly serious about it last night. For example, Brian Fallon was the press secretary of the Hillary Clinton for Pres. campaign in the last election cycle tweeted quote defunded the police Congressman Rashida to lead agrees. Expect more members of Congress to agree soon.

In some places are not talking or acting. Steve Fletcher represents the third Ward of Minneapolis is on the city Council. There by this wicked city had been completely scorched by riots at least 66 businesses were utterly destroyed by fire, 300 more been vandalized or looted flexors and even mention. Instead, he attacked the city's police department for trying to contain the violence quote.

Several of us in the Council are working on finding out what it would take to disband the Minneapolis Police Department." You think people the city would be shocked by the police on the city Council everyone else not of their approval in the ninth Ward Councilman Alonzo Cano tweeted this yesterday quote the Minneapolis police department is not refundable. Change is coming. Courtesan Councilman Fletcher all nine members of the city Council are now considering getting rid of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Hard to believe but is not just their city of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti looks out across the worst writing in this nation's second largest city in a generation almost 30 years. His conclusion, we need far fewer police could been better if they had been Garcetti's announce he's going to cut funding for law enforcement strong strong delusion that is promised for a final generation because it's going to cause people to eventually fall for the lies of the antichrist when they get in this delusional spirit. This delusional mindset so I put that is number eight in the top 10 stories to reflect back on here in 2020 that I think tie to the Bible.

Moving on here to point number nine and this probably requires a programmer to and that would be of course the Cove at 19 Cove at 1984 is what I call it because that because the surveillance state to absolutely go off the chart.

This is going to lead to the preparation, the stage setting for the new world order.

By that I mean government intrusion took center stage here in 2020 contact tracing was introduced, people and even had to register to go to church so they could be traced in case they came in contact with somebody with Cove at 1984 and the goal lines for easing government restrictions on lockdowns and quarantines and even facemasks kept changing throughout the year. Clearly, society is being prepped for the hand to Christ around the world people are being turned in the mind numbed robots and some are cowering in fear in all of this is making them welcome. The surveillance state flattening the curve ended up flattening our civil liberties as well. Virginia use the emergency is covered a ram through more anti-gun measures. Michigan and Kentucky that crackdown on worshipers even when they were social distancing in California while they're funneling money to illegal immigrants but there's a new threat to our rights on the horizon and is being pushed by the second wealthiest man in the world. Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and the Gates foundation. Will they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research projects around the world. They do a lot of good and now it's the largest active funder of the World Health Organization as well.

Despite the WHO's recent covert failures and coziness with China now, according to Gates, the only way to responsibly and the shut down the stay-at-home orders is for a pretty vast surveillance system to be put in place, writing in the Washington Post, the United States can follow Germany's example interview everyone a test positive and use the database to make sure someone follows up with all their contacts. Of course, means this is lobby voluntary. You choose whether you download the digital tools on your cell phone. He notes that some people have proposed allowing phones to detect other phones that are near them by using Bluetooth and admitting sounds that humans can hear someone tested positive.

Their phone would send a message to other phones and their owners could go get tested well how this information would be stored whether it would be stored and to whom it would be accessible on is anyone's guess. We don't know any of this yet.

What a perfect world. Perhaps this would all work seamlessly with no abuses and no misuse of our medical data, but there are profound questions involved here, including the damage that would be done to America. If we really can't even open this up until an army is a collet of tracers and technology was put in place if any of this even feasible. Now what would think that given all the issues floating out there that journalists would have at least a few questions some curiosity about how any gates approved tracing and digital tracking system on everyone a collet. How would all be implemented well, not so much curiosity ramped up testing will be crucial for reopening our economy so will something called contact tracing contact tracing is the good old-fashioned detective work, all part of smart public health planning. A new infection of the megalith asking some hard questions here.

L sounds fine on the surface number after 9/11. Everything seemed fine.

The Patriot Act in a new homeland security department and held ramp up surges all seem perfectly reasonable. Years later we found out some that stuff wasn't Cove in 1984.

The surveillance state worsened with the preparation for the new world order incredible to even have been an observer of all of this happening here in 2020. That is my ninth point and then number 10 and that would be. I believe the longing for a Savior, because the world is in a meltdown mode. Millions of people are looking for one Superman to bring back peace and prosperity. I think he's probably waiting in the wings and most have rejected Jesus Christ, but they will cheer at least for a short season for the antichrist of that sort of my short list of prominent events in 2020.

Just top 10 could have top 20 or 30, but we don't have time that have end time significance you know it could be seen as heartbreaking but it heralds an imminent event happening that many believers have been longing for and that is the returning of the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, which could be even today so keep your eye on the great reset of 2021.

We will talk about it on this program in the new year recently. That world economic forum in its head, Clouse Schwab said that they're working on implantable chips that can read our thoughts. Now if you think things will return to normal in 2021, think again.

When you hear people talking like that I'm just close here because I wrote something that I want to share with you and I wrote a few months ago now and it's called suddenly, in the twinkling of an I and it's based off of first Thessalonians 5 verses two and three for you yourselves know that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night and while they are saying peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come upon them like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. First Thessalonians 5 verses two and three as I wrote this couple months ago will close with this last days events happen quickly. Even suddenly, the word quickly, which is the Greek word TECO's is used eight times in Revelation. Think of an automobile tachometer, which measures the working speed of an engine, typically in revolutions per minute and it revs up and we often see sudden destruction falling upon the wicked in the Bible. The unrepentant living during Noah's time experienced a sudden and catastrophic flood.

They had 120 years to repent. As Noah preached to them that they chose to ignore him and judgment suddenly fell Genesis 6. So what if you noticed here in 2020.

Everything happens suddenly.

For instance, one are fairly ordinary world suddenly vanished stores sold out. Suddenly Cyr gripped America and the world suddenly people were ordered to suddenly totally change their lifestyles. People lost businesses of a lifetime. Suddenly a US president went from popular to the cause of it all. Suddenly reality became surreal. Suddenly cities turned and the ghost towns suddenly mankind became lovers of self, treacherous and without self-control. Suddenly cries for global government transpired suddenly as only a one world system could slow down the wreckage moving on here. Virtual became the new way of doing all things suddenly the US economy went from best ever to horrible suddenly church went from essential to irrelevant in the eyes of the world suddenly Hollywood suddenly stopped making sick movies as theaters suddenly closed order turned to chaos.

Suddenly, with racial tension that tension suddenly turned the lawlessness and lawlessness turn the anarchy. Suddenly, the cry for police protection suddenly turned to abolish the police and common sense simply turned suddenly into strong delusion. So is there a message in all of this, something else is going to happen suddenly, the rapture of the church. It will take place in the twinkling of an eye that is so fast it can hardly even be measured. So when God begins to move. He doesn't waste a moment, but he does take time to warn before he judges and he seems to be telling us that things are going to change for eternity. Suddenly, via the rapture of the church. Several things continue to be chaotic and crazy times. Probably let's remember.

Matthew 626 Jesus reminded his followers of his father's care for the birds of the air, they do not so neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they so as we transition from this year into the next year and a couple of weeks. If you are his than you can say with the Psalmist. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in that house of the Lord forever.

Say just a quick programming note here because my media team and I we really need a break we will be playing best of programming. The next two weeks we have tried here in 2022 and all the issues of the day, the pandemic, the strife in the country in the world. The election global events. Apologetics all this year we've tried to focus on the things that matter, but were going to take a couple of weeks away from the microphone again. I want to thank you for your financial and your prayer support in 2021 is got in store for us in 2021. Could he call his church home. Indeed, he could perhaps even today.

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If today's headlines overwhelm you see them through the lens of the Bible know that everything is falling

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