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Help for the Helpless

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 10, 2020 7:00 am

Help for the Helpless

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 10, 2020 7:00 am

Sometimes it feels like the answer to our problems is so close we can almost touch it. Almostbut not quite. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains that the Lord can extend our reach when we look to him for the right kind of help.

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Dr. Tony says there's a world of difference between simply dialoguing and actually doing because it is my God is telling the truth.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Speicher, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative words like impossible or incurable. Don't apply when God is part of the equation. Dr. Evans is seeing miracles happen is in some ways, unto us must join him as he explains in John chapter 5 of these things.

It was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to now. She pulled which is called in Hebrew, having five in these lay a multitude of those who were sick blindly with waiting for the moving of the war's going down at a certain season into the pool and stirred up the water where first after the stirring up of the water stepped in was made well from whatever disease with which he was afflicted. This man was there had been 38. He is in his when Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been a long time in that condition he said to him do you wish to get well. The sick man answered him, sir. I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up while I am coming, another steps down before me.

Jesus said to him, arise, take up your pallet and walk and immediately the man became well took up his pallet and begin this physical situation because of an unaddressed spiritual problem that was a spiritual issue.

Sin anymore to his physical visible circumstance. Dr. Wen will go to when mama's remedy is more work was in the medicine cabinet will do across the counter is not enough will not be set aside simply to hear about somebody won't be satisfied simply to see what we place when somebody is going take on the inside because the capacity that the average person does not have gotten to the of what is causing external symptoms. Many of us have remained in an extended period of time and circumstances that have not changed because the spiritual issue that brought them about have not been addressed. Unless you tell spiritual causes for extra problems are addressed. The symptoms will remain. People want their circumstances change. Without spiritual condition they want. This stance is changed without spiritual condition, being all I want… But I don't have any human memo and got a human being to change our situation. You would be the change of situation. He wants to change himself well, but there is no fuel available to make me better.

That's what Jesus says per se arounds take up now and will in a short friends get take movable three movements in the understand something income to do anything he's unable to do to get takeout what this phrase is used regularly in the New Testament, take up your bed and wall dependent on and carried a bed with him, tells us is that to pull off what God expects is built into the command I want to do what he was being asked to do so. The command line is there is no expectation built into it. The enablement to pull all that expectation. That is the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the word of God.

That's why he's called helper on the enabler. His job is to help you all what the command of God may give you an impression of you read the Bible expectation is that I can while you just like this man man but to pull all the patient was in the because the word of God is sharp and powerful, arise, take up your pallet and walk immediately. Verse nine the man became well and got his pallet and began to walk. Please note that a called him to do something because for the Christian is acting like God is telling the truth is not rooted in your feeling about a subject although feelings are not negated. They just have to be guided is that had to be demonstrated by the function never realized that it's his bed and wall on County's thinking about it.

Meditate on it and maybe the prayer meeting regarding job. Craig told me to get my band not the bread that he had not been laying down here and I'm unable to do it. But the panel of the word untimely on the word about not discovered the power of the word untimely on the words that have the power. It was the action with regard to the word slated on to produce what the word said it could yet to discover the power of the word the specific study getting professional opinions regarding stepping out on it, arise, take up all the man became well be suffering so why take years of suffering before solution because it took 38 years William would be willing to be made. Well, God's way. You cannot bring to God. Your computer for your situation. Dr. Evans will have more for us when he returns just a moment with 2021 is just around the corner and your health is vital to finish the year strong, and keep these messages coming your way. What people need right now is truth found in God's word, the financial cost to me can continue to increase your gifting will help keep the urban alternative going strong, on-air and online. Similarly, sinners like you can continue to be encouraged by messages of hope and life is it Tony happens directly and when you help us out with a generous contribution will say thanks by sending you the best of Tony happens 2020 join should have 20 of his most popular messages digging into subjects like overcoming addiction, worry and anxiety healing relationships growing closer to God developing unshakable inner peace and much more. And as an added bonus will also include a copy of his popular devotional book called for a purpose. Both of these wonderful resources are our gift to you.

When you make your year-end contribution or call our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222, I'll repeat that information for you. After Dr. Evans ranges part two of today's lesson checking style skin disease and there was no solution is going.somebody said what I. Maybe I should now man I think all his money on the soldiers general in the Army got his posse way down a large dog will slave girl surfer girl says yes I made the prophet Elijah said what can I deliver my message on the map or not, I hate to deal just minutes or Elijah Jennings at the door.

I want to see you Elijah says Jordan said he goes back to naming says my ball. The prophet says Jordan is what my balls Jordan said we got a couple problems.

First of all I told you so you will and send it to the door to give me instruction to one of the reasons given the cure to become God's pure is not you placing demand is you following instruction second Jordan 31 John John told me to do it difficult but would you not done much more. This thing like maybe go down one down one to John Thompson Center since he comes up in this skin is like the skin of a baby you know why he did what God told got mad not to die (he could've decided maybe God is probably me because he wants me to go his way, takes up his power and begin to do something he could not do for 30 years and we know it's a big deal because of the Jews. They went off to do this should rejoice because verse 12 take your pallet and wall but he with you not know what was Jesus that the way while there was a crowded place about which Jesus found behold you become well, do not send anymore. So the worst thing before you left, deep sense to have some messaging for 38 years to get much worse. If you like you have Jesus come to your need. Whatever it is and say to you Ry's pick up the situation you been laying on and toting around rather than it you think when you lay on your bed. The bed has to hold you when you carry a pallet to give like sleeping well. We hope you carry pallet you carry in situations now carrying you rather than you carrying the problem but use the whole him. He's no situation may lie down is now been rolled and being controlled by human story of I got pulled over for speeding and I was just coming from a Houston church was like couple blocks 100 of you speaking but I was speaking and I left my wallet because I will only come to church and he pulled meal and he said sir, you heard what he asked that question blessed yeah I got appointment the Church What Church St., Bob Fellowship said on the passenger you whites been visiting the church lately. You pass the right always been visiting the church, let you off this time would go and speak no more. Hallelujah Jamaican lady was being sent back to Jamaica being deported because of a crime that had been committed 10 years ago 10 years ago. She committed a crime and the law that was passed in 1996, said that when this kind of crime was committed deportation with automatic tried to help her stay here including Bill Gates or the richest men in the world.

The court said she has to go she has a daughter who is an American citizen.

She did not want to commit American daughter back to Jamaica. She was in a Catch-22 in a helpless situation over something to happen.

Continue she was at the airport getting ready to board the plane back to Jamaica. She had a couple of friends got on the needs when it was time to be deported and called on God for the last all human options and none of them work for a little bit of her flight. She had some friends got on the needs just before the board.

The flight offices of the court come up to her and tell her that the judge is given her stay young Henry takes just out of goodwill should never talk to decided and through some connection to ship provided the stay meeting turned into a worship service you when you when you know it's real worship is real worship service would be nobody but the real worship service where human options and all the phone calls you will close doors on the contacts you make one lock opportunities all the effort you didn't catch you in this time at the right time. Sometime it looks like there is no God breaks out always for the spiritual root behind the physical fruit for the thing you are looking at may not be the problem that needs to be dealt with. Ask your Lord and Savior Jesus, who knows where you are and how long you been there more. Is it me is really a good meal standing in the need of prayer is something that I have not seen about this gotten in the way of you doing for me when I need you to do reveal it because guess what Lord I do want to be made. The first thing God reveals to us when we pray that kind of prayer is that we really are helpless, spiritually speaking, apart from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. People often think they know what that means but it's better to be sure to please take a few minutes to visit Tony up and start org today and look for the link that simply says Jesus there.

Dr. Evans will explain what being a real Christian is all about and walk you through everything you need to know to start your brand-new life before we wrap up, let me just throw in a quick reminder about our special year-end package the best of Tony Avenue and is 2020 20 of Tony's most popular messages plus is powerful devotional book called for a purpose.

This package is yours is or thank you gift when you support Tony's work. You're on the radio, on television and with pastors, their families and churches around the world. Get Tony's best you can be your best.

The devotional book and 20 messages to and 2020 make the arrangements today by visiting Tony you can also find great life-changing gifts for the people you care about. That's Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 number once again 1-800-800-3222 tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain why our relationship with God is exactly as deep as we wanted to be what we can do like to see a change will be back with the alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue I think of an alternative is made possible by the generous confusion of listeners like

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