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Faith Over Fear

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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December 2, 2020 7:00 am

Faith Over Fear

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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December 2, 2020 7:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans says that the coronavirus causes a variety of symptoms but in this lesson, hell talk about a particularly dangerous one that shows up in people who dont even have the disease.

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Are you growing in this pointing control by Dr. Tony Evans is God is given each of us the ability to subdue the worrisome line can always stop, but you can keep this is the alternative with Dr. Tony Speicher, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative coronavirus causes a variety of symptoms, but there's a particularly dangerous one that shows up in people who don't even have the disease. Let's join Dr. Evans as he tells us how to diagnose and treat challenges today.

I'm tells myself to light of all that's been going on. I want to challenge us to put our faith over our fears.

Sometimes you can control, fear, because it just comes on you and is this all up in your grill and list is all over you. Because the circumstances make you afraid that my challenge today is to place faith over your fears.

When we were in school the teacher would give you a test sometimes would be a pop quiz. Sometimes it would be a major midterm and final exam. The test was always designed to see whether you had learned what was taught in preparation for where you are going next next grade level so you go from one grade level to the next grade level and involve the test. Not too many kids that I knew growing up or adults in high graduate education got all excited about a test, but they knew was part of the curriculum part of the curriculum for your life in my life by God is a test.

No good teacher will only test you over information taught you. In other words, they don't give you test of information, you are not supposed to know what information you're supposed to know grasp and be able to recite or utilize throughout Jesus's walk with his disciples, he would give them test and what it would be testing is there faith whether they believed what they heard or whether they were doing what a lot of us do. Every Sunday just say amen without adopting and incorporating it into our functional lives, moving it from theory to activity. One of those events is found in Mark chapter 4 I love this this event Jesus has been teaching like crazy and he's been teaching about the kingdom of God, and he was just just been laying it on all day. He was explaining to his own disciples so that they would understand this rule of God and understand how they would live their lives underneath God and how they would have confidence in the God that they were to follow. On the next day.

Jesus says to his followers. Let us go to the other side that is the other side of this 8 mile trek across the Sea of Galilee. So they all get in their boats because they hang out with Jesus and says, as they were going along verse 37 says there arose a fears Dale of wind and waves that were breaking over the boat. So much so that the boat was already filling up New York understand a lot of these guys are fishing so they used to be in water use the winnings the way they understand how to roll in this environment, but this was different.

The Greek word here is the word lilac and lilac is a windstorm it since the storm, the Sea of Galilee sits inside of a mountain range and so sometimes when the wind blows up. It acts like a funnel and sucks it down, creating a major disturbance when they left everything was fine but on their way. Things got crazy. They were in lilac women are lilac coronas, lilac, economic losses, the lilac people being laid off is a lilac some stores not getting filled up as quickly that you need.

You need to pluck that's a lilac people in the hospital in the linebacker. Lilac is the storm that comes out of nowhere that disrupts your ordered life that brings adversity and discouragement.

As with the rear notice of their install while they are also in the will of God to hear the will of God is not convinced of people asked why why my going through this when I'm serving God.

Well, teachers give tests. The good student Sebastian. So they are in the will of God and install because both can happen simultaneously. Don't ever let anybody tell you view the will of God. It will rain some WMC Marine until you in the book God so you can be out of the little garden store, but they are in the will of God and install the boat is filling up now wants this. It says in verse 38 of Mark for Jesus himself was in the Stern sleeping on a cushion. Hello, what good is a Savior who can sleep on you when you install the notice when you went were taking the test.

How silent the teacher was doing this, struggling with the test and the teacher will tell you silent, please, please, will get quite some time later walk out the room sometimes when you install Jesus will get quietly the telephone line will seem busy will seem like a million miles away, you will be feeling Jesus is asleep but but notice not just a sleepy slow because it tells us he sleep on a cushion.

If you sleep on a cushion of the menu you you doing that you not not if you put a cushion as a pillow.

He probably had on my pillow. You know he got to got a pillow under if you put a pillow under you means you meant to go to sleep. Usually little purpose. So Jesus intentionally goes the sleep when his followers are in trouble if you're in the will of God right now you serve, the more you obey God, but you still house that with this virus. You still got your economic concerns and Jesus seems far away, far away. He's there but he's just not moving yet, says he was asleep in the stern of pillow, and they woke him there to get about this a call that you can sleep in a time like this. Jesus and said to him, teacher, do you not care that we are perishing as what it feels like when you're in a test in his will and you can hear from don't you kick, how can you be quiet and a time like this talking sleep when we are scared to death. Now there were three stones happening at the same time, there is the external store that's the winds and waves put the water on the boat that was threatening their physical lives take like this virus that threatens our physical well-being.

There was this external school that was invading, but then there was an internal store because they were very much afraid they go to be told why are you so afraid, so there fearful for their lives now for professional fishermen which a number of these men were to be scared for their lives mean this is not a regular store. This is something that can hurt you. This is something I can beckon that can take you wonder.

So there's this extra milestone. Then there is this emotional storm. But then there was the worst storm of all spiritual school because they said teacher do you not care that we are perishing.

Do you not care that we are struggling. Do you not care that we are hurting you not care because sometimes when you're in a crisis. It feels like God didn't care if he cared, like Martha, Mary said if you would've been here if you would've been if you had delayed a few days we would be going through this. Gordon convinced Lord Jesus. Sometimes the tell the truth you want to throw up a red flag God in football people know what that is is when the coach reaches in his pocket, pulls out a red flag and throws in order to feel because he believes that the ref has made a mistake, ref is made a bad call and I want to challenge it.

Sometimes you want to ask God why you don't know why loudest, don't you care.

Don't you care what I'm going through this red flag is a bad call. Yet there in the stool Jesus asleep. They wake him up and they got a store bullets on the inside of the storm and then sold. You don't care where is God when it hurts. Jesus gets up in verse 39, and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, hush be still some inversions say, peace be still. When I went back to people have to be still, it means peace must remove she really loves them will be about peace. Peace has nothing to do with external circumstances. This has to do with internal call, regardless of external circumstances. That's why the Bible calls the peace that passes understanding because you don't understand why you would have it, given what's going on around you is the time to be in turmoil and you are called when everything around you is collapsing this like Rahab being calm in her house.

When the walls of Jericho fallen down. Peace is being able to rest in God even though everything is rocky around you. He tells peace. The hush be still cool out, calm down.

Jill Jesus speaks the nature and when he says hush be still. Immediately, the wind died down and it became perfectly, that's how we you know is God because it's calm, you didn't expect peace that passes understanding Jesus goes on to ask his disciples are very important questions that is asking us as well. Dr. Evans will come back with the answers when he returns just a few moments in attorney is said that the more people who meet Jesus, the more lives will be transformed. It's a simple equation and it's the driving purpose behind this ministry please.

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I repeat that information for you again after Dr. Evans brings us part two of today's lesson. Let's join now. This leads to Jesus asking a question. Why are you afraid verse 40 says how is it that you have no faith that seem like an odd question with Emma Stone the boats filling up our very lives are threatened your asleep and you want to ask us why are we so afraid and how is that we have no faith almost like asking us with why you went mean the question that makes sense. I can see Peter because he is one like the toxic honesty maybe we are little bit afraid because we get ready to die of income on Jesus, I don't understand the question. So here it is. As we face the crisis that we deal with than the ones that will come after this when you in the will of God and is not working. Jesus is, why are you afraid meeting should be and why do you have it says no faith convinced the little things go is the test. Jesus said before they left. Let us go to the other side is a repeat. Jesus said before they left. Let us go to the other side.

The test was will you believe my word or will you believe your problem. The test was is what I say more potent than what you see. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. You see the store that's real you don't deny the virus Israel. You don't deny the problem. It's real.

You don't deny the finances, but what did I say I said that all sons and let me. I said all y'all met us go to the other side of the side of the side of the sock which means we all will make it so I'm in a store room come in to see whether the amen you said on Sunday you believing in your storm on Monday whether you just talking a good game is not raining yet God wants to appeal. What's his people to appeal to his word, in the midst of the storm because the storms of life are test and cancel always design to show us the level of our faith and to develop us to the next level of spiritual maturity. God wants to grow was to store are you growing in this quarantine are you controlled by your fee or have you decided not to go with God's word, let that truck Mafia not faith will truck Mafia. This is a time to have biblical faith is not a feeling you verbally said before, faith is acting like God is telling the truth to God because it will make the other side so even until he got it.

Got my pillow. Let me get my my pillow luggage on my pillow. He sleepers all sleeps because he said we will baby the other side, since he not wear it and he's with us that we know who are you, Eva is on the boat he sleeping any totals will make such feelings lying or he's trustworthy to a lot of Christians haven't decided whether Jesus is trustworthy whether his word is true whether these words real whether what he says has has made to it. It's time for faith to trump. You can always stop fear from common, but you can keep it from living in you, he says, why do you have no faith. The real understanding of God. I been doing all this teaching all these parables about my orthotics. All these parables about the word of God to show you my power and you still don't get it. Yes, I let the storm come all purpose because I want to see where you are and I want you to see where you are glowering away a lot.

I want you to see you. I want to see whether those amen hallelujah praise the Lord and God. Good all that's all that good Sunday talk. I want to see you got any meat on it and the way we will do it as we will give you a test right now you passing the test, God gives you the test he brings into your life or the test comes do you throw away your faith because you didn't have a faith in the first place. You just have the right Christian vocabulary you would learn to speak Christian. These communal Christians have the vocabulary we get, we could talk a good game.

God is good all the time all the time God is good and we got we got a good little when it comes to the right savings. What happens when it's raining thunderstorms well, it says in verse 41 then then they became very much afraid this positive, formal, Jesus says why are you afraid. What were they afraid up the store their circumstances have been panicky when they saw Jesus do his thing.

They were very much afraid was the point guard what you fear you more than you feel was wrong.

You want your fear more than you feel your circumstances. He wants your fear of him and his power to be greater than your feel of your problem now know you can deny your problem you don't act like the virus and their finances on shaking the money is not funny. You still act like pain is real, but you're not hurting physically present would be like when you limited to that he want you to fear him. That's what is so much in the Bible about the fear of God.

They said when they saw him work.

They said they were very much afraid, and they started talking to one another. Here's what they said, who then is this, that even the wind and see obey his related note, it would be with that event. This this this this shot Masato who is this, do you know who Jesus is beautiful. You dealing with this talk about who Jesus is formal. He was born of a virgin because he was born of a virgin.

There was a human part of his birth and a divine part of his birth because Mary's egg was fertilizer descriptions by the Holy Spirit.

So Jesus is the most unique person that's ever lift because he's one person with two natures. He has a human nature.

He has a divine nature. That's why can be called one time some God and the next time the Son of Man because he is fully human and is fully divine without any mixture of sin. We call this in theology. The hypostatic union is the five ports in Philippians chapter 2 when deity all that he has ever been throughout eternity was poured into a container called humanity so that he could reveal God to us and come here as the sinless Savior the dial the cross and rise again from the dead, always a man so we can die all but as a living son of God and get about the great seal he did know you dealing with is the man Jesus was the eternal son of God, what manner of man is this who are we dealing with sweetgum down Jesus we made in niacin so often. Sometime the week. We don't know leave the glorified son of God and he is the means to get to the father. That's why we have not present Jesus name what what was what was saying if we need to authorize this request. We need to stand behind what were asking the big half the heavenly father. What were asking him to do because the beautiful thing about Jesus is because if Mandy can touch us because of God he can touch the father to the two up what manner of man is this, you need to know who you're dealing with Tony would love to tell you more about who Jesus is our relationship with him can change your life today and for eternity. Just visit Tony and follow the link that says Jesus you find a short video that explained what it means to be a real Christian, along with some helpful resources that will answer your questions and help you start your brand-new life.

Check out today. Also while you're there, don't forget to take advantage of our special year-end package the best of Tony Evans 20 2020 of Tony's most popular messages plus is powerful devotional book called for a purpose. This package is yours as I think you gift when you support Tony's work here on the radio and on television as well as with pastors, their families and churches around the world get Toni's best so you can be your best. The devotional book and 20 messages to end 2020 make the arrangements today by visiting Tony you can also find great life-changing gifts for the people you care about. That's Tony or call her 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 in modern culture, the truth has been replaced by my true your trip tomorrow. Dr. Evans explains why the passing unity begins when we recognize the authority of God's true I hope it joins the alternative with Dr. Tony Evan is like utilizing urban alternative is made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like

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