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The Secret of Satisfaction | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 30, 2020 7:00 am

The Secret of Satisfaction | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 30, 2020 7:00 am

Whether material possessions, money, power, fame, or status, we have been tricked into believing that newer, bigger, or better will bring us happiness. But the truth is… covetousness has an appetite that is never satisfied. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the secret of satisfaction so that we may know true contentment.

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What is the secret of satisfaction. Listen to Adrian Rogers. You will always recover this until you learn content because all of us may satisfaction and covetousness is just trying to find satisfaction in the wrong place, satisfaction is a model is Jesus necessary reason, satisfied, welcome to refine as we just heard from Adrian Rogers secret of satisfaction is rejecting any trace of covetousness from our lives. Covetousness is a very deceptive debasing. Not many acknowledge that they struggle with sin. It also lacks proper perspective, a covetous person is a person who is not put his eyes on the Lord for contentment is found in Jesus Christ alone.

How can we live with satisfaction. If you have your Bible turn to Exodus chapter 20.

Look at verse 17 is Adrian Rogers present part two of the secret of satisfaction. Now the Bible says no will covet what is. I mean, the comment means to have an unlawful desire and unlawful desire for that which is not rightfully yours and covered business is not limited to money. It could be would influence with Faye popularity power appearance bows are not covet your neighbor's salary don't covet his education don't covet his advantages don't covet his good looks is automobile per dishwasher is what belongs to your neighbor. Now it's not a command against lawful desire.

When God saves a dozen new really doesn't make you person without passion not wrong to have ambition God ambition is not wrong to desire things the Lord thy God giveth the power to get wealth. Every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from above, from the father of lights in whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning. God knows that you want to love and be loved.

You have a God given desire for friendship and a home of happiness and joy and success and victory and peace. These things are not wrong. It is the unlawful desire we talk about the Bible calls that covetousness and this command is the last command in this chain of 10 links and wires in the last one because it sums up all of the others. You see all the others do with action but this one deals with attitude all the others deal with deeds but this one deals with desire. Three things I want you to notice today as we look at the sacred satisfaction.

First of all I want you to see the perplexing problem of covetousness and what a problem it is now why such a big problem. Folks update first of all is such a deceitful thing. Very few people realize that they covetous deceit. This covetousness it's so deceptive. It is so depraved and it is so distraught. Why do people speak covetousness while people lie covetousness. Why do people commit adultery that covet somebody else's life. They cut the commandments are broken when we had that spirit of competition is don't think this is a small stand as I say this is the mother of all the rest of this is the root of all the rest of there is what we call the perplexing problem.

It is there.

Now let's talk about the problem with a proper perspective. How do we deal with this when we got back all we got to back off.

We got to get a another perspective on this whole thing. We need to understand who we are and what we have many of your great great verse on covetousness is found in the book of Hebrews chapter 13 verses five and six and it really is dealing with the secret of satisfaction and the answer to covetousness listen to it.

Let your conversation about the way the word conversation means lifestyle. Let your lifestyle be without covetousness. That's just a restatement of the 10 Commandments let your lifestyle be like covetousness. Now here's the next thing and be content with such things as you have thought he had said I will never leave the office. I think you will always be covetous until you learn content because all of us need satisfaction and covetousness is just trying to find satisfaction in the wrong place to let your conversation be like covetousness and be content with such things as you have lots of very interesting thing.

What do we have what we have a lot of content us. Ernest Hemingway brilliant writer not been entertained by Ernest Hemingway but he died of suicide. Ernest Hemingway said, and I know you would say this man he had made his brilliant and witty praise door lionize what he died by his own hand. And here's what he wrote life is just a dirty trick our short journey from nothingness to nothingness. There is no remedy for anything in life. Man's destiny in the universe is like a colony of ants on a burning wall kill himself.

He said it makes us joking about you think about the man who doesn't know God, and he gets all of these things, there still is so he says they'll satisfy I'm getting old I'm getting sicker. I can look forward to resolving the ground to rot and decay is no answer.

There is no meaning from nothing to nothing but shame.

He did know Jesus and Vishay did not found satisfaction and joy and meaning in the Lord Jesus Christ perspective that we had.

Now listen, what is the say let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as you have. What do you have think about it if you're a child of God twice born blood in the family. God, what do you want to head birth all you got God himself. I mean, you have him and he has you. Psalm 73 verses 25 through 26 home have I in heaven, but the end is not on earth that I desire beside the my flesh in my heart favor, but God is the strength of my heart. What else do you have what you got family crucified of the wife find a good thing you got children below. Children are a heritage of the Lord. Psalm 127 in verse three.

If you have children, count your blessings. You say those pesky little ankle biters yeah well little Rugrats yeah those little curtain climbers yeah thank God for it. Would people today don't have children because I want things I say well you know children children. They make a rich man cool you got it back with Mr. they make a poor man rich rich man can take his riches to have and I'm taking my children to heaven. Thank God for the children got children are blessed to say well I don't have any children. What if you can have some let me suggest that you do if you can't have any.

May God bless you. Maybe you can adopt some J. Paul Getty give her the name J. Paul Getty of the richest men that ever lived.

They had in the state that exceeded $4 billion.

He wrote his autobiography and it was quoted in the Los Angeles times. In 1981, and this is what he said talking that covetousness I've never been given to envy except for the NBI feel toward those people who have the ability to make a marriage work and endure happily. It is an art that I've never been able to master my record. Five marriages five divorces. In short, five phase Ceballos wouldn't have happy home you got happy home, you rich rich your blast Friendliness blast Proverbs 17 verse 17 offering love at all times.

If you have friends you are a rich person. If you have asked him how rich you all.

Proverbs 3 verses 13 and 14 happy is the man that bind us wisdom and the man to get an understanding of the merchandise that is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof in Feingold. I want to tell you something in God is my witness, I would not trade my knowledge of this will all of the money the rubies the diamonds the gold and silver that this world has put to gather. You think I'm lying is a God in heaven. And here's me right now I know what I'm saying is true, but to sit in darkness until to know what you know to have addressed this better than silver. It's better to go satisfaction. Do you have that you say I learned whatever state I am, therewith to be content. Can you say that with a possible Bizet. Not only is Jesus necessary. He's enough satisfied friends all around me, trying to find what the heart during 4 x 7 mind.

I have the secret I know what is found only true pleasures in Jesus abound. Jesus is all this world needs to blindly they strive for sin darkens the will room curtains of my one look at Jesus and all would be like. I am satisfied with Jesus. I am not satisfied my Christian life. But there is peace that passes understanding in the Lord Jesus Christ. I was witnessing to man.

He was then front of his house. I couldn't get very far with. He was very seemingly satisfied. He said Mr. I got a good income that I don't owe anybody anything you see that house biomed house. It's faithful. I own it is painful. My wife is a madhouse. She loves me.

He did say it would remind me that man in the book of Galatians that I'm rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, that church, I said Sir I don't ask a question will you be also nice to show nonoxinol the logistic docent light to come up close. I will ask you, will you be absolutely honest with me. I knew ahead and because he was a man prided himself and his honesty is a desolate Hyzaar and I will ask a question and don't you tell me anything but the truth.

Do you have peace in your heart that I told you I sin all mental development.

I said you said you would answer the question.

Do you have peace in your heart. His chin started to quiver his eyes brimming with tears.

He said no I don't have peace in my heart. How did you know I said because the Bible says there is no peace at my God, to the wicked, and these things cannot fill the longing of your heart you mean Jesus and Fran. If you have Jesus you have the peace of God that passes understanding. If you have that you are a rich person bear the name John Muir. If you are if you go to San Francisco sometime and you know me know that you can visit Muir Woods. He was a naturalist in these big redwoods and so forth are there is a tribute to his instincts that help preserve these beautiful trees Muir Woods John here one time was speaking to a railroad executive, a magnate, a man who had acquired millions and millions of dollars and your assent to this man in John here about the way lived very simple life said to this man, Mr. Harriman, I am richer than you.

Harriman said here is that allows that he says because you have millions which are not contented and he said and I have enough think about you say, to whom little is not enough. Nothing is enough. So what you have to do different perspective. Understand who you are, let your conversation be without covetousness, for he has said I will never leave the nova psychic now let me go from a problem to perspective to practice and give you very quickly about three or four things that will help you to teach your children how to keep this commandment. Things that you need to display in your home. If you have a home that wins number one. Give your heart to God. Find your satisfaction in the Lord, let him meet the deepest needs of your heart and turn your eyes upon him. You see, God engineered you so this world will not satisfied, you were made for God and it's in him that we live and move and have our being. You never deal with covetousness unless you give all you know of you all you know him let go this world with both hands and take hold of him with both things. Here's the second thing develop in your children and demonstrated by your life a spirit of gratefulness and thankfulness. These thankful and thank God for what you have to take this list of things that I just mentioned to them.

Keep a family scrapbook of blessings and let your children know how blessed you are, think often, talk often of your blessings.

Girls with a closet full of clothes which I can't find anything to wear kids with a computer and a bicycle and a baseball in the latest tires or women headdress or the perfume, jewelry, I just don't feel good about myself.

We have failed to be grateful we fail to see what God has given us learn to love.

If your covetous person you don't love my love things with you love people.

Nobody can become this person who loves the when you covet what somebody else has. That means you don't really love them. If you love them, you would rejoice in what they I make it a practice when I going to find Homer see somebody that has nice things, whatever it may be in that home. I don't know I do.

But I make it a practice to bow my head and thank God for his blessings on those people. I just visited my children and they been doing some remodeling and some decorating and Janice to Miranda's or pop a look at this, look at this. My heart just so singing joy.

I didn't say well I'm jealous because what they have is is nice and pretty, but I wanted I didn't want hi rejoice because I love them so much. Every person who loves another person rejoices and what that person celebrate God's grace and sat right God's goodness to somebody else. Teach your children that somebody else's blessing is not your lost you know the problem that many of us have. It is not wanting more warning more than somebody else. We have a fine home and we're so grateful for home. Do we go see somebody else's timecard work so grateful for Dorsey somebody else's way of a good job and were so grateful. What do we see somebody else just love them.

Thank God that he has blessed him if he had learned to love learned a lot next understand who you are in the Lord Jesus teach your children who they'll that their saints that they have the righteousness of God in Christ. Teach them the understanding get their identity not from Madison Avenue but from the word of God and to celebrate the distinctiveness of the celebrate differences.

Last of all, I don't know of anything that will kill covetousness better and quicker than this. Learn to give a pastor friend was talking to US Congressman this Congressman said pastor I won't tell you what God taught me about giving is that I took my son the McDonald's.

My son wanted a large package of French fries and he said I bought him a large pack of fries.

We have a father and son fellowship so we went to sit down at the table and he said I just thought I would have two of them. So as I reached over start to get a couple more put his hand on my hand and said those were mine. He said that just went right through me very sad moment last time that it takes to tell it.

God spoke God to give me one of the greatest lessons about stewardship I've ever learned. He's about three things about my son. Number one.

He evidently forgotten where those French fries came from the one that will. He doesn't understand I have the power to take them all from him or if I wanted to I could buy 20 more big fries and bury him in French fries if I wanted to and he said thirdly, if I wanted more fries for myself, I've got the money to go up and buy them and sit at another table and meet them all by myself if I wanted my son has an attitude problem that God said to me, and that's exactly the attitude you have some time served. You need to remember where these blessings have come from.

I'm the one who gave you these things you need to understand secondly that I have the power to take them from you or to give you more. You need to understand. Thirdly, I don't need your French fries I don't have to have what you have. I can have my own frame.

God doesn't lead us.

We need him way and how sweet is that fellowship with him for sale.

Have we given unto you, and nothing will dynamite the covetousness out of our hearts that learning to give to God and to give to other teacher children again and show them how and you have a home that wins must balance where the folks I want to say again, the problem is not that we break the commandments. That's only a symptom of the problem.

The problem is our hearts. We need to be saying we need to be born again and keeping the 10 Commandments won't get anybody to heaven, you have to be saved by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and then he gives you the power to live visual live. I'm going to lead you in a little prayer right now in this prayer, you can invite Jesus Christ in your heart to be your Lord and Savior. Let me lead you prayer you pray this way. Dear God, just pray out of your heart dear God, I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me and friend.

He does Jesus you died to save me and you promise to save me if I would trust you. I do trust you, Lord Jesus, would you pray that prayer I do trust you, Lord Jesus, I believe you're the son of God.

I believe that you paid my send it with your blood on the cross.

I believe that God raised him from the dead.

I believe it and now by faith, like a child I receive you into my life is my Lord and Savior. I'm sorry for my sin.

I turned from my sin. Forgive my sin cleanse me come into my life and begin now to make me the person you want me to be.

Save me Lord Jesus pray that from your heart. Save me Lord Jesus pray and mean it.

Save me Lord Jesus, did you ask asking from your heart. Save me Lord Jesus then pray this way if you mean business. Thank you for saving me.

I receive it by faith, like a child and that settles it. I don't look for Sino mass for feeling I stand when you were you promised you. Now, my Lord, my Savior, my God and my friend and begin now to make me the person you want me to be begin now to make me the person you want me to be and help me, Jesus never ever to be ashamed of you because you died for me your name I pray, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus Christ today we'd love to celebrate with you and invite you to our discovered Jesus paid to the website. There you'll find answers, you may need about your newfound faith is a response section. You can see a video from Adrian Rogers and you can share your testimony go to and click discovered Jesus at the top of the page welcome to God's forever family. Let us hear from you today again go to and click discovered Jesus if you like to order a copy of today's message request one by the title. The secret of satisfaction when you call 1877 love God. This message is also part of the powerful series of perfect 10 for homes that win for the complete collection all 10 insightful messages. You can call that number to order 1877 love God or go online to or you can write us that love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 or so glad you were able to study with us in God's word today if you want to live a life of satisfaction.

Remember to trust in the develop a habit of thankfulness learn to love other people and learn to tune in next time for more timeless truth right here on the word listener reached out to us. Not long ago and gave this encouragement I listen to Adrian Rogers for years is true biblical teaching blesses and encourages.

I felt very vulnerable with all its changing in our world, but I am holding on to the God who never changes in his promise to never leave us or forsake us. Thank you for continuing to share these messages well. It is our honor and privilege to do just that and it love worth finding our greatest desire is to equip you with resources to share the light of the gospel your gifts to love worth finding help us continue this ministry if you send a gift right now. We'd love to send you our 2020 Christmas cards entering an original painting by artist Lacey Hancock request to pack up the 2020 Christmas cards when you call, with a gift right now at 1877 love God thanks for your generous support

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