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The Purpose of Prayer

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 30, 2020 7:00 am

The Purpose of Prayer

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 30, 2020 7:00 am

We often picture prayer as something we do with our head bowed, our eyes closed, and our hands neatly folded. But Dr. Tony Evans wants to tell us about the Lords Prayer where Jesus paints a very different picture. Discover how prayer can become an experience that bubbles up inside you when you join him in this lesson.

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There ought to be something welling up in you. So pray Dr. Tony Evans is meeting God in prayer should create a positive reaction within us. We don't have volcanic prey.

We really don't understand what is what is this is the alternative Tony-author, speaker, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative, we often picture is something we do with our head bowed our eyes close, her hands neatly folded today. Dr. Evans takes us to the Lord's prayer in Matthew six where Jesus paints a very different picture. Let's join him. We have all been too participated in the summer to moment, touchdowns scored by our home team or when you're watching the Super Bowl them. The game is over, you see the spontaneous rise of joy in the winners circle as they hoist the body trophy or if you're watching a baseball game and it's the bottom of the ninth inning and they need one run in the batter hits it over the fence for the winning run in the celebration that breaks out because of what just happened at spontaneous, you can't help it because something happened that turned things around at the last moment, or if your game is basketball. We know what it is to see a player sink.

The shot as the buzzer goes off and begin motion that wells up in the home town crowd or the team to see what just happened. In other words, and moments like that.

You don't have to beg for praise and moments like that. You don't have to shout people into a celebration. The nature of the moment demands and you can help. What the Bible has something like that.

We call it in theology, a doxology taken from two Greek words. One is don't say which means praise and then log off, which means a word or an expression so a doxology is an expression of praise that many doxologies in the Bible that many spontaneous interruption of the recognition and celebration of God who is the what is blowing a live off of the top. It is a volcanic eruption of the soul. It's not emotionalism. Emotionalism is when you get excited and nothing happened but it is legitimate emotional where you are responding to something or someone for who they all what you just saw them do it is Jesus is understanding when he concludes the Lord's prayer that if you really understood what he say that will be interruption in your so that will be a toxicological response when you understand what common name, and that it ought to be hollow when you understand what kind of kingdom. He oversees and it ought to be submitted to when you understand the perfection of his will to carry out his purposes. When you understand that nothing you have or what have I have come to you if you want the source of it getting to you and so you praise them for you daily bread. If you really understood what it means to be a forgiven person and the beautiful giver and letting somebody else off the like.

You want God to let you off the hook and if you really understood how bad Satan was out get so that God would have to lead you from being overrun by him or deliver you out of people is already trapped you in Jesus is understanding that you understood all that he's already said in the Lord's prayer that there ought to be a toxicological response now to be something welling up in your so pray not because we have a praise leader, not because we have a praise room, not because we have a choir because we have a preacher but because you come to know God, just a little bit better in the Lord's prayer, creating the logical response and robust expression of praise. So the reason we don't have volcanic prey if we really don't understand who we is and what is because this Jesus is understanding and understanding through the doxologies all throughout the Bible that you got a volcano that wants to get you also, if you really understood who God is what God deserves and what you benefit from because of who he is and what is done. Jesus closes the Lord's prayer with the famous doxology. One of the great doxologies of Scripture, he says, for thine is the kingdom the power and the jewelry forever. Amen.

He starts off with the full light of everything. I just taught you to pray you want to be excited in light of everything that you've learned about the Lord's prayer. You are to be motivated to give you what he deserves. He says, for thine is the kingdom, you are the rule and you are in charge.

But the problem is we have too many of God's people will switch kingdom. They wear the uniform of God's kingdom while they serve another kingdom.

And so as a result, they are living in a kingdom in conflict.

So let me help you if you don't recognize God as UK not only what you say but how you function. Did you ever jeopardize the rest of the Lord's prayer for the Lord's prayer only works if it's his kingdom. That is your concern, but if you're concerned about your management, your status, your position not under 13 but you just want the king to do what you want for you that you jeopardize all the rest of the prayer wife for thine is the kingdom, let me tell you why you and I all of us must be willing to voluntarily submit also to the will of God over every area of our lives as we pursue our relationship with him. His father, it is because if he is allowed to rule that he will control the outcome. Remember thy kingdom come, wife so that your will is done. So the outcome ties to his room.

If you lose or leave his role jeopardize the outcome says everything belongs to God's kingdom.

He can use anything that is created for his kingly purposes. The last five years of Tom Landry being head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, I was the chaplain for the team. I was a lot younger than I would go out and I would literally work out with the team while they were preparing to go into their practice and after practice I would do a Bible study with the team. I would go work out Roger stall back was the quarterback Drew Pearson was one of the receivers totally. It was the other receiver and Tony Dorsett was the running back to I would actually go to past patterns with them and I would catch passes out of the backfield as they were warming up for their practice. Well I got to know some of the place in one of the particular place. Roger stall back would call a fly pattern to Drew Pearson. I fly pattern is where the quarterback receives the ball goes back and he's trying to score a touchdown in one play by throwing a long pass to the restatement so run stall that will get the ball go back and looking for Drew Pearson for a touchdown in one place that's a fly pattern.

The problem comes in that sometimes the other team would blitz the play of blitzes where a linebacker or a defensive back waits for an opening and seeks to get to the quarterback before he can execute the play because I fly pattern takes a little bit longer because the receiver is running so far. The quarterback needs a little bit more time but if a blitz is coming in the other team is seeking to tackle him.

He may not have time to fulfill the original play, but that's when something else happened in the huddle. It was called a wagon.

Tony Dorsett was told to wagon and waggled his whereabouts. Running back is peeling off to the side, just in case it is where Tony Dorsett peeled off to the side in case the quarterback didn't have enough time to do the original play that was predicted in the hospital because there was a blitz from the enemy what God calls kingdom planes he calls plays where he wants to score his kingdom program called the play with Israel. He said Israel I want to run down history and ongoing to throw you my son I want you to receive my son and bring in the kingdom of God. But the problem is Satan blitz the play because he got the leaders to reject Jesus and to crucify him on a cross. But what they didn't understand was that God called for wagon and field to the side and said I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So the real you want to be under the kingdom of God is that when Satan blitz is you and tries to save you God keep you and bring up another scenario to still accomplish his kingdom purposes so you want to be under his rule.

Thy kingdom come. The biggest thing you can say as part of your doxology of God when I get out of my bed this morning you will not get out of bed this morning. Your my authority and submit to your control pursue a relationship with you but all will will not desire my desire your golf my go my way. Go your way and when you do that, God feels free to waggled you but if you know that you're not going to do his thing that he's not going to call a wagon because he knows he can trust you to keep his kingdom going. Jesus says if you really understood the Lord you would save thy kingdom come, Daniel chapter 4 verses 3435 said God alone is king. Nobody should have to beg you please check the bag and glorify me back if you only come the church to hear the sermon does because you don't have a Dr. logical worship because were subject don't become a preacher to come to meet the Lord to come and see him here and pray so that he can hear my praise wife is about him about him. I kingdom come.

Dr. Evans will talk about God's infinite power when he returns in just a moment to read about this final message and its in-depth series on the Lord's prayer and that means today is your last chance to take advantage of our special offer for those who can help us keep Tony's teaching on this station is wishing thanks for your contribution will send you a copy of his life-changing book about the 23rd Psalm God is more than enough to often.

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You Can Ask the Question How Did You Get Here.

Well, When You See a Ball the Size of Earth.

You Need to Ask the Question How Did Have Ball Get That Had to Be Somebody Who Put This Ball in Space and Told That the Statement What God Is Done Demonstrates His Power. Why Don't We See More of His Problem Because Were Not Submitted to His Kingdom. His Kingdom Is Tied to His Power. That's Why the Bible Says in Ephesians 3 Verse 20 Now to Him Who Can Do Exceedingly Abundantly above All You Ask or Think Again He Says According to the That Works in You.

So If You're Not Submitted to His Kingdom.

You Don't Have Access to His Potluck Baptist with Power.

You Will See It Working in Your Life. Even Though You Hold in Opposition to What God Is Saying Today Is That He Is the Power. Daniel 1132 Says the People Who Know God Shall Be Strong and Do Exploits the People Who Know God Will See God Do Stuff Changed the Clips, Stuff Stuff. He'll Stop Provide Stuff the People Who Know Their God, Not Just the People Go to Church Is the King, Thy Is the Power All Become Nine. The Word Glory Means to Put Something on Display to Highlight It or Advertise Men Have Ascribed Glory Glory. We Attribute the People Based on What They've Accomplished and Its Temporary God Has Intrinsic Glory. What Is toward What Is Defined What Bluest Sky Is Intrinsic Glory. In Other Words, You Can Separate You Can Take out a Fire.

You Can Take Went Out Of Water. You Can Take Blue Sky Because They Are Intricately Related That You Cannot like That Water Is Wet, You Cannot like That Sky Is Blue. You Cannot like the Fire Is Hot, but That's a Problem and It's Irrelevant Because It Will Never Adjust to What You Think about so No Matter How You Think or Feel about God Will Be Who Is Because He Is Who Is Who You so God Will Always Be Glorified. Whether You Glorify Him Okay Because He Created Us. The Bible Says, for His Glory in Isaiah 43 Verse Seven Created for His Glory. Then You Need to Know You Are Going to Glorify That You Can Glorify Him in One of Two Way You Can Glorify Him Voluntarily or Mandatorily, Because Everything Will Bow and Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Is Lord, to the Glory of the Father. You and I Just Have the Opportunity to Do It Intelligently in How You Doing It, but I Is Going to Give Glory to God. Now You Understand Some God Says I Will Share My Glory Would Know Me Glory Cannot Be Tampered with Michael Sheriff Glory, You Must Be to God What the Mood Is so the Moon Reflects the Light of the Sun on Personal Life.

It but the Moon Can Keep It Going to Pass It on the Planet Earth Because It Has No Life of Its Own. So If You Give Me Glory and Reflected on Sharon Glory Belongs to Somebody Else.

Your Job and My Job When We Would Glory If the Reflected Back to the Source Glory Loss of Life Will Be Our Comes from the Sun and Is Really Reflected by the Mood so When You Give Me Glory Will Give You Glory. Make Sure You Go Back to the Sauce and Give Recognition God Glory Is a Pass-Through They Gave Me Some Recognition Right in the Study Bible, but Is Not Bible Is so You Get the Glory in the Moment and Any Woman Any Preacher, Any Politician Who Takes the Glory to Themselves and Doesn't Pass It on to God Himself to God and Taken a Position, Glory to Himself in the Bible Is the One I Is the Glory Glory Belongs to You.

So 90 Verse One the Heavens Declare the Glory Okay to Be in a Yes. You Must Equally Beautiful Bombs Is the Fullness There Is No God, so to Be an Atheist You Equally a Full or You Been the College One. But If You Could Be Trying to Become an Eight Because They Want Glory Assignments to Define Human Existence and the Existence of the World. Read the Bible Can Call You a Full Is This so I Can See God When You KC Wind Either but You Know When Is Blowing You Casey Abbott You Know When the Trees Are Moving Unthinkably Don't Necessarily See the Heavens.

The Plan, If You Have a Painting You Got a Painter. If You Gotta Watch. You Got a Watchmaker Gotta Building You Got an Architect Got Something Visible. There Is Something That You Don't See Somewhere That's Responsible for Something You Do Sleep in Every Life except Foolish Man, One Change the Rules When It Comes to Creation and You Know I Want to Answer the Self If I Can Get Rid of Him, Then I Don't Have To Answer to Factor Dismissive Know the Bible Declares to Ascribe Some 20 Numbers One and Two to the Lord the Glory Due His Name. In Other Words, the Big You See, the More Praise You Give to the Smaller You Make Him the Less Crazy Will Give It You Know Why More Praise God. Cut into Small Medical Praise God We Get More Praise to Lebron James That We Give to God.

Why, Because God Had Gotten so Small. That's Why the Lord's Prayer Is Used To Magnify God That Two Ways to Make Some Big Magnify You Get Closer to It and When You Do Those Two Things Big and Bigger and Bigger and Bigger It Gets, the More Praise You Will Really Praise God Is See How Big He Is and Understand Every Good Gift Comes from above, Dr. Tony Evans with Encouraging Words As He Wraps up Our Look at Jesus Definitive Example of Prayer.

This Is the Final Message in Tony's In-Depth Examination of the Lord's Prayer, Which Means That Your Last Chance to Take Advantage of the Special Double Resource Package That Includes All Eight Full-Length Messages from the Series on CD and Digital Download As Well As His Powerful Book, God Is More Than Enough.

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