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The Broken Steps - #1

The Broken Steps / Anita Dean
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September 3, 2020 4:18 pm

The Broken Steps - #1

The Broken Steps / Anita Dean

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September 3, 2020 4:18 pm

Anita Dean Arnette is ready to tell HER story.  You will be encouraged and comforted.  Faith comes from within and heals. Give a listen.  Share with a friend.

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God's mostly gospel really feeling everyone wants you to know that I live in mounting many times in my life. I just felt broken. I was broken and I couldn't see my way. I have a story that God has allowed me to tell how he brought me out of darkness, broken steps why the title.

Comparing various stages of my life to the broken steps of an old house. I could see the similarities and old house broken steps that have no purpose. They are of no value. They can cause injury, hurt or pain simply by the grace of God I found peace and healing in him. My life was a lifetime story it was real and I lived it every day for years. I was ashamed and afraid to tell my story.

I was a victim of verbal abuse, physical abuse, afraid to come home and afraid not to go home.

You may be going through a trial or tragedy today. You may feel broken no hope felt like giving up throwing in the time I am a living testimony know that God can heal your brokenness today.

If you only trust God. Trust him know that God can do all things, all things are possible with God. I was broken but now I can see why God was there all the time to let me know that I was more than a broken step through God's word. I was made whole again. God used my brokenness to provide hope, healing and help for many others who may feel broken. I went through the fire but thanks be to God.

I made it home feeling's mostly gospel everyone. This is the Truth Network

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