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Best Of MSL 3: End Times, Veganism, and Irresistible Grace

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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November 18, 2019 7:00 pm

Best Of MSL 3: End Times, Veganism, and Irresistible Grace

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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November 18, 2019 7:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live.

The first caller asks Matt for clarification on Matthew 24. Specifically about the signs of the End Times being fulfilled before the generation passes away. From there, the next caller asks is it alright if Christians promote Veganism. Our third caller asks about and debates Matt on one of the five points of Reform Theology, Irresistible Grace.

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This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat is why the founder and president of apologetics and research found online that car married on around here or at Matthew 24 that this generation will not pass go all the thing you know build the you believe that all those things that Jesus talked about American 24 were fulfilled. You know in that generation because it's dumb enough to hear people say that and I don't know but I hear people say that you know that generation applies to you know the generations that the Israel is created a nation again but you know Jesus was talking to that generation that order that have a double meaning that it all afield in one way that way and memo it all gets built.

Another way in the future because you know what I think it would've made Jesus look like a false prophet to those people in that generation at the toll if he was talking to them and he said this. All this will not pass this generation network generation of those before him wouldn't pass.

You know me not, I hear people say that it applies to you know the Israel.

Going back into their nation. I just think it counted when you when you take the perspective you kinda have to you know you got to understand the kind of is the means use of this issue is that some will say that everything was fulfilled completely and totally thin and that was it, and some say yes, they were fulfilled then and they will be fulfilled again later on in the written return of Christ, and so when he says this generation.

What is this generation is a difficult thing to determine and what he's talking about there and Matthew 24 and Sue this is May 23, 36, he says the same thing will come upon this generation and let's see this generation ago, this generation will not pass away until all these Things Take Pl., May 24, 30 a hold on for time like back after these messages, Bobby Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners special who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows maybe are getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials 1111 back to the show. Let's get on your back here with Sean from Richmond, Virginia, Sean, are you still there alright so when we look at Matthew 24. There's a lot in there and some of the things that are in there. Just don't fit the generation of his time when he was alive 2000 years in, for example, verse 29 immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened like it was like the stars will fall from the sky. The power of the heavens will be shaken. This, then the Son of Man will appear in the sky and all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory.

And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet they will gather elect to gather his elect from the four winds from the sky together, which instantly put very strong support poetry rapture because he returns every fantasy. And that's when Electra gathered at just wipes out pretrip rapture right there but that has not yet happened in its future. And so he saying these things, not this generation will not pass away till is interesting so it seems to be the generation is a future generation went with Elvis and come about his glorious return of one more question for you.

Thank you like to know where you stand on. I've heard that the rapture of the concept of the rapture is only several hundred years old and that the original apostles and early church fathers and all that he never believed that there was none of the you know the return of Jesus. The mentor return of the seven years later that they believe that there were just to be one return of Jesus. Is that true faith on difficult yes and no. History is a horrific concept is relatively new.

The concepts right in the Scriptures for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God. The dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with him in the clouds seek the Lord in the air. That's the rapture and all you do is go to first Thessalonians chapter 4 starting in verse 16 to start reading the rapture occurs, the question is, is a pretrip rapture post-trip, rapture, and it appears at the pretrip rapture right is relatively new so things within the past hundred hundred 90 later this one just one return.

Absolutely if you were to do a study to be one return at the end of the tribulation is my position one return Christ not to, and not a secret return and halfway return and people rapture out and then it just I just don't see the Scripture and seeing anyone to believe that is stupid or as smart as me or business who thinks like I do not not saying that.

But when I have debated people on this no impromptu debates over the years. I just not seen anything that they produced that support your pre-tribulation rapture the things that they produce what he put in context. Don't support it in one of the famous things that is said is as was the days of Noah social media date of the coming the Son of Man for the reading they were drinking they were giving in marriage, till the day that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and took them all away to middle be in the field was taken was left an essay that pretrip rapture. They say no it's not. It's the wicked who were taken and they laugh at me and I say read the context and read the parallel of Luke 17 and then they authorize you to our brochure to think you're right. It's the wicked who were taken and so we know stuff like that happens all the time and so when I'm talking to them efficiently. Pretrip rapture is not mean it's not an agenda. I know I'm not convert everybody to post-trip. It's not. It if you believe in pretrip that's fine as long as they don't put all your hope and it put their hope in the return of Christ and not getting out of here.

If things get bad, but if you to do is have you on this age of the age to come. This age needs to come and find out what happened at the end of this age and do a search for the word trumpet if you can do this online. At least these places search Bible hub. I think it is now and the resurrection and I've done I've done this article and article Carmen but you know the trumpets the resurrection and judgment. He does find out he does map amount you find out. Basically all happens at the same time. I may not marry teaching this for years and years and years and I am to say this, I mean mean to say it honestly, if I can say it that way, nobody's ever refuted and it's not the most assist just like assist with refuted and you have a book that you've written, like based on the on the and on the end everything you know, I've thought about writing my view of what I believe, for a suspect will happen and then times and in what I hope my position is basically that there's going to be tribulation. Christians are to go through what the antichrist will be manifested. He will show himself the Temple rebuilt temple in order to be God and then it's all gonna hit the fan. And people will flee and persecution will occur and Christians will be persecuted. A great deal to be a lot of beheadings. It's possible that the antichrist might be a Muslim. That's there's some new theories about this, which is an interesting evidence, but we don't know for sure and done that I believe is can get so bad that my opinion is this my opinion that things would get so bad that mankind will destroy itself and that Jesus ago to step in and stop it because I believe that in Genesis 217.

When God said to have me the day that you eat of this you will die. I and Adam represent all people's perspectives to a 1522, he represented so I suspect that Phyllis Wade is a sin is death. Romans 623 that what we do with the natural course of sin in our world is to bring us to self destruction and that were to go through. This is Christians have always come through persecutions always about history and that is to get so bad I gigantic I told you so is coming when he steps in and stop stuff and with what Jesus says and what the collegiate this is really interesting stuff. Not many people are aware of this surprise that are not aware of it.

So the harvest is at the end of the age. And Jesus says so that when the wheat and the tares are there. He says, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks.

That's the opposite with the rapture says we are to be taken out of this domain of the devil hereunder. But Jesus said that Satan was bound in Matthew 12 2232 he did and he says his kingdom is is among the people and where here we the people are here, and then he says that the Son of Man himself will send forth angels. They gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks in Matthew 24. Luke 17 says that the wicked are the ones were taken and then they asked Jesus where they taken at the end of Luke 17 in the answers of where the body is the vultures gather and he says in verse 31st, gather the tears of my week in my mind.

The first was taken on the wicked regular life valve that was shot in Richmond, Virginia hey folks, I think after the truth network podcast of help my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my door products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners special who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows and mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 8990 mind, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials back to the show let's go to Isaiah from North Carolina. Isaiah welcomed on the air. Yes, I can find buddy all right when they are adequate regarding bigoted them in Christianity.

And I was wondering what your thoughts are on promoting bigoted as a Christian I know I know the Bible talk about being good stewards of the of the earth.

Essentially, know your opinion on the leading actually in the real my second day today and the reason is because getting older and not as alert and my wife has medical issues and so because of it.

Over the years we have studied various things and repeatedly, the studies show that a strongly predominantly based of plant diet is the most healthy for you is just across the board and I think of of the Lord God he's created us a place in the garden. That's how we were designed to two to live and so in a garden.

That's how he designed us so finally pulled the plug and I, try this and I just a half-hour ago I had a really nice salad in the whole day that meet today's not a problem, have listed and I were at work at the gym and hold that another watching stuff on Netflix on it.

So get on veganism and people and different diets is really interesting. Okay so biblically is it okay that's okay is okay lately yes it's okay to make Jesus a delete. The Passover lamb is not a problem. So the thing is, sometimes people get on the bandwagon. All you go vegan because if you don't, your evil might not if you want to try try it but I will say this, and I've been noticing a difference in the past couple of days that I'm feeling more alert and feeling lighter and cleaner is just hard to describe so. But if I may also note on paying back the more people in general need to be aware of are just the fact that analog culture has environmentally speaking your thoughts on on You will The statistics show that I think the majority the land is spent in producing animal products and there's a great deal of waste that is involved with that and the water usage is heaviest for that. Then over plans and so psycho case of the consider we are obligated as stewards of what God has given us to manage the land, the water the animals the plants properly and here American culture, egg dishes, meat dishes, hamburger steaks I love steak and love hamburgers out there all great but I noticed something that's when I have these big meeting meals. I get tired and lethargic and to be honest I don't want that because I want to be able to be alert to study to remember Scriptures to teach people and so were the main reasons is it going I'm trying veganism trying to know Jerry even right now is trying to see how I feel. See if I can do it so far but find your writing is to point to bring up about land and be very careful and not guilty of going on a leftist hearing and green pieces should all that lies just lean meat. Eat meat.

Have fine fine under. But yeah, shall I live thing I know I know your dotted valuable yeah I did all the while glad you got II have been being inadequate data for over two years now and I totally agree with everything that I really want to point out you know that held that bag you're staying particular with some of the most common chronic to be out type II diabetes, heart that the many forms of cancer bag. David had landed directly across the board. The best guide to help reduce your risk for God's name on glad to hear that your giving it a shot because I try to promote it and let it. I can honestly given all the reasons that I've done. I do have a nutritional background and United lobule to be healthy wanted to go find a I know I get a lot of pushback, particularly from Kristin bonded topic be God above you know eating meat, not being that barely noticed the sin and everybody should be free to make a decision and they want to wait. We you don't have to have the government telling us what we can and can't eat but we do need to be wise as Christians with the bodies that God is given us and their people who are gluttonous, they shouldn't be there.

People who drink alcohol when they should not the people who are overweight when they should not not going to be very careful here because I know what it is to struggle with weight and I rarely talk about this, but my mom was very overweight and I saw her struggle with these weight issues and I was anorexic for many years, I'm 60 tallest to 117 pounds. I was less than $100 less than the hundred 20 pounds for a long time and I remember having eat 6000 cal a day in order to gain pounds and I would go 200-2200 25 pounds. It was just the way it was and now that I'm older and I got a little bit around the got almost 63 lifting him. I sit research and I write will I know what it's like to change your diet. Things don't work and you try and things don't work pretty well.

If we give up. So I I'm not saying if you're overweight all your incendiary pedal is not like someone people understand I know what it's like in different ways and I've been with the family situations. I got a brother, two brothers actually who have issues and like that.

One of them really does have issues so I'm familiar with, but nevertheless I know since were talking about this, I would seriously recommend people go on Netflix. If you have Netflix and dislike of stuff on diets. It's amazing what information is out there and across the board plant-based diets are very good. They've ever had a book called the plant paradox should check it out. I doubt it took some turned me onto it and I headed on my Kindle for months before he finally started reading it. One night as -5 minutes and I have written for two hours. I could not put a dentist decide to put it down. What they do with plants and how they are grown in various things in the land and the nutrition it was phenomenally interesting to me at any rate, but our diet is so particularly important.

I even experiment where the eating right, lots of water left of this and I'll have a bowl of ice cream to see how if feel next day I noticed difference and so they urged Dennis to take a couple coffee while you know, as we try and and regulator self.

I've noticed that to him through the vegetarian stuff things look a lot better than vegetarianism folks. You can have dairy veganism.

You can't assist whatever you asked me in plant-based but the hey it what you want, do what you want and deal with the great that I met her right okay God bless what the folks hope it is this information that is called never had a call before I remember hey give me call you for the lines 7207 for you about your great care.

Three persons, I'd like to read for can define you cannot tackle anything about sure to find it first define the residual grace is seeking order to note that a great that God is able.

I'm way over will overwhelm record will will of man know that and will is not able to read it.

It is in his great that's not exactly residual grace is not the teaching that man cannot resist God's grace is the teaching that when it comes time for a person to become born again, this moment of being born again that action of being born again that the irresistible grace of God in that moment cannot be successfully resisted by any human being that they will become born again that deals with that issue, not anything else. Okay okay so far from your perspective that editors Andre circulated an actual type of grace is in the Catholic sense. Irresistible grace is in is one of the five points of the reformed theology and that's what it means is what your social graces and deals with the issue of the type of being born again. Not that Bob can't resist God's kindness and mercy and grace to them sometime is not what people say that's what it is likely that it cannot can can somebody live with all that great Catholic point know you cannot lose your salvation you cannot become on born again I dealing with and maybe three verses that I'd like to make reference to what is still on your impression of surrogates are with the care that we do it one at a time.

Second Corinthians chapter 6, verse one and when we can. We also urge you not to receive the grace of God in vain. Okay, breath of God in vain that you and I wonder that this look at it so we can understand or grace of God to even unbelievers have the grace of God is there in theology. This was called common grace.

Common grace is that action of God upon the believer and around the believer, the Gibson lights and air, and life breath and food is a common grace there. When we say grace we have to understand what it means in this context of God was gracious to Israel by setting the Messiah and yet the Messiah was rejected by Israel and we can also see and in Galatians 5 verses four and five. It talks what you have before you fall from grace, you would see to be justified by the law will someone who seeks to justify the law is never saved, never say to begin with how you get saved so this is a fall from grace. It doesn't mean grace as they were saved. Grace in the movement of God upon them, giving them the knowledge and the truth of the gospel message that they had because the Jews had the oracles of God and grooms to 17 falling for that species different aspects which grace can be understood. So for a segment is 61 does not mean that they stop being Christians, issue or okay will certainly be a possibility there, but it also working together, working together with God.

Night contact Not seem to you to support the notion of marriage as the postmodern style. Are you a Roman Catholic.

Just curious. Okay, so the new host to synergistic sensor rheology and you're looking for verses to substantiate this. So which means your believing thoughts of false but none of that later if you want, and what later would work but I knew that the word is used of the Lord. The very word energy) to look at the Greek set eyes on you. Show me where the Lord monitors them out like canceling what I can find were Trinity. Either it's because the word agreement or any kind can't excuse me. Excuse me but neither can I find exclusively. Excuse me. Just because a word does not occur in a particular verse or in the script is assuming the concept is taught. So that's the issue yet, but I would argue that I would also say that the concept is likewise not found in Scripture that you wouldn't find a word like that, like that one, hold, hold on a sec hold on hello, this is not your radio show so please hold on one point in time.

To say that modern Judaism is not taught the Scriptures to beg the question and to assume that the false teaching of the Roman Catholic Church would monitors them is that God alone is the one who saves us that we don't save ourselves.

Our work together with God to save ourselves or to get saved so this is a 615 61 originated with him. We also urge you not to receive the grace of God in vain, and so does it mean to work together on land will what is it of course mental meals and operate with great physical element hold on what is mean to cooperate with his grace.

Searchlight is great and grace of God prompts us to do what is right and we have free will accept and to cooperate with backed item that he so he put his own free will. He ground up and we cooperated with that we do not and according but I will actually use me. Excuse me, I keep saying hold on, keep making these points and and and I'm not can let you do that, so you need understand something that that if I say hold on a sec let me address what you're saying don't want you to build some big case only preach heresy on the show from the Catholic Church is not a Christian church up now lately you have been saying something for quite a bit to make riding on a player I don't want to put you on hold so that I can get a word in edge wise in my own radio show no key for please hold on want you to respond but I want you to also be patient. Let me address the issues that you're trying to raise the funds we have here is a Catholic who is trying to support the idea that we cooperate with God in order to be saved and that's not the case because if it were the case that we cooperate with God and why does it say that we cannot come to Christ Been granted to us from the father. John 665.

Why is it that the Bible says that we must be granted faith. Philippians 129 if it's simply up to our free will and that's the issue is back on.

Here is the issue of free will, because a lot of times people do still assume terms, they don't define them and then they build a case of something they assume so free will has even been defined here when I do debates with Catholics and atheists in all like I have to have them define the terms and so keep up your own air here. Now the thing is that free will is restricted by your sinful nature because the Bible says the natural man cannot receive the things of God perspectives 214 and it says we cannot come to Christ unless it's been granted to us by the father John 665.

Let me ask a quick question. How does your idea of free will work with those two horses all of God and kept getting first. Although it may will come to me at the other company. Excuse me I will never plug away and come back from him that you hold on happened on his hold on, hold on.

First of all, I hadn't forgotten. John 637 so you shouldn't tell me what I have or have not forgotten that's an inappropriate I frequently go to John 637 through 40 is a three could be designed to establish the idea of eternal security are quite familiar with the verse and I can go through it quite a bit but I asked you a specific question and you just ignore the question you want to something else I gave you two specific versus in John 665 Jesus says you cannot come to me Been granted to you from the father and fricatives to 14. This is a natural man cannot pursue the things of God from foolishness to him. So, in light of your view of free will, which uses a libertarian view, how are those verses in agreement with your view of libertarian free will believe libertarian free will and courage that you're better to start late libertarian free reign on God will not hold on libertarian free will position that the human freedom, human free will, even in the fallen state is perfectly capable of cooperating with the work of God and the gracious movement of God inside of the sinfulness in order to become a believer that he could make that free choice within his sinfulness that libertarianism you deny that or do firm that will cooperate with the grace of God. In effect, with not even be able to come notice Thomas Carlton.

I got a great key for five key for me and I asked 901 hold a break on the notice folks.

I asked him a specific question again just as valid as to write back baby was still on. After Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my door products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping jobs, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials is still there and I asked a question. I was hoping you could actually answer the question is that of sidestepping this very frequently deal with Catholics and atheists and Muslims in light of first contents 214 a John six 665 where they say that the unbeliever cannot receive spiritual things, and that the unlevered cannot come to Christ list granted by God the father. How does that comport with your view that the unbeliever cooperate with God in order to choose what your mate yes okay great so first of all, we have to understand what it means what it means to be drawn by by the father, but it needs to come to him what it means to be granted granted again for the fatherly benefits that the latter part of that.

But that verse and I think verse 45 exit, but the proper context makes it detailed that it reveals to us what exactly need how it is accomplished by God. Verse 25 says it is written in the prophet and they shall all be taught by God.

Everyone who has heard and learned from the father comes to me so you give great. He teaches us and we respond accordingly. That's what it means to be drawn by the father that what it means to be granted by the father is knowing noisy on the hand that Bert met this flawless video is false, it is likely the Scripture did know you quoted something and then you said that's right the Scripture as though what youth said action was a proper answer and it wasn't. I asked you specifically highlight assorted I have to specifically for example the one verse, the time fricatives to 14th is a natural man cannot receive the things of God for the full assisted what you're telling me is that the unbeliever, the natural man can receive the things of God. It needs to need some help, but he says he cannot help her, not cannot only Saturday only by God.

Great got great mind and heart and the will of man quite forgot God. The negative question. Matt Matt, you have to allow me to be able to actually expand on blind faith interrupting every five you're well aware, you're well aware of creepy and great you write about it on your own website. Nagging exclamation up that should be exclamation up the race is in my heart. Sharon graces amateur theology is kindergarten theology and explain why you don't know what it is. Okay, go Illini grace is this idea that God gives a measure somehow a measure of grace to people that enables them to be able to get to the point of being able to believe or choose or do whatever that is. Amateur theology and the reason it is because I can ask the question why does Bob believe with breathing and grace and Frank does not believe when premeeting grace is applied. Why the difference can answer the question, what is one believe another does not click on the freep preventing grace supplied to the individual. It one heart and heart, one who loved learned of the other. But here we go USA and why does one operate by my why why is one person's hardened hearts not to respond another one hardened heart will because hardened hazards agreed to either accept it or cannot it had it locate then there then. Why does one person's freedom allow him to believe that a person's freedom does not allow the belief or because one, one would be more concerned with the fate of whole why the other. Why is one more concerned than another person. You see, I can kill that the question is why God arbitrarily choosing one for whatever position is not a position is not transmitted up and update your notion of hail hold an old and I to put them on hold. It's not our position that God is arbitrary. He does not flip a coin.

Some celestial coin to see what is going to do the states arbitrary is not the Christian perspective is not what we teach as Protestants. God never does anything arbitrarily. He works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 so he fell you did misrepresented us directly that I asked you specific question, why does one person's free will enable him to believe another one does not determine whether or not cooperate with God's great turn about the salvation of their soul that obviously they would want to cooperate with God aggression for you. However, very different than it happened. So if it is just because one is the swing what is that what that means, then they have the capacity with this so-called thing amateur theology carpeting and grace that they have it with breathing and grace there and able to somehow believe if that's the case then why does God have to grant that they believe flip is 129 oriented bike doesn't say what invite is not saying invite is a week I met a revelation they find us on the door and we invited would be in that that very much.

Sen. on this and John Beck irregularity only signed 129 Philippians 129 to you has been granted for Christ's sake not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for his sake would grant his career, ceramic, and it actually means to give to and to grant perfect word in English for the light around you. If I get you my teeth like working out Q can you not reject it to you for the article advice is really happening yet. I'm asking the question, why is it that if it's up to our free will to believe the free will of the unbeliever.

Why does God have to intervene and grant that we believe will become your pre-it would be personality the and it would mean that we are coming here freely so you can't be something that is imposed upon you with your with your particular theology answer the question you have to be able to go my position you don't know you don't know my position very well what about God being individual in order to grant validation as he sealed nothing. Everybody equally guilty and illegally note the anger, not even one US right number three. I do not like the why you do anything if not arbitrary, that is arbitrary, that if the definition is not arbitrary. God works all things after the counsel of his will.

All things that includes that the counsel of his wealth by gently showing the reasoning-okay were done, Akiva. I want you to do is to try and contact me.

Let's have little debates will do on a Thursday night and will see if you can defend your position. But the issue is folks. Philippians 129 John 665% is 214 are very detrimental verses to the heretical teaching of the Roman Catholic Church which says you must keep commandments were to be saved in that were able in our sinfulness and the enslavement of sin were somehow able to disbelieve in God. All we need is that little craving and grace. And yes I know I've probably offended a lot of people by saying preventing grace is kindergarten theology was the reason I say this because it's true. You see, preventing grace is that idea that the pool on the unbeliever is a slave of sin is incapable of coming to God and his ultimate God does.

He gives him a measure of grace to work something on his heart that enables him to get to that place of freely believing the question then becomes why distributing grace with one person work and another when it does not work in the entry has to be because of what's in that person. Why is that person different who made that person. Why is it like that.

Does God not know how to overcome that since it says in Proverbs 21 one. He changes the heart lose heart of the king where he wishes it to go. God certainly has the ability to do that. In fact, there's a lot of verses that talk about this kind of thing God says in Ezekiel 3626. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you is in Ezekiel 1119. I shall give them one heart, and shall put a new spirit within them at $0.20. We know that James 118 in the exercise of his will, he brought us forth and it says in first Peter 13. He causes us to be born again, just like he grants that we will inflict 129 and he grants repentance 2nd to 25 people give me this idea previewed and grace I must jump on this site now.

Don't give me amateur theology led to patch a hole in your sinking theological boat that you try and and elevate man's free will to the level of God's sovereignty and say that God himself must be the one who grants us a measure of freedom in order for it to be upon us and it just is not a difficult position because if it were such that God is just sitting there like a blonde hair like occasions or for Jesus waiting at the door of your heart asking for permission for you and the wisdom of your sick sinful self to let a man and it got printing and grace comes before and helps you get to that place, that is foolishness because if that were the case we would not have verses that say God have to grant that we believe or has to be granted to come to Christ if convenient.

Grace is the answer and somehow enables us to freely believe that we don't need to be granted to believe doing by God himself granted the coming of Christ by God himself. The Roman Catholic theology of his theology actually is combined with Roman Catholicism

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