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Best Of MSL 9: 2019 Finale

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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December 30, 2019 3:00 pm

Best Of MSL 9: 2019 Finale

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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December 30, 2019 3:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live.This episode Matt speaks on such topics as The Serpent Seed Doctrine, why Jesus had to die, speaking in tongues and so much more! We're closing out 2019 with some great calls, segments and teaching by Matt Slick.

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This is the Truth Network he will not live found online car with a predictor you heard Dr. before I used to go to visit the church by the church and the pastor used to believe in the doctrine of the Trinity is what we believe and somehow someway. Satan has restarted, but messed up his thinking is theology what he believes that in Genesis 3 1540 never wear.

He believed that Eve had a sexual encounter with the serpent's skull to take my guys into center our chapel is that biblical and local regulators really is.

Yet if excellent conceit is teaching that Satan had relations physical relations with Mary produced pain. Okay, so that'll teach this refuted very quickly and very easily by Genesis 4, verse one. The man had relations with his wife and she conceived and gave birth to Cain. I would not. I've spoken commodity you actually block me now from is a pastor yet. The pastor and then gainfully California is denying the video/Conservancy will he used to believe in the Trinity.

All of a sudden mattered more believe you told me over the phone that he did not believe that Jesus was born from a virgin is that he's not home is a false convert and he's a false pastor wanted you to elaborate much on that and so on. Teaching come about out of came from Singleton article is capable of supporting himself. Singh has many servants inside the church visible and outside the church and for the manifestation of his false teachings are such that Mr. Conservancy teaching Jesus was not born of the Virgin Mary Trinity is not true. Jesus is not God you did not rise without physically we don't need to obtain were not justified by faith alone in Christ alone have to do works his role morning that that denying coherence is always doing what it was he was saying that the definition of the means clean and that's what you think that's really empty. That's it that's all that. That's like fortune cookie theology. They don't understand how language works. If he's in Salinas. You know I consider California socially bit as you speak Spanish at all in English blood. We mostly Spanish you might have been targeted and this I go to bed with him on the legal and ethical of the Calvinist wonderful and that is to get a psychological need to talk about this if you use when youare dependent on them as an so you I got some to be talking about this and he said Columbia tracking system for carbon, but allow so we have the call we have stuff on this and he thinks Carlos he's very very good a deal or talk with this guy's a false teacher and the congregation easily warned.

So if you have friends in the congregation or if you're nearby, you might want to consider taking some action.

You cannot sit around and let false teacher do this kind of thing can do something sometime somewhere. So if he's blocking I mean I yet met him a couple of time directly and in the light I find it you believe it, that because of the fact that the Holy Spirit has not revealed it to me and said he might understand the only verbal ability, blah blah blah will regardless of yeah and the fact he said that when he was holstered with your false teacher teach you slackers nothing more than eight some and use what people do is use the Holy Spirit himself in order to teach false doctrines and not submitting themselves to the word of God is a false teacher on the will to talk to them but we don't.

My Spanish is not good enough, but Carlos would be willing to talk to him. If this guide will the talk, but I'm sure he won't be what you know this is what you gotta do you find people in the congregation. If you can contact and say here's what the Bible actually teaches Genesis I got the Conservancy and the website aggressively. Trinity my website go through national double-decker value blog and we have a Spanish site that I can total the Spanish site is downright is been trying to raise the funds to get things going.

We had a lot of problems here would be under heavy attack back some major setbacks mechanical setbacks as forceps or servers, hard drives and things like that were try to move forward and we are moving forward with the new site is not yet manifested. It should be in the next week or two or three or four that range and then may people be back up scoping study was to suggest to Christiana's and so we had everything a Spanish tube so Carlos can send you articles and am if you want to email me to give you information from Carlos talk about but if not that's okay. How can I request more about one more ammo) that now I have a friend that he is like even up public. They believe in the moralism and teaching and I told him about it and he sincerely believed that we believe, and I particularly believe you seeking the Lord in that but I know that with the being part is heresy correct and how how can first and foremost limited bit doctrine began. I know will detail I have listed is difficult to talk about when it began. Exodus is with them. This ability is one of of being part is that I must let one. This was taught by Sibelius back in the for 500 innocent colts of the legalism modem with mechanism dynamic the darkness of different versions of it when I'd recommend you do is go to Carmen look at the oneness Pentecostal stuff and start reading through their nursing very strong arguments to demonstrate one. This is incorrect, but the thing that I find the most effective. Luke 2242, where Jesus says the father, not my will but your will be done if Jesus and the father and the Holy Spirit are the same person with me to have one will why would Jesus say, not my will but your will be done as to wills, we can't have that moralism to the class of problems with the have to say, then, is that the human part of Jesus was praying to the divine part of Jesus. The two natures within.

That's a promise.

Because then we get to know. I was called one of the story: Carmen Rita already read body functions. Be right back half is that it just brings it's me Matt slick, hateful, and you know that we are going through the end of the month you're having a matching funds dry, so if you want Carmelo/domains and anything that you today on that. So if you're giving $10 a month writing down the list to add another 10 that that additional 10 recount one time gift of 25 date of the covenant, and so this is so, would see ARM/domains any page back to the show Kemper with our current ground that I count let's see I have to see I don't beliefs is always the case. Not talk to Michael before I could call up and ask him, but I think Romans eight talks about this. It says so groanings in the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words that spring in the spirit right there in the same of the Spirit also helps her weaknesses. For we do not know how to pray as we should.

The Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words and he also searches the hearts of the spirit is so that I will be groanings not speaking in tongues. So, that right there demonstrates that not all instances, praying in the spirit of his tongues without you note Dr. Michael Brown. He's a good guy and he is I don't agree with every thing is a saying he does everything I have the site he's charismatic so my believe the gifts but the you know I if he if he said that all instances of spring in the spirit is pregnant tungsten of Romans 826 defeats that don't happen in turn could be quite of course not to be on Mondays between her knees praying in the Holy Spirit is speaking through you.

There been times I have even known what to say. I pray sometimes because one thing I've learned through my life is I messed things up.

I don't even know if I'm asking the right thing. I want to be in God will not my own will.

I ask for things that I always ask after I say or do your will be the primary thing, not mind. Your will be done, not mine. That's how it has to be.

Nevertheless, in my ignorance, for these are things I ask for but nevertheless work, but not my will be done and when I get to the place really just just I know I just is a movement of the Spirit, because the Bible says someone in Rome at 826.7 Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words that are definitely praying in the spirit.

I'm sure the manifestations of praying in the spirit where we actually don't know the spirit is working through us to pray properly is intercedes in us getting Mark back on Sherman. God bless it to Terry from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Terry are you doing here, I like your hero and got a big board about talking about how it's going to wear wire dictate came in and are able and you know you going late paying left on the lower atrial in the land. All okay now what what it will mystify you down. When know a lot of people other than they were the people you know when people in the world other than bailout mystify you know that you go find choosing the right align economic explained the one okay okay okay you divide the explanation is that Adam and Eve had children because their genetics was perfect and pure. The children and marrying each other. They lived a long time. All and they went out and formed a different people groups and is say you notice it does not say how long they were out there etc. etc. so in the text so there obviously was enough time for people to have other children and they did live for hundreds of years so you can propagate a lot pretty quickly and it wasn't till later on, that God put in the prohibition of interim Sam family relations like that and it's because the genetics were becoming more problematic. Okay yeah following about the only thing I was a big I know reading reading. I never do from here and on. Bob stated there would bring the other people with one of the assault is a declination as is that they were having other children and plenty of other offspring from Adam and Eve and me think about it there incredibly great, great shape. Okay, we leave dictate whole slots for thousands of years. The genetic problems, deformities and things like this mutations in a covenant not so with Adam and Eve. There they work and they can have children left and right, so to speak.

I have a lot of and so wouldn't take very long for a lot of people to be born. If you have an five, six, seven, eight, 10 kids at a time every generation didn't take very long for two, three, 400 years before you got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. Okay I want one arrive.

God bless his name from Idaho. Nathan look Michelle, I radio waiting on them so I wondering why you like, I don't. I through a form of phraseology I would be more efficient. Why don't use freezing. I think I joined under minority will understand what phrase my supposed to use what you mean by that.

I can understand your question is one thing is I'm not sure what you're saying. So my question is why white Christianity at particularly the community because LGBT is sinful and is not Christianity to practice that begin to live in sin, homosexuality is a sin, you have a fit without other than the pick that up in your unit curricula you tell you what if you want. I have an open public in a challenge. Right now I will debate that your best. Whoever whatever on that side out of those verses in Scripture with formal public debate.

I would have no problem finding okay just let you know I would hold so that those verses that are supposedly all get right so those verses that you say they been refuted have not been refuted. Have you looked at the information I got on Carmen about this and those verses.

I have actually every careful not divine and I are short in several areas. Well I'm sure you would mean if you want to get on that won't happen or have time but I could argue the G presented that mean I debate the my question is if there are more than one way to read Scripture like you think that your reading of it, which is particularly actively method that you not ending while allowing correct there agree with you I do. I'm correct about this. Thank you. Appreciate that lightnings of the day. You are correct.

I asked why you did.

You said you said that you and I just like all no residual again you get to sing. I am correct in that that Matthew find is wrong. I agree with that sure is excited by your asked why my application is what you asked my why my interpretation. It is the right one. I'm just interpreting what you said to tell me how is it that my interpretation isn't the right one of what you just said I you look at grammatical structure of my question after it know you can't interpret that at the says I can't. Just because you the question make interrogative doesn't mean that there's a statement not hidden inside of it. I can enter however went well that's here being I think you're being completely and I don't think about a valid argument. I'll look like you think that your particularly expert. I got great but they're not about creation.

Why is that the correct when in reality the need method to include know it's not what universe do you come from, Jesus is on the way the truth and the life. Nobody comes the father but by me is that inclusive or exclusive much more inclusive than that.

Theological narrative which is it inclusive or I asked you a question.

I have to question is, it includes its analyst it says that he's the only one which means building is wrong. Confucius is wrong. Mohammed is wrong.

All of them are wrong is that inclusive or exclusive. That's not the same I know is it inclusive or exclusive art that you do not listening-you-is it inclusive or inexpensively fully.

I know not, is it inclusive or exclusive than one way a nonexclusive and another okay so it is exclusive to flame and it can be an incompetent parent, but the amount technically Nathan so it's exclusive so you said that the New Testament the Bible is inclusive know it's not in fact Jesus says if you don't trust in him, you can go to hell. John go to John's 316, 17, Matthew 2546 Matthew Mark 329 so he says is it Sally it was laymen. Let me explain why.

Why am thing. The word I think that wrapping it. When I think that what I'm saying that every person no matter where they are where they come from or anything like that can, I'm right. It may go to the I invite you that your your biblical interpretation of the event, negative path testify again of a social group when exclusion listen to you, Meredith. Only the only form that had not been done by rather by denial right you need to show me why they hold on to say: essay: is a lot to not make the top Nathan when you set a try and ask a question that's a super complicated statement? On the doesn't work break. Hold on, I'm sure he would love to hear you like this conversation. We save a lot of folks right back after these messages probably go more here in the Truth Network podcast that helped make my pillow the company and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great guy, inventor and CEO my fellow wants to give back to our listener for the first time you can get the discount on all my product you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners who never thought that my dream job would be selling my fellow tired of sleeping in his mouth on my mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 8999 that with the promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my daughter a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty is go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body for for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great special Nathan still there so you want to do outreach in Scripture that condemned from Charlie. As a question or did God make Adam and Eve, male and females that how God did initially, my name. It literally okay so that's what he did and you talked about Christian context and Jesus authenticated the teachings of Moses saw Jesus there thereby supported the idea of of man and woman is marriage and in Leviticus 2013. If there is a man who lives with a male as those who lie with a woman of them have committed an detestable act and then we will bring us Romans 126.7. For this reason God gave them over to the group to degrading passions gave them over the music judgments upon them for their practice with you believe about homosexuality.

God gave them over to degrading passions. For their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural in the same way. Also, men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, been with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error descriptors clearly condemn homosexuality. I don't think you're complaining. But I think we need understand or he can continue which of the different acts and actuality as though it all and they have attraction in fact lucidly but I don't think anything then up by the earth that the people even with your interpretation unless you can conclude that they had indeed architectural action so everything going forward. I need understand that your sexuality at a group or if there is an actual social group that this is to me as the type of brainwashing. Marxism might have in 1984 novel look this is nothing to do at Mark nor coming of that's what it is brainwashing and it is groupthink in the Senate and you're using the phraseology of these kinds of things in it so you have means of inculcation and brainwashing, but nevertheless if people are born with a tendency of homosexual attraction will it still sinful, just as are born with a tendency of lying or the tendency to lost or covet it, just as are born with a disability can you show me where in the biblical pack that traction back that currently in the book of second Chronicles see when you say show me and then you give a sentence. That's going to do that what we want to do is go with the Bible says we know that the intentions of the people's hearts are wicked and no one does. Right before God.

Homosexuality is not natural is not normal and it is not wholly it's an un-natural unholy predisposition just as is the tendency for pornography and lying and theft. These intentions of the heart because it's on the intentions of the heart that the hand then follows okay so be any court heterosexuality.

No, so what is the distinction because God created us for heterosexuality as is obvious since biological structures that faking a claim, you need explain why that I'm trying to. I try to do what you do is you let me stop. God made male female genitalia go together. Male female.male male not female female. This is how God intended things now again you're going to actuality the orientation and I told you that the orientation leads to the act.

It's the actions that are kind. I understand that not in every case but it's a sinful thing because God created male and female, and he treated them to be married and them to be joint. That's what God created anything that deviates that from that is not godly and is ungodly and whatever is ungodly or sinful.

So the tendency for that is is ungodly against God's created order something is against God created order that by definition that… Create a Monday that week saying that people cute you begging the question. You assume that God makes someone gay identified not God's gonna make it does not make them gay is make them sinful and unique tendency toward think that okay just you just you hear me he doesn't do that. This is an issue that little theology. I felt like what you got.

He does not do that right isn't make them with the sinful tendencies of so then your thing that people cute attraction to bond over and over again by the psychological know them.

Don't give me that I know better than that and you should know better than to say it's been debunked that this list is not true. You have twins start it's a habit I can.

Let me finish you have twins studies.

Identical twins which demonstrates it is not just a mere born with. Because identical twins want to be homosexual, one cannot be. And yet there identical twins. The hope though the twin studies put a big step of disapproval on that theory, and what we do find out statistically that a lot of homosexuals have been molested as children and they have these aberrations because of it. If someone is born with a tendency hypothetically if they are it still sinful doesn't mean it's okay any more than seven born the tendency to lie is suddenly look at the other born so you need to point individually at first met him clean, which I will mention have more than one being added, not constructed properly within the by even that you are that they are correct in their analysis of what they then we still have a lot of category but Look at epigenetic, we can look at psychological media. Do you know what I did not is illogical. You I I know a little bit more than probably average for thing, but I wanted Daniel Abbott that would be like it for anyone to stay because of it in at any organism can't second that number never been a question for you later this should people like me who speak against homosexuality on the radio and on the website. Should we be silenced and opening up relevant that the biblical query iPod. Should we be silenced in your opinion, just curious what your opinion. I know that's relevant to the question, should we be silenced.

I just want this quick question that's better at hearing was not a red herring.

I want to know you wanted to the question you want me silenced. Don't you know you get a different do you want to send us lot jointly handles as I was out in the question direct even firing questions at me. I would enter the amount now asking you a question. Should people like me who speak against homosexuality and the radio and on the Internet and conferences should would be silenced should be allowed to speak, violent, no elation okay I just wanted to hear. Okay, so we should not be forcibly silenced. We should be silenced differently by what you should be silent yourself.

I should use. I was a very lighthearted all the harm that it does so you're talking about harm okay and he's done the studies of Uganda's CDC. I have talked about psychological harm. The homosexual community is suffering because of their homosexuality. Not to mention the nearly uses an AIDS you've done the studies right. I have, I think you're aware that AIDS is something that can be contracted regarding yes I'm quite aware of that but have you done the studies with the CDC on the percentages and the problems I have read that they haven't done okay so you've been a real event that would be placed. Nobody that all you okay so you know then it's a very harmful lifestyle both emotionally and imprint physically. I don't think the electrical current that week.

Many studies that look at up orientation. At the show that actually it's more harmful for a homosexual in America, but they are not affected and as the market fell objectively. If they do not remain celibate and find a partner which they are not will you should be getting their rates go down the should make administered areas anywhere reported your depression go down 90 rates go down really leave that time and time again that you should go to car and look up statistics HIV-AIDS health the physical problems we have all kinds of problems that are are there from alcoholism, domestic violence, AIDS, breast cancer everyone is increased in that community.

Every threat, and third is higher among lesbian rest. That's right greater risk than heterosexual men for developing breast cancer. Gay, lesbian, IL Association, GLM Go read. I got the stuff I've done my homework on this talk about what causes you think about this is higher okay that this written the court from them so you think the thing that here's the thing you think I should self regulate and not be not speak up about this, but I have to speak about it because I don't want people to go to hell and suffer eternal damnation.

This is the greatest harm that can happen to them if you say that I going to hell or not they are going to hell like anybody collect up because like anybody who abides in their sinful rebellion against God does not repent of it is not trust in Christ and abides in their sin are to be down back to my original question.

What you been dodging why why do you believe that the Bible relationship because it condemns up Leviticus 2013. Romans 126 27 2013 heavily and at Mosaic law. Also, you admit that his Mosaic law today, but it also it also probably know from a lot of political prescription. In chapter 20 that it it was probably given that the delete delete and create were already married in different doing that than it actually does the combination of adultery coming out of the relationship in and of itself notes a different different thing altogether.

It says in the beginning of Leviticus 20 you shall also also citizens of Israel, any man for the sons of Israel or from the aliens sojourning in Israel so that means everybody and it goes in the verse 13 condemns. It's not just Leviticus with the Levites that that was simple. I just write you a good Romans wanted to give you you eat pork or workload with more than two material. Yes, your saliva, they might than the K-8. It it ratified only with that we get like I am not entirely and slightly quickly because it says to the sons of Israel say only the Israelites not to the Gentiles, but the other thing I just read what back on Monday. I'm sorry about that.

They both read time the Lord bless you greatly for my friends got there tomorrow for not 100. Everyone is Matt slick from that slick live and I wanted to let you know about my fellow I got one a few weeks ago I gave it a try and after the first night I said that said, I am not getting difficult and I'm not getting as a CPAP machine think is perfect. In fact, when I travel. That's the goal with only going to do with and click at the top left bedfellows. They click on the four pack special type in the promo code truth get 50% off the four pack includes two Michael premiums are to go anywhere. Pillows and 100% God 60 day moneyback guarantee 10 year warranty me tell you they really are good and I absolutely love the one I use. Also called 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth anymore.

Johnny's babies love them I love them please check them out 100-944-5396 and use the promo code truth or pretty are probably wondering why, why, lack of better word.

You been on the cross or physical death – the wages of sin is death.

Now will make the backup and score the first place. In Genesis 217 so God is the standard of righteousness and holiness, and he speaks. I do what is in his own heart.

Matthew 1234 Jesus says, and so God says existing like Micah don't lie. Don't steal. If you lie and you steal your breaking the command of God, the command of God is a reflection of the character of God. God is holy, and the law is holy, don't lie.

Don't steal to commit adultery so these things are holy. If you break these laws and you commit those sent to the Senate is broken aloft got for John.

If you do that, then there is a consequence and the consequence of separation from God. Isaiah 59 verse 2% of because of separation between God and you and what God says to Adam in the garden in Genesis 217 he says the day that you eat of the fruit you will die and the fruit was the thing God had commanded not to eat good the why that was there no other stuff that her time but what Adam did as he rebelled against God by participating in that fruit and it was a consequence to that the effect was to make a consequence upon him because he broke the law of God, that consequence was death note in Romans 623 it says the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. So death is separation from God, and death is also physical and death that deals with damnation, so this is what the necessity, the law is not Jesus was made under the law. Galatians 44 he had to fulfill the law and he did. First Peter 222 is a perfectly the reason he had to do that is because righteousness is based upon the law and when we talk about being justified before God. Having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 51. What is talking about. There is the right standing. We have before God. According to the law so why is it then that Christ had to be God in flesh, who then for the sins of breaking the law and died in across in order for us to be forgiven. The reason is because only God is capable of living.

The law perfectly. The standard is perfection.

First Peter one 1627, 26, James 210 James Galatians 310. These verses talk about the necessity perfection and very degrees and forms we can't do that. Also, we cannot be righteous before God, according to law, so the only one who's left to do that is God himself. Second person of the Trinity who empties himself.

Lukens 2528 mala for little other than the Angels. Hebrews 29 and I was made on the log Galatians for for any fulfill the law perfectly never broke the lotto first Peter 222 now the funny thing about sin is sin is a legal debt and Jesus is our father who art in heaven how would be the name forgive us our sins and Luke 11 for forgive us our debts, he says in Matthew 612, for Jesus equates sin with legal debt.

Legal debts can be transferred. They were transferred to him on the cross. First Peter 224 in John 1930 Jesus says to tell us type which in Greek and English means it is finished. So what happened was he was under the law for our sin was transferred to him consent to legal debt and he died in the trust of the wages of sin is death. So the one who's going to atone has to die because part of the requirement of the law because breaking the law is death, but Jesus never sinned for our sin, and so he could not freely die, so to speak, he had to be killed. They had to inflict damage upon his physical body and ordering the die. The reason had to be both God and man is because only God is capable of fulfilling the law perfectly, and he to die for men and women course for people so just have two natures and he does the hypostatic union that Jesus is both God and man, both divine and human. So therefore, as a divine one. He is able to offer a sacrifice of infinite value and he can monitor all you can close the door so to speak. The of of Sims sins, affect damnation, eternal damnation is close by Christ and all who put their faith or trust in what Jesus has done with them. There will be justified in the reason has to by faith alone and not faith and works faith and baptism or faith in reading the Bible or faith in going to church or faith in being sincere, but faith alone what Christ alone is because to do so is to say that he completely accomplished every single thing necessary for us. Our salvation because we can do nothing because everything we have and Duke is touched by sin. Isaiah 64 so therefore the perfection of his sacrificial work in his active obedience and is passive obedience is active. Obedience is him keeping the law. His whole life perfectly and is passive obedience is being led to the cross in his passive obedience. Our sin is imputed reckoned to his account legally and he dies. But in his active obedience. His living, the law perfectly is righteousness so flipping 39 says we have a righteousness, not our own. We get the righteousness of Christ by faith and it can only be by faith. If we were to add any work to it like baptism or communion or a or anything that we would do in order to obtain what Christ has done. Then what were saying is that what he did, the cross was not sufficient because it would mean that something else done in order for us to obtain the forgiveness of sins. So we look at this whole picture we see that God is the one in the second person of the Trinity, who became one of us and did what we could not do with the law perfectly, and while he was there this the penalty of sin was put upon him and that he died with only God amount of gear that my thinking yeah think it helped tremendously.

Praise God. Okay, I think you God bless you.

When it was Janet's and him. Folks hope that was clear. Hope you understood and the 640 get to the next caller. This is why Catholicism is false because Catholicism would say that you obtain initial justification through baptism you have to have it by baptism and that you keep commandments in order to be saved, be forgiven and that paragraph 2068, the Catholic catechism.

That's why it's false.

It's just as simple as that. That's why Catholicism is absolutely a false religion because it violates the true nature the sacrifice of Christ and adds human works in efforts to obtain what Christ is done, it can't be tested by faith alone because even that is granted to us by God, flipping 29 John 628 29 and so Mormonism also is false because it says you're saved by grace through faith. After all you can do in this second Nephi 2523 and it requires the effort of good works in order to be saved and the Jehovah's Witnesses also teach that in order to be saved. You have to keep the commandments. That's with the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach in the reference for that, trying to get the city to memorize that one and says good works are necessary for salvation studies in the Scriptures. Volume 1, pages of page 150. It teaches these things in February 15, 1983, page 12 it says that you have to obey God's laws in order to be saved.

Ever since forgiveness cc false religions adds works to salvation, false religions, false teachers, false religions, damnable heresies will say yes.

You must believe and you must blah blah blah whatever this is, so that anybody says to you saved their faith in Christ and that is only why God talks to Rebecca faith but does

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