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Best Of MSL 2020 4: Jesus Is The Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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January 27, 2020 3:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 4: Jesus Is The Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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January 27, 2020 3:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. We have an extended episode this week. Matt speaks on the Sacrament of Baptism, the Antichrist, Christians and free will, plus more!

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This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat is why the founder and Pres. of apologetics and research found online that car will dialogue will talk about current topics doing it for 15 years. Enjoy it and hope you do too. So if you want to know you will do well. You may call 877-207-2276 and think of things I can talk about here because either something that's important that either working on videos and you can go to harm. Org YouTube and released one actually stupid public beta public at the second one which I'll do it tonight or tomorrow and make sure it's okay and had to teach myself how do video, audio, lighting, video editing all kinds of stuff and do various so in all projects that I'm working on, which is fine. It just takes all the time to pick it up and make efficient and so one of the things I did was an article on whether or not the Protestant distinctives are in the early church. The reason I talked talk about this is because as you probably will know what I do is so often I will go to various chat rooms and I do this in order to keep up-to-date on various things as well as try out new approaches and once I polish some things I'm going to.

Not that I have a release of write articles will because of the carbon we had over hundred million visitors to the site and so what were doing. Now I'm trying to do is going to an article is converted to audio nobody do with the audio suite with video and a video and also a bit putting up of the just the audio portions of negative figure how to make all that work really easily for people slick it is.

Listen, watch and listen whatever and in source rate different than how they look and learn so I did this thing on the on Protestant distinctives. The reason I did that because I get drug into a lot of conversations on the web and Facebook. In particular, my name will be brought up by somebody in some group formats looks at her message website and so I'll see it pop up and I'll go check it out and it happens frequently. And what I've noticed is that a lot of times that the Catholics are rather obstreperous.

They are are very difficult to deal with and so not all of them but some of them are just very rude and condemning happens a lot of people are like that. A few select muscles and so will all engage them and I'll ask questions and do that and and universalism of that we can do some stuff with universalism and so one of the.

The issues that came up in my discussions with the Catholics as their complaint that Protestantism is not found in the early church.

What got me thinking and I don't think the Catholics were raising that issue because it caused me to some research I found out some things I might go over little to know that word article, it's on the web are Protestant teachings found in the early church and the answers will yes no basically test with distinctives and a distinctive and eight that I've listed as I thought I might go through some of them and or maybe all of them and discuss them if you want to give me a call and talk about these issues or anything else. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 if you want to watch the show. Not a big deal but you can't screw go to Facebook harm org CAR MORG find their so I think about it. Okay, how many distinctives now both the Catholics and Protestants. For example, believe that Jesus is God in flesh and believe the doctrine of the Trinity.

So those are distinctives the distinctives are those things that are held in Protestant theology that are contrary to or in opposition to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. So here here's what the first one that I found there is one mediator between God and man.

The man Christ Jesus. Not many mediators know in Catholicism, the Roman Catholics have many mediators dental say in one hand.

Now there's only one true mediator. That's Christ that in my opinion, what Catholicism does is a place footloose and fancy free with words it redefines things that reminds me of Mormonism in the sense in that it has a coherent system of word re-definitions that makes sense to some degree. If you're inside that worldview thinking in those terms. Like for example in Mormonism.

If you ask mom if you believe in one God the symbol, yes, but Mormonism teaches as many gods in existence, but you say I distinctly I just have to do believe in one God is able, according to what they mean by that phrase. To believe in what God means of all the ones that exist, they only serve and worship one that's different than what we mean by do believe that there's more than one God in existence cc national definitions so we talked about mediator ship and Catholicism we discover is that Jesus is the one mediator, but so was Mary. She's not the one mediator, but she's an intercessor is are the saints, and those it will you go to what a friend you can ask the friend to pray for you were just doing the same thing as asking Mary to pray for us asking the same supreme force and the CC is no different. And yes, it is different. For one, their dead or not and if I ask a friend to pray for me truck frenemy a could you pray for me tonight is lithium journal problem. That's not a problem that's actually recommended to do in Scripture, but it's not recommended and is never stated that we ask that person's guide to pray for us to intercede for southerly one of course Christ is God blessed distinctive we have a Catholicism. Here's another one. Justification by faith alone, not by faith and works, or baptism in Roman Catholicism you. For example, paragraph 2060, the Catholic catechism you obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments, but in Romans 328 it says for we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

Romans 45 set but what it does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness enters many verses like this know what Mormonism does it with Jehovah's Witnesses do what Catholicism does is to add work to salvation and the signal we don't do that yes you do, they add works to salvation. You have to be able to perform good works to prove that you're worth but yet the same time you're not cannot earn your salvation and selected capital due to sake is my condign merit not not strict merit condign merit in his coat condign incongruence of condign merit is so for example the idea if you get baptized in God washes away your sins in baptism so that the baptism is what saves you and the group that if you hold to that that the actual act of baptism saves you, but the site is not the water upon you with the faithful active God has bound himself to honor that in baptism, and so therefore he will save you.

So to condign merit think it merit salvation but not in and of itself and said what is doing is it's alleviates it's helping yourself to that which God has already said he would do and if he doesn't do what he said he would do the next right this condign merit is all they do is that they have these words of the eight use no say things like this is very problematic not going to also one of the Protestant distinctives is eternal security.

Now I understand that not all Protestants hold to eternal security and but is that the Protestant distinctive, it's within the Protestant movement that we don't lose our salvation and as many persons talk about that.

John 637 through 40. John 1027 to 28.

Jesus is so is eternal life to them that they will never perish not go through a lot of verses on this. I know that a lot of partisan stockholder that unfortunately I think that's a big mistake on their part but nevertheless it is a part of the distinctive to say that were secure in Christ's work, not in our own or not in a combination of our faith in a ceremony like baptism or circumcision or sacramental this or that. So we hold to the idea that faith alone is what justifies us now is not a dead faith that is just an intellectual faith of false faith.

I James 219 speaks of believe in God, the devil is also troubles know is not were talking about a true living faith, but it's that faith that you living faith alone that justifies us in the Catholics. Of course would say no. You gotta be good and do good works and stuff like that. Of course, is a false gospel and for that reason alone, the Roman Catholic Church, which teaches that in many places To do good works, and contribute to your salvation. In that sense even though the states condign merit to the safety sacramental means that grace is reinfused into you when you get to be of more grace.

Infusing your soul by that big beer be more righteous. This is of paganism.

It is false doctrine is a false gospel and render a curse for that. Galatians 189 says if we are an angel from ship from heaven, should preach a gospel contrary to a few particular pickers, and so the Roman Catholic Church is accursed when I say this to my theory kidding me. What kind of a guy would say that a guy who believes the Bible about a guy who studies the word of God. A guy who just believe the word of God says over any tradition any counsel.

I'm not loyal to any denominational group on the my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So I'm nondenominational, that's okay, you know, I do study what is the word of God say, well, it clearly tells us that were not justified by any works in any way shape or form and therefore were secure in Christ. But if you have to earn your salvation. You can never be totally secure because it depends on your effort, your sincerity, your good works. So I ask people frequently, those who hold to the idea that you can lose your salvation. Doing enough to keep you being good enough to keep yourself right with infinitely holy God. I had people say yes. The arrogance is that these are just three out of the eighth and we got a call waiting, so let's get to the caller. But before lines give me a call 877-207-2276 disc at the Martin from Louisiana.

Martin, you're on the air. We got married dark little right by God's grace and inequity government failure actually you are ready to install one question about what about baptism be I give sacramental or God working in water baptism we are giving a thin, I know I looked straight and church groups hotel.

It out how it looks. How is it a meritorious work graphic. He was talking about at this time, so there are different views on sacramental ideas somewhat fixable with the sacrament. One view of the sacraments is that it's a visible manifestation of the is manifested in them is on a photo to call for Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great guy, inventor and CEO of my fellow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all Microsoft products you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specialist who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows get tired of sleeping and get deep discounts on my mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 8999 that with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my billing product 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty go to my and click on the new radio listener specialist and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body thought for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 three these great radio special is Matt slick taken away Matt Martin's effort that you you lawsuit in Québec and Miller are so very yes somebody shall baptism right around the sacraments and think I get: Western around basically I hear certain people say well back to auto trading say and so Bob straight you trust and work of Christ and the command to be baptized here people that are against that which they will adeptly work salvation and IFU: that with a will only saved by Christ's finished work.

In reality, doing what the Bible that God is going to get your take on a different but shared themes would be divided on that with Christian church isn't the false religious systems are outside and teach a false gospel in that baptism is a necessary means by which sins are forgiven. Baptism is not something that saves us from our sins, and other negative verses like first Peter 321 and Agnes. It will, baptism now saves you are quoting, but with a don't do is: the thing and ignore the context corresponding to that, baptism now saves you and not the removal of dirt. The flesh, but appeals with a clean conscience toward God. Okay, so it's not the removal drip.

The flesh is not an issue of the water, but this is corresponding to exact baptism now saves you corresponding to what you read before the verse before I when the patience of God kept waiting the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water. The ark is what brought them safely through the water. The water was immediate destruction was used to kill to execute so that saves you corresponding to that what saved Noah was the ark, so I hold the position at the baptism there is in reference to the faithful act of getting into the ark, which is one door which God closed. Jesus is the door. Baptism is a representation of our union with Christ, known explain something here. This is a lot of people miss this and with will often do is go to Robin 63 and four.

They don't read the whole thing. Context is everything or do you not know that all of us who been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into his death. Therefore, we been buried with him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead to the glory of the father, so we too might walk in newness of life.

The SASE is in baptism that you obtain that you.your sensitives are baptism that you have a death notice not because in the same chapter 2 verses later.

Knowing this our old self was crucified with him in and that was verse six verse eight we died with Christ when we die with Christ. When we were crucified with Christ. Now we get baptized but when Christ was crucified. This gets into a document called federal headship of Christ represented his people that were actually not right now too much and so when you look at this is are getting the idea, what baptism is, is a representation of something is a covenant sign and its equal antiquated but is related to circumcision by Paul in Colossians 211, 12, even circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, having been buried with him in baptism will circumcision was a covenant sign baptism take covenant sign and so when Paul said in Galatians 5 you who receive circumcision you been severed from Christ. Notice the pun severed you who were seeking to be justified by the law what they were doing was saying look, it's just the ceremony. God commanded that we do that and so it's the work of God that we do this and so we do this in process your Europe outside the camp for Christ.

Your outsider lost because what they're doing is doing the ceremony in order to be saved. Baptism as a ceremony in with her to say is what baptism not a ceremony. Yes, it is a ceremony it's a religious right that one person does with another in a religious context that the ceremony and those it was God work in us will and why do you have to do it if you don't do it well and say yeah I know I know the Lord (like old know exactly what baptism so I want to lose her college, so I know about the audit know that ALL I do know that okay with you, Lutheran College and a Presbyterian seminary I get a nondenominational yes with Westminster San Diego. So what they hold to is the idea that it's a sacrament. Kind of a thing in that in the participant participation 11 Catholicism teaches us to that grace is is is you obtain grace. Let's say, but this is problematic because if I were to come over your house and I were to do a certain something you give me five bucks. I obtained five dollars I'd obtained a thing. So if you obtain grace for grace is given to your grade becomes more willing Catholicism. It's a grace is a substance that can be infused into the more grace you have infused into you by the sacraments that you perform than the more righteous you are. Will the Cath Lab in the Roman estimate, the Lutherans they are close to that. But not that radical and honest in the heretical dislike they're not heretical at the Roman Catholic churches. They don't teach that I was never really really able to understand exactly what it is, but they associate with. Baptism is a sacrament that grace is then upon you even more in it in a stronger way then we got ask, are you saying condign or congruent merit in this sense of the condign main merit manner or congruence were the obligation of God is not there were condign. It is there and to save and move.

It gets more complicated so you'd understand something the Bible says were justified by faith. Romans 51, justified by faith without the works of the law. Romans 328 rooms for five says the one who does not work but believes in the one who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness. I asked people when are you justified by faith we have faith when you get baptized is a trick question okay because if they say will testify by faith we get baptized are not justified by faith.

Are you because faith is not ironic that you not.

I know some would say well the fate that favored the faith and obey Abraham to correct at an example. That's correct, but is not the obedience that saved him.

It's the faith that saved him that faith is true faith that resulted obedience. But that faith is what sort not the obedience. All right, all right, and the characters are not a thing but they would say that if they didn't break that trust in the God or that led them to paragraph I love God's grace watch the word that I literacy: the code or not.

The good acts 2216 will arise, be baptized, wash away your sins, calling upon the name of the Lord with all do is look with the first part of verse arise and be baptized, and wash away your sense see because the washing of the water and then they don't read the whole thing, calling upon the name of the Lord you call upon the name of the Lord. That's how were justified. All who call upon the name the Lord will be saved if the active faith in this. So if you go to acts 1630 and 31, for example in Paul's preaching and they'd ask specifically what we do. To be safe and he said, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You will be saved you and your whole household. He didn't say get back to see they're not leaving you the whole story. Adding a ceremony to salvation. Okay, they voted right back after these messages at the open line call Matt slick to get all way back to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome your on the iMac book that one your debate with a rate of marked are and I will recognize that I wanted to say I I believe in the ability of Christ in history] Matt worked on your you go. I mean, I look back okay and it also well in the ministries that don't believe in that but all I.

It's your idea about that but also second thought Mike like it held me about my will when I got they and how your response… You go on the boat.

I turn off the radio, but I'm not about that unless I stand this thanks Matt sure you pick a believe Christ if anyone denies that there heretic. Dependability means the same aimlessness and Sophist somebody claim Abby Christian says Christ to send the Future Christian flat out and you need to just deal with that with them and first Peter 222 says he kept the law percent.

So there's that he could not be a sufficient sacrifice.

If he did send that that more but not for us free will with no he might not like it and I cannot write a note or not I written my claim.

There's a doctrine call to communicate you in your modicum and it's a fancy Latin phrase, but it means the communication of the properties. Let me explain something Jesus has two natures.

Presently he has two natures is both divine and human is God and man. So when he was walking on the earth, we would see him if we were there we would see him walk.

We would see him sweat would see him get tired and sleep. We see him eat. Those are human attributes. We also see things like you forget your sentence and saying I'll be with you always, even to the end of the earth.

Things like this. Those are divine aspects so the person of Christ had two distinct natures.

And because he has two natures. He has attributes that are consistent and dependent upon each nature or divine attributes enters human attributes we could see them both the divine attributes are manifested through the human attributes would see the divine attributes of him walking on water, commanding someone to rise from the dead, commanding a storm to be still, and it obeys so he could see the manifestation of the divine attributes as well as a human attributes.

This is because we would have is the doctrine call the communicative audio in deal modicum the communication of the properties and what that means is that the attributes of both natures, the divine and human are ascribed to the single person, Jesus is one person I am hungry. I will be with you always. I am thirsty. I forgive your sins. So the same one who says I the one person claimed human attributes as well as divine attributes. Because this divine to their both shared by the one person that here's the question can God. Sin enters no no, so he has the attributes of the divine quality ascribed to his person.

So he has that the inevitability quality applied to him in his nature and his essences person detectability. He cannot sin) that now so you will Québec no say wait a minute.

If that's the case, then how could he be tempted well. Go to Psalm 10 614 and what is talking about their Psalm 10 614 is talking about Israel was rebellious against God talk with a red CD and things like that. Verse 13. They quickly forgot his works.

They did not wait for his counsel, but craved intensely in the wilderness and tempted God in the world in the desert. Wait a minute. They tempted him. God can't be tempted in one sense that, but he could be tempted in another SOI use illustration of like I'm strange.

I have no interest in sports watching any sports at all.

I just tell my friends don't ever ask me to a game. I'm just not interested in being nice. If I have a dinner planned my wife and some of his hey I have got tickets to something sporting event.

Their tempting me, but I'm not tempted to see my offering you, but I'm not but internally water off a ducks back doesn't affect me so so that's how he could be tempted but is not tempted because it externally without internally and so the impact ability of Christ deals with his inability to sin because of the communicative you do much of the communication of the properties the property of his impact ability, the divine sense is ascribed to the single person of Christ. The person concentrically could be tempted. There's your answer by I thought right and about will get there at about three will what what tell me what free will that I have when I got they I'm not buying that you have another without honoring Barnard-these are two different alert doctors to at least two main views of free will compatible is him and libertarianism. So libertarianism know of other competitors and first compatible is an is the idea that human freedom of choice is compatible with God's sovereign Providence predestination election determined a different what will happen and things like that. Libertarianism says no that's not true. We have to be free independently of God in certain areas in order to be truly free and libertarianism and compatible is an is the biblical position, even though many libertarians will say no, their position as a biblical and salute compatible as a business.

The idea that that we are free, and we do have free will and the sense that we can make choices that are freely consistent with our nature and are not coerced. Now the question is, can God work and bring us to where he wants using our free will, of course, he can't please God. He's got a matter of personal illustration I can say I had was talking to an atheist about this, who didn't understand the issues he thought he did.

He thought he did really well. He didn't didn't even know that no he didn't, but any rate the debate ahead. And so he would say various things I said look, if I were to sit before you.

And I said as I had on what's on top of your hat. He takes the hat off and I think I cause you to take the hat off for that I violate your free will know that I can still get you to do and I want you to do freely can't I said yeah yeah it is into this inconsistency was if Jesus were to say take it did with the top your head that is no longer his free will is ridiculous is his reasoning with this applet ridiculous. It was Scott or fiction so God can certainly with that, you know, very basic God and completely figure out the miraculous that you know where Fleming right and were still free. God works with Alice and through our freedom. The libertarianism vertical markets and the return is in says is not our free will is not compatible with God's sovereign decrease in election.

Wait a minute, then how can God have sovereign decrease in election over us. If they're going to delay this the to me it is just as ridiculous.

Think about this on the Regis versus her okay and would you say that Jesus had free will yeah you got older.

Therefore Jesus answered and said to them, truly, truly, I say to you, the Son of Man of man is the son can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing whatever the father does this things the sundials also like matter is John 519 is John 530 Jesus as I can do nothing of my own initiative as I hear, I judge, my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will, but will things that make wait a minute, Jesus could do nothing of his own initiative, but he had free will. He came to do with the father sent him to do so. He can only do the father said that's his predestination and design forgot, for Christ's work and will, yet Christ had free will that's compatible is right there. The argument is over for that we have libertarianism you know, teacher one more thing. Okay, consider breaking the acidity of God is his quality and nature of essence being independent of all things.

He's noncontingent. We are contingent depend on God for existence.

God doesn't of been anything in his freedom of choice is not contingent on anything we do not contingent on any future knowledge that he's good-looking and that he sees what were you doing any type excess or whatever.

That's none acidity related to the issue of his independence and not contingency of his free will, so what you call it when you give an attribute that belongs to God alone give it to quitting thing is idolatry belongs to God alone libertarians a free will is independent of the mind like I got Deborah all right anybody they voted right back at his messages. Everyone this is Matt slick from that slick live and I wanted to let you know about my pillow. I got one a few weeks ago I gave it a try and after the first night I said that said, I am not getting difficult and I'm not getting as a CPAP machine.

The think is perfect. In fact, when I travel. That's the below taken with only going to do is go to my click at the top left on the bedfellows they click on the Fort Peck special type in the promo code truth and you get 50% off the four pack includes two Michael premiums are to go anywhere pillow zero hundred percent God 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty me tell you they really are good and I absolutely love the one I use. Also, call 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth and you want your new babies love them I love them please check them out. 1-800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth is Matt slick taken away. Matt Nelson from California Nelson welcome around here that bless all.

I was watching you for where I'm not in the Bible to keep the Sabbath holy and and that Neto minute by going to church on Sunday worshiping God on Sunday that were actually giving homage to the God. It's it's a common attack on worshiping on Sunday attack levied by people who don't know what they're talking about who don't have author logic and theological possibility or prox so know we can were free to worship on a daily want.

That's out of Romans 14 one through 12.

Since one man can police worship the state when they believe that one that each man be fully convinced of his own mind if were obligated to worship on Saturday. Then then you the Bible tell us that it would say right there yet. When this was another if the state of the sun god knows Sunday the sun God will Saturdays from Saturday so all you worship on Saturday worshiping the planet Saturn. The logic is really really dumb it really is and it has no place in rational discourse, but so know you're the worry about that all of the 10 Commandments except for one are reiterated as being necessary in the New Testament.

Guess which one is not reiterated and repeated as being necessary.

Guess which one of the 10 Commandments, the staff get the Sabbath is the only commandment of the 10 Commandments that that's not repeated in the New Testament is being necessary part of what will Jesus says he's our rest. Matt 1128 yeah and so if he's our rest. ABMs is at rest. The rabbit he's our Sabbath. So were free to worship a day and closer to 16 says so let no man.judge in regard to feasts are yearly new moves which are monthly in Sabbath switcher with our weekly so these people could not argue their way out of a wet paper heresy and they don't know what they're doing and they don't know how to think critically and I had to say it bluntly, because those kinds of statements and comments of people make confused people were repeatable loan analyst Ray and they need to stop thinking so badly.

It is bad not helpful. Okay yeah and then to follow up with that question. Also, the map model are referring.

Ned and was the bottom of the list say that the president cannot succumb to do it but I like make a estates order where everyone had to worship God on that day is all from getting something now know that I did something that I've been hearing that are left but why bring it up so be talking to Seventh-day Adventists about this is not I like I did the okay to think that the day will claw back but now that so the thing is that the Antichrist when he comes up in the future may or may not require certain things that you I talk to people like this and also look… Say that there's a bunch of Christians on a missionary trip and flying over the ocean and there's engine trouble that crash land in the ocean and were in a life raft for weeks. They have supplies they just barely make it to an island and they're there for a couple of years they completely lose track of what day it is because electronics are destroyed they been in and out of delirium a little bit out there all the time. So what do you worship have one in seven chance of getting it right. And if it's that necessary that we have to worship on a certain day, and those people are to be in trouble with the right day seat that the legalism the. The immediacy of this position that the present is is just ridiculous were free to worship on any day, but Jesus raised on the first day is called the Lord's day and so I have an article on Carmen about this when we worship on Saturday at Scilly on Sunday is that of Saturday and will seek worship on Sunday. Okay just looking it up and so what we have are several instances in the Bible that talk about things like acts 20 verse seven in the first day of the week that Sunday when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul began to talking to them, intended to depart the next day and he prolonged his message until midnight. First 1561 into the concerning the collection for the sainted. I directed the churches of Galatia. So do you. Also on the first day of every week let each one of you put aside and save as he may prosper.

Revelation 1 1011 I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day desk called as of the resurrection. Lord Jesus, yet his resurrection Sunday I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, saying writing a book etc. etc. so you know the first day the week is it that there's a little of a trick deck and numbers to let the book of numbers. But in numerics and in Greek, we have only one set of characters in the biblical Greek one set of characters that are enter both letters and numbers so alphabetic Gamma Delta epsilon Zeta antithetic you and so each of these letters is also a number.

It's with the right words. They're also writing numbers so words have is called a battery and a good match for you is a mathematically equivalent of any word. For example, the mathematical total of the word fish is 1224 just just have to be what it is.

Jesu creased us Jesus Christ. Those two words. At up to 888 888.

While there were eight people in Noah's Ark the male is circumcised on the eighth day Jesus was raised on the first day of the week which is 7+18 don't you see these things. He doesn't prove anything, but you see the consistency of things like this in Scripture. You okay but a circumstantial evidence, but it builds a case and in the early church. The they worship on Sunday. They did the right answer my question will live in that little neglected ministry and that of the goblins writing poetry of the fourth in line to let you give me a call if you want to call you do phthalate 772072276. Let's get to Jim from Florida Jim Buckner show you are on the right. I think you answered my question and then your last caller I was following at precisely where talk about the Greek letters and my question would've been that the determining, for example, the name of the Antichrist. Now the letters of his name. As I understand it will add up to six I write in biblical Greek is correct right in only a biblical Greek word can you our alphabet and what what is interesting about that. First of all I know is no J in the Greek alphabet in the attic.

I'm alive to split his well this is what it is.

Some languages have certain sounds underling, which is not okay yeah that that everything had.

There's no J but anyway though. I'm thinking we can we can look at a guy like macron okay well the other world saw him rise to power by management headline you couldn't miss it. Who's macro so macron, the president of France.

All right, I think it's frantic okay I like what so go ahead and some people have even heard from Christians. They well got to be the antichrist night coming up out of the state or European Union in PLO are naturally good speaker all at this. There's other credentials is probably to be homosexual and alone. You also be wounded on his right side, right now is my point is especially will will be able to stop this guy real quick. Even before becoming a power those people who were trained well and understandably God levying the able to get a break. I say folks will be 1/4 month you call 77207 all right, let's get back on the phone with Jim from Florida. Jim right so that I answer your question about the issue.

The antichrist yeah great. I appreciate that three more quickies what it what if adverse about the antichrist being blind in one. I know that Zechariah. I believe it is been a long time to study doubts let's see if I can find all that I can Google it probably Zechariah 1117 award, the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock. A sword will be on his arm on his right by his arm will be totally withered and is right I will be blind to some think that that's in reference to the antichrist and then there's also very it's Zechariah 1117 and Lucy-are they Zechariah 1117 and but caring you believe the antichrist will be Islamic. I don't know, it's one possibility. I don't know if you will or will not have studied it for that level that some people think you will be and it would make sense that he could be as long a Muslim because learner a lot of Muslims now who were inside of the old Roman Empire geographically, which is one of the prophecies that it looks like a rebuilt Roman empire well out of Europe so I could be and the Muslims are looking well. I think the Roman Empire is a struggle.

Daniel 1136 through 45. That's why I did make the point more, mentally antichrist but I understand there's a different view their final selection that are not say that you know publicly you take a position on the rapture yet.

I'm sorry. So not poster rapture. Here are your authority to hold poster rapture. I don't see thing the Scripture.

This is pretrip and when I look at the verses that people use for pretrip. I don't find anything there and when they talk about versus M in the field one is taken when his left. That's not the rapture, the wicked who were taken and this is not a threat that that's new. It's you read it. That's it. Tonight I have gone into Bible studies were and I try not to go to Bible studies anymore. I was rooting for people got going and Bible studies and and you just keep quiet right and so that the rapture will come up and and that is happened a few times or so while you read the context of those verses and within just a few minutes there all their confused because they start read in the context they find out what they been taught for years, but those verses are true, the rapture occurs, but those verses are and clusters of very interesting verse in Matthew 1324 familiar with this with Matthew turn 13 yet 30 and this is in the parable to Whitman errors it says in verse 30 about allow both to grow together until the harvest the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them and got of the week to my barn. The tears of the unbelievers and accorded Jesus own words at the time of the harvest which the sales rapture. The first was taken of the wicked. That's what it says. I've shown this to people and they just stare at the next village never seen a birthright and monitors me. They've never seen it before, and edited it the pastor to teach in the Senate at the end of the age. Yes, this attitude and on what bothers me is that the passage of teaching the stuff and are not read the context and so the you know I've said this to people before said, why is it in 2 to 3 minutes. I can throw your pretrip thing of into a tizzy and not by being mean and I'm boasting read in the context and destroying what is and yes it why is it it it's so easy to do that. I said have you ever looked the context before and I'll say no and sister all these years live.

He never left the context and why the pastors never shown in the context what's going on it's because they don't know Danielle will later.

There's a life after their lot in with pretrip narrative exactly that. Like you say with it without thinking, without really studying it.

Looking into the narrative and know the end of the context.

One of the great versus I think that absolutely demolished pretrip is currently 815 work. Paul said that the last trumpet will be swallowed up if the rapture is pretrip, then the Bible is false. Christians will die during the tribulation. Christians are to be around and I have a study called the stage of the age to come. And when I'm done I taught it before taking an hour to go through slowly up the verses and what I do is I get a chalkboard or whiteboard, and I draw a line in the middle of the board and estate left side is this agent right side is that his age to come and show them this is what the Bible says that this HVAC, initial the verses Jesus teaches this age the age to come.

Paul teaches this age and the age to come in and what happens in this age.

What happens in that age I show this what they teach and people like I never heard that before The Scriptures Say Let's Go through the Last Trumpet.

Let's Go through the Resurrection Must Go through the Last Day. Let's Go through Various Things and You Tell Me Where to Put It Snagged I Can.

The so Many Times and Each Time Each and Every Time of Done It.

They've Concluded There Is No Pretrip Rapture and Said Nothing.

To Conclude, I Had People Say I Don't Believe What You've Shown Me Is True It's Okay Can You Refute It Is a No but I'll Come Back in a Week or Two with Respect Take in and Nobody Ever Has and Does Not Mean You Know Being Arrogant and Stuck 20 Years and Nobody Has Because Scriptures Says so This Is Something We Need to Get into the Church Is Taught This Kind of Stuff and How People Stop Putting Their Faith in Pretrip Rapture.

It's Another Thing to Believe in That They Are Wrong and You and Your Instant I'm Not Saying That I Hope Pretrip Rapture Is True, but If You Believe That Willing to Go through It Then Were More Motivated Lisa My Opinion to Tell People about What's Coming and Be Prepared Because Jesus Said This Is Another Thing People Don't Know Is a Signs of the End Times Made Signs of Intact.

People Don't Know What's Coming. If They're Putting Their Hope and I'm Not Saying This Is That While This Is a Bad Thing or Each Position Has Its Weaknesses and Strengths, but If People Are Putting Their Hope and Pretrip Rapture That We Get Out Of the Problem Then Went If It If the Wrong and Their Internet Will Their Faith Be Challenge and Destroy. That's the Question You Go and so Here Are the Thing to Do the Things Are Now 23 Things I Found by Doing the Research That Are Coming Presence of False Christ, False Prophets, War, Persecution of the Faithful, Apostasy, Lawlessness, Love Grows Colder, Earthquakes, Famine, Plagues, Increase in Selfishness, Lovers of Money and Pleasure, Arrogant, Disobedient Martyrs of Jesus, Increasing Rhizosphere Decay of Marriage.

This Is What That Whatever God Allowed. There Are Very Minds 87707

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