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Best Of MSL 2020 13: God Is Our Refuge And Strength

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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March 30, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 13: God Is Our Refuge And Strength

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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March 30, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. On this episode, Matt discusses the Corona Virus, the use of fetal cells in vaccines, why Jesus had to die, the end of days, and so much more.

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My foreign exchange to talk today, she's in France, Mathilde. She's awesome and they were to tell us was like in France and the little tough because of much which she said just give a shout out to you Mathilde your listening right now still love you wish you were here though is great as would love having four objections to such a blessing to us and she's praise God for that.

So she was saying that you can't go out any place or do anything to have paper on the Internet, computer, someplace like that right and print something up if you go someplace and that's different than what it is here in the states here in Idaho. No problem fishing tonight may or may not.

There's a small hole. I go to drive their walk to myself why the water relax and need to worry about anything is not so much parts of the country and certainly world. So what we do as Christians.

How we handle this kind of do is just mention a little bit about what God says and what we are to do because it's important to one doing that line so feel free to give me a call 77207227651 now's preamble this by saying that when I say to trust God during difficult times. I want you to know that I have put my money out this.

I have practiced this my wife and I have some very difficult situations had to go through life not a lot of you have to hunt the loss of a son had turned us down. We had to bankruptcy.

We have had moves we've had severe health issues we've had times where you get $15 and we had to decide how much of it spent on food and diapers and gasoline work literally and not just for one day but for months at a time raising rent. We don't have it have the money I could go on and on. You get the point.

It happens to us that the Bible says, Psalm 28 the Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusts and I am helped. Therefore my heart exults in with my song I shall think the Lord is their strength that he is a saving defense to his anointed Savior, people, and bless your inheritance be their shepherd also carry them for no what's really interesting about this verse is that it says in this read it again. Read verse seven which is Psalm 27 the Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusts in him and I am helped. Therefore my heart exults in with a song I shall think what he's doing is praising God in the midst of great difficulty in the solstice question.

How much do you praise God you praise him on a daily basis you praise him when things are great when your car is working well. We have plenty of food. When the money is in the bank when you're healthy when everything is great and you're praising God or let's just say that there's this pandemic and are sequestered in your house. Maybe you've lost your job if you have money coming.

Maybe your fighting sickness right now. My friend Jean is fighting lung cancer. Maybe you have some problems. Have some issues to deal with my wife with her Luis Dietz syndrome. What you do you praise God during those times of difficulty or do you only praise him and think it's good that I have to tell you, God is not surprised by this coronavirus. He is not surprised by anything that is coming to us.

Nothing that occurs in the world is a surprised to him.

It says in the Ephesians 111 it says God works all things after the counsel of his will.

This means that this virus is affecting the world and other viruses is by the will of God. It doesn't mean that God directly causes but is within his sovereign will to permit certain things to occur. For me, asking as a Christian you think God surprised by this? You think that God is bewildered know what to do? What you have is an opportunity as a Christian is to think your Lord for the difficulties as well as the blessings because of come together. About this time you blessings and you will know what those are the difficulties I want talk about is easy to praise God when things are great snacks with you, praise him when things are. I know that I'll tell you during the midst of some of the most horrible things and had to go through in my life. Some of the most difficult times ever had. I have been on my knees and lifting my hands to God and praised him and thanked him for what he's done more than once and not putting myself some great example spirituality because I certainly am not and I will tell you that during those difficult times of praise is not entirely heartfelt but I'll tell you I prayed and I said Lord, hear my words. Listen to my heart.

My heart tracing pain and suffering were you scared my words are words of faith as a praise you trust beyond my understanding. I looked these kinds of things. What we are obligated to do as Christians. What we need we get through this and we will do you think it would be good for you to be able to look back on this time say yes. I praised and thanked him. What you don't want to just say I whine and complain. Praise for Lord blessed us so much in this country and most of us, like myself, we've had to deal with so little difficulty. Relatively speaking, the Great Depression, my mother and father had to go through told it was bad talk to so many so tragedies problems talk to those who are Christians look to their Lord through the contents of badge of honor and glory to the Lord.

Recommendation to you is to sing your song to him now. I would sing to God except East. I don't have a good voice and I think I do, I thank him for the home, the food I have friends I think salvation thanked him for his great love given Jesus and I think that he will never forsake me. I know that in fact I take my eyes off of my circumstances, and therefore my heart rejoices and I'm number. Although things may get difficult. It doesn't matter. My eyes are on him. He is my saving defense. He he is and who my heart trusts trust. That's how it is with you to so anyway that was prompted, and believe it or not, by my French adopted daughter Matilda. Hope she's listening okay :-) say thank you for all your listeners everything go on to get to the calls that word was helpful to know that we stand nearby your support information we ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something.

This is so the Lord Bless You Matt Slick Way, Matt does get back to Sean from Missouri Sean. Welcome around here for what or not I have with someone who would strive to grade they pleaded the Lord when he comes back like, and I believe that he will come one and Zechariah 14 verse four communicate that you will comply. Not I just don't know it does not teach that this was a great $0.44 in the day his feet will stand in that day his feet will stand on the Mount of olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the East and the Mount of olives will be split in its middle from east to west by very large valley so that half of the mountain will move northward and the other half South now this is paralleled by something in the fax 619 through 1100 through 12. Also but I'll read versus some well it is 9 to 11.

Jesus ascends into heaven and the angel says in verse 11 in the Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky. This Jesus was taken from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched him going to heaven.

In verse 12 says this then they returned to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, so they were at the Mount of olives.

When Jesus said in the heaven and Zechariah 14 for he will stand on the Mount of olives, the prophecy, the Angels and asked one nine through 12 is that he will return to mount all of it. There's no there's no inclination, no indication anywhere that he come twice the pretrip people like to sometimes they'll come twice, once at the beginning of the tribulation. And that he will save you rid rapture people and then seven years later he will return and the wicked will be judged but that does not work and it can't work because in Matthew 1330 Jesus says allow both to go together. The tears of the wheat and nooses and first gather the tears and got to be bundled and gather the wheat into his barn and he said this is what happens at the end of the age and so this is what is talking about, which is paralleled by 24 Luke 17 to mentor in the field was taken, one is left once were taken of the wicked. The good and we can know this confirmed by Jesus on words when they asked Jesus at the end of chapter 17 of Luke where they take on he said with a body as a vultures gather so there is no indication that Christ comes back to times it's only an indication he comes back once and when he does come back once then several things happen. In fact, let's find my notes because there are several things that happen you and so, so several things happen when Jesus comes back and that is the judgment of the good occurs the wicked are gathered, the judgment of the wicked occurs. The elect are.

Gather the harvest occurs, the resurrection occurs, the rapture occurs. These all happen at the last day that's what it says.

The last day at the end of the age. The last trumpet after the tribulation.

So I got notes on this on my website and people don't know about these things with them and where it's going to go for tangent there so that's going on. You're right, there is no double return date in the lab. Well, that's it. See on that day in this table.

What's this day, always read everything in context on that day is a day of judgment, and is called the day of the Lord and also call the last day in the resurrection occurs on the last day which is the day of the Lord, which is the last trumpet but we know that the resurrection of the good has to come after the taking of the wicked, because Jesus says in Matthew 1330, that the wicked are taken first, he says so what evil people. I would have a couple years before start admitting this that I really believed it, and that I would start speaking about on the radio because I haven't heard anybody else who taught this and that was a big concern for me at the wicked are taken first, but over the years.

I just examined it every which way.

That's what Jesus said what he says the wicked and the tears in Matthew 13, you know she was chair of the theater tears know about them both together to go together to the time of the harvest.

Now say the reverse first gather the tears so the first one scattered of tears is what he says they says that'll be the at the end of the age was really interesting. Verse 49 of my 13.

He says the angels will come forth to take out the wicked from among the righteous. That's what is at least as most people think it's good be the wicked of the glitter taken away for the righteous for the unrighteous, the writers were taken away from the outset, from amongst the wicked. But Jesus said in Matthew 1349 so it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, so united to be wild admit that this says it is 880 now you made me throw solid holding.

That's the problem I can't find any holes in it either. I want to believe something like this is what it says and I tell you this so you know if you want to everyone's note article that is the articles on the card website on examination of this age and the age to come. This look at that an examination of this age of the age to come and have taught this over the years in different Bible studies with chalkboards and things like that and said everybody will read scriptures you tell me which side to put this on how it works and every single time you come out with the same conclusion that people tell me that they've never heard this before, so that's what bothers me is to go to my website. Folks look up examination of this age nature, so you did this right Sean you did that right and would you think of it would not hold me when they say they did note the claimant. No. No way did you happen eight and eight only one name is one there several of their trumpets, but the last trumpet as this is the thing you on the last trumpet, and with that, what happens then is the resurrection and also when the rapture occurs last trumpet. But like Jesus says people can read Matthew 13 that the wicked are taken before though the glitter taken to subdue my say will that's at the glacier. When the good have been already been taken out but doesn't say that no place in the Scriptures say that effort through the doorway, I think so.

I think so but you know what I mean. I want to say that I could be wrong.

I certainly hope I am. I really do not me just offering platitudes. I really wish that my position was not the right one that I want to go to jubilation.

I don't want this, but I'm so dedicated to Scripture. I don't have any agenda needed domination of follow. I don't have to. I don't care what church I go to on hold with the Scripture says, the best of my ability. Any church is perfect or not coming. This would assess so you know, I challenge people this age initially, go check it out. Stuffy. Okay, Sean. The alpha North Carolina out welcome mat grant writer payment amount they should call what a godly my first time, I like your question okay so as I studied the Bible over that year. You know the old pet that the people of God. The Israelite you know God dealt with them harshly in a number of cases you know where they did not follow his commandment, or they rebelled against them.

You opened up the ground and swallowed Cora and his family know they many many harsh punishment that comes on the scene after hundreds of years of violent and start to talk about love love God and love your neighbor and all that kind of not a whole lot of harsh punishment, like in the old except for Ananias the fire out when they lied to the Holy Spirit. You know where they sold they sold their property.

Person actually more. If you could like Jan know why was there such a stark difference between the punishment if you will, for not following God's laws and rules versus the New Testament church easy. Think in terms of the Messiah to come versus decide who's already been here.

So when Adam and Eve were kicked out in the garden immediately in the Delacorte in the garden, but he also worked very hard to destroy the messianic line because the prophecy of God. Genesis 315, was that the Messiah will come and would deliver Genesis 12 three.

Through Abraham that all the nations shall be blessed. We know that the devil has spent a great amount of time in the Old Testament times to destroy the people of God, through whom the Messiah would come from God. What he did was he called people are having fun. The early Celtic that of Abraham, and he promised that through Abraham through Isaac through David etc., the Messiah would come and so God in one sense would be very harsh. It not, but he was not was always very loving very patient with them and then when he had enough then he was harsh with the first.

So why would he do that in order to keep the messianic line. Your to keep it so that the Messiah would be delivered and mankind say to the Christ. And there's a reason to break little experiment with the death of Rick Gail if okay right back after these messages, please state and now a moment of truth with Matt sling and this idea for another few months. I think a good idea would be someone who is nationally known bigwig Christian an organization together where people in America donates a five dollars a month. They signed up and all the money went into a national was for the purpose of our faith and is present to our officials and I would like to see, for example, on a particular month since September is September 1 that everybody was the last thing a goat state capital in their state and they have the petitions in her hand and they want to be heard every single capital America and this happened in the next day last with the and so it is happened for weeks. Thousands upon thousands all over the country were doing this and I think we can start to get things going for you to be praying and praying for a pastor start preaching the truth. Think of the crossing letter get that Gospels.

Once you have the desire to have the gospel spread and want to start doing whatever is necessary to ensure that it is possible just get a bank account bigger than another house to get the gospel that's supposed to be doing as Christians. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sling Matt sling to get away Matt are ever look back at the show out from North Carolina you still there) alright so so say before the break were the reasons that God was so difficult the Old Testament, but not always evil. He was very patient and he would give people warnings and then when they didn't shape up. Then he would act very stern. This is to remove the evil to remove the evil cancer that would spread to the people of God and then probably would stop the arrival of the Messiah by the breaking the promise of God which ultimately Done by the break in the promise of God's of the siding could not be born. This is the main reason that God was as harsh as he was in the Old Testament is to guarantee the salvation of the future of all people by the future of the arrival of the person of Jesus Christ God in flesh, to fulfill the law perfectly and also Israel as a nation with three separated from other nations and they practiced holiness.

The practice that which represented the purity of God, and in so doing, they were demonstrating the separateness, the separation that they would have between them and other nations insert false gods and did bad things like killing babies Moloch or orgies, homosexuality, or all kinds of false worship of the prostitution to things like this.

If God did not remove that the infection of immorality would spread and then the risk, of course, getting into Israel would stop the messianic line from coming. But once Jesus was a rock has had arrived and that issue was no longer necessary that guarding was no longer necessary because all pointing to the arrival of Jesus. Once he arrived in the work of his sacrifice was to take place and that's what was prophesied in the Old Testament go to Psalm 22 Isaiah 53. Zechariah 12 it talks about these things. So once he was born and was sacrificed. Then we have that redemptive hope, faith and trust in Jesus baptism the other sacraments folks nothing but faith in Christ and so by that they were saved and then the signal he will be returning and he will destroy his enemies and then the judgment will occur. So we see God harsh in the Old Testament was time to protect the messianic line to guard his people so that redemptive work of Christ could be accomplished once it was then that peace and harmony until the day of judgment. When God comes back correctly back and delivers retribution to all who have rejected okay that makes sense. Mostly it still some of the events that occur in the old Nola slot writing it was all mankind was a biblically's areolas before the Hebrews is a reason for that. Looks like that what was happening as an ethylene were the offspring of fallen Angels and women and this is what the Jews had always taught this with the Christian church almost until the 1500s, when it became under attack and enveloped was call this affect theory, but in Genesis 69.

It talks about the generations of Noah were pure so that combined with Daniel 243 is really interesting because they know 243 is a prophecy of the end times, which talks with the feet of clay of Nebuchadnezzar's Statute and it says in Genesis and not dig up to 43. They will combine in the seed of man that they can't be people and so this is an interesting kind of clue that this could be some sort of sexuality and perfection going on. Plus Jesus said 24 Luke 17 as it was the days of Noah social be the date of the coming of the Son of Man, so some people think that an ethylene was half breeds are going to are still around and will continue to be run and will manifest again. Anyway, the flood looks like what it was was a movement to destroy that that race that that race and some think giving you theories. Some think that when the flood came and destroyed those half breeds when you're human, where people know people that they are the ones who are now the demons that they want to inhabit human bodies. In some theorize that's why these are just some of the theories running around, but I hold to the idea that the nestling word of half breeds. The offspring because that's what it makes sense out of the Scriptures what others have said it means what history so there's a reason for that will and that they were wiped out right know they were wiped out but the breeding program continued afterwards because nestling in the on Akeem were still over there afterwards and Goliath was sent was an ethylene giant so they think that he might have been one of these will know it would just just give me some conjecture to think about plastic.

Another theory that the call continent called Pangaea that all the continents were combined in the one and that the flood wipe them all out in that localized single continent, and that during the flood. The the plate tectonics separated the land because of flood was there Ray for 40 days and then they floated and then they were set out on Mount Everest and some will know of that is given 1/32 interesting stuff. Some people think at this point is when the continents are dividing and is the animals were let loose. They were able to propagate that it took hundred years for the set for the conference is divided not for sure animals production and whatever 200 when it was to be able to have speciation different continents as a move across the planet just theories so well. I'm not up on that, much like to talk about something that offered in regard to the flood mission effectiveness of the cherry fossils on every mountaintop. All of the world. In every culture has a major fluster the dressing to listen to what God when reason is a God did this in the Old Testament.

That way was to ensure the messianic line and remember our good.

Remember that the in the Old Testament there was always a remnant believed in the Lord and that Holland is statute followed his laws and and you know, sometimes they didn't get it all the high press in the word lay there were always there in the background you know so I can see the need or the strategy to preserve the line in that way and it was just the start though because this I had arrived. No need to do any of that right now. People have the opportunity to trust in him or follow after their own ways of their own flesh and as a prophecy of Scripture goes it will get bad towards the end times and will see what happens okay so that person Daniel again. Daniel 243 garden tractor Mark got blessed with good work all by God's grace.

Thank you, Kyle Scilly Richmond Virginia Buchan Dr. near Matt: Bakley last collar Friday night and I had a question for your garden on your opinion and sell it in the backseat and how that relates. Christianity well well let's start from one end and work towards the other.

If in any way shape or form.

The aborted individual is used, to benefit someone else in this thing that would be something that Christians could not support to kill a life in the womb, which is defenseless, which has done nothing wrong and merely loses value because the mother deems inconvenient or doesn't desire to network obtains value by her whim.

If this kind of a thing is where the cells come from. We can have nothing to do with it. It was not. I never want to okay now I agree a lot plate. The mandate yes and it's itself. It's a problem now. There are different kinds of fetal cell ranges. One of them deals with the the stuff that's inside the umbilical cord efforts on the deals within in the amniotic fluid. In that case I don't have a problem with it personally. Now we have a question you go ahead and I was referring to are specifically the MMR vaccine, which are measles, I believe that God either WI 38 are MRC five. One of the hill and what it is a lot of fibroblast working week old aborted that they have every hold on okay to talk about this, go to get a break coming up here for open lines give me a call 877207276 Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on Graham. We love to hear from you.

We'd love to hear your feedback and also download a free mobile app.

At we've gone digital only ask you to join us there.

Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shelves. Second is Matt slinking away Matt welcome back to show Kyle from Virginia. Are you still there. Her alright so minute break and we we as Christians must understand that human life occurs at inception at conception of life continues, but it has all the information necessary in its nature and its essence or human so we can't justify using humans as guinea pigs for research unless we become Nazis used for research in order to help other people who were more powerful and can only do that so we to be very very careful about yes certain now follow-up question would be okay who are unknowingly receiving the vaccine, which are a lot people yell out. It'll give me a blanket question but lot people receive the back pain and administer them to their children without knowing that the guidelines are and are they data then they committed because they see fit their part that are that's an interesting topic because we have to get the broader area of sins committed in ignorance and sins committed in ignorance still sends committed in ignorance.

So if I were to do something that was morally wrong. Now it was excused from the immorality of God is a standard, not us. So we have to be the is cognizant as we can.

As Christians, and seek to do is as we live our lives as best we can cord Christian principles. This is becoming even more difficult as the years progress. For example, Google supports a lot of liberal causes the news media which is leftist liberal wacko. They we watched some of what they say no car manufacturers that we drive the car's truck.

We drive cars made by certain companies that support homosexuality we have fun. I remember a few years ago. Home Depot came out in support of homosexuality in will you do so, we can almost get to the point where the only way we could almost homely below without violating some principle is to live in a forest on and off the grid with a running stream and it will be to do so. This is a very difficult thing to work through.

So I don't say that ignorance is just bliss but we need to be cognizant. So for example when my wife and I got married and I was still in college was good to go to seminary decided to postpone having children (graduated and we did. We had children and so the methodology that we used my wife did excessive research on to make sure there were no procedures or preventatives that would in any way be important, and she was awesome and so we took care of that. That sense you. She did her due diligence and we need to be responsible as we can move forward. Yes sir, I greatly appreciate you take my questions and your great example, while about the grades and we talked about this so yesterday we took a little drive and that something forgot everything. Talk about that and people like minute radio and I was still telling her to do when the ladies yesterday will that's great until you know me and and and all I can say is by the grace of God that only by his grace taken any answers that are any good come out it's only by his grace, so I very quickwitted here you're straight to the point actual and you're not there take on any topic. And that's what out like and respect that will praise God, thank you and and displays the is. He's the one he's the one who put that in my heart I was a let's say a fornicating pornography foul mouth person until it got safely while one found out that was really bad and I was involved in the occult in the same time so I'll just tell you nothing but God's grace that all in a light online on a whole other side of the coin, I never even thought I'd yeah will you Isaiah saw this little bit I've seen my say on stuff I've seen a blue ball of light with the witness response on the same thing in a ball of light develop and grow into the shape of a man that then turned to face us and disappeared in a cellular cross. Materialize move across the room, I heard my name being called from the ceiling that seem like smooth other things have happened in history our family and I could tell some other stories that are bizarre is bizarre that talk about what I do stuff about things before even born and things that happened when I was born, but I was involved with all kinds of stuff and things got saved and night. The difference, so all I can say is God receives all the glory and even when after salvation we so often, unfortunately, tend to wander and struggle. Even then, God's grace was just in men's so he receives all glory right there okay but I appreciate it thanks Matt plus let's get to Josh with my what Joshua welcoming on their own environment. But God got him on the right there. I had a plan for a product in a little hard to understand little hard to understand why I have decided on a map. I am not like that and not go lot like gold, pornography, and knowledge ability to know them learn through not block that the market that you something like that but wanted to get it on the radio. Okay, that's fine.

Yes there a lot of issues here that we don't deal with is wrong for a Christian to watch that stuff is flat out.

I do understand the difficulty that it presents. I do understand the ease and temptation. It is there. I understand what it means. The young man and out when hormones are doing jumping jacks. Trust me. Boy do I know about that and it's something women just don't understand. Generally speaking, they don't know what testosterone does not make it not justifying anything is really very powerful.

So what I recommend is that a person is struggling with these things. What you can do is seat try to find a website and a friend of mine who works with addictions and various things like that and can't find recovery reformation reformation recovery forgot which one it was, and am what I read Wickham recommend person do is first of all, pray and study the word of God that may not sound like much, but do that, pray and study the word of God and ask God for deliverance of this. It's a very difficult thing to deal with a very difficult thing to master, but that's the step one letter step is to find someone that you can be held accountable to and talk to say, being tempted. I fell whatever it is.

Good counseling and reassurance.

In that sense, saying, this is okay with just but I do understand the difficulties that I do understand that people fail what we do will fail. What we do is we go to the cross and we seek that repentance yet again. We seek to honor God and we ask for his strength and if and when we feel again supplies all kinds of variance. What we do is we go back and we we asked Jesus for forgiveness it again not saying that we disabuse the grace of God, but I am saying that the cross of Christ in the blood of Christ is so powerful that it cleanses us from all of our sins closer to 13. All of our transgressions of first John 19 talks about this and Jesus cleanse us of our sins for our sins by the cross and he chose us for salvation.

Second is to 13, before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 1.5 and he did this knowing anything about us knowing our failures. Knowing our sins knowing, though, since I have mastery over us and we don't have mastery over them, and yet he chose to save us. We can always go to the cross we can always look to Jesus, we can always find peace with him and this issue of the pornography thing we can do is put filters on our web on computers and they are out there look for Christian filter pornography and are things that you can download that put on your system and then you give someone else the password and you don't have the password. You're on the computer do all kind of stuff. It just won't go to certain sites and you can't bypass it etc. and this is another thing that can be done so these are some of the issues with discussing expanding on and and the like is a difficult issue. I know how it is and there is victory takes time to practice and always keep your eyes on Jesus. Whole process is always there is victory. It was good to Kurt from Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte Kurt welcomed visually on their why exactly have to die The other way when you know Genesis 217 God says that animate the day that you the fruit you will die the death that occurred there was a separation from God, which is echoed in Isaiah 59 to your sins because a separation between you and God. We know the manifestation of this because they hid themselves in the garden to cover themselves now. The result of the spiritual death.

His physical death and it goes on in the Old Testament talked with life of things in the blood.

Leviticus 1711 through 14 talks about this and that the sacrifice is of life of the reason we talk with this issue of life is because the wages of sin is death. Romans 623 and sin brings about specs spiritual death which a separation from God.

The manifestation of the spiritual death. His physical death.

So the work of sin in the world brings death and separation from God.

Now Jesus bore our sins in his body the cross.

First Peter 224 go too quickly, because were so sin is a legal problem since breaking the law of God. First John 342 sin legal debts can be transferred and Jesus bore our sins body was transferred to him was imputed to him cancel the certificate of debt at the cross. Colossians 214 so the death was necessary because it death is what is the payment for breaking the law, separation, and physical death, though he had never sinned, he could not die of his own age and sickness, so someone had to kill him and because he was. Become sin. Figure 2. 521 talks about. That is why some people say that and he said my God my God why he forsaken me thinks is a separation now.

No not really. Can't have that in the denial of the ontological Trinity but nevertheless he died to fulfill the requirements of the law. The law being a reflection of the character of God, the law requires a payment in order to make things right. God is not arbitrary in that he says you're forgiven, you're not. You're forgiven, you're not and that's it.

That's Islam and Christianity. The one who is offended is the one who makes the payment in order to allow someone to be forgiven because Jesus is second person of the Trinity become flesh and sins against God. He's gotten flesh. Therefore he's with his offended he took that law that broken law that sin upon himself and the consequences was death, and so he was killed, and so therefore the requirement of the law was met in Christ, and he died so that death was necessary to fulfill the requirement of the law and because he is God in flesh is death, was of infinite value and could cover all for whom that help in welcoming gum was muddy.

Okay, now that

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