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Best Of MSL 2020 15: Walking In The Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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April 13, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 15: Walking In The Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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April 13, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. Tons of topics that range from, heretical evangelists, Apostles' Creed, which version of the Bible is best, and that's just for starters.

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Why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation or see chickens and other animals campaigned. This is Truth Network why is found online car run. No, are you familiar with the book of just a little vaguely talking with you guys. You feel that that's where their bighorn sheep being a copy. You know from our Egypt and think about nature which obviously is not true but you now explain it to them when it comes to be to their doctrine. You know compared to the Christian doctrine or chargeable resurrection. You know you look at the back. You know, we resurrection the early Christians believe in the afterlife.

They believe the underworld and going through a trial or series of trial to the afterlife by so explaining them back to them that this was their manual for the people who were still living for given instructions on what to do, but the cheat sheet on what worked, I was curious to know you can elaborate on that because they're saying the book of life, a revival got on well not Pharaoh. When people say this is when I got up from just say documentation shall be docked other than your opinion just like to Stu's do this, you show me that you understand that the book of Egyptians the dead and Egyptian theology was polytheistic in Christianity and Judaism's monotheistic and the Egyptian book of the dead just like you said works righteousness is not the case and in the Bible itself, yet I can peoples make the statement to say that you have any evidence for this, or to just let your giving is wishful thinking. And then I travel, because also look so are you saying that because supposedly Egypt was before the time of Abraham that that's where he got it right.

So yes so then, are you saying then that that which comes earlier is the source of what comes later. Right location and the quickest and easiest way to do this just justice research on no Chinese characters characters of the gospel.

You'll find the ancient Chinese characters back 6000 years these things have incredible biblical things in and see produces webpage on this but I feel the word boat is just about. For example, is a vessel with number with the number eight in the cipher people. People about why this boat have not just think about, but about a plus people work to covet his two trees with the sign of a woman and two trees and a woman together is coveting why is it wise to create this speaking dust in life and walking in mud and Missy forbidden his two trees plus the work for God is ridiculous see there's another one temperature secret man garden and assemble for alive and then river something like like redemption. Let's see fit to redeem think that one is something with the lamb over someone's head is just weird stuff.

It's always more research on these. But if that's the case you show them sucked on this with people before to. So then, therefore, the Egyptians got of the Chinese culture earlier didn't wow it is documentation provided that even you and I like that you know you give me any eyewitnesses on make sure you put that idea place wishful thinking, thinking is just wishful this you don't have the atheist reported history you don't have any evidence is just your conjecture and that's what you want to offer and ask him some time to drive a car, you okay do you live in the state of Idaho know okay good because I want to make sure was on the road driving think like problems. You can do some more fun to see your right hand and put in for interface say what just just put in for you you doing now is on the radio once years ago spontaneously nice okay so the verticals of the palms facing to your left. Okay, I look to your left you see anything. What just whatever goodness laughter subsided ahead so it one time did that so that you are totally correct about him laughing in the site for fun friend of mine calls up he's like 6 foot 50 and 500 pounds and his wife. In short, and 2 feet short compared to him and him so he calls me up and so his wife is in the background says yes to stand behind these names can you okay standard yeah can you whack him upside the head for me any here this big regret. So as you read a little bit here so so it will have a final right you will commit what I think are okay, let's get to Robert from California where I used to live welcoming on here.

Yes, I got a question I can find a trailer Bible.

I cannot be a reliable reliable just haven't seen it, but I don't recommend the people support him. There's a reason because my throat in 1988.

He was busted six and so here's the thing. Wife and I discussed this rationally. What you do when let's say young man before he becomes a Christian is messing around like that then becomes a Christian must become a pastor is okay will sin isn't that he's okay to be a pastor because all things are washed away in Christ. We do the young man who claims to be a Christian and then is run fornicating and then comes a plus repentance and then later want to become a pastor now okay how much did he know what he really walking is a great area. Sure about this really dresses because when I say that the pastor is above the reputation.

So with that in mind we held the reputation of the pastor's with that in mind as to say that was 30 years ago and he's repented and married and whatever well okay then you decide what you do if you have a pastor or public figure who still speak of preacher, teacher who is going around under the name of God publicly teaching and preaching and then busted that confess it, but it's busted in idyllic prostitutes, then what well is that justifiable to say well it's all in Christ. Yes forgiveness. Let's move on because the Bible says that the older must be good reputation if he was in that position and he was teaching and preaching while in that ordained position and he was also dealing with prostitutes committing sinful act of prostitute, then his rib repetition is destroyed.

We discussed this at length in seminary. I remember what to do about this point, lost his credibility. My position after the spray folk please if you stand nearby your support for recurring small is fine because this is so less is where Matt and Robert are still there right now it's a little bit further. That was 1998. He got busted in 1991.

He also got busted again prostitute and then he actually said it was none of anybody else's business. So he is disqualified from being a Bible teacher, preacher. There's no business going up there in public doing was doing. This is my opinion and I'll stand by. It is damaged the reputation of Christ and brought Margarita the name of Christ, and so anybody who knows anything about this Christian understand what the requirements are should then simply go someplace else. Now is Jimmy Schreiber, expositor's Bible. If I had to send someone to me.

I would put it in my section is research for what someone like him has set and they go through one that is research. I would not personally use it as a trustworthy anything he might be quite good. Might have people who helped him it might be a very good Bible that people far more confident energetically did stuff and put it in their step. I don't know but we have to take this seriously. The Christian church judgment begins with the household of God first in everything and not deal with the people who are supposed to be teachers and preachers will deal with them according to the word of God, then God's judgment will come upon us as a congregation as a body of Christ and this is happening because Swaggart is one of them, Joel O'Steen and his incredibly weak theology of make you feel good teaching we have fun Joyce Meyer teaching flat out heresies is not repented of damnable heresies, the Christian church does not know enough because the preachers are teaching them that because the people reading the word got enough so people like me and others will get a publicly beset that's what it is right wouldn't recommend the book if you want to study tribal Reformation study Bible is what I would recommend the Geneva Reformation study Bible, but really recommend this is even better get a large margin Bible for the NASB new American Standard Bible, ESV is good also and by a single volume commentary itsy to be thick. No, six, 700 pages the 20th, turn entire Bible. And then when used.

Read the Bible you can study and go to those things and you can learn to go online and go to blue Bible.

Blue letter cross-references can do your own research and I first it's difficult to then becomes very easy because you have to write your level of certain level of knowledge before. Thanks for making sense is related to price in the Old Testament and New Testament is various things welcome goblins doing some research on Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagan, and I don't know if any of you have seen the video from Kenneth Copeland where he where he blows commanding the coronavirus to disappear or be defeated and you know I watch that video, I just when you've seen it, but I may be doing a link to that you release information is full of heresies, but it just means it's the kind of thing that unbelievers would use to mock the name of Christ. The way she speaks the weird way. He seriously smiles out of nowhere like one second change in prospectus or just and he says the stuff he blows it out and people behind them clerk is guys behind the payment.

You know I my wife was showing me the video. What I was looking at it as it these guys they would a man that what is wrong with them. So anyway you know is like to say so much heresy, so little time speak of heresy. The Jimmy Swaggart Jimmy Swaggart subduing research because people been calling me up and asked me about Jimmy Swaggart right stuff so I been doing the research and let's just say that Jimmy Swaggart does not have all his theological pause in the litter box.

So he's barking up the tree and what he says is that I really thought was interesting reference to Sigrid 12 to which says that no man 14 years ago with her in the binder of the body I do not know what such a man was cut for the third heaven, any softening things that were to too great to express.

So in this verse is such a man was cut third heaven. Jimmy Swaggart is 1/3 heaven is the planet heaven is a planet regardless this kind of idiocy. False doctrine is as ridiculous just to be put away.

No dealing with that so today my wife and procedure done and I was in there keep her company and entertaining all the staff being stupid, irritating, obnoxious, and a lot of fun and so for me, so I'm on Facebook and I was talking about the coronavirus and isolation. I want to go through some of the things people said in response of mixing certifications. But if you give me call the number 575 open lines 208 forget that it's 877-207-2276 of that right here. I want you to call your question difficult and also if anybody was not there for that little discussion/debate I had with the LC MS guy the Lutheran Church Missouri so the guy on baptism, talk about that as well. If it was very interesting but nevertheless, so coronavirus people are asking is isolation biblical is quarantined biblical passages. Leviticus 13 and 14 and you'll see that people who were sick were quarantined as a people coming back the same amount.

It's only the six that were quarantined less true.

Let's look at this this they were sick you knew that they were sick and so you could tell they were sick by their fever, their disease or left receipts basically was kinda going on and if even touched a dead body you were to be isolated, but they weren't even showing any symptoms of being sick just touching a dead body to be isolated now by what my post was is isolation quarantined biblical answers yes it is and there's a proof of what they were saying is that you understand it was just the sick who were quarantined and it might sponsors this we don't know who the sick are a lot of times with the coronavirus, which is this the truth, there are people who can be infected and they show no symptoms and they can appear healthy, and they can go out into a crowd and then spread the disease and makes a little sick talking to this about this. My friend Nathan and he made a good point he said is exactly correct and it's one of the ways to love your neighbor to love your neighbor by staying home and not risking spreading infections because you don't know if you have the antibodies or if you been infected or not. And so my wife she may very well have had it in my century did, but she had all not most every single symptom, just the way that they describe it, and she had to go to the hospital for breathing issues. During this time and they tested her for the for influenza A and B that you don't have influence in the tester for for Corona's what she might of had not succeeded in them.

She has antibodies while I'm the one who was traveling we can have beforehand and maybe I brought it home.

If that's the case we don't know. I guess I should I be out there just going out there and not being isolated not practicing social distancing because I had flown a plane of crowded people in two different plays into different if the legs, things like that and get home and then this with a virus broke.

Should we know problem it says only the circle. I don't know if I'm sick or not sonic on public this is not loving your brother is not being wise is not being smart.

So the idea quarantined is definitely biblical but also a source loving your neighbor as yourself and considering them and being very careful about what it is that you do and so this is why I'm for the quarantine. On the other hand, we are concerned about. We have a lot of dangerous people in the government and a lot of dangerous people in the media.

The left media trusting what I could toss an elephant circulator trust and I got to make stories. I just know they make things up in the sensationalized and not a true threat to sensationalism. And so what I'm worried about is what's the government can do and how many rights are we to lose because of this, that's a problem. Now I was think about this list of hospitals with Hillary have been elected president. How badly we probably have gun confiscation. By now, and of finding people who want to defend their own homes with weapons. I just don't so glad she's not that you may think she's great okay that your opinion I don't think she should be jailed for other stuff but that's just me.

So I say controversial things and talk about stuff like that. The radio is a great stock and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep we need to understand as Christians that the government decides what were doing more and more in our lives. And the more it does that, the less freedom we have, the less freedom we have, means the less freedom we have, preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is very important, very important. The government doesn't have the right to force us to buy things as Obama care, forcing us unconstitutional to force us to make monetary purchases. The Constitution says when you get liberals in place. Then they start telling you what you have to do when they start telling you what you have to body and that if you don't penalize the no longer representing the Constitution properly is why we have so many battles about this.

These things are important. All of these things are important. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep actually take it all away. Matt look back to the show on the phones with Randall from West Virginia Randall, welcome back. Can you hear me yes I can. Okay my question is I ran that our unit can gain by length or decaying gain and allow the arcing games only and their argument. One of their argument is that they need translation take from the Greek Septuagint like they been corrupted and that the King James is only taken from them as erratic and I don't believe that they Greek Septuagint as old as papal society is not just wanted your take on that read the new American Standard Bible. I was raised playing games only and now that I'm just want to clarify the will. Believe it or not some the New Testament writers quoted the Septuagint since the King James only people have a major problem when they are faced with Satan go on to Carmen. We have the King James only version I didn't write it. Whenever staff members didn't look Wayne great guy and he's in Salt Lake City and he put a lot of time into it knows the topic well maybe it is listening that he often listens to you, pendant talk about the issue. The Septuagint in the Masoretic text stuff like that.

If he doesn't call and put them on my way which so when the King James only people talk about this is their opinion and you can similarly welcome your opinion you have any historical fact that can back this up and state that this is the case find that there's differences of opinion on which train of manuscript evidence is the best one so I prefer the NASB and I prefer its translation. I think the King James is great but it's got problems have been older manuscripts found since the King James was translated older and better manuscript and slicking James could be corrected but nevertheless back to the Septuagint and we there's also different versions. The Septuagint, so I have to ask them or which version is it that you are complaining against and if the Septuagint is really bad, why were the apostles going right back out Bank about 250 year or right that's correct translation of the Hebrew Bible into the Greek of the time. This called the Septuagint. The reason is called the Septuagint is sapped is the word root for seven and so this they said there were 70 scholars translated the Bible from Greek and so the 70's and in writing is known as the LXX and they will save the L x-axis says and that means the Septuagint that just means right. I heard a lot of arguments from a lot of family member that are good King James only and it lay. I came out of that I don't like never go back to anything James only value my family and my grandfather and them.

They didn't want people reading anything but the angering technologies and commentaries like that that will man and the way back the King James is a man translation disliked in the SDIs but I like to ask the King James people when they get that uppity about it still didn't.

Why does this translate Romans 518 and that's a discussion worth having the they do the King James gets Romans 518 wrong NASB correct going to explain why but I'll show that the Greek explain some stuff you know they they all I could do then is this, it will you're wrong why my room etc. and right right okay I will check out your article on our lot. My okay will goblets but complex. Let's get to Brittany from Baton Rouge welcoming on the happening Colleen collar, and it can help her with rather you know what hacking really needed to keep bringing I'm aware that often you will not have any net you try to be very logical. I'm just not right here right now like I don't really like comfortable so I doubt okay I recommend this kind of a situation is just go to the issue of morality and if I were talking to someone like him very hardhearted. I would work with what you already affirmed Paul the apostle did his neck. 17 when he says he raised the issue to title to the ultimately unknown God used it as a launching point to preach the gospel to people. Everybody is prepared in one way or another in their hearts they have the remnants were the ideas of the basics. The truth of God because God says that the law got rid of her heart so you might ask a question something like this reasoning, you ask them when someone commits a murder ought the murderer be punished should say yes and is asking why why ought to be punished duly appealing to his sense of morality. Okay Levi say because it hurt somebody well why is hurting somebody that the thing that that says he should know because if you hurt someone to break a leg to save a life hurting is okay so why can't he be pump punished.

What's the reason if he says because it's wrong what you mean by truck. How do you know what's wrong. You're just saying it's wrong. It's just your opinion is wrong or is it really wrong by the very nature of what it is and if it is by nature wrong. How is it that an action has a moral quality throwing a rock out into a field that's doesn't have a moral quality to it. If you threw a rock at someone's head to injure them as a moral quality.

So why is a certain action have a moral value and ask this is because in the thinking Mike to say what I want to talk about it but again the think why you say it's wrong and is it always wrong is always wrong for someone to murder and not just kill in self-defense but murder somebody for no reason just don't like and whatever might be murder was always wrong for anyone if he says yes that he's appealing to a universal moral.

How does he have a safe we believe in because God is the one who lets us know with those universal you actually agree with God.

We are doing here is appealing to his sense of morality working with what he already has in your showing him that he has a sense of morality and the ideas to lead to a universal morality, not just bases on opinion with the idea that it's always wrong to murder anybody want to think that I will do it all use a sentence if the sentence is either true or false, is always wrong for anyone to torture baby to death merely merely the personal pleasure, and if he says yes that he singers a universal moral absolute is always wrong for anyone to do this if it's always wrong for anyone to see just fine. Where does he make sense of it. We as Christians can because God set it so we think is thoughts after him. You don't hold right right back after these messages and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep we want to be able to preach and teach that gospel message we want to be able to preach and teach Jesus Christ and him crucified. We need to be able to stand firm on the truth of the word of God need to be able to say because of freedom of speech. When you bill to say homosexuality said abortion is sinful.

We need to be able to stand on truth and we should not be so weak by the name of and claimant gospel message being preached being taught by guys and girls with perfect hair and all kinds of money in private jets saying if you want to be blessed.

Send them the money people are to ready to be con because of what they personally want this has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep Matt slick Elway Matt back everybody but Mary still there. You get the gist of what was in there and I know what you know what's wrong really don't justify this is no this is the more questions may be thinking about it. So why is that you believe this, you can't make sense of it. We can why is it that we should believe you why you mock that which makes sense, but you can even defend herself in dispute you're done to prove anything at okay I'm going 30 years on the go thinking hard will just pray for and try the idea of the moral kit written double.

Okay, let's get to Brussels from Asheville, North Carolina Russell, you're on the air is cool man is know what he got out a deal and the whole buying that. Thank you Joyce Meyers told Matt that may be. Might be a bit in the apostles Creed dollars matinee go to a map discharge now and is $date and sending in areas that are only in the apostles Creed. There was no it's nice because what they meant by it. For example in the Old Testament because of that, a bird, people criticize the Bible disabled that's not a bird it's it's a minimal missing what you stand is a classified by using the word bird. All those things that flew like that so they were correct according to the definition of the word. What was meant by apostles Creed descended into hell. It means grave and lower parts of the earth. In that sense, it doesn't mean I went to the place of damnation where people go who are are damned. It doesn't mean that no problem with the apostles Creed is that it's insufficient for the times. Now because of what it says.

I believe in God the father Almighty Creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only son our Lord will Mormons could agree with that, the Jehovah's Witnesses agree with its older Roman Catholics and Protestants in says, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. Okay, they could all do that to suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, was very distressed and descended to hell that issued the health issue. We are talked about, but they could agree with it to the third day roasted from the dead and ascended to heaven to the right hand of God the father Almighty, the jury dubs the Mormons together, they can all agree with that. And yes I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints and forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting were Catholic to submit universal. It doesn't mean Catholic is in the Roman Catholic Church. It meant Catholic is the term for universal, so that's what they meant by the word Catholic but it's since become associated with the Roman Catholic Church, so the loss history. Holy Christian and getting that you always back in my dance music, there were a late charge felt that this was never my name there are people that idea that the catlike holy Jim Daly I get back into this this issue. The apostles Creed because just about it. So the apostles Creed was sufficient for the time but is not sufficient for now. If I were to write a Creed I believe in God, the triune being who consists of one the one being three distinct simultaneous persons consisting the father the son and Holy Spirit. The sun being God Almighty with two major detail and then calls could not agree with okay you got going. Matt slick Elway Matt get to Andrew from Utah Andrew, welcome to the show are you all right and hang a minute where you go back to when they were naked and God had made them close to cover the next number one I just I want to know if you have any embolic rep representation on my mind lately and then make enough not actually a bad thing that did that refer to something else is unmarried. You know later about no one and letting them make it just confused on this were naked. I wonder if you could clarify that in relation to other start. Let me ask you question. Is there any mention in there about them being clothed with fabric or animal skins you read, I yes that many were talking about so nothing in there says that they were clothed with clothing, people read that nothing will. They were naked everything clove the closing. Maybe, maybe not. You always have to not assume always have to ask the questions so calculate is a place where it says I forgot where says be clothed in the righteousness of God clothed in light glory. Now when Moses was on the amount speaking with God. What happened was when he came down his face was shining. So let's put two and two together and let's speculate a little just for fun. Okay if Adam and Eve were not sinners in their walking the very presence of God. Could it be as Moses was in the presence of God, God and the glory shines on his face and his face shined with light. Could it be that they were going, clothed with that kind of glory with God. That kind of shiny kind of presence and that when they send it disappeared. It's a possibility. It's also possible that God had called them physically with the something that wouldn't make sense to say animal skins initially because that would have required the sky just produced it. But we required a death of an animal to parcel maybe was fabric but then with a producing any fabric maybe was leaves big leaves that they were closing themselves with cc work what's going on. We don't know so people asked me about that. I got to run them through possibilities. Since the Bible doesn't say which it is and I don't do so I don't know maybe it was the light in the end of Newark's found naked.

They closed the themselves is interesting because hypothetically you could run with this and have a little more fun if they were close in the glory of God when they soon they found themselves naked. They were exposed. They then covered themselves with their own works instead of that glory of God upon them. Maybe in their sin. It was lost and they then covered themselves as a replacement. The works of their own hands. So when the pre-incarnate Christ came into the garden. He took that away and then gave them animal skins.

It doesn't say that an animal was sacrificed for an animal died, but the implication is that animal had to die in order for them to be clothed. The hinting of the shedding of blood. We know this is consistent with Leviticus 1711 through 14 which talks about the life is in the blood, and without the sacrifice. There is no forgiveness of sins.

So were putting this together and come looking at thematically and then I would say at the end of it. I'm not sure what it is but it's interesting to speculate a slight adjustment right and what your maybe naked could be another worker covered that day not done something wrong. Now I think there was an actual actual something that was that they found themselves naked in this in the physical sense they were.

I don't think the cook covered if they were cooked, clothed, physically. I don't believe it was with my pinion assembly was with animal skins. Maybe was plant-based I don't there's nothing in the Bible where it talks with him weaving and creating anything, they would have done that themselves, which doesn't quite the mold.

I kind of like the idea of the glory of the light of God upon them and it was lost when they send in the their own efforts and works but I don't know. You see white light because it sounds cool. For one thing it does kind of fits thematically some other stuff so you know, maybe, to be honest I don't know. Thank you.

That's helpful in well it it like to speculate. Ask questions and binary Dick Foster find the truth.that's right.

That's what I recommend. People do is ask questions. Don't assume because then you can start thinking like this and then of course the answer some ideas.

This could be this and then reflexively issue of Jeff

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