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Best Of MSL 2020 23: Worship In The Spirit And In Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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June 8, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 23: Worship In The Spirit And In Truth

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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June 8, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range tithing locally versus internationally, the Doctrine Grid, what type of government Jesus would want, and more. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry be sure to visit

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This is Truth Network why father found online car, like all nearby apology or watched her. On the baptismal regeneration very well. I have a question about Romans nine I was reading a systematic theology by Norman Geisler because his call himself a moderate alternate your where by really assist Arminianism and you have a Romans nine was specifically referring to corporate election versus individual election will want to know if remaining approaches me with that interpretation. How can I respond to them. It's really easy if individual corporate collections and the problems removed which the idea. Romans 923 is the issue of God electing individuals into salvation, and specifically not others. According to his intention is not dependent upon the individual but upon God. So what they'll do is a object to that is, most people do were hearing this case can't be true of us in our free will to choose Christ in the Bible never says that. Believe it or not.

And so what they do as a object to that, and they reinterpreted to me corporate or excise donate nations but never individuals when you're talking to somebody establish that this is what they're saying right that's its corporate student national or it's a group of generic whatever it is, silly national okay to admit that right now. What you do would you read for this is the word of promise at this time I will, and Sarah shall have a son. Not only this, but was Rebecca also show when she conceived twins. The twins not yet born had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him who calls. It was said of the old said to hurt the older will serve the younger. Just as it is written, Jacob I loved, and Esau I hated in with her to do the Arminian energetic executive director of the rotor Arminian with a girl versus the other bloodline exactly how I did. It's easy it's right there, so if they say that you say okay so then that means there really is no problem, right, which is the kind of corporate Gentiles, Israel, whatever view it is you will and why is Paul Ray's next question free. He says what shall we say then there is no injustice with God is.

There may never be.

How does your view raise that question you ask him how does your view raise the objection right there if you're reading the text in such a way that the objection does not rise then you're not understanding the text.

You have to read in such a way that you go quite a mess is not right. And if you do you understand what it says if you understand what it says you believe it, what shall we say then there are no doubt that they have no objections against corporate election of Israel mean Robert all around them that don't have the out option for salvation through the law are not subject to all the Saturday vigil sure to sync with your sincerely do mostly good stuff God revealed himself to them and is up within the choose is humanistic philosophy, humanism and Arminianism in my my belief go hand-in-hand so verse 15 for, says the Moses I will have mercy on whom the word whom is singular, not plural.

In the Greek, on whom I have mercy, will have Mark back on whom I have compassion. So it does not depend upon the man who will demand runs, but upon God was mercy, the executive said not to their free will, but he sitting right here, it does not depend upon the man who wills it does not, and that's a critical verse). Most people only resisted one to do with the focus just written. Ever although I was scared of ever in your life. Now the ladder when I was young I was scared of the verse I I my mind thought of the application. When I was an adult I approached the dish on God's gracious and it goes on suddenly and quickly lose more SLU for the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose. I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you that my name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth, so you mercy on whom singular he desires and he hardens whom he desires you would say this is talk about individuals in the organization know it's not know it gets corporate because they're trying to smooth out what actually saying to make it fit with they want within. If that's the case then why does their position not raise the objection. What is he still find fault for who resist his will. Verse 19.

On the contrary, who are you oh man notices a singular old man went back to God. That thing individual is a the group were saying that thing molded. We got the motor why did you make me like this will it singular, or does not the potter have a right over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use in another vessel for common use. I did research on the word vessel. It's always used in the singular talk about people in the New Testament group would have got a little willing to demonstrate his wrath of the make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction.

Now here would vessels is plural, but it's a group of people prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory on vessels of mercy which prepared beforehand for glory GC you're doing is reading this text I need is this if they don't understand it and they're good at what they can do the change of text to make sure that what it is saying doesn't raise the objection because they object to Romans nine 9023 they don't like what it actually says so in order to understand it properly. You have to read it in such a way that you raise the same objections. Otherwise, you don't understand what they're doing is reducing its severity and its truth by changing it its meaning at the corporate this and that will then why would God have Paul the apostle say it does not depend upon the man who will demand runs or lies with sake get his mercy on whom he desires and he hardens whom he desires and you cross-reference it with John 113 that were born again, not of our own will and I'll check them and I'll ask him a question.

It would God ever make anybody for the purpose of of functional destruction are doing bad things or whatever and thus of course not to really see Proverbs 16 for the Lord is made everything for its own purpose. Even the wicked for the day of evil. They little to do with the stuff Messick changer theology matches Scripture and they say, when with Dr. III got articles) for my tardy number okay buddy sounds good, bottomless skill phones with Tyler from Chicago. Tyler welcome your on here hi Matt, thank you so much welcomed. So I looked in the year if they let that be a member and I know in your follow-up interview with apology you had talked about how you considered him a fault, convert, and I just wanted them in wisdom and how to discern when like what the line is between someone disagreeing with me theologically and considering somebody like a brother, sister and I recommend you go to my website Ever been there, okay. Look up essential doctrines of the Christian faith or look at the doctrine gripped and what I did years ago when I established love I call the doctor agreed have been a good one to go to and you can see they are what the Bible says is the center of the Christian faith and I break them up into two categories, primary and secondary essentials of primary this evening to pick up a primary essential is an essential that is stated as being essential so-called primary, secondary, essential is not stated as being essential, give example, but it's not stated as being essential but still essential. So the ranks of the hold on, I'll explain as you have a dividing no sign of something please hold on right back after these messages over novels novella and a sci-fi number of your gerrymandering on the homepage as well. One called time trap sci-fi novel novella is about developing on island theological examination without making sure the problem is jeweler to go is Matt slick get away.

Matt back to show Tyler. Still, there there alright so defining our terms is always a first and you have to do when discerning truth from error and we define the truth by going to the Scriptures and the Bible says, for example, that Jesus is both God and man in John 824 Jesus is, unless you believe that I am dying your sins. So what we see is that you have to believe that he's God in flesh must you believe that I am, you will die in your sins and we know that in John.assuming enforcement is 1514 in verse 17 it says that if Christ be not raised. Our faith is in vain not to physical resurrection of the deity of Christ, the physical resurrection. We know that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Galatians and Romans 328 Romans 5145, but also in Galatians 5124. It's as if anybody would add circumcision, that there severed from Christ, but it's not just circumcision is the, it's the issue of any ceremony, any effort on human level is to be done for lesson essential the gospel. The decibel resurrection of Christ because it says in Galatians when ignited. We preach a gospel contrary to be free to let him be accursed in the number essential is only one God will have monotheism not the idea that is millions of gods really serve and worship one, but there's only one.

This is Exodus 20 verse three and Isaiah 4310 44 six verse eight, but in Exodus 20 the 10 Commandments.

There's a punishment warning for those who do not believe the true living God so that I have what I call the five primary essentials because they are the doctors of Bible says are the essentials of the faith.

Now the secondary essentials are such things as the Trinity and nothing the Bible says you have to believe the Trinity in order to be saved but we know the Trinity is a true doctrine. We know it properly represents the Lord God. So I called a secondary essential primary essential has a warning attached to it, or statement of condemnation attached to it, declaring its essential nature, but the secondary essentials are derived out of the primaries of the Trinity is still the true God and its does not stated as being essential with a warning.

We know that it is also the virgin birth is not stated.

You have to believe the virgin birth, but without the virgin birth. We can't have the true incarnation.

Another essential is Jesus is the way to truth and the life. Nobody come to the father but by him.

John 14 six let's exclusive Tory it means nobody else but nothing in the Bible says you have to believe that in order to be saved. This is a statement we know that left Corsica strictly Jesus jointly so to the central doctrine on the second level to something so far so anything other than those are issues what we call body offer now. We can also go to the area of I call the primary nonessentials moral integrity like Exodus 21 to 17 the 10 Commandments. If you're going around committing adultery, stealing and professing Christ well not really truly saved because the Bible says in first John 24 if you say you know him. We do not keep his commandment to truth is not in you when you're a liar. There are certain levels of moral integrity. We have to maintain as well in order not to maintain a Christian and to demonstrate were in the faith fidelity in marriage with the condemnation of of homosexuality believing in and nice justification by faith alone and not baptism is a ceremony is necessary and so we have debatable issues, predestination, limited atonement nature of free will. What daily worship on you can believe any of these or not believe them doesn't affect your salvation.

Now this is on the doctrine gripped I go, I recommend you check it out and then when someone comes to you and says look I believe you have to worship on Saturday instead of Sunday.

The question why in order to be a Christian if they say yes or to be a Christian there adding a requirement that is not stated in Scripture there flipped her in danger of each misting a false convert like it could be dismissed. Let, and so you could have someone who does not affirm the physical resurrection of Christ, for example, I've encountered this before, as it will do you know that he's got in flesh right now in the same no. I believe that initially the Scriptures shown the Scriptures and echo all all is what it says.

I believe it will. They believe it because the regenerate and so when someone doesn't agree with that essential I work with him to see if they understand what it is to begin with C with if they can accept the Scriptures that they don't then I'm in a say something like false convert in this guide I debated for a couple three weeks ago on baptism. While obviously, he was in over his head because he got a false doctrine, and he's requiring a ceremony to complete the work of Christ in us many things.

If you watch the debate very well a lot of things. He was stopped at and so he's also here false convert because he's not believing in the sufficiency of the bloodied blood atonement of Christ and justification by faith as I asked him are we justified by faith we have faith we not justified by faith we have faith. He couldn't answer the question he had just got have baptism in their so you see that's why God's sake, false convert because he is got and you would you you would make that claim date.Scripture and Galatian perfectly out that that I planted my question think much good for now you see what I'm doing.

It's not because I don't like somebody minutes to judge him know I got it laid out mapped out worked out. You have done my homework and you you you could say very clearly if someone says no, Jesus is not God in flesh six. You can't believe that you can't deny Christ deity and also be a Christian in the disease. I am a Christian. I don't believe he is not in flesh. What is your false convert. Sorry and needs to be set yet.

Definitely will think much the welcome member that good karma look up doctrine grid.

The Scriptures are there right yeah I aptly think again. RMN complex at the herb or herb herb herb from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome John here got let out all of the logging on planning Optronics plaintiff read and I don't mean it like a mate that Matthew and Mark with them on an audio Bible alive. Both of the L outcome identical story that terrible that old. How you think they get it back.

You know, just write down every day, but you don't with the sick general theory is that Mark was written early and that the other gospel writers may have used Mark as a template, which is fine because a lot of the work's work was done already, which simple same lens less credibility of the Bible than actually lens morning 21 but people have criticized that the similarities the symbol 1 cup from the other and I would just like we also may declare the estimate.

This essentially copying so it's a problem well, it's this should not out. Why shouldn't they, in which wrong with the summit of the research getting getting on paper and they didn't Xerox it off and then email it. They had to do this work. It took was expensive, difficult, so Mark will gospel which would be there in Matthew could use it as a basis. And John could use as a basis. Luke could use as a basis they wanted to.

And that's always necessary. Big deal.

Okay, not quite yet without relapse.

But how much identical. They were about Beckett get out debate that they could all this together and be traveling at right they'll get out details that work for I never realized that all that you read the Bible to going to church and everything. I've never been aware that won't get your feeling on this, understand that will it's not what it is. But what's interesting is that I like to talk about this.

The book of acts is really an important book and it's a historical document dealing with the early church, and so it does not contain the death of Peter and Paul chapter around 62 issue A.D., give or take a couple years, nor does it take into account the destruction of Jerusalem either super significant things.

So why is it important 12 implication is that actually written before that those dates I X 60 X 6080 60. Well, we know that Luke wrote the book of Luke before he wrote the book of acts was to say five years earlier in that place. Luke will of Luke borrowed from Mark and Ms. Margaret even earlier cc how logic works. It really is evidence of early writing of the Gospels. Okay buddy thank you so much Matt love you show right things really are you in your why you need to call up my wife and tell her how great I am because if you cannot agree to a bank idea because I don't post I was doing right now, but people that done that. I said you call the lineup and will call up and should give me this look later. Did you say the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on Graham love to hear from you Bobby. Be back. Also download a free mobile app.


We've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth. Truth shall set you free Matt slick getaway. Matt Long from Texas one welcome like to be on the arrogant and called me back down to Laredo when if they have a conference again and asked me to speak of the glad to go down there but the snap and fly look for hearing it live and I really appreciate everything that you bought the house.

Though unique, but my thought about that. I will likely reading your articles on limited atonement and I with the bright read that book Arminian even, but limited moment right right Calvinist limit limit the scope or menus limit the power you okay I'm I like to say that maybe the site that I would like to be my question and I probably know you're out there, but I want to give you think about it. Christ the phone for the think of the world, but the majority of the world will die at will. If I when atonement means and so if he means it is the main atonement is that the thing you're breathing in the phone. Please let me know If it means because biblically with atonement is as a sacrifice that is proficient Tori in first John 22 says he is the propitiation on for our sins. The sins of the whole world and the work appreciate from her last months in the Greek actually means the sacrifice that removes wrath does make it potential.

It actually removes it. That's what it means. This is why a lot of translations will water down the translation estate expiate center propitiate.

I would like the legal decorate. Yet when the high priests would go into propitiate the sins of Israel, they were actually removed. The course was done to tip a logically representative tries to shed blood on the kind of stuff that's ultimate reason why so if he's a propitiation for our sins on the part of the sins of the whole world and that means the sacrifice after removes wrath. Then there's some issues at kebab and plus in Colossians 214.

He canceled the certificate of debt at the cross as something that has of the sin debt then we had it with logical questions arise necessity from and I agree with what you're saying. I'm just trying to have a children factor so I tried to explain thing simply in in the very difficult to explain limited. The only children but didn't indicate that the Civil War when Lincoln that they met the patient proclamation where he declared the leg three. Not all of them. Those given freedom by not directly the same thing as limited atonement look at it this way of sin. Is that okay when in the Mike again. Sin is a legal debt and so Jesus said our father in heaven how would be the name in Matthew 612, he said, forgive us our sins, but in refrigerant that succeeded me and Luke 11 for you to forgive us our sin. So Jesus equates sin with legal debt. This is what Jesus does and so he said the cross John for John 1930 to tell a sty which in English is it is finished were to tell us dies and found handwritten different handwriting on legal documents from that time signifying a legal debt has been paid and canceled inkjet in the class of 214 says he canceled the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross. The sin debt is canceled at the cross, not when you believe that's what this freaking right that's what it says soap was given a more accurate analogy, let's say you and I are at a restaurant and in Laredo there were additional radio still and we go to Mexican restaurant because I know my condition aforethought because of manners died so they are and so I go there and them and I'm paying for that and so we are here. You and I hear about two other tables.

Coincidently, the guys forgot your wallet to say the family didn't have the money to pay for whatever reason so that means there and have a debt that's to them and I do some nice guys. I say hey don't worry about I walk over to pay your meal for both tables bang bang okay.

Now the question is, is the debt that that's a meal that that legal debt that they have is now paid for. If I pay for is canceled. If I can pay for it. This exist anymore to legal debt or transferable. If it's canceled, it cannot be held to that person's account anymore.

The logically if he canceled the sin debt, could he cancel it for the cross or the elect would make sense that way and we get in that he died for all, well then I can show that it's very interesting to study the Scriptures, I asked a trick question of people in a similar trick you and I tell him, the trickier ready the trick question okay smiling but I'm not out to hurt anybody. You know, just okay Elsie, have you died, and I'll say well know, and some say yes because they understand that you have entitled physically but have died with Christ, and we can see that how we love God with Christ till I to live in sin. And that's Romans 612-4122 actually Ingrid. Colossians 3 talks with us having to hide and we can make a principal to discover principle of Scripture that the only time it says anybody's died in relationship to Jesus as the believer right was in Christ. That's it.

Record this one verse, we find this very interesting assists in court second Ron asking second pretense five dismembered in the reverse reference for similar talk about prescriptive segment is 514 which says the love of Christ controls us. Having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died if he died for all, and the all means every individual who ever lived minutes is been all died while we know the phraseology that that means is being done with Christ major saved looking at how Jesus or how God uses the terms we find out that there's a difference in how God uses them compared to how we do it. Here's a versus what I don't use very often that I should and relationship of this is set for symbol 314 God speaking. Therefore, I've sworn to the house of Eli that this iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever so I thought at first and all over the reckoning in the article. Well, what if we look at I try to look at things from an eternal perspective on the mission point of view that I know that God is sovereign and so if we think that it will use the example, the whole world was born dark underground and it Christ you need a path liftgate the underground into the light from the darkness of the ring and knew not everybody can choose that path because people out anyway, but it ultimately counted it right and that the person what what if the boat can't be because this sin debt is canceled at the cross, Cusa canceled for the elect only the bills going to heaven. People say was only canceled when you believe it's not because it's canceled at the cross right out when you believe in that. This is something it sounds so counterintuitive, but I've had people had discussed this with for 20 minutes at a time, literally 20 minutes asking the same question on the same verse when is your sin that cancel when you believe this will be diverse again, having nailed to the cross winds it canceled. 20 minutes later they finally say okay at the cross out the reason I bring this up is why do people stick to their their assumption so much when the Scriptures clearly contradict because they have an agenda and they think they got it figured out, and when to come up with the Scripture that contradicts it puts him in jeopardy thinking that I don't understand everything.

Well, I thought I did and so this is a problem so you know that community.

We got to just the Scriptures. This would assess if you look at the atonement for the legal aspect that makes perfect sense.

How it has to work in elementary school child. I would just say looking forward to restaurant and your daddy season that the example he is on the next table and I can pay it yeah okay that's it is pay for taking care of who did Jesus come for he says that he came read John 1027 through half with outdoors in the chapter their lost sheep of Israel glossy with a bit less. Matthew 1524 but in John 10 he says he lays his life down for the sheep and that he says the Pharisees, you are not my sheep right okay so I okay buddy thank you so thanks. I certainly okay.

I still collect the CMS the skin today from Des Moines, Iowa. Dave welcome here.

Hey Matt, amen, thanks so much like writing it about tithing in regard to mission mobilization.

I'm a mission mobilizer and have no financial goals to help others raise money for cross-cultural people groups without and I encourage people to tie or to give offering mission. I want to be biblical and so I'm asking about versus about tithing only for like a local church like pastors will, like, not you. That way you like a local church that I see the church being international. The Marriott is the earth like a plan for any of your opinion.

This was called tithes and offerings and center ties is generally 10% and what I do because I'm in a similar situation in that I live off that the donations of somebody else and so what we do is let people know the issues okay and I recommend that they tithe to their church. First, and then support other missionary work afterwards and so the people. Civil case split it up in the what I will do is I'll tell them that that's up to them because I don't see anything in Scripture that says you must tithe 10% to the local body. Tithing was okay and later started leaving to that and so one thing my wife and I did as a woman whose husband left her had children, etc. and that she just try to make it. Things are very difficult for her. So we gave our tithe to her because the times you know in the church is supposed to be distributed for that kind of work and other kinds of things in the church as well as the seller, the pastor, the buildings and you on stuff and we decided to help out because we knew the church was doing fine it was to be heard by us and were still tithing and it went direct to someone who really did need it. We did that for a while until situation changed so you know and I don't see thing wrong with that. I don't see either church no. I appreciate your opinion. When I act and I don't want to scare people away. At the same time I was at a church and I love the people there clearly but their their mission, but it was only 1% and thought I wanted to give that have to give them $100 or I could give a dollar.

The patient had run out during the map. Like mission. They think they are India and Indonesia.

The little bit more elite than my that been there and I've met the people I I'm struggling also know with with mortgages and pastor salaries of the wet when so dollar goes so much farther forth overseas and from this kind of event you tell other the right way that is no overt Bible that tithing is our local church back in the church of international law, exactly, is that in fact we have missionaries from Carmel, one in Turkey one in Brazil and one in Columbia and so karma strikes them, and we do are able to do that. My donations and so wanted to say instead of supporting their church to say support the that the guy in Columbia directly.

I don't I don't see wrong with it night I was on the biblical and tithes goes to support the body of Christ. The work of Christ.

It could be an ecclesiastical structure to local body but also in the book of actually think that the ties were sent to different places to support other ministries battered bodies so 1% to missions, I think, is how to balance things should be more welfare. Their act together to have been around 148 year elder great but some other yet of elder note that particular body of elder learning that by getting booked on it and ending to give them great chiropractic like out there brick date, though, I get wanted you be able to encourage people the right way without being on biblical.

You know what mission the mission minded I could probably come up email filter. The other way too much. Thank you much of the careful balance, but the little church disease be supported and done. Missions need to be supported. We should be involved mission work absolutely very important and now a moment of truth with Matt sling look folks, we are either saved by faith alone in Christ alone were not saved by faith alone in Christ alone. For those of you who teach, you can lose your salvation and I can stand against is not a license to sin, stand that regeneration comes with salvation.

The thing is what he had to do to keep yourself right with the holy God. That's a question of asking if you can lose your salvation. Don't do your salvation. How is it then.

Faithfulness in Christ, then you say well I got remain faithful. It's up to me to say that the Bible to the thing is got aggressively for 129 grants that we believe the 29 will he grants it to us is sufficient can even take credit for your because God says he grants that John 620 29.

This is the work of God sent this is what he said this has been a moment of truth with Matt sling is Matt sling getaway Matt see Nancy California. Nancy welcome around here I'm fine how are you about Dan or that from God off or 11 and then John 915 got there times when accidents occur and disabilities of the results of that kind of my wife has a genetic issue and is manifested in recent years, and so that's not her fault. No accidents just result of the fall and genetics. And then there's issues like you when to ask for 11 work it says who makes the eye blinding your dumb not God says is not I the Lord God specifically does things like this so we just can't tell which was which sometimes expects a lot from my wife. She has some Kahla states and it's just a genetic thing is what it is either deformed fourth lumbar vertebra is a genetic thing doesn't mean that to have an accident but I know people who have headache. I knew a guy who was shot by his brother, but they were just messing around shot in the back and he's paralyzed from the waist down. I know I've a friend affect the guys helping us here Charlie. His son broke his neck as it was one of the very few walking quadriplegics in the entire world so is an action from body surfing so well there you go, and I know everything and her mother will yes know how it that the act morning so he knows everything will he knows everything he allows bad things will happen and we have what's in God's will, we call the decree of will, which is his direct causation of something we decreased the decree to he decrees it causes advice directly. We have in this call the prescriptive.

Well, it's the will that he has for moral behavior and then the permissive will that he permits us to act in a manner inconsistent with his desire for more. He allows us to send upwards so we talk about these things. We have to ask the question when God forms us that he form us with a defect. Some people say absolutely not, when he says it when it says in Psalms that he formed us in the womb is a generic statement that he is what gives us life.

He's the one who works to send us are there, though situations in which people are born blind directly by the hand of God, and I would say yes because of ask for 11 were God himself says so to Moses which you quoted. We also know from John nine that the man born blind.

There was this was a big not because of anybody sin or anything, but so that and the reasons given so that he could be healed and God be glorified so it looks like this is planned out from eternity. So then there's the issue of a car accident, someone gets drunk in his car accident injure somebody else.

An injured person is now paralyzed from from the waist down but say listen accident did God cause that. No, he did not did God allow that yes he did, my question about number like I called yesterday and I don't know if you remember that I had asked about hermaphrodite being born with different length and how bad it can be, but I get from John 915 know that there'll be more efficacious in that one healing and all you got Gloria how do we know when we are you pray for healing and just expect we don't know a lot of times with the situations and we decide to trust God, since you brought up like birth defects.

My wife and I lost a son to a birth defect, and he had holoprosencephaly.

Trisomy 13 genetic issue and he died in her arms after referencing and so we ask God to heal, and we ask God to reveal why he didn't heal. When we wanted. I didn't reveal the wife to us. My wife and I's faith was not deterred in the slightest fact during that whole situation and right after written the funeral and some stuff miraculous things just came to him to bear. And God was definitely present. So what our job is in situations like this night bring this up because I can say I noted it is.

I've been there.

Our job is to praise God in our ignorance and buyer faith. And so my wife and I we would think the Lord for letting us have Jacob for a little while and then we would say Lord we trust you. We don't know why this happened. But you are the sovereign Lord, not us.

Did you allow it to you because it did you whatever we don't know, but we will see our son in heaven and so we praise the Lord and maybe if God wants it, allows it, permits it, whatever variation want to go. Was it a test for my wife and see how we would react with God and do we glorify God will yes and Jacob is with him. So in a sense, everybody wins. But the end of each situation is difficult situations different sorts not easy just to give a generic. This is how it all works is a tough stop. This is tough. You hope it helped complex. Let's go to David for Virginia David, welcome you on here. Thank you so I'm old baking with less than probably starting about five or six years ago. Unfortunately, I don't grab around as much at night, it ended that the listening to you talk about the next two and credit card wrong, are they with speak with other, and not understanding you be in sad. A letter, and whatever reason it got me to call you hallelujah the college with the version I was using X24, yet the ESV says speak in other tongues and the great look I can read Greek. If you want look at it yet. Yeah that's what I was hoping you would. It just literally what it says is begin to speak other tongues.

There's no with the preposition right so system will go word and triggers me as I've been studying just routinely this week, Brown and and different commentary sermons I was reading it. It convicted me about you help me thanking that God is working with me and it not that God is working through me to have his plan if I'm in obedience to what it and that convicted me to to re-thank the layout was thinking about doing his will, are median and obedient to whatever circumstance he present that I'm not working with him. He's not working with me even working that there is a sense in which you're doing things because of course you are you the one who's making decisions and God can certainly work with and through and in spite of some of the cells that we decide so yeah yeah and what I prayed this morning assistant for God to to work you work through me but more importantly what I what I pray. I think this might be important to pray this was a God work through us. I was just a great thing not negating that but that I would be in his will, accomplishing what he desires for them. Maybe just a semantic thing, but that's that's only praise the Lord and I just want to be doing what you doing not what I want to get rid of all money and wealth report deadline and output you talk about what's going on in the United States and major I could feel your heart breaking actually met as well. The pray and seek peace because it the only piece with and the only safety hat like that is unrepentant but that they can only have it that if they have G they don't have Jesus than they need to have them in order to fix this problem in our city with our people, irrespective of who they are or what they do because it is applying as they handed violation of the 10 Commandments which and you and I look at this thinking Lord Jesus you know may be you come here is that your will. Short of that have the spirit and down so that when they hear someone proclaim the gospel they will lift that we should be and then when you were praying that just a few minutes ago, so all little brother was a good word for everyone, and thank you. Now I'll pray for you if you want to theology Carmen sexy right hand side of the page will see a laptop is online schools.

Just click on this and you can center for schools if you want to know your theology. This is the place to go to seminary to Bible college. Not sure which book to read apologetics for 40 years and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like that and I've learned what needs to be taught the basics not just so basically you don't have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school, learn about the hypostatic union justification is dictation you learn about these things we can actually take it all away. Matt, what kind of government would Jesus want and is very biblical model of government. Guess what yes there is. That's what I'll do the rest of the time before the show you're going through some of the aspects I wrote an article here not too long ago dealing with the issue of socialism and is a biblical because unfortunately socialism is not biblical.

And it's not a good form of government and for those who think that to you don't like Norway and Finland and all those that are great and if you're socialist or not, are not social systems but never less, were the biblical principles of government. Did you know that, for example in Exodus 1821 to 22, it talks about a representative form of government.

You shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth.

Those who hate dishonest gain. Let them judge the people at all times so there are people are selected to be in authority and representative.

Also in the Matthew 1815 to 17 we see self-governance is a better sense go and show him his fault in private if you listen to you. You want your brother, but if not then go with others and read more ringer time is of the ideas you take care of yourself and your own issues. The best you can visit their experimenter time. Private property rights and excess. 20 were 17 you shall not covet your neighbor's house or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor next 54.

While it remained unsold and not remain your own and after was sold, was it not under your control would have property you have the right to do with your property as you desire and enough to take and build property to private property rights are part of the government which should be also the principles of liberty and freedom segregates report. 17 it is now the Lord is the spirit and with the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Galatians 51.

Do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

The bebop down to people will be under bondage in first in it which is why slavery was never biblical and assessment was done in the New Testament in the US to be in the 1800s here different kind of slavery in the Bible. That's another topic, and we first Peter 216 act as free men and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil this so this type of responsibility within the people in the populace, but Enright don't have time to go too much into this capitalist principles.

Matthew 25, 14 to 30. This is the parable of the talents where the master gives to the servants different amounts of money required for them to produce more out of what they had been given and Matthew 2133 through 41.

This is the parable of the land owner living servants in charge of his vineyard. He owned the vineyard and required proper treatment of his people and his property. This capitalist principles and use what you have for the glory of God and other things and also witnesses and fair trial.

Deuteronomy 1915 a single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he is committed on the evidence or two of two or more witnesses shall neither be confirmed. Matthew 1816 but if he does not listen to you take one or two more with him so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact will be confirmed. So the idea of principles that we have woven into our present government of witnesses by Fairchild capitalist principles.

The principle of liberty and freedom, private property rights self-governance representative form of government is other things, these are the things that are derived of Scripture

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