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Best Of MSL 2020 30: Pointing out false teachers 101

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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August 3, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 30: Pointing out false teachers 101

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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August 3, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This weeks episode is all about false teachers. On 07-24-20 Justin Peters was on MSL. Justin Peters and his Ministry focuses on teaching the sufficiency of the word of God as well as exposing false teachings. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry, be sure to visit

Equipping the Saints, defending the faith, and reaching the lost.



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Enjoy it Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network while is found online car as I have been promising watch line box. We have just appeared on the line with this limited adjustment here in a minute. Justin is an experts on the positive confession stuff the wacko stuff.

A lot of people teach within the so-called Christian denomination. I mean that in the sense of Christians, but there's a lot of people who teach some false things and Justin Martyr talk about it. You hold and without further ado than just get on the line with him. Justin your on their body. There you meant, I am. Are you all right how are you doing well by God's grace honored to be on the program while they are on you and I met whenever we first met at an airport at our North. It was the Texas number New Jersey oh made an airport yeah new house waiting for you when you came up to my left and gone high and that was a given budget percent right now. Okay, that was a number of years ago. Yeah the only program will think the only people trying to forget me not yet been able to do that.

So I guess that's right. What Justin does as he travels around quite a bit. Speaking on this topic of the positive confession name and claimant's heresies are involved with so just what you explained in better detail what it is you doing how you been doing stuff like that. Well what I'm most known for his work critique of movement with the proper term given to more commonly known name and claimant got all the health and wealth gospel of prosperity gospel teaching that it is always God's will to be healthy. Always God's will to be materially rich. Basically not 100%, but probably 95% of what you see on TV and they start Christian television and welcoming the claimant prosperity gospel people such as Benny Copeland, Jesse Duplantis Joyce Meyer Joel O'Steen Joseph Grant Andrew Womack are just some of the more prominent names and and also and with that the new apostolic Reformation NAR people may have heard that term that that's a twin movement toward faith and it is everything Florida State is even worse. Even more emphasis on modern-day apostles, and signs and wonders of the leaders in the NAR people like Bill Johnson, Chris Balaton Patricia King Stacy Campbell J on Todd Todd Bentley, a top-flight and in what you're saying it today and cannot a guy like Dan Boler and I was but there there's a little bit of distinction map, but there's not a great deal of different and what worse thing is that these two movements are basically just melting together into one big heretical theological stream. There are cross pollinating at each other restricted conferences gluing goal would be another name John Arnott and it's really the realtor, melting into one.

The way I first became interested in this movement is a very long story, but the very abbreviated version of it that I was born with cerebral palsy.

I walk with crutches, moderate cases for you but when I was a teenager neighbor of mine came up to me Dustin God has spoken to me and he told me that he's going to as long as you have enough faith and at the time thought I was a Christian. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church out was not truly converted until many years later I was because I write a prayer and walked out Somehow, seven, but at any rate, this man is one of these guys that God is always talking to always getting a dream marketing division into to talk to this fella more than he did compose just one of those gossip is always got a new revelation and I didn't. I didn't have a theological leg. All that was converted Does God really hurt God and he told me I was going to be healed of faith and in the time I wanted to be wanted to and I wanted to do the things that my friends were doing. I want to build one or the ball and and drive. I can do that now and controls record, and so I really latched on the and he told me about a faith healer back in the day. This was back in 1980, a very well-known faith healers that now that her name is Nora Leah Ellie and she wrote a book entitled China cry and later many years later I found out pretty much everything she told about herself is fabricated just made up she came to do a healing Crusade in my hometown is backing the grounds right and I was fully convinced that I was going to be ill thought I had all the faith I thought even that God had spoken the remember one day probably just a couple weeks before her arrival to the healing Crusade. I was in my room doing some homework and all the Scripture verse X32 popped into my head and I didn't know what expert to wasn't the "Bible route deals with Eli about those assures me not when that happened. I even more hundred percent contact hours can be healed and I'll be playing football for the high school football team next year's book, long story short, I went to the Nora YM and I will of course was not yielding and that was my first exposure to the Word of Faith movement at the time I did was movement at all. But, that was my first exposure to it. It wasn't until years later, however, began to study the movement at a more academic level as a student and then as I started and I began to realize that the origin of the prosperity gospel are not Christian at all. Origin can be traced back directly to the metaphysical Colts like Christian science, New Age thought not even from Kabbalah and I begin to realize how radical the movement actually is and so on and begin to study it and I ended up writing my masters or my master of theology degree at Southwestern Baptist theological seminary masters degree, excuse me, my master on any hand in the work faith movement in this part of my research: the went to a number of Benny and Christine M.that's, what started my interest in this movement and then a church in Alabama back in 2004 heard about my masters and they had a PBM personality living hometown and asked me to come over and teach on the Word of Faith movement idea. It really matter since 2004 and did the early first first seminar there. That surgeon Alabama Hamilton I am the door suggest open for me and it's taken me now all around the world all crossing on date preached in 27 different countries now and that's kind of the cliff notes version is out there that this is what I'm known for. I do have other interested, Theologically typecast other interest because your CP initial healing go hand-in-hand and you know I remember when we were together. The seminar watching you get up to the stage deal to speak and not a bit of work for you and I'm sorry it's eye-catching and particularly when you speak about this related issue, it just draws attention and I could see why God is using you this way because it's powerful and you're a good speaker and you have a lot of good information that was telling people is that you have been doing this stuff for 40 years. My not surprised by anything anymore that New Jersey conference.

You surprised the heck out of me with some of the things that you are pulling out from his his radical teachers and some are similar that I was like you have got to be kidding me. And so well. It was really good. You do a good job.

You really do so on a question for you, what would you say is the greatest danger to grace heresy within the positive confession prosperity gospel movement, what would you say this, I would play Matt graded. It is probably the little God's doctrine and this is something that a lot of people realize that the heart of the prosperity gospel is what is called the little God doctrine and faith. Teachers work faith Reclamation Actually Teach That If You Are a Christian You Are in Fact a Little God and God. This Is Why They Hold so Tenaciously to Help. It Will Because Work God and God Cannot Be for a God Certainly Cannot Be Sick, and They Have a Very Aberrant View God They Diminish God and Make the Five-Man Backup Data. One of the Clips I Used To Really Thought of Holland Light. If You Have That Handy out and We Could Play That What People Listen to This Case Is Going As a Producer. So It's on You Here the Threat of the Bible and the Book of Second so I Think Yeah That Was Your Polite Probably the Top Spiritual Advisor Pres., This Is Not Present Is Just Awful.

Spiritual Advisors Are Better Theological Advisors That Are White As She Said That Wherever She Goes. God Goes Where God and Ask about Golfers and Sometimes They're Bored with It and Have a Clip of Creflo Dollar We Say God Is the Right Just That I Have the Original Revealing Folks. We Arrived Back at His and Now a Moment of Truth with Matt Sleep Folks God Can Purify the Church to One Is the Preaching Teaching Responsibility to Open God's Word's That Will in the Church Thing God Persecution God and along with the Purification. This False Teachers Preaching, Teaching, Purify Their Speaking the Truth and Let Them Go to Work of Ministry Can Expand the Kingdom of God's A Lot Of Errors. This Has Been a Moment of Truth with Matt Sleep Is Best.

Matt Slick Taken Away Matt We Have Justin Peter's on the Air with Me and Justin and I Are Discussing Issues Positive Confession Movement and Some of the Heresies Involved with It and Where Were You before the Break, Just like I Forgot Will Be Talking That We Were Or How the Yeah, the Heart of the Prosperity Gospel, You Talk about Having an Entitlement Mentality Steroid.

They Teach That If You Are a Christian You Are a Little God, Which Is Very Similar That You without without Court and Your Extensive Apologetics Resources Very Very Similar in Contact with the Same Basic Heresy Is Repackaged for a More Evangelical More Than Evangelical Audience, but That They Teach That We Are God and They All Teach the Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Bill Johnson, Chris Ballot Standard Teaching in the Worksite Movement of the Calls You Are God. God Cannot Be Poor in a God Certainly Cannot Be Sick and so We Are Entitled to Health and Well. People Think That the Amendment Is Only about Health and Wealth Well, but Bad Low Hanging Fruit of Logical Tree That Is Worksite Movement, and That's True You Familiar with Cecily Teaching about God Living on the Planet until Adam Could Fly and We Have All Great Authority like Some of the Heresies That Are Just Rampant It so It so Bad You Know You Are Not in the Business of Judging Someone Salvation Unless They Openly Deny the Essentials of Christian Faith and a Minister Peninsula Person Is Not a Christian, You Deny Jesus Christ Is God in Flesh, Etc. so Is a Serious Question. You Don't like Joel O'Steen Okay Take on Him.

He's the Biggest Guy Right Now. Could You Maybe Discuss a Little Bit about What He Teaches Because I Have a Question I Don't Know If You Christian. I Don't Believe He Is I Believe Is Regenerate Because of His Heresies That He Teaches the Weakness of the Gospel Message. He Preaches Which I Heard Them Safe to Set Jesus in Your Heart Are Christian.

It's It's Incredibly Said Mormons Are Christians, Guys. It Is As Ignorant As This Well in High School in the Stuff. So One Time When We Think of Jell-O. Yeah, Great Question, Matt and I Might Take over to Take a Little Bit of Pressure off Your Shoulders, I Opened Faith That These People Are Not Christian. When Were Talking about Copeland or Bill Johnson or Bill Johnson Kept Open for A Few Minor Stores.

Meyer Dollar All Openly Say They Cannot Be Believers Because Here's Here's One of the Great Irony of This Entire Discussion Is That People in Order Faith, but This Hyper Charismatic Worksite and AR They Would Look at Someone like Me. And As You Know the Face I Believe That the Apostolic Gifts Are No Longer in Operation Today That They Would They Would Look at Me and They Would Say All You and Everyone Pictures Mark Theology Date Is That You Don't Believe in the Holy Spirit You Don't Believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

To the Contrary, I Am so Confident in the Power of Third Person of the Triune God That I Do Not Believe That Someone Can Be Indwelt by MTH the John Dropping Bloodcurdling Heresies That They Teach and Have No Prick of Conscience at All.

They Have Been Teaching Everyone out Talking about Do You Think Wrote the Book of Hebrews or the Date of the Accidents or Something like That with These Issues. Go to the Heart of the Gospel I Go to the Heart of Christ Is and Will Have Another Clip That Just That They Were Talking Here Think It Was Talking up Fundamental Doctrines of the Fate and They Have Been. They Have Been Blaspheming God Often Results from Eating Latent John Dropping Heresies for Years. Some of Them for Decades and Called to Repent and yet They Don't. They Remain Unrepentant and That Is Not Someone Who Was Indwelt by the Spirit If They Were Truly Indwelt by the Holy Spirit, Then the Holy Spirit of God Would Drop into Their Deeds under Such Heavy Conviction and I Know Yes That's Almost Think That What Let's Talk about Him. He's Right When He Comes across As Stunningly Ignorant of the Bible That Got Even Heard Him in an Interview about but Ignored the Affected Party Queued up Clip That He Doesn't Know Much Doctrine or Theology Is Actually Said That He Is There That Doubt Is That I'm Just My Goal Is to Be in Encourage It.

If You Don't Know Much Doctrine Theology Get Out Of the Pulpit. You Have No Business Being in the Pulpit and the Share Your Assessment That He Is Not Regenerate Because the a Preaches Such a Shallow and Rapid Gospel Message Is Not Once, Not Twice but on Multiplication and in National Television and Here's What I Get, Wrote National International, but He Is Denied That Jesus Is the Only Way to Be Studied Is Done at Home, Multiplication, and He Is Done It, Even after He Caught A Lot Of Flak for Doing It Back and I Think Is 2006 When He Did the Interview with Larry King Is Really Famous or Infamous, and He Was. He Did a Whole Lot of Damage Control. But Then Later Several Years Later Being Interviewed by Going Back on Fox News.

He Did It Again and Was Even More Explicit and Deny Site and so That's Why These People Are Not Christians Because That They Have. There's Just No Evidence in Their Lives of Being Willing to Have Their Theology Corrected Anything That They Continue to See the Same Paris-Based Mountains All Is a Very Winsome Guy's Personality Very Quickly Smiled A Lot, but He Is Leading. I Would Say You Probably the Single Most Dangerous Creature on the Planet Simply Because of This, and He May Smile A Lot, but He Is Leaving Millions upon Millions of People Retail. I Would Agree with You and Was Church Because I Didn't Story Your Vendor. I Have Been There Twice and Even Managed to Talk to a Great Good for You That It Didn't Go Well Wonder Why Was Nice to Hear.

When I Went There Is a Great Feeling. I Felt Good. I Was Encouraged I Felt Wonderful. I Was Very Aware of Feeling Good. There Was No Teaching Was No Depth Scraped across the Scriptures to Glean What He Wanted Just a Shallow Break of the of and Now a Moment of Truth with Matt Sleep Rightly with Secondly. Second, the Blessings That Come from God Is Not Based on How Much Money You Give the Blessing Comes from Your Faith in Your Trust in Jesus Christ He May Strip You of Everything so That You Have Nothing Left of Your Faith in Him and to Be the Greatest Blessing Because When You Go to Heaven. It's the Greatest of Rewards with People Do. Here's What I Want You to Get Your Blessing Right Now. Give Me the Money Negative Blessed Right Now. It's a Form of Feeding on People Read People's Desire for Security and Financial Gain Appealing to the Sinfulness and You As Well As Others, Myself and That We Want to Help. You Want to Be Blessed. We Want about Ourselves.

This Will Build It with Were Susceptible to Listen to People like That.

If You Do This You Will Be Blessed in It Look like You're Succeeding but They're This Is Charlotte. This Is of False Doctrine. False Teachers Wolves in Sheep Clothing. This Has Been a Moment of Truth with Matt Sleep Matt Slick Taken Away Matt Back to the Show Were Just Appears on the Line and A Few Calls Coming in for Those of You Who Want to Talk to Is Just and Will Only Be Taking Questions That Are Related to This Topic.

Now I Will Forget to Back Adjustment Is Complete Click Here. When I Went. Justin Went There Was a Friend to the Bookstore.

I Want to Check out with the Head in the Books. I Was to the Church Is One of the First Things I Do a Good Look at the Bookstore or Library Lot. That Way, and I Couldn't Find Any Systematic Theology.

So I Asked the Guy Was Working There Every Books and Systematic Theology. He Said Frowned upon Us to Be Looked at Me Actually Said Was That This Is the Manager Sings a Man Was the Manager Because Even Talk to the Manager's While He Was Gone. This Library Was As Big As Most Churches Is Bookstore License to Sell and He Comes Back after 15 Minutes and Said No We Don't Have Any Systematic Theologies or and It Really Taught Me A Lot about Spoke to Systematic Theologies of Look at Ranges Theology Systematically Is Not That We Want to Judge All Churches If They Have Them or Not.

But Something That Huge You Think You Have a Theology Section Is Really Telling Anyway Just in Right so I Think You Had Click You Wanted to Get to Write It out. The Clip Will Report the One Entitled Apple I Went to Bethel to Everything Okay Wally Going at Bethel out in Redding, California. Johnson and One of the Leaders of yet. So Say Some Things That Some Men Mess Emotionally, Mentally, Really Messed Nothing Physical, Nothing like That.

A Pastor I Really Respect and Say Some Words Can Hurt Me so That One Son Is Laying on Slashes in This Room I'm Laying on the Floor in Innovation and Encounter with God and Religion. Jesus Takes Me up and Holds Me so Close That I Can't See Anything a Husband so Close and Jesus Starts to Lead and He Says Please Forgive Me. Please Forgive Me, What Are You Talking about Please Forgive.

He Said When That Pastor You Excessive. I Guess He's a Member of My Body. Please Forgive Me Yet Romantic Dog, a Trail That There Was a Story and Mandated That Is One of the Most Coming There to Work. Sometimes Black Socks: Not a Word like Oh Yeah, and That's Why They You Cannot Be Indwelt by the Holy Spirit Expects the Holy Spirit Is Not a Weakling Is Not a Girly Girl Strong Enough to Favor Is Strong Enough to Deliver Us Out Of Deception and the Very Notion That Jesus Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World Would Actually Come to a Wretched File." Preacher and Ask Him for Forgiveness Is Just Me and I'm at a Loss for Words to Describe How Well I Would Say This since the Vision He Had Was from Satan and That He Does Not Regenerate and This Is Why He Does Not Understand the Difference between the Presence of Satan in the Presence of God Is Not Experienced the Letter When You Experience the Presence of God.

You Do Not Ever Even Begin to Approach the Idea That God Would Ask Forgiveness for Anything. It Is His Damnable Filthy Vile Heresy in the Pit of This and You.

You're Exactly Right. And If I Can't Get the Audio Video Clip That Music That We Are Right in the Beginning. That Was the Bethel Logo and so I Say That This Was Not Something That Kind of Accidentally Whipped by the Editing Team and They Thought out and Went Back to Know They Were Using This in Their Advertising. They Were Proud of Her, Using It in Their Advertising. So to Help Theologically Bankrupt That Higher Wisdom You Know When I Was There I Will Say His Name, but This Is a Guy Who's Well Entrenched in the Area and Who Knows Stuff to Leave It That Way Because of Stuff, but He Was Telling Me That Bethel Is Donating Great Amount of Money to the Police Force to Various Things. Various Think They're Not Taking over the Town, but the Taking of the Town but Not Really Taking over. There Have That Much Influence.

He Also Told Me That When He Went He Was There, and Some Bethel Lights Came up and Ashley Wanted Healing Now for to Have When My Friend and I Went to Bethel the First Door Went into They Said All You Here for Your Healing Right Here Should Know What Is Your Take Place at All Go down There, It Was You Signed up to Get in Line to Be Prayed for You and so Anyway This Man Knowing How Bad Bethel Was Said to Them, We Would Prepare Healing You Need and He Said No I'm Fine, but to What What What*What Is the Gospel and They Didn't Know What the Gospel Was. He Said They Could Not Tell the Gospel They Had Gone to the Training School Did Not Know the Gospel Was They Didn't Have an Answer and It Is Kind of Excuse Themselves Politely Went to Somebody Else That Does Not Surprise Me Back That You Are Describing. Think of a Baptismal Service That I Watched Online YouTube from Bethel Bethel Church and They Had Been A Lot Of Stage. There Were Probably about 25 of Them Are so and They Were All Baptismal Candidates.

They Were about to Get Baptized in the Gala Microphone When around Each One and Ask This Question.

Why Are You Here to Be Baptized so They Would All Give a Very Brief, I Did What They Would Call like "Test Button on My Watch the Whole Thing Took Note. Not a Single Person Could Articulate Eve. Even the Bare Minimum of of the Testimony, I Would Even Tangentially Resemble Something about Them That We Would Recognize That the Gospel That One Might Not. This Is Not Hyperbole.

I Have It on Video. When ACH When She Was Asked Why You, Why Do You Want to Be Baptized. She Said Because I Want to Be a Warrior for the Animal Kingdom. I Kid You Not. I Want to Be a Warrior or the Animal Kingdom, and the Gossip, That's Great. And They Baptized Her Can't Even Make a Stop We Could Get Some Heresies Had Sent to Karen Once, and the Consensus Is Some Saluted Bethel Duke Health System No. It's Sad to Hear It As an Apologist and I Have This This Bundle Block for Myself and the Heresies Were Not Immune to Them, but I'm so Used To the That Is like Having Overcoat on and in the Coldest Honorably Affected by It As Soon As I Just Relax so to Speak, and Put It in Perspective and Think about These Things and Really Just Hard to My Mind This Spirit of God Move so It's Disturbing to Hear the Incredible Lies and Deception Are Coming Forth from the People in This Movement in the Christian Church Doesn't Know Enough to Be Able to Discern the Truth from Error. They're Not Trusting God to Stop What You Have Another Really a Break and Left a Little Bit to Call or Two Afterwards, but You Never Want to Get to Forever the Break in about a Minute.

Oh Yeah, Yeah, We Got Another Quote We Could Talk about One Kim Copeland Pointed Was Here That Jesus Is Born to Man How Hard It Is Our Blessed so Bad Yourself Exactly Hurt so Badly Hurt. You Have so Great, Break Will Come Back after That Play That One Function Is, and Now a Moment of Truth with Matt Sleep.

It Is a False Teacher. People Are Paying Attention to the Job, the Pastor, the Other Is to Guard the Flock My Mother Preaching about Some Tax Income Job Your Thoughts in John 1034 Which Is a Quote from Psalm 22, 26 I Would Say That the Mormons Is Certainly an Essay and Some Christian Preachers Using This Mechanical Joyce Meyer Boutiques of God's Will That I Would Say Because It Needs to Be Said at That Time Too Many Pastors Are Afraid to Not Offend the Church Might Look at You and Who Cares If Jesus Were in Your Church and He Was Preaching from the Pulpit. What Would He Say No. We Have To Emulate Represent Christ Saying This Go around Throwing My Sick When It's Necessary When the Time Is There, the Pastor Is Obligated to Name Names As Needs to Be Done. Just As Paul the Apostle Named Names Test False Teachers about the Job the Pastor to Do That As Well. The Job the Pastors, Not to Babysit, Change Diapers Feel Good Is to Teach the Word of God. This Has Been a Moment of Truth with Matt Sleep Matt Slick Taken Away Matt Look Back at the Show Clip That Were Ready for Someone to Get on That When Just the Righteous Soldiers Time so the Yeah This Year. There's so Much but They're Not Only That I Have Ever God the Applied Man. They Have a Very Low Right You Just Heard There Was a Born Again Man Liza so That Basically Will Be Born Again, Though There That McAvoy Heretical, but That That Goes to Something What's Called. They Believe That Jesus Completely Died That of the Divested Himself and Atone for Our Spam Not Only Calls but Actually They Think That When Jesus Died on the Cross and with the L Died so That the to Be God and and Be Reborn.

Actually, They Actually Teach It. Jesus Etiquette Fate (Bill Johnson Think That the Standard Teaching What Faith Movement at the Grill at Home about 9 O'clock, Alan Aylward, Jesus Said, Born Again Job Will to Say That Jesus Lost the Divine Nature Is to Destroy the Hypostatic Union and Invalidate the Atoning Sacrifice of Christ I Can Echo the Theological.Solar Time. This Is a Dental Heresy and Anybody Will Be Teaching This Cannot Be Considered a True Christian and These People Are in Service of the Devil There in Service of the Enemy Preaching a False Gospel and Is Gutless on the Clip. Also, the People Saying I'm a Man, a Man Is Front Page Whatever This Kind of Stuff Is Horrible. Jesus Actually Prophesied Address the Question of Prophetic Sense When It When the Son Of Man Returns Will He Find Faith and Will from Timothy for Timothy Second to the Apostasy of Some Sorts and Is Occurring inside of the Positive Nominations Even As You As You and I Talk about It Is Just It's Incredible. I'm Constantly Telling People to Study the Word of God, Believe the Word of God, Don't Trust Some Guy in a Radial Name.

Slick Study the Word of God for Yourself and Don't Believe Kenneth Copeland or Kenneth Hagan or Joel O'Steen or Joyce Meyer and Always Other False Teachers Have A Lot Of Good Mixed in.

But the People Who Don't Have Discernment Because God Don't Know Where the Dividing Line Is before We Get the Total in the Show I Forgot to Do This at the Bottom of the Hour. I Would like You If You Would Tell People How They Get a Hold of You Consent to This Report. Here at My Website. Peter' and They Can Contact Me. There You All the Information Doctors Right Now That Their Website and If You Want to Come at Your Church and Speak.

This Is Good Stuff. You Place the Clips I've Heard Them Doing.

I've Seen Him Do It, and It Is Really an Interesting Enter Tell You, Folks, We Can't Even Begin to Get into Enough of the Stuff Here.

You Will Just Want to Be Forced to Have To Have the Sky Back on Again so You Are Not Doing a Great Guy You Are Interested about You, but You Okay I'm so All Right, so They Teach a False Gospel. The Teacher Weakens Christ and Deny the True Nature of Christ Takes Ultimate That's Always What Happened since False Theologies God Is Reduced.

Man Is Exalted Right Out Of Satan and Genesis 3 Okay so You Have Another Clip You Want to Get to Her Little Coming Jumping like I Know You so Much of the Talk about All You Are so Many O Now I Don't Know That We Can Think of My Next Job Was to Monitor Time Listed. I Really Couldn't Really Know What I One Week from Today Friday If You Want Will Will Figure out Whatever's Good for You and Just Look at Closer Stuff Going Someone to Call Them All Right You for That. All Right. Absolute Okay Well Skillful Here Was Clay from Raleigh, North Carolina Clay, You're on the Air with Some Natural Brother Matt Stop All Share That I Was You Know I Don't Know Much about Brother Justin. But I Will Check out the Website Because You Know to Hear You Say What You Said the Other Day about Bringing Them All about What You Want to Introduce You Know I Can Share with You All on You Know There Are Years Ago I Would Do an Outreach in Downtown Raleigh Built on Durham and the Man Who Was Helping out on the Back of His Brand Called What Is the Gospel One under underneath Each Letter Would God All Three Simple People Eternal Life.

I Am You Know a Believer That When a Person Can Break down a Word Search As Romans Chapter 8 Verse 29 That God for New and He Says You Know, God Foreknew That Each of Us Were Going to Be Here Today at Bible Study and Then You Know You Go Alone. It Is Creationism Book of Genesis.

But It Goes so Much Further Than That. I Could Tell You What Did You Just Suggest You Have a Question about the Stuff Is You Know I'm so Thankful That You Are Bringing This out Because I Know, Five, Six or Seven People That Watch You Go. I've Never Been but You Know, I've Never Been to the Church That He Produced from When You Share What You Hear This Little Bit Ago Just to Hear What You Say Because I Truly Believe You Know I Come from the Methodist Background on the Baptist Are Not Heard That When You Were Fully Immersed in Water That Is the Cleansing of Your Person Know That You Are a Faithful Follower of Jesus Christ. Because the Difference between Sprinkled and Get Me Only Plan I Want to Say Thank You for Saying That Because I Only Watched the Man to Three Times and I Wasn't Sure Where He Was Going with His Mom A Lot, but I Just Want to Say Thank You so Much Because the Blessing Because People Need to Hear This People Needs a Year. What This Is and I Listen to Radio Wallet, with People like Creatures That Are All There and These People Are Doctrine like You like Both of You Are Same Doctrine Because It Written and God's Holy Word.

That's Why These People Preach If I Got Your Was Excited. I Do Appreciate That's All I Am Not Measured Last Year.

I Said Y'all Imagine That I Couldn't Get into Your Heart, Not Your Head. God Is Not Called to Allow and People Were like How Would You Get That from What I like. He When We Go through the Trials Is Doing Okay like I Could Get Her Car. Okay, I Think You Have a Radio Show. See You Sir, Are You Going God Bless Your Brother Thank You so Much. Thank You for Doing That and I Really Hope and Pray You Go Again Because Man Clarification for Me Will You Want to Get Okay. I Got like I Made Your Day Yeah I Think so.

Thanks A Lot.

I Was Clay and Smiling Here. Some People Just Get Excited and You Know What Once I Justin You Know Talk to You.

Love Stories You Have the Time I Called You Management That with with You We Talk about How Do You Remember That It's Records You Are Your Batman. Could You Tell the Story I Think Is a Great Story.

I Do about Me Yeah, Want to Hear How There Is a Good Story, All Right We Were All Transfixed with Your Target, so I Love the Story Had Okay We Got a Hard End up about Four Minutes and Slid into the Music so Good Performance. Okay Okay so All Right.

Several Years Ago 2014 Todd Bentley Bam Bam Really Burst Something in 2008 like Revival Got It Going to Got Taken out by Caboodle Content.

I Totally Believe That I Don't Say That Hyperbolic We Got There, but He Was Doing a Series of Meeting. And Also, and I Was Living in a Moment When and I Went with the Express Purpose of Calling Them out Publicly Because Not All That Lately Think like Sleeved on the Internet and They Said That People All around the World Countries Wanting to Be a Great Opportunity so I Went to the Meeting and Towards the End of It.

Todd Bentley Was Walking around Her, No. The Front of the Sanctuary and I Don't Have Much Good, Corrected, and I Walked up behind and He Turned around and He Tell Me an Email That Will Run and Pray for You Meeting Bet on You Because He Could and Not That I Have Worked That Well Is That a Good Word and Then He Puts the Microphone.

It Now Consider the Higher I'm in a Room Full of Little or so People. All of Todd Bentley 20 That God Speaks to Them Regularly about Things like This without Apparently Did Not Bother to Give Todd Bentley Sell out so He Fitted the Good Word like and I Quote Matthew 721 through 20.

Many Will Say to Me on That Old Law. Did We Not Prophesy in Your Name Cast out Demons and Perform Many Miracles and Then I Will Declare to Them, I Never Apart from Me You Workers of That This Man Is a Worker of Iniquity with You, and You Immediately Walked Away. By This Time There Were People Going or Whatever Were Standing up. They Were Going about Our All.

Anyway, Because I'm Standing on My Crutches so He Immediately Turned Away.They Ushered Me Out Of the Congregation and As I'm Walking down the Aisle Preaching As Loudly As I Can Warning People about That. That's Why You Called Me That They Had Not Say a Recorded I Don't but There Is a You Went out There on Your Crutches and I Can't Believe This to Mike so Awesome. Mike and Oh Yeah You Say What You Said, I like Your Batman so You Know It's Awesome Zero Wanted to Do It Now out. I Don't Think about the Service with the Reality Is Already Focuses Justin Is Usually Here with Me. Go to Check Him out Back on Again, Thank You for Listening to the Best of Matt Slick Live Great Content like This Supported Only to the Ministry.

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