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Best Of MSL 2020 32: Get Your Theology Here!

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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August 9, 2020 8:00 am

Best Of MSL 2020 32: Get Your Theology Here!

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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August 9, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from The Corinthian Church, discovering your gifts from God, name it and claim it, and much more. For more great content like this or to donate to the ministry, be sure to visit

Equipping the Saints, defending the faith, and reaching the lost.


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Christmas gift why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia one her percent of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping Thomas from the masculine journey podcast. When we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network why is found online car doors on the side and I just think about this.

It might be great to have him blab a little bit about what he does because he speaks fluent Spanish and he works with the oneness Pentecostal people's motors and you still here; because I think be worth having him on call we have for open lines. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 last four digits of LCA RM Cornett or the Christian apologetics research ministry CAR room got RG with had a bunch of visitors over the years we've had over hundred million were working on a new site and hopefully be released in a couple of months. We got thousands of articles we are converting going from one thing's going from Ford to Chevy or vice versa whatever really work all the parts to make it all work just takes a lot of time now is often is the case at the beginning of the show we don't have that many callers somewhat.

Give me a call 877-207-2276 this really fast click on the air here with the lease lease on the are you there hey Matt Hardy lunch. I see this doctor when he served the house so we squeeze in a bunch of videos, rights, and I been talking just a little bit of you heard on the air, but you're in LA copyright and know what you do is in ministry wise you work with oneness Pentecostal quite a bit, don't you. But I do that with the Spanish community."

Tell us a bit about what you do on here because I want people who speak Spanish because a lot of people on the East Coast. We have a lot of station on the tablet you do so, that and having contact you because of the safest folks, I don't recommend too many people to do what they do but Carla having Luis and I met in Columbia when he and I both flew down. We didn't know each other flew down to the Spanish version of Carmina Carlos got get us and we did a conference we spoken and Lucite his head it off and so we been in contact the downer and he finally came up chicken out Idaho and all that kind of stuff and that we just did two videos on top of the video suggested Carlos Ray that you rename commonly work with the get go ahead okay.

Yes, a good goodbye now will not baptism which is a very important point or when Pentecostal also on our nation is out but I do it I publish it on my channel my channel my YouTube channel with Mopar or 40 HP llama card. I Mopar for 40 HP, that's my YouTube channel at my ministry to banishment.

I been doing it for 30 year under Paul Cardin work at PRI. Our Spanish ministry called and got unit and I called Steve CIR not PRI but PIR and that's very much. What I do and I bent my ministry for Jehovah's Witness is not one that that pretty much everybody but is a wide-open field in the Spanish world and is a big need and now I thought to what their what that many people ever doing it. Spanish. My Spanish is not the best but I that you know what I'm bilingual. I'll give it a shot and a more neglected and I'm very grateful we are shown that you taught me a lot. Well is not how many followers you have on this. I think I have 34,530, maybe 35 check right and what is it again for you to cheat on YouTube right yeah I am all PAR or 40 HP that you get a whole bunch of car websites but out my multimeter. My baldhead mechanically and socially as you 440 hp right Mopar lightspeed as you look past the subject. Some ultimate target of 40 HP yeah when I started my channel I it was just an experiment. I know you looking to go anywhere and I will direct, plus it took place and what I when not when I started channel I didn't know what kind of title to put it, Mopar work order. That's right so well it out yet.

It is very well is this good insulin recommending folks is if you have any Spanish people in Spanish friends who went to Jehovah's Witnesses and the oneness Pentecostal oneness is something that denies the Trinity and adds works of salvation. Both are non-Christian cults.

This is a guy in Spanish. They can go to and he's here in America course. We also have near that's MI APIC that's in the in Spanish. Also that's the Spanish equivalent of the English, site some so that's in there and thought it gets you on here and the children wanted to do that so I'm very much man I met you to see how the reaction is of the videos that we did so it'll be interesting to be very interesting metrically down some really awesome studying Spanish and it had not been out. I know because I know about going out community and what magistrate out of the data you can have a huge impact medevac to give you my email to anybody wants to get in touch.

Allie I asked the art lightly at or 40 Luke Reyes 40 that's my email. My Mopar smoke article 40 HP and I'll play the group.

Let lose them. Though the light of the world which is very popular `and right now their leaders arrested in LA going to the trial court target of child abuse and sexual abuse on children that the big thing have a publish the book back in 2000, so I'm waiting know anybody that's affected by this group. He contacted contact me to my friend okay if you guys want to get all that stuff.

Just email me at insulin Carnegie organelle forward information to police and then down and I want I want I want to thank you Matt for having us over your awesome is ready to so I try to do my keys in Spanish, not good enough to teach. It was fun as well.

Name right.

You want to learn some theology go to the Carmen website CARS right hand side of the patient see a laptop that is online schools and just click on this and you can on the side of the schools. If you want to know your theology. This is the place to go to seminary cable to Bible college. Not sure which book to read everything apologetic for 40 and thousands and thousands of thousands of hours of teaching and debating things like that and I learned what needs to be taught the basics not just so basically you don't have any information on me the basics and some put into the schools in a logical and if you learn anything theology school to learn about the hypostatic union justification is dictation you learn about these things. We can fix it. For more information about online schools. Be sure to visit is Matt slick taken away. Matt, let's get online with Oliver from Maine Oliver welcome on the air little) and in reality.

My question is currently 10 I being ready to punish every one will be weak never.

Maybe I could write five before it became a ghost like we do that chair, reached one week to destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ being ready to punish every disobedience when your obedience is complete, the last like the perfect kind is well in Colorado. In the Greek is complete and it also means soulless when it's completed done is filled up so I think what's going on and I'm study this for long time. In this context, so the sales it looks like what's going on is the Corinthian church was which is pretty bad. The Corinthians were that glyphosate little pagan in a lot of areas and so planning a church there was no pushing rock uphill, so it looks like as you may know enforcement is five a man was having relations with his father's new wife and the sun was at what they were doing this kind that stuff. So it looks like Paul's doing is he talking about the liver to punish the disobedience to God.

Whenever your obedience is completed when you have done what's right and it's made in full.

The disobedience of others will be taken care of. I could be eschatological in the sense that the other their judgment, but it can also be that the people in there who were doing better but bad things were going to be judged as good be adjusted upon their in their lifetimes. Something that is surely Zach would be like if you think about everything that at the end but can also be your everything is coming my head around your things are basically when they commit their life to Christ kinder than the current punished her disobedience that one.

One pocketable no kind of really missing as Christians were out of condemnation and condition adjustment. Now God will discipline us and if we do here at its best, disobedience to God. Lifetimes will do is let us have our disobedience of the consequences that follow from the disobedience and other times he will actively discipline us.

I've had both happen to me to my Christian walk.

I've been disciplined by God for some instances and I'll tell you I don't want to go down that road again. I could be that what he's talking about there it is that it even as Christians we can be disobedience and God can deal with this, but he so patient and so loving it comes to forces the kindness of God leads us to repentance. But sometimes if we just you know we get stupid which I like to confess that I I've been stupid a few times of the Christian walk, stubborn, pretty stupid and God's taking me to task on a few things a few times and praise God for what it could be that that kind of a thing is going on there, but it could also be said that his talk about that when all of the obedience is is the Christians are taking care of any untimed the disobedient organ to be taken care of and judgment could be okay okay okay so it's me know. I know the and we don't know the punishment that that is there.

It's difficult to come to discern what it really is so crass it could be also that to the Corinthian church itself was good be disciplined by God for not acting appropriately. Okay thank if you were to go to two Revelation charting) 33 will see that the set the letters to the seven churches, and you'll find out that there's a punishment there's some judgment to come to them and enter Christian churches. So lifetimes of Christians think is that God has a wonderful pleasant lovely life for you and it will be living just coddling and hammock time accident. The case okay when we disobey. He disciplines us, not always but just very patient but he convicts and there could be Christians who are not walking properly with the Lord and filled it with him. I had an old boss who told his story about a guy he knew and the he said that the guy, went to church a little bit and it was doing some stuff was really serious with the Lord and broke his back and something happened back in. So while he was recovering for six months was pretty bad break. Apparently this is a home he will dedicate his life to the Lord gets okay. Thank you for that and will make it through etc. so he would dedicate his life to Lord two years later he was disobedient again. He wasn't really walking with the Lord.

And so a second accident happen, he got his back broken a second time and so at that point he said okay I'm I'm listening and he repented it healed up and he was fine after that is happiness for God's good with everybody know that it took a broken back twice to get through is that all so I had God disciplined me about something once and the thing that he used it to this day. This is like 35 years later to this day still makes me just a little bit apprehensive when contact the same kind of thing that you have to back down like okay so God Has His Way, God has his way may indicate to us. I think my nine directors there hope goblins. Scott not here yet.

I swear I go about 13. 24 okay Luke 1333 or 20 2323 okay for 2324 and some said to him, Lord, her other just a few who were being saved and he said to them, strive to enter the narrow door for many I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able okay. What what I wanted and what is a strait gate. Yet this drive me to ever see everybody fared well will work away to heaven. Teaching strait gate of yeah he's teaching in Israel he's talking to. This is a something that people don't understand and they forget is a contextual requirement in interpreting a lot of what Jesus says and this is the covenant community of Israel. So covenant is a packed an agreement between two or more parties and so what Jesus is doing this he came to the earth because of the covenant in the intra-Trinitarian covenant within the father the son the Holy Spirit to redeem and the covenant with Israel to provide a Redeemer and Israel's job was to promote was recognize and promote the Messiah. This is why Jesus says in Matthew 1524 for the woman who wanted him to heal. You said you don't want to hold the crumbs of the dogs, and things like this with term for Gentiles. He said because he was sent only to the lost sheep of thousand. Israel, he was not sent to the whole world. Jesus was not sent to save the world.

Jesus said in Matthew 1524. He said I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of inch, Israel is what Jesus said because Israel broke the covenant. Then we, the Gentiles are then grafted in the prophecy of Genesis 12, 320 God today rim in you all the nation shall be blessed with this quoted by Paul English and 38 as being the gospel.

Okay, having said that, if we understand that the people of Israel walking following Jesus walking on the hills listening to him speak are covenant people. They are the Jewish people who are born under the covenant, the males had been circumcised as a covenantal act that females were counted in the males.

This is a thing of federal headship of representation. They believe that the covenant of God in the Pentateuch with Abraham, with David was was never to be broken. They believe in the covenant. So in this mindset. In this mindset it says seek to find the narrow gate, because few organ to be there who who find what he's doing is speaking to them and saying you should already notice how Jesus Jesus said in John three to Nicodemus your teacher visually don't notice things you're responsible to know what the Old Testament is already set.

So he saying here are a few who are being saved is only a few aces strive to enter the narrow door for many attorney will seek to enter but will not there seeking to enter in a covenantal understanding of who God is, as they would serve the God of Israel, they want to do what is right before God.

But they're not going to enter in and the reason I can enter it. There's different reasons.

I get to some other stuff is because they're not seeking the Lord Jesus Christ you want to get to heaven, but won't make it just like the Mormons, for example, they want to make it to heaven. But the rocket to make it because I believe in a false God, a false Christ, a false gospel. Catholics want to make it to heaven but I couldn't make it. If they believe the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and salvation, because it's damnable heresy. And so as we know that many groups of people want to make it through trying not going to because they don't trust in the true Christ, the true gospel discover things going on okay okay that they say it out. They were walking up there and those that involve the lab for a guy like Ray, okay, okay. Arriving, Scott, and now a moment of truth with Matt slick passed away what they need to do is fix in their home when they speak.

Those who regenerate those who love the Lord Jesus those who redeem will resonate truth of God's word and those who were there to be babysat to be caught comforting and callous span and they are saying this is their God, they will leave church focus and preaching God and I would go so far as saying pattern is not right now be held in judgment pastor whose preaching to make the trip comfortable so I'm come in is judged by God's is that what Jesus did is only possible to preach and situate comfortable unbelievers come in and fill the seats is that when they did not think it was something the truth called Christians to action to make disciples to live for Christ to learn the truth. This is preaching this for this has been a moment of truth with Matt slick Matt slick taken away back to Rio from Durham, North Carolina. Welcome here about Mark. I about when conjugated made a lot of the why and all that. The girl was late, but nationwide. Actually, because sleep was a phrase that was used to describe death because when someone's asleep.

They looked at it when the day they look asleep and in John 1115. He says just how Jesus spoke, speaking of Lazarus.

He says he's fallen asleep and they said well this fall asleep.

He'll recover. Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought of you speaking of literal sleep next so John left 13th socialist way of speaking. As you know, she's asleep, that's all. She's not really gone, she still alive still there just a way of abusing phraseology okay okay one more market where a symbol that again on one more in my okay sure Mark and and it about 29 and 31 okay where he saying that no one would let their home or whatever people I laugh when I got very evenhanded time, let in a what you mean by that that a calm and analyzed them and try to figure out what a to a just book of the Bible to Maine ages. This age and the age to come. It is the eschatological division that Paul uses.

Peter uses Jesus use and there's two ages.

This age needs to come in this stage will have tribulations, famines, we have problems in the age to come eternal life.

There's no marriage, things like that and that's just the division that the Bible uses which you will probably never hear spoken of in pulpits.

I don't know why but this this is the case, I've never heard anybody speak about these things and it's right there in Scripture I think is because a lot of people group interdenominational influences and just keep adopting these things don't study them as my pen so that's all it is the stage and then the question is what happens at the end of this age is very interesting. I tried what you say that) updated that that might not only making the alternate I mainly have eternal life right now and get yes to anything that I love you a lot will yes talk about the light of the positive confession people to name and claimant's prosperity. People build uses versus takes you receive 100 times as much right now if you so $1000 200 times at the that is that is sorcery and is evil. Jesus doesn't say what you will receive. I would rather receive not houses and homes. If I want to recite anything from God if he said that you can have whatever you want. I would want something like Lord, make me the one the best preacher teachers at your word around so I could communicate his truths. That's what's important not want five houses to have my friends have five houses that's that's materialistic idiocy when I want. I know that I got and I'm not there. They were not there's Gnostic/Christian heretics who could not exegete their way out of a wet paper heresy don't understand what's going on and I would love love Mary it love to be able to go to a conference and tell the truth to people about what the word of God says that I would need bodyguards because I would want to be a constant attack by the Christians who don't like when I say go when I return I will think or maybe not. Maybe bad Bible yeah me a lot about level DVIII. Those who disabled you look you'll see the hundred times as much now in the present. Houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and farms with persecutions and needs to come in your life will wait a minute. We can speak all this, but says persecutions are to come and mothers what's going on with Jesus and this is not just a simple thing of materialism which is humanistic idiocy. Humanism is crept into the Christian church.

Give me give me give me any to Hannegan some big diapers. Can someone change me as I don't pick up the cross and follow through Jesus Christ only be comforted and I deserve because I'm a child of God, and this pride in this arrogance, which leads to apostasy is growing in the Christian church underneath the conference or plonk the truth about God's out about all I will not allow natural language when I really thought I would if I were teaching a conference and I had to get the gospel message when I would do as I say, here's the law don't lie.

Don't steal.

If you've lied and you stolen your judgment.

The gospel is that Jesus did the law perfectly anything. He died the cross for our sins. And if you trust in him to third parties. You better count the cost is Jesus is better count the cost of is to get into pieces. Pick up your cross and follow after me. I've actually said the people like Luke my witnesses it. Now that you want to receive Christ. Let me talk you out of it in the community. But what exit now what I'm saying is I'm joking here. I want you to believe that I need to tell you the other side of the coin here. God will take you as you are, but he won't leave you as you are.

It might be that you can lose friends and family members might not be. It might be that he's going to require of you to live for him, not for yourself. Now I teach at somebody who actually said at that point.

Why did I don't want to become a Christian within don't become a Christian because you if that's the case then you're not becoming a Christian for what Christianity is with what you wanted to be to satisfy your own earthly pleasures is and desires, and this is rampant in the Christian church which is another reason why say that preachers and teachers should be preaching to thin the church out.

What I mean is preach the whole counsel of the word of God preach the cost of the gospel as well. Not every single sure might be that that is the part of the truth message. People who don't want the truth. Both have her ears tickled someplace else and were either going the Arab church. I will bet my FOLLOW me anything bad about members, but only log down my leg pain it church in only three of four members found in everybody out there, and hopefully you know that law that will combat your laboring for that other 990, but people don't want to get it. They want to do it and they weighed about what people think and turn up the grant.

They can and bring that in Mark, about the disciple I can about a no go back, but yeah, that's what bond today is going on will send you thank you thank you God bless.

Never forget the scholars it's going to say folks, God's going to purify the church. There's two ways.

One is to the preaching of the teaching of the people who were given the responsibility to open God's word and speak out of the truth of God's word that will send the church out it will purify the church or if they don't do their job, then God will do the job with persecution and that will be the means God uses to purify the church and along with the purification of the members of the congregation. He will discipline the false teachers who were not preaching and teaching to purify the body of Christ to equip them for the work of ministry. There are to be held. We are to be held to a higher standard. Speak the truth and let the truth do what it will in the hearts of the minds of people. It will cause division people will leave and people will stay the people who leave. Let them go. The people who stay teaching and equipped for the work of ministry so that they can expand the kingdom of God preaching and teaching of the gospel of Christ, truth, and there's a lot of error all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM. We love to hear from you lobby. Be back. Also, download our free mobile apparatus truth We've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shell second is Matt slick getaway. Matt, let's get back on the air with Dave North Carolina, Dave, are you still there, your grandma Matt how are you hello how are God on earth that would be really quickly brought a great day. Emily had and I worked a little early in the morning about their early morning in prayer, daddy and I got some bad news that you're my best friend back back, and want have no answer.

One is not given half but that Dennis and it was, thought of them about all and you that you just as God, and during that that that time goes on the road.

I want to call man called and I'm not struggling but I want your not want to God: I am a forgiven for many years but back to me on that on the day of reckoning.

Anonymous is a godly love that part I don't understand is that on the phone judgment that the recorder visually brought up here, nothing really You got them all and I'm wondering I can't forget because if you forgot something that would violate his omissions issue is that you will remember them tomorrow he will bring them up again to have imbalances with the issue of reward and loss report. God of course knows all things and is given to every Christian gifts and my gifting is different in your gift for you are not to be judged with the gifts that I have and how I did mine or didn't, and vice versa.

Your responsibility is to do what you can with what God has given you whenever that might be on.

We could talk about this, show how to discover your gifting disclosures with do that but nevertheless good. There are, are there in a private you want I can shift a little bit and tell you how to discover your gifts with your and you know it for everybody who's listening.

I want you to hear this because it's true.

Works if you want to know what gifting's you have before God appeared gifted because of your human being who saved you have gifts what you do is communities you ask God to reveal to you what he's already given you. You asking when you ask them frequently asking to show you what it is that you get the to do with half God will answer your prayer, and he will put you in places where you have to speak the truth build a chair for an old lady cut someone's lawn because I can't do it themselves. Give money to them because of whatever get on your knees and pray for them.

Gifting's are so different and they vary according to people and circumstances a lot of time with people think is a good thing. They have to have this Dragon TV. That's the gift no with the gift is is what you have. Internally as you use them in the areas that God has placed you, and you'll find that the things you want to do will manifest and some people I know guys who were great at is not my gifting. I got friends who come over my house and it helped me move stuff around the house and pack things and do stuff is not my gifting that back. I can only work for one to two hours before he starts it starts easing up to sit down to stop born with. Well, these guys will do stuff that I can't do that way segment.

Love you sit down next to Cliff this I want to be a mailing out there doing the gifting is in the end of many areas of Joe Cameron and Nathan. These are friends and I will do this kind of a thing, and it's comforting to know that you have friends you gifting my gifting is to be able to call them heretics make fun of working for me and so you we have these different gifts and and we manifest them differently and we can apply the same gift in different ways. So with people that I was not about you. Like the current organ answer is darker, like something against him seriously. When the radio talking a thousand. It is that here. Just then you helping the lady across the street. Do they think I can do it because she sold which is a bigger gift to measure or monitor where her parents barrier got out about nine. Dr. Garrett rendered on that word. I never and will be out like that yeah you know you will hear the great it really good. Okay I like your map of goblins. Okay, you know, continue on this a little bit I was saying trust and go trust God move forward and don't be stupid. You don't trust God to catch me when I jump office building and go down 10 stories not been on know if God calls you to do something is on your heart then move in that direction. What I would suggest you do is if you have something you want do that you're thinking about you told pray about it and ask God to increase it if it's from him and decrease it if it's from you because you have certain desires and III really pregnant is that this is from you increase it if it's not from you, decrease it, and all notice things will decrease in a lot of areas, but the things I want to do in different ways. He increases and this because it is gifting it doesn't matter what it is.

So you have to trust God, we have to do.

You can't just sit in the take chances in trying to help somebody. Whatever it might be because maybe my help somebody find out do not like doing this in mind of your gifting and you find something else to do and then after I say wow I cannot believe that I really like going to the bread stores getting up bread that's a little bit old and taking it to the homeless shelter.

I love doing that but that's what you like and you wouldn't know that if you didn't try but then you might try that say this not for me. Okay that's not for you try something else. But what we do is we move forward in our gift that will be to move forward so that God must thank you for listening to the best of Matt slick live great content like this donated a ministry.

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